Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 98: Hacking The Pokemon Mainframe

Saturday, July 30th

Welcome back stage ! This week we discuss how Ryan has been pulling some sketchy moves and hacking the Pokemon mainframe, Kevin saw Korn, Ian has to move again - plus new music by Trap Them, Arsis, news on the new album by Meshuggah, Max and Igor Cavalera are taking it back to the Roots, there's a new Metallica book coming out, The Ghost Inside are back at it after their horrible bus accident, we started the "Make In Flames Great Again" movement, Slayer fans spit on the band,some details on the new Lesbian album, and finally, a studio report with Opeth. Horns up ! 

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You are listening to. But trust backstage press. And here are welcome back metal shop backstage pass them or 98 here we're we're crawling toward that 100 mark. We gotta set up something cool. We get just forget about it guys here's what I'm and feel like we've known about this for a while we have let some time man would get just forget about it man. The couple that's like right when I'm going to be moving. We're gonna forget about we're gonna have to be like episode 98 point five and then 99 point five. In the 99.9. KI AEA. OK. Every shot I mean rim job it's not just backstage pass I mean that's Kevin Hamilton and Ryan appeared Haiti all three guys have played a wedding last week. But to Kabul in a bar and get tell me about that it was awesome it was I thought about it. It was super chaos and so we played a show wedding. For my friend Buford and his new wife player. And it was like a wedding like there's oh you know what's old folks your kids like people people dress that still wasn't some like. Thrown together punk rock shindig was a nice wedding it was would date yet and some guy's barn and a property Allard in. I do I have no idea was Port Orchard or something. And yeah we played a bunch of punk rock songs and and wedding and a there's like little kids moshing it was sweet actually really fun. And it was all begin food ya as well soaking gradually because those guys and I cannot believe we actually made it through then when peace. Last week on air mention Buford but I forgot to mention he's saying for blood hunger that I was like blood soaked in blood soaked and let's move on. But what hunter that was the band so Buford you've been awesome congrats and your name is Buford we some. So who what's been going on as we can't actually been in hot you know what I got three words Korea. All her usual. DR sound corny hand you know like he laughed at me only one but cordless in sick. And Rob Zombie was sweet to in this moment to be honest not a fan I'm noticing anything too bad because whatever light. They're corny but like they word the metal version of Lady Gaga. We're onstage it was like this crazy theatrical thing it was really weird and it got kind of big. They're huge how they huge they're and you broke the court was sick they sounded awesome. And they their new record believe it or not sounds a lot like their old like first records they cut out all the dogs that stop you figured it out yeah that's they're they're back to the ads are probably the primitive them to probably get fired. And then rubs on the was sick but we actually left about three songs into the put a White Zombie song and then John was like you'll let's go our traffic. That would be traffic or good and yeah just been been hanging out and. And sweet due beating traffic out of that place is like is dog goal. There are there ever been stuck in there you know that. You're just gonna have to can sit there for at least an hour or driver on the other way through even clout it's just as long as the X. The drizzling it's because you're so close deferred goals but so far away speaking of drizzling. Brian will even out human. I've been. And been doing a lot of us and been poking hacking yeah okay hacking yes it's only about how to use stole some of eons. Oakmont. Now he's yeah. Brian what did you learn not stealing needs the united smash on the chin as he bought his pop up outlook. And I Ellis then I always do this tonight so I walked down the church by my house and I was like buzz to what we saw here Ryan up I was like is this year. Like are you next to my house and he's like now I'm like sitting in my room and mine. Under whatever. I'm like all right man well you better keep pat in the neighborhood. That's pretty packed the mainframe although I should be careful about even saying that they like come after you were. That they're only doing sop answer now so in right now yet so hard being in the so what Indiana's got a hard pokey. They just make it's that can't catch anything for liken ourselves like your peak day more it. It's content on live TV because they spot a much as super rare Pokemon around you which you can't catch it has brought us. I'm glad he's there like middle fingers back the heat you know I wanna