Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 114: Do The Trick

Sunday, May 21st

Germs at the gym, things that punk rockers put in themselves, how to buy illigal things with paypal, Chris Cornell, odd places to put australian aboriginal instruments.

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You are listening to. Metal shops backstage press. What's the toughest battle shots backstage pass podcast number 14. 114. Episodes deep. I would say 114 week Steve but it's been weighing more than a 114 weeks we just give a few here we get to Q school lower back last week we had Joseph hi Joseph bachelor Joseph grind on our. My guess I guess you'd call it as an interview for northwest Air France coming up here and a couple of weeks in Capitol Hill yet June 15 seeded seventeenth. Find new lows in high line and Barbosa. Sick lower audience thanks for listening to our end we're back so I generally is that a couple weeks what the result of sorry my name's Ian that's given dear life. And Brian beard hey he'll walk Ryan's party in May and I give them is injured in the UK had the end and I'm happy to say that he wears it on a lot aren't aren't. Is the least stinky is cap that I owned right now that's cool now we just need to smash you in the face with a brick so you really truly look like when it from the party we will party clothes for your face you know I actually got that hat stadium concert I went and saw him. Play at the Western Washington University. About two years before actually went up there. In that he played with people shook ones silica. Kind of pop punk if hardcore band. And if you're Nikkei headlined because. The guy who's in charge of student activities had a certain amount of money at the end of the quarter reflect well. It lets fly out if you get UK let's have a party so they need to be hit plays in I get kicked out like five times for crowds are being. And I jump onstage in India get UK high five me and then threw me by my neck off the speech cynic and yes I got this X on my hands like you're not allowed into. And I try I wiped it off like five different kinds of rubbing alcohol become an and I hit underneath the merge stable while a security guy came in looked forming. Words like telling go to Barnes is like not on he's with us he's with us it's cool he's armored guy come down but he's just party it was a good time what are you would get. Exactly. Alia. Well you got your your fit in the build their mind to what though what he had been doing here the last couple weeks right or not we even though many are working alive yeah I've been. Been working like mad men. Ready for my candidate trip. Yeah just next week yep next week getting pretty excited about that spending six days away from the insanity. Of Seattle would you get you get like later air being in the ears open yet air being Indian for yet they've got hot tubs and swimming pool on the roof. Which I play while. I think full advantage of did you get right to Carter now now just is going up public transportation favors got a really relieved some public transport is a close of the venues you're going to be aren't super close ties are designing are going to be here next week. Go ahead and tell us all about what you're going for going from modified goes past the line at his. Pretty insane and all over the map or who's put aside dying fetus was headlining hear her autopsy ethnic and pulled the cro mag. Our fear is permit I plan on some way that is sad thing come make kids playing. Get them out oh yeah and dying fetus and chrome legs and a hoax concrete and always tale romance. Yeah nails exhumed acid keen to permit a man. This girl disgorge which Kabila on Helena hurdle so yes six days men have fun you vacationing piece that's the game plan last the last time you went up to a modified goes he said that you met up with the gore I'd guys in the shoveled alcohol into your mouth as fast as possible or at the yeah I cannot I got one step on the door man. I got on. Yeah it did and not just yeah a lot lot of around in my case they urging Roman pineapple she's not a classic props to them tropical. For being. You know closet a little bit exit yet that the backstage was it was really insane and I'm looking forward hanging Alison good folks up there we don't die one thing that happened a week ago that make you wanna talk about a little bit that I never thought about before on the ship him. Handlers at -- war zone and it was. Really sticky which is can. Gross. Sorrow and shaking so I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and hasn't standing up to sink washing my hands. This guy who's at the journal turns around starts making funny for washing my hands and talking and how it's gonna kill my immune system. I didn't say anything because what are you seeing that kind of insanity law don't talking when you got your hand GAAP and only got turns around and just walks out of that bathroom door laughing and I'm certain that they can man you just touch it and I you're about to go to touch everything