Metal Shop interviews Troy Sanders of Mastodon

Sunday, April 16th

Metal Shop interviews Troy Sanders live in Seattle! We talk about the new Mastodon Record, Emperor Of Sand, his favorite songs to play live and some of his more formative years in metal and punk. According to Troy, he's heading back into the studio with his former grind band, Social Infestation to record a new full length record! He gives some love to the NW, and tells us about his scars. Hit play now!


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It's 99.9 KR USW metal shop tonight's in Seattle chances are well. Is a good chance of a lot of you listening right now went to go see nested on alongside eagle's death metal and Russian circles at the Paramount. If you delayed on buying tickets well I'm sorry but it sold out. The show just got out in right now in studio we have Troy Sanders from NASA on very stoked to have you up here. It's awesome man thinks coming up. What a show. Thank you yeah. You know Seattle's our our second hometown we. We we call it because we recorded two records here so don't feel like commit my other home. This that would dispute summer home or spring home. I don't know personally when Louis season Moran and closes another winter man it's gloomy winters and it was it is Saturday night that's what I do you know he had to. Welcome back welcome back to the city man thanks. I didn't get a chance to do anything cool before the show today walker on the city gets into their I did some laundry. That's the coolest you know people you know what's it like backstage while Tony what it was like today we did laundry. I called home. I you know on the re packed my luggage and organized and assume it's it's it's a lot of fun and that's what you're missing. The luxurious rock star life that yesterday was the we drink goat's blood. But today's more mellow replica of today's just relax chill that Andre Henry pack yesterday was goats blood. As a beverage daytime beverage yeah how how is that. You know if you hold your nose in just chug it it's it's like a political courage Chinese syrup. That it's you know it's good for the throat it's it's soothing throat coat it is it's the young Chinese equivalent of our American T called through coat now and learn it's good stuff I recommend is she ready for this year. It did yes Fossum well congratulations on the release of the new record man. Interesting and it's it's awesome people eleven it so much getting tons of requests your metal shop for it and so you guys just release it a couple couple weeks back what what's what are your favorite songs the playoff that record will last last night was on the tour started in Missoula Montana Ingraham. And as those the first time we played a lot of these songs like for the first time. So that was equally nerve wrecking an exciting at the same time I'd like. Playing them all you know we're always. I think most excited about the precious material which is whatever new album were touring on sure. And we played maybe separate songs off the new record last night and tonight and so it's all kind of very very exciting because it's it's it's a little town and has not been in the wheel house for the past ten years off these other songs we've been playing yet. I'm no second Noob it's like a good breath of fresh freshness and life into them to the set list. I got a question for you men like before we. Askew like. You know we ask what your favorite song is but I got to asking men like our one of our assistance here. Ryan to appear here actually is from Missoula Montana and he was looking at your tour outing any kind of laughed it was like cool why are they starting they're viewed like that is that a joke it was not a joke there's nothing left for bums who is gorgeous and in and the people were so hungry for it last night. It blew us away could ever truly could have thought it couldn't and I imagine a better place to start and started trip that was sold out those are gorgeous theater at the Wilma. And if you've not been through Missoula do yourself a favor and stop through good food nice if people have crispy clean air and it's good times. Yeah he used to have to drive like 4567. Hours if he shows like you say I'm sure those people were very happy very thankful loan guarantee a lot of people drew from from far away to two. To go to -- last night so that's always nice to hear that people care and spend some time and gas money to come see your little rock and all of them pressure her so we're gonna play song temper from the record emperor of sand and does it trickled in drama is there anything you wanna say about this song well I think it's it is track number 90 I can say that OK on the back and he's a song it's. Michael all the songs on the record but it's currently my favorite song and drama it's cut bill guitar or Bill Keller wrote this rift that opens it up and it's just. It's it's brutal and then it goes into a kind of an interesting Pink Floyd is kind of verse where we sing along and I don't know and I'm currently in the Booth with. With baby number nine on the record possibly can numbers we got Choi from master on here like doing a bit of metal shop take over so we're gonna play a song off that new record and be back with them. No choice for mass. So CN here on metal shop and congratulations on the number one record in Seattle right now the VI emperor of sand is like cumin and number one need. That's not so I thought that was a prank or April fool's joke but it's not April first Marie