Metal Shop interviews SANCTUARY live - 2-18-2017

Saturday, February 18th

Sanctuary joined Metal Shop in studio tonight to play some NEW/OLD songs off of their upcoming record Inception, out Feb. 24th on Century Media Records! This is the record that almost never saw the light of day (literally) after it sat in guitarist Lenny Rutledge's barn for several decades! Hit play to here some classic NW metal from 1986, and the explanation of why it took so long to hit your ears!

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In some slayer out by request donuts animal attacks on its 77999. Gotta love it man. A kid and I feel a little bit of a glow in the room right now is aglow there's a nice smell coming from down the home and you. We are welcoming members of sanctuary in the metal shop with a gentleman well actually I had no. A so let's let's door and say your name. In both introduce all of you and then to Yvenson Austin barbecue below is an era led my name is laurel lane sometimes because most of the time. 99.9 percent of the time and I think the literally every. It George it's good it's good to have you all here we are going to be diving into lakes and Indiana Jones archaeological medals adventures. Down there appeared in just a little bit high tenth when he would you bring us tonight. I've brought you. Baby back ribs yet I'll and country style ribs. Hand wings who worked for seven hours sleeping over the pit I did outmanned it was fun night of diamond had a couple Beers along the way today rages out of it and let me this man can barbecue. That is awesome so I think you guys so much for coming in we're in a dive in your brain records new old record inception here in just a few minutes. So thanks to listen to the shop would be right back. Back to the metal she. We are sitting in studio right now with one of the most of advanced from the northwest. Sanctuary. Known as a sanctuary. If we keep telling definitely got to sort of sanctuary government. I admitted sanctuary now you have yet if it will let me let's start here at the literal beginning inception is a record that is. New to most of us. But not to you guys are saying let's start at the beginning here how did you find these demos where did you find and how did you under. This new movement old material goods from 1986 straight okay. Yeah you know we recorded 1986 and we kind of forgot about it you know it's this is the actual demo that we we gave to Dave scene we met him in. I mean after that we win and have him signed and you know we kind of forgot about it because we've basically we recorded a lot of stuff in there there's a few songs that were on refuge denied it. That are on these demos and everything bit you know back in the days days that the sound quality wasn't that great you know so. I ended up finding needs. Hates these two inch masters and that. In my farm barn has a second floor and it I was up there looking for some stuff and I found him in this being with literally you know the water and I mean there's literally just like so with. Water in the middle of all over a minute thing at all it was pretty messed and that. You know. I didn't think we skated restore I met I ended up taking them somewhere what is every story analogue tape and they put him and he sings it looked like. Dehydrated some what you put beef jerky hands oh yeah yeah it was pretty cold it. You know it turned out did that day actually. Restored in my I was are awesome. And then you know we've passed them off the Zeus and seuss' the magic man he he put his touch on it may you know we've. Got I really cool of them really cool deal with these things I mean if if you're. An early century manor even stranger than at all I mean this is something you you really be into it at in the inception true that you guys post that you literally pulled them. Out of a box of water yeah yeah the core. Didn't it occur pretty you know and they've been out there for like fifteen years now and just it is they you know and the Barney on top of it was like hey lost. You know where they'd feed animals some like that and it was just that there was holes in the rough and everything so water and snow or whatever would just come down and there was a bunch of stuff you know up there that we we didn't think we cared about. But I didn't realize that those wrote this kind of one of those things where you when you move. You just don't realize you you might have put something somewhere and then later on you find out like oh man you know I wish I wouldn't and that it. You know and it worked out with me and as you know they were going to be way. I know I I did OK we're going to be. Well how what were they they are pretty well they're pretty they were so you Melissa Etheridge that your leader conventional loan. It was a world Dana folks. Allowed this you know honestly that story it's it sounds like almost too good to be true that you got to check out the trailer. Mine it's awesome in each in literally shows itself. Very cool what do you think when you put you pull those they are like and you know. I don't expletives. I I thought for sure there is no