Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 118 - The Boys Are Back In Town

Saturday, September 23rd

Metal Shop's Backstage Pass returns!! We discuss our lives and what we've been up to over the summer, including a few show reviews and Ryan updates us on the progress with the new LB! record! Modified Ghost fest announces their first few bands (Carcass, Bloodbath), Kevins t-shirt collection and the difference between hoarders and "collectors." Tons of new music previews this week from Winds of Plague, Archspire, live Iron Maiden, and even the theme song Jamey Jasta wrote for the Howard Stern show. Warrell Dane is coming out with his new solo record, and we hit you with the first 25 announced bands for the upcoming 70,000 tons of metal cruise! At The Gates recruits a new guitar player, and we hit you with another dose of Brutal Poetry: Too Hot For Radio - hit play now, and LISTEN OR DIE!

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Gil are listening and shops backstage press. What's not mother. Error. With that. It's metal shops backstage pass episode 118. Were mad men and I'd like to say that we're never gonna take another break in but. Our mapping and now fine. I'll get back into the groove me and for you guys all had a good summer because we took the cover up those five it's a good little time off week we don't we put some some material out there we interviewed will we hear -- each year four iron those out there old iron we did an episode with a bunch of classic in of these actually. Go back if you if you are just now like. Subscribe to my stomach the last week. Because that'll lead decent Easter to about middle shop sold now manned. We interviewed let me he interviewed. With the machines he aside I think that's right and also. Now with the d.s name gamble worked Paula motor scooter go away it's via the most. I've Jewish name I've ever heard the nicest. Mostly vegetarian definitely well that'll be at eighty. Mr. Ayers is what's up my name Kevin dear friend of vanity is what I know. And yeah that's better oilman tell me about your weekend tell me and I realized only about your summer the first they ought to do is congratulate my partners that up on finishing her master's degree gap. There while Cynthia what that ruled an entire lifetime in the making 71015. Million years congratulations. So congratulations to her she's listening give yourself a good. Pat on the back. Smack on the bus. Spanking for immediate power grow from Ian. Those days of via approaching spank TVs to the rhythm of just brutal okwu alone. I but we don't play the flute game thread here. Gomez fake. Congratulations to her for it I feel like there's so much to catch up on the at a target like. Even mentioning it I don't know first off I would like to mention. Rest in peace to one of my. Most influential wrestling personalities of all time Bobby the brain he then yes past the latest week in such incredible entertainer hilarious. Unfortunate last ten years have been very typical with him he had. Throat cancer and so it's said that because he was most known for his talking in his first comedy like when he was speaking doing. Play by play and so they had to cut half of his tongue out. So he he can hardly talked. And then they had is jar reconstructed so it was a bit rough it was one day I'd like to say it was a shock but it wasn't really shock me at that point I used just kinda it was it's still sad. Claudia life has got a tennis. Exactly. Event for the again it's just ironic at another point that thing you know he was still alive yes exactly yet either way the rest of power rests in peace again. It's not a great shows have been happening lately as they always do you eat last week Europe uncontrollably tells a little bit about that OK so they ran out of beer. Are you sorry you did the pumpkin jobless is AA now. It's going to be a probably yearly felt like the north Texas but no guarantee guarantee they'd be able punks warped tour they literally be dead in the they are doing this whole raise your hand if you got kids. That I must pray they had a paper baby sitter today. Raise your hand if you're glad that we're all gonna be out of here by 1030. The thing is that's I didn't know that even has the capability of doing this they said a lately it was that the LeMay car museum regular it's a domino was outdoors arugula and even outdoors at first I thought it was gonna be inside the cart media as like now. Now that's not gonna work out money sponsor in Anna alma. They did outside in the long which is actually really cool space in the sound worked really well. But they ordered and that Mike was saying it's not from no effects on onstage he's like Ellis that we over ordered Beers for this place. And you guys Drake 200. Trucks of cakes were the beer. So what what had happened is that the leader we had to cut a hole in the cut a hole in the fence and they sit somebody down like. They have known or whatever to go by like 200 flats of tolkien's. So they're literally like through a hole in the bets bringing beer back in his deed if they would have ran at a beer at the pocket drug would be your fast. There would have been up in right now especially after birdies on the ice and bruised up. But it was actually really cool show about religion killed it I mean the sail in the opening but if you say you don't like some of those classic punk bands you probably. Dispute. The leaders line. You know by if you ever I don't look at me like that Brian Healy with life. I don't need this guy here. But it was foolish of me as though maybe that'll happen again next year and we are relaxed you're talking about since mayhem