Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 110 - Headbangin' Trumpet Players !

Sunday, March 19th

Welcome back to the Backstage ! This week we discuss Ian getting a vacuum and going undefeated on Madden, Kevin nerding out on vintage toys, Ryan discovers Modby's hardcore roots, Wormrot is laying off the U.S, touring for a bit, Dimmu Borgir is releasing a new DVD, there's a Revocation song in the Power Rangers movie, Danzig unveils a new festival in SO CAL, Warbringer is coming back to Seattle, R.I.P Chuck Berry and we sample new music by Scale The Summit, Skyclad, Memoriam and Lock Up. Horns up ! 


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You know why are listening. Shops backstage press. Hello welcome back to middle shops backstage that. This is an hour episode 110. Hole in the oldest were beaten up there. It's cool though it's it's nice to see. You know I don't know if you guys. Have listened back to the old episodes like the first you know whatever. When he episodes in a while yeah I have ever felt like thirty on a disk in my cards if you sometimes. It's pretty funny like hearing how he evolved and stuff and we're still those same. Pieces of yet still the same engine brownies my name's Ian that's given Beers helo one and mr. and the beard. Hello so gentlemen the sun came back for like one in day this week yeah all my neighbors Ramona along that would give us did you get to go out in the sun and now I set my health thing pretty. I wouldn't solve the bill goes spearmint. On the day it was released on that day the son the day of the Sony and the north wasn't the one. Like twelve hours of on yet they said actually ironically the day before that they've they have been almost three entire months straight of rain. Regardless in pale appeared yes yes we are. They're ridiculously very very ghostly where I where she get lakes back Hawaii my hand but is there anything to do with the Sonera is that pain and happy to. Activist scaled Sheehan lakes what do you do on the day of Sandra and I. The salary caps plague. Or aren't aren't great. We're we're angry youths were I was there the aggressor and cracks in my blinds and I was like oh that's nice and the investor Christopher can I have a video games I got a new ladder at the end of last summer was like a new latter than it used to get so my route. Glowing and I have my neighbors are in for a bomber of the summer I mean he's sitting up there. For in stunning and on my last start earning power cards plaster crack or spoken to do. That's awesome what a bizarre combination do you have a flat earth. Or do you have flake two bit there's there's a flat section of the group that's this perfect hey you know what you'll hear how she can do over the do you want what I do censor myself. You didn't I did. They can go back now is the SEC. He he was eons power cuts are coming from new Delaney he dropped a little song they don't. He did not the docile made the unison as the day it is a positive. 30000 dead children has been a couple weeks what he does not suit I got a new vacuum cool site. But you'll choices you jump in there to get old when and so stow family value great I have one billion my favorite story go to his Home Depot ask. I'm an old man who oppose great I like target them personally I hadn't vacuum my four for like. 44 or five weeks gross because my vacuum. Someone who lives in my house that wasn't me you back seemed to have some water into it. Thirty dollar giant mole did forty dollar jive for knowledge it molded and corroded my motor from the inside. GM that was a 300 dollar vacuum so I had to guess than a 150 dollars underneath and backe thanks Josh well great song titled. Molded and routed from the inside that isn't good that's a good and they go but now since you have this new vacuum I want and now. It's how much money would take for you to you smoke. A couple balls were. That that you actually we now all that all the vacuum we'd be out late you battle not dated in that bag and then take up the lead in a wanna know how much it would take so here's the thing like when I moved into my house the few people that had before them had like three dogs right behind him so you know when you move into a new house there's both selection and put the carpet and paint the walls and since it was brought down from a friend they didn't have that trust nobody was supposed to be done professionally so they paid my landlords to get in clean. And my mom came over and help remove myself finisher in the vacuum over at one in time. And the whole thing was full of dog here it's an island they just pocketed guys yeah thanks for fast and cleaning the carpet. But no that's why I would never indeed that. Buddha. No limit to how much money would it take here. 101000 dollars okay. Everybody has America achieved. I mean like OK if it was vacuum we do but if it was like the hair and dust one million and that he did right and got us on the T the president go whale at camp way way. So 101001. Deep. Exactly 56 