Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 120 - Fake Sports/ Real Riffs

Saturday, January 27th

This week on the podcast we discuss Ian's heinous food poisoning, the Meshuggah show, the upcoming return of the XFL and the current state of the WWE, Slayer announcing their farewell tour, new tunes by Machine Head and Cloudkicker, the most metal cruise ever, new music by Phil Anselmo and the Illegals and we end the episode off the way we always do, with a nasty, grim reading of "Brutal Poetry: Too Hot for Radio" 


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Stage. What is what decade. First week at twenty scene where actually hampered down to a podcast. Man that. You know what if we got called out this week housing and I was Berkeley that the queen of the Stoney you know what I think any beanie does so rarely do the podcast anymore what he has been doing this. Sit around. Yeah and give it to death yap yap. That's yeah that's what we've been doing I mean honestly for the last like quarter of the year last year all we had were interviews yet. And they were good interview with Tim they worked really meaningless since he didn't even listening to sat around Yankee his own thing. Smoke and we it's episode once one of metal shop backstage pass was slow. That's given gears right there and Ian and mr. Ryan the beard CE. The crew result that we got a lot to talk about this week we created a lot of good stuff lot of bad stuff but most importantly more importantly the world issues more importantly didn't bandage it. More importantly the music more important than that the global crisis of all. How are you guys doing personally. Because were more important than any exactly. I get in this world I gave my soup. A brief bout of food poisoning today yesterday Seles did the play by play I I cooked up and talk youth. And I cooked up too much meat and I think I undercut it sort through upon my floor and and your let me answer at the same time yes thankfully I think it's right in front of my toilet so I had to I could do both at the same time. You know. So who might and how what you're feeling better now you as soon as it came out. I felt like it you get so that's terrific varied very careful ballet that you got to perform in the bathroom just. You know use the toilet spin around. On it back and forth my at a youth if you mixed if you mix up your timing on any of the elements. You deal with a massive massive street executive now it's it's not cool. Write me the old guy tonight days fool fool all know speaking of weird. In. I was inside of with the BB so. That start with BNP so yes it was best buy in the upon BB I was checking out some TVs over at best buy today and making out every time he said I wouldn't approve. Are gonna we went and I went into the bathroom when had to take appears. I notice that was the guy sitting there drop and a and are right next to his feet he had. A quart of milk. And a Jones soda. So and they were like drank out of so you think that I worked there is he just drop and induce while drinking milk and drinking a gym Minnesota. That you clearly can't it was so group posed for watching TV evidence and photo well. Kirk. Is he bringing a beverage into the bathroom and I'm a gallon a male but not a gallon a mill and word milk or whatever combination of those two and then we'll. Maybe I was trying to be sick. What do weirdo about that guy had a neck beard and was wearing so maybe he worked there. It didn't want to finish all the ships easily yell what do I do to make Lisa takes his own fare well architecture and beard. It. I'm not. Ryan how you bend man against him as he put the hit. And runs and deal with you that you Workman should have done this week are you where did so you've got to watch part of it I got Agassi they'll ship so what was your job that. I was stationed in the station and for each ends and means that I eighties he should work for both shall boxes cool so what time usually get there for a it's. It kind of depends on that in what's gonna be going on but usually somewhere around anywhere from a company and him to retreat after depending on when the band's gonna get there. So once everything set up you get it just she'll want the holding and mission to shut up I pride that mean the mission is she under an optional awesome. News is really great so it was just me and in the few Wharton and you shouldn't play three songs where in the Cheney's is great and got to sit there pretend like. Not been going right now yeah it's cool you don't overdo. That was a killer show mission in code orange book totally torn up. Awesome performance. I'm glad you had a good time Ryan and you you work your ass up here at the radio station to do enough. You'd you'd trained son needed some some best of episodes are I did. 5 AM to 10 AM training John Fisher over on the sound I was. Working with John has been. Apps super she'll just great what a great duties got all kinds awesome story yeah he is not a long time DJ for the mountain yet. Hello and how is back so so many good stories and Hughes talking about. Hang out interviewing David believe with his guitars as they're playing songs right in front of it looks like an audience for. Itself like that to stock has great source I did that worked the pollution to show. And on yeah it kind of replace its controllable that I was pretty tired at Torrey man builds character when he for Howard it. And it will make you die in early. H but at least I'm gonna have some kick ass stories and aiming. We all should write a book some day. Think anybody would give about we and the thing I mean people write books or wave lessen the things that again I have some pretty lean books that I've gotten for free. I like