Metal Shop Interviews Year Of The Cobra

Sunday, July 22nd

Year Of The Cobra is one of the best bands from this area and they have been spreading the Northwest heaviness throughout the world, touring hard and rocking out harder. It was great to have Jon and Amy back in the studio to talk shop. 

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99.9 KI SW metal shop in studio right now we have John and Amy have power do well a two piece of thunder from the northwest Europe the cobra welcomed a metal shop. You guys have been. You are no strangers to KI SW you've been up on the wild local couple times and just me. We're graduating to the big show Iran and mother after the metal shop yeah. Welcome to the show guys in France thinks that the hell yes the guys have a huge show coming up Friday July 27 at the fun house. It is 88 tore kick off with which ripper had X rays and the dead drones. I feel like this is just like your perpetually playing his record or these tore kick our shows is always on tour. Do you guys just hate Seattle he wanted to how latter or latter day fifth analyst and now we love Seattle and we just like to stay busy being on the road to super fund then it's treated us well we say yes the tumors and make it happen but that's the thing is is twenty teeny seems like. You know we're only seven months indeed guys have done a hell of a lot of torrent. What are all the places you've played in this past year coming in this event are that we just came back from a European tour re ranking the ten country. I hated it when he lives there and when he's six days. Who's nonstop it was nonstop it was incredible. So what are the reactions you guys stay out over there I mean what are some of the countries that are like highlights some of the of the towns and countries and Asahi has played some some cool festivals yet Europe treat this really well shows there really well tended everyone is super hospitable it's incredible every time we come back from Europe like we gotta get back and can we get back and minority talking about when he nineteen European tour so that's kind of in the works strange. Now I was a bit talking with you guys as he goes shows out all the time and it's not just you orders. Shows you guys are you know very very you know very positive indeed I support the scene I see guys out and a lot of shows we were talking recently. About a show that I saw you post about it and it seemed like it would be. Such a random location it seemed like it was out in the countryside in the middle of nowhere in Czech Republic by your mentioning house one of the coolest experiences or can kind of talk a little bit about this. Yeah it was just. Out in the country so we're drive into this place and it's his beautiful Rolling Hills and regale as gorgeous looking further and further removed from Townsend we're kind of look now it's really going where where Elaine going. And we finally put this cute little town. There's only mean the population is like 2500. Cuts Lebanese yeah beautiful MEI had. Building facades that are man made in the fifteenth century wow this incredible like untouched. Yes we're driving around we couldn't find a venue so we pulled over and hard and there's this do with a backpack on. Any stops and their tunes band called oak music but he does this token you guys Turin are like yes. He didn't he said how many miles an ID NN drizzly day 200 kilometers that he walked. To get to this show. And like we all ought to allow my best syndication yeah. Here is it like you then you know he has done little to there to keep current burn up ten minutes and I didn't and I did. And I mean think about. Lee was in the middle of nowhere it was like in this field. And it was just as one building and we are we're sitting on the neck of gonna come here. You know in the middle of nowhere in the Czech Republic in downtown clubs look beneath a and I have to hunt for download the place is packed I mean just people came out of the woodwork and they attack it was we was president of. And show a we loaded and loaded in all of our gear put up merge you know it's us the sound dude and the people were in the venue like packets to be one of those. And then all of sudden you start seeing people walk toward like Benny Hill the street yet incredible it was like trip do you play the risks an outcome and I think that's. They. And that's so awesome that say get he's gonna play again and you think how would let them back it was that I mean it that that's what your religious experience among the power of the wrist compels them. I'm kind of all of Europe that happens and eating in my ear and Germany's I yeah hole and it was really amazing we drink some really good vodka and tonight I am having an yeah yeah. Absolutely. But again Friday July 27 of the fun house of the year of the Covert or kick off with which ripper. X rays ended did drones we're gonna play a couple we're gonna play some hear from you and then we're gonna come back and talk about some mock. Some new goings on with abandoned record deal and a production deal and all that cool stuff so oh. I will be back this is you're the color. That's here on metal shop we like you're the cobra one of the my favorite. Local bands by you know why. When aka call local B and we're just Connell column I hate DB and because I feel like there's a stigma when it's it will be in there shouldn't be. But when I sit local bin a lot of people that OK there just a local band but you guys or all over you guys have toward Europe. And you guys are just sonic week in scene just just when when you see two peas people might not get the whole picture of just like how. Insane