and that I also got Madden this week nice you denied converted to the Madden I get it now yeah. I don't really likes sports games but I like football a lot and I've gained. Went undefeated in my first season and won the Super Bowl and won every game by like fifty or sixty points. Someone are fun like animated today stick on him and he turned prints and enough and magic card tournament or something like that. You should know pro and not because I'll be the first when you get in the fight with them is bigger in the intro just don't become like guys saw the true like I'm addicted to Manhattan. That's in my Wear like a hot girlfriend is on account take off it she's like hey we should hang out we should go on a day that. Hold. On get on a team owner and chairman pitch I got a soccer or August or no I don't get that because the game is the same. Every time via literally so I played like the most I've played in a session was like three games it was like. I gotta take a break this is discussing things and over and over. Especially when I was winning by like forty or fifty points. What you're good enough that maybe Asian decent man turn it means is really good money be made you need professional gamers which is insane you man. Billion dollars took on Mike Eaton and it'll. Street fighter turned around Vegas bottle in his crazy and ate it wasn't even the big winner. And yet at him like that there's explicitly that helps them. What's up. And now the money anyway it's you know and well money animals all I mean he's he's really. Players you Bernardin Korean Vietnamese like I've December mired. We can't give that as an. Do you boob who. Ryan what did you do in the last couple weeks would even empty been busy work and man I've been working work and Morgan. Guy is W archival crack has been conceal my entire existence. What have you found because that. I am not sure if anyone's really aware but KI so he's can mean moving as far as like removing a little closer to downtown honesty is gonna condense it a little bit. Pretty using as an opportunity to get rid of some stuff into a purge some stuff we we have so many recordings from back in the day that we're where archiving so what are some of the cool stuff that you but he wielded this. And two and one of the jams with what's in. The count why buy and I just totally Brit part of his name as I'm looking in my Reese is an idea it's distracting. The jaded Tommy cat on primus. Famous it is Paula I mean that's on the wealth but he let's see there is there is common. Here is what who else rank and don't normally what are the vote. We're gonna make them an anxiety attack while out and oh. You'll you'll notice right now it's it's. The guy who it is. He did that Tom Waits. Is Tom Waits out Clive. Downey and KE DD. And he insisted that they drag a full size stand up piano into the studio mom or his performance that's awesome and DJ asked him about music came and so. We've got to address his piano that we have in the studio because you refused to do this with you had the piano he's you know he's so it's. So where do anything yet her daughter. Author. So that was really cool calm. For for me personally because I'm a huge huge David though Wi fi and there is David but we're recording from king DD violently that Weisel. And it's just him and his guitar player at the time scoring doing some songs basically and that's the only. The the cool stuff about. About all this is this is the only place where these performances. Exit absolutely handle online finding this stuff and says and really really cool going throw us off on the rich heritage now. Yeah the the singer from men at work. Colin hay. Really really entertaining interviews colony really great guy. I was really blown away at. Reggie he was on mental work also a great movie with a Charlie Sheen annually it's merely so. And then I think one of my my other. Big favorite ones on which kind of threw me off as Moby. And I LA yet you suck it up is hard core heritage and yeah it was really isn't it and hopefully that's an. I had no idea that that he had that background and you know I just never really volatile and begin to its future now. Is OK well let's revenue and we're ready Kevin. Wolf today I went to. This pretty fun but honestly it was it was very heavy with the matchbox and hot wheels but I picked up some funny things I picked up ICP action figures tomorrow I picked up a homey the clown doll nice and any really cool carnage from like venom and carnage in Spider-Man. But one thing that was kind of cool as I talked to be one of the guys who's a vendor and he actually loosens the metal shop in conference that the guys from accused is it old school hardcore and metal did pull he runs the what is it called the leaks CD toy fair. And he said it's a lot more like along the lines like and you know video games to they're gonna dusty and dirty stuff less of the cars and we got the talking and I'm gonna have a both there coming up here in April and to have like meaning wrestling stuff