wild in and remember that one. No I don't the guy from there was a guy had literally handed out thousands and thousands and thousands of copies of the book throughout Seattle for like five years tree. Like there was a while where everyone I would go to their it would have a copy wild and very boring and people ready. Not many. Well pre pre try to read some of it. All of them shout out that this week. WWE announced that except bell is coming back first stop Vince McMahon I just want to say OK actually this is another thing I'm glad you think this is stupid. WW EN exit felt don't apparently have anything to do with each other because then to me anti vested a hundred million dollars. From his own company and he sold off a ton a stock so he started alpha media rep company and so now he's starting up ex FL is going to be this. Whatever. I mean you remember acts of self gamma it was part of the reason that they had to shut it down is a terrible football player of that. Plus like instead of regular kick off in football they would just drop the ball in the middle of the field and everybody which is running at each other so there was like ten million concussions a game like. They couldn't keep any players help because they were literally trying to kill each other. Well that movie with Keanu Reeves that Obama the underdogs or something like that. Where they just are terrible and I like the second rates in the reason that this is gonna work is has been said he's not gonna hiring criminals. Now and my dog that's half the and a already. He also said we're not going to be political and then like a sentence later said you this but you're not gonna be able to Neil during the National Anthem so. That is the most political statement to say in twenty team about football that being sat a market to get into that I would also like to mention. I would like to cough into me and say dude Europe Carnie you've made it. Money you made billions of dollars off of fake fighting for your entire life your Carney and you're trying to. Legitimize yourself as these sports. Figure. Dude just own the fact that Europe Carney. And of billionaire and accept it what you. Just trying to look at legitimate in the eyes of of many Peter seventy something years old now whatever anyways he should play. I would like to say go. That I'm stoked this weekend for them to be because the royal rumble tomorrow big fan of Demi did you we so I'm always still for royal rumble but. It's the first year that they're having an all women's royal rumble as well also fell thirty women over the top. Rope and their finally starting to treat women. Like actual competitors like sports competitors like like actual athlete as opposed to when Jerry Lawler would just yell for poppies. Right yet like it's a legitimate recognized nation of the talent that both ladies have meant exactly work cart. But exceptional corps before we move on from wrestling. Watching Goldberg and you yeah I I'm not a big wrestling guy I followed the green torts and ordinary car TV show that currently Italian peacekeeper and a car guys how did you end up there yet they had that a whole different car they had Goldberg on the air and he's talking about now. They they asked in the exit so wrestling is fake right he's a well. It's it's all Courtney didn't like who's gonna win what's gonna happen is is greener cars via blight. If you have somebody smashing cheer opiate based exactly it dad doesn't make it hurt and not lax when somebody drops you on the ground on your head. Or when I pick up. 3400 pound dude in the room across the range he's really doing I'm really doing the best that's the thing that really doing so you have to appreciate. You capturing what people worry yes it's a story but you have to appreciate the the the musicality. And I would use these deeds coming weeks and the rest we all know about like. How some of these deeds of ended up what has made out there head in B and 50009. So very eye opening and I and I also need to point out I still love like a discussed Michael board yet there's no there's no name and so puppy doesn't eat ones just. Older he built it I would like to save your wrestling fan and someone says is in the speak what he watched that just say what's the Walking Dead. You think that's real you want gag or you want that voice again is that real I don't know like even just like. Do you watch the you know friends you know they're not really friends that speak it's at the TV show it is lie. Theater with violence makes me wonder if the enix currently accept bell will be lead you. I mean what my buddies posted this because the last thing I'll say he said if they're gonna do this they need to come up with some wacky rules. Like you should be able to stop and how a hockey bike yeah it should be straight up NFL with student or you can have teen swapping. Like have somebody turning to heal and then jump over to the other team down in the middle of the game. Google Vince McMahon has mentioned though that this is going to be like totally you know he. Says quote unquote it's going to be legitimate it's not gonna be anything related to wrestling and that he does is gonna be the only time you'll probably see him for the next. Whatever few years until launches he's not gonna be the public head he's gonna hire all people that. Well know what they're doing. I think and the last time he tried them out yet and he tried commissioner try to make it all like he hit like Jim ross' calling football you have the rock like. Doing National Anthem like. Introducing things the yet it was totally cheesy and totally ninety's. Natalie trying to make it legitimate for the people I think he's really trying to appeal to the people that stop watching