Migs Cast 04/11/17 "Talk Dirty To Me!"

Tuesday, April 11th

This week we re-cap last week's episode with a drunken Red the Stripper.  Migs looks for redemption from a horrendous singing performance on Rock Band while partying with the Jobbing Out (great wrestling podcast) guys in Orlando, Rev gets a giant painting of him self (and his wife), and Glen gets doused in gasoline!  We also chat about Alice In Chains, and turn into Top 40 DJ's for a minute!

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Is that makes as many of Steve migs and hear the reverend Jim Florio EUR. Cannon from window man it's good to see you guys to see you too and hello. Brian smelling very nice today 53 cents per gasoline had a little lunch gasoline. The sauce on Steve when I showed up at least he's not gonna draw a little car so you flip the license plate found in Poland. Louis Harris. Deal late in 1966. When they say eat thematic they're not playing you'll have another twenty miles per hour when that. When the white line lays on the Red Line the car shuts off if they're ahead but I know that when he gets that close that's seventeen gallons that's a deal right. So the stupid spring loaded he killed whatever the hell we are on the gas pumps at most places now to drive my wife not on hand and try your hand you don't think you're gonna podcast security Tony's Volkswagen any citizen non invented system it just clicks off com and I click to burn Brian. So when my card. When I see it on. 7% of the contract to squat down and show that stupid thing and Holden to weird angle we know about a month and off for sure agree now. You know I do I don't know I'd definitely every time with the lovely wife here. Terrible things or change you lifestyle we know Lester hard yeah. I taught us is very patient with my eccentric. Eccentricities. Got a shouldn't try to say that himself what they're me your attitude DPP's that the spill that for a dollar an alarm. Yeah also commuted dollar. And then I never watched the money people always say you know what's gas go for these days I don't know meet its goal of the bread you eat and spend the money I don't look at that I watched the guy wants to how many gallons are gone into the car. So I'm Maureen and I'm Phil and an up and I know that seventeen gallons of some. Play us at 97% of the time imperfect shut off of seventeen I give in its hair past the white line of Fulton. And sometimes there's just a breath of gas left and then. And when that happens at. All at the moment of truth the real Scrooge city and it just gas all over my hands in my knees and tell walking in NC Stephen regionally Heyman a likely shake my left hand yeah. I read. Still flammable I don't know I really could dinosaur bones draft is such regularly does podcaster not light up a cigarette. We cannot confirm or deny that your podcast machine will its net that'd sounds like me on Sunday because Sunday was a nice day and I had to mow the lawn. Which I haven't done sans last year right and so I know this and also another kinky thing that I don't need to talk about the new rumors now one well you know how much a lot of Brazilian law not sorted out. Campaigning agreed I know I I'm dead serious daylight until forgive Vijay got easily press on lawn right they go on these words and bought the fake Alonso no matter what type of season it is he got perfectly on grass you wouldn't leave what is save me from getting doused in gasoline as I tried to put it in the gap in the end that the gas in the lawnmower. And of course misfired it and got an all over the top of it do in my. Self as well. Comes to train wreck when it's sort of stuff. No one I've I've been so spun that now we've had loose body like he's kind of pretty yeah on the we have those -- I'm kind of on the ground there in the library and based on yesterday like every other tend to the second it was a new weather sits right on Angela comes in the matrix schizophrenic run it well did you know for your schizophrenic from Glendora the hello and civil. Omnipotent. Yes all my neighbors have already moved their lawns so now our gas that got apology and I hall at 9 o'clock and I felt like you know don't judge me man because your cars are in the driveway and I'm never home I am go go go go go. You know what it did bother you come over and mow it Albania. I won't pay you to have once or is it. Do that I might have to do you IQ and I can't I'd die did it the first time that we moved to the new house and it cost me sixty bucks and I'm like you know ridiculous I can just do this myself. And British territorial boy your neighbor and tie your high trading give my my site he did security wouldn't do it that's why as sexist or XT not a. OK okay. Are you did tell us you're. Pretty terrible weary US can solicit for these drone don't know what I did Craig let's not your place doing I mean did you call the reverend I'm just. And then I called the iron. I it. Our humanity mile on taking care of duo liberal lawyer Mel is gonna goal Joba on me was at the lawnmower man named oh god Yasser Joseph gas alright and god and rare that a movie yeah I don't remember anything from them terrible movie but there's hot blonde lady that then that as a mowing the lawn and again one point and she's when this white satin boost DA didn't. Can I remember her. Movie being really bad I remember look how far Remington Steele this fall and kind of left and I used to watch Remington Steele had. Under the patent analyzer does mom do you realize it was awesome. Equalizer was great so the movie the movie was pretty good yeah I know a lot of the world I go I how can Denzel BV equalizer it's like well pretty well guns and elsewhere can also that's how dad Daniel's bad ass and him in that role was fine and her people forget about America but it appears bras there was Remington Steele right I guess and then it became James Bond that was killer and -- got lunch I thought that was a cool idea to announce a LeRoy garden can ever Remington Steele region probably was excellent reason to go to TV show so he's like he's Remy can steal a little tired and I'm. I just like Timothy Dalton and the first one with Bolton what I was licensed to kill was great. And the first one was brawls in which was gold mine it was great. And then I'm sorry I blame the writers and directors it went downhill and became so hokey and so over the top aegis had a throwing now. They didn't know hold the whole premise of the LA I am not a fan of James Bond nor any of his movies I've always he's had a one instance a casino Royale no because they don't like that it's. Santa that's most recent one it was the first all the most recent Daniels writes yep and it is very down to earth no gadgets no BS it's a very down to earth very serious it's incredible dad I get that but I'd rather just live from Washington spy stuff I would there's so many other spice things that I would rather watch audio lines or something like inspector gadget yes excellent very sound Matthew director Brian -- amazing amendments that's films. He's got so off. Well you might not mirror just they know how I don't have a computer book immense I haven't seen inspector gadget film that probably won't all I ever know little girl had to get out of hand and brain yeah I don't think so but I. I'll be honest I didn't bother you wanna do inspector gadget bearded and and I loved I loved doctor clot from there. What it is I don't remember much about it Elian was a cause place on behind the chair and yet his cat. Hello look up on the hill and wait just a metallic cloth is this who you come in my house most times like a cat and my does embody him. It's okay for us songwriter rounds all you're under review the appraisals that's. I have to be on. And this one doesn't and gas side it's also metal body it. Bob and we got some exciting stuff coming up in the next couple weeks on the makes Kassell wanted to share some exciting news makes it we have our friend I'd James Kennedy and his boys in our system is Amazon and so we asset that I think February whenever I listen assists and seven they're great band they've got a very industrial vibe to them they sound really familiar pretty sure I've heard their stuff yeah. Any of them the stuff they've done embassy within the past year or so I couldn't tell you in my hand and now everything James always it was killer mom. Even so on likely either writing everything and then he's got some top debt figures I'm really tired I apologize everyone. Bombed. His new vocalist who toward with queens recorded that he played keys and sang when I'm behind to eight. And I can't believe I'm spacing is named renowned I'm just that tired you know Jason OK Kim probably about like in an hour and a half to Ellen I regret that I can't address climate here is an amazing singer and so I've gotten like changes sent me some of the demos. Of the newer stuff they've done and it is light years beyond anything he's done in the past and handle me not a bad way to zinni and obviously but that's it that's a compliment and he's hitting a high watermark in it's it single. Credible it's really really great seven series you ram I think come you know given the industrial nature of it you would probably really big. Right just. I'm not so that we had that next week but then the following week this is very X and big time making her triumphant return. King or queen amidst a grand queen of snapped sat on. Our current queen of the rock girls Rachel Barley come back in joining us now race I have a lot of questions or Rachel Marley recently shared with me. Something pretty phenomenal. I'll be offs that tell you duties premium membership things only got hurt us guys we can't do it nobody's gonna pay. Might need to have access to a set chat page of us doing things to ourselves our unless your hosting hot chicks all the time right right see that happening when ready to takeovers ends but movement. And don't use some background here so she's the queen of snapshot not talking about doing things they sheeting a slice of pizza Hershey manipulating into the keys sometime. Over and a mode given pizza and cover up a spot that you don't cover up on that special premium paid so she's a dilemma soon she's a very attractive woman Steve's got his phone and I always look if there are pro as well which is pretty cool that now she's a part of RI KI SW TO one of her pictures. Maybe and only go with I'll go at this one that's free tomorrow own mind I'm not here she's concept that Rachel -- Barley but there apparently she has. Should a whole other pages well. In the home you think they did last year and triple S together throughout this cannot next week but the week after your Guitar Hero or Glen Day to think semifinal another picture out of the ranking of gasoline hit an army unit. I'll have to meet the rock girls party that bad news castle at that cool cedar. All my goodness she was during the bikini skiing she iced it at first thought it was a crow shade bikini. Yeah just amazing because it you know per share there's a lot of holes and seven those. And ask you what drag quickly tricks well it didn't need any of that because I think it RD happen and it was essentially alike I would say she's wearing gentle fly shoe strings and postage stamps would probably he's just designs credible body it's. She's also McKinney very stuck and she has absolutely no problem showing off. She's really excited but I don't think they necessarily wears a bikini either Mickey Newbury stuff like it that's got to take some skill because you do what all that hot water hot coffee doing up all that. Brand hot bodied Africa when he saw that bear ice. I know that you know in my quest for for furthering myself I've recently become a burlap Marie stone which is basically where. I we're burlap sack and hood and non make coffee for you I've found that business is slow but I think it's you know it's gonna be self starting. Just imagine you would like Buffalo Bill from Santo the Lanza who would you make my coffee through my neighborhood quality that you can console on paper clip and as if you're just cures and and and also does not only in our it is a big shock to she's very popular needs to grandma and I wonder why. Credit religious community yeah a beautiful how many followers chiseling Seagram. They'll remember all we first chatter on right yeah. Which lose two years ago shocking new year coming up on it that's. It's a good coming up with a two year anniversary. Gramm camp like FaceBook or lose it don't know I don't know I don't know you are now gonna say a 100000 plus well when we first Enron sued them out about like ten or 151000 and I though the holy smokes miracle I'd check. She is now lap 172000. Followers it I don't. And what's crazy ego is so there's hundreds of 2000 followers I'm gonna bet that a 160000. Of them. Sap to her art I don't know others are when I'm not gonna elect our gotta love the look we just want admitted. Yeah well maybe they didn't yeah at it like no lose the weather don't admit I don't know is she real. Yes shell drill bit and now she's been in here and she's a rock girl I'd LEY the station a lot of the people met her impersonal about positive I am positive he should bring window pane. Soft goods as we've learned from the last time I can get him match who usually idiotic I don't locate them out of my trailer was like controlled Tony like armed dude from who you are a little paid if you brought your stuff on the mr. Graham that's reaching a 172000. People this is good for your Manhattan zero that the idea the fan bands like pseudo pilots Led Zeppelin. Pearl Jam is offering some wreck a be that guy who's still. Susan regularly I'm positive. You'll love your music yeah all right and we're fed every tomorrow but yet so I'm talking with spiritual Marley and she's explained to me like I yeah you know ball Bob about this accepting to pick. You know I don't the podcasters are really ought to pick your brain about this premium and that's that's why rent when she smelled it out for me she inmate to diss me 9000 dollars doing more. Her. I just don't tell us so I'm not I don't just be you know I'm the basically. Being naked and sometimes enjoying time by herself. Can recall the signal with her Barley legal dot. The love I got talents well it's I can't. This tremendous vocabulary just a rating down Garrett you know it's so that's going to be good time so yeah that's gonna happen and we need is that we remind me Keisel. You know lot of woman stumble in here is my do you agree a floor total coming in them where year Teddy White east though yeah boxers all my Burleigh sentimental about it do you. So while obviously Brad take on how you guys doing that I wanted to address something that happened now while that wrestle mania and I was listening to our friends AJ Francis going Clark and I don't know suited to a podcast for wrestler and ask god job being outspent great time in Orlando with the meter William talked about last time because we. We get off hurricane red came in in and just wreaks Havoc on. I actually got Tex I got a private messages and text regarding her key grids I think one of the people sit hijacking of the show yes you know. I did some of it was man that was hilarious stuff because there were certain things like lick your track marks and yeah ripple strip but think got some love but a lot of it was actually like dude you're killing me. When we got some negative light really and he had this is making me in six K goes. And he can make everybody happy make everyone happy you know sometimes when you bring hot chicks on and I found it very entertaining and I know a lot of tweets from a lot of the the Titanic do shoes are like I've never laughed so hard I got the majority of the was positive than my funeral a -- she's totally hijack your shell like yeah but it was a pretty good run kind of -- yeah we ever comment or two right yeah yes let us use our fault we offered the beer and typically