Metal Shop Interviews Trevor Peres (Obituary)

Sunday, May 27th

Kevin and Ian sat down with Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres to talk all things death metal, fishing, BBQ and their upcoming European tour opening for SLAYER! 

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It's metal shop here on the rock on the EI toward both the obituary. Now while we're talking with Trevor the guitarist. For obituary and ideas are on tour right now a skeleton which would gospel and with Paul there. Welcome Seattle. You live logo the skull and good men now he just rolled up to Seattle today. Most important question have you been to any recreational week shops while you're here yet. Not me personally but I'm sure about eight people this tour did go I just waited in the Rabach and I partake. Yet while welcome north was the effort Allen as it. So a couple weeks ago we just are all local episode where we kind of like pay attention to our own local scene in this match. So we're gonna curious to pick your brain like what's what are one or two or couple your favorite like northwest. Or Seattle man living path and alive. Anybody else. Well Jimi Hendrix. What you mean there's probably a big reason why it played and strike pastor to be honest. And obviously likes Al Gordon low and Alice in Chains is probably one of my favorite rental plan that behind us we heard the news on. They'll have his hand BE. Wouldn't try to get to me there's a lot of literal stuff as risks that are almost revealing death metal I mean really there's some do me. Then they put out. I say four letter word that he slipped. But yet. Very good stuff so. Last couple years we've seen you guys a bunch of times site studio seven we saw you up in the U district with midnight and creator and awesome seeing you guys torso much obviously you know you're out on the road a lot what is your like coach you food when you stop. Is there like is they're fast food establishments are restaurant that you you've got to hit. Well yeah I mean it's it's hit or miss and go to war he like award candidate who try to get through Kenya Gannett rooting. Com. I don't know like so much food that I'm not that. Particular clearly like yesterday we played in Portland and as of Fred Meyer across the street and have this great sushi belt thing that we get that every time. Yes the did Taylor. It together make it fresh right or if that we hit that every time you know but. Yeah generally. Party healthy as it's. On the road you know. There all the time yeah I mean look at liberty this is the first two were I've done. A year forever probably that I haven't hit McDonald's which is pretty straight good for you guys. Nobody knows what is like a live and advertising the last few days this. They're due fresh beef apparently. Yeah I'm like I'm kind of curious like to keep you g.s and you. A so and you guys have been on the road now for awhile like up. Weeks since then you. We could to yeah a little bit over two weeks sort of halfway point. Started the second first. So when you finally get to step back and your own house stretch your legs a little bit. What like whoa what are your hobbies man told what you deem to be just rip you go home at the keys like what what do you do we get that. Not much written whatever you know. In we guitarist in my case for awhile ago. While live near the beach it in the bay area of Tampa. So. I'm either at the peer drinking beer fishing to the kids the beach women. I love the beach lifestyle totally into you know what this salt water. Pale for India whatever I mean. A low a low vision you so. Do efficient Berkshire. With you case and now I'm curious being commander of the kind of guy do what you fish for a what's the thing. It's a little nerdy LA go of I'm curious oh in the big old Tampa that area golf rip the Gulf of Mexico today. All I did receive India visit so like certain time of the year yield sufficient red station. A lot of times on the pier you can catch a Spanish mackerel become public schools have come. Swing in my view without. You that I used to lure student and you know opposite times and it's official the beach there's which we call this call Whiting that are really tasty group queen the like. Cokie physical clams. So that meets really sweet and why. Yeah you go to morning like you early in the morning they're like reports that scuttle the and he's a barber and just like you little pieces chuckle shrimp or go out there and wait for movement. Beautiful. Love that image man that were left favorite fish which I don't legal fiction much force you can go out and be with the captain have it yet. And it's called. Red snapper they're they're so tasty meal like I must do Figo fifteen men if you make your few hours. Not her ability if you if it's like he'd have. I've a couple of I like to cook and for the sushi place nearby house and platelet why reinvent the really let them do it goat and a leader that often not enough. My my special deal for cooking like the barbecue smoke yes vote foods. And those things. But. Polk food at a couple days and he'd say pork shoulder and ribs and so you know. I don't agree I actually have my own food drug have a barbecue. Through drugs local board you know political tee. We'll Google achieve those that you have a nickname nickel in them difficulty those famous. Smoker barbecue. You know what to do when you head down to this literally the farthest place from here basically you know Delray. All right so we got to ask you Florida's kind known for crazy news stories whenever we see a news story that is some. Up stuff a lot of times it's. Peace in Florida and what's up man what's up with Florida. What's your crazy view that wolf wolf Florida cape. Not many people are from Florida for the reason because like when I was a kid may be worn. And ten people over for me not even but now it's like it's got to be I don't know maybe O 150 because. Everybody come so beautiful there in so Leo that the winter obviously yet warm year so it's like they're so. A lot of influx of trade he has you know so. You have people attract all the crazy so we will yet every walk of life go down there so you crazy or that their