you guys you have your youth drama and the bees but. It's so much you have to experience SP and live in and to say in that because you had the chance to a metal shop because it's Friday. July 27 at the farmhouse it is detour kickoff show set them off. In fashion with which ripper X rays the dead rounds solid lineup in Europe cobra headlining. I'm Pippen halide his dad I'm really enhance our gas main guys that. Put most recently I think it was like last week you guys just signed a new deal with the label called prophesy productions. There of done a lot of really cool records over in Europe and now they are expanding to the US and stuff here so only a little bit about how. This got going and. Maybe there's a little bit of a story about it. Yes I'm the owner of the label he was that cycle last Vegas last year costs around he told us the story after the fact but his whole goal with going to Psycho. He was gonna see every single band on the bill why how which is a three day festival. The task that's attend because there's that three stages oh yeah he is a lot of you know overlapping band yeah. And he obviously saw us and down you know. When he got to our set is like I didn't leave I couldn't be if you're show he's like I had to miss two in advance because it was silly and you guys. So he's like I got home in us thinking about it might have to sign that ban I have to sign that Dan and maybe that's glasses again even Clinton profile. And so now he's based on LA is based on LA that's. There's been a German label for over twenty years come a stronghold over there and he just. Recently wanted to expand his roster and kind of break into the US market a bit so he opened offices in the US and Weaver the first band signed. That's awesome yeah. Really cool that's our military gets can be doing vinyl with than this at all in line. That's rat there releases are beautiful memories yes in beautiful. There it is I never seen I've never seen anything like it honestly. Well that's cool because you guys have said some really cool stuff. I mean even like that little cassette tape you guys gave me through as TB render at. Just some cool stuff that you guys have done and I feel like you guys will be able to fully realize it on a label that will kind of give you. Full control it's it's nice and Jack in the note is signed on to do that the new record too so yeah let's talk about this selling new record. You just did it one last year called burn your Democrats say them and die a year before that you get a record as well and now you're going to be doing one. In its gonna meet when he team between 1990. At least when in nineteen where writing it now. Awesome and we kind of take the year off. In fact I I know I don't think I. Now know that was a lot of Torre can't aliens really going to be what that's awesome I'm looking forward to working with Jack and you know he's a Seattle institution. I got to ask you guys an embarrassing question it could be embarrassing it could also triumphed on arts more than nine. Just. Well pig I've been asking lately a lot of people just trying to get your roots. And to a couple people it's been embarrassing I asked guys from San writer. What their first CD they ever boxer first tape ever buy and they said Vanilla Ice. I don't know it's awesome and we get a little bit of Vanilla Ice wrapping so I got to ask you guys now after the first piece of music that you purchase on your own in this could be. Anything any kind of media but it's got to be something you bot on your own not some pass down buyer cooler older brother. Given few bio mom given to you by a friend it's got to be something you actually went out and purchase on your own tape cassette. Record. CD whatever what is your first piece of music you actually bought under John was. Start with the I buy Beastie Boys licensed to ill on I guess OK now I'm an older Brothers kind of exposed. A lot of different music and I Zander oh yeah now's the one you can still laugh and admitted being in. Like the good record kindergarten and then put it on my resume in my lip syncing from the year and expect and you got your first I think compared he had some possible. Yeah hell no and I. And yeah that little lake. Was it a CD or Von and it sent a consent well you know those little like. Toys 'R' Us little cassette player yeah. Mine is doing it now face an engine from that's solid so it was out of vinyl are tighter on vinyl vinyl yeah I still have that thought Philadelphia but that was keeping my idol it was like it is booting read a pick I absolutely are you kidding me she's incredible and I mean she is she is certainly being. Make my biggest influence I love her as you he would have. That's awesome I will admit them and their scenes later down the line did die Bobby Brown's. I bet you're glad I did you expect not gonna prerogative that. And yet. But anyways we it's your thing for an eye on its ear the cobra here on metal shop and. Again they are kind of be playing the Friday July 27 at the farmhouse. It's going to be their tore kick off show without three other heavy hitters here from the northwest which ripper X rays and the dead grounds is there anything you guys wanna say before we jumping into. Vision of three from your last full length record. No I just wanna think metal shop you guys well yeah. Al Gore's own fun house. Replaying it three of our favorite local bands with which ripper X rays bedrooms. Well good luck going studio objecting to you know keep us updated on all that good look on its war in double talk to you soon get those new songs backing out. We'll be has supplemental again. They did have a good northwest summer.