Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 109: Heinous Grayness and Merkin Misfortunes

Wednesday, March 1st

Grammy misfortunes, New Six Feet Under, Arch Enemy goes acoustic, Rob Zombie's weird disney connection, Pestilence is back and a giant worm gets named after Alex Webster.

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You are listening to. Shops backstage press. What's up its battle shots backstage pass episode number 100. In the now saying lefties. Going on my name's Ian that's Kevin. Ty you and Ryan the beard hey you know still looking more and more Santa Claus the every week man the answer to get a little degrade. And that's guy and human and we all are. Kevin will you ever notice when you turn very I don't think so much that can have hair and go grade self. I just one vault that's fine well if you look at you got a good shape it you've got their hair. Believe it's true that's a very good point you're Hewitt greenest aka. When my Americans start figuring. Out why and how the hell I images I can never run for welcome back to. Come on you guys have a good week so far there's been out Conan. But I have a killer week Brian will even do it meant site Letterman show it'd yes they get out your slumber. It was and as you huh how casually it. The house for a change in a C one of my favorite thrash bands of all time overkill. Yeah that's. Parents. And in such a good show would do what do you think he was your first timer awesome perpich they played everything I wanted to hear including a thin Lizzy cover which sweet nice what's. So they cover emerald that's awesome. You know my friend actually was kind of clown any goes this is what Metallica would be like if they never got popular. I'm. And it's our own there's a little bit of truth in its literally true that was to show and not LD debuted in Seattle with their new seeing it sounded great to meet. Death he fit right and it was awesome not a ton energy. In a show was bad. The one of the openers kill closet had two other drummer had to play on the floor. Because both denial and overkill it's so much year. And they backed by both bands that they had did not have room for drugs that on the stage so. They the may deal with what they hadn't they. I petrochemical. I did it I think it's always fun and it makes it look more full on the menu to you totally that's that's always always. I think into Asian and market the other night ink into Asian so could do that is one of the heaviest heaviest. Death metal bands. Ever and I luckily their Seattle show did not get shut down because of the anti bubble talk about little bit later about other Oakland show that shut down. But I intimidation was awesome let's go buy some march. Completely sold out of everything I like purple girl shirts. Is there last deep on the torso they must've done really well I get a indentation question for sure does Kyle saw Hamas she does not tell how does not have a mosque is an easier time pat and I know you're gonna go because he brings it up every time it's not only frame of reference for the occasion yeah. I got an out and among that is gone now man it's over Ryan it's over the depresses me man last time Marty candy they got their passports denying them that. In customs right in the got sent home so. People grab and abolish Sherry Ali shakes while McCain I'm glad I was able to go. Last Sunday at once live podcast is the first I'm I've ever gone to a live podcaster taping before it was pretty cool which one is. To female that that's comedians named a Georgia hard start in caring killed gears with you one of the most. Popular rising popular podcast at C. A true for a cot crying slash comedy podcast call my favorite murder oh yeah you were tell me about this few months back and die because there are in the northwest today covered two northwest murders one was unfortunately a very very sad one for me inferred you know fans of north with music is the death of that gets vocalist muse upon yes she was raped and murdered after leaving the comet tavern. On Capitol Hill and I believe 1990. To. And then also they did the big one Ted Bundy. That's about an hour to deal because there was a lot of grizzly deaths. In that one it's it's interesting they did the knee is upon one I figured they would have done at least Gary Ridgeway here when you know. The I mean I think that they tried to. They tried to like mix it up a little bit into crazy like two of the most popular ones they they elected you obscure ones little bit. And down is a pot of one labeling is seen as she said muse upon the entire crowd is like. Yeah everybody knew you know so it was called low I enjoyed going to the podcast in there as their slogan is state sexy don't get our church. Pretty solid advice where was that it was at the end than Neptune theater and it was sold. Out today oversold that bitch are so many people did was we were up in the rafters are in the it's about third to last row. Mean John Hughes and merely Jesus Christ now. So we need to do with the