that. In Ben you got him so grows mania and smear that may be certain about germs and things and I saw somebody spit on the floor and the venue and I just sort of thinking about how people are gonna step in that they go home. Track and into their carpets and stop that you needed turned being a manager of flow per day or two either I'll tell you what mentally press. If you really think about it like anywhere that you go you touch things is really nasty like I go to the gym a lot and it is in. If you really like I would not go to the gym thousand German vote no because all the was dumb bells of people Tai chi Le eight. If your touch in lake has people's sweat and everywhere and I know they have these signs like fleece. Clean out back on your show me why don't we she. Did you know one no one does maybe one every five people does that didn't hardly anyone does. The sweat and everywhere their touch and everywhere the picket their nose recently bloggers everywhere. Nasty so in just as I drill our gloves when I'm lifting. That's probably guess I'd better ask them in half. Now let's god and water bottles if you keep the water bottle around and you refill it a lot a lot of people just ten CU. Tend to grab the water bottle and then just keep. Keeping going just. We've fill it up don't watch it very often you but because the temperature of the water bottle it's the perfect. Temperature to get bacteria and just it's it's really nasty ticket incubator for bacteria so well excuse me log and throw up says he got one of those water bottles use we can now Jean. And clean it is like every time you fill it up for every every. Ayers so this is rinsed off yeah. Put in the dishwasher once in awhile Lumia Celek and doctor over here when I'm really probably pretty dirty myself well look at this this radio stations pretty gross to him he asked. I have to wash my hands before and actually several times her show to tender trap where it's gross it's kind of got me thinking too. What do you feel about people spitting on stage I think it's a nasty but you know it's punk rock brow. Depends on word goes and who's it going on in I mean. I think people that like grumbled a microphone and stick the microphone and amounts are real gas unless its own microphone which they can do whatever they won't be seated Santiago on what the and then they throw on the ground I once more who is that I saw Bloodhound Gang and then gold fingered you this team they're like. He got up on stage Paula can't stand that everyone spit on my. Law. And they're like he said and when he's beat in my. Any like what war rubbed his chief there wasn't and it showed that the and put on a wild waves like 1015 years ago and gold finger played and did they're drummer Darren stuck at twenty opens. That's disgusting on so he feels like dude. Can get arrested for personal debt but the like sixteen year old kids decision around there was this guy a in Olympia named skinny. And he was not kind of hard core alleged in this in the Olympia hardcore scene because I think it was. Forget what Bennett was it was because gag reflex and the crazies in the reporting of the medium warehouse. And he got up on one of the speakers everyone's like chanting do the trick to that truth from do the trick in his trick is this his. Was so big now he could bend over this but grabbed his. It's the rim it up zone. Jesus that's mean and I didn't want kind talent so hard the rupture zone one hello I'm doctor. At the show locate his Gigi how carted to the and and I then emergency duty and a tricky if you go trick do the trick hash tag trick men don't Spencer don't do the trick man. Just players anyway Kevin what did you who he could have Judy cool well yeah I've been working input I've also been. I'm. Deep in house of cards and get ready for the new season nice and also I'm a pretty stoked for the twin peaks the new episode of twin peaks if you've driven around Seattle in the past few weeks you may see billboards. For its new twin peaks showed twin peaks their last ups and was 25 years ago and if if you actually watch the show. They have a reference to the fact that in 25 years will be back here and it's pretty cool that actually David Lynch is aboard and it's gonna be on showtime. Are gonna find out some way to either upgrade my cable package or bootleg is or I enjoy Hannity that okay are able to take your easy and what would you tell somebody who has never watch twin peaks. Don't watch season two hands. I mean you know it's it's we do you like any do you like David Lynch do you want to ever watch it even if it will end one drive and are okay is weird. Is very northwest. It's it's creepy and you know hipster in love it these days so welcome in the northwest school though I dig it. It's just a weird creepy. It's it's. A kind of show like. That was way before its time I'll say that and it's it's kind of like murder mystery show based in north and awful and so. You should check it out it's all on Netflix for free and other in a new season this point 120 