way and how I'm in my heart just sank one night do you hear you know it is surprising. You know it it almost seemed like no we didn't care about but we did you know they're about to enter after it. No I thought well I'd say oh lord I didn't know it right there that's where I really. How do you lose track to be about him or what we got. So Buchanan when you pull them out of the box did you know right away your like we got a decent this it if possible. Well I first of course a bit I didn't know if they would even workers Sam did you know after after zoos candidate rough makes forest. Once we heard it mutilate well this is this this could sound great so let's pursue any difference there. Well let's. Without further ado let's play one of the so this is one of the unreleased songs from the demo I finally disdain with which. You know with half. Do it all right here is an essay unduly stick helium around the here is. I'm insane up inception coming up February 24 sanctuary in studio here on that shot. Nine day I guess double the. Incredible. Barbecue we have right now I know if you listening like Emma. We can't eat that but you know what just gonna say if you hear you'd love to thank you very much governor into the microphone it'll come out their speakers. The Shia are I think you're wearing when he rat which barbecue master master that's right eleven Barbeque man that master the medal world he slid seven hours for us tonight in that we very much appreciate it sanctuary in studio are right now northwest legends. They are back with eight new old. But no would be an album coming out this Friday on century media record is two new songs on them. That's there's two new songs written them and they're pretty they're pretty teed. FAU groovy. Fan at fantastic and you know of this through this was the now long time ago and it it's kind of like you know. We've resurrected. Billy it's like it's got canceled this guy left all the tapes upn and attic and let them become rotten and waterlogged mean let's be honest with an amazing that it actually has its its literally kind of a miracle. And but that's it was like what's an analog tape anybody and it is. They're like why. What is that movie it's a relic of a forgone any achieved something that sounds warmer than digital. Yeah. With the unique spot despite a lot of our pop pop off. A. So I'm I'm just how old were you guys when he recorded. These alerts 20s20s. Or we are guys. We weren't as there is little reason that I'm singing like I have a C clamps strapped to mice program. I'm an orderly and the reason to be up well you get older. Your voice changes and man I'm not one of those guys that's gonna say golf. Nobody wants to hear these old songs anymore. Basically because I'm not gonna name names but there are singers that saved the I love you but we got to protect the children in India.Arie those little kids listening in I don't. Anyways what are some of the biggest influences you've seen change in the metal world since then obviously the Indian or thirty years. I mean there's. You mean as far as the music is as a whole army that is you know the whole digital thing and never in Miami has obviously everything's changed quite a bit you know. I mean. I think the way people get music now all the way people you know it's not. It's it's a little bit different for sure. Absolutely we'll we'll steal music man that's well that's very true. It's hard you got to adapt with the music industry and using big air quotes that you can't see on the radio right now. But they tell us about when you guys were young dudes in the northwest like what we're the clubs to go to. And like what were the places to be back. Give this guy's tells a story sanctuary. Demo. He's looking at me like I said you know. The brick street club. Was really good it was fun I remember hanging out with the guys from Norfolk tests nice my cousin James Baker singer of or are. Nice and and then the crazy guy. Crazy guitar player is he a player this is multifaceted please please. Analysts. Raw candy of course colored rocks rock candy apple. Oh or with. And then the grease and after them. So there. It was a it was a great scene it was a very. You know. Competitive. For yours. See that we go. That was happening in the eighties and in the sanctuary it was definitely an inspiration to all of us because the success came so quick for those guys. And you know or talk about its inception. It is truly. So and that they'll you know it's wired to do well. So. Regarding am I here. From these songs from inception who did you record these with like back in the day like where did you where did you get this is that this is a good story. The original recordings that were 23 did. There's. North as metal band I don't know if you guys remember the name called Rottweiler yeah Paul Chris when the singer. I'm recorded those demos with us not release that are appearing on. And yet there they were recorded two different studios that do Paul Crist who worked at Studio One Studio One yet which was a little bit. I mean it's you know back in the days Studio One mosquitoes and whites and earnest