metal shop backstage pass podcasts yacht gain huge sell the net team maybe. We could may be yeah are packed in the Indians living room the media problems for me not maybe like six people show up if we're lucky. What about you do you Jose it was your weak man and I site go to overkill what else did you did not get a lot of working I've been trying to clean out my basement for me I had just have a lot of. And I just moved a few months backing but I did go up into my my attic space that I don't really have any use for. And I made in Blakey for do you suites was awesome and Josh I think he coined it for gas. It's all the sun hung and she's laid down about two pillows on the TV and gonna play super Nintendo. Let's cool sprees by up and away from home that I tell you guys that are in basement flooded. I don't think you talked about on the puck can get idea that was in bowl because when it everywhere range super hard and my house is at the bottom of lake. It's it's like at the bottom of the top of a hill it's hard to explain. But when it rains hard Ali gives an in my basement so this is just this big and hold the water company when he gets to Ford goes off. But I didn't realize that the last mother or Steve you Dick who lived in my house before me. Had accidentally disconnected the gutter pipe from the top my house guiding Steve I don't abandon my guy yes. He Steve thanks for the half sat in the flooded house. Seven trying to clean them a little bit and it's parties together he and I got too much and I got to just like purge my stuff I gotta get rid of I don't even know how O'Donnell I can get for free all the time and I just gathered in towns like. I first many times is all purge only purge like twice a year and that'll always like accumulate more and media arts Morse when I usually keep your stuff that you give up. Mr. how many teachers keeping you on that I bought originally a lot of these are alive. Probably ten or fifteen in my current rotation now I think my favorite one is the Darwin sure it has not harm's way to get in harm's way straight edge. Oh yes with Darwin my favorite was the integrity Supersonics logo. The idea integrity in Supersonics colors that's a long but long story Adrian way when we when Solomon numerous. Because I thought the shirt was red. Because I'm colorblind is yeah and he just never stopped making fun of me for so that's nothing to make fire you for and then. From now I'm not in handy Adrian remember when you almost died shine I don't know why well. Hey that's not fair man his catches guide. I didn't it's you know when it runs on us and I had not that was as a player what ever. Autonomy from Baghdad on the total set up totally on me you. Are it will shut up and. Lots going on in the world last week we had the sanctuary interviews so there's lots of things to catch up on. The big one that I just saw this morning is the big rumor of one of the huge Stewart that scene in quite some time this would be increase he who wants to spill the beans I got to do. Slater lamb of god and he made it will join forces Greg US tour. This summer. They're gonna perform at the Chicago opener festival on July 16. To present to myself my 32 birthday and you know originally sixteen the day after my birthday and I thought man but anyways they'll appear at the rock festina. Can at Wisconsin and. Furthermore. There's an August 2 date for the three BN package in Colorado so it looks like it's going to be a tour. Paying the grass slayer when he name of god behemoth can you can imagine the almighty god a B so six let's just hope that we get and northwest gate because. That is just a trifecta of your. Evil bad ass metal plus that's the biggest ass tease of all time if they just announced that nine. Go Mike Boise. Eugene. And I keep Seattle yes. The B book of rating and not Seattle. And that rating. In and ready rules. That so Metallica played China again for one of the first shows in their country after they played in 2013 and a they did it again in terms of like leaving out some songs that. I would (%expletive) off the government like. They didn't play master of puppets one or hard wired hard hard to self destruct ones about you know the wars and you know you. The Chinese dictatorship essentially over a year it's true they weren't too stoked on that but it's cool that they get to play in China and I was thought it was cool what are my favorite videos ever was when pan terra played in Russia and there was like a huge line of security guy like army. Staff in front of them in front of the Blackberry or instead of just like you know staff workers that don't in March. Enjoy painter was like a million people. I wonder how many people play their imagined seeing Metallica in China and be insane man manager's going to China. Weird mr. It's loosely related to Metallica's dig a stain of course they won the Grammy for best metal performance. For the album just Nokia which to be noticed is in great record. And they want it and the house band. Middle mistake that ended