Metal Shop Interviews Tom Sheehan (Indecision, Most Precious Blood, Axe to Grind Podcast)

Saturday, August 25th

Tom Sheehan is the vocalist of two amazing New York hardcore bands – Indecision and Most Precious Blood. He’s also one of the three hosts of a rad hardcore podcast called Axe To Grind. He was in the Northwest on vacation this week, so we asked him to  join us in studio for an interview. Enjoy and listen to his bands and podcast!  

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It's metal shop here on 99.9 KI SW I'm very very stoked to have a guy that I listen to every week on a podcast called ax to grind it is the well let me know we tried the pretty emanates. Hardcore pod cast is that right to be the most popular. In dominating force in the world apart or podcast. Good pro vitamin on you that I when I kind of promo on another podcasts after viewing the champion of the world and exactly at the. Tom Sheehan did not only that but he also saying for instance for indecision most precious blood. And he's. A New York hardcore legend I'm just gonna throw it there. I would he's got a good pedigree. That's make. Thank you everybody thought about and you know what when I saw he was in Seattle at follow monitor Graham I got up in his DN AO's down in the DN. And we had him up here and in studio so it's awesome to have you up for stop what you do in the northwest and a man with a I love the Pacific northwest and I would move here in a heartbeat really. Once. I was I was curious about how much you love the West Coast wired and or New York. And no it's like you yeah that sounds like you know it's like. I completely new York and yes again and I come dynamic I could hear how do you only ever lived in York city. Yeah I lived in New Jersey really impeached Oka plays a grown up. Don't know I grew up in Brooklyn while yet so I've moved as great park in New Jersey. So the risk and go yeah I think your in your blind yeah been a come on camera what to do. Into the smoky is the worst air quality of all time still read the new York at Philip cleaner you know that's phony and it's really. And New York there's like maybe two months of actual lake in habitable. Whether. Yet that's kind of we're describing here during the summer when bands go up like your cure for the two months they actually were theater on board right it's like it's either 97 degrees and like a 110%. Humidity war. Not only while degrees Kenya though he wanted it's not great yet. But do I think you for coming up and I agree taking time off your vacation actually absolutely clear where in a lead weight teacher you're isn't some pretty incredible hardcore bands and you grew up in Brooklyn let's what was your first exposure to. Too aggressive music punk music art or music did you have a a brother or someone that exposed to litter it would you get into it. Right it mostly from them like lately made it. Eighth grade anthrax nineties. Helena and not be at that the only real I. Whom and then I sort of got into high school. I'm a metaphor a friend mine teams came way and tune in then sure I got me like Darren James Kim yes thank you very much pertain to my liking him because I yet. And yeah he gave me people like my thread on one side and hazard junior and the other and it was with your great and yet I think this is what I really really like. And and the rest is it's the rest is history yet I would like local shows and then. Now and you're here yeah and Ella and what do won a trip it's been sent witness would you say that minor threat was the first hard core album that you hurt. Yeah yeah I just remember being like what is happening. But it's so fast yeah I don't know I think now it seems very like routine exactly but at the time like I don't really note. What it was too much where you at first it's all overwhelming and the guys are juniors to like the opposite is at its low and kind of and rooting right and I Philip ball to the states would kind of he's pretty good up like that that's that Matt Meyer that as a kid. Might be a little off putting at first but then plant that seed you can go. Look at that he is like an eight or visit. Drugs either moss you know the way the Kohler and I'm aware that I distinctly remember getting into like a unified. Didn't it unify. And I stock in their like lyric sheet or something that they think youth of today. Right and so I want to Napster and I downloaded break down the wall youth today how. Horrible it is what is the warnings a cat about egg again like a couple of years down the road I revisited it started to like Italy and I think Alex but it was too much for that's all it takes like yeah Billy kind of revisit nearly. Oh this is why yet but it's like oh it is I've heard this before yeah right right have seen this. Idol every. And I. So what were some of the first shows that you. What was your first hardware failure ever went out to like out in the Broncos I mean we had it in Brooklyn it's like probably early ninety's music 1991 so. I might local and with water. You can't have. It was kind of scary I don't know why monkeys and it was like he had admiral Reuter an event called dark side public darkness like then yeah. And Bob Beckel confusion which is like early on the court like not with the death going to be able to kind of like. Confusion finally. The band Oca dockside public it was like the band and that the properly captured error started re election terror while the company currently topic Celtic frost a cut them. Yet essentially that the banquets are whether from Philadelphia yeah on his music and I don't know what's happening yes. There was this like VFW halls are legitimate venues there's like a legitimate and you in my cubicle decrease the country club. What's on they would let them do or commercials on Thursday night's OK but it's lottery winner and basically start while there was a comedy place yeah another yeah now. And it is a good herbal place and yet now it's a court. Apparently the church grocery bought because that was on it and I would take. So I drive by it at home in public. If people we knew when on the owner must have been like upon word had definitely they're kind of like well no one else is coming authors and you guys can add this and sort of -- they let avenues it was cool you know and that the documentary about the police now it's like a comic and while what an Indian crazy country country Maltese yet so yeah yeah now it's on by Richard though. So yes Leon go by our IP yes there are some looks from here. So you're honest each year inaudible are on your podcasting and you're from New York City we'd never got to go to CB GB yet is it's is this all is it people with like you know kind of like rolls colored glasses looking back matter wasn't really data loss like they romanticize it yeah I mean isn't to a man's side there was no it has gone yeah wow it's hard to say it's like. You know you hear people like you know it was like it's a toilet but it was our toilet yeah okay it's crap but it was not nice and yet there's put like I've had friends like you let slip them like. Cut yourself on got hepatitis Mikey shot. Why. I mean just going like it was such a place and Mike. Which is excellent store exactly that's really what does that mean lore of the place what it's definitely not like sound system was me. Really huge gravel that's cool I am by. Him just like. Eager to play there yet public but actually so what what it's like stepping out of that stage knowing you Ramones played yeah it's like oh AC/DC played here and obviously. Happening it was