Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 121: Be My Brutal Valentine

Sunday, February 11th

Your favorite heathens are back to discuss all things metal. This week we break down the news all around the world including the fact that Napalm Death is putting out a rarities and B-sides album, Obituary and Pallbearer are touring together, Megadeth considers re-recording a classic, K.K Downing discussed his new autobiography, Dee Snider is gonna be releasing a metal album with the help of Jamey Jasta, the new Stryper song isn’t that bad + a ton more news and notes from the metal world. And like always we end things on a gnarly note with Brutal Poetry : Too Hot For Radio. 


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Sitting yeah shops backstage press. What club were back episode one point one of metal shops backstage back. I feel like we've reached a new level of consciousness. He got a funny guy you're with before the podcasts the B. The look of constantly. My name's Ian at Kevin beard hi mr. Ryan would be you get over. Feuds I am addicted to a new a three game on PlayStation called fort night. I guess the fort growing with the little kids you'd it's helping weird because like yet I got asked how old I was sent yesterday. I told almost 31 and everybody just started laughing at me back. I was like. You mother. God damn it would like thirteen fourteen Benoit killing you on the game. Yes so are explain this game the so it's just it's a free like battle Royale whether we're there in 99 people all playing in the same game youth and you have to be the last one alive. And I've won one time a price played like thirty hours last week the MG and I yeah I think I'm too old to get a video games. So just stick yourself mentally and I yourself then and don't get embarrassed by the twelve notes I don't you tool with the news at the cues to rule. I meant off gray beard. Anonymous an old line yet thanks. Shut up by you 78 year old Santa Claus over here and on the kid in the room on the young one I got the U with yeah look the oldest. I joined that the sweat pants club this week yeah. I wore sweat pants every day it might be job this week. And it was awesome nobody said anything and I. Yeah right I do shipping and receiving. Nobody even commented no no we even commented I wore sweat pants and no wonder were not just can I did Wear underwear. So I didn't have a little bit of care but I wore sweatpants everyday of the week in width and. Ethnic did you change the underwear I did real PG underwear and I did changes sweat pants. Okay. But Monday teeth I have many pairs of sweat pants and sweat pants consular. Talk about you weaken to take up Michael is an. Brian tell me about your week bro I devices offered much people for much thinks. Well sounds productive yet very productive congratulate shall there is award for vague. Status update those are right in the beard yeah up big posting today. Oh that's so interesting. Wildly and you did so many things with so many people yup. Super busy gag lots of fun so how'd you guys are gonna be opponents work if you know we're gonna be doing stuff that's awesome. You working on booking your right now that's such a pain in the nasty and it is not on I am not jealous of you yeah I am I feel very fortunate that I have. Plenty of people within might social circle in. But I can reach out to that are willing to help me and it hasn't been as painful as I was going to be but yeah it's still pain addictive. So my favorite thing on instead Graham that I fell. This week is this guy who's posting all kinds of old photos from the paradox in velvet Elvis in it's this guy he's the book at the paradox that thick his name is like. H six C in the hard core something and I don't know all I'll post it soon but. He definitely has a really cool account because it's just like photos of like countless scenes contingent blood Brothers just like all these old school. Well between. He posted some pictures of champion poses some pictures hints posted. Spitting teeth. Stable pictures of it's really added it's also super funny to see like the old. Like styles of people were like you know what what rock in back in the day and although like young hardcore kids that. I now know is like old guys. It's just kind of you know like a walk down memory lane seeing like old pictures of pocket. Thankfully but bleached blond hair yeah bleached like rare big big pants like posh caps Moscow ups are like you know ball chain necklaces and Genco genes in airlock fuse and in others photos John petty bone with a with like what are you woody called a cut. Papadore. Nice yet with Ike is like it's Greece or proper door. There's like three. Pre eyeliner pre and minor exactly so. I don't property just a pretty cool account I didn't get to see any shows this week actually been kind of a little in some local metal shows that. That's fine we need a break from time to time what was the name of that Easter and account your memory. Gimmick and a Altec I'll get it with LT a look at all get it for Ian. Generally. Trying to catch up a little bit on what's going on in the middle where. Let's. Let's talk about you napalm that you ask. The thing is not new mail but it sorted mail. It's it's an upcoming rarity this release so this was actually. Song that was released on the apex predators easy neat. The besides of it in so they have this new record call coated seniors and more uncommon sellers