Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 116.5 - Just a Quickie

We chat with rock/metal photographer Neil Lim Sang about life as a pro photographer and his work with Rock Out ALS, say goodbye to 1100 Olive Way.


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Cynics. Backstage pass. He adds some metal shop backstage pass back with a regular crew it's nice to be reunited after a couple weeks my name is Kevin. Ian is Krause or me. What some of the earth and Ryan the beards to Meyer writes I'm Sheila it that as well especially I'm sorry that we do you have a special guest mr. Neil limb saying. Professional rock photographer. Bad ass generally. One of the coolest dude here in the northwest what's going on bros so guys thanks and Aaliyah it's episode 117 but I. You know he's probably already looked at your your iTunes that dude why is it's only twenty minutes is a quickie. We just wanted to pop on here in what you know what's going on here with a metal shop try but if you pump jumped its it's a real quickie like I said end we're actually getting ready right now we are the last radio station here. And 11100 all the way for. I don't know what it's been like fifteen years since this this company inner calm which is the a company that owns KI SW bomb with K indeed. Hot one of the three point seven. All four of these stations in this cluster here in Seattle. We're all part of this company and we're in the outing here we're getting the hell out of here we're going to 805 avenue to nice new a fancy studio. But KI SW is the last one to transfer over so all of our friends all the people that Obey work quit. They're all the way over there right across town and we're hanging out here it's kind of like lord of the flies with regard it's a refrigerator they took everything. We got nothing in general copy got no energy drinks but just hanging out with bare bone marrow. Who do you got water we do go out water. But I you know it it's kind of like. The zombie land up in this ditch. I like being here alone that's OK you know it's it's fine everything's gone without a hitch and less. I don't speak DC and they're they're gonna sirte has taken our market found little by little we're and it just gonna abandon us and pretty soon who's gonna lock this in dealing Ewing coming with us Brian what do you think the likelihood is of us being here next week you. Amid the ruin it died Vegas odds again at about 5050 partners. Don't bet. You know those knobs. I'm getting not back down the reason why KI SW as the last one is because there's so many more staff members here at the station. And are in better. Well I mean there's so there's there's three different studios a cast of he's gonna be using as opposed to most stations. In the cluster have only have one. So it's it's a lot more of a build up for us and in other got a comedy a lot more live on air personalities they got to have a lot everything's got to be perfect for kestre and the facilities in the new building really controlled seething the GM. The zen garden. In the GM yes twenty bucks a month view one he did a GM. It's really actually not agree with you go like him and Jim but do you glow let your guard. You go to its center. That means different things different people Orion. Policy team meeting what you eat you can't do that out and out is no balcony which is unfortunate but that being said. Man where get a where back in the about it the toilet. I'll accept credit animal or man patron a lot out of us. C'mon man I can about them every time I've ever hear yeah and I minority retirement and never mean I was any hopped out on that balcony and only to try. I never locked out seeing that Coke doing some stuff doing some. That's better than when I was gonna say probably didn't of my favorite part of day the new facilities and I did not know this there is a state law. Requiring a lactation room in wow for companies today they have you don't get to go there Ryan had this little corner very needed a computer with Internet access and a little mini fridge you know milking yourself Majid. It do you think men milk. Lower lower lacking lower lactation hash tag lactation should start brutal poetry and like that. Eight they made that mammal closet anyway let's talk any losses we got a mere Neil what's going on man are you what it would so what's your summer been like and a UN to. You wanna order rip rock so much pleasure it went on a little tour with them. Look at those are really good zone with the Goodyear and openness for a couple of days of DeVon Townsend and I was phenomenal red rocks was. One of my bucket list of venues in all over the world to see you and I was just phenomenal so really get time. That's so killer filings are brutally. Painfully killing me who blocking opened down those stairs all night long and then the elevation to use just. It's horrific it's good for him and yet who and a weak year life. You don't amaze you don't just do for photography for metal shows though I mean you do photography for pop shows for country shows for Iraq shows you're all over the place. What would you say that you have more of a desire to do metals you get more into it or to or is it all pretty much the same do you enjoy all all different things. While achieving anything pretty much by medal is what I listened to so obviously I love that a little bit more and I can really get into. You know I understand music in. Really appreciate a lot more I shot a lot of countries recently and while IE and don't listen to that not often but it's still fun but nobody ratio you know so. Brad what does Ben like the wildest