up being kind of a troll and be in a definite. Oh well for a lot of metal heads around there when they played master of poppy it's confusing a Metallica and mega death. So do you think that was on purpose I don't know what you way I don't know Piaf thinking announced that it eating care. I guess he's we should just crush it we keep this will be the last time we talk about it and unless. Actually know that we should talk about an all time I have funniest things I've ever seen. I have one point to make. I don't understand how you can know a Metallica's song and not know the history be their leader and no way. There's there's there's no way that that's just an honest mistake yes it is. Either way they won the Grammy sort of like. You anywhere Grammy when the grammys so it I love the way that didn't stained reacted to Nazi he's just like he can't blame for not be playmate a song. Cook it's true that such a good way to discern what it was like air guitar on his way up to like imagine if you got pissed and said something. I don't know. I think he's smarter and yet I think you know why he's gotten so much. The median the last few years and he's got controlled and he's gotten you know people. He's gotten some gotcha questions. From a couple in medal DJ ease easy at all and he's you those guys but he's learned to shut his mouth if he times them. It doesn't either way torments is the new in Six Feet Under record it's their twelfth studio album. And we actually are going to be interviewing mr. lord mark of the tremor tonight on the show we record these before metal shop itself. You know when you hear this hue it would have aired already. It's it's now streaming. Everywhere. Online. And you can check it out. What's the website that has strip. Move let me look here now is actually released already so it it's available at Spotify. Listen to it there you can jerk you Joe Brown or can buy the album gonna metal blade. Records dot com actually support the band who thought so somebody wrote an acoustic cover version of an archenemy sung. I haven't heard this yet we're gonna listen to it together for the first time. Apparently it sounds very treaties and with. Playing like 93 service on the wow. The guys famous for being Miguel. It's awesome. Let's just this week's random cool yeah. Since we just played a really cool cover let's play another cover this is Christina of the banking woman she joined the band Val onstage. To cover classic Nirvana song called something in the way it was is the last song off. Nevermind my one of my favorite. One of my favorite Nirvana songs especially on their unplugged in New York record. So let's check this out it's wide. Onstage at seen by his bar from this past weekend. This. Okay. And you know. It's. A I. It's. I. I did you guys like guardians of the galaxy the first song when you it was possibly remember earlier rules. Apparently rob zombies back to lend his voice to guardians of the galaxy team who is the I guess he's the voice of one of the navigation ships are systems on one of the space ship's okay. So listen for I never knew that yeah I put forth has no idea. The meeting to watch it again. So yeah that'll be an awesome. He tweeted a photo of him and the the director James Gunn and said who James got to Disney recording a voice for guardians of the galaxy team. I'd never thought that I would see a connection between Rob Zombie Ian Disney that's good point. Mean let's just Selig really opposing force is there a point but cool that I'm I'm Dallas that Disney putting out Halloween three. Health of 3000 corpses. So it looks like dream theater is stating that they have no plans to reunite with Mike Portnoy. And that's what I Johnson two to pretend she jaunt put true cheat from dream theater has said. He Portnoy. Co founded dream theater more than 3030 years ago but he quit in 2010. While on tour event seven fold. In other it was a question and answer session in silver Netherlands. And you know pitcher she and Jordan rude to switch is the I dream theater keyboardist they were asked if they would be willing to put Portnoy again. And you know they just said there's no plans to do anything like that Mike's great needs doing many many projects will right now. Sure and do business and root is jokingly added he's to be easy for us. On the sheet pestilence is back they put out the last record in 2013 called it studio and then into when he fourteen. Patrick my mail he they're singer and I guitar player announced they're gonna go on permanent hold and it took him three years and they have a new record coming out. Let's see here it's true what in the when and where it's called Haiti young and it's coming at it just says later in the year so pestilence is back. Oz that's good news the Dutch so it looks like there's a new Phoenix finished like LSU burglary. This is members of amorphous swallow the son and ex members of the bin him. Joining forces in a band called. Paula top. Support records has announced this signing of it. In yet should be the new