Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 112: Thistles in the Pooper

Sunday, April 9th

Kevin gets weird with a game of would you rather, The Beard forgets a VERY important date, new music from Dimmu Borgir and a few others, Metallica has a special contest for local bands and Ian gets a new grill.


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You are listening to. Middle shops backstage press. Office metal shop backstage pass that episode number one and what look back up in last with a 112 hours of audio brutality. Common name is the end that's Kevin. And now we're back again managed good to be back last week we took a week off the podcasts and have put up the decree for interview that Kevin did with that we K threat it was yeah chase the gatekeepers and Oz and then if you haven't had a chance. They're like man I don't wanna hear that I don't know that in check it out because we actually put in a couple assaults in that band in other traders men that it is. Things. Yeah and so low enough we had a couple shows this week we should probably talk about in retrospect back in and both on the same day you know last yes there was would have actually kind of fell in love with the local mental grind. A no brainer here at a fan of them I think we should. Feature them on the local episode which he called Ryan Ryan appeared to grind the beard I think I guess that's it two out of ten on the job skills but they opened up for a more fist in swallow the sun over L core zone but we. You know I got some Thai food and we have been there for a minute Mark Bryant and we had to go over to studio seven where we sought at a Sonia. And bands that I've never actually seen before. What was learned Caspian Caspian they act. We're pretty cool their their as a kind of typical bay and the EC at CU seven if you go to metal shows. The kind of post Robert mono mom lie like explosions this guy can yeah it was good going to have really good stage and lights still I don't know what was going on there like. Sometimes studio seven and we've seen some shows recently where we go in there in the sounding this is like. Move what that show was like I swear to god it was like CD quality minutes everything was in perfect that's awesome so Caspian is not quite a full on bull on man kind of more of a band yeah enough yet like it's like a general James van highly vulnerable ice cream. Kind of feel it I feel it's only downfall of the times yeah. I'm an affair on a full bomb that Tyrone fire maybe not Dan stands. To Abu if but if they record shows and then I would have to go to vote they should've just smashed both of those shows together somewhere about. Such is life. Is so last night actually worked my first pro wrestling show for defy it's not tomorrow wrestler but I was do not yet facts. Stage up Promos form is really fun we had some. Incredible matches it's that Washington hall. And defy threes coming up next Nate or on our next month in made. And some really great matches it was 100% sold out you gotta see this venue it's it's aware that it's washing your hall on Capitol Hill. The used to have a ton of punk rock shows pay don't says the last time he went to a show there. In 198789. C verbal assault. But yet got a balconies really classy looking in is that some municipal waste back in the day where they have the town hall sometimes actually might have been amateur. But yet the one thing that was really notable about the show is that others is an awesome women's match is gonna go on. And it's a three way dance between soon young who is like her character is the corpse bride. And to rather awesome wrestler K guardian Angel and eleven they all get to the rain and then all of a sudden. The fire alarm goes off I'll own defense this smoke but it was too much smoke and to create kind of the on beyond green and and everyone pats and get out of the venue we all had to leave the firing of the via the firefighters came they get a quick check in that guy who was the caretaker of the venue. He was like I know what's going on just violent check it out real quick and then we'll get the show go on. But it was funny I'm glad it wasn't in the middle of the match it was literally like right Isabel around the fire alarm match and the fire. Everyone. Filed out for like twenty minutes. Displays of weirdos that an outside looking out the all the wrestlers had to be out there were on their type type and speed goes and just like there does. Sweaters. Draped over on and it was hilarious and it took a good twenty minutes but it was actually perfect that it happened because they had one of the headliners Jeff Cobb. He was racing from the airport to get there hoax that he was maybe Leahy he would have been late if it wasn't for that fire. I wonder if that was he could be an. Befitting a conspiracy but anyways it was awesome ticket defy NW the fire alarmed ought to be there and half an hour. Definitely. Follow him on a cigarette FaceBook cause that defy NW you'll be able to see meet. Interviewing some big and burly dude it's get a enemy that's cool my question is are you