Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 99 - Help, We're Addicted To Sex.....

Saturday, August 6th

This week we check out Phil Anselmo's new project, DEP calls it quits, we refuse to be teased by Meshuggah, Kevin gets fascinated by Ozzy's sex life, Opeth gets trippy, and Kerry King talks about dumping trump.


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Are sitting room shops backstage press. Episode 99 did you come home in anticipation. Into the creek and masturbation on yeah we got episode a hundred coming up here pretty soon got to be something big man. Men and. Yeah I was gonna follow that up with your mom jokes but I think it's too early in the podcasts start to start there. Or or not no I'm an out here are. That's what I figured well my name's Ian that's Kevin Keller who ran the beard is he a lot episode 99 so. What the hell's been going on as we do this right in the beard let's start with you you had a fun week from what I hear you my my folks were in town so I was hanging out with them. Not just some band practice and hanging out to girlfriend. Do you still alive poke a Mon hacking I am indeed you know we we blew it up last week I named. The podcast hacking the pro c'mon mainframe but still what's been out with that man I know there's a lot of listeners right there who probably followed here. Your you're like step by step advice they're probably doing the same damn thing is you are right now. Wallach son. It's kind of interest degree now because we can't take a company that puts on Pokemon ago were really up to gain because they're tracker was completely useless from the get go and has crashed and they've sense removed from the game since the recent update. And so to remedy this there was a third party company called pokey vision that made a map that you could go to see all the Pokemon in your area where there respond to where you can get them it's like radar. Yes I can only great. Kurds. So I mean it's issued them a cease and desist. Now in so they followed that now Pokemon is yet again without tracker which makes it real hard for me when I'm doing my hacking thing I'll come alive. America really hard for me to cheated the game because least yielded just glitch to wherever it was that I wanted to sciences team. For people that are lazy to get out there in bedroom. And a walk around the neighborhood now you're sitting there in your bedroom. Hacking it so that you literally do not have to step outside and away not not that I'm sitting. When. Can all see you do it does anybody yet don't. European hacker. Yeah I'm I'm out did I decided this week I'm out you're done I'm done and retired I'm over here tired yet it's I don't play with anybody her. So I realized that after a while suspending weeks walking around by myself what can MI in cellphones I'd do that anyways yet but it is it's worse though because like. I don't know I feel like I could get myself in the some weird situation Sunday with its. It's a lot more phone we have people walk around and play wit her and only taking Jim's is up when you with a group of people is off on yet is then you can get on him and laughing. Wander home by yourself at the end. EC. What I've been doing this week is I've been binging on this podcasts so as occasionally hear a metal shop pot backseat bass who like to represent other podcast that we like you know real represent real right. Real recognize Israel might that so I'll I'll listen to this awesome podcast called my favor murder. And it easy a comedy podcast about murder so if you're a fan feels like forensic files like that. I mean it's it's basically a true crime. Podcasts where they talk about. Their favorite murders of the week they're laughing at dead people kind of they're laughing and it but the there they're very humorous in tone. They are just very interceded and. What I was thinking is in the next ten years if this podcast is still going on. There will be. A poke a Mon murder because people aren't you were just describing it is like eating get into some crazy appear walking around at night living your cell phone guide you you're gonna walk into some and forest and some guys that. Tacky to pieces will do it RT happened over in California some guy and Jose Horry cinemas say yes some guy was just walking on the street plan Pokemon Gilligan has found. Subdued came about a nowhere stabbed him in the east ask him enough facies. He died out. Now he he didn't duck so it is murder yet. Yet here we're getting there so my aunt who lives on in snohomish at the end of a long private driveway and kind of the middle of nowhere. And at 5 o'clock 1 morning she founded viewed on a cell phone on her front porch. My out of the middle of nowhere why would you do you dad and 5 in the morning plus they have a gated driveway so we had a light walk around. He was on the property like. If that army it would have been church. Here DM shotgun time. That I had to put a good sign. They should put up assignments that. There are any Pokemon here's something like that a sign of the times I guess bull one of the recent