she doesn't hijacked the podcast but you know what ever once while there someone's gonna let loose ended one of us got drug we probably would hijack this show as well through in my jacket sober action. Hopefully that's hot dude I know I know it's like I thought about that too actors over in my top houses are people gonna react I even question Mike do we want me to put it now. I don't have to put us like hot man I don't want an out of respect her I was like I don't know like Michigan UK within all on that she would she didn't do or say anything. Exact out of character man it was a big it was a pretty good run but I listen actually 300 times in this document is known a lot of people to do this soloists. Too little attention on yet there's like eleven million have a madam already down and there was like one I mean it's likely the adolescent mental program I didn't fire I pulled it down the next day and we posted it would deplete men believe I don't know. I don't know I heard it I heard it after that then for sure I'll listen to the next night it is fun to learn how many people listen rather we've in the tank bridle as in there's occurs we get a lot of messages and throw a fit your mission alone right. A lot of people thought I appreciate yes there are also giving me crap because they're considered messaging me they're like just posting it everywhere I just where I hear a might be mis hits and remaining thanks man you're really not I do and I guess Soledad yeah. He dining out especially Erica they're throwing rocks at random but I. Its own and yeah Clinton's so anyways yeah a lot of people also found great humor and it because how frustrated representing as a Redskins. T shirt you can hear it you can hear you when you. At one point two. Kim what he said he was like OK the yeah they gags over some then yeah. But at one point like an hour and a half and yes yeah and you were still really come over here click OKE. Eight yet here all the particular clean enough how oh. We won't download times stingy. I want all the steps it is his uncle acting only George curses and yeah it was over thirty it took probably about a half hour so hall were after words and I mean it was trying to had nothing else to do that days so I got through it you could have been mowing your loans that's well yet after more ways than one. I. This is you know it's just talk about round and describe right now Rick to people request that you know sometimes it's fun to playback you'll podcasts and put it calm slow down oh yes how we sound the. Which by the way I end up again just so you'll know I got a home safely I drove right to her front door yeah I read our column should by the time she agreed that he was kind of a you know what I and then he just didn't happen either drove by or smoke shops or she get I think she's one abide. She's don't smoke cigarettes I don't know which any of the smoke shops I ran her errands with sue couldn't. Oh yeah little Kodiak are already we're all still Lipper no luck. Earl say if we had an amazing conversation. It was great if you can imagine I'll back in the building a Tennessee your miles and thrill. And of course and read with me and she just flopped down on the grass and snap before sort of like making a grass Angel you admit this knowing. Joseph goes look I don't know who last time you did that I was with you your mushrooms and I don't I think it hit it I it's. Months are miles dissent is great conversation and is reportedly really thrilled this tournament very nice to meet you ma'am. Let's draw I you that's you perfectly before you had all that go down you're talking of Ryan and their communique I'll take great home. And some aren't a problem and say I use the bathroom comic yeah no problem what that moment it's around lunchtime suitors that the whole congregation of some of the female workers at our radio station right outside of the studio and make visible common area. While they're sitting on the couch all eating watching for a for a female coworkers and as I'm walking already granted reds like dressed up like a stripper since I getting weird like girl all I costs eat up. Walking out of our studio what as I'm walking unit about the Mike. Just this is keep walking straight you know boom boom. Don't make a game like that is not news I'm bringing attention to anything this is what ads ads were about the past them she trips into one of bombing goes I'm so drunk back. And yeah. Al Mike. Well crap and they're looking at me like what the hell are you doing in that studio party tonight tickets in a bathroom now waiting outside of the that in some hovering outside the women's bathroom. Which is not too bright. David Erica is like hey saw. What he's doing a lion made way for branches in the bad really all okay. Bring her back those girls are still at at the common area in my whatever so now she comes into our office read does men and sits on our couch but that becomes and lying down in our couch and just lies there and is just. BS seeing him be a drunken ramblings while Glenn still talking. That's when one of the girls from below the common area. Gets up to check and see what the hell's going on impeach her head in the office and at that moment she's lying on our couch economic almighty god this is just not. Think this is does not look good today he not look good in what I do and Steve Glenn please don't talk I'm Ryan talk talking hair club. Take this lovely lady that we know it NORAD had better out of my office or I've become a human resource nightmare at Aetna I welcome that at bat and they leave that girl like premium friend there are certain coworker aunt and collegiate conferences like. Do you root for here and I thank all. The right track how my oh so my friends yeah and Glenn's gotta finish an awful. Okay. And if I could have CNN couldn't. Are anxious parents straw there which 85 pounds soaking wet era you know and and she could jury because I. I literally lectures kind of the thing you real cure Armon near the escort chipped onto mine she was a bless her heart mansion was really trying to default ounce in the industry took her hand. And we walked during the we're having fun she was pure wedding and I was walking shoes walking the line and holding her hand and you know got to let's go to our Internet netted some point she explained it like I guess her boyfriend's like seven foot two it's 400 pounds. You know dry dries nails your cinder blocks this penis was on the his name at the big show yeah. And dad know the aero please let me know loathe that wore on we did not do this to you. If you do this severe I'm really angry gay and cheering you were escorted rule right to your friends or by a perfect gentleman yeah I had doubts I mean guys are shown us. That's not the drug I'm looking for. Please explain the error that we did not do that used to use Murat is this two years she's she's he's gonna kill me through good and yeah and us all sure you know we sat there and chatted for a minute before she got out when she had difficulty negotiating the door so I waited but I pictured him bursting out like in a bathroom with a knife like. What the course of the blood yeah all right Steve do you put it up there are a lot of good. She loved our obviously it's the men's room that really doesn't cause of the problem after a bit better I these I surpassed in the blood can we don't have any fears please urge you not heard a step up. Definitely she's she's just regard it was it was a Ryan and she was seeing how well cared for by at all. And hopefully she wasn't too much trouble when she got home provisioning harangue or taller plan was to sleep often and she ended should get dance that night but I think Sheehan. Don and linked to in the muzzle the fine don't mind like. Yes eldest son knocking on the studio doors are like. A lot of line and all of a sudden. Steve knew c'mon even this to be off with a stupid thing replied I mean I'm just prodding from a charge campus Monday. If there's an ironic Coogan but that was a funny because the huge errors and I think that's what is going to happen because this fund. How about tennis when you do wish. We're enjoying the cast today doesn't join your LeBron is Tyler ankle pasty and other computer remnants are still voting. You all well and truly anti climactic moment it's just finish Jessica. Fletcher and there's 130 thing inflated. More than anything you do you like to jobless there's an illustration what you planned to what you're with them back in two year. No I didn't yeah already got your oh yeah. I remember watching us do that. Up and all of a Mecca during his body language changed completely so broken right now he's got this dejected. Kelly look at his face like man this is really yell and down his shoulder that's great great did a good time now rat and I am I inside and now they get all EA read your right a couple of them but now it plug and it still sticking around when it's ready just set the joke up again I don't know what it's ready Hugh. I never going to be ready to hit a but brawn no go for four hours and then filings and no veto proof that the big show team was going to be sliding the puck I was going to be our much like I remember when. You know I'm unplugging it and we're gonna listen to read drunk on last week yeah. Your desire without RI RA for hey forgive me podcast listeners of the privacy and. And they're really everybody you can imagine like as that. Well at all and there's so much technically your shoulders. Slouch of this sort of smiled it's not a smile crept across his holidays slap on the Philbin and you're saying you didn't you know I don't really like a bigger hey kid hasn't huge ice can joining us for that first lick in and all this cream all over and you're left with only the tone. That was Steve Smith I don't like yes I agree it is a joke in the timing is going to be perfect and then you. I walked all all all all Whipple ball are so its own. Let's slow down last week's podcast I just picked at random point I went an hour and a half in good for you slow going to be did you yeah yeah right I know. I'm not positive WB but towards the end of the podcasts for your go towards the end of which is nice and what did she really slid down marry area as it happens. YA client pins and need mills. He now own. It's duke doesn't steal a jaguar. And testing. Didn't think she's a good were over engine room. Hammer out. Good little library and. Even par. How can act more like every loud sounds so disingenuous. Saying. Pin and leave her dream now. Wonder just is no show. Fell to her as it was going to Africa but I mean this is thought and you are lower in her head right now manned moon and didn't. I oral aren't good yeah. For my fantastic. You only do you rank this as easy as. You do name in her own way and no love doing wrong. He always there is code heroin. Added I see yeah. Selma in early moments. I all I don't love him more further down my dad's all right now amid an hour forty into a podcast that he would have been read boom boom boom. They see. Or. He's back with the beard yeah. I apologize she sued Chinese now removed from the Mueller yeah. The fact did you back did name not open that there are. Cool birds that are here rental car on my hands. Yeah all I ask is Kate who law allowing your power play. Longing need apparently. Hey Riordan is seeing in the power to do here is going to year the amount the third goal give the. More more you look and you solid lovable all around noon to. Is how Hillary loses. And her no. No no it got hot yeah well I'll. Big and we need you know look I and you know are now oh no mood this is another survey showed minds figured it could. It's a lot more than. Syracuse hash tag no content even talking about I'm over there. River that was bottle opener references wanted to that would domino hot so it's. And now are and mind weighing more time. She's gets smacked her and bring you smile. All suited us fine. A cool name Marv I'm nor and here and we're following news so word yeah. And him and his Iranian. He's Muir and essentially. You meet somebody have a good time hanging out of tune them when they gave truncated easy come jackass. Is the. Mom and daughter in law did not only have you got any time you're Ozzie and you Sue Bird and I is. All of the all. Iron he had you. Damn good times is sunny here noon. Maybe I'm near haven't she's. Fed cut cut cut cut okay hollow crime here are off. But I did enjoy talking about by the podcast Dario podcaster wrestling I guess doesn't Orlando had a great time and all those guys telling them but what who a couple of the knights who decided instead about going out what we have the couple bars no we were backed ages house. Once it would be fun to play rock bad Hal he had Jude one of my favorite games so I mean it's very surreal because it's. Yeah AJ Francis is currently playing on the Washington Redskins awesome awesome dude Demi got Aaron Glenn that we also have his friend whose job Brent Grimes who's like a star cornerback for the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers funding bill on the Miami Dolphins super nice guy and I just love that this guy is. Making millions and millions of dollars to what does he do when he goes to Orlando he sleeps on AG's couch. Instead of getting on how we I think he's that's also breath he's still just a dude at heart like I. Yeah I don't come hang out and crash on a couch and party what you do using and I had not Santa fancy hotel all gonna be like a regular dude I lotteries and annie's as regular of the duties they comic you guys have love. Super chill. Just did a nice guy that no longer has to worry about getting his bills it. Absolutely yeah that's the killer Ozzie that's the kind of person you wanna see succeed gripe in oh. I couldn't agree more I raised zero RI AA. There are all and then the whole time my keys make its super engaged in anything like if you ask you a question he's not just doing it to the people like he's like a listening you know I mean like. There's just something cool but I like he never thought that he was better than anybody else and that was awesome but. They came home when they realize that we are better at somebody else that is me. Makers are trying to sing rock band two and it's hard to Tijuana you lose milk. Off. A song for the mouse yes. And I know myself and eight and Aaron we were talking and we both like. How did we not pull out a cell phone and record us playing rock that would accrue out of like I one point legs one of the best moments as I was on drums. AJ and it was on guitar. So doesn't zombies and Brent Grimes is on both goals and we did a weekend song star boy okay and noisy great football player he's an incredible guitar. Firearm rock damage he could play acts Britain now it could also sing really well it was kind of pissing me off like he's talented and everything your way do talent brand c'mon you stop being good at everything the cook so we nailed it I'm like yeah now Graham had a few drinks but consider that one point. I sank because we all are singing and I should have not. And I sank semi sonic or semi sonics closing time oh OK yeah and I it was so bad that won't play in the book Beijing embrace yellow means it makes do you at least try. All. I am trying saying do you write a number wasted so I have no idea what I can't read. And and they don't really give you the war and you know rock and then it's been in blue moon they're always right up the words. Others felt they kind of like break come options yeah I syllables and stuff Colo and then space based phase. Zing majors it's I saw my clothes. Saying time and I do try it. And then I did talk dirty to me by our poisons yes okay so here's their recap on their podcasts of how all. Our experience in Orlando went and I'm dying to know are about to get solved on your thumb up they don't bring you know could sum it's time for redemption but let's start I. Playing what they had to say about me. What are