and he said bring BNT shirts and records and just little. Such is going to be it's kind of like gay Kevin Boothe pawnshop yet take or. Per shopper when you call it. Your bedroom partisan I don't know. Flea market that's sort out area we markets so yeah I'm gonna you know where oh where is. Some lake city lake city community center that are a lot of PP has updated now lease on lots of her if they have more boots their man I got some gears mentally I'm yet 35 bucks man at all costs money can be there all day and so what do you want so. This genius. I also saw the Bilko experiment which I wanted to mention real quick if it's don't blow it now its armada blowing very X excited for tonight it's a movie that was. Written by eight. James Gunn who wrote to who's in the party into the galaxy. And it's you know. Not it not a huge blockbuster or anything but it was released this week and a siren though the opening day. It is extremely gory extremely brutal. And honestly it's being marketed this way so they're saying it's office space needs that aren't as Dahlia and he's exactly like that that's also. Dean. Some of the sickest you'll scenes of Emerson my goodness he's not ready everybody knows that there's a couple of co workers that they have that is currently in mind exactly. Elena it was actually sat with your remaining option was he was laughing. It was kind of awkward because I people like. And he was slick. But the woman didn't show. Also knows when without. People get shot in face people get their necks slit cost isn't laughing just wrapping up and that. If they do you're mother (%expletive) is a statement. So. All right it's fifteen well a little bit of the news that we haven't talked about last week YouTube. We decided behind the scenes that we are not gonna get too political or whatnot because this is the music podcasts you and I mean exactly. We're already unite people but that's that we get what a car. Meant a warm rot canceling their upcoming US two hour. That's it's definitely think. So they have. We're gonna be doing a pretty lengthy tour here in the in the US with I had several bands and they've been witnessing some more and more and more band being turned away at the US customs. And they said that it wasn't worth the risk coming to America without the right paperwork which they say is expensive. That makes sense I mean you know it's it's sad thing that. It's interesting that there was a preemptive strike by them to do that because. I think we're the first bands actually got turned away was a big old Soviet Soviet they were supposed to play here in the northwest they're tort cacophony go to SXSW. At a post hardcore band. They were gonna play and a radio station here in Seattle but they actually got. They got stopped at the corner and that's your own circle sent home so it's that it's a sad thing to see you know a lot of incredible bands that are probably going to not be able to play here or not. They smears against Y yeah. They say that and there are that we apologize for William. For postponing the two were until next year when we can focus on a full length tour and have all the right papers I sincerely hope that this it's worked out. That's a long time ago men a year thought a lot can happen any. Coppola did takes true. But Phillips here a little piece that you scaled the summit here's. A little more for the royal orphan. Hoffman in the central called in a world appear have a have little nugget he tasted it. Let's get bed inside skills. It's obviously. The new record does well in the world of fear come on May nineteenth this as members of archenemy Fallujah stars symmetry and more will guest on the record. That's possible from school life. Yeah shut out two I Killian from Felix Martins and Houston you bass player for skilled Summers while he's on this records. For him to print. You are didn't look like Dini borders got their new live dvd cog forces of the northern light coming out. On April 28. 2017. Cool. Ryan was just the one who is saying that he saw the first trailer with the Norwegian radio orchestra. Which I think is pretty huge and Fiat says almost 100 musicians and actions. Am a lot of people's chads that head Bain trumpet player does that guy was he in doing it and they did stokes. I'm not gonna play this good they're speaking Norwegian so. We don't speak Norwegian and if you do then you can find yourself so. There's battle it blockbuster season is kind of come and early this year a lot of big movies and just becoming out Jon quick 20 obviously. The. New King Kong movies little island just you know Logan just came out and announce this week Power Rangers is gonna come out and you got a cheesy but true to form. It probably is gonna be cheesy I'm gonna go see it it's. You know if that was of my time period when I was a kid involved Paraguay corridors the and they're gonna have this big reboot remake and am pretty stoked so. That's up reader pulls out. Alongside some re vocation relocations communion the song is gonna be