kits is new to suck mob. I suck up. So if you want Q could you go other places in the world and yet my my remit out of has been hanging out in New York for awhile. You have to like take up residence he can't move around. From one minutes like Tokyo would like Kansas now now you can't do that you the way that she'd do it is. You'd turn the game on your hometown and then you slowly collegiate down at the airport. And you leave it there are firm for a little bit and then you turn the game off firm six or seven hours or however it would take to fly the actual place. And then he turned back on in that place you see in that spot blood. If he could hit the Bernard if he is the game on your phone during that time. The band that you. Guess they figure out it. Someone intake has a file on you need it's like the FBI they're like we got to keep in time this month of him and I think you've been at local for the most part of the skin ready to go to Japan with his. Am. Ian I got a question for you so you're moving. And you're looking for a new place how much is like the amount of pokey jeans and focus stops that consider additional consideration for the nuke I'm moving into a church actually as an undated I don't know. Now is there are a lot of focused not to poke engines by churches it's just any big Mike the fire station uses conspiracy eternity you go to church. Actually the funny actually that yeah 'cause the cracking is a pokey sop we all know that's the place to go to war hero he here's what I do you know about that remember the old Mars hill church thing of course they turn into Trinity Church. And there's one on 35 close to where I live and every time I drive by and get that does stop it says something about. This used to be Marshall church where they used it a camera what it says word for word but they trash Mars they'll surely. Yeah. Yeah. So whoever. Wrote the description for that stop with like this place that's that's all looked over from grass because. They just took all the stops from and Gretzky and has morphed into Pokemon so there's all kinds of really ritzy areas stop all the stops that's awesome yeah that that was my. LL for the week there's that sculptured downtown on it's it's just two giant balls and the description is just like huge huge balls and where hugest all the it's huge huge ball. Anyway we didn't really talk about vote mongo who got an area you. For at least a second there. But he and so where are you gonna be moving to what I hood men don't have any idea I had actually on my calendar next week he said when I take that month off. It has the entire first week circled huge in big black sharply and it says. Buying new place to live. Moves to Auburn so that's what I'm gonna do next week I guess so maybe. Next episode revealed and report back so. Yeah I saw you said some about a spot gearing and not so much yeah I there that actually happened a couple times fining platelet and sucks and everybody knows that. But I got them emailing back and call me back and and they just. Posted yet. Maybe somebody hit him I was like we'll open you couple hundred bucks more month. I. Or they thought my picture and are like that he's got tattoos long hair nose ring. Shoe suede. Now all there that's you can get all that their picture yet that I assume so. Look at look didian you know he smokes weed come on. You're right though I don't do very good job of the ginger beard that yeah mr. oh the other thing I did this week's and I feel like any event on last year when I went hunting with my dad. I got a waiver on my hunters education because he's been anybody born after 1972 you have to go through. State mandated hundreds education. Makes sense makes me feel safe that when I'm walking around out there I'm not. Hopefully not gonna get shot by some immediate the risk is still there but in order to do you have to take this online course and it took me six. Hours. For do this online course. And Kevin you know sometimes we had to go through some of the stuff at the station here you gotta watch the video answer some questions yeah just so that they know what you're doing. It was like that instead at the end when you get to answer question there was like a four or five minute timer that you had to wait for. After you read a pair graft to answer the question. So I had to sit there for five or six and hours. In front of this thing and it just made me wanna throw home I was on my iPad and toss it out the window and watch it explode that sounds like your own personal help because those things. Is she lost like nobody's business you bitch about it before he can just sit and they're tied to the and it's the only time I had to sit down and try and learn something and after I was done I actually fell in dumber it's like that scene in Billy Madison liked to serve everybody in this room is now dumber for having heard you've seen him. Well it's out a pickle and making good shooter but now I have to go and indeed of the