by the ordered 1982 and ninety activities here when it ended end. To tide in the metal shop Dan Briggs from between the buried in me to get himself all stoked for the twin peaks. The premiere of the new season he recorded a cover. Of the twin peaks theme. Which was really really spooky song and up leave or not we actually use that theme music for brutal poetry some everyone's normal so why they did really creating music and I he did a weird metal rendition of it and now Glen archer and we'll have to use that this week for her to operate. Speaking of Austin TV shows that he has the watches Silicon Valley. Never seen it. I'm and it shows so that it's all it's my judge or it's only judge indeed it's like extended version of the office OK it's like that canned humor young sent sure. Really really awesome undertaken and actually got a host this week really lucked out yes hold on but I don't Fargo yeah. GAAP cash flow got a mark the calendar actually functions being left it's first of all both of you he left. I don't know how far are locked in in my backyard. Oh yeah. In my yard got ravaged by being moles and gophers this last winter so I went out back and replanted all the grass. And it makes me feel really in like. Good deeds and yeah. It's nice it's like watching likely have to grow literally. And so my grass grow back now did did you actually plant grass yeah you might land like a bunch of wheat plants and what are my from and I'm not and 78 days you smokes grass and bad not planets and grassy to both of you anyway and I also got a sinker. Recognize this in like an hour with Palin style that got tattooed. But see would have would you get would. I'm just working on a five piece which sought by the way to get some were sick tribal maybe cause a barb wire got a problem with no tattoo Ryan yeah woody got a problem with Kerry king or something. God hates you saw model at. I wouldn't care he never think it's. Now of course not he he regretted it's a Little League and took it up the back of his head broke it's as it. Should in theory gained eight. I mean man you gotta have some pinched tighter on your head when you ball. That's true. Manny had her hair was going to he's like it when you get your school well you know this here's the thing he gets open ties. They're hitting actually started with a small tribal tattoo and then it was just an infection that extra room listening in tribal infection. Tip to takeovers and hire someone hold them to be shown on him in his past I was a member of the band coupled survivable infection exactly I'm also on the remains car got broken into and from her house theater. Four dollar Josh forty don't chuck. I now fallen off a small amount and he's four dollars now. You really bad form they like gadget nick kept his Carolina tonight nice leather jacket is like Russell Wilson Seahawks Jersey into the Social Security card I was like notably better call like 1% in some and tweak here's gonna go is in the open a credit card your name and by some crack with it can you do it. Crack card credit under credit card. Like you ought to square yo I am I did was Gus Gorman and actually you know my I'm gonna amok this they would be and it is but I will say that there is of being handed we're all friends with. And I was hanging out with them one night and day bot. Via PayPal title. Thank you Internet welcome to the new air they asked the dealer like a use PayPal only he had no idea totally female riders what your email address. We've got you have a city does give me your recent it is to get into a tournament who would sport big a hit this over negotiation I can't. Yankee do you accept checks illegal drugs. It was. It slipped about facts here's the news. Probably the biggest news story of the week it's tragic news for fans of music for. The family of Chris Cornell and the friends of him and yeah I mean there's no real way easy way to save the Chris Cornell has died. It was is apparent apparently suicide that was. Allegedly allegedly suicide in there were a lot of stories coming out about it but the truth of the matter is is he was 52 years old. He had just performed a concert in Detroit with lesbian sound garden. In he had posted you know how excited he was for the show. In apparently something quote on quote wasn't right during the performance. And you know that there's a lot of stories coming out about it but. Doctor drew the former host of love line obviously. Of Celebrity Rehab. He's who's an actual doctor is doctor. It was it came out that our Chris Cornell wife. Posted for Rolling Stone she wrote an article about how. Chris Cornell was going through. Depression and gained anxiety and he was taking out of in which is an inch anxiety medication which is. And hourly medication and dead is a medication that former or recovering addicts take. To deal with anxiety. Can't doctor to basically said he should've never been prescribed Adam van as it is something that he's a very. Very intense it's Tibetans though it is used to treat anxiety. Withdrawal gore