awesome BLE. We liked when he at the first time we played you know and since they had a lot of more like a mean man not pump and you have to go through like they try. Roca team player Mike. I'm very late Tuesday night and she heard him take the tables away you be playing like to. That's like some stragglers they came in for sewed him again I this guys. But. But like with our quarterly they had like a Sunday built in Alec you kind of someone gave you break and president but are people knew when and where to be neck and it was you know and they were early it was cool again there's nothing like showing up in the single block and that's going to be what CBS evening Alex and retail store somebody's own person that gets on her veto looks like famous upscale like. That should he kept a lot of caps that he kept things though looks puncture. And of course there's that yeah they had a venue next door that was like this CB GB the gallery. That didn't do more acoustic thing it's Albert up at the Patagonia. Yeah well at that Barry is not the same yes it is not a don't put Amal apply I well there was a target with CDT easily and all that really visit there's a CB GB is restaurant in Newark Airport. People realize that about it yet targeting with a little off brand the bats well yeah. Got to sell them shoot that it got yourself these fans are gonna films nobody exactly so we always like to ask is. Question of like the lightbulb moment so lake let's break it down like you remember. Was there a moment where easily solved and or record was it like a time where you were distinctly remember like I gotta do this I gotta be in a Bentley or being out wanna be involved in. And yes. I went to go see accidentally forest sixteen Earl exorbitant amount of money. It's the ninety's pretty heavy and right when pan terra was breaking gas like slaves to writes it grows like. And he knows cowboys and help lower yes I'm Heatley it's clearly and you CNN. And I just immediately. I mean all things like not knowing at sixteen what might have become the channel and later on in the end his life. I'm and it's this dude it is so cool yeah I got apartment right you know how awesome his voice in crowd I've never heard an extremely. And asthma. Don't know so I don't know yet if I ask. And imaginative and yet if we're there buy it yeah after that personally I remember why we were in all different bands like hell and we were. Awful but it was like I recovered domination and that's that was an indecision out on aka. Yeah I came later yes salads are the name of that effort and and Aaron IE yeah all got to have our first and yet we everybody out there is we recovered domination by Pam Tara. FB LA by helmet. And and the crabs on my feet more I don't know what was happening in sourcing and yeah now I'll. Not even remotely close to me yeah. Yeah yeah it was more singing don't like. Apparently bud I am so glad it doesn't exist in any form but it was more singing was screaming. Well at their original that was yelling Obama because normally under an okay burn up in all I want to but did that help you learn how to get your vocal style together like yeah I don't give myself and Anders as my wanna take its outlook yes it is it's over and it's awesome in that. So let's talk a little bit about indecision and when you guys started yes and this question we've been talking about BC. We talked about in your golfing with behemoth where you ripped up a Bible on stage and went to prison. You know and poll right right and was that you know persecuted by them like luckily that's not happening now anyway to be in April when we you know got a different. So quarter put different vibe here so but when you guys are ripping up bibles right up like now on stage. Did you ever have to like deal with that later that he ever had some guy walked up to you in the parking lot of Booker so unlike any awkward conversation all right out from. I am yeah it's weird because like. If I remember correctly you know we actually did. So people don't come see us. Automatic as they don't part of your mystique. Like my mom is like a Shiite. Shall be so upset. You knew that we so it. I would like even just. I don't believe that more penalties Ellen so much I would never do know it's certainly nice you know some people would do and the Buick photos and bibles with me by my head of it yet laid out their goes with that yeah I like it got. We he like built like across we are stubbornly. Amsterdam thumping and at the end of the show he decides Zoellick on destroyed across she ash again. And it like. Lou into the crowd and broke eighth beer Stein in the guy's hand problem and he just came and it's like skinhead prince came rushing at this. Several awkward. We put him Europa on the gas technologies so it may bring embodiment Ehrlich at eight. Please don't beat up the and get a gap and like we played. First of its kind of like. Supposedly kind of a mixed back but it wasn't really. Obviously mote like a lot of religious and excitement and hard and and you know saw it with you know. We played through the gates knows and points as the saying goes the look at but nothing in Vick no incident most. As we've played all the sun and eat the ultimate we would I was watching like kids like. Some do it moshing with bibles and the Catholic scrambling to pick up that he uses them. Home and I don't know if people would likely to rove and Billy bombing out that we startling in the advocate there and everything that sort of advocates that was added I mean the southern atheists in the Bible Belt air a little more Pittston yeah regular yeah ideal that yeah and that's you know what I don't have that like Wesley dobbs northerners like an owner of the we don't have to deal than a regular basis I've friends that I've made from like since then it's like. Well you understand this every day Alia that our parents this aggressive do this is like a cultural as the war and I was like I totally get it via. So you're stepping into the air and you go okay that. Woolsey and get really good job with heathen that are left we're gonna provide the contract you guys you know exercise your demon via bill and then at 800. So indecision you guys hit it hard put out some records and then transition to most precious blood was a couple years in between her yes so in decision went on without me for like. OK I am blessed by news that we Europe and I'm not saying that anything you do kind of it's just say yes and I went to grad school and he continued I'm Karen and they've broken an El Paso and with in the month Miami with Johnson about my plane and consulates and it only giving up but he wanted to be something again yeah of the DM IQ doesn't yeah it also messenger yeah. And again they've got that but like a real jobs like packages I'm like we can do it on the weekends yeah absolutely and honestly. Wells and it will company of uncle have been gone from 44 months out the united him signed to trust your record and that it was but now they might legitimately and I have to actually do this stuff which is. It was a most wanted to ever had a band yeah yeah like indecision this struggle I mean. Link to be on a slow like you guys coming hit it like that. Like trust you'll had some crazy how booms at that time leading through eighteen visions poison the well right most precious blood. Terror became from about until the 500000 records it was and save like heck I'd probably has a pretty good guy who instructs director as well own death. He had a place that we called hotel Bel. That probably had. When he while it