album no stars upon the bridge so it's set to release this autumn. Something good combination to me. And I'm not not too big of a deal here but destruction is going to be putting out. A follow up to their best of record brash and scratch anthems with brash and them stoop so if you like destruction be on the lookout for that later in the UT. Sad news to report here. In Stuttgart Germany on Monday night of February 20 a Rudy working at the show was killed when. When colleague fell on him as they were dismantling the stage. The 26 year old survived it's really an incident was series injuries. Nineteen year old from Eslinger de identified by the German media is as Marvin. We have some very sad news to report. Last night at our show in Stuttgart Germany a 26 year old stage hand fell from the raptors will breaking down our speech he fell very far distance to a nineteen year old man on the local crew. Tragically the nineteen year old died from his injuries the other man is now in critical condition at the hospital. This is beyond heartbreaking to everyone in the band in our crew we also and our thoughts and prayers to the man in the hospital both families involved. All of the local live nation crew and anyone else whose lives have been affected by this terrible accident we love our crews so much as well as in many local staff were essential to as our show every night. Where we are around the world. This is stark reminder of how quickly an accident can happen. And why shattered in the process. Yet he fell from sixty feet that's awful. So recipes be safe out there man you never know if you don't need today may be your last day. Not to be too weird about it. It extinct worm. Was recently named after cannibal course bassist Alex Webster theories why EA out. The the new species on content slowness Tom doing Webster wrote. But it's a rope chlorine. What's your that they junior Webster prions Armstrong. Like Charlotte Federer and Armstrong. Yes she can't argue. I said it right hey you yes the word as he need more apology. In post the largest jaws recorded from the entire fossil record. Reaching number one centimeter length well usually being in the millimeter size reach you get the TV empire strikes back right yeah it looks like it's our lack now. But like kind of like the shy collude from Indian and sorrows go with it. The C Edwards or be geez here's one thing I will point out that I did read their Kolb did giant you've listed species. Co locally are referred to as the Bobbitt worms. Both these horrifying. And ala Bob at worms on UT now I don't want to check this out have you yeah it's what's. Why. How that ever come across your inner I was doctor pimple Popper ET Al hunt Jesus and one of the recommendations was Bob Edwards case I guess you'd see you figured you like really. Creepy weird. You'll probably like these weird creepy thing studios oversee a bot fly removal. Yeah that people travel to tropical like destinations you see the video with a monkey that pulling twelve on how the hockey when the man go back to real horror mere. In some weird areas you're in the dark when I've gone back to the worm the study headed by paleontology. Professor Ericsson. Who happens to be a metal head in his named fossil species after Lenny kill my serve asking diamond and is the second Arthur Ph.D. student Perry. Recently named itty off fossil. Polish late after Henry Rollins. So very very easily today they're naming them after all these metal and punk it's so there's going to be a new black metal documentary again. This seems to be like a very interesting subject for filmmakers than like oh we needed study. Black black and old fans from Norway Norway and Sweden. I think they should do more studies on juggle those personally. You add their knees will be necessary in debt journalist stuff. April 11 it's called black heart scan we coming out on dvd digitally and BOB what's DOD video on demand mode can and also vision of disorder. That perfect. Good band back hard. So yes I'm sure they'll do an okay job and leave a lot of things out. While the story is that they're going to be following a couple of people. A lady who goes from Iran. To Greece to Norway and a guy who goes from Colombia to Norway as they kind of explore different black metal scenes throughout the world. So it's pretty cool we'll see what happens. But it's called black arts coming out in April trip that. Out to you know. This next one I wanna be cautious in in explaining this because I don't think that the anti thing is a bad thing. And I don't think that. Protesting is of that thing but I do. Think that there is a bit of up an issue here in the sense that so okay I'll just going to Marta. Is a banned from Sweden their black metal band and they do they are not a Nazi day. They do use some sketchy imagery in the sense that like sodas slayer. Suited motor head. You know they used a lot of the imagery from like the SS. But they're not. Fascist they're not Nazis they're not white power. And yet they're not national