phobia in seizure disorders among other things. But he can't. He can really you lot then it's bad like I wouldn't call us a while maybe. And the drug expert here on middle show loser drug act yet shut up that said though. I've never really witnessed anybody on quote Ben's nose pneumonia like went through dare as like Indiana and stay with four of the dirt road easily yeah like Coke heroin in we even like booze that this and that nobody ever mentioned anything about. Ben's old pineapple he's around it's even called. That's that I. The only person I ever witnessed on Ben's oath was prescribed them. By his pharmacist or doctor fair number. To help him like with his anxiety because like he was having some hard times that said though. This is dangers Steve had a mint is a generic name I guess for like Ben's nose. And that's like not anything that anybody ever gets educated about. So apart allegedly this this particular. Set of chemicals and drugs when you have a chemical imbalance in your head. Is supposed to help you with your anxiety in the net. V the biggest side effect of it is suicidal thoughts suicidal activity so there. I don't even. It's but I don't wanna talk about it we need to because it's something that needs to be addressed. Allegedly occur according to the corner they they filed the official cause of death as a suicide. For Chris Cornell you know he was found with the red exercise band wrapped around his neck in a closet actually in a bathroom. And one of his security guards took two out of and gave them to Chris Cornell after the set and then. His wife mentioned that he had been slurring his words. And the one thing he kept repeating as I'm just tired I'm just tired and tired and so she called the security company. Asked them to check on him and that's when they found him this in the bathroom. He'd been posting about. They had vacation plans for remote Memorial Day weekend they were in the middle of the tour in Detroit. Like you know Detroit Michigan which. Arguably is like you know a huge immediate musical hub here and in the US of course. But he never should have had that like as an addict who said that he had been using drugs the least since the age of thirteen. Finally went into rehab and about 2006. And for that that's a long time be that's 23 kick yeah. And you know one thing just as a side I was listening to the news a lot this week and listening to NPR whenever there are talking about. One of the quotes that he had said when somebody asked him about whether or not Seattle musicians were more or less like us susceptible to heroin use. And one of the and I am totally totally paraphrasing it he said bike. You're taking a handful of people and alleging that they are those responsible ones who are. It you know responsible for here in Houston Seattle Heath and now there are a machine workers drivers truck drivers retail workers this huge thing. Can you taking a handful of people and dropping it on them like no this is a thing and it's not their fault but it. They said that he was using like traditional. Addict. Divergence. Like they return I push it away from that and it was like 1983. So well he clearly clearly had an issue we've lost so many musicians here in Seattle and artists or whoever the drugs. And he was using prescription drugs prescribed by his position who're like. And other people were in charge of giving it to him. And I don't think he meant to do it. I don't think he this was intentional and anyway. And so it comes down like I don't want to get too deep into it but it's big pharma kind of like dropping drugs in the community again and going all powerful. Mobile mobile law. That said we'll lost one of the most influential musicians in all of Brock and oral history. Of this absolutely. It's just truly sad story hadn't. There's not much we can say other than that and and thank you we infer you know who don't wanna do that a little bit I mean. And to make myself not select too much and national. It's bins though die as a penis which illustrates how little IE or any that's really even know about this chemical substance you know. They said they can make people sit doctor drew said that they can make people suicidal to hidden epidemic. People have got to remember we're getting awareness about opiates which is real you know we lost Kurt Cobain. When Staley. A lot of my friends of you know pathway because of that. A people have to remember bans those over a long term and he says quote long term. We're talking about two weeks if you take these for over. Less than two weeks they're very dangerous class medic and of medications and extremely dangerous if you have a history of addiction. Because they lift you up and out of that any ego while my doctor gave it to me so it's got to be good right. So I I don't really know where it. The conclusion is used in this conversation even though like it's got to be aware of gave like it's very scary and dangerous and people do wacky. Weird. On these chemicals. Yeah. And unfortunately. That was the end of