field course test in person. Where they're like you're so he put bullets and again on it's I mean I get a by. It's just a liability liability thing for the state and then once you do it it's done forever and I'll never have to do it again so high never again. Never want to have my idea and passed that thing for dressed in my life and it. Okay all right well that's like a lifetime driver's license. So it's out of my system. You're almost you're almost there young shooter. So there are some things going on in the world. Aside from Pokemon and collections which really shouldn't get into really. Kill gays dot dot dot someone's going to be like on you the river. Well we don't play them again. Trap them as a brainy song it's called William Ayers and at the album is called crown Ferrell trapped in his is in awesome. They've been a process that crickets for awhile now there last check the record was really cool in and excited to hear this one we can hear some. Little bit of a zillion years right now. Trap them stuff. Yeah. It's been. Game. September 23. Athletic directors. Felt like it's going to be a good boy. So I don't I guess Friday near him Keller this one on pretty exciting to even the new stuff train Roland arsonists has premiered. The pre production version of the new song as deep is your flash commented bassist vocalist no Marten. Our September Taurus Carson trees shattered son in painting X-Files router on the corner and we're excited to step away from riding. And please new material. No Arabs you know this actually sounds really good four or being quote pre production. Once he would. After pre. So awesome. The wonders of technology. Given those bars and. No word on when we will get any record from them about. Shows that they're doing something. I'm so at that ours is always so awesome I wish shows had better turn out here and sitting less than it was just and nobody there mom's house I've seen some. Awkwardly MTR sessions. And that's yes since we changed that. New album but we should get has the title in release dates in the new issue revolver there is a in four is going to be coming out October 7 a nuclear blast. It is called the violence sleep of reason. And it's a week. That's but I. At least it's not an announcement of an announcement and it's gonna be sick because it's mission and they don't do anything wrong but they're sneaking in right at the end of the year so it's gonna happen if you go into consideration it'll go more brother so Bruin area is going to be coming to town they got a tore going along with cattle decapitation in. And they actually had just released in weird video. For a so called no except Don. In the Casey jones'. Which is like no excepting in the imitations of assuming in Spanish well done can't they speak to that mix again well done. So what its members of napalm death carcass and Cradle of Filth and one brew hall is the singer. But they have the new record eighties called. So aria Portillo as flown on Islam. Are right. Yet their that first video man. What was it be the president each round artists. It's a possibility and preparing is gonna love it. There's in the a lot of material for them that's for sure if that happens let's see Max and Igor cattle Lara are going to be doing a routes to return to roots to work. Nor the quote North American track. Kicking off in Vegas it's going all over the United States baby it's OK so we can't say this really but it's black Dahlia murder commie Christ and a lead you on all hail of the Getty and pony. So that's the two were packaged in a cavalier and spears you know there's a bigger announcement in this ever completely missing. Max Campbell no longer has the lobster share. Under threat I didn't see is so yours one now. He's got long flowing locks blond hair I thought you were saying like he cut it off like it was over. He just has long blond hair now. At home in that must of taken some time yeah and a lot of hair conditioner. I have no idea how you do that. So that's pretty while he salvaged it Gifford and ya get for and that's not the biggest knees by the way yeah. So yeah did you think drag it. So obviously there is still a supporter touring the United States warned the world releasing music under the name simple -- about Max and Igor has taken a back and said hey. You know what that's our records we wrote this we're going to claim. Claimant and they're going on tour and playing return to roots so I would love to see it honestly. But not playing Seattle they're already mentioned that I think we've there and not playing in Seattle the closest they're gonna be is like LA. If you wanna go to Deaton Ohio. At odd buddies hey let's go see him in Detroit. Or I may be saint Petersburg Florida I think you say we're gonna Toronto and you can't go back I mean now Quebec actually throw the French Canadians are Metallica's got a new book coming out it's the master of puppets. Back to the front Metallica back to the front with a