was in San it and think yeah we did really well and we were like. The smallest fish yeah giant pond but it is like the hardcore band and label the lead with a two guys get on head bangers ball that's the question. Now now now. I'm Jeanie yes they are welcome back to back up the act upon is that a liar want to bring on to second going to be one a we're gonna end Jamie right now. Let's not ours Camara US dollar and at accrued through the course is forty odd yet I haven't come up with on. Oh so you mention a little bit about how indecision when I'm with you for a little while without Cuba late let's talk about. Your transition into that you said you went to grad school yes yes and so you went on to law school. To be a lawyer did you want to necessarily step out of the big heavy music scene there was a just decides that he could broken son being. A successful. Person who can sustain your. Right like you know what I'm like England for punishment so I would I. In between indecision and PB I went to grad school and I got a massive difference psychology. That it MPB I after that happened ID. Had a bad break up and I was like what do it myself and the school is yes I'm not as if I knew now but it costs. So yes so I went to light. Grad school in between bands and and law school after. I'm and then it's kind of like I still wanted so it's not candidates and I kind of disconnect myself from it. I mean listening to music in the meantime all yeah yeah I mean it's it would add otherwise please call out I like running a full time like nonprofit. And you can go to so as I did you did it was all right light yes we've that in I have caddies here at UN it's literally idolized him like yeah I've yet that night I. A go to a movie or go to a show that's really all lined up but you know under the got to fill out exactly. So what is your position now tells a little bit about what you do you look on dvd pieces of what your actual career in cannot call you by interested you can if they only get erected in New York the whole island and New York they do like a lecture Percy right. So I keep talking about moving out to Washington Ella and others want to come out here a higher but I have to take the boards and over again. It was literally one of the worst experiences in my entire life it's nineteen hours of two days. Here and I study for twelve out today for two months three I had my. Don't want to back job site it was and I never do this again and whenever asked it to not. Anything else learn how to fix computers two I'm so right now I I do. Some legal work really bands okay so like I worked I worked with I burn nice work with India also. It's totally the cro mag. So they got everything. Right you're. Know or may not right yet they're like so do you have to do like sit down conversations between JJ and and and Hartley are trying to bring them that they tonight. They had no idea some kind of like reissue coaches I worked like I help the label was doing an ugly. You need to put us tonight and yet the kids like you thanks so much. Oh yeah up that right now like I handshake not gonna help but now it definitely have you met the gentleman that he will kill you. Literally death. It's so I do that currently on the side we think borders with them they're like. So I work like for burned gap known jam so my legal BO on but he him Google they weren't that certificate. And then. Like my fulltime job and run. A nonprofit organization that helps. Mentally ill. I am offenders coming off of record on the big attention there. Helping them with there tradition back into the community want to help the public services and housing molesters apparently don't like. So do you deal that one on one year you're little you're the manager you real I have the senior director think her eyes out to solve my probably like. The war like levels removed and I dep and I deathly involved need me. But it's mostly like. The only pure bureaucracy of New York City but also giving these people a chance to maybe trying to pull themselves out of whatever date they dug themselves yet and just like making sure that you know like the city is not easy to kind of navigate. He also serves in south it's not easy to big city begat you know and it's easy loss and we try to help like work with folks like and coming off an app like. Your credit ease the transition as much as a work as well as you like it used it successfully year are you so far echoing this program has only been open. For about a year out of gas sort of double minute political. It's the community reassessed and great community re entry assistance network mechanical yet it's it's it's everything ran yes I thought that. So like I called Hillary the cranberry its parent you they sell many delegates and everything is it and I currently there isn't everything in New York is an Akron idol and I'm. Gotten but it Norton so far it's like. Ali how are the yeah yeah yeah zone yet. How we will continue to run in this that you'll keep that's awesome and I'm glad to hear yes we need more people and servers like that where now. So you mentioned one of the so we're talking Obama vs Paula talk about indecision and in headlines over the past years Justin brain and firm indecision from most precious like you know a council member yet is in New York City in Brooklyn correct yes. And he's he's like the councilman for. 45 different neighborhoods and how crazy is that an amazing that that's happened ban like it's in him on the Nielsen. It's crazy like a Mike so it. And I was like fifteen and the guy that went up against him was trying to light hair and down by saying. He's crazy man used to seeing all the players that are in someone like came up with a smear video I saw that. That my voice is gone of the so. Really big Utley went to the documentary only parts Alex certain things like this. Of course they and then boom we watch Utley. And someone when these labels and on this for us back in the league that he has no video. Yeah you sound a little bit because it's a dynamic Greta I. I know it's awesome he's been fantastic added him you know everyone in the bank and went off to do pretty crazy stuff for images like. He's very charming he he closes. Blowing Brooklyn who has a neighborhood. That has everything to do with it yet because he's representing the people he. And it isn't that right and I mean that covered in tattoos he's probably six to threesome turns them around people like him but if he's well spoken enough. I mean you got to be a politician to be appalled that out yet he's he's very you know he's very charming like he's. I have ever thought oh wait that it isn't just. What are you thought we had a good Jeddah in my entry now and but he's been involved the loss of Padilla a ice and stuff that it's like he's doing great stuff it's. I just wanna fall on the briefly yes. This is he facing in the reelection human operating how does that work to get reappointed like. Now yes and I think. All depending and his name is kind of maybe I'm biased so it's hard to read yet out of its articulate. I didn't know the City Council person before it's like such like kind of like polarize things here. But a lot of people seem to know him and as. There's another gentleman in Manhattan it's also our court in that city that's also going to kind of late weren't matching. The next generation of men it's only isn't exactly what he's happy it is a totally like punk and metal people getting involved in stuff and really changing again. I'm not for civilians anymore in any world Evans are up in New York Zedillo