updates with a gain is inordinately think he have to clicking except Maya just says. Don't trespass while playing Pokemon go watch where you're going on and so forth certainly there is warning and so at least acknowledging that the. While real quick I wanted to send a shout out to the band himself because tonight there actually while we record this fixes paid another. Impromptu reunion show over in Bremerton. With that in the year of the cobra islands a year the cobra last night Nady inform me that tonight in Bremerton him says can be reuniting under a different name so they're doing these shows popping up so what you need to do if you're fanning him since he just. Is simple is this just follow the user kid peddy bone on instead Gramm is John heading on the singer. And every you know every time they play. It is at least a day or two in advance hill who throw that up there and it'll usually be kind of be like a little wink and acknowledgment if he throws a month so open up what a weird man named like hey we play here. That's what he's talking about so he'll say it sounds like they're going to be planned some more shows this summer. Just panicky neither chops mean Nissan and great over excellence less chance but they're trying to make it. Real polished and cool apnea. Also I think they're kind of just having some fun with it they should do and not on a Saturday night that's when I think how that would be nice they should play wanna numerous they should come up to the station just plants that. They should be on our yeah episode 200. In three years yes. It was my mom's birth I mean episode 100 god dammit I was like yeah now with the happy birthday to my mom patty berg. Gave mom one more Joe Brown the son when I was on Michigan you haircut. Which really awesome so I wouldn't know yeah I cut like seven inches off my hairdo and it was allowed dead and grossly nasty so now I'm feeling kind of like. Just Joseph Gordon-Levitt but not like the handsome older guy like that young guy from third rock from the sun. Back means reshape your facial hair yeah now I'll Nazi that we out and maybe that should be my Halloween custom actually. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But getting my hair had so much dead split ends like when your guy nobody keeps you had to have long hair but now hopefully they'll keep my hair healthy sort of rip it all out. If you had to guess do you think you'll ever lake cut a short hair cut. Probably. Because I know that I'm never gonna Liesman here are totally so by young one and two I could grow my hair back out again yeah but I have nightmares about that kind of you'd still interest. I mean like I had nice short hair I like it but it took so long it took so much effort. I'd rather just hold onto that middle fatally sucked. Miles I have a re occurring nine years that people are holding me down machine nineties and sleep. Mostly or about the long hair it's the face as the tennis. Well we're gonna hold you down and shave your head and I think it's because Kevin says he's gonna hold me down Shiite heartland my question and Beers like shave your head is just gotten in my subconscious now we think that Ryan looks like dead pool underneath all the haired man in there and that's why doesn't wanna. Is what ever detonated. A bunch indeed. A spread the beer drinking has ligament or it could Kevin just gave he the odd is look when I ask Israelis I think again I think is what's a swastika feast. At well movement. Is gambling when he was in the white power groups. Right sound is actually like power and narrowed it. It's I don't know the messages hidden in fine aryan and right it's a Hollywood van. Dam did Shiites the. On that now. Getting some heavy metal news what's going on this week so limited and shaken some new jammed. Speaking of bill look at the film these out of the way. Scour the didn't like about this last week's Darren has their first live show. No we did not tell us we talk about down. Being down to play down is down to us he's got to stand told sky our kind of a black metal grind threat he added. It's got members of pig destroyer kennel the cap decrepit birth. They're going to be playing in north way. February 23 in the 25 win at the TP dying. So if you wanna see them that bad flight in Norway. I'm sure they'll do and on the tiller or a first for Dillinger escape plan will be putting out a new record. And the record is called this associations coming out October 14 2016 they're also going to be doing a small war. Coming up here in the end of August but they I'll also announced this week that they are. Gonna be doing an indefinite hiatus after the release of the newest album they've. They've actually do 120 year anniversary it's confirmed to be its last two guitarist Dan Nguyen Minh. In an interview advice he said by thick in some ways into an. I pull assigned felt and go out while we're still on top. You know I mean yeah so hopefully they're not all in jail like the last episode signed felt. It was very disappointing that lash they just the act on spree. I don't know are there and then they