two they do crazy. Oh in the lower. He doesn't put out ten records may has been around for along time but put them and they've put in work for a long time we're kind of periods like where we kids with a play in a new record a lot and we were you know saying the other few records called obituary. Self titled why after all these years that you choose to go self titled mentally. It was funny it wasn't like. It would methodical we basically. We have calls out our look at the titles with a salty it's always name or comes up after titles all atom. We edit these or work we were true we do for the or that we had this peace or that we and is using. For a few years ago we did the vision in the bush album. We. Had Andrea Marshall paint this other piece that same time for possibly maybe dvd justice an idea we have with it is to get a permit. Did save our legal fees or at the same time. It was just kind of sitting there and on the shelf. This piece adult. I think his name is that we look don't think hate the artwork he's that he's the cool look at logo. So that when the you know. Aside now and cup title we were go to this all with him. We go there was logos or name call that. Card every period is that so. Obituary bio obituary. The heavy. Yes it was like is it wasn't so that we like. Well again some super deep mean you know it's kind of as the artwork lately to do. That. And. Are immensely a year onstage. You write the music you're playing with the Victoria all the time what is like the heaviest so preacher like that the obituary hit risk. Like the one that just sets it off what's like the number one I've used the obituary risking your it's a different kind of level that it means like will push slowly obviously the place you were up. Yeah every time images it's more we kicking that after that in truth or what's cakes and hopefully Europe's. But like on this that would do it right now. I do it. The heaviest riff that probably too early this but it's still in Haiti people are like stunned that their views and giving him no Paducah is still talking heavy in incomes that Ph.D.s that's brutal. It's a pretty Europe. You know indicating go get your health insurance. I think you can take care of we always talk and a low one of our favorite questions asked peoples like the light bulb moment you have you know when you're younger maybe Yuri you saw something our record this and that we went and my media in that. Some curious what was the first medal record or record. You can remember buying with your own money. How's the good question. Send you back. It's. Probably. That it. Did you. It was just a mile my first album I ever had whose give it to me was a she she high voltage. There first. Physical record that was in my hand. Probably Iron Maiden. The piece probably will. Maybe. Everybody's got that story and a young kids that are listening now older heads in this and that this is good you know and Mike. Now somebody's gonna go by their record because they like him. Or yeah. All right so obviously we all know the big four of draster got slayer anthrax Metallica meg day. If you were to achieve the big four of death metal what's the big four of death metal. Well. Before he does well I don't know like if Newton has renewed popularity. Bush. I would say like. Celtic frost would be worn for sure. To me this is to me obviously gives viewers some good news period via and I love to death allied I think death should be part of that. News. Yeah. Judge orders it venom that you don't really don't know right having. I'll just a dude is that cells they possess. And I guess I would have to say are bad meaning. The vendors. Artists and what we want to put a bar riverbed and a whole planet version or. It's so so what's with the rest of you're looking like three guys obviously here in the middle of you know hit the road in and one night. What were always is serious about new stuff new music you Jindal your plans are from maybe even going nineteen. Folder after the struggling good or. Your temper Ireland nine gigs in July would do the couple festivals and club dates July through the beginning of August and oh yes I got instead of filing is the first go to interviewed. In November we're going to do a tour in Europe was slayer. Which is sick yeah we're doing. The first leg of their farewell tour in Europe this obituary at the rec limit god slayer. While finally gets it. They're pretty. We'll look at some other stuff will try to hope we get it Pacific side. September October maybe. The net that's pretty much what we're doing right now you know pretty much got your whole year than planned out then you're pretty much yet. While last question we always like to ask so if you could pick a scar on your body tell us where where is on your body if you can show us if you can. It tells the story of the scar I got a good to have is right here. You know or zero it's thought he's right on the reboot it. Right on board had agreed. Roy until the oracle I was and so are the annual wife is from tentacles Austria and Italy it's an island off Leo. And I said. Is the day I got there flu from Tampa. And I've. Was off for like 36 hours in my buddy's house outreach views of budget you buddies of mine in well of course he doesn't. We wrote although Irina definitely it was a 2 in the morning and walk and back us doubled in correct my head on the cobblestone road. Gushan city. Bill rude remember that and I got a yes so yes. Probably I mean I'll veto Lordi blacked out those details of the walking bills sleepwalking and basically in an award mean. Although Dre was Beers it was like I don't wasn't really wreck I think it basically fell asleep and and the road got them walking back to the form it remember all that. Grills in the bathroom with him briefly. Does that it would be it was looking like degrade and split open of law. Who rented that a good stuff gushing and and a we'll go like seven more we'll go boldly. Yeah couldn't and what is it. It. It would go in it to you. Literally areas of view and beat him. Any final words for the northwest audience for you would you go Baraka. Rocked stages or Al Gore's own. Those with a full cobble stone who reported that.