that's story for him and he leaves behind a family in a legacy but let's let's keep in mind. He was an incredible musician and right which try to be positive and Arnold and. The one take away that that we can and I agree with you 100% and I I don't believe that this was an intentional thing we're doesn't run any comments. I think that. 1 thing I am calm then we can say is if you are struggling with depression or having those kinds of thoughts reach out. Made a point talk to friends stock to family you know let people know that you're you're going through something. Mental health this is a really big issue not just here in the US but globally and to you know you're you're really not along with those thoughts in this audience. I mean that's just like to throw that out there I guess the last thing that I personally will say about this is that it's not a secret or like up and surprised that anybody who's an artist an XX server or like. Like an outside the box thinker. God these people we'd almost tend to be a little more susceptible to. Addiction depression. Because we see things outside the world that most people don't understand or get. And so were more susceptible to this kind of thing and so like. Even when we saw. And Chris at. Never give Alou went to what was a leading field where where we were down there when he came and performed on his own a classically just for the KSW staff. Yes that was at the how. Totally no pressure was that it wasn't a lesion fields but it was right down there is sort of yesterday and a and it was like a brand inflate those opening up and he was very like not subdued but humble and Mike because the most talented people that we've met. And all the people we've interviewed in totti. It's the most talented people that are like quiet. And they get it and there are like with the people at their like support them you know. So if you're an artist like your little weird honestly. To begin with in the first place so your more susceptible do this and I feel so bad for his wife and his family. And the fact that his wife immediately came I was like now he never would have done it. You know he never would have made this a choice. He had plans he has two young kids under the age of ten you'd you don't indeed. Unless something else got in your head and made you do so you didn't have any control over. We will find out I guess in the weeks and months to come. Bought. Viewed REP Chris Cornell man. One of the greatest voices ever again absolutely end the Paramount actually paid tribute to him when they put up on there. There are huge sign that said. You know no one sings like you anymore Chris Cornell. So if you can go back let's listen to Kevin sellout in the local we're going to be doing two hours of all Chris Cornell having of the local band cover band outshine. In the studio man I'm I'm I'm and so she unit. Yeah how I was shouldn't have to learn at the same time your answer they got a so there honestly there's really no way to come out of this I didn't like being aware more you are if you see somebody having an issue talked to them. I'm what like sometimes chemicals get away and nobody knows just. Rest in peace Chris Cornell. Green. Where do we go from here that's a good question while led to her you know on on a lighter note there's been some good music became out this week that's your death penalty and decrepit birth there there California band and they actually. Came out with eight new album. It's going to be are coming out on nuclear blasts on July 21 axis Monday it's their first one. In seven years like I said in they just released at PGA nick. Trip with Citi Citi. At the genetic triple the city and saris the first single from the record in Dallas for a little bit of it. Decrepit berth in Eugene. They're very narrow. Skipping halfway. If you're gonna work. Oh what we're that he feels on the record here. Yes it was coming out July 21. I said they and can be a good one man first performance in seven years. I was stoked when we first started hosting metal shop or the polarity was laughter yeah right 2010 he added. That makes me fuel. You. 68. So suck my grave. Men beer hit it because you're just jealous that I'm going to be making them Molson to money. Paladino. Well let's give grown with the new music there's a band called balance fire Christie gets a little bit to do pretty scary. They have a new record called an apathetic green coming on June 2 via century media this is the title track of that take out. They tend to. Seeing if there. This one's extremely. Admirable but crashing through song about a man reaching the end of his life and reflecting on the utility. It's good happily here. If you don't mind. We'll bring down fire coming out June 2. Next week on this century media records. I guess we'll keep the ball. Roll with the new music. Me looks like others Nissan for iced earth. And gnarled old we have. Lose more American. And you. Terry Keenan armies now streaming that's at thirty songs they put out from mom lets see their new album