performance of Tony seventeen the eve seen in happen were able to shoot. Without a doubt that was a good jury show it red rocks. And it was just. You know a dream come true for that and for myself for shooting it for the fans there. You know it's probably the heaviest lineup they've ever had it red rocks and years and it's crushed it plus until the dvd for open I think and the language here that night so. You'll see what I mean it was pretty amazing. Are you gonna be a Lou are you doing any Metallica Dozier suffered you can go lower. Yeah looks like him and try to head out for a couple of shows within blue and it's going to be a pretty big deal to sell and looking forward to that so I'll be doing now. Definitely here at home Seattle and Vancouver and maybe another day so it's huge garage here Evan symbol metallic it's probably a massive their biggest opportunity in the states at least only in the states. I nearly to think your 304. Show marked the last two would tune it appears that yeah hi I've only lived here for a little while but the music scene and in the Pacific northwest certain. Washington in Seattle in general it's just amazing so. There's so many different shows that come through and I have. Little bit of a problem like cancer in Tokyo sell a lot of it since Corey could be worse things to be hooked on nine ounce music is my drug of choice though. So next weekend you're going to be flying out of Vegas. I know it's. But always a middle of dog both you know I where Psycho Vegas so our Hoosier and masters on and king diamond card is it's gonna there's still. Many snowman there's somebody in the is actually also banned from the northwest collier the Covert in the plan now well cool trying checked them out if you can't. But that's is like Stoner rock bands death metal bands such as rock bands and I guarantee you. You're not gonna wanna step outside in the heat there in Vegas so you definitely need to stay inside. Unfortunately I think it is partially outside I don't even but it's going to be brutal begin play some of that case meaning golf Aaliyah code that Los angles. Hello kiss and all of them mini golf those phone via what do think alleging since these days. Or you know a it's like I don't really want how an opinion on him by the same point I think. He is a brilliant man because no matter what you think of him. He actually I'm more publicity out of what he was doing fair whether or not he was even gonna go through it was still talking about it everywhere I talked about it because you just like either he's an immediate or genius. He's an enigma fresher definitely. I get rejoice so you know with. So many people having access to actually like you know. Just the phones in our pockets are decent cameras these days what would and if there was like aspiring photographer like a kid that. Would really wants to document their scene and things like that. What would you suggest you let get started in like photography and you know is there anything you would suggests like any piece of advice. Well definitely practice practice practice and try shooting as much as you can. Over around wherever you can answer you actually just have to have a passion for it because realistically is site. You think he's gonna make a lot of money into all this stuff well it's like that you might be in it for the wrong reasons so fell through earlier you have to really enjoy what you're doing so that you put yourself out there and you know slowly build up pure name and reputation sir. So that said. What made you wanna do it and then. Especially for heavy music like what guy UN what was your lightbulb moment for men old uncle whenever well it's definitely. I've been shooting with a point you for a long time at small shows around town and I've been working with the Swedish band call in flames no matter of her room. And we were doing a tour in 2005. Ozzfest. And I knew I was gonna be able to shoot every day. For that amount of time that goes on torso basically. Invested in castle. Start to really get better when I was doing it's awesome. So how did you become friends of in flames. Because it sounded like Neal knows everybody that I know a few people bud. My regular job like do you computer graphics and animations so I was working on this little indie film called Star Wars I'm and never. I don't think it'll ever going or via has probably didn't make any money so yeah they're the guys are really give you are big fans of Star Wars and they hit me up and. Here's this. The rest is history this that's awesome man yet thanks again for hooking us up that Portland experience a scorer and playing ball in claims that I was a lot of fun is great that you guys came down. Thank you when I saw when I was in high school IE kind of did a little bit of of just actual photography they had us go and develop our own photos and go in the dark room and all that stuff. Did you ever do event like to where you where you photographer before digital photography. Well the funny thing is that it's kind of funny to some of my friends I knew me from college is I don't drink now. But he used to drinking college sure we used to have a spare which is like a huge time off before photography class. Al is always drunk during that costs and I actually got carried in a couple times I don't even know how it past that costs alone so. The fact that I don't remember any of photography during college but then now that's what I'd do it's it's pretty I don't like your odd man. The guy it's crazy words and our school a guy went through graphic design school back open you know. Back in the days and so yeah I did