we can we hand Israeli that we that we did this weekend that we had to recount his or hitting the wished him to come and we have to cover the fact that. Clearly is horrible or rocket power down. On openly openly admit admit it you know what I IE not she's bred dog Glenn mixed up being good at rock be under really surprised yet. It's genuinely shocked at that extra classic rock songs he works Roxio should any. You out of all the hall and slick look at the that was very bizarre I don't need to drum at least migs blogs are incurred. I'd yeah. Negron was just as bad as maybe he can sing I can do anything I was awful so. I thought that the closing time was the worst form when I was talking to them apparently their biggest issue with me was how badly I saying poison you. I just really you chose to perform poison their may have been an element to land Mulder as well all right I gotta get always you're doing that day hair metal Steffi got to get into it and I can imagine you just standing there. Posing skirting around going for the gold and not really paying that much attention to the lyrics in the music. All rabbi I wish I could say that that was talked yup I was sitting in the back of the un and on the couch. Pomp and skittish lease singing the song like this pains to write a little right. I carry myself and then and also embarrassed that I'm now hanging out with a couple of NFL owners and and just doing a (%expletive) poor job like no this was. I wish I was hemming and about Lisa I could give no theatrics that there are great but dom commentator in the corner like a junkie. Just kind of just like kind of like writing in in my own pain that is my singing styles. So I figured well what Saturday way to read down redeem myself and to give it another shot. Wow. I don't know why I'm doing this. Yourself guys I'm here I mean I think in the dictionary is called martyrdom yeah. I really don't know guys ready GAAP. You know I'm never but never see you look so good. You never act the way you should. A lot of games. I know he gulag. Is do. The way that I want you. I've got to have you. Boy I'd do it I'm never. But never ever stay out late and coming delineated you know that I cannot anyway. Every down just to see you where were you when I needed. He is okay. Weighing. We'll wait to see me do. Well god it's personal. Good male male. Actor. I'm saying. And sports UHU Frances B guy. I'm dreaming the market usually Clark. Download day. Are ahead hey hey. Todd Stern you know me. And those are you know I'll tell you and I'm calling you on the jello O. I'm only elephant that your home. So I. When you saved those words you do me. And whispers so soft blade. But god they hear you no good baby well we. Had a good job. Floyd. Mean I'm. Remember Mo. Pound okay. How we never Jimoh. Gave it solid sturdy to me a massive part of and that gives our end up. For me. Oh my god you wanna get a million. Both those groups. I would purchase of Digital Globe I'm gonna pass over the Buffalo Bills of the song that. Right where that is slightly disturbing. Or what soldier in the basket of struggles. Oh yeah. Ladies and gentlemen Buffalo Bill. Will we. Start the driver and in the back of my ego and ram. No reports of a sculpture near the couldn't get inside this prepare and don't worry rare free. Mom I'm not trying to remember nutrition can only. But you'll follow us on sports do. First tell me. About outside sport it is. Jurors who. For her other son before she. Movement. Until I got to redeem myself. I don't know I don't know redemption amount wind out of my batteries and Madonna when I was drugs. It's an audio based program but he wasn't fact dancing and pumping his fist a lot and in my in my in my hips I'd try not to look got to love god would put Elvis on TV either lead to seal a Latin. If you didn't. Think. I now why they were completely sick of me singing oh and it was very easily so proud that. Wendy I'm herself and so we got that now mattress sale plus easy with a suspended today's podcast Friday about Macy's and there when they match yourself starting at 397. Dollars to. Did anybody if it's true that we feel like a box for and what about the amount amount you'll only need any just wouldn't this wooden thing wrapped in fabric has kind of what you yet. Okay thanks of that rhythm hundred saving going out and I'd bring good I mean we haven't talked in a while this week is literally the longest week. Ever for me. Well now it finally and your leg rigmarole mere show Rosemead. I think they call that plunge back humour at all. Call back there everybody commuter now you work well very rattled yeah. Now we got reds girlfriends and boyfriends aren't crap I can get even need that. Smooth due to the top pop up I course greens complexes are right. Yeah its you know you so long weekend at this week takes birdies. Hi I do not a happy Jack I have. And yeah a cool much like Steve over there. And aren't earlier. The guys are really close us now. Easter weekend for gosh almost I mean often on the basis of the last forty years has been and mine a nerd spring break right yeah I go to Judy DoubleTree down in Nazi attack and I participate at the fantasies scifi convention known as Norwest gone. And it's it's a really fun convention and lots of nerdy stuff and it's. It's been around furs for decades that's basically we can we're nerds do lots of drugs he had drink LTE are sexy costly checks and you give some of them see some of those comic oh no this well this isn't. As at bay of that as like opinion arcade expo or the emerald city comic con here. It because that one will bring all all sorts and we don't really get. Necessarily the hot chicks. Because that same week in at the Washington State convention center is some court time. Which is anime convention that's what they all and I want the bags that's where you go. And this one is little more little Kia debt and for the most part it's literally just. Of playing like magic and board games during the day checking has to have some panels and scenes in France but at night is the party's. And these are the parties like on Friday nights where I would refereed DK wide jello jelly wrestling Obama is not this you're not doing that is why it gradually K why aids gel ideally Russell playing mustard they're Dowayne. Baby boy ill twister you have which I'm refereeing as well that's fantastic his third try not to tell you try to figure out a way not to bring a kiddie pool inside the hotel. Because I'm who does rules you gotta do a lot of stuff literary home happy baby pools of oil. Yeah and treat they can afford to clean that up they just don't want to. That's their thing with it me I mean I know you kind of get. He had this is my big weekend so just getting to Thursday because after the show on Thursday 10 AM and all my stuff going down to the DoubleTree set Nadal up in Morgan be parting the whole weekend. But just waiting that moment is just it just kills me. And so right now I'm on Tuesday. And sag is this week is going yes is this all starts Friday and Thursday although not yet yet you gonna be working front. I don't know I don't know I don't know you're off on Friday here's the funny breath hold you always talk because not only is rather having his crazy weekend where he does his weird stuff. Candidate and also enjoys nerd culture absolutely I also disappear for the weekend and do weird stuff while enjoying hockey culture that this is the same weekend. Which times are great so we just take the we take a long week and a four day weekend really love Friday or Monday because we need to recover on Monday golf god what. It's so that he goes messed up over the DoubleTree. I had off to Spokane where we're gonna get all messed up on though the lion pride music bus which I always do you have heard from our buddy Richard the bus driver refer refer Levi and MI am Fridays I just talked to James from marijuana depot. And I he's gonna be sent to you guys up with some stuff. Lot of deep post shout out to those guys and Lacey not IDC she's not the only redeeming past the desert between here and spoke continental your jacket Dave turns into fear and loathing and spoke Cantonese is yen due in it's it's the greatest weekend we've been looking forward to it since the minute we got back from Spokane last year right and we get on your thought we we army to like be in the morning. But by the time we actually get on the road is like tennis skirts were pre Fontaine we get on the bus and we make our way to Spokane. As we get every for our 5 o'clock game attack and stroke can would you please give us. Oh yes we played three games all we don't unquote play pay we won our first game last I just I don't she's won eight games just. Flailing on the ice and vomiting and laying around we who'll get all of the above plus game not like to see. Pretty awesome dude we already are man lets you some killer hockey games man but I mean the policy you guys just blitzed for a few and haven't show this week and I think can grow with I would tell all she wanna maintain and even strangers so I would witness. Yeah these guys I completely aft up trying to play hockey you wanna be basically imbedded on this. Journey as a journalist yes. I think we have water bottles but they're all filled with like fireball vodka year it's one time are fired exe and he really needed water and he grabbed one didn't realize he grabbed my I want about always had a we're still would vodka yet any sprayed his face. All well and also he's like yeah I'd burning why and are not wasted 10 o'clock I'm not cut out wasn't water and add. And now and my vodka you're wasting it for that's like with my I think it's nerds. Really is this is their chance to go like just unhinged Florio and so it gets to the point where yet there's the vodka there's a fire ball. But no he quintessential nerd out call as ever clear. And he is masking it as many ways as you can any gets to the point where you'll see someone wandering around with a gas can. Going back to your experiences and it's just it's full with ever clear and what other concoction you could figure out. You make it not T slick ever cleared use shy and it's. Yeah did. I mean he's a dangerous at this public somewhere that tasty punching in the next you know you're naked just letting all it happens I NS also work to figure out how do incorporate drinking in the board games. What is the most ridiculous moments we've ever had was playing monopoly. Where if you rolled doubles you had to you could take a shot. When did went to jail. And then locked himself in the bathroom. When he was just trying to use the bathroom. And passed out and we had to we had do eventually just bang on the door toll could figure out how to open the door dragged him out of it. That's when he took a swing at the trash bin. Yeah I know what they're made it. Certificates are immune whoever clearly come out every Claire asked a lot of these gives Rhode Island made yeah oh yeah. And that's what I call may mean at the map and yet demolished. Clinton why I just walk I'd like I don't need to be in his hotel room for the next 34 hour likened figures out something to NATO. Those are the best times Amanda is a good brand and drunk I ever want to months and I were wasted right where walk in the halls of whatever hotel as many years ago. And hours tonight pushing each other indeed had doors and back. Finally someone over to the door I can you guys keep it down in my life. In this woman. Is it obvious mess what you guys and she's practically naked the admirable messed up we were even down and then an economic stereo Mike. I and I finally go. I don't know how to speech here right now and I just turnaround hot topic I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm laughing and as soft. Really we don't want the guys at my leg bit of the fellow that throughout the bar at the hotel like dude it's super hot chick just popped out of his room and all of that single guys on our team just bolt it. It's like hurdles without playing on a regular. I'm about a year around and read my daughter. Should declare a lot thought. I won my favorite experience. They get out of there for the division to a visited it it's called the north west classic is in Spokane but it's always Easter weekend and before the donkeys were a team. Few of the guys are doing this before is that there's a waiting list to be a team to get to do just turn it because it's so much fun like everybody has a great time. You're just surrounded by thirty teams of people love getting drunk. Playing hockey and just being boys you know having a good time having a fun experience well. I guess many years before me. Guys are doing it couple guys were hooking up with some chicks in the hotel room what wanted to guys still need to get into that room but they lock them up. And he's getting pissed men's Wear my favorite story so like there are hooking up beats one hasn't chicken different banned arm fund and values had aegis of banging on the door and yours. Make sure they used protection they're both. Pat herpes. It's. But don't worry it is throw some. Rubbing alcohol on LB five. No kidding I guess within seconds it was girls is bold they've done all our yet. Hasn't that he blocked man I and that's stories lived on for ever remember guys no longer go in on the trips and a furlong it's how we would always to get Marta I got to knock on somebody storage element they have herpes again. But we'll laurel Hattiesburg this is a broad talks are a couple times that Polly wants a new second let him and do what you eat yeah. Now is I just what my clothes in my wallet sorry I mean you get nobody wanted the sleeping bags of course he did. That's all they needed over a million dollar had to do Y I remember the same sort of the same drunk thing happened it was this is traditionally like with your thing say boy he's weekend for us and we've incorporated as we've gotten older the why news in the the girlfriend that that's not my computer work yes I admit it sorry is showing you all urging. Would you read stories tall and men goodness I didn't here's C block can mean I know right knee jerk continue. I was listening yeah. My computer I had. And guys so my my best friend POP he had brought his wife for this and it was the earth this area have party but I had brought my wife my fiance at a time. And our size we use we're we had we headed back to the room to have a little bit of fine the while everyone else is out partying. And this is actually a two a joining rooms of the it was my own. Will she was using that that door that was connected she wanted to get in there because she wanted to party with us because we were for sure partying in there and not having six times. And so is she's bang bang bang just just would not stop banging on the door. Finally I just open up the door and just yellow letters stop seem block game and they just slammed it again nice and she didn't stop and now. And. Sure she had that on the front liners on GAAP and eat at that point it is totally uncool and I was totally pissed and got into like a big to do at that point and I was hammered as well. But you like looking back on it you with all that alcohol going on like Al there was just biggest to a point where everyone is just in their weird like. It'll make your calories does drunk and then there's sloppy drunk. Then there's police just go to sleep drunk right and it I don't care if he weren't family I don't dig on please don't go to C dropped it it even if I'm hammered it irritates the hell out of the worst yet they really doesn't bro I love you but I just wish he would pass out at this point you're enjoying the business isn't fun for anyone knew you're gonna regret this tomorrow you know and Eli I guess though. I love Ehrlich manned roller party and let your given her a faux pas brown you know yeah he was being apart. And they gave his innate basically act older asserted that point and I'm one of those people just raider