and crap. Keep going exactly you know so he has. I think gal. People jokingly is the mayor of new York city of the it would be doubly surprised. I would love to. It would be amazing it would be sobered it up. It's completely switched. Yeah gears hero quake is yes the business still inside indecision it rained fast yeah as a popping up here and their plane Islam planes and reunions yet plane back to school champion ray temperatures it but obviously busy man yes on the so. What's you doesn't kind of relatively active for being and that isn't it time Dan Schorr. What made you decide to come back amply shows with in decision again. We've done I mean the band has been around and it's like current incarnation longer than originally okay cool I like double. That it was authorities things I'm a friend of ours on the island younger guy. To be hearing was like 23 diagnosed at like some really rare form of cancer her. None of it the mainstream treatments helping them. So his fiancee at the time kind of battles research found its place in the North Carolina that no entrance would actually cover. So much a man's the united does it art miles MB. At Google that can be Scott and his brother was united and we reunited filling donated much money to do like 500 dollars a week for the treatment. Of all of us kind of pitched the other thing so like we did that once and this one and then like there was another one unfortunate that it passed away. They went to a good memory of memorial kind of show. And donate the money to. Be buried at parents they are staying local one on the treatment. And then it piles fun you know and and the accommodation of like you'd doing a positive thing in and also going. I'm really on all of this like this school it's you know what you never are you know we've written packets like it's really like this week. Music is very instantly you don't know it. You know five years in a music career is that you yeah you can do everything and then also be on right now so it's really hard to say it was like fun. And that we do things here in the and they really are graduates of our series would be every Thanksgiving you know it's somewhere yeah and then it'd be like. It's. OK Ali offer yeah I do wanna come to London like us yeah possible. And it just kind of like we try to do at home and and a way to show your eyes you know and it's getting more more difficult like Rachel. Power player moved to California. So we're just trying to get to play California so she doesn't have you and that about but hopefully we'll do that soon do you want for the children. We know we want yeah. Was nominated again it was a bit of a business. Plan bundle about it and he had mentioned it once before we above absolute. So what's up them. As the plane shows yes it. Avenue is not we do is right no way Sosa. Justin is very averse to writing anything could have ray Cooper older that we won't be due at Papa and which which we can do this it's fine you know like just wasn't like some current records like he is obsessed with power nice about it. You know unlike some other elected other two the other dudes like all the guys implicated the world to meet with nearly opened for us in here. So it was like when we're going to show orderly. Aren't here's what you pounds yen edged Spain and like when I'm definitely. If it's on the desk so greatly. And now we do an ax to grind you're like in the know you have that you have anybody Olga only that they're listening to you talk about you're from our debt or shall again and hit me up he's like can I come back when you guys are all there is absolutely yes. Yeah we've IP of a pencil you in their guy like one of bigger metal band in America jar yet. And Iowa mean there agree then they blame them to prospective view and what you just analyst at all all the bands that are like making this next big push yeah and they're all coming from a good place in the early part of our kids and exactly they're breaking through you know cor aren't that seed and alleys. But we're talking about is that put in the work at a tort forever you know you know. At top at times and Alex on the Matta. But at eleven under capacity venue in your city and out it's like concert yup I guess I'd get this like this is beyond monarch like yes you like heavy music. You hate it classes yet and yet it's so. Makes me so happy to see things like that C success a power trip to cannibal corpse to the two and picked. Code orange. Like in on the field at tour incendiary. The Wesley yeah we went in and I was like. They're playing the part with the and I really I just on the other days ago it's been like a year today. I was most the real thing in my entire life is like the department and yet. You have to do anything. I just hung out with code orange the back yeah the older like around in the accidentally Tripoli to India the most moderate Arab. It's just good to see you apple put in the work again yeah so back to the question though aren't there yet you guys wrote a song is there any plans for an. Like now at this rate I'm probably. Extraordinary isn't fighters on it again and EP yeah you don't to justice those like you know it's gonna be like eloquently village opens with the greatest hits and tax on the two zones nobody wants. He's like this going distance on the nobody wants now the and he goes. The bonus it's possible exceeded yeah it's got to come out an ax to grind records say it up and what it was that we had just once on and I was a Republican unsigned band at this point. So there was like some Catholic converts pavlik. A copper contracts that you've got a yes I was like no I'm just. Like don't act or not there won't know we are only an arrogance he went outside. So will Putney a the producer and a like I guess you of the decision he saw the name and he fixed this the kind of real quick. And I feel I put it through consumers like you could either choose to record with Turkoglu and converge it will onion the well both ethnic and we'll actually yeah actually either way you win win win and but like will kind of like. Picked on me about it and conversely we know whether an old man you can't do. The Big Apple corps record that you're not a lot to do. You want hey we want parents where the and a that's on an ultimatum we hope the heat and movement and would like to Bristol stuff to be annoyed about it while I mean the thing is like we're all those things you mentioned I. Dale took a page. Out of some of the bands that you bad news and exactly yeah all the bullets I don't know there Waco and went their way over the airwaves yet. Are all a so I wanna switch. Over to the axe to grind wanna pick your brain about that killer talk a little bit. It's going to be a small start up for you guys and yet you. Recording even a house yet in a bedroom. Yet they yet it 33 guys yet and then guess whatever area who wrote it area but it's blown up man yeah it will look. Man and an ax to grind if you haven't heard Annapolis and its iTunes feature the three and then it hard core podcast. Of all our report podcasts well every it's so new he can actually say that and not be line exactly did you know like I can think anything else not many other hardcore podcast so happy to get together with these guys the way how did that conversation start again. Just needed at Shelley's go to dinner like that right you can get right why don't Patrick for probably about twenty years. He did he actually filmed in and MTV video that never went anywhere. I am the 2002 or whatever so we open friendly lamb pilot has Mantilla or optimize and