NFL people would Neil because that was a big thing this year yet the NFL ball stopped on their revenues yet though because of that savings went down. I guess there's a market for it but we'll see in two years is that still gonna be pressing if you will seek 221 of the Tony Tony but. Anyways that evil dead two as a lot of stuff going on in the world but there's a lot of also stuff continuing to happen. In the world of metal. What beat the biggest story of the last several years easily crazy. It we woke up this week to find out that slayer had announced. Their final world tour. And that they have put together as we've been hearing the last few weeks like rumors of this tour lineup. Which is talking epic gap though I was gonna be the last slayer tour I. But it's going to be they're doing their last. World tour and they announced the North American dates this week it's going to be slayer lamb of god anthrax testament in speaking. It's called the end of days final world war and I mean I have mixed feelings about this because for one like I love slayer will be watching slayer I want slayer to live forever. But Palmer Ryan has said in the past couple a years that he wanted to retire soon. I think Kerry king would. Try and be player for as long as he could but he knows that it's hard to do it without Jeff it's hard to do it without it. And I mean they got Albany have been there yet exactly so they know that things have changed a lot. And maybe they're not necessarily going out. On top I mean they will they will because they're because their inspired their legend area. But there also was this week is Gary holt. One of the things when they put out repent with we are waiting to see Gary holt was gonna write some lease on the down and Kerry said. We don't need your eye on it though he did an interview this week it said he doesn't think there's going to be another slayer record ever. So OK so here's the deal the thing that people in northwest have been trip and about. There's a to date gap in between Sacramento California and Vancouver BC with those dates. May thirteenth. In Sacramento and the sixteenth in Vancouver. With no Portland no Seattle announced yet. Really hope that there's some bella and I mean what are my guess would be that there are promoters fighting for right now and literally throwing like. A lot of money at them and that there's kind of a bidding war for it that's my guess I'm I have no. I had knowledge exists it's either that or they're setting up some kind of is our fan festival that there haven't been able to announce the better I don't know I would. Big question mark I would probably give my best guess is that there's a bidding war going on and who's gonna promoted and who's been through the most money and they're sitting back on. Let's not yelling at you keep on going up and we had to put up some date I. I have very good feeling from something other can't correct Ryan knows I think that in this spot but you know will seat. You know it may be even by the time you hear this they'll be announced so. We'll check it out and you know don't buy your pass the your tickets Sacramento yet. On the way to week. All right do it unless Ryan has other and so again sleigh here but he missed a lamb of god anthrax. And test at me that is insane and that's you know I think it will. It's obvious that these are bands they love because they toward the testament recently. They did the big four with anthrax. And then they also the last four they came through with was behemoth and limit gods of the seems lake. It's that all the bands that they probably handpicked. And that they want it's or one last time. Davis stamper may Gannett was quoted this week saying he he hopes they can you one more final big four show or tumor. So maybe that will be like the big culmination. But I'm sure you knew Dave and then the good you would like to make money yet the title of the article at first read it. Hey I make it gets should take a cue from. Its groove back after a prettier. That's phony right. So to that point. I will say this. If you compare may get us last record its layers last record back to back. They get put out a much better record is still be was pretty good I like it let's jump to some new machine head hero quick. This has been kind of a big soccer like story this band put out some what was it sunk. Started out there are glad to hear. He and I don't know man the new news as what I've heard from the newest machine head. Going up to this record. I was not really looking forward to this. Rob Flynn in the last couple years has made a name for himself calling out people like calling out villain so -- for being racist. Obviously deserve and absolutely but rob when you know kind of got a lot of notoriety for being the first one in the mainstream metal world. To really just go out on a limb and call and a hell out. You know a lot of people said Ike hey rob you want though you are an Angel you didn't you weren't always the best you didn't always you know you're only CPC. Assad can't remember who was but. Some guys and a prominent anymore probably shouldn't even mention he said yeah I think back then. Rob just want to be Fred Durst Rutgers a heavier durst told play piece this song it's called catharsis yes it. Volatile. Which from catharsis. They're new record is out now right yeah just came out yesterday so. We'll play a piece make up your own. You can always put the sensor one that I. Violent. Speed is. The fourth over what not to make. The 400. Sounds like Corey Dylan. There's your 32 sound machine and. They know that I'm machine heads coming through they're doing this thing where it's an evening with machine head so they're gonna play like a couple different sets up