colony. You're shipment of the book Shui listen to a case of this QB is ones teams had field ones Lars Ulrich which what you would change. Ryan. Policy change. Back to the freelancers. There finally. That amber at thirteen. This is available to you fans out there I get to look at it right now it is pretty awesome. Very cool the history of Metallica's master of puppets everything plenty of things in there that I haven't seen. That if showed up from all around the world. Scouring the Internet scouring everywhere people's basements. Anyway. This book is cool get it on line with RE dot com or find it somewhere and be your bookstore. They never when we did we play that interview of that with Scotty and I was like man Scotty is really Smart need to stand up he writes books and he got me it was just like you know this is going to be awesome and we'll see you with a 20 god I think the quote was. Yeah we rode a bunch of songs and then we recorded on and now they're coming out on how to and then we're gonna go on for and it rocks. Okay well that's cool I'll probably pick taken out interesting to see. This is going to be reissuing piece of time hilly and missed pretty excited about this because that act record African rules. Here's the quote from the label EPS was one of the first truly adventurous bans to break out police EB es death metal underground. In addition to other three early albums piece of time and question will presence and elements. Being benchmarks of quality and progression the band's musical vision directly influenced many new worthy artists. Both past cynic later air and pass Lance and presence. The Dillinger escape plan neck repeat just in spiral architect which is totally sure. Atheist. That's where. I remember I got that record right when we got metal shop and I was tired trying to do some like brushing up on like the history of death metal one never media fire. Yes. For her. Feel like a piece of garbage they were doing this now mean that's that's one of the spots protect us started means. August 5 it'll be back out. So go that threatened stooped to piece of history till it. Deeds of flesh I have now parting ways with their drummer Mike Hamilton and there announcements eased this is tough one but we the band and Michael felt it was the best interest for airborne for us apart way is by no means it would. Are we still my great friends and always will be was great right Mike was always there for anyone need any kind of open to the drummer we wish him the best. In all the future projects. Says he's a flash in sick band and obviously you know only he was huge part of that band if he can just take a look at his and drum set it's huge. Man that's a thing like getting in tremors always the hardest part. Putting together man it's just a talented sick to death metal drummer so I'm gonna happen in the oval he's a free agent now so. Good for him in news that's not even news the title of this is Marilyn Manson behaving erratically on what not tour oh really Marilyn Manson now. I don't know it says though the rumors are that he's been unsteady on his feet and offering pretty half past performances while rambling incoherent lean night after night. Have you seen any of these videos they're pretty hard to watch I and there are casts I've seen him like I've seen them but I haven't I just don't have the heart. To watch it's it's he's. Want to not train wreck I'm not sure what he's into but it is smack it. He is not Connecticut Katherine now it's kind of a bomber they left a bunch of examples right here it says a bunch of the videos and come on line including a few where he slurred his words before falling off the stage. Is a bad sign rants about nonsense. Yells at staged text during songs. And just are all around has a hard time staying upright. But at least Corey Q Taylor can spin kick somebody's cell phone out there hand. Truth now. Me and sin what c'mon Venus have corpse of himself well it's just weird because he made a little resurgent there he was doing some acting he was in the walking. Now you what and what are Sons of Anarchy that he was using portly idiots you listening. That was Danzig was. Now didn't isn't Al now I don't know he made that movie where he was like a serial killer and it was supposed to be like a big budget actual like. From a studio film Yan aid tong and looks like he's. Having her comments sucks. Speed of other people are kind of tour speed of other people are having a rough time Jeff Tate split now NASA. And and I. Yup we'll never couple weeks ago we were talking about it and you're like I do what planet you relate we will we. Well here we are Kevin we're talking about relief. From yeah I mean sure we at least just even a little spin here a quick you know let's check it out so this is the Geoff Tate. Version operation taped to his left for dead. She. Don't look at me like that. I don't know if you've been. There is that. Lets you wanna do quick contrast hero quake. Let's play. It's