was on March 31 record came out but no it's good stuff Korea we never really expect any any. Any type of you know accolades are high sales are anything once we release a record so any time. Good stuff like that happens it's I think it's very rewarding to the four of us were I feel like we've connected with people and you know whether it's our longtime hard core fans or people that are just catching on now. It's kind of just the ultimate compliment for us when we release something that we're proud of race and it connects people in the supported neither. Streaming or buy it or commercial or whatever so it's. Yeah I mean like how do you guys react to that you guys have like a little mini celebration each can internalize it like you got a lease give each other get a high five man that's really. A hell of an accomplishment there's a lot of high fives and and not in our camp lot of hugs and my father's film. You know Tom I think if you. We we were court and we believe in what we're writing and and then we make the four of us happy with with each rift in the red vocal passage in every song ultimate team ultimately making what we feel is a very solid record. So we're always happy with that when we go to release it but once it's out in the world it's out of our power. We want people to like it we want people love it but we never expect anything like that so yeah you're kind of headed up a piece years old iron to the world you know yeah and at some. So it's display super complimentary when anyone likes the song likes a record her comes to. Two to the shown buys a ticket it just makes us feel great that it's that circle of incredible energy that I feel we're being in band like this is all about. Totally man. Well I mean you guys obviously have not put out a lot of your energy over the years you have seven albums they'll seven point records. But if you had to Whittle it down to one song another all your babies you know out of a little down to one song what's your favorite. To play life just to release that energy and just feel. Live good question. You know I think we have 87 songs so yeah I got a large category hits that's large 27 babies that's a lot of man defeated. And they do with defeat grossly you have to pilot issues all the time. For those out there that have more than eighty children you possess a hundred U everything where he goes. He'll nice to Damascus whom we've converted to the bedroom at the house to just a shoe room science and collection. You'll see on feature pursuit of cribs. It's nice favorite song that's tough. If I guess it would be. A song called an ancient kingdom off of our new record turn. Kind of it to the even though it's hot on the stage in my treatment through the sweaty arms. My hair stands up on my arms and move. It kind of brings will I I I'm a draw tears actually the past couple nights a plane that song so. It moves me so I think that's my favorite song like darkness and and sadness when it's comes from the true place so. Sorry that's the wrong answer anyone wanted to hear it's that we need happiness. No man is metal show. But yeah I mean it's cool you can tell it how genuine that is and I think people really be connected that so I hope so. We're not afraid to write songs that two were re channel our energy and emotions into. To rippling from very reelect experiences in if we're all experiencing dark times we. We feel that's a great authentic place 222 draw inspiration from and put it into our music and music and into earlier X. Political subject matter and ultimately the story line of the concept. So we're not afraid to share this with people were very human progress for guys you know that started abandon and and are still in that and so we're not afraid to to share these. These personal thoughts and stories with with each other around the world because it's very relatable if it does come from a dark dark place. So we're gonna deviate a little bit from the metal shop format for just a few minutes now we ask you guys before you before you came up to a come up with a shortlist of songs to play is a bit of oil like as I said. A metal shop takeover. So got two songs ready go we're gonna play here after a few minutes but death tones and failure what made you wanna choose these two specific and very well let the world. Death tones have been whenever your friends. And her favorite bands for a long long time we've been able to share many stages with them. And and they're just something about them that connects with all of us and abandon. Thousands of other people around the world so we just of the Dow Jones personally and musically. I think that first on a site guys was actually deaf tones Alice in Chains Massa on tour that was an experienced guy you have been that was a big deal for us because those of pills a big Seattle show we yes there. So yeah we that the death tones and failures than when my personal favorites for a long long time. And you know their new record they took a long hiatus since put at a new record last year and work on another new record so. A slew of homage to. Sounds right now but I truly we got Jeff Jones and failure. It's metal shop. Metal shop bank here on the Iraq and how we actually have Troy Sanders from NASA on. In studio who want to ask you about like your formative years. Getting into music. He gets from Atlanta so I want to know about that scene the first stuff like what was that aha moment for you musical wise of what made you decide you wanted to play music. Major foam public. Music as