festivals around somebody's gonna have to step up and. EB. I'm on the total poser in the house and the house for super easily the most not pawn of the old school that your record. I like exhale mom Brent Harris. Runs pretty fly for a white guy in Amman so he's an original prankster. I went it was too poor I went thug go horror and venom. Nashville was awesome but it. Totally written in and then I mean just like so cool I thought it was interesting that like. So everyone is like pissed off like you know there's like venom in the enemy threat but venom ink I mean it's not. It's not like the believe she let vocalist but it's all everyone else who was in the band. So they totally ripped in they had a lot of energy they were awesome cohort totally brought it and other new record kills. This past week I went inside. Band called. Orphaned land. And now orphaned land I mean there was honestly not very many people there at the show at seven but Z. They are incredible and that the end just has a lot to say about like crazy stuff going on in the Middle East. But about like unity in the unifying theme music in the music is just like. It's it's very odd. Is interesting yet ads but it's it's really cool and it was awesome to see. And that there was at least a decent amount of people to pack in in the space to work when orphaned and played in they have wind studio seven so. Is cool air. Yeah I ran Allen and Brian even work him. You work its impact on record it was like it does in the next few few days on you you mean like few decades yeah we've been we've been working hard at it. And it's. Let's see we've been out we've been working with his engineers need dad gave eternal now and he's he's known for our expires appalling carnage in this hour long laundry list of awesome bands that are much better than Mike and and so I arguably it's been a really. It is been a pleasure or pretend he's been nothing short of professional says he's working on the mixes and we've been kind of going back and forth through email and phone calls and it's been kind of a bizarre process because I'm so used to actually physically being there and yeah part of the process when music is being mean since it's kind of strange detach myself from around its is that working though. Yet working greatness is sounded so our point man. No complaints. That dude you're you're never gonna give us a date now are you know that until it comes down man is like beyoncé I. Boom his newfound record. There's a customer she is a new record here's our toward dates all the ones right yeah the the arts close to being ready to go who don't work on the who we've got somebody call outs and I made your candle last shirts now where we're gonna an opportunity to pass. Yeah we've been we think. Kind of kind of working on a lot of heart stopped ourselves sweet day tonight both apple so it's it's where it we have all the concerts and everything's kind of put together we just need possibly to kind of so little by things clean here's a little bit make it look a little professional now. What's gonna look like. It's it'll be interest and the mother. I should have known. He's gonna stop asking questions that was the real question are you gonna release is in digital vinyl CDs tapes I'll were planning on doing digital at first we've we've looked in the house as he's but nobody. By CD or an in a lot of friends it's kind of pointless I've talked to a conference in the industry that that are in big torn bands they also doubt we have. Big Kris CD's that we haul around from then you get and who might select one or two. Everybody buys. No shorts and equities and that's it because it's cheaper to buy more CDs it makes the whole thing cheaper if you buy more that it would be just get in 400. Yeah so they're gonna end up just like me probably just like any of if you edited and yet I have like three big boxes doubled and guards CDs nobody wants that. I don't coasters. A pubic eye about throwing in the garbage yet has yet to order like a thousand dollar to make it work exactly gets mild tremors closet has like. Six huge boxes that he CDs no money so. A while while I look forward to purchasing their album in any way you mean he says there. I aren't we did that about flash ads. Okay that's a great idea of what it well you sure with the download link in order act actually this is kind of cool to talk about we. We went through this company com weirdest kind of checking out the sequels available slight contact this company that puts whatever you want on different flash snap like we have thirty. Different shaped flash drives he cheese in Brisbane and what it. All kinds of different stuff and so I got hold on the sheets and what's your address we'll send you sample walks sites are it won't get my address the very next day. They have this box up thirty or forty different flashed what size all they are all too keyed by. I know her record enough for record on an ad business card chip ones little thing that flips out and it's it's been enough to put your. Put your wall. A solar pop after the USP thing which is which is need. They have ones that work for yourself and so it's like the small size he has piecing it brings cellphone which was cool it's crazy it's genius you know at. At the very least even if we don't go with the company at penalties watched. But nobody great on the I wish I could remember aren't well link isn't a FaceBook does have a decent price point would it be like if you were to buy it as a consumer a fan or whatever would it be about the same as like buying it see you at ease them. It is cheaper. To do the flasher for a being that it's cheaper to do the USBs. Than