gonna get these IE. I know you thought about it. Mean yeah sure the double time sitting fun but you know involvement I don't I have enough respect what they do. I'm not gonna try and get my toes in there. A cat took maybe even beat it would have. Look like a special appearance or something like in doing an interview on on the you know on the on the in the scored circle there optical bump. Yeah yeah chair you know take a chair all of you know if if the situation. Rises. I am I would beef totally stoked with like go onto a table in aflame sort of phased in didn't stab in the gut. You know taken in the box cutter to the leg. You can't get him in venereal disease what are they and she is calm down but I'm not gonna Kinney on season is like. If I would have started wrestling. At 1819. LB Ali in the you know what he can sit back I'll stand back in a Buick thing you know help out what I can't. Of that wrestling give the post this week that was only out did they take wrestling the next level that was that you'd pouring out of box of Lagos in the imminent and as that company called combat zone wrestling in the usually do. Brutal like like no rope barbed wire matches in a ha bomb matches in all kinds of stuff. Actually what device documentary. Which was actually done by deem me and I really and it's on combat zone at wrestling like. We GA they do it out the farm. And because yeah it's not very up and and they smash like tubes over each other's parents often and you don't want that in a building because you can get top a top poisoning from them yet idea. And so they. It's a man they they take scissors and excellent people on scissors. It was featuring. Was he took a huge barrel. Legos of sordid Lego pieces he threw it on the ground of the Matt. And and he slam someone amen and you know how bad it hurts when you step on illegal in the dark and edging leading body slam by you 300 pound dude. On the leg was on your back. Hilarious check it dichotomy yeah I gotta post that on the metal shop page yes she's yes definitely look at the BP H either way what are you gonna do city and music. Well I've been up play a mass effect three who were just like and dirty you know. A feel it just means they're doing some more exciting with my life plan. Well the big barbecue yeah and awesome would you would you. Popping cherry went. A couple hot links actually cool. He but it didn't. Poor white trash that some hard enough on the skin and love holing the Iverson's I was little kid didn't like the classic old bluebird of local one down. So give me anyway for those things split down the middle starts bitten Greece as your roommate Josh put any like a microwave burritos on Marion Navajo but I guess after the yeah I think Josh and I. But yet if he did actually go to the storm he was like came home with. A bunch of dogs and and burgers and in yellow mustard. And I got a quick hop pretty yet. I would you rather. Take your penis and put it on eons. Hot. And not man runs his is his grill for like two minutes are too many it's okay. Wife Nancy their second two or three sack in the 32 speeds or going on like you're asked for a day was stinging nettles. Who's to. Be forced to Barack Obama that you have to at six times I'd I was gonna say just wouldn't would you be guaranteed that he heal after both on. Yes like back to normal. Back to normal among isn't backing them depends on how we are European tardy looks. I Illinois two point. Idea I have to go to an adult man can I just off myself now and how how do either of them the option like saw. I think that's in the medals did. Yeah. Do you mean they put up 400 degree grill may need to have a permanent hikes earmark any day I'm going with the Dick Cain Olympic style. Yeah cool we can come on over next time have a barb and have a blister. The stigma and voting because of eternity Naseem. Nazis and. Speed of krill mark my my buddy Neal who has a permanent remark on his ass from when he was awesome to film a grill the yeah. I have photo pro I should post that up in the middle job and I think there will be made it a AT&T has stoked about he showed up at. He showed up at my house randomly no warning just I'm sit mileage your knees kicks in my door the Steve lives in Missoula. Just want to Miley I'm just like it was a dude. We don't you want like call first or subsidies now beauty man I'm in town figured they are on here. Like I waste and pancakes like Burton wordy there would even up too easily I just got back from Tyler and check this out neo cons of societies were a teacher at the justice Thailand. All ages from its all I can be easily. Wrong weren't you here and via a grill last McGhee over there just what what do you think it was wrong with you is like your quote dirty mind of a save anything and she always yeah that he you know. Boy are out of that means. Went to the nail show on. Destiny that turns their heated now where and then bastards Croatian Army which was arm Smart move. Our photographer friend other Neil photography guy. He was front and center for the nail shout a Neal has not seen nails before. He's an