go off on racist tirades on stage late. And grammar college thesis of let's not let's have less of that in heavy metal. Cool and they said though that it's because they don't really ever make any money I mean they do well enough to be able to get around and be a band. But they're not really moving forward in life I'm sure they're not those guys are in side projects and on the I will say. That if he did not sink for Dillinger escape plan there is no way the singer BP. Would've been able to hook up in DJ and eighties the points are that happen it's there there at the still put a thing. While Devin Townsend project has a new song called. Failure. They're going to be doing AM. US and candidates who were not announced dates yet but they had an album we've been here they have a new rep Jennifer I have a new record of transcendence. Coming out on the night. Let's play hee-seop for the oh there are days inside October 14 serious. You had to get access for his film. Still with health I'm excited for me debit. I just got a little ahead of myself because we're talking about affiliate there. A little while ago and we're also target a battle fill in some off is to be filling in for like nine. Mike Williams a bye he got you as Mike obviously he's had some medical issues and he has some emergency medical issues. He announced that after it was going to be stepping in for a show in New Orleans and also he's been could be. Singing Friday god indeed gore the Q. Yeah so Phil gonna be doing is our going to be doing and I he got to be doing some weeds. Yeah while the weeds I hope Mike does okay man he's. He's a bit frail he's a crazy do you and he'd like to get down you know I mean. Yeah you ball longer rumored narrow so Michigan's near record they announced the release date in the October 7 on nuclear blast records. And asked. Him in the head and ice on your Q. I'm a bit of the teaser looks like tease out of anyone do that then we'll play the full song we get used to it just to be and so new Michigan October. New guru of bloom gave it. They have a new album called ZE. It's the air award winning true Pennsylvanian black middle and we are seen them a couple times there actually awesome they've been around for twenty years. And they're gonna be put another new record September 30 on prophesy productions. It's that we worked elicit these guys are really. Really mined and lea strange. And awesome. And just weird stuff will now be covered team that was African cool album cover for his union of them burst ever heard of rich. Christie before I knew he was ever even in death was when I listen Howard Stern and realize how creepy about indeed that was can the only reason they had him on that show is as the as an encyclopedic knowledge of porn. And like porn titles. An incredibly huge collections that guy like he can name off like. Yeah that was off of back door babies episode nine volume. Yet it was in weird mean no one I I watch porn such a master meat and then I'm done. Well if you wanna get weird with Richard Christy again charred walls of the damned it which is kind of a super group. Has a new record coming out September 23 on metal blade records. We used to get a lot of requests for that and I just that are really want a team gets stricter trustees. But Eli I mean if you if yes CMB got a show yet he gets to talk Ford. You know if you're like that getting to wonder how many points are he's banked. Probably 01. Point assertions creeped out you know he's probably million probably doesn't even wanna have sex with them he's just like I just enjoy it is I think it's a great art I really enjoy your work in. Fill in the blank title is like I don't wanna actually had sex with you I'm not attracted to you I just think date you're agreed actress. You think I wanna have sex if that's okay. That model lets you do it and house or are thirteen let's zoom on your quality artist. Morbid angel's got any record get a get a becoming out and when he seventeen. This is kind of another announcement of an announcement which is does that last on. David Vincent. Yeah laughed after that record in 2015 and now it sings in a country band which is. Whatever don't Gomez of the country mullah but Steve Tucker read. Join as the vocalist and there going to be put on your tactic so we'll find out. That was definitely the I think when we played that at their top twenty records of the year that was the one we intentionally play and we were like we are sorry we ever did did. Yes here's a visual for you Ozzie Osborne naked on top of Samoan having sex. Now just let it let it sink wins shares and or with anyone just him having sex. So that is something that he is obsessed with thinks that he's an addict easy self described sex addict he is has sex addiction. Ala foot volley in the puts its of dvds go of me Colin Farrell Kanye West in many before him. He says. Over the last six years I've been dealing with a sex at six years. Of straight sixty years Ozzie. By yeah so be basically got caught and like anybody's like art ought to go through some type of rehab to do something. That