it is to do you run at CDs. And more contact. Costing Oca like that but the profit margins a lot higher. And would be for C I can delete your album right implement parliament exactly exactly he may injure. Two gigs report. And if they want an they have waterproof ones that you slacker and look on their secret literally put the medal appear grass while nothingness that is minds possibly in the Puget Sound and people go out there and and ample little boo each teacher is out. In float around a great. Bo Ryan I saw you recently mentioned that you're you're planning a trip out to New York City what's this war. I'm one Agassi due later ski plans last show ever now you're a big fan of that island Dillinger escape apparently a lot and Dillinger escape plan in replay and yeah I was gonna ask their plane with code orange kids. Or code orange now. And I Karen mediate the other band lineup. But I I have. And I I'm going twice in the they have another show that they announced and they haven't announced the openers yet for now a Kennedy and it's looking like it's gonna be some. Some New York locals on hope inferred eighty he'd. I can't talk to them veered into period outlets then so be killer I'm hoping for candy area I know they've. I know they mentioned car bomb a lot in interviews. A cross my fingers and and would you also be your first time in our rob that would so it was a little bit about gambling out. The use to get this so code orange is actually on tour right now. In it's the heat to read fifteen years. Senate notes because when he hears a satisfaction fifteen years of perseverance. That a plane. Those records perseverance in satisfaction that the desire. Code orange and then dying fetus. But guess what it's East Coast film. Final thoughts on all week Jeannie Johnston at just and make sure they get their ass over here to the West Coast and not just. California. And organ which on Washington. Yes OK and he's pretty good about responding to acts up on line so as the other two look getting out. Now brown builders like it now but not respond not down that. Either way Mon skipping come mile an Indy what that European tour that they're doing is like damn power trip. Steve McKinney remember but the line of like seven beings long each one in my hand to hand him. The light on a year. 02 Brandi EC a first a couple bands got an ounce for modified it was that I did lose that. It can be carcass and blood bat and then who's the poor. Sacrifice yet I believe in there that take me he's EO. What's up we Yonhap we don't go yet Kevin you should go to we should just like take that we cannot do good solid three record metal shop and angle and can't. Amber your last Canadian venture I'll hold them this year alone you know doesn't you guys go to dinner don't mind my aunts. Sent back the united state you don't want a plaster of appeal but. It's cool I can get in there I'm just flag again it's fine that means I just don't wanna go in your carpet he exactly. Talk about Kevin's tee shirt obsession. And normally disagree imposed willing dumping news team well I mean. Well here I think we we all know that Kevin has a lot of shirts but that is due in Kevin purges his once and got that's him and secondly he you'd get rid of a lot of your stop on a yearly basis I shirts I -- came from them. Well here's the deal. Here's an of that T shirt collection and that's just the stuff that's in the rotation so what you see in there just know that that's three shirts deep. That there's those shirts in the for a and then there's two more layers behind. Then. There's also five plastic crates in my. In my closet and that's like that. Has featured rolled up to as small as they can possibly be sorted in about fifty years sixty shirts in each Cree. You could not like. I have I am out of room for shares and I have no more room for sure I am I an act. Well I am absolutely positive and at the fort did you mark the teacher it's ridiculous. I believe so I'm in the process I'm kind of trying to go through. Put some shirts and crates we reached stores and some of any panic several days long process down. For analysis and due that Hussein. There are some people that are you know minimalist and I I appreciate that but. I've come to realize being 32 years old that I am classic collector and a collector thinks I collect action figures I collect T shirt I collect CDs. Put STD's. I collect. I mean anything there is out there to collect and I have any apparent interest in a day. So I don't know it's it's dirty but whatever is cruel and I ate rat I'm at Warner of course I want auto stickers I have like a box of stickers from shows that I've been to for the last like seven years that have never used the same. Bulls twice very confusing using them to cover my base case no because I like the I gotta put these somewhere because otherwise. But my momma saintly. After years and years you just can't have throwing in another box and move somewhere else and then move somewhere else are going to be enough boxes sitting there like still of ticket stub to keep my ticket stubs keep little pains and now pains. Just all kinds of bulls and the difference between being order and cassette tapes is how organized are clearly. You know all another thing is that I I know quarters like I've been no quarter houses and then literally keep trash. Or anything that they think she can't wait for rash. Don't keep trash her and keep cool collection minority. I'm not gonna keep a box of pizza bags from two years ago because I can't letting coconut sentimental value. Yet because that's the first it's the Seahawks who in the playoffs and yet now. You've been all quarters