probably once that. And then take a break we'll play another set. They're gonna try to play our two and a half hours or seller three hours it's gonna be at the shoebox market march 7 and units an evening with machine had tickets on sale now. Remember when Robb Flynn called Abbott and simple and three and was in there and I reckons that this rift. Was a copy of this for it and you remain making this threat with this written on so forth but the music is well I yeah to. To a degree but. I wonder what somebody's gonna go through the new machine had record and be like hey man. Mistress sounds exactly like that they haven't announced a record this on your obviously don't want after slid not mean what it's been happening at this point like we let you hear it. You may appear on mine and I'm Condo emirates OC. Played of people requesting. And I'll play this week. So Ryan what's up that new cloud kicker. Now you're fans here and no it dude that's like yours. I am a big clutch eager fan and sharp who is the brains behind acres been pretty silent for about four years now and really glad to see that he's making news again for those that don't know clutch kicker. This is one of the dudes that is one of the fathers of she and T which he put out a record in the it was 2008. That kind of made huge stir India in the metal underground Internet nerd world. In your world beater at world. He really really shaped the way that progress at the direction progressive music went in for the next couple years and it's it's I think it's mostly because he doesn't do a lot of light stuff the only by performances that he's ever on. Was with interim non as a backing began back in 2014. I wanna say. So this is the first out first thing that we for friends since that time in the song's great it's awesome he'd get the whole thing in one date. On after suffering from a bit of writer's block he descent are it I'm just gonna force myself to write something and it. So I sat down at 10 am and by 7:30 PM this awesome song sound. What do genius that you. You. So this guy literally wrote. Recorded and mixed. It's this whole album three days ago on January point it won't just just the one song. Just once. And makes a little more effect. But I mean game birdie emitted. Let's keep move alone could be here on the music lab kicker and DIY felt pretty self belief. So. Looks like there's some changes in the lineup for destruction Indy German thrash bins drummer. Blotter reside in the act revolver drama all week sue. Yeah doctor at Wal-Mart time okay. While over. War really is the actual reason the act of bottom ever do drama weeds or raising the drum away. It's okay. That he he's decided to leave the band he's given a statement explaining his reasons for doing so and I read through it looks like he just wants to spend time with his family. He said to go you know he's he's mentioning how they've gone all around the world with the Amanda. You know it's always a bummer when bans you know kind of break up there their strong lineups but I'm sure they'll find some yeah. Yes probably just had enough and it's really sad to mentioned this the this week. The former guitar player from suffocation is suffering from hodgkin's lymphoma in which from what I understand and I could be wrong. Is the most common form of cancer. The most most people. And so he said that on January 19. They've got other guy mark mark KS I think is what it's pronounced. He was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. And it's a blood cancer affecting the body's immune system and lymph nodes and so he's really trying to struggle through it and make. I'll make it work out. Kind of hard to comment on. In general we wish in the best yet exactly. Some. And that's a little bit more positive he's 70000 tons of metal is a huge metal crews and it is pretty much the rigid nadir of the middle cruise it's. Basically every metal band you would want a seat in a punch drunk metal heads on a cruise going from Florida. Two grand tour and Kara caicos islands and back in a trek that's up from February 1 to February 5 read the beard he's gone on it before. And the he is not broke crews in my job because of that. He says things happily get blackout drunk whole week that he's there to Mexico. So these final line up has been it structured in announced and I'm gonna go through every band here. Real quick a gap aborted eight stern and ill storm MB aryan Don battle beast Baltimore benediction then benighted beyond creation get a record dark tranquility destruction diablo boulevard. Enslaved ever grey ever tale outsider exhumed freedom call Goteborg guys eggs in extreme low in morning insomnia and internal bleeding. Cataclysm corp Carney creator leaves eyes majestic downfall master plan should a metal church. Mets the Seoul national far neck or phobic of Europe. October tied primal fear are cyclists did revenge rhapsody sabotage and semi L septic flesh simple for us seventeen to seven spires sinister suffering he has some Arctic. So all the sons threshold try as fear voice caught wintry weather follow wolf Campbell art. Okay now do it again twice as fast open and it's sort of and no I don't span of buffalo one more amenities you'd know. So. Honestly I think the tickets might be already gone for 70000 funds are 70000 tons of metal correspondent LJ Klein. We have him come up back up here after it's often now than it makes me jealous now one of the easiest you're gonna have to go. We've been literally talking about this for like eight or nine or ten years in math is hard. If it makes you feel better he could just p.'s use. Yeah. Without. So let's talk about exhumed in Canty can phobia Patrick occasion and circle tour and so's there's a thing