been clean record point six. You. Where we are in play sixteen of those things I'm guessing you can skip that. Home. Asset our deal. We didn't deliver. We're not. Board and the. Okay well the ghosts inside isn't new music video. With her between the lines is increasing because. Members of that being in all of the guys now. Have now are now permanently injured a lot of this being guys in that in one of the members has won late now. There was a tragic accident. They did before. Or a tragic acts of November 2015 bus crash. And it left a lot of them injured killed both the drivers. There van bus and truck that they hit head on via satellite track. The footage in the videos film prior to the tragic event themselves. I was sad to watch but it's got to oppose that. In. Reiterate if anybody's listening to this like the bi yearly warning if you're touring band and you're driving a lot. Don't take for granted that whoever's driving is guy has got it you know I mean even if it's view. And you're tired or whatever pull over there's a million reasons that you can die on the road here like ten times more likely to die in a car crash than anything else. Self just be safe when you drive it like inner and the ghosts inside authority agreed to play the warped tour 2017. Cool for them they're gonna come back and do some other smaller things. I'm happier note I hope. Path is going to be releasing source or wrists which is a new problem ask him to come out on pink vinyl. Not race and that is a cool cool album covers again peacock standing on much of that stuff so. Go open effort keep it nice and classy. The death cock. Death cock. Inflame and says got some new music that they're working on. And if eating yay here metal shop this week Kevin launched a new campaign. It has tag team make in flames great again. That's right because at once they are aware of great bands. He fell off a bitten the need to find their way again. In January they're gonna go on tour was doing support for revenge seven fold in the start I have a feeling. They they won't not making claims grade again unless we make them on avenue dvd coming out called sounds from the heart of got fingered. On September 23. So check that out there is a piece though of this new record right here let's listen to it I. Like. No it's me. The weird electronic that sucked. Yeah we might school you might be asking. You might be asking yourself what can I do. Because I may you 100 planes great again. And this sir is what you can do you sir or ma'am. We are all equal here in this fight. And so we go to need to garner social media because they know you have social media with do you have in scram or Twitter or snapped had a FaceBook. He was he's a hash tag make inflames great again and let's see if we can make this. The movement to stand for its international that we can get behind we want to harness the power of mean magic something that we can truly. Truly stand for and unite us metalheads who want to build walls of death. Now walls of hate making claims grade again making fun and great. Well they're gonna have a new record out Tony seventeen that's the point it's a late Christmas gift for all of you he didn't. And better not be interred. That's what you're getting your stocking defeated Kennedy has any vocalist. His name is John well schmuck. Out of Warwick, Rhode Island. So used to seeing. Him and he's been with them before apparently he's been a fill in guy. Now they got any singer and they're gonna be putting out any record. Get a new budget during 2017. You look forward to that and there's been brutal. Oh. Some are looking forward to at least hearing about amounted drink in these days but if I was I would definitely be trying in this. Guar Arctic snow vodcast. They all these bands put now drinks that are put now the they go public the motor head alcohol they got the the EC DC beer and Metallica beer now yeah martyrs so many making room I'm telling you man. New ways it is the anthrax Arctic snow. I'm sorry guar. I was thinking of the anthrax are like the anthrax has as an alcohol as well. Come here and now which one youth. That which one you can think of the first and that's can put out. Their own absence he has it had on Aaron Hansen yeah I get some third and there are limits and it it. C'mon Ryan. I thought your ads can opt for. I would never wanna see you or Kevin on abstinence especially. But gore brick what are you looking like that for you wanna dress and absent you have Euro because a decent and absent. There's a huge festival go on and on. Down in Olympia in this is actually really cool when it's not just like it average show is called the migration fest put up a Tony but spin records and Gilead media. Just wanted to mention this August 12 and through the fourteenth at the capitol theater in Olympia. Some huge tune in black middle and stuff that mournful congregation. We get a nickel Crowell is thou Caroline walled city magic circle. Whole foreign