socialists or any of that anything like that but I anyways so. Balance unless Saturday a martyr concert at the Oakland to metro opera house in Oakland California had been canceled amid security concerns. There was. There was a threat because they people believe that there are groups that believe mark profits off we're fighting Nazi imagery in songs about Nazi SS officers and anti semitism. They said they're for based on the right at that record Berkeley in regards some media. Am Milo year apple lose you lose yet novelists you know apple is so far right news guy with a bright part in our target and speaking at the University of California is a reasonable believe there will be a threat to public safety of these groups showed it to protest. Martek. So anyways the show a shut down. And unfortunately he had a concert. Had to be shut down I understands. You know actually protesting bands that are Nazis. Being legitimate our sketch he. And far right eight. It nationalist socialist black metal there's a there's a lot of bands like that in that you deserve to be protest that has there. And bone head castles but there's a reason why is because they're bet a lot of like really eat things that have happened in the world to a lot of innocent people didn't deserve it so that's why it's. Intelligently. And rationally related to liked that because that's how it starts. So it's not about like. Look I don't really like it when colleges shut down any of the stuff because supposed to be about free speech this and that and whatever. And so it under like seriously understand the alike reason why you need to be aware of Nazi. And like people being hourly races and might supremacist and and socially nationalist and like really dangerous ideas. That have been proven to create bigger problems down the line it's not that being hard pick up a history bike you know. So I understand the reason why you need to be aware of that but. When your being aware of that you need to know what you're talking about exactly it's. Up when you make accusations like that and they're just baseless. And I understand the reasons why but it just. I'm just kind of torn on it. It's it's another thing too when Mike we live in a society where people just read headlines right and so they're going to get all these false accusations that Margaret is. Nazis white power band is so that's gonna follow them you know like next I'm Marta comes to town there's going to be people that are going to label them as. White power national socialist and just based on the headline even if they do connected to and their reputation I wouldn't blame that they didn't exactly. So you know get your facts straight before you point fingers yet. That's it. Bell which is going to be hitting the road would ensure not for a little bit of a mini to her and they're going to be pulling Seattle on the 23 of April at the Ohio line over on Capitol Hill. He which day of the week that is going to be April 23 to Sunday you ask him you get one man. Both very cool bands in their very different styles out Sharaud which tiller even wait no they did say that. Yeah Dell not. The bill not Thelma here's one that hits close to home with me on a big fan of bad brains and they had their front man HR just went. Through. Eve pretty normally rains are I mean what kind of brain surgery is an narrowly don't just routine brain surgery there but now he's now on an icu bed. His wife Laurie says he looks good and he had. He sunk too which is a short lasting unilateral. Neural Jai form headache with. Conjunction myrtle injection into caring. Which randomly causes cluster headaches as such immense pain that is often known as suicide syndrome. She's this Christ. But I yeah apparently is going well. There's in the works documentary about HR. And that's gonna be in the film. I just had to do the math because I'm stupid these days but he just turned 61 years old fuel and he likes the guy no nearly 87. You Reggie talking a big fat joint with HR Ian. That be awesome. That would be quite awesome. A pro would remember at that. So what is the last time either of you guys went to the warped tour. I'm gonna say Ryan is never on Ryan you never you know I've never onto corporate bull like. Montana do you if you go to war Tora went and all the way to Seattle and that was key but they never stopped anywhere over in Montana at all or even in like Idaho Boise or anything like that. That's insane drive yet it is I'm gonna say Tony eleven. And it's. When you ever torn twelve isolate new found glory. And Reel Big Fish. Sounds about right yeah I think the last summer when it was in 2005. And I saw rancid avenge seven fold when they were on the sides the a glass Johnson only bomb anti flag Less Than Jake. Now it's a good year man I still love all of that so back into the gorge before there's trash fires. Idea and they were like lighting the port of bodies on fire. A literal trash fire. Astle and they shut down the campsite for that because. From what I heard but you're. Posters. Signs