incorruptible. June 16 on century media records for ages 081 of the most prolific mines and metal Devin Townsend has been tweeting about rank for more albums this guy. Yeah and of course yet he he just can't stop. Writing music wanna fault of creativity he's just that fountain who is like neighboring team. I didn't. It oh so the tweets say really inspired and a new way it's nice possibly sign Cleveland with Devin Townsend project keep the Stanley warm all middle class to homer on the existing homes so we can all shared view what the does that mean I have no idea and I. That he has on to say I'm ready for albums feels like 30 my house as torn off and they can see the stars that decision as a temporary. Keep the family warm and he's not on drugs. He's not 100 and it's over. He's got human chemicals in his brain. And doesn't happen very often but definitely rang four albums. But I lost and we came up to the studio when he is down oh cores only. Mean come up periods like. You have a 75 songs like and he was working on a grind core I don't know what to do with the end. If the site grind Corbett and was working on guys it true. He's an artist then good for you DeVon and lives in Vancouver opened up the block there. Good for him and I differ are our friends old iron there there are awesome band and they're just signed to good to die records kids directors is this week northwest label. In you know that there's some great bands on the label yet shout out to nick from. From my kid to die really great do you think keeping it down put out absolute monarch who put up blood drug he put out stand writer all that stuff and they're putting out old iron live in new album called. Lupus Mattel Laurie I'm out August eighteenth and they're going to be playing all or all over the US including northwest terror fest which is going down. May fifteenth two. Yes thanks Jerry Jarrett I actually care they're based wires attached to -- and owns rabbit hand had Steve catching and over in Fremont street Mike traded him one of my music man Ernie ball music fan bases spoken like four years ago and he owes me 500 dollars for the that is still got to do you like an hour so yes exactly so it's my fault for not hitting him up but we should have them come appeared bring his guns and his machines behind our man. Let's do this young elementary edgy tattooed on her 500 dollars germs in the studio Helm. You're so right it was engineered never do that and produced by Matt Bayliss who did macedon crisis in this sordid the red room studio in Seattle so it's gonna sound epic and huge. I have my entire right arm is empty. And I'm gonna have him do a four horsemen of the apocalypse who you are an adjustment how arm. Off Bryant NWO. Yes Metallica aids actions can be sixteen Mars or Tatis. I'm fine now with the Napster logo I suck I suck that's not the totem of Lars. With the budget trash can lid too much from state and the state of your money there and haters. Are just for you pagers and well. So there's one guy Kevin I don't know if you have never learned the game and it is meant hooded men this guy left column but it minutes gas could administer. So there's that guy who comments on every thing we do on social media goes. What you got statehood menace will put it minute template there menaces and you've you what's the problem meant you could menace. So we're talking about it right now could administer as a new record coming out they're from fined. And other big just recently signed to that she's a miss and they have a brand new record that they're working on that's all the information ahead hey how does that feel. To have us and say good it menace could menace guy. Changing name legally a couple songs we're gonna play you for you real quick we got new integrity any new dying fetus the new dying fetus. The album is called wrong want to. With coming out. Yes it's going to be coming out soon hear me see here June 23 on relapse if you would like to pre order the record he'd get a knife. Insist on feet Osama. Ran the beard did that. They're going to be playing. Modified goes festival with Ryan Libya at Vancouver. Yeah and this is another new song panic among the birds dying fetus. Don't like the big news. Get halfway there was going on. The big. Sounds like dying feet. You won't want to miss Patrick. Kevin brings back what would you call a hit covering next. The hip hop airborne in his download data on the entrance or I'm shocked that you can break down her show it to. How. Our route. Haggard is back from Cleveland they've they've got their twelfth studio album called. Howling for the nightmare shelves and soon we'll. The film has been on you can time LP deluxe. CD format. Ben five or six years from Intel. Take this out when he. Cleveland head here. Now that that's it. Sudan's. Security criminality what the day here June 14. Actually July 14 on relapse records I saw you were having that same issued June and July I don't know indifferent Smith. I just don't I think it's because the drink too many Beers in the