chemists. Held the body creed full of hell they'll chalice mutilation rights and let's Ali asked them Christian ministries knife fell. Did to a dying world a large assets Alex. Yacht just honestly visa bill which these are just the bands that I can. Click announce there's so many bands on here that I can't even I have no idea what it says what are the gates again 80s August 12 to fourteenth in Olympia. Sweet now let's say no it's a really good lineup when you can't read half the hands on thing yeah is that we go by is that the rule as he's got a little thumb. Essentially true colts crushed lord Ryan speaks via man. We didn't mention earlier but the that open at their new record is coming out soon and there are going to be in town in Seattle on the 25 at the more. Doesn't say they're going to be with some might just be an evening with Jimmy the sort of looking after her. They have a studio report here you I just tack that on the end of this episode let's do it so stay around the end here that. Slater's fans. Our. Notoriously. Heinous and they. They kind of troll the band the harder always flip and Amal there's throwing stuff on stage. They're violent Doug human beings that light slayer. And now they get ejected one of them got ejected from San Diego concert after they spit on Tom for a Tom and that's that cross. The San Diego comic con show. And. Okay. And they yell man. That's a dangerous thing to do and a show like that that's a really dangerous thing to do you somebody he'd seen you do it. I mean like I think I've ever seen going to be able little late point oh who was and they rejected the guy is he was talking to them like. By you know by individual. Now face to face as he was on stage in your nose in the crowd but. He clearly knew who he was talking to you. A big shows where the singer's likes me like 101000 people spit on him with a nasty ever. But it's Madonna guy who's playing in the show that your especially. A guy like Tom Mariah has been doing it forever and does it for the love that you know like. Of people don't it's been on anybody to him. I take this next one's sense these guys have always been awesome aren't lesbian has revealed details on the new album police in Genesis. Hands this bid is really really awesome I really hope that this on the wall and you should check it out immediately because they rule. Here's the quote from the band about the concept behind apple. Police and Genesis tells fantastical story of a sport filled asteroid collides with earth and forever altered its history in the course of consciousness. Impact of this fungal explosion signals the new dawn of creation call prime more he'll extra special pyramid you he'll appear me yield they. Under a hot you can ago. As meteorites are pulled towards the sun collide levitate circulate and popularly one of the few survivors of this catastrophe. Is constant. I was there I thought I'd ever I find about the new lower this world I'm struggling I'm trying here. Anyway a sit atop this album. Cover looks are counteract these views are on cancer rats and make sure you check out it was recorded and mixed by Rangel opponents Seattle's offense recording come. Suite so that is that. Lesbian. It's that time in the podcast where we save some heinous things that you should never hear and I if you've ever wondered what any of these fans are saying. We're here it's brutal poetry to hunt for radio. Tonight Kevin is visiting a band that definitely fits the category. They name as gore. Off the record through the song nor. Kevin taken away carving penis. Bursting border skin. Consuming the Downey pubic. Down in the polluting irritants colony. I love to watch those insects suck blood from that spongy. Tissue. I love to buy your putrid. To taste rotten morbid perversion. Sadistic sense of beauty so. More react to ask Sydney. I love to watch change color. And low collect boiling skin. A love to smell the reeked of a citizen he Sheehan. Rotten corporate version. Sadistic. Kuwaitis compulsion twice posh. Polls during the torture. X creation nick hails stench of brought morbid perversion. Sin this. Cooley takes it compulsion. And I. Loved to play each of. Key to what they say a concealed they did he couldn't sleep after I. Robert Downey puke. Like somebody took the time wrote that down like this is hurt me this is currently here and Downey used what explains a lot what the song gore by gore. That's about that the next big thing making claims great again amen hash tag making claims grating and all right thanks for listening to metal shards backstage. Faster gonna play that help vets studio video. And go see as you guys and those. Yeah Downey cubes the lawyer. Mobile instant. I'm I didn't know what that we're here we're rewarding. Well how much he didn't. We're. Maybe start way up to. Rivera the studios and it couldn't residential suites. This is. An excerpt. Well today. Late may. Of 2050. Well when. In the quote Rangel studio which should he