idol Yankee goes to a lot of heart portions and he did kind of have an idea he was like he posted before the show he's like I know he's gonna get not only there is no barrier. But I yet your he had no I panel I'll be easiest. That kind of situation. That dude got decimated he's still hurt it was more eighty Brady's camera camera camera again yeah yeah and the equipment. Because that camera probably worth more than hospital bill yup but he was saying that he's friends with one of the guys in the band he's talking to them after the show. And indeed told him. That is one of the top five New Orleans Neill shows that they aptly that's awesome which is super rad and so really proud of Epson one. Bad timing for an for Neil yeah. Fallujah I think that's a perfect venue to have that show because of the people that work that then you're so familiar with craziness of hardcore shows from having by. Having the rink that's their for the last few years. Other dislike than ours hand we know what's up when I got to block these people from stage diving and there's no barrier so I saw how much security as stage at the top ranked then you go out and all of a flashlight not it's on real quick he pulled on a second hole and I think guys. Are you aware that it's Rex Manning day you have a son that's saying. No mole mode nimble. You never watched empire records apparently. And classical our remembered Brenda beard cannons suck my. But yeah I mean they easy to catch up on your ninety cinematographer I understand it slots at some point but times and are members in my life. Yeah the give one man. If I'm not correct verify and creditable over the they take that record store money in bed at all on blacker yep and lose it and then they have to have his benefit show it to save the record soared into record stores to see these days yeah well actually I did get any catching this week at studio arcane and in Ballard right there on fourth avenue school. And I notice that Brett across the street there was a brand new record store than an open really see it. I think you know you're talking about and I asked my tattoo guy I was like hey Scott how long is this place been there he's like I don't know like six months. It in the middle of like all this record stores gig getting shut down like that like they open up and Alan Diaz though. I was Ella me sicker around that I forget what their record stores called blood to the I think is that end they actually specializing in all kinds of old school like rock and punk and metal and stuff I think. It got in its it's really need each is so that's the way they state. Stayed you know operable operable operable how unreadable I wanted to mention in a special shout out to be an iron long they have this weekend going on. AA. Really cool fast at. The very project it's the iron lung. We like festival or things we like festival and yes it was founded by Jensen from iron long. And it's an iron long records showcase its art showcase art show on the IDJ's performing like weird and music but last night he was. He was. Headlined by ace eight in secret reunion but cold sweat. While really an awesome yet one half it was a secret reunion show one time only by cold sweat for an important. Hard core Seattle punk rock band hardcore band and I couldn't go to those were gonna wrestling guy saw my friend posting school does not like. What command. John Dean won the most intense for was for a hardcore band of all time. Weirdo very often and it's the only time I've ever seen a black steed who straight edge put X is on his hands with white marker. That's gotten that was really goal line back in the day when I sighed and any held a bat in his hand well he was singing he swung it and it looked like he was about and clobber saw. I saw it and rip also a very intense end up chatter too cold sweat chatter to iron longer rules and Jarrett the Jensen right. And what would you and in this week cinnamon isn't playing guitar incompetent man yeah technical mindless. Living life on good gig he had to. He's not a guy Lindsay because usually your busiest in you know like men have been worked my ass off so well that's really it's been. And it's time. It was on it. You know I I do have to say and I ethically. Up with. My memory because that was my girlfriend's birthday so scrambling trying to find a birthday gift to all of our guys didn't really get down on myself about it. And excellent water on a limited edition color final of each of which by age or wage which is. Cool it's cool that's Colbert they present not a birthday. Now announce arbor for another two months and what are how I was in my head and Hillary are close. On some signature I was happy birthday and our senior. Allah yahweh I want well and I you know water a couple of enameled pins for jacket link something. I'd really put a lot of time in a way it's. So hard at war and she Dallas would have Ebert gave an offer a couple of that is protectionist. And will be lots aren't so forth and choose what you do what you say she's just look to me like I was Dalton. In and she's like day and say if he'd