Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 96 - Ryan's New Guitar

Sunday, July 10th

Welcome back! After a short break from the podcast, we welcome you back to the realm of the UnGodly. Ian is out crashing a wedding this week, so Ryan and Kevin break down some of the interesting inner workings of the metal world. Ryan just got a wild ass new guitar, so he's been a hermit, Kevin went and saw Alice in Chains and his mind was blown and we show you a new band called Dystrophy. Iron Maiden has an awesome mobile game, there's a rumored release date for the new Metallica album, Chris Adler is done with Megadeth, Robb Flynn is down with Spotify and YouTube and the Discharge/Eyehategod tour was resheduled. 


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You are listening to. Shops were backstage press were. Mom. And knowledge to little shop backstage pass EN is not here this week he's out crashing a wedding. Million gallons bird he is drunk hitting on bridesmaids as we speak do you think he's going to get some action tonight. I had a don't know CNET is a family events I'm sure yeah. I hope he doesn't maybe you loosely affiliated with the family but not actually part of the family let's hope Ian because. We we keep it in the failing your metal shop but not like that welcome back to. Backseat frets that a few weeks we we had a bit of a vacation. These summer vacation we went out to end we part of their faces off. To be honest we really didn't do them much but I we did enjoy some concerts Ryan you've been. Even go to a few shows actually that's the complete lie you tell me that I haven't thought. It causes lately has he been a busy mother her I have I have I've been. IA I recently got a message from my but he weighed news like hit man will even up to Elie even outside enjoying the nice weather actually know. Mean why not. I got a new guitar. Hello is it telling glimpse give us a review this guitar and tell us exactly the specs of what you guys and how dirty your really is I got in it's hard by a company called SAC. They're out of Italy. Com really rad company. Classically trained its instrument makers so they really really know what they're doing really professional insurance. On the sun it's another nine strange sense that's the direction and I think going in Europe and France no headstart no head socket so it's kind of a trip for someone I'm I'm not a guitars personally I haven't guitar I can play tiny bit but when I just see that guitar since I'm so trained deceit. You know this is the classic looking guitar it's kind of a trip to the seat but. He's a comparable free to play well with. The Charlotte Parker guitars didn't have had stocks and like yet the well the desire of the guitar hasn't changed for for a very very long time for Turkey the overall designer fretted instruments really hasn't fault all that much Vietnam. You know T if you actually look at the the science of how guitars and other fretted instruments work I mean you really think all the notes would lineup perfectly into street line like that. Com the idea question the idea that frets are accurate. It is wrong guitars are inherently out of tune you're gonna wrong they are never perfectly into an inner frets kind of help. Get the notes a little bit more in tune and that that's why this the sound of com a guitar always sounds a little bit. A little bit harsh against other instruments OK and that's why it always kind of stands out sounds a little bit awkward because their lesson to an armed. So the difference kind of help without a little bit and then having had stock house with the overall balance of the instrument because as you add more strings you add more weight to the head sock. Because of all the extra hardware which arms the head stock heavier which has more weeks your hand you know. It's it's a lot easier to play with more weight in the body. Because it's hard naturally sits. On at a better at a better angles he I'd like hold it up as awkwardly. And right so there's there's no weight near that cool so I get. That's awesome really cool instrument are we going to be able to see that alive any any time soon. When you leave it looked around not I'm so kind of the so getting used to it a little bit on. The fan frets are are are kind of it's it's still it's a little bit different all the muscle memory it's gets thrown through a bit of a loop so on and so cannot figure it out but hopefully sooner. Is it would you say is an honor greed is like. A soft core hardcore guitar porn how much Qatar portage do you think he could rip on now on it it's it's pretty pretty guitar warning CR. Some sudden gonzo appeal v.s style some next level nerd stuff is cool like Peter north south. They Addis. So for me personally Evan go into a few shows last night I won cy Alice in Chains eat any was incredible. It was at the Paramount it was sold out in they actually. He. The be released a few more extra tickets probably about a hundred extra tickets at the day of and so was like beyond sold out. And they've played it after about two hours it was incredible it sounded amazing. A lot of people you know they might not be that intercede in Alice in Chains post. Only steely passing but I will tell you their vocalist William is awesome and with their current lineup you can true truly tell how much of an impact. Jerry Cantrell really had in their songwriting and their music in their melodies and and you is just a it was every song I wanna be here. Deeply about foreign newer songs off the last two records which are surprisingly good. Black leads to blue and soon moved actually the newest one is is slipping my mind. Marine but the classics they played all the jams I wanted to hear. The busted out some acoustic tunes. And it was just incredible. There it was it was an awesome performance I'm looking forward to a lot of good shows this summer and some slaughter Cephalon when I'm looking forward to vote one that really. Sticks out to me that I'm looking forward to the most the summer. Is Boris doing the pink record heat in in its entirety. He now I'm really excited about that show. Partially for