Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 99.9 - Slipknot vs. Deicide!

Sunday, August 14th

This is a mini-cast in preparation for Pain in the Grass next week and our 100th episode of Backstage Pass! Kevin and Ian talk about the old college radio days, Guns N Roses, Summer Slaughter 2016 and the new Deicide vs. SLIPKNOT beef!


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Cynics yeah shops backstage press. Welcome back to our lovely podcast. Hello it's a metal clubs backstage pass. Number 99.9. This week it's a mini so it is not the full cost in this of the episodes so. We're gonna subtracting metal shops backstage pass. The brutal poetry too caught. Brutal poetry too hot for radio a couple of the things we're just gonna give you the dish. Really dish the the info on what's been going on the week. And then we're gonna hyped up episode number 100. It's a long time in the making a hundred episodes in the making it. That's a long time men and we got a high bid up so that we actually deliver some cool. We sheet is actually upload episode one as episode 100 and it just keep going back and then everyone unsubscribe from this and podcasts or we this upload episode one and then just like. Talk on it the whole time we just that we don't like what kind of little practice. Yeah probably since whatever it's better than listening to world college radio tapes say those are actually pretty funny because we said some things that. Honestly. You mean you citizen who. In this thing I I had to act had a bumper. That. I legitimately played like every week. And the bumpers said. You're listening to Dan there because you never know when you might take is out no take his penis out. In we all of your face. Yet. And upper portion of that time we were both in the management departments we can't discount that he would ever. Yeah yeah I can we never had that we never had the the dump button here we literally would just have people on that would just swear. Oh that's never understood is that our college rate College Station. Didn't even have a delay no we had bad idea great too with never on ever but it is never not yet has it like I didn't go nobody gets about this. Anyway what's up. Kevin Rose an Indian here you. Again next week is in the grass will hopefully be talking and few anthrax or someone from that and Howard's gonna talk to the manager. And what sucked into the minutes yet. This is Jolie bones the man behind me directs. Dating one of topsy long hit who sees so Q you stupid did. Yeah that's pretty much what does online better than the Zach wild incident you guys had and who may be on episode 100 ruled level and information. Going to yeah story yet which is gonna trying to hype of everything for episode number 100 and not deliver. I don't anything would have it's now against a big deal it just makes you guys look. Shot well it would look really funny Brian we're getting shot. Yeah I don't have been great. That was one of the most terrifying moments in my life seen however one's gone now I needed now see and we're not and delivered just like accusers that we do you ever would he began speaking of getting shot. I was listening to this interview with this old school like heart chorus earnings that do and he is talking about when he was. Growing up he was involved in some released it to a drug deals and whatever you know and he said he got shot but he got shot in the teeth. I see it like got caught in his heat so it kinda stop that a little bit like it took a lot of the impact but he's speaking teeth got shot out. No shock he's now Ralph. You know who didn't say he has ups who's home now easily all his teeth they're faking. But the look that. Though also you for taking me in that picture of her species act. And we could then we suggest it said tags so tags someone on his page some of the of the wake up tour tees eats at. They all I get back for them and get me I know give me it means. Food. You've turned me on to induce some really inching on the Internet Billick doctor pimple Popper huh. On so good and so bad but it's so's that's how easy she actually looks like. She's she's about. I'd like funny to like tagging people that. He pitched on doctor purple upper. Some just secular look. On there like they do you like extraction of like bot flies and like it worms in your feet. And like console stones like the early Freddie skin tags have you watched the Clinton like that pop listen scissors that this isn't I don't know and bounds kids like. How long have you had about six morgues have you watched the monkey bot fly video. I'm I don't know if I want to it's it's a monkey and desolate spot flops I think people like fifteen or sixteen of them and it's like wrinkling around a crawling around in the container the gross I've seen on their so far like that actually grossed me out was there was like I don't know what you'd call it like huge cities on this cal loot and it was the size of like. Oh in huge watermelon. When they pot it just like approved gushed out informed like this nasty yellow leak in the mind. They had to like grab a bucket and then they had to swap the bucket out for a new Bucky isn't full. Law. Yeah house. But you're welcome