house or been driving like on the freeway and looked over their someone who is like. In length is we like post hole looked like an eerie is a space in their car everything around images are being your life. And I'm messy but I thankfully never at that point yet. Let's just hope it not that happens. Let's you know agenda notes at the and he spent months there is we're not gonna catch you up on three months' worth of stuff but there are few cool things going on in the world to date year. So winds of plague it's been four years since we've had a winds of played record and it looks like they're kind of jumping aboard the white viking metal stuff of course there's still. Wicca wick new metal ish like I don't know he say death core but of course. They've jumped upon a new trend of viking metal into its gonna be called. What is fiscal net that's why it's called never alone in the LP is called blood of my enemy out October 20 on. Yet and the new song is called never alone they have a brand new video out on V vote. Let's play a little bit it is knew when the plate meager price of wanna test for a little in this area I'm gonna jump in until one minute Mercury sounds good. And it sounds like later. Well I. She was like a ripoff marker from polluting. Because like I met over. We do like what we managed. I mean for what it's worth it got this thing in time they get aren't. I mean I definitely felt like escorted. They're part. I don't know what is it been like that and build. You adapted. They got. Never alone when the play. But you know it's better than that new art speier. Yes it was only one of its never gonna file important it is a bit. Everybody drop what you're doing don't follow the singer from our speier FaceBook is named Oliver eighties at being hilarious he disposed to this screen cap. Of the iTunes track listing for you know how all the albums on iTunes or giving her art speier hit seven before. He screen captain needs to do. You are speier album just hit 74 on iTunes. We did more than Drake. Huge grain of what you knew what is happening. Let me look it up. This new arms Pope relentless mutation. And they just dropped yesterday. And my favorite thing about it is like the senior is like a rapper like he's he's he's got a load he's got site. They got out. We've been getting into. All of. Any records how relentlessly pitching like everything just yesterday this is working your record in the guy who were produced that record yeah. Tivo Taro. That's killer man like flat line studios don't cool which does. Art center in here. The tier and what news is that yes they just put out a brand new record deep called upon deep. It's that he recognizes deep. I don't know I knowingly included this as a that'll be cool that I don't think he played that what they did they get an album release show for this record in and light streamed it's you know there. Uniquely your count. And it was 300 people so it was like this exclusive being in the heart of Oslo where they're from 300 fans. Cool man out of this year you know being exits are on in a small. Tenet species in in their home count yet because. So do you guys think we can play peace I don't know how relevant I mean it's an Iron Maiden so they just put out a live video from Capetown South Africa. Glow. They have a new enough I think it's gonna meet dvd or to CD. It's a lot of albums and they'll be the end vinyl yes so they got any record coming out and it's just align record with with like pizzas here. The speed of light from the patrol. The good a good thing. If Iraq relief. Some of that old stuff into evidence from the news that an open but it is something both of them live. There will be cool. The relief they. Oh never November 17 just in time for Christmas. So it's been playing live all over the world literally Ireland Poland Japan a celebratory Italy UK Brazil Argentina Germany. Yes we rent every song is recorded for. OK well if you're not into that may be you'll be news. Head he is paying so it was the first time we've ever mention head PE on the podcast. But they've teamed up with high tunes distribution unit said there hey hey hey and they've release that is on pay me. With the news out the new album and I radler. So it's available where it is legal. And it the funny thing it was first available on market Friday at urban legends 55 bill street Seattle Washington downtown store. Asked by that storm that all the time. And it's just funny that what he missed that and I actually gonna go hey I can go to a record at their new head PE single with a to pay me. He doesn't EV do that are paid to create the future we do like go live. FaceBook alive if if we buy you'd be headed. Which shows read that matches the band it's just like that dirty is just cute it's it's not it's PCP would have read and share. And you didn't you do know he got way dot. Throughout Turkey get out of the picture and it. I think if you put the aisle in the planes like that'll teach you Chong record it's like his dad being squeezed you overtures that Graham was lights on. Well well. You're eighteen dollars. Name me I hate breed Jamie just eroded theme song for the Howard Stern Show that's O'Leary he's huge fan that show he always talked about putt pretty heinous. I haven't heard this yet apparently it's in him what behind him with a high agreement extra the she's as if you don't know hiring is John Heine is a contributed to the show he hosts of the Howard street series channel wrap up show. And he's also known for easing the he actually coined the phrase jump the shark. Which you know we just means that when a television show begins to go down hill and quality. Of Harlem is a