I had done on easings for I think for end of the year and now as a drug church and out vanderveer became self defense that's right there yet so item. We have done a topic which is like day I'd declaration yeah I like Wheeler sat in my office for four hours after I was done with the lord and we just talked yeah. That went as maybe. We just have a liking here yet and then like the years later that week he's really we need talk we need to podcast and yet we also. And we were in liquor group packs the wind on my friend just runs closed casket activities and different problems on the podcast. And we would like to stalking them if you're about things like rate and as a all right and Mike. We met at a pizza place and like. So it's gas to grind we're just gonna talk smack told my it's gonna like you know dynamite a camera that's maronite and Alec policy like there's enough you're a nice guy on the buy that you know. And so people get it you know and so ports yet we haven't gotten it. You have to give it to criticism sold the name ax to grind give us a breakdown of what axe to grind means. The theme. Short so that probably the ultimate premise is supposed to be like. I was at his record I don't like it and I just say. No problems. If this wreck I was to an ego I hate this because the singer was a jerk to me in 2007. You have to like kind of give act that sort of pre president's. An axe to grind this isn't just based on the merits of the music. It's I don't like this have a vested interest in the right right and respect and you know master of puppets but didn't have those attorneys I don't like him anymore yeah I mean kind of thing no matter what it wise. So we parents are up with that and and we sent our music like you know more mourned that concern is yen and just kind of like pubic a physical my simulator record with yet again and it's kind of black and like. In the three guys and everything you've been there and everywhere you know. You have an inherent like respect level built up or people will listen to it may be. Maybe now the green itself sure sure but that's like I haven't heard an episode of acts the ground and like man. Those guys. Because you guys give out reasons why you give the explanations and you you're adding right level of personality might not agree with that. Yeah I mean you're never gonna agree with everything and that's why you got. Three does that it will only so yeah so like Bob is more like straightforward kind of like fast mark you're the nice guy impact that he'll. Totally be. Ones when I it'll cranky and act like he's a Hollywood country Internet these aren't in Medina Odom is like an island about the speed yeah he's not doing like the dad Jimmy Anderson. The BMW. Just. It's just like we all like our own different types of music so it's like. It's the cover all a lot of Graham Bob the fast hard court I guess in Europe like the New York hardcore guy right like earth crisis he won a week medal ego and and stuff like that was like revolution summer guy and then he likes everyone's Oprah like sick calls Lieberman a cut. And it's like I wouldn't guest. But and logs like ignorant. He puts out it put puts out yet beat out a guy who sings and what you would call I guess like kind of an indie ish and yeah. Puts out ignorant mob score that you put it up into pain or like heavy yeah you know. And the queen they listened to really busted tops in what we mean like it would detain and we we naymick different weird city in Michigan every time just I don't Ann Arbor hardcore enough that we live in bubble one Mike in their lock and when we just make up Manges. Yes my out of pocket he can act as well now. But that's the that's what we're talking about there one my favorite things about axe to grind together conversational. He's known each other and you know how shall we get back in like. It sounds like you're a fly on the wall things than dude who know there. And listening to them. Passed judgment in a certain way back in a. Fairway. Right must my most of them right I mean I feel like I you know if I try to bite my tongue and a lot of things with when this is some talk about me but it sometimes the paddles they suffer Mike. I know this person within him he's my friend I'm going to get a text message I need you know yeah. FO with about undertow. Alia I avenue and nearly easy and I like what hobbled this table internationally the consulate and got it now John listening he's the sweetest thing you'd. He's gonna be upset by this but I you'll. But he told me he was laughing in the shower about al-Qaeda I got it and that he actually ended up liking pat because I was making fun of them and you think he's one of those guys who. He faces the constructive criticism. And as like so he's so charming it's kind of like he's like. I'm how to know when I didn't like I'm argue feelings by America like we at the end of we need more of in terms of like in an educated way. Saying things that sometimes people may be here in not taking yourself T series away and that Chris I mean you're putting stuff out there someone's not gonna like it could be the greatest thing ever. There's somebody out there that listened to whatever like. You know recipes and like at. You know ultimately go to an animal yeah that ripe for every person that likes signed Nirvana also was like I'll pass again once whatever you know endless department. We've always seen that guy and his senior the magazine who just wraps things apart yet total blast it right this is the opposite of that and sometimes I feel like. Some of these people here these things the right people who can take it the right way right and then apply that and readjust or Cheney or learn. Sure I'm Elena I'm sure you guys have heard the back you'll and yeah there really even when the fans were like we had a good reviews like enabled or what's the best part exact. And we kind of take to heart we kind of yeah you know put it appears you know that's fine but that's the the bigger. These schools on the big musical part exactly exactly so you guys. Going into doing a podcast is your first podcasted that you actually holds up yet so. What podcast do you listen to what radio shows you listen to what were you like kind of like sheep violate any kind of like. Podcast listened to lower order talk radio reportedly jumping. Well I mean. I guess like influence just you podcast guy I have a podcast guy most of the rest of nice speed up the man up my own car yeah athletica and we're just talking about it I was a lot like political like you know politics American public that which routes and I'm we kind of basing our podcast on the Joseph Biden podcast. Yeah is to think Joseph Biden I we forced it went into the complex. No he's a guy doing a delegate number one. So it is three people and there's like. The old cranky guy Joseph Biden yeah which they kind of positioned me as a prank parents is wrong on the oldest but he's not the cranky in my pat would you like. The young guys they'll hit some clever app yet and the and it is amazing and in my we got a DM from that we do with the team that went in my coming on the it's going to be weird. I don't think this is awesome couldn't go out rap on at the ground and he's like I want come on and it's like. Like an open record aren't Catholic. A buddy miles. Well I was like this at home with your form though you can do it and make it entertaining easily have been will be I mean I wouldn't be active in the field and when is about as you know I wouldn't picture that I actually listened to every day I'm not like a