Metal Shop Interviews Wormwitch

Sunday, October 15th

Wormwitch will be coming to town on November 1st with The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Exhumed and Decrepit Birth. Not bad for a second tour ever! Check out our interview with the band and go see them live at Studio Seven ! 


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It's not a point nine KI SW metal shop here on the rocky and Dow right now on the phone we have a bit and but the name of worm which this is Robin from worm which they are from Vancouver BC our Brothers to the north. If a new album called strike mortal coil. And I came out last may and they are coming to town studio seven on November 1 with one of the sickest lineups. Black Dahlia murder suffocation exhumed decrepit birth and the SP and worm which Robin how you doing man. I'm doing well every absolutely where are you right now. I'm in Lancaster. Wear whatever they then I thought. Must not be memorable. No I mean it's it's gorgeous our old building that it's cool I didn't like what from the West Coast so it. I know you've got a little bit different art architecture goes to dispute published. I don't. Our rob at what got you personally into extreme music thinking about like back to your formative years. I don't remember like any defining moment. It was just kind of always is when I was like 80 late yellow accurate. How music is hard rock I don't know I guess I just I always glad I've only your member. Sometime around probably like thirteen that. Like an older cousin of mine gave me a playlist does. And less like extreme locals OK now my. First time experience Madd but from now on it was just sort of I don't deny any remember brought and it was. Something weird. Yeah. Right on man almost made some sort of an impression on. So with the with the new record I've noticed there's a fair amount of shot her blending you guys coming tend. Go toward a different styles of death metal through a couple different shades of black metal and there's there's a little bit of other things thrown in there as well. I'll wash to me a little bit about what dance have kind of influenced you. The water I was kind of mostly in Q2 a lot of like crust are good spot most Utley what reason dark Sharon's stop signs. This year and wolf agree brigade in all the kind of fans sure yeah there's a lot of lacrosse he beat Scotland on the record and then Colby used. What's more and got Matalin and why don't you kind of got me into a lot of that stuff when we started playing in bands together. So I don't know like. Our fans go there's a lot of dart thrown into a tussle on. Talk okay. Creepy and yeah I know it that's monitors shares are micro dose. Like Oleg European now specifically like you know in June dismember. Some like also comedians and things like that. Coleman and so what kind of taken some influence over in Europe have you guys played over in Europe yet. We had not Noah. But it all their second tour right now cool. So I know Europe is definitely on. On in our site shall we wanna do before we do our next record I assure that we can do. Let's come out sweet and pretty hard second Tor with black audience suffocation that's. Some head unit should. Yeah I can unrealized I'd rather have actually processed up this spyware might not what your its sides it's been crazy. What's that like touring with those bands. It started off like really overwhelming like shroud. Him going from like playing probably community hall and basement shows than partisan conflict we show the first venue and it's like there's people. Commanding. Document like actual rules and potentially. I don't know if she'd been great you'd like to bet harsher than just getting them hang out lists all the other grand specifically background like those there are also unknown yeah. And man they got authentication are just like the nice is cute right away Leo about them and we guitar with I'm not so learned a lot of stops. It's it's cool man. Austin and Brad on rob watch it tells a little bit about the big Cooper metal scene I mean there's been so many could be is coming from up there right now and every time Michael up I'm just blown away by all the local talent. Jeb any idea what's going on out there is there something that you guys are doing differently. Middle there's definitely a lot of like different sounds coming from Vancouver I'm kind of you to do seem to be quite honest with you guys I played a lot of punk band for a but I don't think there's anything really that just literally small place on the kind of know each other whom. There's only a few different Catholics seem to revolve around different promoters and our solar different just promotion groups and bail I know each other and occasionally intermingle and yeah I don't know why it is. I guess just because because it is small there is. Last the same bad how militancy you don't get that kind of I don't call each other kind of thing it will stop their own town actually Greg actually. The hard political equality in our rooms really nice. Run on Manuel again. We are on the phone with rob and he is in the band called war on wage and they're gonna become its counseling studio seven on November 1 with black Dolly murder suffocation exhumed decrepit birth. And net cry again thank you so much we look forward to seeing worm which studio seven on November 1. In a good look on warm and CC OK and I think you meant by. Once again that was Robin from worm which if you wanna go see that band Ryan told what to do go to the website KI SW dot com. Click the contest button and click on Ted Indians ugly mugs and you can be going to show for free it's black Dahlia murder suffocation. Exhumed decrepit berth in the band. You're about to hear worm which. It is going to be going down November 1 at studio seven going to be killer show probably sellout you can get great tickets. By going to KI SW dot com here's worm which on metal shop.