feel. Second student to be due to her Brookfield stooges and where else. And I think he was built in 73. That's gone passes so. I think they're courses I don't know if the good console. It Scott Pilgrim. Through the tape to build. To restate recorded in the courtroom slipping back to you from last community. Not sure victims looked digital stuff from. Compressors and stuff Marca syndrome. We have never recorded here are are picked up his tutor which will see you later. Because had a Neve console and we've worked on those console before a focus on the group but what I know. I worth this studious fan so. Call. This would be. They're recording the big recording room which is thought we did speak to view us. This is famous. Full horror. The band queen. Who recorded cheer heart attack. Here in 1970. Full or find. And I want to define for. And also marked Oprah bohemian rhapsody was recorded partly here not only enough. He was recorded on this grabbed Yahoo!. Is over. The cold. We should go look. But buddhism but this bowl so this Arafat and I. You can hear. I mean for Fred Merkel was a bit sloppy for. As in my it's my precious little bit more. But he was court on this grand piano. And just apparently the drums rookie Taylor is strong Muslim there. Or maybe. I was here I was very blown the time. But I certainly have never been. In this view women according here but I think most of the and most of that kind of big name back succumb to rock feel Lou that's been here over the years probably. Picks this to you because some. Bohemian rhapsody in bloom. We didn't. What is the courtyard is basically. I don't far. You can see his horses and stuff. This also residential. Studio so we believe. Number four will be my. In my argument was. Senator Matheson is stepping acts and you can. Beeps. There then that's like Kara. I. Yeah I kitchen. On the machine and kind of TV room. And how audio out facts that we consider changing it. After it. Base Bill Maher important well we're. She. Leaving room. Hanging out corpus. This sort of really dark. And we get like in the house. And for food so I suggest. Brooklyn's grace consolidated lectured us. It is of course the pain book. This time. TV La certain army source philosophy just treat bearden. He's quote or listen to do I don't know who can come home. Again because of the benefits. She. Yes they're all fees that's working through all of a legendary complete Florida out. And establish good looking for what it's what I've always been. That is not much else going on around here more from abuse. Carson horses and for businesses and big moment and hard rock legends vote and I didn't mean. If you listen closely here on you say your series. His name is Ernie Olbermann. I'm going to war and check out studio number two which is originally the first studio here so we should be called a walk. And the beginning in the early sixties he was. That I'm. That was studio. And that's now the residents of Kingsley ward over on the field too. And then it moves you up or back. Mid to late sixty. And then moved downstairs to where it's at now. The earliest sound soon apart from. The gold if it's hard needling. They're good. Our prayer is according to solo right. The market. But it's going to check. Historic. And now we're. Mean this studio business where the budget yeah go home yeah. Some of the amendment's restriction. I have ever recorded. The guitar flew across the car sponsored federal. It's what the sorrow and smoke solutions. And answers yes this is where we've been told off for the last. Fan base of mountain numbers are so. This conversation off everything we've filmed totally safe enough to perfect its strong Smart sort of some of the goaded me. I. And we're in court or wrong and is smooth. Threw the ball does not so there. Good Morning America. Going into there weren't. Committed not really sure how old is who do these sorts quite. Who's in Detroit and so we've basically ripped off the keyboards. We have this thing kind of read the which is it like an electric harpsichord that's been used before someone who. You dream which is owned. Remarks. Whole record. I don't know saved the eight sweet Jesus and Laura is under Rosenthal and makes him. All of us how the war on equipment used in both Europe. And humble and whatever it was called time and that was not used either. Microphones. For just finished. Acoustics. But who's to divorce. So this put them away yet but that's the acoustic guitars on the phone this record at minimum some openness but it's as well. Grabbed him over the aerial views that could soon. Yamaha all that useful in Sonoma. Kind of acts. Houses drum kit still set up. The DW dumb kids some sort you know. And man this space station here. And racism. Stuff. You know because that's where we did it marks. Gone wrong. You're tossed him out from different to me I'm going to go over there. The rest of what's gone right. In yeah ten days which means. That they want to. Yeah. Yeah.