Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 97- Parents Just Don't Understand

Saturday, July 16th

Are you the only metal head in your family? You’re not alone! I mean, technically you are but at least you can hear us complain about it too. Here’s to being in charge of the stereo in the family van. This week we talked about the move Megadeth made to acquire Dirk from Soilwork as their fulltime drummer, Dillinger Escape Plan are playing Gwar-B-Q, and Despised Icon time travels back to the 90’s. Both Life Of Agony and Red Fang are on their way to new records, and we are now witnessing the birth of the first ever deathcore amphitheater tour! Ringworm made it into a Pixar movie. The band, not the parasite. Mike Portnoy says he won’t reunite with Dream Theater, and in this week’s news, water is wet. Thanks for listening!


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You are listening. Metal shops backstage. Back to metal shop that's the wrath are. The question of the night. Ian did you give me action the family wedding on hi guys that can I ask you guys actually talk about that. Yeah yeah I know arrows the topic even though is he doing here here's the thing about that if you're gonna do you gotta do real quick before the ceremony is that you're not actually like related to any award you our. But no I did not he didn't I've made an effort not to you actually were there any top aides. Yeah actually. Very related I don't know I hope god dammit I think my momma since he got the young mom beat the bride a couple like the bride's slightly younger sister was pretty fine and here's the thing and I know Ryan will be able to respect this. They played a songs on guitar ukulele and their voices were amazing. Who so that bat and I know you know this kind of just take the hottest and bumps and applicable level it's an automatic two point res Ret. Yes so that that didn't help put I did some ideas of I guess I really really old lady. Really hey here's the funny strategy actually find is that all the chicks are like oh my god he's such. I didn't realize and that I turnaround there's like six girls look at and I was like I gotta get out of your man needs to get ugly don't bag Ian. Pricing gadgets they were urges their behavior draft program Maurice yeah. How my god he. Here's the thing about old ladies I mean and I mean that in the most respectful way obviously which is why. Issues actually had Vijay is actually dead she was a dead body. The thing is though we can't grainy these two people from a generation. Can actually in dance her way like making cutter Susan doing that why voice Ali you wait yeah I document meant. Ali real step up to you know candidates and really not like pilot Brian on such excess on the insulin means in honor all existing I'm all about that. Now I mean not really the point is though. Tickets you know Debra bye week I can pickets and changed the funny part I didn't kick some people in the that thing is is that I do it to (%expletive) off my dad because he hates dancing and everyone's like cities like Novo. And I go pack check this out and who is going to entities like what problem. It's it's like it's not a big deal that people are so afraid of like dancing with the I'm at a dance don't nobody goes up and dance there. So the answer is now. I don't know if that's what you want to believe it opera is behind my dad was my ride though so he guy who is like are about enough. We got to go. My cousins and had babies and they had babies it's like there's so many and people I don't even remember half of their names especially the young kids. The thing is now as I have fifty or sixty cousins. I'm the last one who's not married. A lot of all of them so they're like look at this in gags at the family reunion and I'm like we're gonna you can he hits so. I mean I love yell. Hope we don't hear this unaware that there won't you know it's funny though is that a few of my cousins and family. When we took over metal shop like tried to listen like tried to listen the first episode. And they are likely thirties and we'll move into that slayer song we played like this is this. Somewhere and good job the people I'm very proud of you Ian. Guy with a variety like we believe you. Calculators and so that's that's you want and they were supportive for a few minutes he key oil but no I didn't India. Global it's a backstage pass no suspects eat fast episode number 97 that's Ian by the way my name's Kevin years' time grind the beard is here yeah. And we're all back together again. You know I showed that video was doing the onstage announcement for G industries might be to what we're 75 F four hurts. To the whole bunch of members of my Stanley because people were stoked that might might I was just like it but like shall not ideology of the station announced are Mandy asked for it. So yeah so my relatives and while my cousins is just like. What will. Mostly it's the street or steered in do you think are. They like I knew were being under the leg where he. It was the middle it is discount OK and sometimes I just forget that those people exits. Yes it is pretty as our friends that are are isn't it might. It is it's really weird talking to family members of things that