Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 102 : So Much New Music ! + A Chat with GOJIRA

Sunday, October 16th

Welcome back to the backstage ! There is sooooo much rad new music coming out, so this week on the show we preview new songs from Vader, In Flames, Ion Dissonance and Life Of Agony. Congrats to Rob Halford on 30 years of sobriety ! Lemmy has an awesome toy coming out soon, Slash's lost guitar was found, Phil Anselmo continues to apologize, Pestilence is back together + a ton more news and notes. Make sure you listen until the end because we also feature a 15 minute interview with GOJIRA frontman Joe Duplantier!!! 


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Listening and shops backstage press. Welcome back cute little shops backstage fast episode number 102. It's been a couple weeks to look back. He serve you up dose of talk. And backed back back of the bus middle talk your locker room medal talk where moderate. Oh wow changed Brandon Hicks. It grabbed all the day X number one as a talk about different Indian. Straight I grabbed the best way to start a podcast after a couple weeks I think you know when you grab you can't just Grammy you have the OK we don't wanna draw. I've left money in the end this is Kevin Hyde and Ryan appeared in the and at this middle shot backstage pass that we've been gone for a couple weeks because there's been so much going on the last couple of weeks especially last week. What was the tally including today. Eleven shows seven days. Yeah he's been pretty insane just tonight the night we're recording there are three huge shows going on in Seattle had a studio seven we got bored guts in true or not. Brain tentacles and violence hallucinations. But highlighting various skeleton which hunger and Reagan. Who lost planet show and then there's also room for. Increased threats and then down over at old quarter zone is a do feel was seen by it is the end which mound. And of course sounds good slam to date season because earlier in the day church played there as well with great mate yeah yeah I showed its privacy by the shirt church was onstage and we had create like an international medal. Council. So we can prevent like all of this conglomeration happening at once or emotionally huge quarter. Shall exact that would be amazing like rent out shoebox Soto and get all the fans if you order sailor gold has been that the skeleton which gore gets in seem variety show. Who do you think would headline. I think skeleton which would would be a good headline of an island yeah definitely. NATO or guts into skeleton match. Him beat itself seemed by it is gore gets dealt a glitch so advised would have to have line. Maybe well all of that I've why don't with the right now so I'll be done within an hour and still detained or something nice. It's like she's having a hard time he got arrested for method the airport yen that was so when he was the owner of the Europe do you. Don't fly with your math smug your math and fly no smoke at all at the airport and then fly an annual does have a free easy flight and then see how long it takes three get kicked off the airplane before a race. It's their commercial Ivan Watson Aladdin Archos says that's been going on why am on talk about that the flight attendants saw. Age you want some peanuts and he's like sure WL prince. I can't contain my guerrilla. I'll man having go to somebody shows I want to show every night of the week this week actually. I know I saw Ryan as a unit a few home but it was like my goal just below and is gonna go to all of them. A Monday I'm going to black breath and O course how it was awesome Tuesday night was goes Chirac. In that we actually have an interview with G Joseph from those years the singer and guitar player from closure at the end this episode three and then on Wednesday. Who's Wednesday. Cattle decapitation and brewery yes it's year seven as an awesome show and then Thursday night was ring worm at L core results also looking great and and I topped it off Friday night with a double header one soft Fallujah in between to bury me. And Ian stay inferred Devin Townsend project but life ice jumped over to L Corzine do as CEO spoken word with. WB hall of Famer Jake the snake Roberts Jake the snake how was it it was good man whose dirty old mental reps and stories. Read down the road near fields with the lockers are about drugs and you. Having sex with. What was crap and pecks when rats what was his drug of choice kinda just everything crack crack. He got an accompanying crash at the ever watched the to be on the mad documentary it's Erica. That have backstage king of wrestling and they actually has unprecedented in footage of like WW the and then deleted meaning CW but it's my shows him. Wrestling an independent circuit Megan McCafferty books and I and then make smoking crack him like his it's like I am basically okay so the movie the wrestler but yet again not a film was based off of Jake the snake story. I so while I'm glad he's doing a man. Yeah he's older he's sober he's you know I mean he's still a little bit bigger but like when he's working with the eighty. Evolution of Jake the snake or some like that are I don't know what it is I actually I put his hands on Netflix and so basically couple years back he was just. In drunk all the time Hughes and doing drugs relaxing on hard drugs a lot he and Scott hall both were you know really tough spot. In diamond Dallas page DDP has has a yoga program but he also is best friends with these deeds in east is hard for me to see these guys go down media. Go down such a nasty passing day he was