coming out. On a march 30 on century media and my birthday a bunch it's 31 songs that are. Were released and rarity Foreman in like on besides and in you know the fact that another just putting it altogether as one record you can pick up. 31 songs they would you here a little bit out check out this one's called. If there. Water. Those guys their ring master to come get himself off from. I want to mention this because we didn't have a podcast last weekend there's a banner ad Ford actually on this article that would look at net. Last week it was announced that obituaries come to town Tuesday may 22 L core zone. And they're bringing kind of unlikely toward me it's a dust bowl the killer thrash band bring in skeleton which uses like kind of like death black metal. And then out Paul bear which is like super melodic doom so obituary Paul bear skeleton which in possible. A touring the US and again it's Tuesday may 22 a accords and tickets are available now. And we're actually been doing some new ways born on nominal for a little something for him to not miss gospel out of all the bands on that lineup gospel is the one I'm most excited see if you never checked that band out you're doing yourself a disservice that's one of the best for a experience around. You you could you could open that showed you hit somebody be like elderly Japan or not. When we get down on that. No are now yellow so I was on his degree in here and I found the guys account his name's wall young. And he he apparently worked at the paradox and isn't and they want is again if you wanna following his. It's kind of convoluted NW underscore music underscores seen underscore each exe underscore indeed under sport ETC are series. A lot of underscores. That view politics. Moderately cool photos on everything from indecision. Two nine ours they fired mercy the doubles and just a lot of throwback pics here from the northwest through local. So one of the most dangerous things he can do as a musician is on there a driving super sketch UPE I think. You're more like one in three people dining car crash allegedly whatever and then like 1000 people die in an airplane crash. That is driving hero has really ruffle we keep hearing about like me and accidents we know about like rain euros in the airplane in about cliff Burton in the tour bus that'll and the ghosts inside. I think into when he fifteen got into a really know early bus accident. Couple people died these guys like broke all their bones and the drummer actually lost his right lake which suppose get rated was his drumming Blake. But he's back in the I am trying pronounces you've each writer Andrew. To. It does that sick Anders acts exactly is that six he he just put out a new EP a one man things that he did all the guitar is the debate and the grounds. Pretty cool. His band is called one decade and it's instrumental kind of jam music really cool and there EP is called decade one decade dep. And Belichick and. So right what so what Sunnis that in itself. Don't drop the idea. Filling out one decade yeah I'd just the I think the whole record streaming for free affect about critical stuff. So far I've got a new record coming they last about their record archangel and when he fifteen they're working with Josh Wilbur who worked with lamb of god goes here or other means that more. And Max kava Lara. It's cool to see them getting heavier and you know due to morally. To the root them out growing in new metal. While it. So he says the news and this is kind of like an announcement announcement and repairs but he said the new soul fly album has a quote classic chaos AD feeling. That's awesome so hopefully it's good that's pretty much only have to report on that immediately. When he eighteen and again. The looks like. Aches order has is back from the grave they made your official debut last night who well when we say last night I mean Friday. Every night at the saint by this bar in Brooklyn New York sometime I gotta get out there man that place looks awesome yet they have really cool shows. There's thin films video footage of it but it sorters lineup now features founding members of the LaBella. And a Kyle Thomas on vocal along with that she's in V bricks from even. Mark as he marked his airy from my ex super joint ritual fill in some on the illegals that's funny on guitar and Sasha horn forbidden. Obviously it's orders a band that inflow will influence that pain and terror panic though for release today. Go for the kind of like groove. You know ninety's metal sounds so he's order definitely checked them out their old directors like slaughtered the Vatican. Awesome stuff and yeah speaking of Phil and some in the league. All he had a couple of stories Phil and we let that one of the weirdest moments I think we ever had was when we asked what I asked Vinnie Paul. If there's ever going to be a pain they're reunion and he's size eyes like a role in the back of his things like. Okay now. He had no. His brother I mean it was gone and you know yeah Phil and some looking out this week talking about a potential Pentair reunion on full metal Jackie said. You may ask me why would be important to me like I always tell fans it's two way street people come up to mean thanked me. Well right back Adam because the band doesn't choose the audience it's the audience. That chooses the bands though like I said it's two way street I don't know if I would talk about a real real talk pan terra. He