Metal Shop Interviews TKO

Monday, April 23rd

TKO sat down with us to chat about the band's history and their upcoming show on April 28th at Studio 7!


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99.9 KI SW metal shop and I'm very stoked to have a band a classic. Heavy metal band back together legendary north was heavy metal band that toured with AC/DC. Van Halen Cheap Trick. UFO heart deal foreigner there next year is the fortieth anniversary of this big and he's teekay L they're playing studio seven next Saturday April 28. With custom and pulled Luka he got a teacher asked the studio seventeen it's gonna be a killer show up Brad since Seoul. And Kendall Beckel from tko welcome to KI SW metal shop guys good to be here and thank you. Great to be here. Well like you know what now that I shouldn't say welcomes kids of your should say welcome back to KI SW. You've grown as well it's a little bit different it's a little bit cleaner here probably a lot more digital Quentin as opposed analog that's true. Tell me a little bit about I mean you guys. Go back to what is 77 or 79. Well the band formed. And 7777. And was signed in 78. And awesome and wants to let her role in 79 and spring. When was the first time he came up to KI SW and I'm assuming it was like in the classic a rural location correct correct and that would have been. In your face was recorded in the spring of 81 and some time in the summer. That producer had sent me a 45 singles and had arranged for me to I can't remember the program director was. Yeah but he graciously Matt let's me. Looking down his nose student and he gave dangerous video which was my least favorite song. Hot rotation. For hanging in clear into the fall you don't win oh wow hey we have or. You know. I think I still have a 45. I think I have about a hundred of higher the collective that they see that's the thing is Brad you've been tko since the beginning and Kendall you're like new to tko obviously you have a rich history in north was heading music fair were you a fan of tko growing up. Big time nicely. You know I I kind of put a cold calling to Brenda send them a message that said do. I've loved you forever I can listen to some demos and stuff like that and he said yes under way. And then and was very fair and openness and then I think a week or two later I was invited to ban so it was like an inquiry from. You guys go all the way back T 77 record saying what was the northwest and music scene like back when not tko first started. Those scores really yet you you couldn't play original music there was not a venue when it would sport that so you would. Is just all cover bands playing in the bars and I don't know how we survived. Because. We didn't you play palms. Up. You guys have a slow song on his little something from Alice Cooper called dead babies. As opposed as opposed to peaches and herb reunited yeah we we got asked. Go away numerous times during that period. But with the launch a letter role. Our first tour we are managed by can can here. Albatross productions. They ruled north last colon for four events yeah and they manage heart. Nice connection we have had our first it would cut our teeth opening for the kinks with I grew up love and can't this bad it's her problem is. Every opening band that would open for them and get booed off the stage. So we spent six weeks. And it ready to slit our wrist and ballerina hang and then when we can call. You're going on tour sixty weeks with Cheap Trick it's their first Atlantic since Bhutto's con. And you can you guys are out on that tour and we went from all that make it 72. One there. And then we came back to Seattle. And we headlined. So your first album let it rolls released in 79 and then obviously in 1984. He released her second album in your face and that's on unpaid big heavy hitter metal label at the time combat records. I was kind of curious like can you tell us a story about hooking up with combat records that album and I didn't. In that going. Yeah we had floated we recorded in your face and in 81 in the spring. And it was. People didn't want to deal with can we were getting all these you know album oriented rock. Spirits were saying it's too happy. Well. Meanwhile thrash is just starting to come off yet or somewhere in the middle between those things right and the press wasn't getting any air play against her. There wasn't a place for us until 84. When everything's disbanded the producer calls his. I have a deal I said I don't have a baton from Atlanta and an actor who plays general William helped three weeks. So we are right. I roamed around the city and stole the best players I get my hands article and they were happy to come. And non. Buying it I. I 95. We're back out on the road. We're gonna play two songs off the record we're talking about from 1984. In your face or playing in this song I wanna fight the first jam and then give into the night will be back with. Brad since Seoul and Kendall backed dole. Had a shot. We just