where. Maybe not I think it's probably not a thing that does upcoming slayer final two were notes Seattle they announced yeah exhumed notes Seattle dated. It's they're coming up to Portland that's the most north they're going to sell that would be something good though would be worth going out of Portland ore man because this is going to be a sick tour exhumed indentation and phobia. Gonna be doing a march run. Sorry to its February march and in March 1 their plan Portland bossa nova itself. So you're gonna have to head on your big fan of that really really really normally stuff exhumed incompletion and phobia. Definitely worth checking out. Phil and Selma and the illegals have premiered. Of pre release full albums stream of their upcoming new album choosing mental illness. As a virtue. So there's a full ten track if you wanna go to metal underground dot com. There's the full album tracks so full album. Deal with the full stream you'll play like 1020 seconds a report sure. Do it towards someone illegals. Some folks. Putting our lead in the south finally. Funny how hours. There are some things so good to me man. I'm down checking out sounds super Greinke. Going to I'm sure will be playing tons of that in the weeks to come. The another grind he banned cattle decapitation air bases to leaves capitol decaf to focus on the bay and with. Fill in some of scour his side fill in some was other side projects so. Bassist Derek and demon has is announces departure from cattle decapitation. End he said it's been a great journey but I am writing to. What everyone no way an amicable parting ways with kennel capitation I'm very proud successfully achieved together across the last two problems. Turn on track excited to focus my energy on the next upcoming scour release my reigniting. Project cast the stone. In other big plans I have in the words. Anthony's learns that you'd ever want for the sport and I'll see you Nam. Which is happening right now I think actually Vietnam a body Jeremy from soft the drummers Everett man to everyone's in New Hampshire. Ryan Whitney getting Gaudin and am. When it's time off work so never mean okay scrambling so he's never gonna him no never. On so it's been over seven years since the new board year put out and even murder they put out a BD live version of their performance out last year with the 150 peace Norwegian orchestra. And it was Atticus. And pursue so awesome so they're gonna be releasing their new single on February 23 I know it's kind of one of those like news on news with an up and show you but. Later in the year the going to be putting putting out a full act and that track record the first full length they've put out since we first started doing metal shop in 2010. And he called you on him. The only. Ian is it about me you onion about me and yes so like taking out in the Borger will will keep you updated Yelp. There's a couple of quick things I guess we should mention some bands that are working on new records amorphous is working on their first record has 2015. Stick. That's literally all I have to say about. Cool there were down. And next thicker. Right has just announced will be signing the metal blade if you look back in the way back machine sacred Reich. Was one of the first bands to really get big on metal blade records back on the metal massacre compilations that's how they kind of got their name out there. But other back at it in they are going to be their first album since 1990 six's he'll record. So it's been many many years 22 years and they're gonna be coming back with a new one in 2019. They said we're very happy to announce the sacred reconciled with metal blade records we are writing songs are new album. So new sacred Brighton thrash it happens man. Well no we're not gonna let you out of shops backstage pass without entering. Through poetry to hunt for radio and too long tournament. Tonight have been found a real champ from 2011. A band called peachtree T. Off the record he generating. And her logical. You period euphoria. He's given with the portion of green. Who need a crew at her in all this and have him take it away. Addicted to the excrement of the dead. Postmortem nourishment. Of secretions. Copper fade to cooled seats. Stayed bloodied corpses. Prone on the table. Ripped away from their place of eternal rest. And start repeating the bodies. Awful pleasure seeking from raining rotten evil track. Rectal bleeding upon my tongue. Consuming spattered intestinal cheese's it's. Splatter in cavities to ask for a gorging. Sewage of bodies on rocked the human now and I. This then too sickly sweet. My hunger is growing on. I grabbed handfuls of tainted food weeks. Wallowing in pools of sixteen English. Munch the septic matter. Hovering over the corpse in K forced in my throat coughing up in true. Decrepit dated mental compulsive speaks stations for human disarray. Influenced my every emotions the slide my hands into the gastrointestinal. Tract. I drink blood in feces. Intoxicating me with this rink riding putrid dying he erupted from the dead it's. My decrepit procedures of deviated our top U let me obtain all the food that I crave with no effort. I feel sick. And in fixated. With hate the seepage. And I devoured entirely. To you peeing in re gorging again. I aim a skiing and Herbert. Andrea Koppel and that's my new ringtone for cabinet. I get a Burberry. Jean per person I knew. And Herbert and moved. Dean pervert I am up. Dean pervert the only Alison that's. So thank you guys again for listening to metal shots. And metal shop backstage pass number one point he had not asking Herbert. I mean defamed Brian Kevin and a pleasure we'll see guys get next week it's metal shop. Both are not enough. Shops backstage pass.