said you know it's a huge part of that bigger pictures the biggest part of it we sell the most records we were in most popular band I've never been a part of so to ignore the fan base that are pride the fan base that they really want such a thing would. Hurt my heart. And he doesn't wanna do that but. He said of if it ain't broke don't fix it not through with that means in the situation. I've defense they know than consider me very comfortable where and that I mean the only person that we'd be able to jump in there would be wild. That's true yup. I really don't think it's ever gonna happen Vinnie Paul made very clear that he's not interested. Was read an article this week. Where the very first singer and her it was like he read Rex Brown's book under one proof. Yeah true stories like him I can't believe how hard he wasn't Viennese a lot of normal Wear those guys staying with. It's true man it's some heated. Yeah I mean that would obviously have to be a lot of mending the fences in between that and a you know I'm not count my chickens on that one they had because. This probably not gonna happen you know the closest thing you'll see is you know down owner Phil on some low planes some and some cover. And yet they depends Eric Evers with the illegals I think they do via an on count my chickens on the island either because I have chickens. Cool and he's China the Chinese chicken February 5 the they declared that they were going to be creating a cliff Burton day in honor of what of what would have been his 56 birthday and it's cool to see and what you're saying earlier there was. Only at. What was crowd on the you know it was change dot org petition that I am fans of clip Burton fans of Metallica and this past week. Metallica it's weeded out that he was officially announced Alameda County which is the county that cliff Burton grew up in. India at Bay Area that the February 10. His birthday will now be considered cliff Burton game which is awesome and you know what I'm gonna challenge every one of the forcing the mousetrap it's. Let's make this a huge stink let's make this a thing appear in the northwest to Lakeland let's supported my make it a deal lake every every tenth. A jam out to old school Metallica where Euro old school. Cliff Burton T shirts there anything you can do man post post videos. Seven only important in metal and you know it might not be an official thing appear in the northwest but. If you should be it should be just keep this guy alive man with with his memories and in with the music and you know every February 10 may be. Drink a little bit of beer and I watched. With the mall we. Mentioned last year came out that. Ray Burton clip brings dad who's 93 by the way he's awesome he's been quietly contributing the like what you Kellen. Royalties for and mobile Metallica records he's been contributing all of that. To music scholarships that's so awesome that's so awesome. There's a radio station down its efforts this guy that did an interview victory bird he said that this is kind of cool he said talking about it sunny there was all this initiative. Cliff you still watch Barney Miller. The detective showed me absolutely loved the base that started the show off so we came to his mother in me one days that mom and dad. I wanna learn to play the base so cool so Barney Miller. Who go to public would have Barney Miller has little influence. Is the reason Metallica is that paying. Oh you gotta give clip burns them a lot of credit too because. It seems like every time somebody wants to talk that guy about ski he's always open to it is always doing interviews these. Says he stayed as much as he can't an active member of the community and I think that's really cool is that a lot of folks that would just kind of check out of his 9393. Year old man instilled in them. Raeburn. This is do you grow much lover a overkill organize any record bad we haven't and announcements of some announcements up and play for your show for your dates or anything but there are working on the new record. Ryan put up a hot take today on Facebook where he said. Overkill greater band slayer Metallica and anthrax. What I make it. Move it back got to run with not get a secret of the magnet has recipes but yeah I'll take overkill. Over any of the big four for the most part. Another negative got they've got a much wired is on her feet and most bands in the big four and all those records are on arguably in my opinion. Better yet there heavy so we I am back over overkill has as they have progressed. Seemingly gotten better and better for the most part. Where as I cannot see it very much the same thing for. You know the beans make four you know all agree with and the weather bands we kept going to in the ninety's and Capuano gave given medal record than ninety's so weird. I. Honestly like I'm just gonna throw this and there are like I like overkill little bit but like off the road on I can't stop laughing when I listened to because as voices. I don't let I don't laugh when I was in the Slater. Yet mr. you know so I like why you happen. Why you husband and bliss is hilarious bought the suit that. I don't know if he's feeling rages. But in my opinion slayer Metallica. Are currently. Are like. Of the lead Jean Rowe is it is stripper directly she'd grow stripper now what that's that they strippers the Alton. I mean averted talk and I'll let you know we gotta talk about her. That those snapped and the