so it was kind of you know and and if he area in the studio is time if you two bit and we had a good time making it it was. Sixteen track studious that if things were a little bit rough I know somebody spilled Coke and one of the when you see now. I mean so you know those tapes were used to be still. Not Coke or some ago. And that of a column. Colin the thought it I I can't sell. But we just record net try at studios as well we recorded a couple of songs their team so you know we know. Are you still friends with any of those guys he's still talking them. I'm I'm assuming that none of the cities around and no I don't ultra Triad down and so which Seattle and you aren't well the but he has great guy and again he was off. You can tell me when I was through tracking vocal again again you're trying to be Robert Calvert. Well yeah. I heard that's an influence that edited. I'm just trying to Mimi body that. Oh here use this harmonize there we know on to the harmonizing tracks myself our world tell us about the secret sex. We need to know about the singular gift of statements to India I don't know what it is I think it. You know might need might be a Wiener roller. We are Allard armed. I was a kid when I wrote those colors they're stupid sex words and I more of them and treasure them because they're part of my creative. Formation. We were plenum on Valentine's Day it could cook up Kurdish. Eleven dominant side so let's fly right back favorite line is you know. On the god you're talking about something about. Dripping down your thought yeah well that that's org it's classic is endless love affair and then endless love is this kind of are thought I've torn you into it. You see any. This. How can you not save the B were you guys hey they Alan it's okay sorry if I let Osama I don't know I don't know. That the new old sanctuary record coming out on the February 24 inception on century media records here is. Dream of being too this. Second sex. I run to you and dreams and truly you. Slowly sink she worries failure on metal shop with the rockets yet. Pulling. W we are in studio with the sanctuary the almighty sanctuary from here in the northwest. Celebrating a rare moment where and when he discovered. It's basically a treasure. The 1986 sanctuary demos my record marriage error yeah you bet you've found your metal treasurer on tenured. The records come and how. Next week February 24. Called inception on century media records wife. What was the first thing that Z and who was the first person you contacted after union you have rediscovered this. Pretty much this in. This is. And he's a hard course century and I mean and right when he heard that we are getting back together and everything and he. He actually contacted us and we're so excited to do the reunion record and everything and you found and when I told him I had this stuff he's like here and I got to hear this and he is. He was already here working with queens right so we came over to a you know and spent the night over and you know we had a few Beers and it's great listen to it. He's like oh man I'm telling you we we can do some really good stuff this he was very excited and he's the man I mean he can make. And he can he he he's just the master Macon you know things downgrades. It was it was a cool bill. He's worked with everyone from heat three day and you mentioned the queen's Reich and to sanctuary that's he's truly. Like now one of the like heavy hitters in the world elect producing go to. Who loses please produce my make so. This isn't loosening up. I've got to be honest and up Lenny when he pulled these out of that wet moldy box like how bad was that you get to grab a buried back I get the mole. I've got to have pulled it out what multi Bob hey my. Wrote that humans I go I gotta bring it on. On tour mode right now that if nothing. It's exe my dad how others are all glad out of a dirty moldy box. Did you visit but it is the only elected a fellow metro area did the hip. Groove lately we had to take appeared to the clinic. It didn't look like literally as you hear the doctors here today. Yet but was it like actually ruined her like. Did it look good still not I mean you know it literally had it had mold on everything but I think a lot of the stuff you know in was. So wraps so tight in that yeah. Eureka. That it was you know a lot of that data and everything was on the insides and it seemed to work out fine fully work if remind them. I only did Wear protection. We've seen him that you guys are gonna be hit some pretty big European festivals this year is near any chance that you know maybe century B do in the few north where shows are. Maybe just what they would slam in oh. That we would actually play we're working honey it's a secret so okay. I know people I can make it you know a couple of books a couple of he made the big names you know a couple of all the aside and take your I'm not getting carried every. We'll we'll keep you updated is since we get the info from these guys so regarding the release of inception itself coming out next Friday what are you guys including in. Were in what what's in