we can tell air that sole. Removed. From the world that. We exist it ray Mike all the things that eat any any one of the three of us can go to any show. Strike up a conversation with a random person in half stories that was gone rate they're acting mine. My prayer is. Don't end you don't go to really stop and they have no. Point did there's no connection there's nothing relevant you know all the that. A lot of things that we've achieved in the utterly really cool stories for us are not. Yeah it's like a lifelong journey in their like whack. What is that is totally. My cousin is connected my cousin was like oh I follow you on FaceBook you know wrestling is fake great. Bush yeah I'm thirty on an hour on the thirty year old guy and a wrestling is real. Like who it's interesting have you ever sat down and tried actually logistically explain something seriously to a family member that didn't now. Yeah when I came out. Did you ever see an old video of this guy like walks into his parents like super. Wagner is societies like mom dad I have something to tell you it's it's a really big deal it matters like it's okay somber here to support you look he needs a mom dad. I melodramatic. A couple of families leaves it serves flip and tables crying needs. More in my friend Joseph came out to the Stanley there early yet. Your chores now what we've known her gaze with yellow nine gathered light years it's cooling gay is the guy ever. We noticed. But thanks for to us than they have got on with the day but I'm glad that you finally accepted it it's almost like you have to have the conversation you can and we mom dad. I'm a metal head major how ironic it is that first record goes on there. Oh they now it's two way that point what was the first record that you guys had that your parents were pissed off. I'm my parent throws pretty cool I think they knew that sometimes you gotta pick their beat pick your battles. So the kind of left me alone with the music thankfully. I don't think I had one man. Mine was X games soundtrack with looting Clint protecting narrow and ended helmet song. I mean you're right magistrate profanity is yeah we've done that. And I got into a lot of gangster rap through my neighbors. Leland in Dillon. And they played prevalent Chong and doctor mr. doctor. And X rated GUN straight for the worst like the west so I was like 910 years old and I knew like some pain at the EE 42 short Tebow. As all get what little TI and didn't feel like that's explains a lot I'm not sure why but something. Humanity each of guts and nuts if this but I know you mean like there's it's the kind of thing where you can't just be like came on to got a song. It Cha. Yet you know you ever watch a movie that you love and then you're like my mom would love this movie you watch it with their news sitting next for nearly a I didn't realizes how much sex in this yeah like a pair of boobs fly about him like. Yes telling me I watch a movie the wrestler with. The the wrestler with Mickey Rourke. And awesome movie my mom done it until like the stroke them really long strip scene throughout Marisa Tomei as is so awkward just like. Ramallah as a slate he had. I don't know they are to see this get a. I remember. Dawn when I was like young my dad took me the first big show I ever went to my dad took the idiocy being. And I thought now that's awesome the coolest thing in the history of anything in sight started. And let's I realized I was like I'm. I'm into music. I don't know anything about it but this is the thing I like to know more about it we're gonna move forward with yes so I went to the only guy that I knew that we know anything about music was that at the skate shop because those leads skating at the time. So I was just like you Crist like. As went to CP inhalants ride on proper role. Yet so I only did I like music and he's like okay. I need music to this team and what kind of music do you like I have no idea kidney cancer check out some game this viewers on molded piece of clay he gave me this huge lists like fifty different answer check out and went checked out a whole bunch of stuff Aum. The things that started this back somewhat stock was supple terra in Seoul fly off Ozzie. In May Hanson and I and my mom was. He pitched at all it. Just absolutely furious I don't looking now I bought a whole bunch of posters and shirts and things over and acts like month recess or get really really into it he got compared I had a Wiki necklace and some change I didn't go that far to bear locks I came from school I came home from school and my mom had all of that in a pile out in the yard. And just African torch. All its third straight up like one of those viral video just like our at a car I lost my mind in so I started on. I use my lunch money. And I would save it up and oddity in I would go by AT shirts and things of the record story and I just kept a mall Matt Walker at school in posters and things I would get to school. She go to the bathroom change clothes change in your booty shorts wash. Wash my shirts at home whenever my mom was out doing something else and I was like super economy go about it for a long. Period of time until things calm down a little bit but yeah that sure worked for