Metal Shop Interviews XOTH

Saturday, December 2nd

We had badass Seattle metal band XOTH in studio to talk all about the upcoming 2 day metal fest HAIL SANTA 8 (December 15th and 16th at the Highline) and play a couple songs. Check it out! 


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It's metal shop and in studio right now rounds you know of an interview with stock. What's up guys. Here are rule. We had these guys in a couple weeks back at them. Technical difficult but it's okay we have a brand new studio and it is bound to happen but it's cool to have you guys up here we're talking about heels in to eat. It is it is the Christmas season and that means it is Gil Santa season. So this is eat your heels into Tyler a year like one of the main guys behind you'll see it I think. Does your project right. Yeah that is the case brainchild that's crazy man eight years do Deng congratulations first off. Thank you my we've seen like we've had friends that have posted festivals like greens best and stuff like that we see how much. Hair these dudes pull out you know try to book offense though. We know it's not easy to thank you on behalf of you know the metal community and one. Through the gut is that they feared yeah people out there is enough. So like Beckett look Philip Carlo let's let's talk about health center number eight going at the highland I believe December 15 and six. Yet ready today it's Friday December 15 in Saturday December 16 just just about a week and a half away from Christmas. At the high line. On Capitol Hill killer toil and over venue. In this is going to be two days of metal amid over the line up real quick here which they've been. You accused AT team hammer doubles of lewd and possibly and oxygen destroyer phobia off from Southern California. The soft. Who's in studio with us tonight vitriol from Portland. The great sorcerer nods for chapter and invent them I think I read all of those those pretty who have. Among those correctly there. Awesome so Tyler. How quick at what point in the year do you start planning for Gil Santa like how long have you been looking this out summertime like. If it should be about July this year was about September but I'll. Two. In six months is he so what's the first deputies they're sending out emails going yellow we got this festival. Come player gad damn shell. I cannot think about bands you wanna play. You know potential headliners. Local support you know people you know then you. Deserved have a good spot on you think over your crowd you plan ahead then you start sending out emails and trying to put together. So I noticed it's kinda diverse I mean you have everything from like darling crank or phobia. Vitriolic it's like steeper death metal stop he got something like the accused which is like thrash crossover. Which TV old school sound and stuff do you try to did you keep in consideration like trying to keep a diverse or is it just like what you wanna book. I mean yes stuff. We like now like acumen a diverse community interest thing others. Lots of cool kinda different these chickens or everybody in we also got since the great sorcerer's. Since Brockman and orders those for Tampa cool instrumental Prague rocks of it's cool mix it up and especially if you have a lot of bands and keeping gates and sort of you know. Million black Miller death moments. Yeah accidentally. And so if I'm correct what it was the Josephine right. Was the the inception of hill saying is that we're the first ones went down. Yet first to marina and in the first one in the third fourth and fifth warm weather Arnold was at the more actually OK now aren't aren't. To both of those things hits him. So oh and by the way what's a bad idea and it. He RA who at some Jeremy. I don't dance are we were terrible it introductions is that we have sought in studio right now health and aid coming up Friday December 5 but at least it's working audio wise yes exactly. So also would you want to mention that we're given what we are yes absolute. Lee if you're listening right now you don't have to call us to go to KI SW dot com we made it easy for you don't even have to do engage in a conversation you could sit down there with your bombing your hand in just. Vibe out and go to KI SW dot com click on contests. I have to do was enter your email and you can be entered to win tickets to go see Hale's here to aid again it's Friday December 15 and Saturday December 16. We got a list of all the bands playing we're talking about it right now so what are the bands though is sought an in studio and Ridley points and songs from and if. You minutes London very old and also since we are giving away tickets we also encourage you go buy tickets that that's the that's the reason we have these guys in here. Where where do we find tickets. The hill said a number eight. I don't know if I think that's. No I'm. I think they're available on ticket flyer you go to the highland website and over the counter and link you to the ticket my website to just show up. Yeah that is that if judge a lot of debate today. I want to Seattle's on the. So on the flyer is some incredible artwork it looks like the storm troopers of debt or the Iron Maiden classic cover. From the number of the beast but it looks it's it's it's. With some some Iron Maiden ask stuff who does these these flyers who was the person who who pens please. The guy that does all the are who's done it every single year I should mention home is air Duffy and both of gore medal art. An awesome. He's done he did. Hoss felt her four rings off cover our invasion 10-Q cover. A couple of things. Is this Santa holding it and to cube here on the on the cover here's that is that the Q full of soldiers that just a cramp his style box full of dead kittens and at that. I it's I got lucky does hide it. Interest and eaten yet I think what this thing here coming out of his nether regions start the rector. With them to blue monster crowd liked it better a lot of detail that is that is so cool. Phil as brutal as hell to put things off and come back and talk a little bit more yet man this is. This is the anti dole losing in annihilation wanted to and introduce it because you guys too much better job and actually explaining. One of a crazy crazy feeds your songs are our I Tyler let's do the real deal. Disarm them out lost eighteen civilizations. And there horrible cataclysmic endings can help you open guy to about their true history. MP DTV and Asia and in. It's medal shot here on the rock. Welcome back to this yeah in the TV and we're here in studio with us off. I Jeremy Tyler and then from the band Woody's not here tonight those without him. Where he might be the wake freeway it would be Ross freeware what he drops. And congratulations on number your number eight of hill Santa. We know that's not easy to complete especially with all of the hard work that goes into it booking all the bands and all the shenanigans. Lots of them thought to eggnog and that made him so to speak. Go down December 15 and sixteen at a highland on Capitol Hill and Ellis talk a little bit about the holidays man it's metal shop we got her own twist on the season I suppose you would. He says the my question