get man had a chance she gave me love she gave me an awkward Hoggan in my woods was strong issues like it's not my birthday. I'm like yeah it's thunderbird tip for another week or so she's a known opera like another two months. Is that it's a broad yep you're fighting power seen actually that Ryan is when he got a good thinking on the spot he'd yeah. No kidding digital audio all right yeah. Pictures side because. Birthday or. It's international you day I don't she doesn't I just love you she doesn't matter to me and you superstar to. You know he's yeah I mean it's refund button right now immediately dealing matter entirely correct. Well here's some free stuff. Because I love you lot so that's the thing if she ever gets mad and throw up and can't basically be like cool you can give me back heading to wicker which record that could see her ears but now I get to buyer two very difference from pat or just population they remembered I want to talk a month ago that's. I'm not an army dramatic. Early help when you actually prohibit my actually forget your stomach I'm terrible when it comes to gates take a key and. For some reason it needs numbers. Do you remember your your own birthday is. Take the mental space in your head for your own birthday and replace them with hers does it's likely there's only like a couple important dates you need to remember in your life. Your own birthday doesn't matter as much as a dramatic. This and what do you remember what it is. Even now hope that I. A test you need to look that up deed yet the only reason I remember anniversaries because on Memorial Day weekend and so. I'd like little three day grace period there you can actually it's just forget about ever dating again that the execution of somebody who now have like tattooed back in the inside a year like little web your fingers and it just she'll never be under your mortgage out or just decent running. Don't remember they remember all of my point exactly how matter ethnic. Well that's what I got that up ration my ass. When we're ready Intel's barbecuing. For the nettles and that's the element on the grill. And when using land in a. I wanna start it is on. I would on the new baby. An opera and you start. And stormy couldn't ghost did I wonder if this is going to be the end of ghost we'll see I mean like. Goes BCE regardless of what that that's a hole and fiasco. So there's been a lawsuit filed against bias forge AK pop up America I guess you know his now well he told our mission out for them on the DL not studio for awhile but being sued by four former members of ghost who have outed themselves just this last week so we can mention that here in a minute. But our allies. Here is that it says here's the TL DR version basically there is a legal partnership that they created where he. But I by he had me Papa emeritus was the one who was receiving the payments and was in charge of compensating everyone and EU just wanna put one guy in charge of that if you don't necessarily have my got band manager whatever than someone just takes care you know. But they're being he's being sued by all four former members of the band some of which have been around since the beginning of the band. That he hasn't been paying them out in a fair manner he's not been splitting up the money's been like taking all these. Paychecks essentially. And claiming to them. That goes hasn't been a money making NTT yet. Which is. Not well obviously because they're huge in doing all kinds of shows. Anyway so he said that once the big and got good and back into the into the red occurred in the black whatever being financial payments once they started making money and then. I'm gonna start handing the money right. So. Long story short I guarantee you there I'll probably just like hey what. The where's our mother money and what app from what I read and hear they've played over 500 shows in the last four years. So 500 gigs especially towards you know the last year or so. Where that plane huge festival Salant out in huge venues. And playing with some of the biggest bands out there. Oh yes sorry we still you know haven't broken period. Yes it was getting sued by the band basically. Do we have on or to read this hole and laugh CB doesn't Swedish now and it's very well summary translated it and it's. There are torn me that's doing God's work translating their team management 32 deck with Torre actually now do you do you do you duty speaking of forty. Four T. 55060. Counts of like yeah I'm a little crazy you like I mean I'm not surprised I guess but at the same time. It. How many under grand am underground ghost fans are there people like get medal I think you kind of like. Don't really care and variety you know I mean like it's hard for me even describe like our we're gonna lose our fan base because we found out that the singer's intrigued kick. I don't know I mean. I'd save face got a pretty solid I mean underground metal mean. Now I don't know I know a lot of fans of go so obviously they're huge at this point but. I don't think they've lost out there and based it doesn't say who any