appearing in the Power Rangers movie itself. And that is awesome did a wonder. Where it's going to be and how we're gonna use it. It's got to be like the game like big monster bank is George C you know whatever they can call that thing. Yeah that's also Malia. Do you occasion the Danzig just today announced that he's going to be -- launching an upcoming blackest of the black camping festival the move can be a memorial they weaken this year may 26 and 47 in Orange County California. They say there's going to be at least twenty different fans twenty different attraction evil attractions so maybe like a carnival style weird. Bought they eat before the delta problem be out next week so hopefully we'll have something more to say about you know so far and we Danzig. And ministry. And twenty other greens on memorial weekend this year. Killer sounds like your time speed of a good time both breakers kicking off a full US tour. Which is pretty slick or outlet not not yet that's a full you just aren't there we've seen a woman in Canada student yen. Looks like the only come through on to. March 31 yet at the high line cool not to be missed policy Khamis. Again Khamis oath breakers great lives too awesome so warmer air was just here this past week ago long side have Vick. And X mortars at studio seven and they've actually extended their tour life because they're going to be coming out again. On in. Many yards and they would do or structuring jungle rot held Bender in demons within that's a hell of a show. Gonna be coming back on May 24. At studio seven once again instead of 10 if. Things that I always respected about war bring your guests like when they were especially in the first started like when they had their full lineup and everything was good they were. Always on the road that's true men like you could literally count their own days off yourself. I'd like paying attention the announcements for their next tour so I mean they're taking it seriously that's who they say you got it many got to hit the road and get yourself out there so. It for them we'll see them back on May 24 that a studious Evelyn destruction absolutely all right so I've seen a lot of lake out back and forth this week. I know both Kevin and myself listen to the the Jamie just to show that just to show the podcast on iTunes and on line or not his most recent guest was mastodons brand. Brit kinds. Talking about Judas Priest and this has been like and oft quoted mean source this last week or so. He said quote I don't I really don't like battle I grew up listening to priest but priest is not meddle. It's not metal people. It's rock in mother and roll. Who in their right mind that has a brain in their head thinks the Judas Priest sounds like a metal ban cell like this I always troll and ours yes that's what I keep hearing people BMI he's just saying that of the people keep talking about per share. Could he get his way back and forth with yapping about liking metal not liking metal pieces don't fit defense he's suing him for the fans gave reason I was ready to get people talking about it. While there isn't he macedon record coming out so check Basil stir. Arabs and get people talking and generally give of people think obviously with what he wears to the grammys and. Now the Smart not not as disloyal. Directly start beef with other hand these as a guard Eugene disposals are ridiculous and off it's like good news. He had new style he's starting beef with the Internet for a certain beef with the net metal manners. You learned version mailed by men. So I say let's not take debate in just flat but often that at this point the pattern was the mastodons got to follow a pattern. Exactly. The error I think everybody has some gonna learn from that situation so I think you guys should talk about this because I know you guys are big into Jasper. Well yes he'd tell you about Jesper Strom lads brand new band there indeed. Yeah all right so while we were talking about last that last week on metal shop how at the gates had just lost the guitar player and we are hoping that maybe he would be the one who's chosen. But Amy ray not happen because he's now got a new band cults Ira. Featuring IGT. From. Emirates and mr. Jesper Strom landing NB a spine farm records in the got a brand new record coming out. In the fall they sort of at a record Caribbean for a year or so I'm sure they've. Written the music as a big and I'm just glad to see see him happy healthy and new music again. So they're germ or Alex I was also and rhapsody and annihilate her and Peter you worse. From inflames plane basins and now that's also an idea at all that out of inflamed sink in the span here that's pretty slick let's get news. Iced earth kind back with a new album incorruptible. It's gonna be the a follow up to 2014. Album plagues of battle line they just wrapped up mixing and mastering it thirty new full length ten tracks. And now hopefully it'll become an upward by the end of the year so we can hear some brand new I served. You member