hell with the devil brother. I just but the thing here I thought it was funny that the title of the article says listen to strike for Haiti new song it's called take it to the cry as everybody. Not everybody has filed. We got a follow up on this we'll see if I haven't heard this doce was actually have. I that was ago since I thought I. Just get nervous if I noticed. No. Two minutes of an intro. Not a terrible offense not a Catholic relief I. All right well. I mean on a spectator like mistaken them for like a new except some. The yellow and black is snack food and whether. Easy. On this speaking ET the album is called god damn evil. And that's coming out so. April warning at fort tour money on frontiers music as sorrow. So you know Michael suite is band is continuing on so. Hey you know what for all this layers there's got to be to counterbalance. Yet IA and speaking of cheesy I don't know I again don't know why apocalyptic has come back to the northwest not played Seattle I would love to see apocalyptic at because they're doing their Metallica by fortune Ellis tour or they're just doing all Metallica stuff that's how the band up popular men yet they page you were just government. But they are planned Spokane so if you're willing to make the drive if you're really unum apocalyptic that we don't know what people are the littler they're really fun to watch and. In a few wanna see this plays Metallica by fortunate lows may seventh is going to be hit ended up in spoke with spoke and spoke poignantly martini of war in sin. Theater at the box would be code orange lost the Grammy. This year mom want to mastodon. And again I forgot the sugar body count and then there was out August printer that's as Theo. And code orange you know I mean they might not won a Grammy but. This is their first time around as actually being nominated in effect of these guys are were relatively unknown. In the mainstream before the record. Forever which was released on roadrunner. Means that would that was a massive man like tila moves to be on all over. Social media to be Oliver up billboards in LA like actually roadrunner was that was putting out these. These. Billboards all over LA this have for your consideration for the grammys code Orange Bowl on they were in WW eons when he seventeen they did a wire performance than an an event they. Records sold to time and they toured with so many good bands like Michelle got a tour with death tons. End of this year there are following it up with a single on the adult swim website and it's called only one way. It's in classic code orange. Oh. You know style it's it's weird it's out there it's industrial melodic rock through playlist metal hard core apple a little bit man. Truly. This give it a little bit. And god. They live. You guys got seeded Twitter feed going out with corridors with no dad. So there's just been told of mice and man yet. And they were saying so if it code orange should've won the Grammy this year than shouldn't Norma Jean have been nominated like 2000 or whatever. And interface we stand in a problem he that they sit saintly responded with. Eat the who aren't isn't some of my I think if anybody deserves agreement this year he should've been mission. Because at the end as I'm more from all that and the other hand. On and Jethro at all. When Flutie boy. Volume at all you needed. To kill something -- did you interpret. It. Kills us to engage company have a new album out by summer when he eighteen so ranking here that. Yeah. Yeah you mean he's here asking you think he's he knew. Me well. Honoring and age. You do matter and. Speaking of which do you size put on their record this year Glenn Beck and one of the creepiest fewer than ever. Everything in my life. I had an up down cross on his forehead and expecting him to be like scene did you ever hear the story of what he tells kids about that. As somebody what is kids was like how did you get the cross he said he was running in church and he slipped and power path that. That's a lot of has burned by Jesus what gets left for follow up to their Tony thirteen record in the minds of evil it's been a few years five used to be exact. He said Steve their drummer he's actually super awesome week. Hong elegant at the chronicled it he said at the band's upcoming disc will be heavy H. It's a huge. I love to be at each drove me wealthy Mussa. I think that pretty much sums it up I mean if it's not heavy. Steve work coming up buying you and we take you needed church speaking and speaking is heavy she. Dee Snider is is it did that you know a lot of people want though the got love for Dee Snider but I got love for Dee Snider man he is. He is it outspoken. Dude that guy that stood up for artists where to go anywhere but up but they want he's not where they irony is not taken it I mean if you remember the. The trial with like Tipper Gore where they were trying to yeah and music he was the one who came in their dress like a crazy maniac straight up Twisted Sister guard your. But he spoke very eloquently. And he spoke passionately about musician's rights US speak their minds so aside from being a very influential musician he's also kind of a bad bad ass. I mean actually falter and he has yet in Israel. Said the reason why we mention mr. Snyder. Yeah I was looking at it and LE DT that the team meat off the podcast. And Jeanine like. Kind of out of nowhere one day just like came up with this the idea use like