your package man. What's gonna happen. There's a weird what is in the back of. There's a ton of photos and no he's ever seen before I mean it's it in a bunch of stuff that we gather that they've had over the years and that's awesome kind of stories that that nobody's heard I mean this this whole thing is packed full of stories and photos and actually artwork that's really cool thing. Rip it when at rest because. Painted the first album. He did a bunch of sketches and everything for us so you can kind of see you know his. The creation of it as it went on you know on steps and everything so there's a lot of cool stuff like that that nobody's ever seen before it's a really really cool package. Is this so it's the same guy who did the wreckage denied artwork yes yes program Gary we wanted to keep fit you know in that if I'm on my favorite. Yet scream bloody gore that gap that he does all that cool stuff. We wanted to keep it in that vibe in their home 19865. Who wanted to you know everybody's the you know how. How we interpreted everything and you know I think that's one thing a lot of people ask you know like did you guys re recording thing and we didn't. We wanted to keep it you know true to you know how we did we didn't know we're done anything. You know this time around them because there was a few things I was like I know I could do that better bet. I'm real we wanted to keep it real we wondered people seats here what we you know how we interpreted. Howard recorded so. That's awesome and we're here in town and it's it sounds great ends available on Friday concentrate records. Wasn't ready record that since your media let's listen in to destiny and be back with a sanctuary one last time here this is metal shop on the Iraq. Northwest legends. Sanctuary in studio now we're here to jams up there. Read. Relief to founder recently found demos remastered incredible stuff the album is called inception coming out on Friday. Remastered by Jews. It kicks ass and that was a cover of just or Jefferson Airplane white rabbit tell us a bit about what the decision was like to like. Cover Jefferson Airplane cadets and I left out. That was criminal only my thing because when I was a kid growing up on. My Brothers and I'm I'm the baby Turk mine Miami youngest sister's is seventeen years old. I want moral and I've yet and they still treated that way the awful. And I love them but. So around my house when I was growing up there were listening to all this incredible musical and a Beatles and Jefferson Airplane and stuff that I normally wouldn't listen to it yet. And that song. White rabbit always stuck out my hand I didn't know at that time admired my sisters and my brother were probably out doing drugs and getting crazy yeah. You know man disfigured it Fiat exactly either. But so that that's always stuck in my head and you know I did it in the coupled. Couple wins before things were in a broader these guys that does that hey we need to cover song nice it's so darn cool. So we've already had a couple of phone caller is going hey. What's up with the new them sanctuary here. Rumor is you guys are working on some then obviously got the new record coming out you old record coming out next week we're not gonna let you out of here now were working on new stuff. Yeah we're working on we know why we're hanging out last week and in fact we got to. You know much stuff for work now we got some really high energy stuff you know no. We start out with you know a lot of the moody stuff vs seems like both wore on I fans of it bit. Thank this time I've decided to you know the Moody's that is easy for meter rates have decided to you know. Start with the harder stuff first you know yeah it's all about energy and intensity write you write you some stuff that's a little flashier role Estonia that in the years the sun in. Yeah then all of rehearsals. The goal is to. Knock it out for every time. When he never comes. Without a slew Israel's water. And her like you'll be headed into roles they sort of limits Elliott you missed that I know it's it's. A home run every time so that's constantly thank you George yeah we're we're doing and where you know it's four connected so we're. We're on it there's some good tunes I just feel any DePaul as much information to you is like and I frankly we got some way to come down here every week if you want so much much. Stuff coming and I love them. You know we got that the new sanctuary record is in the works on do we knew solo record nice awesome and it with my band from Brazil which are my my my. Fund special guys. Awed and had a great time sounds nothing like sanctuary doesn't it doesn't really say what kind of made me he's like. Brazilian but yes there Brazil and nothing else out there I'm going back. You don't the last thing we talked a year like I know in Brazil and a couple of weeks well I spent a lot of time nice it's beautiful because. One thing you go there with US dollars and the exchange rate is like three point threes and yet like. They might dollars a now worth three dollars and that's on this night I know math guy so I go shopping very