Metal Shop’s Backstage Pass – Episode 130: Segue-Alicious

Tuesday, July 23rd

Welcome back to the backstage

Here’s what we chat about on this episode

- Ryan’s band Pound is about to go on tour with The Number Twelve Looks Like You

- Ian just recorded an album in an old converted church in Anacortes

- There are a ton of awesome shows coming to Seattle and we cover all of them

- Happy 35th Anniversary to Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning”

- R.I.P – Ron Guardipee from Brotherhood – an amazing friend and a hugely influential figure in Northwest music

- We preview new music from Phobia, Killswitch Engage, Wormed, Sacred Reich and Fit for an Autopsy

- Chris Adler and Lamb of God part ways

- And a heinous dose of Brutal Poetry: Too Hot for Radio