so you get into any good shows that C. In this too I've known Eddie object and a there's a lot of good stuff this summer's water is pretty sweet that's the one I went to writing your Guns 'N Roses. Rangel last night when misery there next to me. He left early though in needing to it catches fever itself. Just once he November ain't I cute and they got it right after he left they played literally for two and a half hours straight in the summit fantastic. I I stayed for her. I think it's safer like a solid hour hour and a half crazy fireworks are at a certain point get out of school at a certain point registry shook my heroes and like man. You know on on five hours asleep. I'm so burnt out. And I I just can't listen Axl Rose for another hour like I just kitty dead. Round. I I came through and introducing mineralization. Want Guns 'N Roses was playing. I counted Axl Rose changed his teacher in the final that was tied around his waist seven times while I was there he's got to close man and I kind of had this realization to the he was never actually wearing the flannel is just tighter around his waist. Does Axl Rose just not know what adult is as he's been using finals this entire five just like not your man. One thing I did and I that final shot in the back like you walk into the story he's like ya wanna try this one just think I extra for these guys that the more. Who your favorite what was your favorite band summer slaughter. Nile Nile pressure I think are locked in right at the end of suffocation and I'm pissed as I wanna see you re vacation suffocation. Destroyed yet they're rapidly and so good I came to the realization this week that suffocation as my favorite metal band deceit lies. They just have so much energy either so being savage breasts are so Terrence is so rat and did the singer I mean even though they don't have Franco locals the singer they have replacing him. His so much energy. Their songs just. Really transfer well lie yet you know I really think I forget just how can the suffocation is why. Until I go and see. So the verdict is that they're good lie really get hurt their good drive us acacia is good bad your it was so hot and their man. Yes it was not cold. It was not it was not the bus and completely sold out it was and it is a little uncomfortable I wore long sleeve there my likely to happen negative shirt and then I went in in immediately with this. Went to the suffocation Merck Booth. End. They may need some sick teacher so that I about a twenty dollar metal chair by suffocation. Is nice because twenty fives a little steep sometimes so about a tornado with the extra five bucks about an extra suffocation about a suffocation sure got a left pocket current. End which I'm a big fan of one of the pocket print shirts and he was all style furniture which is a lot better than garbage yielding guild insured somebody asks us. My biggest complaints about these bands of charged torn between 5304050. Dollars Berkshire. Is that like paper thin like it conceived through in and they last for like two weeks when you wash it and dead certain like your favorite band about emerge from strung out. Man. Ivory haven't been able I it's. I've seen the band like six or seven times and I can never get a shirt from NAND flash and they can I tell us he's all style guilt and subjects last time he came in. From a strong capture show you where one of their shirts and I think the first words of Kevin's mouth were he ignites stamps. But. Not not not. Yeah it was its American Apparel did it's like not even wearing a shirt. And yet I do have nice and it has come to I like American Apparel shirts for like nature since the for an eighties while you're going to be any yet. Where your music in imperial after supper. You know. I think we should get into it this news. Okay. This is what's been going on this week. You know what I wanna I wanna start things off by mentioning something that we we don't talk a lot about like. About petty drama but I kind of wanted to bring this up that that was pretty funny. So the first thing I wanna talk about is the idea cyber slip not T. We talk a lot about like hit it there's a lot of hip hop beef out there you'll get a lot of Middle East so those are about the beef meant. We got. Yeah. They mentioned that there or that they promised that they. Would bring us back on tour so why these days these said we would bring you want toward you Gary you're a big influence to listen all these. He basically called out Corey Taylor by name. Instead they're. Them their music socks that sellouts his exact quote was and blow me Corey Taylor and all you. So Corey Taylor responded and in an interview he said. Honestly I haven't taught I've even seen glendening ten years. Which is hilarious because it's in indirectly that throwing shade by saying like you're not relevant. And I haven't talked to an even longer so I don't know why he's upset with me I don't know why he's upset with us we take on. We take out the bands who submit prison and it just that simple I mean I respected him and what do you site has gone over the years it's like. He talked to somebody wasn't me teachers tell didn't talk to me 'cause I wouldn't of. Wouldn't