like beauties is gonna die so we had them. Moving to a house and he got a house he called the accountability house. And he just had them live with them and did let the meal plan forum and he did yoga every day and they just lost weight and got silver in and that's also from dimpled have. Amazing. Just like success stories these days and in the same year they both got inducted into the identity hall thing. Razor Ramon gas. Razor Ramon you know he he he admitted will like he'll drink here and there and be elated you know it's it's not so much should be doing so he he's far off a couple times but. Now that's what happens you know alcoholics and. And mr. you know it's a disease that I got to fight it every day accidentally. Anyway is not to go back on a matter league as the Nazi I mean having normal load shows the same schedule I've missed a couple of those as. And finally befriended him and answer boy has been so yeah I mean I feel it. That's a pretty good reason to stay in in a matter failing to school are adding to. And the really nice and going if you personal but that's why I was yet personal says yeah so I mystery warm this week but two million. Yet here's your Social Security program. Now get out here pass. So yeah I went out most of the shows Devin Townsend once now okay so there's only one thing that I want to complain about about any of those shows that I saw complain hey and it happened last time I think the shoebox Soto I think it was for the last time as Ellie dying with here. And it's front facing strobe lights who that are like risen up off the stage. That blinded the out of me because I'm kinda tall so I see over everybody. And just. Unexpectedly so at the end of the show I just like had a straight line across my face across my eyes conceit so stop and and front facing the lights please that's messed up to a I can't he strips. Straight up I gave me a huge egg I know it's due to. Down in Vietnam they didn't have a very ornate late stage setup with a degree at least that the game out pressure. A few extra blitzer Devin Townsend Kennedy did it on his part because he's like man how audiences could be on something. It's. On a stroke like this feud they crushed that was so on cheerio. And it was packed it was sold out no so. It's cool to see though act at all the shows that they're still bunch of people coming out. So medals alive northwest metal heads are out there. It best be coming out to be shows because we're given only tickets to want to better show up we get away free tickets went. We got open at coming up pretty soon. Tony McAlpine is on Monday. Tony McAlpine. Escape plan last night was also ghost and uniting go to goes last night but I Tarrant and I was also think cancel yet they both went to that. We got soil work in hints of both on the same 929. And then all series coming up. On the fit November 5 I'll pass. Yeah OPEC and swords that night Dillinger escape plan is going that same night as open tees this and who lost planet called leaders opening for Dillinger escape plan wears heavy metal council. We got ill storm shall come up with their core gobble on. Cool. There's a lot of coated the wake up cause. Britcaster thing. So we'll how about that they'll sort. How about getting drunk with some pirates. Under the united Disneyland. I'd rather do that you donate the pirates of the Caribbean has so much better I don't know if you can sneak in a flask now. You Leslie on a last anywhere if yours. Sketchy now bring that AT and they signed sketchy again we are talking he's cashed your flats in the garbage. Yet they can get an idiot I mean I didn't realize there is a metal detectors. So I just outfit underneath the pile of garbage and then came back later is that figured who's gonna look under this can pile of garbage. No wine. And I came back and I found it was your plus and again for asking me clots known bill flat ski bill flat key house yet. And if you don't get the reference you probably not old enough to drink. What I have a question for you guys since it is Halloween season ends October a lot of people they're doing the 31 movie challenge for the watch 31 movies a movie every night. What is your favorite horror movie of all time. Who that's tough man beaten or one that's just to go to if he can't think of other ones I. When it's just like one that you you watch all over again mine is personally nightmare on elm street. Freddie is is horrendous to me and he was always scarier to me than Michael Myers or Jason yet with your dreams man nannies. Yeah. He's been out on the list level I think the first movie I ever saw that actually like kind of me up with Stephen king's it. I thought when I was really young and what doesn't you clowns all those clowns aren't at that. In the shining when I was little kid I watched the shining. At wait too young an age and that just nasty outcome rose Mary's baby are you now on. I don't think I think I've seen part of like the old it's it's an older movie your right my they've probably got to re creation at some point. But I don't know why for me I'm torn between like. This scary zombie stuff and Mike Healy it's only after he got his ID five stills. Like horror movie style DD I mean it's Halloween but you know I mean. He had this man. That's like that movie that movies so for Kenya's one Spielberg what are my favorite movies watcher on Halloween time not necessarily scary one but it really fun Kana. Goes from the Bible holiday season. Lost boys. Julianne a lost boy Yeltsin got like that on monsters on monster squad hocus pocus and. They're scared did you have bad days ago. One that I watched