sponsor weasels. Regular ruled burned and our camps act anyway hang its. I don't know how to we got there. Anyway there are rumors going around about the 2017 lineup. The warped tour and it's looking a little. The movie boom most importantly they'll be 25 less spans than usual. To ensure the ears quality varies so many bands kind of suck on that Torre most of the time. And it's nice to like Whittle it down to some bands that people actually give. About does that translate to either review in the same way it did for mayhem fest again like they were cutting out all of vans tennis. How foolish you can't and afforded us at the same thing when I first saw this announcement I mean they're not wrong and cut. They're not wrong so they can afford to have like bigger bands and bring more people out and I don't think a lot of those bands get paid them much Neil work for the price just. And do it for seniors who they follow the tour around in their own fans here rate anyway Bad Religion lag wagon CK lie. Blackmail bride. And it and black males he breed and war are allegedly playing this year five bands from epitaph records in five bands from fat records. So it's still have a bunch of punk fans. War canceled the gore BQ is there working on any record so it's possible that. They don't have to work around that policy quorum in that bitch I don't wanna see in CKY. Gain an edge. Diane in an an an an an any name it did and didn't danced in hand to gain did you visited a dvd did did dvd Gainey thanks. I think I'm gonna do and I'm not up to. I'm. Does it put you through impacting on you guys judge done. Through your entire body or are you tired your tired the tired repaired I'll be able to bring CRA you're gay guys might have started the battle but you're not gonna win all our. DD fifteen G and indeed it did it didn't. Law and let it be honest though I kind of missed when the word tour is at the gorge. He had admitted feeling a little bit more of like. The war adventure and a team hump. I'm fourteen continued drive to kill Anthony simmer until her parents like. You little pools. Below I wasn't Good Charlotte in your room. Who who don't really need drugs now has fifty goes buyers still something cool magic is in the box again bombed out on the wall messed up by course lunch but if it's outside thinking to spray the whole place down our this might not be meant only inspect seam metal heads wanting to do this you can now get married at Taco Bell for 600 dollars. What does that make the most perfect sense there that has so go to Vegas. And you can get married in a Taco Bell at the Taco Bell canteen. Nice Taco Bell that it is nice article nice that I thought wait so that's only in Vegas was like adult type of thing. OK all right you can't shove to the Geary and Taco Bell you ought to ditches and they're like oh OK here yet. When we get 600 dollars a total of my girlfriend wants bears Taco Bell there's a competition going on to get a free marriage. At the Taco Bell but if you don't win the competition you can judge 600 dollars to get married at the location this summer. Include these ceremony and a top twelve pack the descendants delight. Sin upon the likes cake and a private room fiddled fifteen people you'll also get some wedding wedding need. Only at Taco Bell merchandise sauce packet garter. A boat trying to make amounts who K in matching Taco Bell just married teacher it's for the bride and groom. I'm the idea that taco twelve package. Did the least they can do that also hearing hello 600 Dallas. Well you know as we rounded down every. Podcast episode of metal shops backstage pass we need to ensure realm of depravity that is unknown to most human beings it's called brutal poetry to op radio tonight. Kevin as usual has unearthed another from jam. God damn it. This is a passage from a song. Entitled malignant speculated he didn't. By cerebral incubation from this exceeding own excrement Kevin. If you. So were his reading through my body. Rips flash Ryder open. Pus filled infected bacteria spread to all my organs. Its past the point of surgery. I think this might just kill me. This crippling virus rare erase all my organs malignant speculated regional in my life. I can't stop this hat from happening. Need to smoke weed. More painfully dry. Sex doll it's like smoking Kelly -- it's been dipped in doo doo. Home we are. On the legions it's cheaper than annoys me an extra crispy like a two piece not a Popeye the disorder is now consume my brain. I have a never ending Boehner. I won't. I once said the guy forgive me the wrong Soto. Hunts so June if you wanna chill just hit me up on the space for a. At that gold right gentlemen congratulations cerebral incubation malignant speculated legion. On make sure to listen or podcaster that they in every that we did with more Marco tonight on metal shop the guys maniac and he's a bad ass. Any final words before and out for the week boys in the Obama's base in the up on BB. Thanks to listen and see you next week treats those. Shots sticks.