what 'cause I would attracted decent so course Taylor. Kind of goes Hiram Manny isn't really talk too much trash on there's no reason to engage on that it's just so weird in random when honestly why. Yeah it really weird Perry they're now all a lot of people out. I. Well fair enough. Now they decide as a sex is a great record is very basic style death metal and it's kind of like. Cancels so many quarters that it shocked style. Like okay anti cruelty aside as sick as. These sites still pretty good band but Glen big blue is a car and man like Santa about Corey Taylor reported tiller has so much. He's been a pretty stand a beautiful like you're just just talk dias and I'm not asked if I mean it's a torn with them if if they had. I mean obviously that's not happen now because he took. Orders for out it done now. Well it's just weird NY. Al Weis started it's gonna end well for you like you're not on the same level slip -- you know those huge huge stuff Indian side is you know still. On the lower level you know metal tearing circuit that they've been on for forty. Seven years or whenever I think it's funny that Glendon like. Was like this like prosper it was like his hero and an underground like subculture and then like he says some Aigner Nash that really just. Makes him sound like and trump supporter yeah that's like he sounds kind of like drop it's just like why just to stop you just call them. The sort of going to be going on tour with O pat and they just announced they're gonna be releasing an acoustic record that's awesome. The sword acoustic record you know assembly and early on he had I think sword is one of those bands that would actually do that really well. October 25 at the more in Seattle I think that'll be a really gauge ago. And then I think by then OPEC will have a new record out though Elliott and will be doing that gets checked out the our work for the new testament record yet. It looks great African and partly the records called brotherhood of the snake. We still haven't got any new music from me yet which hopefully will be happenings in the painting was created by Eller on Kent war and I just looks gorgeous sounds good. Or wrong out of ten dollar L. Ron Hubbard let me paint you can sneak bring warmth coming back to town they just put out a new album's big church and we back and see a little core zone on October 13. Misty was today and we that is today Thursday. I'm excited for that because the last hammering learn came through they didn't even play a headline says it was when it. Who was it was so weird bill it was with McCaw yet. It was with the macabre at studios said in in only eighty it was that studious and it was the headlines said they also we're here at go to war in black Brett. But this time they're gonna be doing I headlining set an Ayers is going to be opening sets can be an awesome this October 13 began at L core zone. Anthrax is going to be on let late night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday the 24. Perform and the new single monster at the end there also going to be playing. In the northwest on the 21 at pain in the grass what's that. I have no idea pain in the grass as to who staged huge event you better beat you bastard. Davis dame put out a super weird creepy video I don't wanna play because it's just so. Awkward. But its basically him saying it's my birthday and I got a new beer and we heard you talk about balance the meg in the year. So if you're still in the trash in and you need negative seasoned enough for you overkill also has a new record coming out. How grinding wheel. But a couple years since their album white double armory came out so they got a brand new one overkill is eyes still kill and it man. I mean not to to overuse the word but. They seriously are entered nuclear blast is the label they've been with for quite awhile some November is when you can expect grinding wheel by overkill. It be a lot of good records by the end of the year so this band draft ton orca show if you listen to the men's room on Friday you heard. You heard the it. Interview with Alice in Chains vocalist William. And he was actually just talking about how old he was in the band called blast. When he first started out as a teenager. And then it he. He did of obviously Alice in Chains and now he's doing a side project alongside Alice in Chains. And it's it's it's culture raft Tom or sure he does local's board. And it also features Ben wine mean of the Dillinger escape plan. Ray Haynes of macedon death clock basis keep Griffin and former marvel treasurer Thomas predict. Here's a song crucifixion. Says hey Alison she's Tanasugarn Dillinger escape plan dead coffee. That's a pretty good again they have the new album called broken lines its debut coming out September 23 on parties measuring. Let's keep going on that super groups team. Serpentine dominion is a another super. Group a little more brutal than the man we just cared. So Fred man George courts greater Fisher bureau gamble corpse. Adam. They got a record coming out October 28 on metal blade. And it sounded pretty heavier so let's play it. As every week. More into this it looks like Jesse Leach from just looking game drove all the lyrics. So