of the band it'll trump anal trump goes a little bit us anal trump because I think its members of some bands we know are yet Travis ran from cattle decapitation. It's a quote anal deemed to be and I mean it's it's. Kind of self explanatory but it. They do is go to new EP and 100% of the nest now appropriate to go or proceeds are going to the ACLU that's awesome the American Civil Liberties Union. So Lou it's ridiculous stated. They wrote a song called the ACLU has gained a ball. It was just 12 long must the song titles and leaders are out yeah exactly try to download you know if you don't get it causes cross make me look fat don't get upset. Take a look into it before you start freaking out man while. OK so lock up is another grind core band they are not in eagle treaty band that's they are featuring members of napalm death index numbers of brutal truth. They thereof premiering a full album stream of their brand new album. This is in six stuff I remember running in a couple weeks backer AB last week he picked. One of the songs for the peered packed so when we play a bit of a song here and gut check out with new gossip sounds like. We'll talk desolation architect that's something during court. Good to me meant they go from the music man locked up. Mickey. Who is an amazing drummer who has done some of the most. Insane drum solos I've ever seen in my life. Is the subject of a brand new documentary called a week in. See what he's up to you and me are showing the first in pierce. In person viewing of him meaning Gilani memorial statue at the so alarmed girl so cool. It's for idea. Pretty emotional man pretty pretty wild I don't want playing on here it's just. Honestly I need to see for yourself kind of a personal moment again but it it's. I don't know it's it's just that detailed life and death and a in the life of amazing Iraq and yet Madeleine. And being things. Very cool speed of Madeleine being insane negative bassist and throw pastor. David Ellison is going to be discussing theology of heavy metal we expand non. He's been an interest in really easily Lutheran pastor what are you guys just ahead. Apparently he was speaking at the university of any means and yes Edmonton rather I've got a quote from here he said it's pretty funny isn't it. When you fight god you have struggles it's an uphill battle but when you surrender to it human braces. That becomes like a jet engine rockets you forward not just with great success spoke with the it's. I'm OK David. Whole lot more of that. At the maid at. Faces the theological. And heavy metal lyrics. Thing. You know god who's god. Yeah now I wanna ask him if he still thinks electricity is magic. What is that I CP is the united CP now now now and and it is five magic is in five magic let me explain electricity is magic. Nice well yeah it's magical man. I am okay you still are moving on from that it's. Awkwardness. Of being called sky clad from the UK the ire of one of the first. Kind of like woke pagan full metal bands I don't from Lutheran to pagan. They heard they have a new album column called. Forward into the past it's due out on April 28 unlistenable records and now we have a new song called change is coming here. Start by. You can say. There and you didn't hit the now let's move on us some new memorial on X bolt throwers. X both birds with cerebral fix members and what's the benediction you now. This one is called resistance but fear little piece. It's like new. Old school death metal. They go on that grid. This crap about isn't right here. Totally months she doesn't play video game. For our bowler and. Racing when he. Filtered out literally moved. No doubt are but yeah he's like I can't my game I've been login browse them. And I'm Jane my band that. Might GDP. Behemoth is. Plotting a spectacular new album apparently. There mixing a live record. And and her ball he said that they have a great hunger to make music. With his marine band of course he did he does this is Sy project. Mean and that man which is the kind of country lose the full key dark stuff. But yeah he said he came back with a great hunger to make new music for behemoth. And. That's awesome. Am excited so I gather currently. Working on a you live album and they're also have some plans for the summer. As they are teaming up with slayer and lamb of god for like the biggest metal core of the summer. Have you ever noticed at least recently how Jesse Lee has like the choppy as. He is like sideburns of all time Yankee. Janet what do you recall his green side burn a the issue and on he is a war marine like Wolverine without any hair on top. There burn like green breathing Kelly's balls we just kept the middle part slicked back like a model Netscape. He's rocketed him and it's just funny if you look he's got stuff he's got any band that's going to be a hardcore punk side project inspired for his love for early albums like minor threat seven seconds discharge in black. Cool. So who would decide project. Don't Obama or so hasn't he needs. You