a precise moment when I was maybe thirteen and my older brother Kyle Sanders was in high school and he had a he formed a band. With which with the guys that would become seven dust okay well and my brother went on to play in many many bands he currently is the bass player for hell yeah. Alt and other on a giant world tour right now. But anyway I was thirteen he was like sixteen. And on form has been with these dudes they're grown their hair long and they're wearing tight pants and girl's thing and now yeah with their own and they were playing and only couple originals in there recovering kiss and Cheap Trick. And Aerosmith and l.s like that's what I wanna do yet in my life made giant left hand turn 180 whatever. And I just wanted to follow his footsteps and play bass and be in a band with dudes in trying to grow your long and hang out and you know be on that side of things have girls hanging out with the humidity possible fit but you know that never happened if both like award for it and you know. The music part did. So yeah I just followed my brother's footsteps and he was my first inspiration in he turned me onto to the middle world the iron maidens in the Judas Priest. In my younger brother Daryn Sanders to as part of the mastodon road crew. He turned me on upon crooks who at this at all in the same you know couple years I was getting. My Bad Religion and and Judas Priest like you've come in from both angles my brother awesome. I truly believe that that's kind of where I you know opened my ears to lots of new sounds and and just kept moving forward never looked back. So what those were the first heavy shows you remember seeing that you like intentionally wanted to OC. This would be the and justice for all tour you know and you know my friend's dad dropped to soften the really cool yeah. And that. They were Metallica was on fire and and that whole era and those scary show you know scared that he ten creeping death the diet part extended died. Look around bowels of money with the song so some 161000 children chant died at a Knowles but to be sacrificed her that was murdering who. But to go it's like and that's where I learned to drink goat's blood and learn learn to like it. So that was the first show that you know resident at the every theater in Atlanta and thank but 198090. Something one and have that truly believe anyway that's awesome man. What was Blake going from there I mean that your first show incurred each had just like proceed on this worm hole what was the music scene like in Italy and a when you're grown up where there are a lot of local bands you got to check out yeah Atlanta's got a huge seen huge nightlife and there's. You know tons of clubs stones of venues and you know we used to rehearse at this one facility that a hundred rooms and a half each here every rooms occupied Dana on Tuesday or Wednesday night. You know the parking was insane and that was just at this community of and three. This in one building in the is terrible buildings around towns about just give you an idea of gas how many bands or are. And you know you can go to assure every single night at the we come. Lot of rock and indie rock punk general public just everything across the board said the enemies Eckstein was and still has enormous public many other giant cities around the US. But down you know go to as many shows as possible and it was always a thrill to go to alive then you just. See what's happening again those with the formative years so a hundred he could just walked on the holes that practice facility yeah here. This is your all sorts of sounds and it was like this you know that hurt the rehearsal facility became like a music community within the giants city of Atlanta. So. You know the is that it's growing up in a Lannan and in the music scene there was was very healthy now we're gonna go back we're gonna go back a few years all right well we've talked about the early days. Back twenty years ago in 1995 you were in a grind core band called social infestation Eunice is that without your first base and know those my first grind Corbett and we had a lot of fun we did a lot of you know touring around the southeast we just threw everything in the van and we would play any basement. In the house party any boat shed VHS (%expletive) whatever they like it played about shed yeah. And down the rules and then in 2000 when I found in informed the mastodon thing. Social and the station kind of just dissipated. But down we we left a of a full length record unfinished. A long time ago and we just we've all been in contact this month actually and bird in the past couple weeks and world. Canceling in a time and date later this summer we're all going to be in Atlanta at the same time to finish this record and we're getting the band back together and he's had you get a hold of each other again like what a decade we've still been friends this'll time there so. My friend the drummer Mike. Thompson he went on form have been called wizard and they've been oh just you know weathered it and so. The it's you know we're we're dear friends first and foremost and you know playing growing chorus about his. And as therapeutic and it's fun that so I'm excited to get social justice back the other finesse this finish this record we started long time that's awesome so I guess we'll hear the full full record. Yeah I'm hoping you know some time. Beginning of the New Year's something on this on rare you know. That's fun times. I mean obviously got to take care of the record