makes it to the people leave me alone. Out of bad comes good yeah I'd also like to apologize to the other women I've been having sexual relationships with. Out of bad comes good since the press exposed this I've gone into intense therapy I am mortified at what might behaviors and to my family. I think god that my incredible life is MI sad to support me. Basically he has all the power and he still has. I mean he is Ozzie Osborne chief X. Dean. Ever won yet he's he had sex with the car he doesn't know. He's put on an American pie he's probably sticking his mentor Hillary told toilet paper all too like oh man. He does the I mean you I guess he just never grew out of his then you know. Groupie. Now that's terrified so again picture Ozzy Osbourne. Kid. On top of someone market grinding your way into their. High heat you. Good luck if Brian had fun editing on. She's it's the end this podcast. Let's post the new I trailer for than that the insomnia record which I'm looking forward to but I am not happy about because it's just 140 minutes song. So it's not easy for us to play on our show. But at the end of the podcast ranking you take this trailer and sticky sticky in there at the end stake in any like Ozzie. OK so the ads X obscure guitarist his name is fountain head. He is premiered. Taken reverse engineering so he had his his name is fountain head. I think it's going to be just kind of chill. Did somebody is always a pretty jazzy here and just listen to this earlier. So just came on those cool for CSU came out yesterday on hand can. And check out reverse engineering content on just one. But this. There's the new super group banned comprised of members of Paula avoid an earth crisis. Every. Yeah I showed up front by Kevin actually. But this man is nothing like that. Obviously this also just came out yesterday arched yeah and they just played in Seattle their first show ever at the in black allow huge. They say you're not a lot of listened to enlist your feet in straight edge. You all we all have to go jump I'll take that back. Take it back take yeah years older animals liberation and. Let's be open doesn't he sought out day to do you do your title track company record. Yeah. Sorcerer's. September 30. Nuclear blast. Yes prerecorded. Brian yeah videos. Where we actually played the the big the little documentary on it last week on this show. I'm an extremely good halfway. Yeah so many decisive spongy. Yeah. My job Michael after Phelps actually was like hey this is our keyboard that we didn't even use and here's another one we didn't even use this is just for looks back at. So they had they brought a bunch of in instruments and just in the union and they better have more than less I suppose so. Here's your fifteenth everything's Kerry Kenya Donald Trump Ian points take this on don't have to have it now I don't know it's just it's funny this and Corey Taylor did the same thing this week people and metal musicians coming out with political ideals. And anybody who disagrees with their automatically goes merged to play in the guitar with a major issues. Like an answer golf is the bay and that pro war on stumble like. I'm not gonna go apologize to all the trump followers that think he's the reason he's so popular is because he's like the politics versions of WWE. Which is funny. He was actually on WW. He's sensational like wrestling and that's why middle America loves the don't in Seoul wrestling. I mean honestly could have yet. Huge drag down an inning. Or I mean it'd been way worse that think that the it fairly grant was wayward so we entered into an intelligent analogy at least. A lot of people like slayer conservative or you know Republican guard you know film blank Xena phobic. Yeah or racists or any of it. I mean I'm I'm not saying slayer is that we know what some college fans aren't that. So there. Where we posted that on the metal shop paid justice like on getting weaker and then it just people don't know. There are like you we and I don't you posted this if you Nestle union. And Jill Stein. And he got liberal heart and bleed in god damn America is going to help. Oh grad and then I'll shoot you after it's going to be fun. Yeah you're gonna have pat back. You're gonna Kevin for his next round so we've seen. Paula craft to pock. Unions who else has been in a holographic. Form that's been showing up I think that's about it man was it just so a buck in just a couple days ago 75000. Fans. Were reunited with Ronnie James Diaw and his inmates via hologram. That's that's pretty cool by surprise. Be fun at the end of the DO disciples say it. Matched church which you know I just found out recently that the DO disciples are beeping hard with the members of the last in line. To our actual border actually ideas variant. For all of those records so it's just interesting to see it's like the queen directing them. But yet that it was a surprise hologram Diaw at the end of the set. I don't have a video that was a place them by that's awesome variance. Whereabouts are about negative but I want your knowledge how bad date didn't seem looks in