I Adam wrote the songs and Jesse wrote the lyrics and fourth graders do in the vocal. Nice it's cool interesting this is very strange. I really have nothing like this happens a pain in the grass but it's a very strange headline woman bites EMS worker during disturbed concert. So yes she is very undisturbed. In this would this happen in New Jersey. My hometown the only thing. You know lectures user or some other areas that are die. Around trying to give her eat cheat and allegedly kicked state troopers and oil terms. They're trying to subdue her answer is the fourth. Degree crime when he should be charged with assault that's when you know when you wake up out of your blackout in a jail cell ago. Me and what an idea are you kicked the shot is a greedy or hepatitis and I were hiding they got from the ambulance. Looks like buoyed by it's going to be putting out a split EP with into AD. Nice change. Touched. They're gonna be doing European tour which is of no consequence here. But it's going to be out on October 28 another 128 that's awesome. Very good news for one of the godfathers of metal. Tony I you'll meet in the past couple years he's battled with cancer with lymphoma in this past week he did. But I'll say that his cancer is in remission he is fully aware that he cancers so pitch and it could come back at any time so he'll be. A very aware of that and he'll be. Particularly these doctor having regular check ups on it. But I he's he's excited to announce that that he he's doing a lot better looks like Ozzy Osborne. Get sued by his former bass player Bob days Lee four on paid royalties. Any seeking to. Me million batteries. Apparently it's it's centering around. Arguably the most famous seventh song crazy train policies are on the yes side on the song and so it came out and eighty and Beasley has songwriting credit on the track along with Randi Rhodes but. He says that some royalties have been paid over the years. They've been improperly deducting undisclosed fees. Before distributing royalties to do easily and improperly withholding Beasley is a rightful share of the royalties. Apparently he didn't understand the context of their relationship. Mean. You remember last Ritalin. Start of the around concede. Is getting back after three years with in new album called Arctic thunder. The underground resistance their past record. Their last record was the most successful in recent years and it also found them go in for a more like. Traditional ethnic heavy metal sound so I'm interested to here with this sounds like. You know blackened heavy metal will will will hear. New stuff from dark throne soon enough. It's going to be coming out October 14 via peace deal records. Looks like. Blind guardian tackling some interesting and pretty huge projects they're going to be doing a live album. In 2018. They've got this planned out way far ahead and then they're doing an orchestral album to follow that in 2019. Is that like Metallica's. S and M airlines there. I I think that's a registered I think has to be pretty cool and I mean if you're doing a full orchestral thing with a bit like blind guardian. You gotta start working on eighteen years and that's a good point right somebody's got to arrange that for fifty something instruments. Yeah. Epic yeah so now we'll see. Those crazy. Hey man. That's the power of power metal the power palmetto. Soil work is going to be our tour. In North America was under the global war battle cries and darkness didn't divided say that's not that readiness dividend TV deed. Do we know whose side do we know who's playing drums first saw lower down did they ever find a replacement after Dirk left to go may get that it was another guy with a lasting and anonymous can. This these mother here's what's of sorting them up pullen and up here it's not my computer ever it's the same day as the him success oh that's right October 29. At studio said the OK so it can be a split. Metals and metal scene that may all be himself get beaten while I love slower than here. But that is hints issued a man you gotta go to that when it is going to be a fun one to its gonna be dress up. For Halloween that's right it's a Halloween party sentiment we got a pre record a little bit at the O covered episode off is out on a Saturday night of course she. Well our got to do we got to do only at the missing first half Ronald separate staff yet just pre record the congress. I like it or given everyone a backseat but it is middle and back segue we're excellent regular. Kenny give you a peek behind the curtain of the release magic the wizard of vase you know. So thanks for listening to our little on many episode attempts at 99 point nine will be back in the next. Week with episode 100 will be epic has will be pulled some crazy. You'll be like all my god this is insanity Bryant finally get a snap and beat the data Kevin is the best. You want to be and you're meaner to be derive and then I don't let. Hi. Patty gave away that's there's no way that yet you're absolutely huge and worst of my high school bully. I don't Jew me in the face. You're flat view round. Yeah a case of eight others episode 100 at them my failure and we've. Little shops backstage pass.