last night for the first time ever and is more like a realistic quarterly anybody is in terrifying movie was fatal attraction. And EP Jesus Christ man like it makes you never I mean you brushing teeth on a girlfriend or girlfriend or wife ever but it makes you really knowledge he got a girlfriend mean. And that's real yeah those were his real life in scary she'll pull up little trick sure Lorena Bobbitt remember that and I just wanna say this. Do you Michael. What what's his name Michael Myers know in the start fatal attraction O Michael Douglas Michael Douglas wanna ask first of Glenn Close doesn't even look that good and his wife. Is almost. In that movie like she is hot for older lady is like this super high super cute and Glenn Close is like I deceit. King. Looks like the angry office manager I'd she's gonna yell you I don't know Glenn Close its discount only scared me which I think is probably the reason that they put her in that role I don't know who knows man. That was it wasn't in late eighties early ninety it was what was going on back then she added she had a bad perm. And she and I every time I see her I just think of the in villain from 101 dalmatians. Oak road to villages he crew relative bill the bad term because she was cruel as to exactly yeah. So OK right fair enough going off a fatal attraction. And ran. I'm not getting a spoiler alert thirty years after the movies so you go what you're I didn't I didn't like the Robb's army remakes of Halloween that too. I think that he doesn't creepy yet. Not really into the music side of what he does but he makes up movies. You think he saw 31 ray yeah speaking of was not a clamping also there were clowns in it I got to see. It's. It's a new came movie I don't yeah I EC my earlier I had this like it's okay it's brutal. It's it's a horror movie is not accurately more honestly ads just in the story kind of blows and I love this first movie in cost of 2001000 court is and what was the damned. And known Minnesota the devil's rejects doubles region sir my bad that was good. You know I know he can make good movies this it's. There you know it's like a bad he iiroc movie following one into a pretty good that. Zombie did I really got I just I don't know I never was into it it was just slightly before my area by area the seventies like Halloween. Originals would Jamie Lee Curtis. Think the first one ever saw was like. Paula we axed the revival or whatever it's funny dumb do you bring. Rob zombies out Halloween remake skits Rob Zombie John Carpenter been beefing yet DD three this news story. I didn't put it in our thing but apparently they just like squash Fiat really quickly but apparently rob John Parker did know and not enjoy. DO liberties that Robb's army took with the Halloween remake and so like they were just some beef back and forth and stuff and I don't know but I apparently this cautious that's cool maybe they can do a movie together. You begin blow meaty insurance on the outs on maybe he can now. Add some music to robbed on the record. John Carpenter teams are looking wrap my friend went and saw John Carpenter performing all of his team's well when I was at Paramount. I sent an incredible. So it was just like the coolest thing ever. That's sounds epic our boys. The lot to cover over the last couple weeks. But in jail and I'll let let me go first man yeah. So now we're gonna go the polar opposite of the best thing ever in talk about the news in plain song. Okay you're trying to lead with inflames the Ethiopia are on there as tag may inflames greed again yeah shut out the PBR guide double 07 who adds that hash tag to everything that hey guys W does yeah. Making that. Extra viral has taken it seriously he's making the lake super resisted in its antibiotics like the most. I so I think this. This the third one we've done right up this new record evening the record coming out I think on November 11 and what it was just off the top my head of the new records held battles. It was a couple of swings and misses. We'll get this wanted to drive I think Leo. They get what they get. Hash tag making claims data gets on to say about that. I think this is my favorite one out of the ones that tape posted so quietly running looks like he's really doing. How good he was given a chance for a second inning hit a certain party this is either own the best I wonder which are. In place for me that used to be my. Favorite band these. Jock had been so I think heart new music by Vader Cohen's death metal band that we we look at a little shot given new record coming out called empire. On nuclear last November 4 here's a new songs. It is called hurdle. Yeah. November 4. Sounds like mayor rattle. I don't know why does it smells like up in a public area here all of a sudden. People come here to oil or something oh man I gotta Maurice Tina and actually smells really good with the is that them you see now from from the dub dub. While always kidnapped in my hands near its moist earth. He periods homelessness. Can. Let's just keep go with the new stuff super joint not super spiritual super joined the new incarnation has and you. Record coming out when does it say it's coming out. There's eight is it it's not gonna come down I'm. It's called review we'll figure it out. Somebody figured out. Doesn't sound like if he's doing some unique is concerned with. To. Through. Start right away the album caught up in the gears of application. Comes out on November 11. Of this out of this year. Not next year. On them for test and has a new song called stronghold. So let's just keep in given us little a little taste of new. Albums