its photo the twelve out of the mouth is notorious for doing. I just worst photo editors. It buzz metal bands he bought about fifty feet down purpose really. And then man and then the thing get shared like you know thousands of times and their right around me and. So a man was allegedly robbed and stand three times during May units sold out August 4 concert. In Argentina. The man's run thirty years old. He traveled from coal mold or a rib but the job I love that place yeah. And was just there last week. Eve travel with some friends see the bands he started arguing with a woman who allegedly tried to steals while for 5000 Argentina pesos. Approximately 336 dollars. He has been assaulted by an overweight man with a cap. And stabbed three cups that it happened you know I don't caps. Three times in his chosen form the identity of the perpetrators unknown. As me. So again that is her diet is the man didn't. That he would Dave tweeted I got a split a fan got hurt last night I'm gonna visit him in the hospital love you guys and pleased for God's sakes be nice to each other. Niceness Tuesday but yet again they took a video of the guy who got. And and had to get stabbed. I got robbed it make it and show in Argentina. Flare out of them like. Now our standards. Well Kerry king didn't say that the strangest thing anybody ever asked him to do was sign their arm with chaos helpful. Yeah that's yeah totally. He didn't do it you know obviously. What he did do. I go down in history yeah like Ozzie bat. Head incident. Or the Alamo or pretty much anything Oz he's really done lately especially. Heyman he thought. Yeah I don't know anyways Kerry king. Crazy dude and he could probably do it man I can picture him just continuing on the player he think Kerry king was the guy who stabbed that guy at the negative stuff. Add add on in through that and recognize them. Yet weighed on. Him to Jamaica to govern a troubled. Suicidal tendencies of the new song and record. New drummer. And new guitar player actually. I think second half player if it's funny there are new guitar player Jeff I don't know how to pronounce it's I'm just gonna say Hogan or Pau -- down. Bold and he was the one. Doing their readying when I've played with them at the show box and he was gripping way harder in the warm ups than the guy was during the show. Really so when they got rid of the other guy Hughes like. And I actually am I'm pretty good like Akamai in which things are bad. Moving up in the in the suicidal and hell yeah let's go. So they got any record September 30. The same is that open record and now. Dave Lombardo. Is playing in suicidal tendencies also gave Lombardo is playing in misfits. I Dave Lombardo he had. So that's pretty cool and very in awesome Jeter hasn't given the lock I don't know. Yeah how well Jerry only Glenn Danzig and Doyle. Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Will be doing I said as. The go to quote the original misfits for riot fest in two different locations Denver in Chicago. And time since 83 that's the middle of September. And injure really is basically saying you're aware they're gonna be at the top of our game. And you know is probably right. He says in a if these two festival appearances run well we find that we're hitting the potentially see the thing is we're legendary act we need to live up to people conceive this to be. And the beauty of it is Glenz in great shape my brother looks like African Hercules. I've dropped about forty pounds I'm running every day played basketball with my nephews trying to get that kind of ability gone that I rehearse a sad about three times a night we've got a CD. We just got back from LA we recorded the sets are putting in we put at PA rehearse it's it's like one hour Carty. Cool that's sick I'm so not taken it is like a light thing their lake there should seriously trying to live up to it but it's just those two shows. I doubt a well yeah if those two shows now but. Like I said before I mean they might be in shape but are their personalities gonna be able the last together I hope so. I mean older and wiser I. I think you can put personalities aside for the amount of money that's on the table and that then has never been one to point to leave money on the table. Especially our man. Yeah dude what is that mean. If you can play skull on it there and make it well I mean they settled the lawsuit already so with all I guess water under the bridge there's nothing left to fight about. Right you know it's already done so. Move on let's go are you fighting with members of vans and it's been confirmed. Lastly that bill ward is not going to be doing any of the shows on the end Black Sabbath tour. Cool in UK either where the final one will be. So that's it it's not gonna happen and put the period at the end of that sentence. Speaking of bladder mouth choosing the worst photos look at this one day. Critics. Charge the he looks like he's still owning your own it didn't get a big that we look you know like I'm. A little something a little more flattering. Maybe they just have like the world's worst