heard two songs from TKO playing Saturday April 28 at studio seven. You wanna teacher asked the studio seven. And die even as he tko because can be with custom going to be with politicos are these dudes had been involved in the northwest music scene for a long time. And guys going to be a good shops out so you've both been involved with the number of other bands I Q five war babies to theme shall. What major want to bring back tko. I got another phone call it always starts with somebody calls he had an idea and there's a festival over in Humber. And that. Really wanted to. Tko to perform in your face and sit in its entirety that's awesome. I thought about it and I don't think I really don't wanna go back there remember I said Hamburg. We had strayed away from taking the ban to. Europe period for our primary has different reasons but. I just felt it was time and and so. The phone was ringing in and people were Stephanopoulos. And I said this sounds like fox will do it but it's also did it take a little bit at times they get used to playing those songs again. Now you know everything. Lyrically is auto biographical. Books not being a Marshal service but it's like going back in time to when I was twenty yeah I've put up not anymore yet but but revisiting those true life stories and then bound. And it's it's an amazing feeling doing that is it a blast plainly songs that some are even almost. Almost forty years old like the ban to think they're 37 clients. About the blast yet again this case what I what what do you think they're going to be your favorites to play next Saturday at a studio senate's. Given them the night is it is. Always a picture it was actually written. With Tony Barca built Herman myself eighties and it found new life on what the new line around. Support in your face then but it's 29 cities and 28 days. True life story nice I'm limited just it just shouldn't. Horror of the road yeah and fun home rolled in the one come banking. That's awesome what we expect from the tko show next Saturday's studio seven I'll leave that to the whole scandal a lot of fun that's what I'm anticipating just just to help. A fun crank out. Just go forward onstage to lots of energy and removed you know rehearsals are off the book I mean I. I was little skeptical and and they've they've had a few rehearsals prior week admire most of us. Right on the money that's awesome. Yeah and jet Jeffrey RR drummer and myself we've been fans yet lakers and what's it like playing now. Being like an official member TK Alley well and and you're gonna play and yeah felt since I love and have loved that albums since you know and take. In its through. Wonderful to take to get a chance to play that material and now and then trying to do it justice. And then. You know just put a little bit in you know in the tasteful way of myself into the plane yeah staying true to the guitar line to weigh heavy in the lead fellows and what have you been put your little signature just a little bit enough where you just a little you know but staying true to it but man it's so much fun. Any shout out through thank you do is think he's he has wanna send out before we wrote in the next suburb of big shout outs pollute confirmed that step and often and being part of this show glee and and non alcohol and haul home on again great guys absolutely island Nona. Tanker in the and now we're going to end here with a tko is cover of the motor head classic Asus speeds. What makes you guys wanna look cover this song obviously motor head and kick has banned but what did let me moderate means he gets well. Given now. Obviously I mean let me what's the master and this was another phone call from producer Bernard who's in men now close and we've been working together for ten years ago and he said we shouldn't. Throw good band together and and to attribute slam me and with her all the money right Tim's skills cancer funding now so I called got Karl Kennedy from Iran through amazing drummer yeah. Would she give a listen this is just it's unbelievable at all so but tar Carl's friends will Wendy Diaw and so he'd. He made all the calls for kids yeah you can go I've been and so we had teachers because you know we figured well no money's gonna come from. Yeah new digital download solar cells shirts and we sold other shares and we've got some money so it can't content there you go. That's great man well like we're mentioning the whole time works for this is all about you get yourself to the show next Saturday. As studio seven it's gonna be a killer show. Going to show up and support classic. In in current northwest heavy music of course TKO. Custom and pull whooped up red tinsel Kendall Beckel members of tko thank you so much for coming up to a metal shop tonight. And Morgan and with your cover of motor head any last words from the for the metal shop listeners yeah I'd. If you're come and his showed. You have to stop by the dog house to power up with you're out column troubling vanish. Booed down the.