were fifa listening party going to the new optical brotherhood of the snake comes out October when he on nuclear blast. A filmmaker air. To a breakout. It is close to combine guitar might have peaked nick put up Barack's Pete. Jake that's perfect all right let's see what photo is gone our pen and says a new record coming out. We don't have any songs from me yet. But it's you probably just Tyreke profit prosthetic records January 27 27 team did this album cover looks for and. Ad. Stared at a first second and he admitted to see the schools in the background the two giant. Dude reaper hands coming out of the sought it's not that bad acts that epic that ban has done nothing to get things that they came out. We do you have new music by iron dissidents though Sheila yeah it's new song called perpetually doomed their sister didn't. Mississippi and task the new album is called cast the first stone. Good fight record number. Remind me of the mow the hardcore thing that we face jail time itself. I'm just gonna throw this out there if you ever want to see something awesome look of the video eye on dissidents playing an dudes keep you. Whoa you hired Ed is that. Brandon this little kitchen or their minds off it's awesome reminds me when I saw animosity in the living room. A dawn from dealership was telling me that getting to see sleepy time gorilla news and some beads grandma's house I don't middle early and I'll show with weekend not chosen a basement in Indiana and somebody took the time for three hours in a public four pounds of cheese. And there was a huge that's not till party that's back. To advance. When he weekend not to think woody stoked on one on on the nod towards yeah yeah. It looked on that crashed. In looking back on it it's kind of up and disgusting how much cheese and probably it. They just took the blocks of cheese slice them up and put him in the microwave where like keeping company that night uses her. And finally nobody was that done opened fire at our. A trust me. Rude it's fine now I'm his client they thought received ten dollars silver platters out in great yet that's hole instead of ten dollars for Steve probably has. 3000 and of of those things in his garage right now. Anyway nobody about that moving on to crush Kerry king finally said he's open to having Gary hole. Write some songs for that if yeah he said on the last record that he was gonna do it all himself. And Gary holt and rules so he should be reading some songs for player. The thing is that they're kind of similar its stock is to exodus. Yeah I mean they are and they aren't at the same time. Plus there's other people in exodus to write music Hampshire. I wanna hear it Gary Gary holt players from. Yet to be an awesome I love Gary Oldman Alan flyers so I think he could. You know the thing is is like I wonder if you would be like well this is what do slayer song should sound like or features like this is what I wanna play. You know it's kind of like yeah and then you risk like butting heads with Kerry Keane yeah. If you're like in your guy in an a classic band do you Tryon might play it safe and Buick are at this sounds like what players summit. I would love to hear that Gary hold writing what he thinks a slayer shot some strong trichet on. He does like a machinery if Kerry came just like what the (%expletive) is this what's urged him I began accurately the game like say your goals on. All right so pumped. He should sort of pop punk and with the rank in the beard. Beers in me because beards of pleasure I ever pop punk album written. Jet jet pop punk. Holy he has created genre and I got huge camera yet. Jackpot pond can't I got really bored for two days does games out of town in micro from this disease and could take at work and you can take them viral and make millions. Speaking of going viral I call it junk. Fill in some low as the new interview on the decimal magazine. Front page you know leave that in their covering a super join ain't dined bash escapades Torre said some very recent. And you know wind power and it just says on the cover it's as I'm doing myself no favors by draining this interview is a quote from him so. I didn't actually read this article also while they. And there's one paragraph here though read from him directly. So first and then this is from fell first and foremost they do you take full accountability. He's he told passable for the magazine's cover story in December of last year this year. I'm not deflecting it all what I did was insulting absolutely and abhorrent. Because it did truly upset people and hurts my heart that anyone would think that I'm the dreaded. Anyone who truly knows me know that that's utterly ridiculous but if I did offend my Jewish friends people I work with my associates other people and bans. If I were to upset people in that particular way that's why I apologized. That apology is there and no he won't get another one ever again. I mean I know what. Okay yes I mean that's pretty much dug first thing you should do you apologize. Acknowledged that it can Sox. But what else is he's posted viewers that kind of just gonna be. Hanging over his head for the rest of his career. Paramount. I got nothing and like I am I keep trying to Kamal was something dead I don't I mean. You he says solution I've done it help you know what I take it back absolutely put my associate rumors dark might temper is and always has been volatile so why reacted. I reacted in the. No that's ridiculous. Well you shouldn't and done it man this and like idea who Yevgeny. Was saying in an interview the week before last when we were on break. That he