Boris. But more so because I get to see. Storm large state I don't know storm so storm has had a few storms there storm is a really really awesome abrasive grinding and in its already considered a bigger split Magruder grand a web act it's the eyes the rhythm section of torched. It's the driver and the bass player from Portugal and it's awesome if if you're really into grinding get a check out storm split with congress fury because it's one of the best. Grind records you're ever gonna hear aren't too strong side is I think it's like one minute fifteen seconds. It's like seven songs. Here's your face off really really awesome and one of the hardest south covers I've never seen. Absolutely wow that's can be sweet to see so storm in Boris. I you don't look at a comet too much on the and the actions of this past week and all the news I'm just gonna say it's been an incredibly sad. And and sobering time in the United States there's a lot of crazy going down I'm very thankful for heavy music I'm thankful for metal shop and think a local concerts like last night. For allowing me to have a release for allowing me to have something positive to to look forward to spreading unity without people of black white Asian mex a team all races ethnicities males females transgender is all in one room to just enjoy. An awesome concert indeed it's just all about unity and I just wanted to to say read the news read it and and ends watch NB informed don't let media. Tell you exactly what to believe. But more importantly allow yourself some time to breathe and go out in enjoy the world a little bit because this world is extremely ugly and negative at times if you watch. Too much and you you just get sucked into that you believe there's no beauty. In this earth in in human kind. But if you just to go out there and experience it firsthand. Are you will see that there is still some BD left so not to go on too much attention but I needed to use to get that off my chest. Hostages tried to try to be thankful for every day. I liked it get out subtle little bit we're gonna do things a little bit different this week's array now I'm gonna play you a band from New Jersey did you start re assigned to self made god records I first met people more aid when he played the vehicle suburban scum kind of a hardcore band from the New Jersey New Jersey area but he's a huge metal heads a big fan of gore gets you can really tell. Some of that influence on this new dystrophy record it's his death metal band and they release this record last year what a good news politically one dystrophy song here it's off the record wretched host again it's on self made god records that we support disband within the mind is the name of the song when we come back we'll have some little news for you on the metal shop actually passed by. Hand we're back it was given sung by dystrophy. And now we got some. Inner workings of the metal world to disgust Ryan want to start us is out man and. Com. How we're just keeping the ball merger in rural Indiana well you know so South Wales police officers bomb. Have recently commented about the Ian Watkins K don't Wales South Wales. Nor did. She take is I came as I remember I was going with this case OK it's OK so basically dude. From the ban mosques profits was sentenced to 35 years in prison back into only thirteen for unspeakable child sex crimes. Everyone was shocked and horrified except there were three South Wales police officers who had intelligence reports against Watkins as far back as 2008 and they didn't do anything about him. He had the so they had all these reports they had all of this information and they did nothing so. It's pretty disgusting. And these people are going to get disciplinary action taken against them. And it will be an unpaid suspension. Because they're. Now this information is coming out that. Do they didn't do anything for five years of children could have been raped children could have been abused for these five years while they had all this information and have been pretty empty so. I mean this guy's been monster but those guys you know they just weren't doing their jobs are correctly and you know they're gonna have to peso. And fortunately. It's a bit of a bomber on a more positive huh well switching over to you guys you are doing their jobs correctly I mean just put out a video game and it's Burry. You can download an RV got wrong or android I just download at a mayor to get out I got it figured out. And I'm sure I'm going to be even less productive now that I have the Iron Maiden game to play personally I. Not a huge gamer. You know I'm more of a retro gaming guy have a super Nintendo needs and a 64 PS2. I never I didn't have progresses facets video games came out my skill level but at this game a Superfund basically you get to be eighty and you get to go through all of their like each level is what their record ran their record theme so like you can go to the through the power slave level. BP goatee the the fear of the dark level things like that so it's pretty cool they have so many levels based on on their albums it's free can be downloaded on the Apple Store or android. And you know I know the big right now as co c'mon go. But given a shot in just download Iron Maiden I know poke Mon ago. Has been servers have been crashing so when it when your server crashes a poke among go give it a shot click on the Iron Maiden. And supporter awesome band I really hope all their music city eight bit as you go through the game it is I'll be awesome it is not but today it is it is cool. But you essentially get a an Iron Maiden soundtrack CD these free music. Along alongside your free video game so he may be just like the music of Iron Maiden you can just turn on and and enjoy some of them. Awesome so back to do is you're not doing their jobs right now. Ever heard debatable that's debatable Brian I know you like Oliver Metallica went in all right let me get to the article. Metallica is rumored to be releasing a new album pretty soon here supposedly is going to be coming down on October 14. So we're gonna find out if in Metallica can can step it