Metal Shop Interviews A Sense Of Gravity

Saturday, January 28th

Local badasses A SENSE OF GRAVITY joined us in studio to chat about their new album, "Atrament." 


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Back here on metal shop it's now nine point nine KI NSW. And in studio right now banned by the name. And a sense of gravity welcome to the studio guys. Today and me thinks yeah absolutely it's awesome to have you guys in there are six members in studio right now it's it's heart a crib you guys going near we all got. We don't limit of microphones for everyone but we have enough headphones and hopefully enough chairs or well a couple of you guys are standing up it's all good. Right on so you guys collectively from Seattle area you from the south and the north then what word gets from. A little bit over the place I'm from and men's up north I'm from up in Linden originally now from Edmonds Lynnwood. And I'm actually originally from and to see today put I've lived in Seattle. Palestine is let's. A live down over ten years and listened and ran off Obama. Right arm and I'm ironman north Queensland right now what's some names to those voices are what are your name's endo what do you do for a sense of gravity. I'm Morgan wick and play guitar and Uga backing vocal. I'm seeded Jenkins and I do you locals. Beat green drums. Brendan Morrison a key votes and be tough I'm chancellor would base. I'm Brendan. Brendan Williams applicants are. Right aren't so let's all the members of a sense of gravity you just put out who I believe these are third album. That's second second album my bad it's your second album is called after me and it was the SO police album correct. That's right right on and on now. How long measure been been playing together and how did you guys just you had begun to come together and make a sense of gravity. So since a gravity started in 2011. And today. I started the band width David McDaniel loser. Previous guitarist. Hands we started by a we just knew we wanted to start metal bands kind of progressive influences on some groovy. Stuff bans what it was this 2000 elected doesn't let uncle. And it's so we had a general sensible we wanted to do and we got together and started writing music and recording immediately. And then use that demo. To start finding band members OK we found. The greens. On drums and Brenda Morris today actually known as the school together. And he join in on keyboards and additional guitars and man. And then we got CJ shortly after that and then champs actually came after a previous races Maria. And then Morgan joins. And 2015. After. Data and that leaving the band okay. And that's why you're here and that's how we're here I mean and that's I hear Harold together why you're here is because you guys put out that bad ass record. And we're gonna get into that in just a few moments wanna play a few songs from nap I wanna go in the press six years you guys have been a band. I know that some you guys have come in at different times but what's the most memorable show you can think of in the past six years of a sense of gravity. And most memorable show. I've got I've got a funny one because memorable effort from matters yet our background and that works. Yes so we're playing a show up north quite quite up north and as remember we. We're kind of watching the as other bands we sort of we're expecting to headline the we end up headlining that night were like waiting for arts are slots open fair and the sound guy he was really nice guy just as I helping us out times throughout the night. We're sort of sit there HI announced that pitcher can't the other bands and yet here this lake scuffle behind us and turnaround and we see the sound guy like. Kind of down on the ground up against the law. And the promoter. Just sort of like our super flustered and and Mike really like you just decks somebody and that's that's exactly what happened and so we we've watched this on guys sort of slowly crawl up off the ground to sort of dust himself off. And we're just now awkwardly likes archer we should. Additionally Plano and yeah I act and and he just didn't Joseph public about it good good for you and me not want to run we don't space media played till like 1 in the evening there in mourning and he was still didn't sound forests. And so we finished our set and finally we get the courage to ask him you know hey what happened and he goes oh all I did the voters want to entice told him his music sucked in. Yeah. You made a lot of hair to waive his hair right classic and yes that then he got the acting is like yeah pretty much deserve that but on. And really be OK and you as well. Some and get things cleaned up here in the on the smokes weed my buddies in take me the hospital so. A rough night for that he's half. That's hilarious our man wolf thank you for the story we're gonna get in some music we have more from a sense of gravity changes have you. For right now wanna play a song from their new album at from it this is echoed chaser is thanks for coming up to the studio existence of gravity. That's here on metal shop it's a sense of grab the hanging out in the studio that song's called echo chasers as it comes off their new album. Actually he cannot pick it up he combine online may be one of their shows coming up here. Now tell us a bit about your new sound fellows are six or you hear so I think you can come up with an answer. How long did it take to read the problem where guys recorded who you work way if you all the details. I'm so we certainly brightness. 2015. Okay and most they're reading is done and Brennan's place between myself and Brandon. I brought in a few songs and Brennaman few signs in the kind of we're done if you're there once together. And then we went miss steer her record drowns in December of 2015. Yet he is or. If it did that a pass back there yeah that if aspects studios is engineered by Jason Lackey and cool and just like the first album he did an incredible job. Are firm first album travail. He did it comes. For that one he engineered. And then once the drums were done and then it was all pretty much done homer guys I want to think that Brandon. Yeah I mean the majority of the engineering was it was stolen body Brendon and and sort of by mocha is well cool. And we premise that everything digital these acts of faxes to believe it's house and all the bass tones I used to tonne of PST's keyboards. And then CJ here it's an awesome vocal booths after that he did most of his vocal recording and a moment's vocal recording. Well. Sounds pro I mean it sounds awesome you guys did a great job of like. Or Yemen the last last part Chris can't leave this out as we got a mixed and mastered by testimony Mulroney then. And she's based in what puts him. Technically not Italy in San Marino and bring them president independent. City state within Italy. Aren't you. Awesome well. It's yeah like I said it sounds awesome you gotta check it out I mean this is the is the stuff you're hearing on air right now so. You know if you like he definitely got to take an apple will get into how you can do that. But I wanna know like