of the fire extinguishers something you know I had one at that moment I problem mom and I was so mad at that moment far unzip your pants pull up the fire hose ago. We. So. My father told. Us and there are days you. Open the door nude with your unit still shining. And I might not my dad once told my son it's pointless to apologize if you still shining this is regarding homeland and our ability. Yeah isn't Newport apologized to junior and install Chinese have to do so unit data that always stuck with me you would still shiny just they don't even talk yet that you're right you know I'm throwing enough where there's still shiny and maybe that would have been silenced or do you see in a China. I don't turnaround is the outlaw any because it's wet you follow on the hunt. You what just occurred to me know why you woes looked at how. Could you imagine if debuted not a normal like they've both got our bays and those resolute we're doing yet. I still met us two that's a good point you really lucked out man and the I don't know what's so not only proud of that sort of a random redirect to not hit me I thought hey that's that's good it doesn't have. What it would mean a woman running and Herman might have been the dude yeah RA or maybe they're like this week. Negative Zito. Now only it's not how that works are a couple of cuts that plug in my group on the menu to blow me it doesn't make me less salt less messy yes I think that that's not an Elvis and we're not like just freshly showered though I awaited turn. Well. So you gotta awesome we can time out absolutely I've got an awesome weekend coming up where we're gonna be offered Spokane I had no idea what's going to happen we have a few people who listens for Gallic. They hopefully we'll get to see out there I have no idea where we're going to be so apologies if you're digging into CS because I am not in control. I'm not gonna be controlled myself. I'm just gonna be wasted on a bus going to work and our own and I'm enjoying where they'll then be given a stick and streets anthrax and it'll be an ice already broke won the first year I went I got so wasted I couldn't figure out how to get on the ice because they're already closed the door and I couldn't find that said that lacks an open up the door don't go and so here's my troubleshooting when I'm wasted. All of this walk into the onto the bleachers. And I'll climb up over the glass oval. Again don't waist level right. All makes his harder I don't read more different added logic to drunk and I'll bring attention to myself go Thelma giant goal lead walking drew people. What my skates on children through majors remain in my body series crown like. Redgrave Dylan. I'm trying to get on the ice and he just skates over an open and curious how ladies their semi IF OO that I also onetime got hit by a moving car. Not with my skates on without him really weird but I was just walking around aimlessly turnaround no car at least slow moving but it was in a parking lot and although yes will be that good and I didn't realize until the next MI why my knee hurt. What do they do in and so once that you. You turned around and kept walking right into a moving vehicle. Ha okay well let me how wise my head hurt we don't know the I don't mean she'll have a they're grounded the amount of alcohol you drank the lotteries so I imagine revenue iBook and hasn't been seen stirs makes several blind you've also got some pretty awesome stuff going on this weekend. Volume Friday dawn Friday am done at jazz bones with the guessing game and maybe in the nobody's all in the play in Iraq general shown course her birthday is Saturday. Happy bird say a man. Had woods and restaurants that have been really trying to wagon up I had I had done actually quite well on Nintendo a couple of shows we're just gonna sip on a couple Beers and really. Didn't do that normal thing that I do and I'm really just trying to. Kick my ass to get term child who's way I'm trying to just kind of get my hands together and here comes the Burt well are they afraid of for a lot of catalog no there's. You know we don't know another and had just a lot of stuff to deal with the bombed. Which is the way life is so what. Com Friday night was a friend Anderson and no one played unplugged sums last chance are very popular nano YA at all and why are jaundice so tasks. A man Cameron to hold the big un hood she can really show Friday that way. Exactly yeah I own. I with suppan Beers and endangering gunshots and Jeff Rouse came down the united don't competition he's got to chatting O'Reilly and a lot of people there's a really nice he attended like all kinds of cool people came out it was really really cool. But I was content bring myself in Montana on stage it was another little slippery enough mud. That someone else a K you know some can just deliver me a water and may be on the whiskey. The water never came but I'm gonna say before he can be the whiskey it was a neat which he broke it's an action someone asked me dad just asked me that a spiffy armed. I invited more neat day instead of getting me when you ask for whiskey neat instead of getting a shot glass. Basically really rocks glass with more whiskey in it then would be a shock that so it's basically like ordering a double shot except yet give me whiskey neat not need would be on the rocks Syria Broxton and it's a sort of a Tumblr kind. I disorderly risky because you get more whiskey and a larger glass and then you can but sadly I drinkers like shot yes. Armed percent to and that's always good when people are giving you know multiple. Noted that I had to battle I lashed out and I blacked out amid sex. I have boom boom memory. Everything was getting fuzzier anyway but and don't sing along with stuff I mean it was really crop of super gazing man this is great as a limited time and end. I blacked out mid set which is bad because there's a song called cricket king meant. I never should've written because I'm very emotional about the lyrical content and sometimes by the got too much alcohol well bottom whipple's our quiver in and I can't say you know recruiters. You can have met probably happened I'm not sure I'm guessing ended. Armed. Apparently according to John less at mid set in the middle must set I appeared in the restroom. True to urinate know whatever else saw those are good show. The guy is a human would go to the bathroom live satellite. What I was playing the kind of thing yeah LeBron oh god you were so funny Oleg how are you still playing at the young don't. I think it was it must've been excuse me everybody really let's take a leak and I just abandon my own show. I I did. I don't really remember that jobless filled John from tunnels blood shall we will not mom but you know like I got a bunch of great Texas and got a lesson so much fun it was so cool you're so it was amazing and every Salome and blacked out kind of mid setter maybe even 25% and set I had no memory emanating after the I don't really ran home and number. It's I just checked I was so stoked their clothes might have because I've made my card. You know that was exciting and you know apparently an ugly lizard brain checked and and I was able to function. Ba com. And a pin where it was going I don't watch now picturing Glen walking around when his blue lizard tongue sticking out. Our men and yeah just I just checked out but on everyone's evolution why did he you know using do mean he said a minute I'm blacked out midway through music though do you was beautiful the spirit took key. Eyes what he sent out and a closer really been Howell and it must've been great I thought I just I immediately thought of fight club where his spirit animal's the penguins saudis replied slides. Do you know about ten minutes later got to RO FL from hired I understand it and I will merit without a Saturday. That was a lot of fun and yeah I am really looking forward you know by the guessing game's fantastic mr. Perry Jeff Katz DT go to that everyone that generally sort of got it back on the pocket you've got to mining plan. Hello mom and just around town for minutes they'll have a multiple really the basis of bruiser Brody our brand that's right 'cause I'm not so yeah write a song we are. I was its common view but bruiser Brody is slow then that's that's gone on the course some get. Social box tickets are on sale everybody. Go to an appearance fees for presences it's easy way to find her ticket links yet. Arms yet just fine window pane on FaceBook and you'll find the event page a finer ticket links and they are going. Really a lot faster than I thought they would and were still kind of look like the seven weeks out Morris say yes so far why do you might wanna buy a ticket before you for a I mean normally yourself for not buying you get not only get a burst and then it got. Ice and then right before the show within seven to ten days even though most not I don't have plans and I am right now get tickets yet what I'm seeing in in talking with more support artists is such sales have been kind of on fire not slowing down certain stadium would actually recommend. These clubs seat sellout either we're now ya but I would recommend you know they if if you have the means it's very choice I'm recommend picking one up pitcher catcher tickets probably sooner rather than later there will be just a fine window pane on FaceBook boys and girls and that is June 3 and there's so some of the stuff that I have going on in my life flat sheet com to light is a bit closer to that show me in some. Some unique and then cool announcements regarding window pane in the future when a pain so. All the third's gonna be really and especially our set and what we have planned for arson guys and coming up boy bands out but from now I can't dancing man and I have tried I. You're listening area looks like Sox don't go live carpet my underwear are you just can't swing it have shot Tony marketed dancing you know. They're big dance I'd be the DJ do we. Tell you the singer you don't need to dance they carry you around mr. Zell now works part time meantime moved from my experience of being a boy band I mean I've you guys heard me saying I never had a dance that was that Saddam Hussein and any of them to determine strategy we set the window pane guys. I would do with time before the show yeah. My complain for the U actually I'm the one city some because our room demos or are really every kind of funny here you guys and I doubt I'll send you guys some do you know just for your listening some of the stuff -- tracking in the room the demos -- -- you know it's it's a while slime and Herschel space but these sound good when armed seeking -- some of the stuff have been writing it's been great rewriting and creatively our. Some of the stuff that's come anonymous some of it's really dark and slippery and highlight what he skates yet. I have no right right at all and but it's been really collection this latest thing we put together just a touch it was I've been more of a series of Tony risks making music I've got this thing and the repellent will do you play conductor you show us where this start show us where this fits teach us your vision. And he laid it out and we slowly built the piece is up on an after thought and and they were really Tony written some challenging stuff from for some one on this from the main risks of the song was so difficult for me is a player. But I'd sit with a metronome. In practice this thing for hours yeah I want to lease the tremendous musician. No mom and yeah it's just I don't. You know we know we often I'll come up with stuff that's maybe upsetting his wheel house and vice Versa this is one way outs and we also I just had to study up on the bank. And as it took shape and we really started to feel the song and Nixon you know we're getting through it start to finish. It's a chainsaw. So we we well it's been exciting it's been really exciting I mean it's news piece materials killer Guthrie other in the three others in the box. That are really exciting and then numb usually they also darkened slippery enough box one albums really wanted to homes. Borderline Alice in Chains is darkest moment kind of feeling in all I really love and that's what's that that song in particular from Iran have played a force to like moral. So yeah I'll she guys demos to check out about loving your data out fun will be will be premiering a much of that stuff shoebox and that's what's going on man I'm a mom half of the middle bind my my first I'll switch is. And chaotic because there aren't enough hours in the band then work a look at the Alderman. The house buying. From my two experiences doing that. Is one of the most stressful and annoying but think just gimme papers to sign Jimmy Key. Do we need to keep sending you that these bank statements to I need to keep it's so annoying my mortgage broker. Aaron ross' Kelly Jeffords from home street and I am literally saying his name for a reason telling me Alan Jeffers got a hold true bank. She is so cool and so chill and so lax at one point I just figured oh he's just being nice to me because none of this is gonna go through a happy that actually I need this that easy and that cool while Jeffers home street bank. No kidding everything and I'm fine ounce jelly Jeffords pleasure thank. He has made my comfort global remarkably cool he's way grounded way cool super patient. Awesome nice calm and he's bringing us right into the finish on time honestly it's my property owner that just keeps tying my shoe laces together and pushing you over every other turn. And I am I'm thinking and Ireland. Why you just step away from the situation to just need to be involved at this point right you can't wait to get your check right at this point everything just there all of it yes well of course how she's the one that's been making things complicated as far as the lender. On ten Bret Bret license wife you know Britain does so all of our record some magic got a great text from him he was invited to go down to use his birthday weekend to. To the and although I some of their live all their lives record saw on the single low where Ole Ole c'mon maybe you must guess Britain did not know Brett so he's. He's worked with them for years that they invited him they'd come from most of people won't like him were invited down there. And so that was his birthday weekend so he sent me this text the other night just like dude my boys in there on stage and it was the moment in my got Brett that's so cool when I watched the bootleg mom. I don't have to my computer onto my TV and my wife's life into you just watching a guy. Who FaceBook live bit and then posted on YouTube there until he would turn around and show his own very. What sir you guys enjoyed his life he told her where your problem and I'm like I'm Rosie O but always I don't let's not live and I would like to address quality version I could find it put on my blog and here's a site. It was awesome I'm sure was considered a means of Pearl Jam fan to see you I did is he did cruise in did you watch any of the videos I. Haven't seen any other almighty god and specialty. As I understand it. Every oil was invited Errol was included and yet I still saw things from Dave cameras he's saying that he wasn't invited so I don't know what's going on there but I mean. I don't know what's going on man I'm not gonna get into that but I tell you that you know Brett when he got in my music and of course I mean it was their video guys early I invite their life indirect and suddenly I'm like they really from what I saw it was a very inclusive thing so fabros easel in fact was not invited. I bet there's more to distort or maybe we was invited who said known not a fund and I mean I don't get to play I'm just reading too is the vibe I got from inside that camp was an atlas. Incredibly mean even rent another club afterwards and took every one out yeah on the town I mean just very. I think they try to make it very special and I