you guys are working on right now you know yeah but don't write to the people we have a solid you know a year and a half of during ahead of us in the mastodon world and that's that's a great thing but. In other's windows and breaks in between each tour where we go home and you know re familiarize herself with their own dogs and actually already hit the field. And do you find time to do the other musical projects if we choose to do so. All right well here's a song we will only be here in this one on the full is this redemption is only skin deep that's a fun when. You never know. We're gonna we're gonna turn now never now in giants history. Well here is his first current court banned from 1985 this is Troy Sanders featured in social infestation from Atlanta to grind it's metal shop. It's metal shops here. In Seattle. NASA on played east sold out show at Paramount it is our pleasure to have Troy Sanders for macedon. In the studio they are fast they are an awesome band and we're so still dom but along with mass sit on you play into super groups. One being kill or be killed with Greg from Dillinger escape plan enact social fly. You and then he's obviously from supports or as well the original samples or the other being gone is gone with Troy from Queens of the Stone Age in Tony format the drive in. You know it's Pakistan's semi famous friends who are. Talented friends too that's one of the coolest things from the last year so you know you guys get together and things are you come I think it's great to to jam with other people and over the years we've beat you meet a lot of people. In the touring circuit in and especially festivals and whatnot there's a lot of downtime in turn and you meet people you put a face to a musical inspiration and you realize that. This guy's really cool and down to earth and so is this guy and human into the night when you when you say your goodbyes it's those that which is sort of been some time you know that happens dozens and dozens of brighter day so rarely comes to fruition but Tom. Macedon keeps me but extremely busy and it's a really really fortunate thing and I'd love mass amounts if that's my horse you know and them writing into the sunset down. When there's time. If there's a phone feel like an opportunity. Can't be overlooked. When some among musical idols and heroes want to collaborate with me I feel like it's going to be a healthy thing yet to do it makes me a better player better you know band mate and hopefully better songwriters there assist it in and goes on and on all the all the pros. That come along with Jim over the other people. Plus he can do a few things that you wouldn't have been able to do with math and practice I can get it's it's you know like. Many sorts and types of music and you know songs that I perhaps couldn't. Write it with mastodon may be confined to a home with with someone chairman Yeltsin. A truly believe it's a healthy thing to do in Anchorage and in my venues do the same thing which we all do. So it's just worked out great numb. You know intellect and I don't like the words super group just because as we're super and that but I don't understand that's the that that's how you would categorize it group reviewed stupid dudes that you might know from other groups of dudes. But Tom I enjoyed playing with those other bands when I when I can when when time allows but so where you have big fan and that's similar wrestle flies all over Lou Ingraham yeah I mean but early support toros mind blowing still is. And he beat intense DQ sometimes we adamant here for yet and he's great and I just of the downtown that we have these. Noticed just being very grounded in and humble and and you're stories all the time before you meet people like all right guys. Really conceded during his Jerker he's rude he's you know full and so what are and then you meet someone and you just have a lot of one on one time. In a little room for two hours and you walkway like man that's great you know he does feel that. This connection that everyone is just very human in them. I would never wanna collaborate with people I didn't care force people in the first episode and I find a group of people that I enjoy their company. And and they wanna collaborate at the same time I think that's it is incredible so like it's an opportunity I feel like it can't pass up. And I'm just been very lucky to have these other two bands on them on the side. And I just love doing it when time allows how does that work like do you guys each equally bring different rip ideas society like great foundation annually or over the top of letters yeah if woman or do anything outside of Macedonia needs to be similar to the west started. Your are very for spans where you get together with friends that you enjoy their company and you write music that you like and you have fun with it and that's it. You know what happens afterwards is all gravy or whatever. So not fun IE if it's not fun when they open in and very healthy for me as a person. I would not want to leave my house to do that so that's how like you know is it worth me leaving my house and then the first question because I've I don't spread myself too thin. Because like this that Massa takes me around around the country in the world you know many months a year and and that's. You know that's one day that's so I enjoy these other bands and then to answer the question and now I think it's it's just a cool opportunity that can't say no to. Also we got Troy for mastodon in here we're gonna