you know by close. You gig he has at any advice for up and coming metal bands or right or you're gone for any young kid he's listening right now don't give up that's the best. Advice you can give anybody because it takes time and doing focus and determination. And not a lot of people are built for. That's true yet concentrate on the sound return concentrate on the songs. It's now about just you know. And I can't advice and raising a blank line in the picture I guess that you know that as depends. No is the answer to that at a all right guys the last question that we have for now at least one we like to ask you please don't remove too many articles of clothing. Tell us a star about your body skipped a scar on your body and how you guys. Towards a world figure this thing hits now and it. Though always spending over I do you have on now I had do you have a massive he's gonna get us a sacred sex I have a massive scar. On my right shoulder. Because it's. One day I would is. In the kitchen and the cat. She really wanted to be dead that she was agreement in me and run and under my feet. Tripped me crack my shoulder on the edge of the hour. That's chatter that would that was this Saturday so I now and I have an 86 inch Rodham titanium and five teams lose thanks cat. In this older should athletic cat if you saw the X ray you'd be. Terrified and I trust me it did I went I went to the ER. And okay here's some pain pills used to pain pills and years surgeries probably going to be next week with. Great thanks for my shed Rondo there so eventually had to go to regular doctor and he just that via with. With opiates which does make you feel like. But that background to integrate this time or three weeks down the road so I had to wait a week before I got the surgery and oh my god her and that is the worst program. Am. That sounds pretty brutal man do and then Jenny Shepard could tell you about his scars because he's got like. The turtle starts he's got like a shark bite. He is as it looks like seriously the other shark bite because he had surgery for Crohn's Disease. Ruth stuff. It's been an ongoing problem for him by his scars are the worst normally fumes literally look attic you'll be like. It's. There will be terrified sanctuary in studio thank you so much organs are too little bit more but we're gonna play another son from the album inception its third quarter sanctuary on metal shop. It. Song and the powerful voice of one world in there Rollins studios sanctuaries new. 3003. I don't know even imagining re imagined remastered. It's incredible. Look into 1986. In point sixteen is called inception in his seventh when he sent him dude you're you're right guard world. I just the. That's a lot of seventy dammit anyways that is coming out on Friday a century media records injury in studio pinkie so much for coming out and hang out with us. And bring in an amazing barbecue yeah. Hayes meets yes. Meet it's what's for dinner so what's the next thing you guys are doing as a band we saw the the festivals what you're doing like what but from now what's the next big thing is what we can't really say what we think the next thing is going to be good on one Harvard we can worm but we think it's going to be but then we're gonna view gulf coast conference. We do three that weekend so relief with Freddie fatter and thunder yeah we played good we're playing on this nine festivals. And then maybe some club shows in the vodka rock and he had a lot of our club I think we're doing like cattle over though. Fifteen shows in Europe would really saw something in the audience pocket because it's just of mud pit. It's still fun unless your audio yeah I repeat it. More eager are you got a dirty sometimes yeah out of there I've been overplayed that console so many times I'm tired of being done as early in the item I'd backstage and not get my new rock roots out the wizards except. Nice and it's XX. This. So generally you guys have any final words for the northwest Seattle audience before we let you go and in the new record new old record inception comes out on Friday. Well inception is going to really make an impact on you because if you like refuge denied the the old songs. Have been given a reboot really with thanks to zoos he did such a great job of making it. Some people are complaining that it sounds too modern now put whatever. I mean. Any sounds pretty decent yeah exactly and I. That's Al and you know we're gonna work hard on the next thing to worry record and you know we've we've all got. Projects. School yeah I think you're gonna hear some promise here probably in early 2010. We're gonna hold that. You know you're gonna have to let us know first that's right moment to come back because they're going to be here every weekend they will make you barbecue next to it. Lenny laurel George sanctuary in studio thank you so much pick up that much inception on Friday. We are proud I am really glad I don't believe you can pre order on iTunes instant supports northwest metal. Here's bill disguise off that record it's sanctuary on metal shop half. You don't make again gentlemen hey man get.