thought that field like seriously had tarnished the image of pan terra kind of forever. Not doing that because they already had. Murmuring about that being you know at the confederate flag every now and just you know other dumb that he set on stage you know. Maybe tonight it's a life being black on black crap like that mean kilowatt hour and fees bill like what the (%expletive) It's it's Davis Davis being going on and saying something if he would go on things coming anti gay or anti whatever. With the track record of you know like on they've done in the past. I don't know man this might. Might have been it. Certainly not good branding. And can you match frighteningly PR guy and we know we didn't play that he is a graduate on yet again we played our hand. We put enter the I don't know home and now let's talk about someone who is a metal master OK let's just let's just keep going and and I guess the thing they have in common is terrible singers of awesome that wins inaudible in bald white guys. If you add that in got a problem health heard from Judas Priest says I would be dead. Without sobriety is that he's coming up in January it'll be thirty years of sobriety for him. With thirty years from 26 team. 86 CD since then I got some thirty years old. And Steve. He said I love people I love being a ban lovemaking music and I had to figure out what was more important will figure that was way more important than being addicted. You know there are some thirty years of sobriety and in he's been able to raging go on tour and then. Kill it into you know what I'm gonna say this now if you listen to this podcast and you have insecure and you gotta go ahead. And follow rob how offer because he is how will Arnold there a way to handle a lot of fun and Theodore. Birds with his fans and he just posts like goofy pictures a lot and you can tell you just have a good time with it does. His official account it's not like some you know record label reading of forums he posts I could corny self ease with like. All kinds of fans and just like. Weird he sees. You know just on tour and just it's fun he's fund guys. He's clearly clearly pretty self aware I guess I just want to end with the last thing he says here he says for anybody is listening to us if you're facing that kind of challenging your life please help yourself. You hear all these silly things like rehab is for quakers and your man have a drink blah blah blah. If you're going which is I've probably said about the view at some point ya if you're going through the same difficulties that I went through you know that it can be a matter of life or death quite frankly. And we've also seen that. So be aware there's people out there there's great organizations out there to help you start on the path to a brand new life that's full of wonderful things waiting to happen. Register a programmer thought of former and Smart thing to be and I'm very excited for the new life with egg eating record. It's it's gonna be awesome and is their first in over a decade. And it's their fifth studio LP is going to be coming out in the spring of 2017. On napalm records. It's going to be like mania is the first since singer. Nina conclude I'll also formally known as Keith Kapono came out a strange gender into when he eleven. And you know I listened to an interview with Meena on. On the Jamie just the podcast to talk about earlier it's just a part gets very good podcast a check it out if he. Have a chance but I mean it was on there. And it just sounds like she's super stoked on on just doing this band and now that she's like fully comfortable in her own skin it seems like she's just rock unit. And it's it's cool to see it's very refreshing new and a pretty cool so there's. A little preview of it right here. On the yeah. 4070. Yes. That's going to be awesome can't wait for that complacency Korea where there's no pain he's gonna become an ounce aspirin between seventeen and napalm records. And we got an interview all the members. A life of agony when it drops in ten years man hello Leah Qingdao has got any dvd come and on the way and has also said that he's going to be taking. Huge chunk of time in 2017 T writing a bring you can diamond record. Which is awesome and we think by and find yet says he says you're 2017 will be spent mostly on writing and recording. And we will also try to fit in a few special festival shows. Perform the same set as on the Abigail two or we might even hit a few places we haven't been in a million. Years. They've been around for a million years and billion U guys up it is that he's and it looks good for it and be in that old man. That's why immerse the make of the revitalizing her held its annual these young guys there. Like you wet naps yet. I'm very wet and Sarah we talked about film in a little bit of hand terrible. Now Pentair is doing the whole reissue thing they did the vulgar display dated the cowboys callous and how reissue and now comes the great southern try until reissue and when they put out this reissue they also do. It's it's two disc like the other ones and they do. All makes is he lied stuff that you and release for the Borger they did the (%expletive) unreleased track but for this one they're going to be doing a bunch of mixes and early mixes so. We're gonna play one dread the waters early next and I'd ask you becoming a. I water. It worked out well. I think my favorite part about this story. It's where they dig up they've dug up what Don was saying about his guitar playing. Agree southern trained killer here's what you think. This court definitely quite a few solos on this mother here. But