Howard stern show it. What kind of. And free time and money list you have hilarious I will mean eighteen isn't publicity straight up exactly. So good for him as a way to get on the Howard Stern Show I wish we could put Ryan's facial expressions and audio Faulkner. I live stream as solid as we record the podcasts now you shouldn't the new to the kill switch to music. And it's. A band that's going to be getting lots of love from us here on metal shop especially with the phone callers because of their name. All things both guys are back. He did this is awesome and it features members of red quarter and hope conspiracy. And other put out a new record called hostage animal on southern border records October 27. It was released a metal hammers web site this week but we have a brand new song is called blood way teeth check it out it's crunch he its heaviest. It's all pigs must die. How. Inouye damn that's. On October 27 on southern or moral danger vocalist of sanctuary and never more he's coming out with his second solo album can I hated. And he's been so good today you. Kind of hinted at the effect he's coming out with in another solo album last time he was up on metal shop when they debuted to bring in century record. It's going to be coming out in 2018 with the renowned producer ray Z who's worked with Bruce stake in seeing rob how offered held mean Sebastian Bach. On the album is called shadow work and it's a follow up to 22000. Eats proclaimed. Praises to the war machine. He promises it to be more metal edge in the last one. But definitely some dark kind of weird. I don't know. World and world being if he's done that says dramatic trademark locals in the press release. It's coming up right alongside the fifteenth anniversary of never Morse at heart in that world tool. What are these Gannett teach them up and get them play a couple songs up there. We sure hope so wouldn't be surprised at all. Dear what is this year and seven that were like hey let's go hit up 7000 from then yeah I mean we we do metal trapped for eight years I think it's eight times that we said we wanna go. That's the side there personally I'm starting to sour on the idea of going on cruise at all I don't know I just. Well I grew claustrophobic I would makers analysts and thirteen do you did you love it. No ill because I was too old for the little kid stuff. And at two younger like go drinking a bar or whatever teacher sit there doing my algebra homework. Fair enough so I I I need I need a new version of that and need to experience it the way it is and you know what everything. Anyone's ever told me is that net 70000 tons of metal is just awesome it just got to be bonkers like. Front to back I don't know man I feel like I need like a week after that did you sleep. The somewhere deep in my FaceBook profile others a picture of me holding two buckets full beer that's what you want some crap I know an area that mature being taken a and I have no memory of those three days of on tyra but I can't say. That if I had not gone on that cruise I wouldn't be sitting here right now. Because when I first moved to Seattle this random documents in an archenemy shillings would cute. Right oh my god I've seen you since the crews have you and. Who are you who are you know as November crease and it was OJ in he said I know these two Gatwick what do you do in Seattle. So while you know I let my radio show on Montana and I just moved here and. Looking for some dealings that I know these two guys they're looking for an intern on their membership vote you know moderates. So and a. So we were gonna say they will give me the announcement date but the sales boost the the first public sales went on so two days ago on Thursday. So September 21 it's eat world's biggest heavy metal cruise it's give you the line appear. It Ater Nam cannibal corpse dark tranquility in slave guilt or guys in extreme though insomnia and corporate Carney creator but should get. Becker phobic obscure October tied primal fear rhapsody reunion. Septic flesh temple terrace and not a Arctic and wolf part and that's just the point five of the sixty bands. There's going to be some bigger names announced and again nanny theory first you're the fifth. And that can be. From Miami Fort Lauderdale to grand Turk Turks and Cooley tyco's islands impact if any of those places even exist. In this arcades. You know honestly think. This time around instead of going to go do decreased thing for next year I'm already planning on going up to Vancouver because I wanna see carcass in bloodbath yeah that's gonna happen. And I had such a freak and blasted cycle Los Vegas. I really need to go hit. He Vegas is great but it's expensive. It it wasn't too bad we get for the most are we just stayed. You know we are at the show the whole time in you know we just we just got food cheaper places you know I can I hit a mile mes on down there and spank yell where can we go to actually. Wearable locals goat again. And now. Maybe next year but again. So speaking of cannibal corpse he's going to be playing 7000 tons of metal to actually released a brand new song this week. It's called code of the slash yours. In the album. Kate Campbell court is coming out with is called read it before black it's dropping November 3. Late in the years here for a cannibal corpse so they could be a contender for for a top 2017 will have to check it out excuse this is a music video so it's all theatrical on this could be in about a minute. Code of the slashes. There's a music video content. Another ranger from Campbell courts of course. Here is man you Campbell parts like I said before that's like the least brutal cannibal