them. Yeah and you kill her mom I'll might get lifted this. Welcoming stuff going on this week trying to catch up get back and podcasts game the podcasting world. One of the big things going on this week is dirt. The dirt will how did you pronounces it was what every set on the radio earlier was so incorrect that I didn't even wanna tackle. Are numbered wrist whoever dirtier and where you're dirt Berber can't hurt her outward anger and I'm pretty sure. There's always hear her and her Bergen. Ferber amber amber and I think it's tender bossier suburb got to sell off Dirk amber beer and it yet check out his home conceded it's also. Well he wasn't a band called soil work in the alleys and a band called mega death. You guys were talking last week about how oh Chris there was Al like officially and he Dirk is now the official tutoring recording. He the did not race. So sort of does this mean that like the negative lineup is actually like. Solid now it's solidified till he gets annoyed of Dave yulia. I don't know man Davis though is simply come down there's a couple of news stories I left out this week is a distant one. What are we talking about that and David Ellis and also just broke his foot. Super bad and they canceled the entire rest of the negative to repair on right now. Do you remember what I started working with you at that restaurant and I had just sprained my ankle to the former almost broke it down in his black and blue. And they were like hey Peter hurry up and take the play out there you needed. Yeah I wasn't in the same kind of benefit at the. Dedicated to it having a foot or ankle injury like your you've been done but Jeff walker broke his ankle in Seattle and kept. Yeah you should've kept going I do know asking if she needed job. I was tired of complaining about not having won on the radio you have well you know though anyway so work is. They're saying goodbye. To Derek and we'll see who they're gonna play with your team going and get to keep touring so maybe issued just kidnap him and be like you're not going to be that. Periphery as a release their fifth album or will release their fifth album. Per furry three which is kind of weird that they call per for entering their fifth album but it's. Called select difficulty on July 22 coming out on Friday he has to Marion and they have a new song called the wavy news goes. They're coming to town crease quick here metal shops promote the show. I got the finger at her day. Don't feel like there. Hey have you ever heard this thing. I'm gone. You know half of this track list is all crap. That old did back when used ball before periphery it was a thing. In I'm kind of wondering when he's actually in the start writing some new songs instead of just re recording bold stuff over and over again. Is cancer act or was it periphery is that they and that releases like two versions. Of the records now let's opera for they're not Smart not that which was the band that does like one with the singer won without it I can't remember but I wish periphery did because and be more palpable because I like that elected until and means. Well anyways that's the news and do with do it that is due. Thanks Linda Ellerbee enjoying now going into this battle. I rob you're not you are maps are you now. You Brian all ruin my game. Hey you and my only unique news you you. And you sit there watching cartoons have the right time and then. Nowhere hi I'm Linda Ellerbee and here and she's up your afternoon the bees dying like put it's blah blah you brought your short put on grass. Not Brian. I DN you're such an uninformed trial. I will I'm not an alliance every time he came on I was like but I would always watch and listen Brian I let Adam that's. You can rest a little bit older than me it's now time Amkor load to me that turner touch you have a buster. I. So. You guys are then I wish. You they're usually at its periphery. The Australian Olympic swim team is gonna be using their song last round of the day only guide for bear camp competition at the Olympics. Wow that's cool. But here isn't it Rio di Janeiro have you guys heard about that. Half the buildings are any good he'll were so many people dried out ideally I wait like don't. Just like night wish swimmers the Olympic swimmers are going to be swimming through so just like and I wish listeners it's the same experience what do you think too and we thank you better than me the way I wish either way you're swimming through each. Manually your nightly news hate spewing gone very far with these night which fans. They're gonna love and I wish I shall we get that beard arguing you're trimmed up do you viewing at the bit in nine PH who. Norton bitch you're not a bishop. Died Dillinger escape plan's going to be playing barbecue. Fantastic news that's a hospital like pencil and a can we please go to orbit you. Now despise icon has the ninety's VHS style video for theirs and you hit single. Ban divine he observed what is with rich man it's it's a killer riff. Issue it's called a fabric. You check out this week. Okay. Howard good days here but there's nothing more cringe worthy now that I'm working and it's been my two vocal lists. That sing for a band that don't do anything other than seeing. To