summertime cool my entire life just in the summertime though. Yes totally. A every time only so there's Q awesome heavy bands called Jesus peace and malice at the palace there doing a. Full album stream of upcoming split release it's gonna be out on a bridge nine records a bridge and back maybe it's a split seven each EP so let's let's check it out. Mom hi my. Given happily ever good stuff. Yeah votes the grieving part oh now it's gone now. Get a green background and begin bringing back. What do you think. With the air. Green man. We don't. And again and again. Remind your mind. Relay. Our guys know I'm not you're waiting and wait wait for. The coming years ago and they things. Is a virtue. Countdown to lay down. So. Unless you're a hardcore band yet that the enemy but he's got up that then was our moderator because. Sunny. Sunny from us anything from Haiti I hate with hate. I'd say he's 561. Of the best online sources to see heavy music. Was constantly poke posting that and so team speed speed Jesus peace in. That Judy's is Kodak Judy's piece of a check that out and out actually just came out last week on average now. Something very nerd he was just released this week it is the drinking from boost now on the new one called. Reaching into infinity Il was released yesterday mart may nineteenth a metal blade records. And they released the video for ashes of the dawn of course you can see the video let's check out some of those terrific Jim hood. The stock. Everything I. I ought to get you far into the flight I first downloaded from dragon force of Napster back in the day. In the end you know they had a kind of a rough decade here no and that's when he tens and that they put out some really cheesy. I some really corny cheesy obviously who dragon Voeller. Yeah I think it adds I think they kind of like a laid off of the over the top crazy. I haven't heard this whole record yet. But it sounds like more realistic very riff based in Britain oriented. And I like the songwriting on the last couple during import songs ever I'll admit. I think it's a pretty cool for now Qatar porn premium grade A Ryan to beard endorsed. Get taller torn. Indeed so I don't know that you even addressed this plus article six. Always talking about talking and he is your time about it so I'm not seen yet they are clearly you're the when he trotted out. I was an inside joke but it I wanna know what is it and wanna know how you came across it all right it doesn't matter. Yeah matters. I've got friends on FaceBook the often there's a web take a day started. Here is that the headline of this article gay porn studio under fire for using. Quote I'm gonna did jury do you have any. Honestly that's that's an intrepid. Adventurers activity I would not. Condemn this in any way I think it's awesome. So it's called did jury do you meet. And the film but they're not being sued and I think this is fake but it says a gay porn studio is being called. Disrespectful. After using did you read view as it. In a new scene we sloth like 300 listeners don't. I have a question though so you gay stars that like though world starving gay community. Like if there's like you are you guys fighting today's run up ago you get used yeah. I don't know and I get the feeling I'm gonna probably find out did this dares. And so this is not an advertisement by hate and continue star Check it out to be edited to what are you star what are. Forty bucks this book. But he didn't do it. Well you apple TV and welcome the metal shops brutal poetry too hot for radio. Station where we intentionally seek to new lows on a weekly basis tonight. I don't know how. Kevin has sunk us again. We go back to 2008. I'm a record called zombie. Here's a band called corps and part two with the song zombie campaign. Yeah. Tasty and crunchy who meal oh wait yeah. On the table. Zombie. Corpse athletes for the whole family. Fabulous. Zombie. For the first meal it's important to eat some finger. A piece of marine. You wanna find bones but most important is to eat the zombie. In scooby do used pleased to be used. You didn't think about it was possible to talk about 81 meal money death metal record DG news. Zombie. Huge fourth everything's possible. And I almost forgot. Remembered a brush your teeth after every meal. It's not nice to have a finger. In between your teeth. Zombie. That was in pretty good and I expected this at. Again to have a finger between key you know this week I really learned something is lovely thought with that Andrew. This season you've fewer than half. You you forgot it was on your head right there probably Warren had. Did you learn that it's good to be smash in the face with a brick I I learned about zombie and do it well. All of you we love you thank you for listening to metal shards backstage pass episode number 114. And. I like ten days. Well. We'll see guys again next week obviously Reston in power mr. Chris Cornell. India and. You marry we'll see you next time this has been mellow shot backstage pass. There. But shops backstage press.