traditional darkroom like processing and everything like yeah. From what I could remember from the assignment. Yeah I was really challenging back then by now especially would visual photography it's a little bit to. Simpler because the amount of shots yet been taken to be unable to senses to yeah there's no way you could process and you pay for these shows shirt right. Developing all the shots that take like him like tonight alone took at least 7080 shots that you guys are working so smooth. I'll be a little bit of an idea you guys always elected in jail. Can you put hair on my head with Photoshop and noble. Can pull some of the you'll just get your graphic design yankees delightfully mayor can you pull some of Ryan's peeves off of his chin FMI. Superman or go be amazingly green you know what here's in the real thing. Art Neal are gonna keep you here too late onslaught didn't but I didn't wanna rescue. The final question we ask everybody sheer pickets are your body tells you got. And my body and I got it one on my hand. In my. My left hand and as a little kid. I was playing cowboys and its deeds the it was pretty ged and I made the makeshift bow and arrow ways that. You were in India yeah I definitely am with them. A metal piece of Mars like clothes line and pulled it back and shot it just ripped my hand open like well no blood it was so clean but. I got stitches 1000. For fun if you can. That was brutal so that's one that I can remember pretty good to see the time. Comment on the agenda reminded hand deal before it should go on yeah talk about your charity work a little bit oh yes on the make or break you that theory. We did. I've been working with Washington nonprofit called rock out LS and I've been. Prepping for a big auction coming up hopefully it's early September mid September. And basically. The charity does work well using rock music to use to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. And I've been asking some of my. Musical on musical friends to lend a hand and have gotten a lot of really cool items I've seen some of these items manage eloquent old stuff so what are what are you anything yet what basically one of the main things that we do is our our logo is rock county jail lasts and it's a pretty cool thing and we've done it com on like twelve by twelve like album cover. And I've been getting them a lot of the bans assign those and take a photo waited for authenticity and so I've gotten a lot of really cool. People who do that I only due to a home so basically their own the only two in the world and this will be an interesting auction about Alice Alice Cooper Alice in Chains negative slayer. Anthrax a lot of really good site Peter Campbell doing things so far. They have been pretty fortunate to like to. Get them help me do something so it's been pretty cool that's huge to us you know you're doing something. Good for their reason you know when you buy these things to it's definitely going towards like a really good cause that's near and dear to my heart and it's affected a lot of people's though. That's been really cool to give back in way what is the option going to be happen I'm hoping early September release September it's just been insane this time he just too crazy disease which is trying to prepare it's a that'd. You know housing get impact where absolutely the amount of people that it's gonna be seen. So will be talked and he can be for the auction now holds a degree in new building on a B and I sit before a say it again to deal you're gentlemen and a scholar thank you very much guys but we're not let you go Scott free man was that you know well since you are here and metals Joplin. We like to get a little grimy and dirty here a metal shots backseat past week. Have you send it into the realm of the metal shop. Brutal poetry is too hot for radio straight up dumped lyrics bill. This week. Neil limb saying will be reciting lyrics by being called pungent stench. Personal request of his. From the album for god your soul for New York flash. From the year of 1990. Some old school got that metal. Pungent stench. By pungent stench in Leo Palin saying taking away our right. Your ego pungent stench. Writing fetus in your womb. Your own body uses to. Mucus little brat. Drowning in the clothing blood disgusting gastric queues drops out of your mother's. Don't. Pungent Stanton pungent stench of fester gore your is that distance war. Worms in your entrails. Prey under melted embryo. Carotid brain and skin your son died for you see him. Too many drugs in pregnancy. You killed one child that you and but now it kills you. Titanic waves of best deals stench. Comes from your mouth then it's child's revenge. Bursting boils Nazis flawed. Now formation and yell blood. Now you can do your own beat these cuts. Terry the corpse out look what you've done. Don't repent this mistake. Now you've got your punishment. The little brown will refuse to leave and crowd that's him it's really beautiful. They help it. Art got really dark brown yup you got your particular don't need some help I know an idea I've got issues. So thanks again for listening to metal shops backstage pass 16116. Point five against him what do you say we put all those lyrics down on a poster board in stand outside Planned Parenthood. Oh my Yahoo! yeah I'd sell well. Dallas due to be you have to Beijing let me know rape him on the walls here before relief. All right guys then fine it's been real it's been a quickie like I said Neil. I know that it thinks that was awesome in a hell yeah I'm back ups in our right all right we'll CLU six hours later peace. Shops backstage.