vocalist. Yeah two vocalist in the band unless you're 311 you need to consolidate Tankersley that. There wasn't. Seriously wasn't one viewed in that band that was just like Aggies hope worker program one more England's here's my specialty it's remember death star of Italy eat. How god. I mean minority unit or in Austin has the band ruled and they went off and they would just swap out and in the Gallagher the states. But I had a bunch of different singers but there's only one go to CBS pie posturing onstage and. A leash she has got a Nissan pedal I haven't heard this and I forgot to get this going. Because like ten minutes longer to what's going on here. This guy straight planes and spend your time. Can be their fourth record was produced by Dave from cattle decaf. Cool. It's like sand level. Mockery of the time if I'm down. I'm I'm glad that they're hearing a little bit away from the Turkish model they're gonna go on more of a classical out very cool. I just like yeah. Nontraditional. Ended June. Score like that break it up we'll have to listen about a mile from the suns coach gray matter with mechanics. Nice. Something I'm looking forward to. Is LO a life of agony coming out the new record called place where there's no more pain in the as their new low. The newest album. They haven't had a record in a long time Meehan to Pluto. Ease. The vocalist guitarist Joseph easy piece is Alan Robert and so now. As the drummer how long have. How has a ban it today and saying here is known or no they put out a few other records they put out a line in the early 2000 shows right now. But that's probably been about. A good twelve years or so since their last record but they have a new album out and there are going to be touring they're touring Europe first. And and I hope that there are gonna play some some. Team. Adrian checked out and Audi and of course I will they see it's like Jodie and is like that brief me. I would that what we were I was playing Ryans who suffer survive error no warning earlier in Caribbean might. It what is renting consists of suffers a runner who account thorny issues not he's not about if you could hit. To check the singing parts of holes. But I'm pretty did you hear good stuff mentally. Drowning pool has already done this they performed with an 82 year old John hit linger. At Chicago opener that happened was it this morning record. Tag yeah oh yeah. So Chicago open air big big are rock festival going on at Chicago this weekend. And they played at 2 PM cet on I was actually you yesterday Friday the fifteenth. In they had did 82 year old singer who went on America's Got Talent in saying the turning full. Let the bodies hit the floor song. So very cool very random. And hilarious. There's so many god awful jokes you can make right now about bodies and floors and old people. It's often that this guy had the gumption to get up on stage to do it and totally cute excess didn't do a bad job honestly. You know I was arson at the band just reached out or like it was Steve this is gone areas this is awesome you know if I merger on and pull I'd be jump on anything. Touche teased irrelevant speaking of old guys. Pension Graham has just released their first ever music video. Ever. After forty years yes so they are now doing a video for the curious volume which is their new album. And was pretty said David Hall who's worked with Mel wins big sure felons some on the illegals then number real truth Ken modem in many many more it's just funny that after 45 years. Like a murder trial this music video thing. So red thing came to Tacoma. 78 months ago and they did the first they completed the first ever sold out show at realize and us. And that looks like they had any record coming out Anderson and it's going to be on relapse records October 14. It's going to be called only ghosts I like the governor cool. Am I know we have the song what's playable. It buys by an album for years. And also Steve Redd thing it's coma they're going to be coming back to its coma on August 17 that jasmine so it's all about. Jeff Tate is. Continuing on with the new projects. And he did you know we've heard you queen's Reich and it's awesome race so let's hear what Geoff Tate's got he's got a new game called operation mind crime. Isn't clever post glossy Beasley he lost the lawsuit to weaken college queens very. I mean that's it's the same thing you would do windows became ghost BC your ordinary he's got a playoffs which it probably gets the release of resurrection which is the brainchild of Jeff to heat in its gonna be coming out September 23 two when he sixteen. Fourteen songs long we have no clue instrument note in even if we did. We'd be playing it. We give nation. Would lead. I mean new clean break was really actually really good careless so you know why I give it time and they ditched Jeff take. So ditched it here so if I'm. Mistake in defeated sanity used to be a is slamming death metal band right by landing they've always been kind of weird like yeah. But they've like and the song that we put that we feel is just street it sounds like death really some very progressive. You know it's it's way. But I know there's got. And letting go first leg and an ominous given this a little