beyond quanta he would think that I'm developing more my own identity Reid flies mice those are more focused. Some of you even have a melodic theme like five in places like the ones and floods. Also I've gotten into doubling my lead like Randi Rhodes used to do. I'm not panning them right left in the mix it's too right on top of each other. To a lot of peoples' ears that might sound like a music chorus or similar type effect but it's just me doubling my part. It's us. RAI. I got to cover this one because I'm a collector of these things these final pop figures he pricey around if you go to any toys are literally be go to any store GameStop has a ton of bumpy demeaning as has he's. I collected WB ones and they have all kinds like superheroes have any kind of TV show or movie or sports or anything. Anything that's pop culture related. You they have little pop figures you go to doctor about. That's an go out there really find an addicting and now they have a Lamy pop vinyl figure. Gonna be coming out suits you may remember immortalized. With the pop figure and it's gonna be really cool because. The first thing I noticed is first up he has his malls we have a few big mobile's board things on his face. And also the fact that he's not smiling like he's not eat he looks kind of like bombed out like let me look like just kind of like Graf. The psyches of these guys have Shani is slate you let me just in time for the holidays. A yet let me but apart vinyl figure. If you go to bladder mouth dot net you can watch in on boxing video of me. So. Should be about like 1012 box how much. Have I don't think we talk I do we talked about that's our last podcast we did not deny having it talked about OK so what happened is that the Megan had suicidal Marmara military showed Davis and got on stage miss mr. green and Kevin as to the guys did an interview with on Cairo like two years ago where they accused him of being like a home fog in this that. Well he they just did he claim that they gave him a gotcha question. And and needed. On this huge story or whatever but. Well I think I'd never heard about it. It I didn't hear you get. So it nobody would have known about it had he not gone onstage in mics aren't talking about it again after two years but he put Kenneth W bomb blast he didn't mention any names of any cans and BJ's but he did say that few. KI SWD jays as you know he said to get study DJ he's out medal stations that many also tweeted it out so what can study law immediately Ahmadabad. Marx with that you know we went back and forth with our. Management and ended up he rejected his steamy came back and he apologized he went on Twitter. He apologized to us he sent us emails. But it carries on this week because. Davis faint at the time out of the set. Again did call for a fan in the audience and we already talked about this if like a couple months ago when with Dave dreaming in the cell phone thing certain so let's see what he's. Let my boxer who had so. I sit. It's a big problem is it's. If somebody obviously young and I don't think it was just I'm talking. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. OK so what I was saying. So yeah they're much. Yeah. Choose sides in the columns doesn't do. Trying to be like a cool stand up comedian he's trying to play like he's like Louie CK mainly college people but the thing is is it's not a stand up club like if you call on a stand up comedian you should be taught exactly because it's a small intimate setting and everyone's. There to watch he talked. To the rock show at the medal showed people like it. Have a good time drug tolerant of other Seattle out. He's like I'm telling a story okay. You don't get to talk. It was funny like ultimate terror delegate that. Dave always making headlines this Kean chaired the bush. I just kind of sites it's like there's just no humility in that you would themes like. Here's musical story so what that guitars that slash used to play obviously Guns 'N Roses and about other stuff. One of the guitars that he lost apparently a long time ago has been found. And now is being offered for sale at auction. On November 5 what are the believed legalities of that art can he be like that's my monitoring that. Everytime I hear somebody losing an instrument it's blows my mind. Yet I've seen it happen. Let's see he said he custom ordered it from BC rich through Hollywood music store in West Hollywood in the early half of 1984. So with a custom BC rich from you know the early eighties. And he was playing mid am longs west in Santa Monica on June 16 1984 where he put played with Hollywood role rose. The first time bad Axl played with Stephen Adler. And then picture but see here it was one of the main guitars during guns of her Guns 'N Roses he and he played it last on January in 1987 stored away in a custom handle guitar case laid the BC rich was last played in January of 1987. It looks like they played biggest push pushing it in storage in a storage and some closet somewhere. And then just forgot it was there. Seat that's what I'm talking about like having an instrument stolen that's one thing right that sucks like super I think hard. But just straight up miss placing your instrument not. I mean here's the thing you got to follow it back through the timeline like he lost it right when Guns 'N Roses was getting huge and probably making a lot of money. So he probably had a bunch other guitars that he was like playing and was just like oh come back from you know when irony here. Who else. He meant but they found it and other Celanese. Nine east. Iced the and body count are coming back with a new album called blood lust it's do an early 2017 via century media. 