for you guys what's the coolest gift you've ever given for Christmas with the coolest gift you've ever personally given the money. Again something maybe like its way when you are theaters or something like being able to hang with grandparents and some like that. Yeah and thought 06 they are. Yes. Italian that's a crucial one. A massage every month for the entire year or isn't serious that it can you point out that. What I tip that caused by Jeanne you may get an idea thanks dad. Law. That's about the only man that we like a metal shop like gift list who wish list that would be at the top. That's genius we like massage envy or something you get hooked up well enough alone oh this idea massage every. I'm just saying you know sometimes like people don't wanna do it themselves to would you get like a little. Handwritten. This coupon is good for my girlfriend and I have a friend who was a bloated worker and she. She works with all professional snowboarders and she's just want what she does and yeah I'm ago from Tiffany hooked it up and I was probably the most relaxed in the and it's also does but an amazing. Be mr. presently you the most actively physically like where hard work well that allegedly this car. A tie them like a couple days before after a show and his spot on it's. Ma am him. Best Christmas gift Zelda a mockery asks the withdraw at fourteen at the time I don't think I left my parents' basement ever since then and such a good teams might listen up there's so much they. It was the huge GI Joseph fortress that I was given one year and I remembered like. It's the weirdest reaction my mom tells me all the time that I Disco how did you get much of pot and hope she's like it's a good job Santa sanity to this its patents and I'm right. How does the elves builds snake guys and yeah it was awesome until. You know I totally frustrated. It's okay those GI Joseph wars the rebellious years we have set on fire and lighted cigarette out later something Dahlia. So we actually have our own metal shop tradition in here in it is death metal December because not everyone gets into the holiday spirit so we like to celebrate. By paying homage to one of the most brutal styles of music death metal whether it's classic or the bands that you know kind of foot push the genre forward. What are your favorite death metal bands may name a few maybe some that got you into death metal aura of something you think people should be aware the F Acker cock. Yes good stuff to get one of my neighbor. Morbid Angel was the start for me. All right. Yeah now we're about to play some new morbid Angel tonight absolutely. So bring up religion like oh my favorite the price be some vacation dying fetus carcasses all of all of which are still active is still still go and he did with the justification to record this year it was camp this year thing with fetus. We get to see suffocation with Franca he was back on vocal suffer rare opportunity to see them that it's Houston a few weeks in a surprise to act. But I had death metal December well what was like the first death metal record you remember gaining gallery of suicide. Corpse Ilia. It's morbid Angel domination. I traded anti flag T shirt for a camel corps the bleeding that's a good trade as a solidarity. I think and who was The Who has it who you traded to what. This facility is stunk rocker Mike with the junior highway at. And and he was just in an opponent knows just giving him the theater speakers like this let's lock into that. That's that rules are it's a healthy in the coming up December 15 and sixteenth. At the highland go to highland Seattle dot com to check it out what are some of the bands that you guys are most hyped. To see yourselves after booking the show and being a part of it. This year for health cent to eight there's some options man roster to up. Yeah there are way different from the other bands but I think everybody is gonna really like it and it's going to be a surprise for sure amazingly talented players TC diversity. What he buy you guys off. Doesn't look into the seas off. Yeah I. Guy. Vitriol pretty stoked on the you know there are some. The accused India and feed them and our viewer to see which even. Great source for the good Evan new electronic band on the show try some new. Yeah everybody basically ya brown. So go to highland Seattle Ben sorry guys I'm down I'm down for phobia Ilya the homeboy Brusett or lowered clothing dot com. Will be plants and a bogey and just if you believe what we get into some soft one more song by soft and the new here from most in just a few minutes is invasion of the ten to Q would you like to introduce this one as well yep very Tyler Amman he's in Rhode. Bring it bring it earlier. Aren't we need it 110%. We need. Testifying on to say who pool at a world. This next that are in the title track from our. Full length album it's a bit TNT it's about Cuba with tentacles that rips through space and time to feast on not only your soul. But most likely your pubic hairs well. Invasion. That can think he knew he had at. There it is not on metal shop. Another sound bites off your arm metal shop these deeds are in studio now and they're going to be playing. That it's actually going to be Saturday December 16 the second day of Gil Santa but you. To get your ass to high line for the fifteenth and the sixteenth. To see a ton of awesome bands you can actually go to KI SW dot com click on contests. You can enter to win tickets to go see Haile since eight and again that's which even accused AT. Demon hammer devil's food and oxygen destroyer. Vitriol is up phobia. The great source her now protect and in venom they get a ball. I got to the bottom off us and so that's a good gift for your sweetie indeed a barrier that actually be a killer stocking stuffer but. You've got to give them before Christmas. Yeah and you're like hey we winning tickets to a show that are inactive. So. And Jeremy Tyler thank you guys again for coming up and you know all of us thank you guys for a attempt number. Dulles and this. So we just wanted to shout that out one more time over highland Seattle dot com get tickets show up to the highland the data show. They'll have they'll hook you up to get this week begins in inches and buyers opt seizure and by Eric because it's. Free and awesome yes those gentlemen thanks again got a final words for. The northwestern thing you wanted to say about health and before you jump in some way though the vote a yes vote yes. Be there are being. I they've been doing lots of hard work and we know and yeah come on down hills and a well it's. Come see the sights the sounds there's going to be a decorations. Anagram came McCain and the unions. You know upside down Christmas trees. Christmas trees like it's. These opt single come announces two who gave got hooked us up with that when it counts. Gentlemen thanks again we appreciate all you guys do for the scene for your band is happening awesome so thanks again you two guys. So oil Santa eight again December 15 sixteenth. We're gonna play Tucson quite soft they're gonna be headlining the second day Saturday December 16. We got damaged in court slayer from Orange County. It's phobia on metal shop.