have a lot of love and respect pretty rivers he's announcing men and there are no. David Leadbetter or that store Eddie made a point onstage to like Dave Allred numbers gave average he's. That's great drummer in me any credit to those he still he is a great drummer Dave you're asking great driver I can mean it was like. Make you're going out of their way and then there was unintentional moment and all the love for Dave cruise and get no watch Steve cruise and and I've put so my blog which is all good you play alive. Of course and man. They gave me goosebumps and I go emotional I cry. And so that was the the black and white video shot a rock candy at a synagogue that was him part of that was criminal matter I think Matt Cheney went was. I don't know who's in the video but I know cruise and played on ten yeah eight they don't have I don't know if you really get the play many shows after and recording it and he and his team into battle and Ashley. We did videocassette of the first show they were to with members piece yeah I've got that and then followed by mother love bone and mom. That's. The offer and how can I develop my songs thousandth person. Judge I realize we speier every way out and it did trigger something forming up because whenever you citizens of the song on the and that meant it was time for me to go home. This is the troops got six minutes. All of us at the end this was our school song like designer got the vita might win this and we're really in the end we didn't have computer. Com's software that had every song on there. Everything was still played with CD so you radical group especially in the overnight window and watch the board for you and I were the overnights in the weekend. You pop 2000 Jane if they probably got way more spins on this song. Okay teaches us is that someone right it's like free bird man like you all like. Quoted sometimes all all like all dollar and enlighten this station will play like Kashmir and free bird back to back and I might -- Cassel must be sick. For a moment I thought that govern well. I gotta finish this article we go to himself like fourteen minutes. Yes this I mean no joke like hey you know Alec but Def Leppard attributes on the strip clubs for making nom ports are Jeremy and Matt massive hit yet I'm Alice in Chains I would thank every DJ's bladder issues more hot pack up our audience and for making this song you know this is not enough there's a filter song might be non radio edit of my trip like I do old gas I think that would also put about seven minutes on the law. But what I hear those in the overnight you knew so all is prone to do I hear Joseph Walsh actually stoked one or 25 played less than you do so far and didn't edited which I deeply respect. Yeah just don't you don't it's it's a legendary song don't chop it up awfully nice right. All my yeah when I hear that wanna hear Kashmir when your free bird wanna hear rooster. There's just a few Obama here I'm not someone is either smoke and had to had to take a mess and that's got that good grew there now here comes a rooster is more like here comes deterred also cast stimulus dollars when you hear rooster from now our go to the prairie now means that you're bear hostess are probably sweating and clutching an assault or praying for us safe passage. In all fairness nowadays because of computerized you can come up a few songs together in and take your we can you tell us. But that was like the fear of the high as six and how all night. Six and a half minutes. Take care of business before this song and it's a dozen beat down that like you guys who. Oh you like. Oh where were wearing on room. No right of way and carry out these are running backhand into an up front back Greg Jerry keep going dude it's going to finish this. Anyways jalla and I had to address debris of their though say brits wife on yeah. Is it farm she didn't come looking and stuff for years she was actually I'm pretty prolific in the music scene. You know late ninety's and into the two thousands but. She and have gained a real state and Kanye being Kanye is killer at a -- good friends so I am while he was championing. Kelly Jeffers are paltry bank wanted to also a champion Todd Tonya Liasson who put together our entire deal forest walked us through all of this just really dial a sentence tech support we've had some more and have a good realtor to food and makes it differ Tanya. Tanya and she was the woman recommended Kelly she's like I knew a guy that even. Like he's your type of person yep summit connect you with this guy so. We've had a really amazing Tanya but really when however way and just totally Dallas and SaaS also liable so cool I. Learn is make sure that there's a good connection between your realtor and your mortgage person again because. I've experienced that before when there wasn't good combinations. And nearly lost out on our house because there was a lot of community and the mortgage person to the real Turkey China backed out of order and it was just like guys it's not that hard like just. Pick up the phone in talk to each other quit waiting for so wanna get back of getting a little bite her because they're responding quick enough it's. So that had that dynamic and I would recommend somebody if you're going into a house buying process and if you don't have either just. Find one and then help have them up tell you who the other should be because it it. Worked out well for you when miseries. I has it gotten just mail us sort of when we decide to mine called Tonya first yeah look I love Unionist family I trust you will you help me elks I knew nothing about the statistic what they really I'm shocked and come to Shiite and I am we we're working. Method. And Steve Murray and raccoon real estate. Oh sorry I keep elements Tennessee just you know knocking over bank industry and for the thing in full ministry and the property taxes there years I've got to that's how we do our readers say guys did brilliantly actually and re letters so on my win we'd providing getaway car and everything we help you through all the process we get the mass chaos we have the firewalls are all too I mean that touched on during road reds. Stay split because I don't call or visit us when they assure you misadventure. Columns that I didn't I didn't burn my house down I did then somehow brought on fire about ten times in the carport was putting you know my hoodie and baseball bats and car's running great by the way Leah was actually was a concern when there because it would approve and speak at gas and we're proud of the carburetor and I couldn't figure out why wasn't firing him and and then we were once a while would fire and then you get that three Foote cone inflame the public carburetor to doting night all the fuel was laying on the into mental cops announce a fireball in my car port my wife stating their their eyes huge and you know should the first usually not delayed a massive us whether we're listening in all there in the minority catches fire so I'm pressing my hoodie against my chest to put it album. Terror and things. Only light a fire it's not that I don't like firemen were so involved and why is this thing not starting. For the fact I was on fire were sort of second or fifth athletic coaches hey old outside I just don't get it why anyone in my doing and I finally figured out what an campfire cannon over here when not half. When that did short happened it caused to Ceres and subsequent failures and problems. And so I had to Trace everything back and then literally what it was it was causing it to under hole so just enough to settle fireman number two which run. Was one of my Solder joints up under the dashboard Solder some stuff and bomb ended literally kind of flash baked and become cold. So you look at it and it's good. But only by throwing a hole leader like across the ignition coil on this nano. No I'm she might. Two point 93 bolts that's not enough to make a car around. You know I mean so that that's how I was finally able to figure out why. Little timing chain meets the timing change broken maybe the fuel pumps values us. Yeah all in all it was good to gay misadventure but yes I didn't burn the house and trying to bide down today I didn't burn up my car my Dick he's good he's looked better. Drama black Billy baseball hat actually put the car out one series and IR SK I'm aging of our Chamberlain are unscathed but the press baseball yeah itself. We mentioned red let's take a bomb ready TSE zero LS all unmanned right. Drone you and rehab and you're not only say yeah thank you Louisiana. Iowa. Guys here. That putt and hit your but I always makes me think of like a satanic mop it. Companion is doing rain. Aaron Mary story from pass those. And. Hey do. The teams had field was so lucky man now I know get into the voice mails Sunni Deirdre tell us on house I called back a little bit let's see how she's doing now. Moment. The. Yeah no I. My game show he would send more. All star navy to hang gig is very nice thing yeah. Okay. You can. You can ensure our own. I'm covered by tiger may Dinara hey you did it kids. Now I'm proud on the LA live the EPA. Girl. I'm Renee didn't. Our Africa and we wow flashback to Arafat did Israel you mentioned fire probably some I'm I'm hosting on the fire wrestling that Indy wrestling thing that I I got to do defy one now we did the fight to last weekend which is awesome but a packed house. Great matches go to defiant on demand dot com if you want purchase all watched defy one and eventually get to fight to up there and man of the match between Leo rush and change Strickland just toward a house down but then we took an an intermission. We come back from the intermission I am in the women's match inside soon young who is awesome I give you. Search soon young on it's like she dressed like my Leon yeah and she dresses like this before. Like almost out of the movie the ring like they blew the amount mouth has come blood coming in or nothing like Gene Simmons with fake blood capsules as CI OK Carnie was like over the top glittery. And then also and you love a lot of wrestling fans know ours and knock out from impact wrestling. While there are about to wrestle they'll come out to their music and everything's great. All the somewhat enjoy loves music is playing it just cuts out and Galveston as weird strobe light is going in a Mike. Wolf then I Telus does have another wrestler like this is incredible like somebody's interrupting her and you're hearing. I had. And it. And me now is. Big fire alarm fire alarm goes off all all ladies too hot for Marie right. Now I do want big part of how. Seeing him wrestling you don't know what's real what's fake. And even an op. All of us in the ring who know what's about to happen are in the loop are looking Angel like. After we supposed to do if the bag takes a Demi Angelina is like what is going on tonight. Josh Rama fondle who's working the lights. Enthusiasm as as as his gig he comes over this dude you've got to let everybody else did it clear there it's a fire alarm. We have to evacuate there's no ifs ands or buts teller remic all right so I grabbed the Mike so are talking so easily. Do you. All the backup and I'm extremely each other. It is completely or would admit to say it was in an orderly fashion that it. Here's the problem with the fire alarm also knocks on all the power I'll shoot the lights on my. I'm comnet I don't think you need to tell everyone they need to evacuate we get there when I found my. And everyone's laughing that knows me there I do we saw you and all you're doing it like holding the microphone and banging my thought. Nothing's going on can't do any thing so now we're like yelling and try to get what. But this is like in the middle car he started them we just finished in a mission now telling everybody get the F out of the building and of course moment to know what's going on with the smoke machine and it can't be the smoke machine the small wishing to not real smoke it's just water vapor I had. Hashing off followers of the cheap flow did you set off I don't really afford a guy. It has it depends on the and luckily it was jury in sort of slowed in sound check and someone was playing with former neighbor on and and triggered a fire allow. And they came out they're like hey all did it happen it's not the first time you can use up tonight yeah I are merely mean buddy keep can't. Hand if it's I think it's if it's the 4999 folder and then degree heat or you can get cheap just fall uses expenses yeah. So even and then there was a lot of far I didn't see streaming down another direction in Iraq can actually trip up fire alarms and there's. I was happy it was attack on do is that the desirable far unknown that and I mean everybody yeah if you get drunk and have a good time and nobody knows the answer and the united Dan banana. Right it was damp all the banana yeah you're right because I or was it and then just from a viewpoint that he during intermission he knows a couple like burnout is an old building. And using a more maybe here's some comic a short inside the walls that triggered something in that might have done it. Well needless to say now Ross ended in the pouring rain conference earlier and I mean like this on your impromptu meeting we would all the fans because brawl while Darren yeah it's so weird so I bet but it makes one of the smoking hot lady wrestlers is seriously gone right because my car speeds away. Only lose a girl and firefighters show up. All wrestling fans like fire derby Laura Luke. And what the longer we want to kill it is it's immensely check job to get the alarm go off we all go back inside and we intend and I continued to lose like. Weirdest thing and how some of change Strickland one of the wrestlers on my dude I was radius Odyssey bro that's not even close of the weirdest thing I've seen in my. We need to talk to on the podcast at some point you don't want to hear better things. It's on a Cessna crashed right through Maru from mid match and it was a while what great special effects and tell the prop hit some people who genuinely spectacularly realized. Yeah. You know yeah. So weird but I all night it was awesome we had a great time every act they didn't defied three is happening on May 26. John Morrison is going to be taking a scene Strickland a bunch of other great matches as well. It's all the seats are already sold out like that towel thing. I'll always talk Grasso all let's let the general admission but even where you like your odds are on mission may go see anything it's a small venue everybody's on top of one another. Even if you don't have a seat you don't need to seek to these kind of experience it because it's just such an electric crowd. Every spot has a good view. I mean you're not really gonna be it they could there's no losing its credit itself 500 people fit into this sold out so it's not like the fight you're gonna walk it's like 20000 people and you can't see crap it's. Every spot is a great spot so if you can get tickets it's going to be a party were having great times may 26. And would do the weeks is that it's Friday night. Yes I know it's typically when you're when the contract PM Monday monitors or Friday. Nights I'm usually. What these times. There local listings once we get some stuff talked then I'll be able to free up and may twice it is literally around the corner in his face an example for practice I will we probably gonna hardcore dress rehearsal mode by then put you wanted to craziest part storing all of it is that one of the guys are wrestling I just cop mr. athletic he's big dude right. And he's tearing it up in the indie scene to a here's the problem the day before was all these storms. A lot of flight got canceled. Wherever he wants so now it's like all son of a bitch I. That sucks and so they had like final mayor William on a plane his plane wasn't going to land on Friday night until 945. Houses match. Well originally you have the first