corpse record title I think so far. Yeah probably. Read before black. Yeah but you know what new can of course is always a good thing and they're gonna become a town with Deke reaper. In power trip to add new knows it's going to be freaking awesome if if I remember and I probably don't November 17 yep that's him in the a couple of things look at a few brain cells left many. Another band premiering a new song this week was the black Dahlia murder they're coming back to sound too. In the David new album called Nate ringers. Coming out October 6 on middle bleed the same book and of course it's all synchronize your man. A bit bigger. Pretty raging mantra new albums all night bring her. And his vocal might bring it. That this country. What ever. That's good right about the the pull off command runs. The black Dahlia murder night bringing. They are. They are still doing some murder in October 6. Is when the record and not go grab that. We got some new music by the ocean in their first record in four years. In nearer. Yes lemon C here than new song is called her pop tops this. Doer Netanyahu. And it is proof he pretty wild. He's just. All instrumental post rock stuff and the song is actually named after the immortal species. Of jelly fish. They start their lives as polyps which are basically something closer to a plants and an animal. And they grow into Iraq. They've produced these sexually by cell division. And they are the only immortal. Being. On her. That's medals. Okay. Good body. Like. And while we're on the flight you either kicking kicking out a couple of jams here for a few minutes. We got new music by wolves in the throne room these guys are from Olympia they are organic. Farmers. And they are there are quite cold. They have the new album coming out so I'm sorry just came out as just came out yesterday and it is. Cold rice will then the. It's on the air new label RT art museum records they used to be on southern bored but they have their own label now. And it is now streaming in full. Rice will then you can check it out on their website where you can download the record listen to a on Spotify or buy it from them. Awesome awesome northwest band just always doing pretty cool out. There. Are two basic stuff. But these guys are playing out October 25. In Olympia. Course they are he had saved it two nights before that Portland. Or in clinical. So there is a little bit of the new wolves in the throne room or yeah S you know at the gates got a new guitar where am dude we're wondering about who would be the guy feud fill in on that there are a lot of speculations. On their lead guitar player just kind of like. Said he was on from dipped out on the market and yet. So he was done and then you know obviously it is but at that at war three rallying point fourteen. Ripper of a record and they you know they're trying to make a move so it's said they. From them directly we finally decided on new guitar player were ready to rip again. Actually he was our first choice or happy to have mom board Jonas stop Hamas. He's been friends since the late eighties Thomas used to tape trade with him back then in our paths have crossed many times figuring out who were years we. Beckham did you see his name was star hammer stall stall hammer that very Swedish epic wow yeah gradual must know hammer to. As those Hoffa name Ian. But apparently that they are there working on any record they have about eleven songs or do you ready to go for anyone they're gonna be recording here in November between between November and January 80s and it says you can expect a full on at the gates record with all the classic elements of the banned sometime between eighteen. Add on will that's a bunch of good news a bunch of good new music. And yeah is there anything else he has won and for these podcast here I mean I don't think so. And you unless you when you get trying to get down a little bit of brutal poetry absolutely. Well you know we're not gonna let you out a little bit heinous in new. Eight we entered metal shops brutal poetry to the radio. God knows what would happen if we did issue an heir who. And Ireland I don't know how you did this but I am always an your ability to find these awful. As it is called click here. I'm. Off their resonate clip them all yeah. Haven't. Hit this with a mask the Keating. My hard trembling. On bare knuckles at the site of maggots. Chewing on those parasites makes me and. I am down mind insatiable hunger. Crawling squirming. In my mouth. Can't exit treat those urges. To elite potential by two men. Hard trembling. Bare knuckles. At the side of maggots. Daily routine ritual. He uses. X short into the media are not point. Let me do another. You know it at all. Here's ejaculation feast on baked fetus. Also likely either particularly. Nine cents site who's at the around people gather. Nice lead they feed his place spreading. A center of Ruble flesh and her two year in. Ultimate form of free cannibalism. Jim hanging over the unborn. That up orgy starts. In year. You can unity toward. Climaxed. A collective. In with deep moaning. He is now covered with pro. Are. In that room. He is now covered with protein thoughts. Dinner is served in complete cycle can cannibalism. Till Don. You get a sentence is weakening I hear it OK it's good it's giving it up for a minute line. Don't. That's pretty bad so sorry not sorry world. But because we'll. The return of metal shop backstage bad bad on target about. I'm gonna go to give cranking our. It could tell with your protein cells. A lot of that they again all of the guys next week. It's in its middle show's backstage pass number 118. Peace. Shots stage.