12014. Saw the release of manslaughter the first body count record and quite awhile and this is what he had to say to revolver magazine. Another new record he said make a record is very interesting process he worked really hardens them than it finishes in the newbie like yelled at sounds like somebody else's record. Hidden we make that record three days ago the Nevada. Yeah into. One time he said we did a song to songs in a row and afterward I look at them and that that's the same written each song. The well at least he knows yeah he said you know the record. Helix are with hot metal tracks that he could listen to without a word on them and go what that was like I air. I can get man. On our hangout Ice-T get from a middle awesome so yeah a new body count can be coming out blood lust in when he seventeen. Pestilence is back they've got a couple of new members original guy Patrick Mannelly use the vocalist guitar player. Now with us and he had a dove blaze from a band called a Gora and Tony Choi from atheist on base and receiving at this rate per shot. Said Jimmy you are son who loot from just a bat out and roommates at ten year old. Is it for so that band is back together again in their booking shows between seventeenth and book O'Brien maybe you'll see him. All right here's the funny old man in story of the week we're laughing about this last week. On the other and are Ozzie. He'd get this guy get himself in the most bumbling in weird misadventures. Of the pictures that Asia's amnesty because it looks like he's actively. I just die there's a there's a Twitter page called this day in metal you should check it out it's actually read the post like ten or fifteen. Things a day picture and they said that he was today in 1984 in in Iowa that Ozzie first bit that back. Deep when he bit the head off the back here. So that he really didn't. And blow their god damn minds that that was 32 years now and today. Here's the Osborne had to be hospitalized after getting a vitamin tablet stuck in his long at all. Kamal though instead of the swallowing he breathed it did they are they were filming he and his son Jack were filming their show called Ozzie and Jack's world the sewer. And I he said he was lying down when he took the vitamins which is extinct but in the first place. And he was lying dynamic on the couch took a handful of vitamins and this week off. The pill shot into his lung and we had to get him into the hospital to get it removed from what I'm glad he's OK Ozzy you go back to being a sex addict. Of course we're gonna let you go from a podcast without entering middle shops brutal poetry too hot for radio lamb. Where we intentionally try to find the most dumb thing we could find this weekend I think Kevin has. Has found a true jam. Tonight he reads a passage from a band called slack. Off of their record violent opposition in 2014 years. KXFXC. It's taken. I just want to squeeze my hands. A around your screw around me. Cheeky name. Cluck cluck cluck. Walked up. You need deceived for Iran to become a goat. Do you mind unload some range. As you've seen me choke. You feast turns purple but don't worry this is God's plan. Clock clock clock. What bill. Prolific prolific as usual. Well thanks again for listening to metal shops backstage pass episode 102. We're gonna jump into Kevin's interview with go here and we'll see you guys again next week. Later cook look up look. From guess a little shop here excuse me. Our current and we are next season she'll do one game and the US. And is from an English you're. Currently on tour that's correct and no minutes yet. Thank you very much longer release you'd like. I'm your new album ha it's us we didn't win a bit. I'm going through was doing anything that you want which GE Yahoo! in particular. Anything different anything that he. I'm ordinary influences me are. It's always a single viewing year. Brian he couldn't her record is you. Which is boundaries problem Hoover and it's it's it's request. This whole. Haines hall I request. She. Gregory you know things that are leaders and us you know. Courtroom or holes in the it's. He would want to create this or. This almost like architecture and you're good to hear him. For horses and years sheik's terror and and vibrations. And it's it's the best thing in the world. Writing movies is missing ever so we always hops crazy. And a huge car and our head yes and when you write a song word up you how we bear. But there are is investing in do what we're always trying to course. Harder and harder to create I think that's very special thing that's enough. Shrine in Cuba to get no better or not such finds you. Did you really. Cream. Five or. Kind of the national. Music. Parliament mentioned you're you're free you create whatever it wants. People join him and so this is is producing well on. We have this fusion or something that is more aggressive and error. Songs. Approach is Lou recording yeah. It's machine then and we wanted to do it sound like yeah look like he. That's I don't know. It turned and a certain way it's not what I didn't mind it never is yeah there never division that is. Yeah it's lightening holes go somewhere in bed. Weird you Linda has always ours is its products. It's fair usual collection it's good. Because out because we let us. They ship orders from what I read it was our car. Yeah I. Words are we actually I see are based in an interview negotiate and when I asked the question. EU he orient the music permanent CE EU man our land. Oh and a little. Actually when we. You compose songs that