match but things got moved around from for other circumstances are boring guys with but so we got bumped into being in the main event because the data is gonna wrestle the main event could make because of a family emergency. So that helped. Main event still gonna be probably around 1030 ish you know Reggie had enough so that fire alarm. We don't know how are proud of how weird way that delayed things well enough so. Jeff gets off my plane and one of the cardinal rules of wrestlers is. It doesn't matter what you thank. When you're on a plane you never checked your year always bring it with you holy I will show up may write you now lost its horrors did break you always put your your wrestling gear in the carry on. Because you just never know so the minute he landed somebody picking them up. He basically hi tell I think somebody and stuff he stood behind to grab whatever else but. He got off the plane got in the car. Got changed as you being driven to Washington hall while on the phone with a guy who is gonna be wrestling figure out what they're going to do because they don't know. You know originally the pilot I'll get there with a little bit time and we can do all this there wasn't going to be any time wow so you literally. Parked. Got into the hall and maybe ten minutes later got in the ring rust usually your gel piece and unbelievable man nailed it they killed that's cool brought the house down it was a great match price second second best match maybe their best match of the night I there was so many good matches it was. Loosen it. Insanely fun time but I was watching this with so much respect for the guy because you think you walk in my just guns a blazing kinda pissed off. Now big smile on his face. His lawyer like me for making it apparent that there edited. Quote like Hawaiian chill vibe to armies from Honolulu and made in there he's a big deal you don't amass this god like he was a former Olympian Mikey lately jet. Like you know not just like you in the world a fake wrestling he's a guy mob but man when he went in there and those two fronts is a great show I had so much respect for Barry did but I just to see how. Didn't let anything faze him. Rolled with the punches literally and you put on a great match against Davey Richards who also was great to lose it was so much -- all of that errors but that was like. Had not been for that firearm I so it was a joking like. Jeff contact someone did that there if you're going to be late what do you do. I know. I. Do that building and the pouring rain here's what we'll do to our fifth after the first economic I'm getting sick my throat feels really scratchy. All that trash saying poison earlier okay. Yeah as I don't like asserted confidence in my head I can't get sick this weekend even if I am combinations are going on Democrats did not funny when nick you have something big going on your life all the sun make your body messes with you make your mind tells you we're getting sick. He. It might be either ridiculous rule cushion this is yesterday angle stuffy inserted sneezing and housing madam I didn't sick and I think it's just like Paula no pollen spring I don't know yet what's happening. It is natural talent and our three of us I don't feel L but like. I've got a couple moments very total sniffling and right now I think it's more from trying to sing like Bret Michaels I mean that's an impossible task for equipment has got to win now I feel great singer like she is deeply talented guy breath and monitor the best way to put that most of the talents in the had been. I think there could be a certificate that says he's had sex is some small Mormon. I I remember that parents are sex I got a tip my abandon of the turned you know he was in the Pamela Anderson sex tape he was different before Tommy Lee there was a Pam Anderson Bret Michaels sex tape yeah. Low why you know about the man on the jurors or Internet so I'm sure and. He does quite well on yeah if you can hate his music but he's probably a really nice guy and as far as. You know remarkable women I would bet breasts done pretty well. He had no problem. How many seasons Iraq eleven I mean there's at least twenty bodies there are lots any of that all right an adult and don't let them know us as I'm just I'm the best part about Bret Michaels and I actually became more for stand him because it's like yogi obviously. We don't see it but who. Email. Yes it did all right so you've got porn. I'm from us the video for you. It didn't put the best part about that show was yeah I had to pick of the litter of all these chicks I'm sure he was banging some of them when the camera drop for maybe a camera rom we haven't seen that footage right when drama started happening girls are starting pitching to him about other girls. He would just pass mall I think his name was big John or something like that do something with the decision Brodie that was his cohort on the show maybe like Hanoi. And then that guy would step in MB like Bob all pop Tommy what's wrong does that imply had sex with the girls to gal we know what. I mean I'd imagine he's on and he does. A guy. He's Duluth yes it did it right easier on big on yeah now. But it's I am looking at Alice in Chains and getting easily distracted because it always whenever I hear the song sick man he brings you back to a time where I was on some kind of a loose and into any trouble one of my buddies like let's listen Alice in Chains. That will be a good idea and at first for the first four songs it was dark kind of a trip but it was still fun my Kazaa lite. Mentality in the span you can feel you can feel the heartache manageable goals in his lyrics but then when this song started playing and you just like all right let's listen to sick man. Remember a little momentum and a member of Obama's. TI OK Phil pretty good. Scare the. Why is he yelling at us. Overall lead the rocks. Years ago. And a buddy of mine Brian was a dude dude dude they have a new upon release doesn't change single on the jukebox. Come on what's it called duties iron Glenn among them and and a man that's a little snippet of nothing from the dirt record. No you'd know it's not I'm telling you don't spend your city five cents. But he played it sure enough it was just what I told the laws which is like three seconds of them just fronting the money can someone says red round. I have asked iron and land it's on that level yup yup but music nowhere to do so much bro I'm telling you using Photoshop and I'm like right. Trying to do this time making. And he would not fill me on that and then you know you like four plays for your eight dollars and trying to water whatever you hate people who want on the back. And a 42 song is just forty seconds it's funny they don't even call it a bomb Hyundai because untitled. Well see it's very weird I think she's well I didn't think it was hard or harder and good and I. This song and I remember when we were listening to like all right this is fine right here but I forgot sorry. I. Let's turn it off instead trigger moment it is like all right I'm down there right here. Not yelling at us. Expands the mean all season. My buddies that money you know the whole morrow had to sit through. Sure it's called iron. Yeah I mean I've come out today. For your centered everything. Veered right. The whole bar stops. And look at soldier. Have a great round. The new unreleased thousand chain saw. Soldier man looks great days of ISIS' I think because it's. I've spent so much time with you know everything they released before lane past yeah. The only Alison Alison too many more are the new albums and I and they're fantastic I don't I don't know where people around those but I mean jam in the dole. Policies funny armed mum double put dinosaurs your first came out I kind of thought that black beans and blue was matter. Yeah now on I go back to that record I think they've actually gotten better and again like the dusting doubles a better record days. I go back and I'll I'll I'm typically leaning more towards op like gives way to blue I think there's too much of an emotional connection and yeah from the CD listening party that we threw where we get to hang out with the band and we got planetarium or never it is. They you know in Nam decisive mistake I tell him I don't laser and that was pretty cool and they just doing an acoustic performance before we listened to the records there's like a lot of I'll assure my wife and I really deep doubt over that record together we get to see them side stays I got to a stage announced man and not a lot of cool stuff that like mix we still far only love that record by. But I put on the devil wears I sort of am Mike. Or don't put dinosaurs there are they were arm I don't know it is present in that I don't know where's what he wants mantle from a billion Larry Rodham and benefits of being saved. But I don't listen that's that record and I'm like gosh this is such a great records two I hit that people give it. Such backlash because you ask. It's not saying it's like guys. Lane passed away they know I get a better part of three members of the band are remarkably. Talented. I can't help but notice you own a lot of later Dave Van Halen. What is her problem or AC DC yeah what is up problem is how I love I love I love Bakken black really so he had you know bond. Yet it irritates me that some Alice in Chains fans and I love lane I have to do breached a tournament and I just irritates me that it's like man get behind your band and by the way with the putting out. Is really good and it's greats I think it's great stuff and even if it was crap and it's not. I'm gonna Taliban make them do like they should never done this again think when you don't have to listen to any of the new stuff you can just accept them as Allison jiggling Staley and never. Acknowledged the next chapter but poor weeded Taliban who went through such awful crap for so many years and we're sold. They lost their family that they wanted to pick up the pieces put it back together and be a band again who we atomic yeah. Three yeah and it's just you know what what do you than you'd tell a parent that loses a child they can never have a child and rises just not right I got to college I mean mascot men like those guys are remarkably talented and and I'm excited and proud for everything I do now I got a William Morris I dismissed jam and I know I should that he is pro wide with no immunity cute Brewster earlier in item on the marine which by the way if you have some more fun regarding I'm released Alice. The closing track on sat. What don't you know it's called it should go with the weight all ensure all the radar should all. Do you notice Dunbar and no idea what you find sap and there's a song. It's like crazy. Hidden track on sap it's the last thing on the record which sadness killer. That's my favorite of the two acoustic I Big Brother with Jerry that night the paragon it was so cool. Nicest sat BP's got it so final last song a love song he didn't track your kids this is a new single by Alison change. He played on the jukebox in a packed bar. And lose a bet with Glenn. Oh yeah it's. I think you're making that noise fee now. I don't you do know you don't want to make any sense. Played before it's. You remember. He's done everything right. It's the second they never found this followed up place. I don't certain parts so longer than other. I feel like that's going to get my in the parties. I mega boob tube. Right from the weekend podcast. It. And London great go to. Stop right there don't like yeah yeah. We'll kind of go your something. Him from calling you out now. Remember this. Through it all because of the rodeo somewhat well adios song everyone loves it here I. Love it. On song. What a great young Tommy Robredo one song. Great songs songs to different data. Is that an F word I have no idea what it's hell. I'll check back did I let me remind you again. There's so we'll tell you some new form 1000 chain's kids calling you out this reminds me. Under toes secrets on the afternoon Fredricka. Hi my favorite. Fly off. That hey you know the rise of the VA does. Yeah I did that a reporter killed for school with the based on the. Nice. And her piano. And. Yeah anonymous ginger would miss. It's over the map to listen to this is a lot of companies d.s house attorney at the moment so yeah I would read our here's here's an idea that actually isn't really so we are and house music depending yap. What if that was on the same piano. Dad the more I run was safe bet server and perform DOS safe bet the end yeah I would say it's a send us an awesome trojans black. And also mother love bone saw Khloe cancer crowd adoring. Alison changes I'll be. Mets right where would we also saw Haynes Steve do you when you pour our allies that review readies promote cross react to the yes yes do you see Allison chain says that if you have to speak. Moon Alice in Chains is. He made his new record policy changes directly yeah America. Okay yeah I used was so yeah I'm monster be after the ask right now its regime a win in 1980 sales and chains as soon could use increases. The gap okay yeah yeah yeah it did just it sounds. Not at all like it right or a written play if you Glenz there's a posh tree with ESP NE men's and ask you put the posh react to ask Glenz loses either you're in this room today. Unless you're voicemail has its. Surrounds an English 10 loss just in tears you don't. Just from pigs yeah. Yeah. I'm like looking at. What is my favorite off this record is a brother got me wrong right turn and mine inside. They're all many easy feeling gone wrong might even want JT I'm plagued on the Iran Saturday night and the whole. Lauren sang and when it's so long saying it. Oh yeah in the chorus kicks and they're there yet so cool it's. I mean a lot jar of flies don't get me wrong and enjoy replies was more successful. Because you dirt it was more successful. Manager Joseph Biden and it was grown in Seattle brought up almost sand visit Jim and I think a lot Alice fans forget even exist like I said. Again myself. That first star wide. Today tonight I can't even debated in my own brain isn't consuming Zach. Remember when I first heard this after falling in love with the facelift I've been hearing it's a Mike. Hole must remove these guys are more than just allow old. To our fans are historic but also they can. Really brightened my incredible acoustical. Jerry and even you know it's plane went through a lot of different kinds of styles too like other tightly dirty it was more creative and anger and blitz line. This and then facelift was when he knew Maria leaf. And he's kind of getting back to an hour it's almost guilt or ask these are big sweeping bans and even his tone was different it was all pretty much stopped marshals and I plan and but I mean is playing on facelift and just playing on sat. How soft some fast stuff here capture. Now I'm not easy to do some really cool solos on dirt and then even three million dollars album but there's a lot of new always art and scramble. And in the United States have a lot of great sadness slowly he's he's literally expressing our lives through the guitar which is. Cool it's amazing not just doing. Just shows how home call for the Kyle Busch you know he ran a foot if you listen who's playing on this record. Face. Do this we've ornaments on the guitar solo movement to stage a guitar solo from in the box off it's. Just chased you know cargo on this song how ready are. Oh look they're they're all over the place. He's not just here he. How are zoning. This song is. Clerks and Maroney. All I don't want to start coming around DreamWorks. And that first quirks I don't know they can afford any sort of I am almost certain needs and clerks. At that time maybe outs when a man okay one dollar back or they might just say do we love that we loved it's I am almost certain it's and clerks. I am but then they might be in clerks around the time they first introduced