hey. If I broke a metal record and got Dee Snider to sing on it would anybody be into it and apparently somebody told the year whenever yelled yeah yeah. So I now Jamie just. In Dee Snider are putting out in record together it's. Untitled so far but it's being produced by heap revoke with Jeanie Johnston. Tentatively featured in contribution from Howard Jones. A mark Morton from lamb of god Joseph grind in nick bill more from toxic holocaust Charlie bill more from kingdom of sorrow. Some titles that to appear on the LP include American made it lies our business. I want to like I honestly I think a lot final record pretty good. I'm stoked to hear man I would love to interview DN genie like in in the release and it before that the d.s that Jamie's a fan of mine I was on his podcasts he literally challenged me on the Ares that junior iconic. I think you need to do true public true metal record now. Being gay help for its resurrection and that directly say it will what do you got mind to do it all produce that I got size got people stumbling over each other write a song for Dee Snider. What a random. Asked thing to happen that's great man that's so cool got to put it up there in the universe and yes so. A dude it's pretty outspoken when it comes to you know all the metal world. Did any filth of Cradle of Filth in his gets a lot of shade a lot of people make when a cradle filled honestly I thought that last record was killer. Nuclear also record in the lot better than I might not be Coulter underground for saying that I don't. It a big Cradle of Filth is considered cult by people were cold exactly so it he basically in an inner recent interview he said he doesn't believe the. Frontman of slayer. He doesn't believe yes later saying it's their farewell tour he's. I believe for instance I've felt for the Odyssey touring for the last time an 83 whatever we'll put up. I think the scorpions have done it accepted done and I mean I think if the money's right people come out of retirement. He said it's another way to boost their sales for have been announcing last two or I hope it's not their last tour I would be bits that if it is. But I think the same applies to them as people like Glenn Danzig just think. Do I need to be doing it in my comfortable they're probably pretty comfortable enough to be close to retirement they get paid well for gigs I think they'll be our. So that's the thing like I would take that to Vegas. Is slayer gonna actually be done. Pentagon public a slayer hotel I think dignity is someone laughs and they're gonna make paying yeah they are they're making they're going to be via their cash and you'd. And I mean like honestly in my opinion I think they deserve it. They were working really hard to tour all the time they'll have kids and families and stuff like that it's hard to be away. And at this point like you put out thirty almost 35 years of heavy metal. Just stock you know you get deserved. And chill for a little have they I mean they can. They can retire on the music that they are already put out the vain probably made a ton of money and they put that makes a much. And Merck's money and on royalties due for all those huge records when records were selling so big in the eighties and exactly people still buys the farm I teen theater you know I mean they can make royalty end. The logo stamped out on anything and that's gonna settle. So slayer in now. I support them giving it up I support them just thrown in the towel and being Mike Yeo they heard this is cool we're done. Make it at Davis stay in those recently came out that he wants to do the Big Three to greet you guess the civil Metallica is not really into it's we could see the Big Three in every single one of us is doing right now every guy or all. It's up that is the most blatant cash in like dude. Address your own band's legacy. Let them do what they want. You don't need to make it a couple extra bucks a year well I can't sell at a 3.3 million dollar mansion who have had to drop it by 300 dot. They've shut the up. Speaking of addressing make it this legacy. He mentioned the concept of re recording killing is my business is business is good which would be a huge. In sol. To the awesome musicians that went in worked on the black actually were made at the time that you were talking about cash grabs right now I guess. He he did mention you know it's something that was brought up but he he did say that like he's gonna focus on the stuff that they have now with a look at forty giving the studio and just starting in working. With that the musicians he that are in the band now so I mean exodus did it with bonded by blood. And I think a lot of that had to do with like when the recording that the mid eighties the production to sports factory yeah yeah so when they redid it sent a real nice and crisp and clean. They didn't do that record stands on a thirteen feet you know indeed. You know I think I think that is when suicidal tendencies went back and recorded all the stuff I thought it was sound cheesy as. He can they and it all these extra soles on top of it is wasn't necessary. And I mean again like what what's up look like nick men's do you like what you do about that yeah. He's gone you Friedman and as a. On those records like that what people think of Megan. That's the lineup that they want a seat that's lineup that they think about and to go on tarnish that even though the musicians that are in make it