you're proposals. His war record and holes. Can Lewis page and a it was it was it was it time and we had you're gonna have some free time. Where in between Islam and pretty good largely due. And and look crewmembers and we didn't do it on our own and the computers. House featured. We're able to finally want more songs of blows yeah. You. It was great. Yeah that was canceled orders machine. We through other songs that are. There were recorded and you know here. But it was it was just murder focusing on that and we have this horrible computer problem yeah we thought. Everything is barriers pressing. And it goes through. Moments and we got you don't really meaningful. The new record also it's. Ruth Carter and to your source hop and yet. It was is the momentum has lost. Yeah. And people who two mile city owns us also it's our own uterus you. Which are planning to. Finishes you have more gifts. And so it is going to be the guys hit an open through the whole idea behind this spotlight shepherd which. Yeah. That's I mean people go to court that's most guys. We were planning to sell yet all the yeah. Good shot from still won't do. We invest time and investment in energy in this thing I'd go over this long. You don't let this production so I. Progress so much yeah. Whatever your editors. Are. It's right. Yeah. Oh yeah for those stories and just releases you know we still have to me case. You eat meat and for ballistic coast on Saturday at my house. It's going to be intense ground rules six model year car or obstacles me things. This is it is. It's simple solution Rory McIlroy yeah our zone. But weird we're all. Gonna come into it lands on. An audience is priced. Cool. Now he closes. Hillary as you say you had. When will we see an area we're like come convince the nation's flag on that Hillary. I was clear. A complete total. Inbox moment warmth from Japan noted that look you guys scattered. Yeah fish yeah. Those huge machine gun piano and played it didn't count car alone. All see an end I know winners were looted and friends there's sources there. So eager you know there's a lot of that honeymoon yeah. Although he's ready now Harbaugh obviously you weren't. I don't like us who discover understand we're. You know school remorse is. And your homeland Jonas whom. Two plays it warm your own school. Takes a lot of. Here. Yeah no question. What you if you murder. Some current US. Political. Presidential briefs in United States. Yeah. I don't believe that. In this is that wrong. Holidays and it's. It's a distraction you now asking you should she. Standard and shoes and a mark the most part it's cultured ourselves. Well. News Jewish. Revolution. Cause problems. Spears Hughes and huge change. Yourself. Yeah changed world around you change society and changed community. Yes sir our seniors out with a law. People that are close neighbors. She's mile to a person's Google's. Christians. If you house thought that it was struggling or you name your money and you get some or cause an ass. Where should machines. Yeah I notice anything anything. Political yours you know. Now this situation right now in America is its. It's. I totally want the heart you know wrap my mind around it and I don't understand. Is going. And what you read. This world is Texas. Correction so I don't know I don't know. Com. Of course of course Donald Trump is. For me yeah. Person house you know do. Common sense here are our room. And that man. I really like I said I I think. Just sort of disruption or she or won't be easy it's gonna change something. Select ever heard anything real change because it's. I'm clueless. Here are awesome and I appreciate. Be honest. Now this. Sorry network and from France change. She's appreciate. Two volume. Drew how are you sure yeah cool yeah it's huge. Okay. Seneca. Huge error. Gore. Alone. Huge. Loopholes for liar won't be. Loud blast. This is this hole is. A whole different world a Baylor Bears. That are not always known in the US sure deserves attention and his. I heard I know this great luck now it's yeah it's underground bar scene. Really. You know what strikes experimenting. And which he's and elect another half hour loop and gets. Zero. Also. Yeah. Yeah really community we hear music annuities is measured are born. And our people and I'm not really are no apparent all bow there's homes that are going to be life. Yeah for some reason. Horns. Which hasn't. You're used. Very my well what do you what do you like this as soon as. It's cool color. All the raw. People. You know classical music Shas. All the checks. Forty's you. Yeah I kept trying to cool song she's age. And of course and yes marks in my life yet but I won't want to look at the last man yes it's. Well yeah not deal. Yes he's done can you would love music. Wanted each and louder and they won't metal and loud music and look and makes sense. That's cool who was the rest of us on the scene in order twice and he fruit and yeah. She manages the and on the road all the time and now Virginia coaches. Yeah. It's you know it's not injured. You know world. In Lou you won't moreover. Yeah yeah. House. Right on any seamlessly to the enormous auto pilot yeah. I. Or Taylor guys you didn't you know I don't know if you both. Actually blessed you know doing more to and there are. I looked at this this error is absolutely beautiful it's irony is you're years and it's. I'd love to each word that your. I think should come back here provocation you know look into the mountains and. You know SNC. That they're off and we're gonna see you right out and as Joseph do you want a game earlier this year they're good here.