JR not. Tons to his story dobbs and myself. But this my hands and or Nancy Wilson called you into the right turn and as a woman would dom and Alison might jam learn. Alison Mike Garten yet DN house and should he goes on Iran was in clerks. There is going now all this is my day up here after. Cornell melting in the back. Guzman Randall first appears when Randall first cruise bought some. There's the whole city anyone who walks and store the ladies we leader videos comes in this story Villa Doria. I am a mood problem it's gay news. Good problem to have guests. All right just got our rope ones on dvd memories from throughout the nurses available for rent or purchase some on the man but thirty watch it about three times on to a locker but I monitor immediately Tracinda is so political czar once. This theaters like didn't say it no I think I've seen online they get a shot. And at it from the ending of that to the beginning of a new hope. Where there's still were bad taste is setting up the new hope this is our ring although our expert I've got goosebumps and right now the amount of just one easy Vator for the first time at the interim line users bracket pool all exact half I. Literally out of my buddies are my this is the Star Wars movie you've been waiting for for thirty years soon I only. They finally get it right he was treated with seriousness and gravity and these are people at war and it was the material was finally treated right. And I mean even as the phantom jet I. But the stymied and and he walks and stuff folks here were little busy man but where is Star Wars and empire were fairly serious movies with humor just because the characters were so. Zach I still contend that the U off Christmas special is the best thing. Have you comment. You know and you know that I don't I don't believe the pre schools exist unjust and flat denial about those films don't exist I I watched episode one what would and that. Yeah yeah I did not think if you have got to admit I didn't like any of those like I tried watching anyone now. Yeah exactly if they suck we are sorry ref called Columbine you know it's. You were sorry we broke one was signed February I was done so well that even though I really like the force awakens the force awakens feels a bit light hearted and can't beat me by comparison. And I really like to force awakens in a row one to me it's like. Manny Neil I mean they nailed it so if you haven't seen it. And then did Dick charity Chile took in the way they stitched it together with the first film undue hope. Arm chips. Pretty even the way the characters look sets the we'd be fighters move to the excellence in Wyoming's fly through space it it hearkens back to 77. Without feeling like a throwback it's all well. Revenue that door and you know Mike yeah I had some issues with big city. Like every Orioles to. Iowa so I'm doubles somewhat OK with the recalled I saw what okay someone okay demand this doesn't exist it's that kind of outside of its own thing but died two and three work well with building up to meet those of what's going on with all the past now there. So poorly done that I'm not disagree Maureen actors turf older acting in a CGI's nightmare. I thought the C jazz pretty awesome. But it does overtake everything else and he's got a didn't look also reject all listed yet and Gerald Revis is nothing more than a mustache twirling bad guys just trying tying. It's just people on the train track and what's historian. Why do you care or why am invites just want to you've got these amazing actors the best thing Lucas could have none. It's stepped away. What do all and one of the things I like I was like I really like mentally and it's a rewrites going on my. God I like we do it and I like to see dead the Genesis of what creates a villains and that was interesting to me but yeah I mean and it'll turn into a Weiner. And the insurers may single free sneak over I mean what what was that and what's it's still dark side it takes over you you did he did you do it if that's your problem when they got a lot of your divine and their problems with it because that makes sense in the Laura. Shaver flashed back on his face and made it mildly and now I'm the only way that we. Later it was already dark side of the fourth when I was correcting it which is showing him on the outside what he went on the inside you know all the sorry so yeah subtle blue okay you know what that is of great explanation. That is a lot of that that's the best explanation. I've heard I could explain some of the problems I mean there's a lot of problems with the movie don't get me wrong I want arranged it's badly. Even the time lines to Carolina wow I guess it was he doing on tattoo we just hit the legal and shake up. Yeah dude it's that son out there you know I guess he doesn't have any country music and sleep here. There is where it's because of the sorrow actually just like they did the bush just signed a very ever get any time op. Did you come to make sure he says I love you Lola. Nice. Let me get on the ads it but yeah like we're long. I had some issues with character development it's interesting when you have a movie that's a standalone post where you don't really let any of the characters office. Good they don't let any of the characters like I don't put up fleshed out at all. They're really one dimensional shot there. Around pretty quick and I also say that the first tell us all to slow can't keep and helps but it jumps around quite a lot of the second or third time you see it. Mom and I never gave him more than just a one time date once you you'll find that extra security relevant to their but they've built the story I'll see you could have done but maybe another hour. They've built the story so quickly GAAP net you boys yes second or third viewing headed I think you'll see what I'm talking about like okay now get this is just a the front half of it jumps around so much. Yet at the parred the last John they have to introduce all these characters who might explain what's happening and didn't just gonna kill them off and as sort of being in his. Well you spoiler alert there what average yeah I was seated now I can't help you might journalists into the song had a reasonably relieved and you know enough I haven't. Imagine you guys spoiler alert I have no idea what dobbs Jamie at the songs you got financiers of photos of blooms what she racial Barley. We expose it to a richer wheat Barley yeah. Did you leave the woman cops I don't know let's step back. Pat Carter namely John idea though I haven't read it in the right now I feel like we're on top 40 morning show the defendant in order to enjoy this jail they always talk over music adds. Like Texas is music weird. Yeah this is this is like the played soundtrack there's something that is opening scene to blaze there are. Mess is three bird bird bird you're you can reaches a 2532714787. I didn't write its feet. First text message comes from what's ours did not a lot of I realized his music are just enough material there are no words like dark man dark matter and. Hey guys just turned 21 in Vegas pretty new to podcasts but I love it all the same yeah that is the only good hot ticket case. And it turned me on the window pane which are jammed to all the time. Now companies GA show is and they get back glove you guys red blood it's easy to keep going you Newsday positive sweet you're out you're just. Derived it is all up prize Arab guy Jack Hamm. They took the picture of him with some sexy police officers. Did you really are they really police officers twelve guys it's just know that they're naive you apple. Wow Fuzzy loose so piglets are also on call yeah. There's a video online image dude who is who manages to DJ the imperial march whip. And dot. See you for your margin of just how you can do different vinyl and they're doing yeah any cuts leave here a march just would you do different songs and I thought oh my god it's so cool car next I text messages go from Taylor endure all the world. The lines of hey guys what a sick aggressively amazing Glenn from window pane for winning tool. Not a button. All advocated and I'm not that great tomorrow industry to more than an amendment and the words uses eating seem to ultimately really lowered to pump out about abandoned and mentally. Taylor you offer says congratulations on winning this Seattle aura. Lol yeah. Well there's things that cause bad and even a better guy to love the giants make the show on the Clara for that happening infection by the activity you can get the words this. His best eighteen months have been not politics and possibly feel bad yeah. Well JK's a dead militants. There is that. I've been muted given what I got to judge thirtieth two love broad seriously and then move we're getting in the back cast their music Z eight. SET must have been hardest in my life you guys truly make a huge difference a lucky guys and tell aren't good job they tell us how we met tell a vineyard or watch the pod gallery artists awesome awesome dude says thank you for opts to. Typing in and hopefully. Whatever crappy doing with your seem so light at the end of the tunnel. You know so we can really hope I can press a window hey man win the Seattle rock rumble yes does that mean the Cinderella story. Am always. It's funny way that when I read was sprawled on your couch and you were wondering whether or not normally are under an area as does she would Steve was mute I don't know how or why he was like a football home and I'm not sure what when he was a completely new correct I was doing an impression of the liberty bell firm and that's that's what I always America. To watch the bell rang my Atlanta fireman had signature clowns Houston but that's what I was talking to Ryan and dinner club about six kinda. Literally the norms of window pane fell release order sheepish like we'd. We weren't supposed to win that and so I was telling you guys are weak cool and the like you of course and Mike. OK I get dark and we believe we really into Jim Leyland was in what do you win them like we can win anything this was all set up so that. People that signed up rockaholics were some of the app could win concert tickets. And we won't we shall we are part of it in the lower tiers and look it's cool it's nice included very finest. And up the army and have some fun with well. Remember somebody posts in your face McKay I voted for you guys and you guys might want what's your a lot of and I can I can't have you listener. Hit them to what was going on it was like zero Bob Warren renewed and that we. We are paying attention to we don't know that's cooler names included in this you weren't paying attention and the way it went down literally. It is we knew it was going home really weren't falling in you we were just flattered that our brands included. You know as driver and a work. And you and BJ were literally talking about it in the first console to Cinderella story and BJ was like there was Cinderella story window pane just keeps winning you know we're up against its own garden we like sound garden at EB Jimmie we had to be this summer yet so I called Sony went to social syndication show. And tubby and makes. Yeah I had Hamas and yet only feel 100 days yeah. Thanks I appreciate that I'm not. Not even fun talking about there but I got more. Awesome visa. So I'm a longtime listener so that's just the sound of Freudian slip and I am a member of the fan Mel unless America. Steve the reducer. Alone put up a few reduced read another and now I say my name did you dated him I took a photo of the work and a look look look at is where I work and it's accident can be said BJ and megs on there. Look at the stations all pulsing music and Millwood it's very excited that you're excited. I don't I'm not I like commentator put it over the megs parts that I still do you genuinely good and we won't scroll saw it up to hold my thumb operated certain time and I followed. Forget it. Point you we went we were focused again and Tony night our sports guy so results brat getting things need yeowomen you click it and it would say your pick wrong and we didn't understand what that meant we thought maybe it was all pre decided we really didn't understand right com so when I told him that it has been mentioned on the BJ under eggs show. I don't know maybe we decided well let's start telling people about this and that's what we did. And then our fans voted us docile garden down our fans notice past mother love bone. That our fans voter must question Hendrix half and then our friends or us pass Alice in Chains and while I was already excited and very cool. We were kind of like oh man and there were some people there was a couple different incidents some there was one actually musician in particular that straight up. Blake and he's T apparently recently still make an harsh cracks. On the there in the venom came which are you saw Miley dad I know all my big post release no one is saying that we are better than literally just more of our fans voted for Austen fans of these bands and here's probably want. Results in chains really need to win any thing. You know and an inside and put up they have three guys up I can re share whatever you know but it's it's out there it's on my FaceBook it's easier to find it was a re shared I think by terror and we shared my hip. No pain also we shared it yet. But it just to we're very flattered and it was something that our fans did for us some sort of we didn't expect him and she can but it was really really cool. Song really really cool and instead. In my opinion that yeah had to put out. Our our long lengthy posts who we explain to people hey look we don't feel battered and he's dead we're just flattered that. People voted for us it's sad that somebody would go down that road of instead of being like. Man that's awesome good for you and good for your fans are rallying and get you guys to win in no shape. As anyone saying it's music there's no way to say one band is better in the other so subjective and I sent an anti right. And it's sad that there's somebody out there and and and there's always going to be somebody out there and it's a. Who didn't talk. This is bull crap is that what does it matter to you managed just a silly one on one way for us to give away a trip. This Zomorodi knew Danny you know is an Aussie men it was 95%. Beloved. Pop and then 3%. Italy 3% hey window panes great but come lawn. And then 2% this is BS so that they put out really was only need about 5% of the people out there in the world we even hit a terror and really how bad is this. In terms it's like eight people most people are really excited it's like eight people guys and we look. OK you know habitat that's why I was having people staying for some it well yeah I pulled what do I want out because. And I think even our fans appreciate reading that because it's. It's not only got held the blue okay you think he. We're not that Colin Edwards and mother of even sure our fans are to the people who weren't fans of motive forces and let that happen to a degree to. Mom I put that out there I've everywhere thanks a lot every car just. I don't want it makes on well yeah palm kinda hope. It's a below the video for braves got back. But armament that was put him on the glass which you only see on Playboy channel but I remember these things come up with out for our fans just because I think it's important to be. A classy winner yet and I think that humility and honesty. Is this thing then is the only most important yeah. You know being fully transparent at all and yeah do you dream itself we're just not that kind of band were not the kind of who actually was one guy. Bombs one these comments to a photo image of answer can reach one plot why you looking for an arm and I'm all on view Vista. Here was did this was just Claiborne yeah. This was his comments it said. It's easier Bure a band of the people the band we all wish we could be part of like if we