what your goal was going into the album as it is you were he was your second album is a band what was your goal and indeed he you've achieved. Well I would say we had some pretty. Heidi expectations going into the album we really wanted to. Use the momentum from travail office album to try and reach a broader audience and and Gamal people interest in what we were during. And I feel it to some degree as we were successful and now we've got some pretty cool features in metal hammer and stuff like definitely vote ultimately a feel like they didn't reach quite as many people as we would have liked and that makes us think maybe that scene is changing a little bit ways we've we you know we just no question about well that's why we're here for. But I also wanna say you like musically and keep. Musically we kind of hit all of our our goals witches we wanted to take the the sound that we establish with travail sure hands kind of take it to the next level. Have things that people who like the first somewhat like but also taken some new directions now there's some. Parts that are softer on the cell maybe then we had in the past but also some heavier things and more technical stuff but it also more. No more cancer stuff. Just trying out new things and also having more cohesive sound as a whole you know or adding new elements yeah. Now I know you know fortune tellers or anything but when you play this album out in when you you know integrate some of these songs into your life said. What do you personally think will be the crowd pleaser the crowd favorite to play and here life. Bigamy guys complacency it's one of our more technically challenging songs to play. It's got some really cool energetic. Breakdown parts to it I think that's one that's currently there. That's awesome while the crowd pleaser here we're gonna play that right now on metal shop it's a guy is a. It's I'm sorry it's guise of complacency here by a sense of gravity. It's metal shop and a point nine KI SW the rocket Seattle. Gates metal shop here and I point nine KI SW. A sense of gravity in studio that some of the guys of complacency. A song that they expect to be. Probably the crowd pleaser of the record center of gravity has a new album called action man. And you definitely need to pick it up and I'd go see this band live whenever you can. My question for you is. What Dan's first inspired you guys like to start playing music as a whole instance start getting more and the metal and playing metal. As a can't. I. Tom is a lot for me. I think obviously when I first started out I didn't really have. Meet friends and listen to Moehler anything's Johnny tsunami friends the other that's very possible to you. And then. And those. So it's like anything at defining the radio like Metallica and I really animated throw rest in pieces of blues. David out movement and when he discovered dream theater those kind of changed my whole world because I never heard songs that long they're crazy before that kind of opened yet to all the progressive Sacramento. Yeah I think for me. I first got into guitar music primarily as like Nirvana and then sort of over time you know kind of got heavier and heavier. Tele on in Metallica an inmate death. I was coming from a tar background for a long time and and eventually discovered Campbell courts and that sort of changed mine oh my we're a little bit. And now I started just messing around in my car with growls that's how I got started cool and just commute in and learn the locals and then. From the area dream theater and things just got whacked here from there with. Keep bringing drums rush anthrax blighted signs faceless. Decapitated. Now. Yeah the list is okay dot dot dot. I had an eye on them and for me is style house across featuring pianist a discovered trinkets and I was like fifteen. And that blew my mind children s.'s is always been in my book. And then that led to bonds like symphony Jackson and then more recently times like imperious and DJ am. A look at some cool. I actually grew up as the choir boy I'm really broader audience AM a professional composer and eight vocal instructor. And so I sort of started listing TU people like Pat Metheny occasionally some more progressive rock stuff like yes Emerson lake and Palmer cool. And then I pretty much go straight up the deep and answered again in two creek topsy. Yeah emotions and act and francoeur it and I love this all the inspirations from all over now what you meant. Yes so I. I first really got into guitar music with just after on picture and then it. Sardinia and so a lot of the other events of the guys mention an and I got really into Scandinavian medal so late and I started growth in flames down for sort of getting into the ground locals and I kind of thing. And then dark tranquility and then. And then all kinds of things from there. Machine ma and Wisconsin for your amazing too by the way so that's awesome I mean it may be weakened here a little bit of Pat Metheny mix with some decapitated a Demi thing. That is awesome from choir boy music team death metal idea since the gravity here in the studio if you're just tuning in. How what are you guys is plans for 2017 you know what's going on a sense of gravity is coming here. Yes or working on put together in two areas. And those that are as of yet announced but as soon as we can announce some we will. And just yet trying to play out there's much we can and we're also already certainty work on new ideas for the the next record. In his goal is to be really interesting and exciting I don't believe really surprised by the next effort beat them. Right on willow where we find your music online where we pick up at two minutes. I love the way other than the you know at a at a local show or anything you guys play and get it at Stewart got a sense of gravity dot com. And of course you can get on iTunes is at. And he can be an on Amazon. We do a lot of ourselves or band camp school and of course were on Austrian platforms like. Spotify apple music and automatic you know all the major. And Danny final shout hasn't fully played the last song. Aid Seattle but I keep metal scene alive. So it's with you that we. Which we trust. What they're just a big thanks so bird. Fans. You know we don't have a huge fan base but it its really overly passionate fan base hit. And people who really listen carefully to. Soup and pick up on small details that with a mentor music I'll tell us funds yet means ought to us. I think Morgan's daddy's. You know excellent equipment and I think you're in Afghanistan. But the iPod JW do. You know England and we did violence. But expletive which I'll. Who intelligent undermined and that's our store. I problem is that well thank you sense and gravity it's been also the heavy guys in the studio we're gonna play one final song by them. It is shadow of lines off their album actually picking up you know where you just heard it. It's. Metal on metal shop. So. They're being well. You know. Wu. It. And it's. Okay. And as well we. Being. Cool. Okay. It's. I. Okay. There. OK okay. Okay. Being. Okay OK okay it's. Okay yeah game and it's. Being OK okay. I.