out right now. Other deal Charlotte yeah they're kill all our world class player can become and they get Russia. But I don't wanna hear that record record I don't listen if outlets that record article listened nick play. Maybe it would be cool to hear them play that record alive yet Gary and Greg how bad exactly that record the root of like do you do a live recording of them playing that record that would be savage has yet a bit but don't. Literally like redo the record. Yeah I'm good that's just a way. You know finally trying to like royalties and get more money and and trained hero product and. Are still be at that record that last great and really good is written and I know how hard that is for Ian to say and I can pay a mistake. Credit Chris Christie that was that was a reporter I thought this bill Pia. Was better than its layers last record yet I don't really I thought it was better than tout his last record at an acute the reloading once again I agree. And I mean that. That's weak is like super pressure which came on 2013 was to whiners here it's again it's Frontline was so bad bad. What are you talking about the release was again along or just kidding so. We've all read like autobiographies from these metal musicians yet actually you know super uninteresting one of Ryan's first tasks is an intern who was to have read the Dee Messina autobiography how did you like that right field issue. I don't read. He suffered in others now that it is still sitting on my bookshelf with a little note attached to the jacket just says nope. I mean like look I'm not. But I'm not a huge slip knot then they're reading corps retailer's books are awesome we have such a good writer shout out to mark egg intent. From Scotland who used to live in the northwest here heap and the post wrote the Rex brown under one proof autobiography. Adam their golf. From the behemoth just put out a book in now KK downing from Judas Priest camera. That's awesome scene that one that an outreach to this days I agree my favorite. Rock star on a biography in his. If you're listening to this in both that you as well you've never this book go read keep booze biography I'm. Because it is the most NC. Which is being. You'll ever put your brain you have to go and read that if you wanna learn where all these other rock stars learned how to party. Keith was eager to Virginia of all souls like watching Jerry Springer I got a couple suggestions to throw on that. Pile of cash by Johnny Cash and it's hands also the better by Motley crew. Without Obi got like he had that because that's got every one and they're all tell their stories about it and they have a lot of a good memory of being really up apparently so. In you know like I I love Ricky Faulkner in it Judas Priest but KK downing is. I mean is close to a metal guitar god as you can. And he's putting out this book. September 18 later this year it's called heavy duty gays and it's India's priest he says recollect in my life as I've done in this book is often brought me close to tears. But it's also made me laugh at the fondest memories it's true I've made many friends along the way but it's also true of me and enemies. One thing's for sure the music bra has been everything to me it's not only been my salvation but it's also brought me closer to the people of so many nations. Annals honestly say consider all of you to be very year. So I guess I'm really looking forward that I think it's going to be good good autobiography. That everything in it for somebody for Christmas. Infamy. It for me when we got each other medical what do we escaped in about a first so I'm. Well you know we're not gonna let you escape of episode of metal shops backstage pass without entering. Brutal poetry too hot for radio lamb. As usual we are speaking. Do you think to new lows. We go back keeping him speaking we're sleeping in new lows he doesn't to the record orgasm induced diarrhea came. I've been told oratory tonight. Haven't read to a passage. From severed. Stuff and then usually. Organs spilled all over the lower. Intestinal residues. Makes me border. Fingers school cap sneeze and torsos. Strewn across might. Backyard court. The limbs in the broken tendons. In the sun. IQ from the meat and vital. A dozen entities William the kitchen table. Body parts of trophies for a torture master. As blood ran down my legs I know this might was severed. Ten feet across the room. My bleeding. Easily detached in late let's. Put it. In must've been net table soft from Sears. I. Or the pliers from Home Depot. It could have been the often struggle. Or torn by some screaming slacks she. I always start with their. As the blade hit some sprays out. There's screens will die off when the euphoric sense from blood loss kicks in. In some form of blood soaked amazement. I could leave my on the table. Without a second guess ending my insanity. Across the table sock spewing blood in urine. Last the rating organs for Orson meet my nights are long and daring. Flesh. Was meant. Or care. There. Is probably that soften seniors. Are hi everybody thanks for hanging out boasts. Have a happy Valentine's Day we'll see you again the next day of the week after next I think we got frank or. Well I think we got them for next week Dahlia we do and then frank rebelled eleven will be that we now is that the one point one main I don't selves and have a good week you'll see soon it's metal shop backstage pass up. Shots stage.