up a notch or bring it back you know I I keep. I keep open that Robert G he has gonna kinda cute guys Bakken. Back in the here and how to get things up and move it again and we'll all find out if it finally happens will seek Wilson. Where there are some things that we do know that now that it's done being recorded. It's being mixed by Greg fight omen he did the death magnetic record which is actually pretty Sweden. And also Lars Ulrich. Has compared to master of puppets. We'll see we'll see. Speaking of may Metallica. Here's amid negative news. So polemic god drummer Chris Adler has publicly stated that he has nothing to do it may get a anymore which is not shocking and not a surprise because he's in women got. So just but the final nail in the coffin com Megan gave recently released a statement on the matter saying Chris are Adler is not with mega death. He's in lamb of god. He was a session. It was what you would call work for hire he has nothing to do with us anymore and he is with his band which I'm very grateful for his contributions. And. I feel like the way this reads is as he is got tired of everybody harassing him about it he and does not letting the issue ago. And I can see this coming crosses. Dave being did it. But I don't think that's the case I think it's more of a case. It it was obviously a session kind of situation here is obviously temporary yeah there's no reason everybody should be arraigned in the duke it out. Yeah he's just like did I just wanted to play illness may get a record of San played on May get record plays and shows. Among negative shut up and so another dude who likes to just you know call like it is and really speak the truth is out Robert Robb Flynn. For machine head formerly from violence really bring it back this dude is been vocal in the past few years really just. Like home in truth you know he called a fill in some of for being a racist ticket and recently he's been it will he's been a loud proponent. Of streaming a lot of people on the metal industry saying downloading and streaming more more importantly with Spotify in and YouTube their killing the music industry or Robb Flynn actually says you let's not demonize streaming let's use it like he. He admits that he has Spotify he loves it he doesn't even really buy music anymore. You know the whether you agree with battery disagree because a good thing or bad thing he's still in truth and he's not. He's going to be an hypocrite he's he's so in truth he's a joke is what I do. And I I bet a lot of other musicians do as well they just wanted men. But he can graduating Drake on his chart success this week you mentioned that he isn't a huge fan of the new Drake record. But he said congratulations. And a mostly because. It's mostly based on streaming and and that's how a lot of hip hop records of pop records are getting. To beats number one is because a lot of those fans that music just streaming and so you know. Now with billboard. Deal with the billboard charts being influenced by streaming you can really can get up there despite each little play via Spotify or apple music court. Things like that sell it for machine head and machine head you know they're really supporting streaming they think it's the. Personally I have Spotify. Are like Spotify. I also download music IE also buying music. And I eat and just a music obsessed person so are trying get it as much as possible I try to support the bans are by T shirts. A buy CDs abide vinyl by cassette tapes. But I still think streaming is important thing to check it out you know obviously you don't need me to tell you streaming you're probably on YouTube before you hit play on this podcasts out. I don't know it's just Cooley here a metal had actually felt like it is and and and and not be afraid to be like ostracized for actually you know saying what he what he believes what he does. EMTs that get ostracized for saying in. It's ending up fill up Elmo down is a returning to the stage for Psycho Las Vegas after canceling a bunch of shows after the whole. Watching it I mean when he called the floor. I'd get back to back articles. Phil's statement is I think between myself Patrick burgers in one James Bauer from I hate god we haven't seen much of pepper because he's obviously been busy CSC. That's the freedom their rock and roll brings Seattle we're all kind of doing our things but we does come back together because Black Sabbath trouble insane by disparate groups together. And that's where we started from you know what I'm saying. Or leader. I don't know how to feel about how to feel about Phil and how to feel about Phil I don't know how to feel about feeling more I'm still. On the fence with it yeah. Yeah he's just in time out but here at the same time. I'm gonna say I don't think he's literally a piece racist I think he can just says some stupid when you stroke I think he just can't as a gutter metalheads. Sense of humor and I think he's had some really ignorant things. Definitely he deserves to be ostracized for it and to be called out for but he should realize that you know. It's good for him to be called out and you shouldn't be taking offense to people. Taking offense he should learn and he should grow when he should. Become a better person because of ice and you know like it's easy for me to point the finger and say that's problematic and that's problematic and that's problematic. But the same time I realize that sometimes IC's Steve and I were icy some ignorant or borderline racist sexist homophobic things that I just kind of brush off that is. You know oh which is funny it's just humorous but then I appreciate my friends call me out for offending them or being DK. And I learn and I grow and become a better person from its so let's all learn and grow and realists twice sixteenth so it's not. Can be eighty it's left stepped in the eighties when Sebastian Bach was wearing a teacher it's an aids kills dead. And into the a lot of thinking ignorant things we look back on and we say wow I really wouldn't say that now broke really wouldn't do that torch is trying to progress with the times Phil. And you know