weird huh. It's. It's. It's. I mean. The calling it quest for me. Am so there it is. You defeated Sunni or deeper into debt. Death undefeated and some depth it's possible that they like. Didn't even the guys vocal sounds like chuck shoulder condi. It points that are crazy. I don't have any music yet. Like in the announcement of the announcement but they are playing November 26 at L core zone. With small the sun enforcer and start Cahill acting in line out to each day of the week that is just to double check. Guess what data is voice was sent. Not knowing now. So this is a very interesting newsworthy thing he's the first for the first time a big lake. I'm didn't say death core kind of Tor is now who taking it to empathy eaters all across the US there's some literally kicks in eighty sender and art sinners and whatnot but. I'm seeing a lot on this list that are in the theatres eighteen cans is in Missouri teen but why don't mean. And like I Babe Ruth and you'd either colony yeah so if let's hope it's an Auburn Washington August 12 at the white river in the theater you have a chance to see suicide silence white chapel despise dike on current effects. And a Luciano. The straight at a health torch when he sixteen. Death corps goes. August for the fences man that can be on Friday I mean wesun mayhem fastball violence face again but I'm thinking that they're just hoping that like. Kids wanna get out there and go to a metal show at the white are rampant Peter so in. Cut the fat and see the bands of the probable water those kids just want to see an endless. Will white shovels just on the warped tour is they just played there like couple months ago. Yeah it's just wild and it's kind of short notice it's in less than a month from now and they just announced that. So go go for it so ring or has any song. And they are awesome their last song that we displayed. Was kind of slow and groovy yuck five or six minutes long. But there eight full length record snake church. Is going to be coming out July 29. So the week after next. Human furnace is an amazing person. Knew they weren't coming on a couple. Interest and so he. Also know that ring worm were recently. On the issue on the movie. The secret life of pets there's a song from that it's a Pixar children's movie and there's a ring mourn song on it so yeah that's very interesting do you know the context that I have yeah it's like so it's like that clip for like the animals are. Are listening to music. Like the annals are rocking out to middle. While people are gone. And there's a ring our song in the movie. Are you sure answering her son because he isn't sure it's in weren't in the trailer and it's now in the trailers they places Sepulveda. Well yet it would change it for the trailers that it was more like recognizable. But somebody's down pretty underground I mean I'm I'm game for for ring Mormon Pixar movie. And he got everybody would be promoting it and wasn't also ring warms the linesman saying yeah are you coloring warm liars and Alan I have aren't I. I have no idea. They're gonna Q what do you unto me. Confident now you're you're just not ever went hitless this week man brawl but it carries Joe's gonna kick your ass if he's gonna get my ass kicked that's what's it. Getting the karma karma back for your Pokemon Mayhew. It's crazy bro distract took some on some speaking we'd even mention I do even wanna deal and that is that's another half an hour that we're going to be here known now. Heavens had enough of it it's in bulls. I'm on metal shop and look over and Ryan who is playing poker Mon. Yeah Ed just try to catch a ball what are you door only got four arms now like you can multitask like yeah you multitask. Ryan is a sly. A man so. On that subject. Corey Taylor. Bitch slap the Addis somebody's phone. And since it lion. Because there were texting in the front row we saw what happened with the daydreaming from disturbed. Where he like stopped the show called Mon off on this tirade. Corey Taylor was little more smooth I think the person was in the front row he's lacked the other hand the phone didn't break. Kind of laughed it off man looked at him kind of like realizes what he had done and. I don't know apparently they talked after and kind of joked about it is that it is like big guys not even looking at the show that's why yet. They get the guys' attention and slaps it down everything and the guys like are written on. Our. I mean if you're in the front row and the singers like look at that leasing and union disliked the GDP he. And Friday the same thing and it's. Number one this big guy from the story so far like jump kicked the girl that was trying to. This LP on the stage. It's could be worth sleigh he nailed that phone Alastair had hey guys I mean kind it's pretty heinous. All around the point is why don't you jackass with your technology you know this is a benefit to humanity allegedly. Let's let's not embarrass ourselves. Your ears to control the puck turning into a news story. Corey Taylor some accident one. Like who gives of moving guys said they're at please yeah it's out so the band metal legions which is like the huge super group. Oh the things I wish you all can hear middle allegiance has a new EP coming