photographer on their staff. And that's all they have legal rights to ease somebody's cousin or something like that of the camp fire and water down filed for bill ward Allen looks great. God. OK so and AK UAW dot org which is. An outlet of NPR. Has announces is not just that some French metal website that's making up some news or some. A city is groups say it's playing to start after school clubs at two Washington schools this fall. The satanic temple of Seattle says. Bringing the afterschool Satan club to schools across the country that hut now hosts the evangelical Christian good news club. In that Centennial elementary Mount Vernon point defines a wintry Tacoma. He into you know they said were. While I mean that's cool the argument is that if you're gonna be able to support one. You can't deny the other side right so especially with religions and things like that. Which which state had the courthouse I think it was Ohio. Where that should the Satan the church of Satan whatever. Petition to allow them to erect a gigantic back from that statue outside the courthouse. What they had to because they had to join Jesus statute the same idea like they couldn't shut it down on legal issue like a legal basis. And someone up. A high end up with Smart enough to say hey can we just not get involved in a lawsuit just just let them do their thing it's for real it's cool. So one in Mount Vernon when in point defiance. Like I sat on the medal shot page if we had thought of this back in the day I would have been the club president of that. Not just not because I necessarily am like and Seton. Just because it's available and I think it's a cool free speech today. An issue that. Doesn't necessarily need to be addressed but if somebody's got the time I think go for it. I don't think. Mean you know church of Satan gets a lot about. It's a bad rap but you know yeah core fundamentals and satanism or sacrificing goats in that area that the core fundamentals satanism or. Pretty legit and it's true so it's not like K where dean means it's to say it's an alternative I don't know I don't feel like. Oh liter rating too far it's just kind of cool to see and it's a U. A title against a good laugh. So elementary schools child EAS interest or not even junior highs are high schools CN likeness. How old three when he got like. Eleven. When a gallon eleven and under an elementary school so like little kids. Little children will see what happens we're gonna you're getting into grams carved into there aren't gonna get a Dini in RT out of there turning her and that do it. Yeah. Year. In crazy. Galactic con is a project that Brent small has worked on in the past he did his own solo project Galactica. But it looks as though. Because of burning small does not own the name debt clock on metal lock lips. He will need to continue on if he wants to continue on with metal luckily at two or with with with the new debt clock record. He's gonna have to call it Galactica and collect con two coming soon is something he teased. Because basically. We can't ease the characters either yeah or any of their names it's just going to be the music question mark. Yes who aide Scott it was a Comedy Central or no adults when adult swim which is on Cartoon Network. Has posted that or has postponed. Nodding postponed but canceled they canceled and think you can use it in ads late can I get the license and move on the try to do too Netflix try to do it to and Hulu no no you can't do it itself. They're pretty much is black balling him from news and that. And he's he's just forced to take material that he wanted to play on the new death rock record and he's just gonna do it principles collect content to. So more power to a I say we supported hopefully something good happens I say we start death clock. But we spell it CL OC. Well these are great I think he held her didn't he just yet hesitant on debt clock DB. ATA let's see how close he came spell correctly. It. Bring in fact it's between them two got MBI have you thought of dispelling correctly. Hey have you ever thought about spelling something correctly. In Dick. This week on brutal poetry too hot for radio. And we'll be reciting the lyrics to a song that's near and dear to me as hard as he has a personal connection to it. By the bit embarrassed grieve opting mastery of suffering mine split back in 2012. Ian will read the lyrics to. They don't. Saigon. Taking away you. How can you won't be so blind to fall for the open your eyes this blatant marketing scheme insults our cause. Disguising greed sun records. On records. Dumb as it sounds. Your bold agenda must be brought them. There's no room in our scene Purcell OX and car companies. Sign on. Off. And take your bands with. Three records and shows to help lure you in. Recognize bans on their label so you'd think it's legit. It's a cheap employ. An advertisement campaign. On their brochures. And free T shirts. On pace to put out the flames. Also not making cars the final part. Thank you Ian in San. I don't mass grave we'll see you guys next time on metal shops backstage pass. Cash.