of the get these people played in the who their vans were before but the names where Simon thought of bird tomorrow Rubino. And Hinrich Palme and Martin Huard stat. Stock because of the four other nameless and nameless rules now open. Sole member since 20101115. And fourteen. Well the thing is is seeking to name it he can just you know hire some of the ones and that's that there are everything we're just like. He is treating us like hired hands when the idea was and they said. From the interview he said that they had been very clear from the beginning that they were all going to be an equal part of the band. Because that's what in pain is especially when you start off like that with such a gimmicky kind of gamma Clinton. Blood they can they broke through in the mainstream didn't play like Tony Anderson like the Jimmy Kimmel along and TV shows. You know they play Jimmy Fallon do they were there you know they were talent talent and how much you love Cameron. Honing in on Halloween they were on there so much at once but either way you know it's it is honest clean easy way for him to do that for him to kind of be. Dismissive of there are response or of their part in the band and then just feel like all right well let's put a mask and another guy wants a planned event. I just don't understand you can do that you'd be in its yeah you know I Mena. My big and it's been there for me through thick and then it's been the same way yeah you have one band mate on time don't even eat. Sammy get no money around even before this one night perhaps when I was in a band with a lot of dudes I just don't understand. How you could do that to somebody he's you know had you backlight that depend on why. Part of for a musical around me comfort these guys were all like in underground bands for a long time before this he needed model. Per hour OK okay simple explanation watered model that's based paint sheep I need money give me yours. So the band sleeve he is so so so heavy into if your sleeve pore of your friends of or appear fans asleep chances are you smoke a lot of we'd. This past week's sleep. Kind of released. The cryptic photo it is basically just a mixing board fair encrypt their hold on to week it's on a paper plate that's not. And it's like their their rolling joints in record or I mean it didn't say anything else but who's just been tweeting that out there and putting up on their FaceBook. And and that's to assume that they're working on the new album that their rumored to be working on it's just like sitting on the board though any good engineer be liked yeah go we'd crumbles. And hot dog getting out of here see what is ironic. Does that. If you actually let the lead seep in two years console. Actually makes the sleep record that much heavy. Now now now only as snow here. I do love this bumper sticker on the board just as distort everything perfect. I don't think sleeps can discern anything and now is accused actually problem with this thing east yell at queen's. Black Dahlia murders got a new record coming out coach out there last one abysmal came out 2015. So it's been about two years that are about due for the record you know that's kind of what they do. Let's see here there's twenty seconds of news like a preview let's just puts is player and CC with this. Sounds like this computer world. Tony second. Just beginning about recording drown basically. So there you go. Solely on the leading loop. Aren't aren't like them in the area. Dallas color waves from now I'll formally a denial. It came out this week in actually mentioned that. He Nile for many other reasons that were remain undisclosed. He would it was announced in February that he he was a long time frontman of denial. End it seemed to be under amicable circumstances. But in we're reporting off of metal slats dot net and he did come out with a statement he said I left now for many other reasons that remain undisclosed. Noxious for the reasons they DT yields in their statement. Which were quote unquote to focus on my own planes in recordings. That quote didn't come from me. I was already putting a lot of my time and energy into narcotic wasteland when Nile was not busy or touring. My intention was to you shows and albums with narcotic weighs in on the flip side because I liked stayed busy. I will continue to write and perform music on whatever level like Canas Farouk as long as I can from now on narcotic wesun will be my main musical focus. That's kind of vague. But I think at Paramount. This sounds like something was going on I just time to move on also told him for him I guess but. Didn't sound like now for very long to move on both us and intently the news that suffocation record. No word on a date yet but their guitar player Charlie Rico who play who replaced guy mark case. Mark case last year. Has announced on is to grant at the new suffocation record is gonna be called of the dark light blue who are too high school. I don't tell me more more and voting count. So following his liver transplant that we. The yeah he's sets return to the stage with the band later this month. But