out. It's called fallen heroes and it's a cover EP it's a tribute EPA guess you could say. Did so many people are just pick taken the train out of reality in 2016 so it's going to be iron fist. Featuring the singer Troy Sanders obviously and it's going to be a Linear you know moderate cover now. Suffer jet city featuring mark off the way to the singer of death Angel and a going to be ability covering their endemic Glenn frying. Feature of life in the fast lane from the Eagles Yeltsin died this year. Featuring now archenemy singer Alicia white greens it's going to be interesting three sung your peace now. Could be neat and they have resources and good like producers and stuff so missing. And Matt bush guy. If your car bomb there. It's such a key to an addict that is the perfect example of what we call. A North American tour and I'm doing the quote used quotes of all the quote Haitians with my finger let me say this has just hurt so bad. Michigan guys get now. In America and a North American tour with higher on fire and they're not coming anywhere near. It's very LA. As the clothes I mean it's such kicking tail they're going to be releasing a new box set that's going to be coming out on July 19 via nuclear blast and hopefully will be getting new machine and a. This autumn. Did the go to Detroit. And then back from the Seattle. At a load. It almost looks like at first they're trying to avoid the northern part of the states because it's in early October which starts to become. Like the treacherous time to be driving around. All the snow and whatnot and then they go to like Boston New York senate just like at. Hey US coast and our bunch of low littered. Ryan you in particular cases that are put on camera should deface. I can hear you. Suicidal tendencies. Along with. Dave Lombardo is there are now permanent drummer. They have a new record out the coming out called world gone mad. Easy follow up to Tony thirteen thirteen disc coming out September 30 and is therefore teen to record. And there is a little teaser for world gone mad. Let's tease. Cease and kamikaze I have no idea. Subtle and does a flow like a comma because they that makes more summer because they thought it was crap my cousin. Credit iPods and you never know slam like at least I mean. Sounds promising kamikaze old school thrashing. Good for them man and so we're about this on the show this week they're going to be unveiling the new motor head let me kill mr. Statue at the rainbow bar in Hollywood where he. Spent a whole lot of time and it's called me like it's gonna be like a metal head tourist destination like a place the if you don't pay your tribute and. I wonder what kind of device tree's gonna happen there as he mentioned earlier Kabila that are very easy Ian if your true metal head three times today. You have to take it shot on Bergen and pray towards the meats that you get down and wherever you are greater climbing in now. And of and end the or. Though lake story is that if you do along the speed off of that statue you become a moral. Let's try. I'll do it and opera one night he'll become immortal purple and and then you'd have my night. No it's it's you'll feel more. It's. I'm violently mobile to get a Boehner. And and hash echo on I'll take it tough trade would you rather be a moral or of the biggest in the world. I'd rather be immoral. Nobody wants that humor and I got Jonas on some with a huge I think in nine inches regular note I've seen you guys. I hope. Act. Nobody will know who that is except for you mean India and a couple other people it's in right now. All right earlier target about ghosts of BP will be called her it's gonna be an extension of milieu for a string of extensions. You have no it's. They would be all that means to me when I read anything like that is like here's the signs we didn't anomalous record in besides. And even some C besides. It's too chief he says it's important. A nameless school was asked recently why it's so important for goes to hide behind the masks says. From a show point of view it's important to remain masked. The whole anonymity thing was definitely something that we buy gas were more focused on in the beginning that we thought we were gonna not be in a band that's to be played on the radio. So they have to come and visit us and trying to hide. Yeah of course we be anonymous band we can disappear and no one will know who we are we can play a couple of shows over a year and be great. And then quite frankly we understood that it's going to be right well we're touring. Going to be playing a lot of festivals this that the other thing and I'm 13 leading this up to they're just gonna reveal themselves at some point. There they're they say they're gonna remain mask. Who's going to be that one is what I was like for a lot of time that's true. As thing and they still do it means you know it didn't. It definitely didn't ruin slip knot when they are like hey here's who we are. Our take it's nice article. Mike Portnoy a in a recent interview said he wouldn't count on a reunion with three theater. Which I feel it is a really stupid thing to be reporting on because that should be blatantly obvious by the way when water is wet. Yet he sadly it hurts when you