can sell them it says it's also necessary outlet for singing slash yelling style and lyrics that I can't fit in any other banner project remembered. My fifteen year old self is quite proud of me go. So be on the lookout for that probably only in this here. Randall. So we talked a bit about good glued trolling. Of the members of macedon. To the online metal community we can also witnessed some. Lives shenanigans of macedon they'll be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in April I called slime him on April 3. What you don't like Jimmy Kimmel either. Now I don't like Fallon or Kimmel I'm OK with camel than what you wanted to slap them I'd say give your phone. I think we just caught you again you thought I was ballad I'm not an ally authorities have found. Had democratic governor. You generate. He balance among. As it is the like any tonight action he's like Jimmy felt that that's remember yeah triggered that I. I handle the guy. It's no play no issue do you should. If we can bring Jerry Kelly and here's some time that do live interview just with her ivy so bombed out. Now you've you've you could finally let it off your chest mentally do you saw what that means that a lot and I. Like why did you laugh at every single sketchy were ever in an ass and now what do you credit your hand when you try to be because it's funny Ryan it was those people eat. I. Know. And I don't. The equipment. Everything I every and then he eleven on the way to the bank moved again I couldn't even go to Jurassic enjoy Jurassic Park without getting balance happen to them. Maybe she needs some of that ice cream in doing that. If that's. That's out of that movie came off or that seen the film came on when they're in little ball and Alan I'll ask it to her got it in the middle of the movie theater I just what. I. I ask everyone I like why there's there's one guy like three rows back in certain Latin. You know like I knew I'd I wish I could have figured out who was gives him an eye on the exactly. I condone this data background is very computer than amusing. If you Jimmy Fallon. This appreciate your back I change into a way sexy Steve all of me why you gonna I have an awkward. Arthur mine our eyes welled up. And let's let's silence item be serious here K because Chuck Berry has officially passed away at nine years old. He's the founding father of rock and roll music means such a shredder such a bad ass on the guitar. An undeniable guitar licks just. Total bad ass he died at his home and getting in Missouri and once whom Missouri about 45 miles west of Saint Louis. So rest in peace. I mean like I grew up listening to oldies and in the car my dad because that's what we had the tape decadent and the radio you know. But I'll never forget like even I'm not trying to take credit away from him but that scene and back to the future area out at the end of the dance ball. Where he's gets up there and plays Johnny B good. Awesome Elliott and down Chuck Berry was a kind of a crazy and you also from what I hear. He wasn't like of an Angel by any means but no I am fresher nominee these rock and roll has our as an excuse or whatever but he. Deserves arm a lot of attention at the very least just the tip of the cap because like I said we're in we're talking about earlier on the air. I don't think any of us would be here Whipple wasn't for that guy. I am breaking the rules. Pretty much so. He's hanging out at Lenny now. That it's a whiskey. All right it's that time of the evening here on the metal shops backstage pass podcast we answer. The middle shop brutal poetry. Too hot for radio lounge where we truly truly attempt to hit new lows on a weekly basis tonight. Or today or whatever the it is for you we provide you passage from being called or. From their record lust for torture. In 2004. Years are gracious. Prophylaxis. Can be taken away. Malicious. Mobile and gets. Operates in bacterial. That you know assists. Performing the aggressive defensive separating. Left open to list. Mel dearest innards pelvic inflammation. And chronic infection of flu in two it's a more big treatment to wrenched in plus. Statistics ought to mean cadaver type of nutrition and fish. Reflects is the importance of the intestines Nantes. Has sneering Delaney. With Jerome went three. The heel yeah. Exhaling bacteria. From oral defecation. Dead body mass vacation. In oral sex. Or. The pole sitting penis. Devoured by the herpes Oscar. Yeah. After. It receives the wave of Reid urged her excrement. The spongy tissue skip. Bullet to reduce the penis. To boiling to what they did. Net group phallic reproductive. Violent or him. Yeah. Getting the snapped and I can't I'm like yeah finances and work after hearing that. That's when things go. Hurry year's Oscars. What his dad. Durations prophylaxis well there again I was you guys have a plan for episode 101. And once again when tent way out that this well Lindsay is next week fluently. When nameless and time. We as the. Later. Metal shop peace. Shops backstage.