huge hip hop head right but every day I watch. A pretty struggle and lost it when I went Biden was on ice I still watch it yet with academics and and I hate the guy but I wanted every day right I can't even do much to the comeback. Every hey guys if you act and make it. When Joseph Biden with its pants so you know I was awkward and out of the whole point it was kind of like. And Vick meant some old beat up academic catalog and read an academic delegates on a regular basis is just a basement dwelling older crying on the likes which would be it would. It was basically flirting nightly it bleeds it leads an extra thing you'll get those listeners you know make an act which can I get millions of views they do something so so that's a heavy it was like a discovered your reach it like you're reaching people overseas you get. Completely. Your trajectory is on the way out ax to grind as you or is it but it's like they have begun I don't hit up by like people from all of the the world or what yeah that we've gotten like week so it sounds. We are rapidly we've. And elegant apps you can see where people are listening. And folks like. The UK. Belgium. You know lot of people like I checked today to see who's going. The US is number one in Australia to go down as one party or get guys need to get partly driving d.s knocks on your child back. I can get these notes on the show decided they'd and not to grind that. Tax collectors what's conine hit a parkway drive guys are like super nice yeah I'm sure they are they flew Matt the most precious blood over to Australia for one and it winnings won easily divert. They flew him and his family over so like. And they've been at it for awhile they get they they opened bred to be in Austria one hour now light plane and is credited with them you know it Allan thanks guys that if at all crap outta the way it ripped. So all over in. Public it's way better like way more than we can ever literally and we can say the axe to grind is more popular than most precious blood or indecision. And right now but profitable. Because it's like. So more relevant I think I know witnessing the gears and he can do is say because it's like. I would think incision and PB have had like there. Like impression on folks here Belichick you know like some kid who's listening to say lake foundation incendiary has no idea when decision is. Those who unity but like. The amount of people that are listening to axe to grind weekly basis. We and gain people's decision. Yet in a weekly basis let's. And so my question I'm sure you have to estimate this what do you think the demographics are on a levels of people who listen. Is it mostly young folks errors at like mostly older our court views or. I think its cues like it's probably. Young folks I don't think that in podcast thing. You know like crazy. I think you might be wrong on that. Really helps though because that's the thing indecision live brilliant and was existed before like the advent of like the Internet and Internet. SaaS social media guaranteed so like. All of these young kids they're looking for somebody like. Because I didn't have any older Brothers are older cousins whose short short game that we get passed that down and write I'm accent are looking up to it guys like you have one now. That's the thing is that he gets higher firm for a better dug up and down. Ahtisaari here and like how little fresh ads in the middle well I mean it they would talk a natural at an adequate quantities and who helped blank the mattress with Marc no no bigger as the drizzle over every. The national call the you know with the younger mice to teach us through and the James Gosling check out the CD the violence all Dick. Bill yeah I don't know yet. So glittery blue pill did you hear if he'll just you you don't older Kodak you're doing you have you're talking about horror it's all anyone Arctic into. It's so like we've kind of we've got and possibly appellation triple B yeah like we got now it's totally cool that's who we want to do it. There's other stuff that's kind of been presented to us which are kind of wild partly. I don't know like this is fine without it we don't you know program we don't have any delusions greatly I think you know we. The people that matter be a lot with an hour public I was not many people tobacco matches and 23 old weirdos Malia are correlated you know. So. I think there's like we have a certain. Well commitment wreck between one could be checkers cap mattress that you guys opened up a window and you can't put this back in the bag dude you or as they're yeah yeah. People want to hear guys talk about and that's why your success which is an all night. And it's it's it's it's obvious because you started this thing called patron on now you don't know what he tree on is it's a service where people can pay a subscription amount like that. Every month they paid a certain amount to help out the podcast in maybe they'll get some exclusive content. In in a time where you know you see all of this free content. Online and it's almost like people saying like all you shouldn't paper content it's really incredible to see people actually working out a few dollars to show that content is worth some. Oh absolutely and I think it's you know gotten in not getting any money. Now they're what are high they don't pay the stands now you know and like even for like the podcast but. If it goes up there Italy. No there's nothing yet I know you paid how it sponsor right but it's not like they're not being linked so we'd probably get on a weekly basis like. Easily five figures of the people but it's organic Lee. Right right so it's kind of like mean people all law of people like. Spotify or none of them like. You know Richard nothing you don't get your even Hillary knows now you know so it's kind of like page on the sort of helps. You know. And you got one guy who who lives in New Jersey yet the dry and several hours to get to your hit the Triplett wore our papers gas. And I just saw sunny for me he write any post that he. Is about that a thousand atrium followers right and he was like hey. If you actually gave me a couple of blocks people like all common like film your hard court scene for a couple writes brilliantly and that you know out of me I patriot. Patrick wooded area yeah. And I think he woody doesn't agree that hard work it's in now. But on the ankle with a little ill be right it's a full time job and he was doing the full time. Job before he told me it. You're so Smart I don't know he's got a lot agree to the brilliant went to Yale he's at an out of these like that you argue that this in this economic. Hard to say I can tell you what you said I don't mean. So I mean if you can kind of tentative. You know. Paying job that he can survive off of and brightest and he's willing tribal police and kind of document and the company stands sort of built. Often when he threw eggs when an earlier court aren't settling its board guar an. Somebody we'd like super. And they didn't mean things can turn things being equal to a purely one little feature hey you know so he's you know he's like everybody that gets absolutely. He earned it you geysers in and it. Respect the views that school but in the words bring things back in decision on Lance. How many people had stolen the leader X for the for those on a level sacrifice I just like any tattoos and everywhere. How many billions of its almost like of those I love I would sacrifice yet. There's one for certain it's from the song hallowed be thy name from orthodox right yes who