Metal Shop Interviews Voidthrone

Sunday, May 13th

Voidthrone joined us in studio for the all local episode of Metal Shop ! 


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We are back here on metal shop Z all local episode. In this band is also playing Wednesday's sixteenth. At L core zone with a tear con go to war in Vienna we already had in studio tonight in Quinn not they just released her a four song EP last week he can pick it up. It's available for stream it's available for purchase country can buy it after show today guys got hit the shelf you'd be sitting here oh boy thrown what's going on guys I felt. Yeah unfortunately we don't have a physical copy of via a photo opt out simply get a tattoo on people's foreheads and the download link ya. Yes yes absolutely yeah and I know I'm from the color guys one introduce yourself until we know from around the room and yes or your name weighted common average Jennifer wolf. And I do the vocal through your credit. I'm Ron and lead guitarist with two fellow run. Contention. I'm Austin nicely defined stream base hit off is like are you done yet you can attack attack. And I'm Josh but that's dropped. Now some some. Experience also were missing Mac board who's the other deter potential shock to him what's that guy doing. To work and yeah died could. That's a lot of them right after the I don't run and the all right so I we'll. In the mean when we were talking before you guys jumped on. You you mentioned you guys are from a couple of different areas here how did you guys get together like how did you meet how do you get the band together like put it on magic happened on Craig's list really crazy and actually that's awesome. They're afraid that Craig's list success story looking for primitive to commit to invoke it is still. So how did that work you put the add up. How many people did you have to go through and handsome guy cut here. Well. Originally it was Josh and myself we met up and he had brought his drums over to the the house we sum up we got to practice your terrible. Down and everybody you look at crumbs over then after a few months you start looking for other. Other guys to the joint apparent I'm guessing terrible comparison. One of the debates cleared before Austin scratched. My wife's car Paul when I. He was an Hoover drivers T yeah. The benefit smoke. The I'm expects agenda is the only guy who didn't finest. Regardless of his FaceBook we. But it worked all right oh yeah I actually loses loses funders so Darryl singer he had moved to California a guy so he's actually flying up. For this show. As you do get out of it's going to be about as an entity like not. So and hand off of torch basically collaboration tools drags him that's cool man so this EP it's the new one it's called. Heard it's forced songs it's in EP but there's a lot of intense stuff going on here is very chaotic. How long did you guys spend working on this record. Give us a little insight about what about who were younger I tell us about it. And I think the that the writing imply it took place horror a little over a year yeah a little over a year we wrote Richardson communion which is the fourth song on the album my. Was like a year ago I think. Yeah and without the lyrics actually I was when I mean up yet again yet we put some time in and I think the songs just kind of cruise. Came naturally. Yeah I think a lot of times of the style music it's like one or two guys exits the room alone race and like right wrist and then like bring him to the exam to. And like I can be more efficient and honest on most our stuff. We've Roche from jamming night as the use half the stuff the fact that you're gonna. Play a lot of bad riffs on that and think before you come across. The water to your alike plans more organic failure leads yes and oh yes that's way more fun to via its slump organic. When Moran in years a cohesive unit. I also don't think so so we're gonna play the title track from the record it's called Kurt and do you have anything you wanna say about the song before we go right into so Kerr is a as far as I remember Babylonian. Version of hell that's our readers are crazy I like it I wrote the lyrics. I'm on the behest of the band are trying to free guys were okay and then it was I was trying to bring forth from. A little little mental health issue but I had a couple of years ago or three years ago and they get through the that's cool I appreciate Dahlia seriously do so let's just jump into the song give people an idea of what you're coming from and then let's come back and talk you again here it's. Are as care for he's grown yet voids there on the band Kurt and that that's a song on the album is Carty concede in this Wednesday. Was it here Congo born in an op will be back with more from what thrown its metal shop on the right. Medal shot here were back would void drone. Congratulations man for hitting the secure con go a horse show there I think that shows going to be packed. I think you guys are gonna be doing really well there's going to be a lot of people there early. We highly encourage everybody to get downhill course on its may sixteen yep this Wednesday had no core zone and if you don't have a ticking yet these guys have ticket at. What Alex tell us so well where where they were instruments network and we do think it's funny guys yet with a look that that is upon FaceBook and one of us probably me is going to deliver tickets through your directly seeing the nervous with a smile doesn't like 82 and into the cavity yet I want to stress that restart seven with. Sure we'll get there act back yet there. Okay that's so there we kinda wanna ask you guys a little bit and we would we've been trying to do this with most of the bands. That we've been talking to just get a feel from where you're coming from what what was a light bulb moment for you I know mine I know Kevin knows his. What was that moment where you heard a certain song or band medal hopefully fences and no job. What got you and that's what media wanted to hit man. I used to play bass originally thought I heard my name is mud. My listening Helena fire that I was like. What is that I've gone out of his base and I wanted to play it for me I grew up in the area of new metal crap hey man and I know shame basically get high and played drums too like steep the death tones coming some were just fine how okayed for Ella. I then. Was high again and night came across the simple turn of video yet and desperate cry boo that's and I said. So you can do that so that's win like. I starting gun down the rabbit hole and I sell now target and has a live video tease of the energy is out of school. I started playing bass is in jazz and blues bands have grown up in south Saigon in the middle relatively recently. And it really kind of came down when I was working this residential custodial assistant job. The summer and college senior editor. And they're just a path. I was definitely get this there's a lot of similarities between this and and you know scrubbing down a toilet. Coca Annan. I remember I really all kind of came down when I was I was dusting as testing this this room. And I put some prowess on. And there's I don't know there's just something about like dusting and paralysis you know little particles just like flying up floating through this on my it and that's stupid just didn't mesothelioma you know I know we do yeah yeah I had I I really don't have to counteract keep going in that. Bizarre direction telling ya don't guard that really. I really different is the atrocity Aaliyah and what about you man Telus is after me the inspiration for sing. Name or at least are my favorite singing style comes from. John morrow from. Iron monkey. While we oh that's great from the song Weber if this wonderful wonderful wonderful to class yeah. Parts of that camel corps. I think sentenced to burn was one of the few videos but it initially watched when I was getting into metal but it where I was like and this is not the zoo saying I love it I I didn't I hate it love it. And I need to be part of it. Yeah this school they. I like this I like this group of other individuals and I like my two men who are they brought us all kinds of nice treats men listened carrying they brought us some awesome we're going to have to go burn one how we're on a sugar high and I and I and avoid thrown again playing this Wednesday it was satirical and go for equinox Intel Core zone they have tickets for sale they have a new record out it's called -- you can check it out online on being camps Spotify can stream it all that good stuff. Please purchase it from the bin support them for so he needs they're playing easier. This Wednesday may sixteenth Goodell cores on the almighty sits here Condo board can go quarter. And clean Quinn knock check it out at all core zone and support this ban by your tickets through avoid thrown. Here's another song the final one is called Santa as an epic Epoch peacock what he has policy about song with. It's fast take isn't there and it's a good song. I got a little Ernie I speak for itself if it like they're OK ish in my metal shop.