maybe we can not and forget that you ever said that we won't forget the wolf forgive okay. Moving onto a band that continues to progress in the discipline is testament has just announced a new album called the brotherhood of the snake. Looks like it's going to be coming out October 8 be it nuclear blasts I'm pretty excited about it testament has yet to disappoint you know rules that's going to be some looks like they're in mediums and tore into so hopefully it'll become actors sometimes seen. Another band that does not disappoint goes Europe from France they just released a record called mad mock. Out on roadrunner records and it's actually hit number one on billboard's hard rock album charts there very very cool and this being is going to be coming through. In the early states. Thought yet in the early fault going to be it's shoebox once they test racked. So Goodyear definitely support that pick up that record because it is it is it. It is a bang here. Not too much and copy manner and I'm I'm paying lip fan. So keep the ball rolling with awesome bands were pretty or just signed a deal with neat palm records. Napalm released a statement saying napalm records is proud and honored to announce the signing of US thrash and Warburg here. Sit in 2004. By heist start in 2004 by high school metal heads the members of Los angeles' own war Berger had made their way up through the metal scene in the intervening years. After four releases and I'm a succession of tours with the likes of archenemy. Exodus suicide silence Megan up napalm death and Meister and creator. To name just a few this artwork and buy peace is ready to take the next step together with napalm records speaking of. Olin so I know we have got off topic here for a second but Phyllis almost Nubian scour is actually releasing an EP. Is he self titled EP coming out on my birthday which is actually July 15 and next Friday. I'll be turning 31 and scour will be releasing their record and it. It also features members of cattle decapitation. Animosity in pig destroyer and Phil on vocal it's pretty extremist kind of grind sounding. And that's coming out on Phil's label how school records another bandits on Phil's label. He's on he got in their gut gonna come back to town with discharging toxic holocaust now this tour had to be. Rescheduled because discharged while leading to the visas in time so is going to be back in May. And so unfortunately had to be canceled and rescheduled. And they did a rescheduled so October 6 which is a Thursday at studio seven will be discharge I hate god and talks a call costs and that's going to be held a show. I've never seen discharge. I love I hate guide. And toxic holocaust is really Killen it. In in the thrashing genre. So it's gonna be awesome again October 6. So Bad Religion guitarist recently called out breathe horizon. In out pretty hard fashion Brian Baker who via founding member of my higher threat. And has been playing he's a part of our core royalty man for a long time and pat religion. I'm just called up bring you the horizon for posters that they put up around dom would see it was a twenty BM fell 2030 B and fastball. This poster just reads bring me the horizon these people are not to be stopped ever that they may not have a packs they can escort who they want where they want with or without a pass for the most part is how hard is it to take care of adding passengers showed person who's making sixteen bucks an hour to work. For a year in stupid error game. Just take out capacity shall do you can't do that because you you can't beat. Troubled to show your paths. Bring it at Verizon being trolls. Commented saying ha ha ha. I can't imagine being as old as you are still acting like a fourteen year old girl. Saw you at least ten times he didn't bat an -- he got better things story about nowadays anyway is all over Twitter and beaten and cut. Like you pension or cold weather Dick head. Returning fire he said it seems you've missed the point highly yup the issue here is entitlement. My post was a comment on your collective delusion networking battle working local crew. Thirty bin festival should be required to memorize your bases despair he. Or even worse the humiliation of caring credentials. You're literal display of arrogance and hilariously on recognize irony within it. Was what I was sharing with my followers I honestly don't know what your music as bad as. Is bad or good it's not for old people I met that you suck as humans sorry for the confusion. You suck as you and he set it living. You suck his people so that's the news for the week here on metal shops backstage password and do things a little bit different this week. We typically do brutal poetry too hot for radio but we acknowledge that. Some extremely negative and very very depressing and sad news going around the world and a lot of his violent. In a lot of it is sexual crimes and a lot of it is just very sad. And it's definitely a different vibe going on in the world right now and Ryan brought up a good point Ryan. You don't feel comfortable too much too brutal poacher and now. Well. A lot of the leaders and medal deal with some relief mass helps a often brutal poetry. To offer either usually goes into exploring that in downtown. Instead of doing something like that and it's. Adding to it even though it is for entertainment value. Which missiles and some jams it yeah exactly so what we're gonna do is we're gonna throw in another song by the band we played in the beginning of the podcast suspend its called dystrophy. Mary awesome technical just really cool stuff so we're just gonna place in music. And I won't be back with her poetry to hop radio eventually. Probably next week but let's just take a week off and and think about some stuff to name just try to have some some positive vibes that are really wanna put too much more negativity out there. I even though rain you know you. Let's just let's dig a little break from it so here it is more just. Just be thinks you're listening to metal stuck to our radio Ian who see you next week everyone else listen up. He gets and distributes metal side. I.