in an interview he said he's feeling amazing and he got his size his liver transplant and so he's feeling amazing to be honest with you this whole thing has been insane it's been a crazy ride but it feel better that I felt in ages. Mean I'm fifty years old not a spring chicken or anything but I have so much energy now my whole life seems like its turnaround. I wonder do you ever wonder like who Baku and gave him or. The food that come from you know what were they like what do they do what they do in their life what were they big guy he got fans. It would make me so stoked if there was you know somebody who has had completely different beliefs like Michael Graham when somebody US. Just super super not down with heavy metal music and so on and so forth and now on some kind of twisted. They know it's there are yeah yeah. Well I'm glad he's doing a little man and I guess that last in their last podcasts I hope. And he just keeps it on the straight and narrow my perspective the fact that you have you know another. No they're literal stab at life in the generally somebody day he's up and you Billups. B of another lease on life Black Sabbath have announced that they might be making a blues record. He's Serb posted. The following quote the follow up to thirteen was going to be a blues album but its court on the way. And you would take something like two or three years you properly we thought we might not all be here by that time soon be better to use this final tour first. And then maybe we'll do blues record later. So take that for what it is and I'll hopefully we'll get some more Black Sabbath which here. Yeah obviously we do you know I mean. Are they want us earlier in his story hits more so like a room where. Yeah exactly but I mean he's apparently didn't say that that said though like it makes perfect sense that. On me you know especially with Tony Naomi health health issues and whatnot they wanted to make sure that. They it. As musicians could get another two were in because they wanted to be old and it on the right note also to be able to serve the fans you know they have like made them. Well the healthy and happy you know for the last you know and 4050 years so. It's an honestly if this doesn't amount I would really like to see that if they did give out do you like. I'm not a huge fan of like these bands ago hey he's a costume and in any before in two hours after that everybody liked people spend their entire life savings on men's is the last time I'm ever gonna see him. And then like nine months later in the show back up. I mean whatever that's your prerogative as a musician to do you need to do you. But I hope that they ended it the way they wanted to you and if they wanna continue to use and put out another set of music you're right ahead. So metal blade records founder Bryant's labels writing a memoir it was announced this week billboard. Billboard Magazine had an article on bmg making going to book publishing and others you know going to be books books about it's the prick rocked in the zombies. And as several other bands but also a middle laid records. Book of that's about the history of the label and is about a Bryant's legal and his. Formative years of starting labels so it's a memoir yen and I got to interview him years years years ago when I was working on a college. Newspaper end he was super down and steeper informative so. I would love to I read that book. And if you follow the money into grammar any of its social media so what he's still goes on to the shows like gap and goes and checks out his billions and other new bands and he's he's he's still like fully in control that so. Good for him and good to see them so gone so dead applause back yeah. Arbor watching a porno featuring Warner remember your event or what basis I easily. Porn star alone when he was wearing a shy blue Jersey well I someone are serious and you can check it out. Also in doing programs that go right ahead. That spike in that's like an Evan Seinfeld Jack possible. The dead of Jesus and it hit a ball or FaceBook page says were back. If you haven't figured out yet the original lineup has been jamming over the last few months and working on some new material. We get together to do the vinyl release show for everything it touched falls to pieces last summer and wouldn't you know it. New rich started pouring out. We're working on a new record coming out when he eighteen sometime if you want a case of the new stuff come out to see one of these should lose some metal mosh core. Rises again bring it back to timing and metal core bringing every union or a return back about 1012 years later. Everything old is new again. Come full circle rests in peace to Paul O'Neill did its 61 he was the trans Siberian orchestra founder he was also a music producer. And he produced escort to the 2000 or 2000 Jim Carey version of how the grinch stole Christmas walk he also worked with Aerosmith and sabotage. And but his most well known thing is he was the founder. Of trans Siberian orchestra the group that really just mineralized christened his music. And