who's. That there for blood. Someone who drew first blood. Yeah actually there is due to record it's called rules a cut or if it's it's at first blush that rule liberals right. So the first song is. There are rules the second song is there aren't rural public pick up and lane so the last song. Glittery the the on course is for those all out of it. This is awesome as you like givens and we can an odd or he's you know. And we happily no real connections can excel. So I slide that was the and I wanted to make one of them that Michael Scott shirts like you missed a 100% of the shots you don't hate when Gretzky might end I don't know if my kids in Brooklyn. I placed Olmert master it's that you guys are beefing up programs that. It's been used with like that and simple news media and in my thank you notes night weighs whether. Do you wonder early records are those of us by an amateur thank you all they were so cal hardcore. What a class act and I am shocked at big they've built themselves. That actually sideways grating. The next question because we were talking about how you know you were in like the big years of political mettle cordon off on a trust Kilby and on a tropical. The label during that metal core. Aero like kill switching gauge X ray you ATV genes you know we're on top of the world Barry trust scale back what's it like to. CO modern metal core revival bands like vain sanctioned amateur hour is it weird for you to see these bands like kinda almost twenty years lately almost. What years and I just bring him back I think it's Boston I think they'll do really well avatar is great yeah on scene is like. Expect incredible aspect and like I affiliates they get put in front of people and sanction Julie and attention to the dying fetus that Alia. And the doing something big leagues that your guns and yet they're doing victory against a name here but yeah. You put a band like that younger crowds like that has been to sell tickets yet yet they get murdered because it's like Jesus peace with knocked loose right it's likely to. Like this is different like I came here for a happy that this is all the other things that right now. And yet even those. And checking out we got to meet him mice do they head on over terror yeah. You know in my. They were playing this venue in Worcester Massachusetts that was. But it wouldn't 600 bathroom standards on quickly 300 looming and they are like the next thing in the so called the first they'd cart yet at at at at. But it's cool and I think it's you know. I find metal core interest and I think there's more to it does a lot you know. I was report Margaret to manipulate you can't use this as a lot this you know you can only right that there's only three youth groups on the story exactly epic love buying that you know went to that. Well quite often but like I mean I could kill which I think we'll take Hispanic you know what are your pants airmen and yeah yeah yeah a wider variety of influences the gamut of. Have you gotten to talk to any of these new up and coming Beers about any of this than they ever come up to you and say hello or thank you I love you meandering. Getting those interactions yeah. There likewise an old guy over there to help arc. One on John Street not affiliated and yellow fellow kids at at at hello it's going out next what court concert. You know what more than you would probably mad honestly like a lot like epic cor aren't going exude that it's like. I think they appreciate O'Donnell to do that the votes Joe's point. Annette is waiting electoral baskets which clearly you know LaBroque but I would like to see. You know demand the kind of support new and current. Bands like code orange you speak to his plane via W ha yeah our troops out how to apostles I mean I was dudes. They were the most. And talk to rally and he would like he came appeared to our building was that this is the biggest thing remember all violently and justly own active yet you don't notice it yet but he's like a pound dude and a and a categories and it threatens. Actually out and he gets it you know and it was apostle pearl very very long time zone you know. Trying to connect them back here again how is the podcast changed your life has Utley need to look at things differently do you. Judge things differently do you take into commodity on the street trying to fight you like our beef as a change we anything like. How do you Oprah has your approach on this podcasting since he started it like I. Mean I think you you kind of listening music differently. Night as I feel like it's not just and that's kind of hope for everyone with the thought that. Like listening with a discerning critical year it's very easy to put music on public school. Port deal yet right when when you guys encourages people like eight we just want you to talk about music with different it's kind of wanted it to him yeah Ali and I think it was until late it's like Wesley past year and one year and at one. He comes from and lots of stuff and if you like it what you do if you know. A decent reason and that's absolutely critical here you know and but we that would change I hope we've gotten better I think if all you what you would materially. If you got the first and podcasts of any podcast against occupation as a professional we're like eighty definitely grown into a microphone in the first two user on the air list horrible for. Like pat will look at me. Yeah. We used to have a metal shop shop where we where we would play a little. Some guidance on what a morning radio has want to add clarity with guys like pat literally look at me. You've held microphone for twenty something years. Want to. Dynamic we need to have stand because I don't know what to do with my hands. And I keep like moving the microphone closer and further away from him and yes so it's you know we've gotten you know. But it's gotten better. And I think yeah we'll be back my people only. Sometimes we kind of try to take certain stands and certainly more. Social issues of the ability to do that could have some corporate I've read an onion right right but it's also worrisome because it's like. To be touch and could be pulling miss in the point like thankfully we get a top beam back. Got totally got it like Mike. Women thought that a hundred articles and kind of the podcast on that it is just a different time. The and a different music different time in the world and I liked the fact you guys take stances really not be an. Really and every time we take a socialist and you'd have to understand and you do that you're gonna alienate. A couple of people right but it he'd do the right way by providing logic. And reasoning and so I be able to convert that people who didn't understand right and quite honestly if you're not going to be rumors then. They have an order united merely by talk about trumpet them that in order electron and while we're product at different you know you are gonna whatever in a school like that's fine but. An academic center we have to say exactly hand but. Okay so bring it back in decision most precious. Every bigoted but bring it back and I talk about the ninth and I got an hour no amateur hour of an easy pick your regular hours so you we got to let you go up the air isn't a little while hassles so we got make this a little shorter so that enabled well what is the New Orleans hit. You've ever seen for most precious blood or indecision show. Nor an I don't I'm not trying to ask like you know biggest fight through that town everybody in his line though blues and we'll craziest hits like CN onstage