get burned man. I went to the last street Peter show when they played here in Seattle that was the most awkward creepy ass thing I've ever seen in my life it was like going to church. Job trichet on acoustic guitar vast majority of the time people like waving their hands gently in the year. Somebody who hold as hard as he's like singing along it was creepy is how corny. Which superb weird religious imagery in the background. But I'd go. Are not out posting its free campaign for apple. Now that they and it's on its uber creepy ever since they put up that anti stem cell research problem there for and they're welcome your. Canny and Dan Iran a minor and that so here's sports cars. They asked imam. Can I. So I'm I'm gonna go back for this interview with metal rules they say can I have something about your former band if you don't mind Lisa I might not answer may not answer. Said have you heard their last album and he says I won't talk about it. Because there's no winning. Any time to say anything about dream theater honestly I'd rather not talk about it because no matter what I say you'll be twisted it and. So I kind of had made myself promise that I won't talk about treat theater anymore. Which is a polite way of saying that bin blows now he knows it. No rules icon said I totally understand so you can then briefly sum up your 45 years with every I don't wanna talk about it. Taking just rap and I broke my year after we doc about it yeah. Important all right just sit yeah I'd rather go everywhere they had did for those 25 years. That was my life for quarter century half of my lifetime dream theater was my BP. I formed from the beginning out of college and I lived a lifetime with them so I'm proud of every one of those albums and every one of those shows like behind a legacy there is a lot of people that still talk about seeing me with that. I would not count on that happening. I won't bet money on it if it happens that sure I'm not Ford because I'm very sentimental person and I love the guys and old fans I think. But I assured OK we can wrap I think we can create like a top five list of the most annoying and most commonly asked questions of metal heads. And I've worked guilty of some like number one is pan terrible every guy that's why it's totally. And you know this would be one of bomb. It mostly involves like bands that you previously were in new. Like Kevin Toomey of you're a little bit he's a cute. Member when we did add that interview with Evan sign failed and we were trying to get a drop and he was like I don't talk about bio hazard. Like I get that but like you that's the bad and the urine for twenty years and the band he started six months ago. Would benefit from new egg and I'd just acknowledging the cool thing he did this it's hard for me to say he's had to deal with it every day there's just. Try to watched her Patrick movies and then I would see him naked totally me limp. Are so we're really opening up this week this isn't a matter of Portnoy a not acknowledging that he was intrigued theater try to distance himself from the band or anything like that. Is just in saying hey. I'm not in that and any movies mr. and reunion isn't gonna. You know it's funny though is that still on headline and on the that's what I'm saying like it end but I had my way on multiple web site zone went big and then let the U either. Let it be the last time. Have a will this last and we were. In school were in jaw line. All rise to his it's time for us to get all depraved and awesome lyrics that. Truly are very hard to understand. Right now it's the segment brutal poetry to hunt for radio where we examine some lyrics that like I said aegis you'd you don't get what incidence of this week. Brian will be reciting lyrics to scissor fright. Author of a guaranteed kill in 1989. They put out a song called planet. Of pass. Taken away you rein in the beard. Don't think that you think you'll understating it. I need to get there when I Cain. Interstellar. Four point stance. All true right through year and dance. Chair. Ash asked ass. Clean its of acts and ass ass ass. Playmates of past. Ash ash and us we can do and that's as that's that's plain look maps. Don't you think you understand. I'm gonna you indicate. Interstellar four point stance. On your breakthrough year and chance. Houston. The eagle has landed. You're not gonna believe this there's naked women everywhere. Hundreds of all I'm going in for a closer look. Ass ass ass to. Playing it's of at half past. Sounds like Rob Zombie music that he planet or that this. Is your fight. Aren't you know it's asthma and more worthless of it worthless information for your reading and I just picture our planet shaped like a big blow it. Ian Lori Dustin berg and you both the kids from PPP. No. I. Am a man Arnie and your mama's little later it. This is up you've. Army vehicles. You pick all that I hate you I hate up here Taylor. I hope all the worst things in the world happened to you and all of you marks a murder suspect. I thought got on doubles there are we'll be back next week I hope and and passwords felons I think you just can be fed. You always. Our. I. This has been metal dog back to. Her house later just as shops backstage press.