it is just such an epic epic project with police entrance Siberian orchestra. Our metal shop even though it's not Christmas and they are Christmas. You know it centric group of of musicians but I give a poison Crittenton is that whatever that we want exactly sexual ready to. Christmas jams so. You know Paul O'Neill. Rest in peace man. Our IP. Metallica is doing a pretty cool concert they're doing a concert didn't find some local band openers. For five of their shows. That those five don't include the northwest unfortunately. But that said you could like new beach Chicago next week and forget that now. That said Foxboro. Massachusetts. Saint Louis Minnesota. San Antonio Texas Dallas Texas and Chicago Illinois or the five cities that they are allowing local bands to submit. Demos music songs to Metallica dot com. And they're going to be doing an online voting contest to see which one of those bands local bands gets to open up. How insane would get treated seriously how. In insane would that be T open up for avenge simple and Metallica. In front of like a huge soccer football stadium. That's crazy I mean you know organic and they're not gonna pretty. They're not gonna pay. If you don't need to get paid for that Shannon Brown say yeah. You argued paid deed is that that that is some time and watch your career get huge I mean you're going to be playing TU. 3040000. People that probably never even heard you you're. Yeah like it's just it's Maine it's a numbers game now than a doubt be awesome so good luck to anyone who's in those cities in. Hopefully we it and stick metal on onstage and I think it's cool hopefully they find someone that they like actually pay attention to it maybe they can you know. As Jamie just says a rising tide floats all ships. I like that. Integrity is gonna be going on a tall or they're actually playing like they're only US tour for US show for a while here. This weekend at the united blood festival he played. Friday night. Actually at the I united blood and in Richmond Virginia. But integrity has a new album coming out on freelance records they're first on relapse. And howling for the nightmare shall consume let's check out fallen to destroy he first saw. Often integrity after. I'm pretty stoked for an ally for a new intake Greg. Just the first I think intro song man like the artistic intro song in. I guarantee you it's gonna go to and be absolutely man its integrity did. Here that you're you're you're here have posted a lot video for gateways. Which was recorded with the Norwegian radio orchestra. And quote bombastic choir and it looks like they also did performance and bought an open air. With almost a hundred musicians on stage and this is all part of the new live TV either they're going to be doing. Which is the reason why they haven't put out music for awhile. Makes sense to me yeah. But they also like the rumor is that they're working on the new stuff to and so wants to leave it this is an amazing yeah I gotta be honestly. Its forces of the northern night any live choir live orchestra coming out people Tony he. On Blu-ray and dvd. I'm an escape like halfway. So cool that you typically see him live just. No backing tracks paid yet. Yeah I mean like if that's. Feel like medals you live shows collector that's definitely one for the dvd collection for her. Did you vote. In the game even merited it particularly given the matter to give speech dig deep and bring your. It was a light week for news and metals that's about all we got for the headlines but we couldn't let you go. Before we eat you up with some really crazy stuff. This week on metal shop to brutal poetry to talk radio. Ian will be reciting lyrics from the classic pungent stench album from 1991 called been caught motoring. Who's apparently. Him. Ends in May is speech smash. I hate the way you walk I hate the way you speak. Your site makes me sick and you act very weak. You look like a dumb but go ahead. Full of the only way I can act is to smash you and hates. Not only arrogant. Also being ignorant. You're head is so big like my big elected. You think you could cool it's dumb little fool. You dressed very hard to boring old fart. You're hassles now enough you'll get what you need first the kicking your mouth and a hammer punch to you'd. I'll put my fingers in your eyes. Of smash my fist on your chest. All pissed on your big hadn't. So now what do you think who's the best now our rule over you you know that I'm better than he did well. So shut up and kiss my feet is the only thing you're allowed to do you. Use. It was a pungent stench. Smash up the album been cut but during check it out so it's classic you. We'll thank you very much for listening to metal jobs backstage pass episode. 112 it was a bit of a short one but you know it's all good men can't all be epic three hour episodes. Maybe maybe some time. Depending on what happens next week you'll have a very big in his studio music career national around until then thanks to a thin again the middle fast backstage pass and go itself. I'm mean. And need. Just as good shots backstage press.