play both gone is gone. And and kill or be killed rat and then will be back with more from Troy medal shot here on the Iraq. Okay. And okay. Is an. Review. Right here with Troy Sanders from macedon thank you again for coming in to take the time documents thanks you know it's late it's past my bedtime yes that's gonna get tuck you in that ring and we got another show tomorrow thanks so there where he gets that and we won't to a place called Portland organize her genuineness with. I. I don't panel not support this week that's brown contractually audit Buick and contractually bound to arrive their tomorrow. So we await you do you when you is do you get off the road here I know you guys just started to reform not. Trying to tease you with thoughts of home but what do you like to do an all male what do what does Troy Sanders do like what's going to be one of the first things you do when he walked back in front or re familiarize myself my own toilet. Yet in Africa Asia and yet you know the idea being on tour the first adventure of the day is twelve people getting off the bus and trying to find where the toy that is. So that's CB in in America entertaining and knocking paid to say this but I do appreciate it Starbucks bathroom nail you can always lock it. Friday yeah. It's nice if you're there and you know if I ever finder you can't find storm agenda item but never heard of him as a New York once in a confined camp anywhere so well in the what service I don't know I don't know hmmm I'm from the East Coast at. So I'd like to know. First of all like to you can tell how long you've been gone when you come home and my dog that barks at me or comes in the swing your way. So we've learned to try to cap to resolve our own 32 days perfect the 35 plus days your dog is going to forget what you guys in the dozer those. Yes and so the forcing dozer and about four and a half weeks. Excellent and I look forward to visiting my own toilet and one half weeks becoming re acquainted yet some ultimately things that'll do. Also has no life Julia and elegant and you know after licked the dog in and hit hit a toilet so. Salem fan hey guys let's. Around well low if you could pick a scar on your body until as the story of how you got that scar. And show us if you don't have to take up Tammy. Or if you do. I the I've got to got a little tiny dot on my belly. From having chicken pox as a child and those things if those that have ever had to remember that the itch beyond what a what it's good. Yeah definition definition of each time 2000 is 12 can park in your. Copper and you gotta so mean on my parents like him don't be temple's matchup like that's. Can't that's wrong domains so I pitched one and fell off and final score improvement in the tool but it looks like I got shot with a BB. Okay but that's the extent of my neighbors brutal so guarded six Hillary you accurate records about what's goers on and proud and show me how they've changed you know where my scores from. So on and so yeah that's not I am not a very enthusiastic she's going to. But so wanna write songs about scars on a separate talks about other people's cars a scar your psyche yet. All right so what we are nose put you on the spot right now a top three movies of all time. Strange brew Oca airplane while. Ace. This is Rick Moran yes. In the first Muppets movie. OK I prefer comedy in a coma comedy a go to on the screen a little documentary second but my go to coming in and out of all three of those which one had he seen the most. Airplane and reclaimed their clean ones are thing on our appeal Leslie Nielsen media pressure. Don't don't call me surely. See OK now we got we got an interest seeing would you rather hear just try to spice things up of pressure now track record minor on this program if you had to do you. In one of these he has. Had to absolutely so would you rather be punched in the face five times by UFC fighter or thrown from a moving vehicle full speed on the freeway. Hum I would be thrown from a vehicle because a prize fighters in UFC fighters. Are extremely strong and their barbaric and they're the animals and I I don't. It's it's fascinating to watch I really don't understand. That mentality but I've seen enough fights where I would not want to be punched. You know half speed once that much less multiple concussions five times that we're talking five punches that's broken nose to broken cheeks broken jaw and probably brain hemorrhage so absolutely not. Choice day. Toss me from the moving via dignitaries there. Just tuck and roll you. It is those scars or dispute your shoulders and backs in your book talks and they would heal you know yeah it's true cost of Troy thank you again so much for coming in and good luck on the rest your tour. Do you have any final words for the northwest audiences for it together well Obama's is not to be in our second home macedon considers similar second home we recorded. Device in here. And we recorded blood mountain to and then to. You know six or eight months of our lives living at the motel six extended stay delay in reporting here and got to make a lot of friends here and there's a lot of restaurants and seal the sites. So we truly love CO that's awesome Adam would be bad. Brian Campbell will go into a song it's something you don't wanna have happened to you mother puncher. Up beef NASA on record re mission going all the way back. Again macedon check out their new record emperor of sand and support the band support heading music it's metal shop on the rock.