with the microphones in. Just insane and or did you ever feel worried. You know we talked about in the pockets recently you feel any responsibility. If unlike if someone like it's stuff happens and make. How I would like if you are a mosh called I have never mocked on I believe if you're like a friend thrown into volcano. Like. These include grainy the clock to me that directly you somewhat like. Sort of you know. Eye on him. We played this venue cholesterol. And a Manhattan we opened for judge yes. Doubt probably it was. Pretty wild and the probably one health accidentally be played we played against the ankle which again you know a cut yet and and like we were so loud and easily. That you could get in the omni we don't senators now well I am so. You know this fourth people at this back to 3500 watt not of people like angle here a program and guitar. That was pretty pretty nuts and opera goers dressed up like all the presents from them from. With points with Brit yes. Both suits and masks and accidentally started when staged idol that has already made up he had a bunker at bat and make it to via. So Tom just on our favorite questions asked Phyllis if you can't beat Natalie the defrocked yourself rock. Biggest scar your body Telesis earned. Let the good ones are have a big. And in an element or night at the center she. Three are trying to carve the ups and outcry that would Caroline being out of Santiago my baton. I'm Glen Benton who actually want to beat up a brand wow how is that OK we got excited that aren't really thought he would put a good story we got here we got here so we meticulously it's probably just the price about sixteen sure he had raising calls and can I hate. Heard it yet the anti hero yes so we're going to see the confusion and the aside yet more. So just that have like a joke I column in there and it was like. Glen Benton sister and we solos and so are decrying corporate. So litter I'm sitting outside and Glen Benton and like now like eighteen and he's huge and it's when the two Brothers like that was the Republican model yeah. I am looking for draws and Brandon announcement oh my god. And they're. The exact. You know I don't have a sister whatever one could use a Mike. Got bought an amateur 35 year old man that. The crushing burden here. And he was like I'm looking British Johnston rightly going up and down. And this street in Brooklyn pulling a little comic doesn't elegant tablet get out of here with a bit of this product that so this idea. As an idiot and as a kid I I was obsessive evil and evil a couple of I call him uncle the so I set up we have like I would improvements we have ago personal backyard yeah and so I set up a bench. And I ordered equal to write my big wheel off the bench down the backs there. Great idea yeah. Can so I thought I glitter like I was I was like 34 years old a sponsor's point obviously it wasn't. Give myself range here's something and I like went and I hear you need to aided man and it landed. Like headfirst on the side of a concrete steps and it's a grand mice Goldman and and constant CD you and it analogous butterfly yet. Dad and a Mike good grade yet but. You know now in retrospect which would bring me to the hospital with bleeding all over the place is like the real world like. You definitely have a case against me now I'll know and he made about a flight stateside would be gold star in. But he fell down that's daddy daddy did something stupid is looking at your parents to be like around eighty validated it yet again you know he was very Smart he's left the I don't happen and that's what they do dumb enough to sort of hard court yeah exactly right yet photos out of like broken teeth and nothing. And he. It's funny you we mentioned don't only love Phyllis them we asked him that question in this is the most the resemblance egos would go to touch it is it's caller. So I don't have scholars say I'm innocent and yes or it smashing the right exactly nukes they've got to Headley dusty Rhodes exactly. He came to grow with jointly certainly agree that drove with a Betsy BG BC got out of like a limo a look at this is like him when he was like that was like caught off shirts won't panel won't be here without the under shape yet dollars and forty got a bit after he got pulled its when you toward ritual death. Yeah and like literally some heroic walking meetings Ozzie was like had the tremors he would have walked in to see BG. The trying to get off the blues and gab McNally who he was a lot more coherent though as I'm nice nine patriot in director. The station along the guys yes. And until it ended two years later it's. White line brother when I was in my mind it was while I'm there I missed that really. It's really aren't really. Her partner program to give you her vote display of power early it is no criminal record put in time now for about six you have to like that like you know. You can't separate the artist with the little things like. I'm not or beanie does dies those notes that the legacy of cancer exists not as. Us though it's rise again time yet act that gaps and so did Tom. Yes thank you thank you this the final split into two men all too often but aren't. Give this year year unit you know working at you and you know tells a little bit about where we can buy an axe to grind it also. What you have to save final words for the northwest on. Let's say we axe to grind we have Twitter which is pretty active. At ax to grind. We have on FaceBook group which is pretty nice. That a lot people you know. About their jobs with its printing also dipping shot that it's not there in the horn sound and that's that I drill or not. I'm Mike I started FaceBook group able. It has at at at a break in the throw about that yeah that's. That's I think all that machine in the bank account at a private Twitter to connect on beef and and and and order the Indian as you GAAP I was like you forgot that oh. And and what else you want to Juba. I really was like somebody gets up and I was like it's gonna make money for being an adequate that your instrument and and it was like. I everyone piled on your really badly did you start the gap so I was like I'm gonna go April. And then there would. Final words for their or anybody who may be hearing for the first time any of the speaking digging and indecision now at that they hear this. Words words of wisdom. I'll shout out thank use whatever. On if you're every one lead favorite northwest interval time hole and I know I can do can I do three sure I carried a five. Good enough that's it for knowing I'm Eric but every time I got a tablet only got a so I'd go undertow you know. I serials they okay yeah Alice in Chains yes sound garden yeah. And that this one probably make me very popular. If you're allowed me. And then I went to college and telling him already got an eight to cover undertow and a rumor that yeah and notes that make you pay you listen to Diebler is why again I don't know yeah degrade it CIA and earlier you heard that three hours and Eddie don't talk about that ours is now world man. Smaller yes I loved that they are blessed I'm these workers today and I will hopefully move here. If anyone has let's just get your bar the ski here yeah I guess they got it all over again become a daily cheat on the bars him to get feel. I got Josh well look at you they got up at the a and Uga and you know thank you either someone who would you do an anchor I wrote that feeds on earth the real. Talking music and that so I appreciate and honor patio like my thank you so much for me appears very.