were rock stars but not pretentious self absorbed time it's the kind of numbers are where they come from and doesn't get lost in the hype you guys are us and we are you. Are Alastair looks fans that means a lot Zach. It was beyond cool and comments like that is part of why it took time to write what I arrives the road right when I rose but yet so there's trades music. There. Anyway it's super exciting and very very cool I didn't wanna say because I started sharing my. They vote for us all makes cast page with the typical so I want to thank all the mis cast listeners that the. Then they rallied they know they did an awesome job very happy for you guys since. And I throw up their election I'd be doing this. You play didn't you know. I know Orioles are timing could read into what Richard Barley running for one of rock girls like fire ropes on back to go like always know. A dead issue to reach a bar earlier and I'm like dude honestly. I forget to promote the Dem. Podcast party that we're having Kara I don't remember using to the very end it's never there's never an intentional yet now my reason behind anything I do. More often than not if I if I leave something out or forget to mention somebody or give props to something it's because my brain is going a million miles a minute and and it's completely brain fart and on it stands it's never because I'm intentionally trying to. Thank you read like a little light oil and afforded all the affordably and may exiting a few minutes ago how about an intentional yeah still better in my challenge and he's. If you like February. At the moon's. So it is. All that is needed we have him get out text message at 20271478. I blame you guys every time somebody says glorious I hear the drop. Seriously makes me giggle every time I had to then explain to people why do. I would suggest die and yeah he came out to that and beat in the light I think Michelle and I were the only ones that play got a flight. We need a little while at stake everywhere they go this is great don't get too physical for this comedian to come out to this. But we're like a rebel. I get why he's coming out. Today and that episode I early I live now to the glorious episode about ten times the law is so good words. Well six when I was in Orlando but we didn't do much individual travelers and their own milling about their their PR person would bring somebody to the table. Sure that's. Walking right by us we got a PR person carrying his championship golf because they may be carrying championship belt. Bobby freak you lose guys and I'm Mike I didn't know what to do myself and age were both like you who would partners like he just looks glorious and perfect. I don't have that affect you know I'm a sloppy in the shovel peers like him chip shot shaping. Close to it didn't end there yeah hey yeah tightened so long muscles. Pages got that. Swagger to a head a Mike Bennett which if you get a picture talked to about like I'm not gonna bother me now with a PR guy. My Buddy Guy Eric next to us a good putter. And make those delegates but hey and in 600 million viewers come. Okay. Yeah. Our high February get a man. Read seek right out there what a bargain if you look like he was on a mission to do so be turned radio and television to hang out with so much you can Infrant ready what I thought I thought it was just always rather Gloria this particular mission. You know. All the ground work was laid Aussie I think might abuse what are you guys probably two of my life got so spy on. But the music video the migs cast use it figured out. All the growers there I even have a shot less Flickr seamless always thought the DSL now what is she has been in our hours in the day because what was everything in the Windstream. Misadventure you guys are gonna stuff Hollingsworth corn hole made me yell yeah something. Yet when the Miami and we don't really like the audio yeah that did what happens. I'd like to think about it this morning I heard a commercial for chicken wings home and I know we are doing pneumonia so we're gonna make it out there and some rain you know when I really want we've really it's a boy we got your Lydia yeah. Because that would just leave. Gloria hilarious and glorious but I definitely would be. Our morning guys job makes him a huge tool fan I'm still to come into the gorge and I'm curious if you guys are fans and stoked as well. Also as a drummer what your thoughts and Danny Carey insane set up and Glenn as a zeppelin fan what are your thoughts and their cover of no quarter. One more thing check out the female Asian rock band band made and their video thrill similar to baby metal I'm guessing keep of the America amazing for the American podcast. Pod system Jai. I think Danny Carey I get the six front row insane how cubs won three times a bit desolate either first or second Rhoda watched tool and watching Maynard really isn't watching anything that he kind of ducks he's right next to drum risers got his own riser so really watching the musicianship of the other guys men and watch him getting carried. I'm not a fan of like in same drum set up. But it makes all the sense in the world uses uses every drop and he's the most tastefully not as a rambunctious not a peaceful no it's not like he's masturbating on the case he could be I don't know I don't see it from the waist down. Plus I. It's an unbelievable performance and every drop is utilized to the best of their ability and I I I I think Denny carries its increasingly brittle for him he's not it's not a it's not much props and as a drummer I like to airdrop when I'm driving or the about a bank ministerial. It's the son of an insanely talented drummer when I had no idea what to act he's doing after you're using your rearview mirror for the bombs and brick your address I locally I think like Willie Andrews from ten miles wide and doesn't like I don't know how the FTC implying that strike because he's a lefty and lefties drummers are weird. And I'm lucky I'm not a pushes himself pretty hard and I don't know his abdominal terms on a clinic do you say drummer yeah. And like Danny Carey at. Will this before I truly believe it. He also can show off how incredible would armory is and doing seeing things during the Sandra for some reason it works yet it's not like he's trying to songs don't get lost right here on trying to overpower the song. It's just he needs two of its crease up because the songs are crazy yeah and so I it's cool I think it's awesome but dobbs you're a couple under. Court and I loved the no quarter courage and it was great facts. When they did that I immediately came around to wonder payments and guys come I think we were still three piece at the time so this is a long time here before Tony was in the ban I was like. Have you heard this this is helpful translated it I have more land into the tool translation. And the Led Zeppelin translation. I've made a demo then let's do this and Mike are drummer at the time. Would not get behind it he was like dude it's slow it's gonna be boring the crowd's going to be bored and how much dude it's gonna be killer. You know all I am literally blended did the tour version with a simple version and I think it's going to be amazing meet mark mark and I were both really do we could not so why economy was convinced. That the crowd is going to be bored out of their minds and that would just be that and that said we didn't have pain unplugged we didn't Kashmir in its entirety. And brought down my house and it wasn't even electric it was all acoustic and we need Cashmere and crush of avoid the bombs that we never got to do no quarter. So but yes this subtle the social almost he's giving you don't. You're bottoms and Hindus and I forgot even if they covered it I loved so much you know it was like I would literally work double fold demo an enhancement and secures a demo on my terms and nobody who might that juror who knows her son about the problem I hear that yellow light tuna January's. I don't know if the enemy lines said let me be very sad scenes are there is down from now on when I think of Mike I'm gonna have very loud yeah. Star Wars techno music. I forget they even exist. Yeah. Interestingly is are called Maynard doesn't get the leaders dragged but it doesn't matter really reversed your earnings completely correct. You've probably just after the blues and sang it was a mental tools or the mothers did and I mean we're going. Maynard who likes to control every day and a little room for we know it doesn't ruin it for his own leaves it totally will no error allowed me some credit he did intentionally just to get a new skin of the hardcore zeppelin fans. Did mommy I'm Margaret albums and not hardcore golf my guess our core. And Adam Jones does Blanchard. Meticulous planners believe that are ready to celebrate. More rob uploaded video that's good tool though for the full HD version by Lovie gab. They use our high to neutralize theirs to make good music video which is rare trip. All. It's all like the stars and galaxies are going along with the B. I would love to deploy this some clubs and I just wanted to do this forward and do. You know what I love Letterman right who knows what music and people are going to be for a while I mean you know maybe this could be a cover that up for the birdie decides to. You make a good point yeah I was strong argument deaths. Again they're people important event in jovial like in the ways that app and always there that was a bad idea yeah. And it will be learned of more Uga I come back to the. She didn't think I talk talk talk talk talk about have. Good. I'm not a best sort slowed because foreign. Now I can say that the. You it. Thousand. You guys who slammed it through my mother yeah yeah so I have. I'm really really good friend of mine and I want to keep his name private just because I guess you could probably be in trouble for us we went to a. Audio school called full sales down in Florida that's a very expensive. It's one he says and guess where I'll Bobby route in an XT wrestling full sail they re dating they do it at full so university and the full sell students are the ones who produce an XT yet. All they thought my brother how to play well known as a huge school deal it is it's an expensive school what it's he went on he's got a tremendous career ended really well for himself. Again I'm keeping his name pride because you can get in trouble from us. It sob had some James Cameron's fly a buddy of his acts wholesale. He'd gone from. I'll be demo that got tool sign that wall and I have of that dat stuff. Stashed and I have that ripped to CD if you would like we love to hear you mean your word that for you what I. The other person I'm very much for birthday present I ripped a copy of that for Jolene not a trivial as everything we know valuing off Imus sister pair. But yet the demo that com signed com. And at the troubled son Maynard is dead on one of their box sets or somebody they re mixed at this the original overall putts roll version. You've got sober I think under tow. Palm's Treo losses on Evans are all songs you've heard but it's the free album around here that it's a very basement garage quality expand and it doesn't suck you can listen to it but you can tell it I don't know. This is the difference between a band that had a major labels studio album made of these songs and head back there he's the songs as they were when we may have been have a computer could you pretty much. You know within reason what you do an a student was probably limited done in a studio gonna casesa a track. They could have another layer could've been done and like a small like him nobody's got a studio shall we 200 bucks a day. I don't know how they made their demo I still have one of those cassette and eight tracks like those being. Contests MJ I know how our did ice before tracking it would squeeze. Generally tracks exam meet these elaborate like how did you do damage. You can record tracks launchers three. Then you don't them to Theodore yup and you do one and cute dump up to three them want to cut into the entry and I would. Treat these elaborate recordings Julie how did you do animated tutorial. I hear a lot of pace yeah a lot of you have been a joy of one of the events also and I got to see them live with a few bands that actually caught something that make. I'm sure distribute for a win John Sina wrestled and he's Jewish teacher not like caught and I freak out perhaps a second ambulance forming a new with a sweaty men. Double XLT shirt but no matter where its regular to a few big Johnson a fan you know I was standing throw it back if that's kind of funny that drove back and Johnson you know. Only only ever caught out a live event was Denny carries drumstick phone and also this carries Gatorade bottle. Which I didn't want to thank you did again next week started drinking out of it cop he's passed him around like I don't want to know. I said we are you or did you threaten. When Pearl Jam tour with the peppers that was when they were doing the tidy life is or members of discipline tell you ladies and Brett told me the story of Cindy and never show taking study ways off but some in the crowd and two girls gone it. And they door rang the underwear out out into the mountains. Giant amount wild and I was born and bred to get you beat me to me. Out that we almost dead arm and health services notably tampons throughout the day this podcasts over. Fat. Drag it out loud that it did take it to the feminine hygiene product level where you have the when you talk a little eatery volley really there's got to drinking at a much. That reminds me this terrible I don't know I don't have like a look at real panel I guess school's alleged child and as someone as the show's over get smacked in the face of terrorist sweaty underwear like. I think this ticket if I don't I'm not excited I'm really dehydrated babies right let me read whatever they all our setting brick -- absences lead crystal ball it's made you. You could. Well I caught a drumstick what that was that was awesome in my got very good agreement and now like I'm not a big collector got a pick what pictures are going to lose the drumstick. Like David too I'm a member of Forrester used to be our production Greg yeah yeah yeah he was a bigger tool fans. And so when he decided move on and go to Atlanta I think for a new job and I gave it was a going away gift if you like who these items are hello are you sure come again and like catching it was a real thrill for me but now it's just a piece I'm a drummer and trailer is home wrath. What is her goal or go home yeah. Probably got another text message Steve wrap glad nearly one year ago my wife and I started a business has quickly grown to be if I get tickets and a three iron. And that armed. Follow my wife and I sort of business quickly grown to be successful event many arguments over the years of our marriage we had 1 this morning which is very bad but I still try to get through the day working. Moments ago she asked me to leave so why did they are still many. But I know I can rely on you three to be who you are in time bring me back to happiness thank you guys love you all man. Oh yeah brother hang in there sorry dude. I know again it's I'm sorry brother that especially when you bring in this into a relationship. Who may be asked to work it out man maybe you can pull together brother Amin. Mama we're here for you were pulling for you I hope percent. I have a close friend and remember in our lunch recent war with them and an end I don't typically unsolicited give advice we are a giving an opinion but I won't like. But he midget asks for my advisors tell me about how him and his wife were in a business together that he owns and he brought her in as a worker. And all this and in their marriage is kind of like falling apart and might a say I was only give up on in my dude if I would you. I would sever the ties of the business yeah and Susan we don't tell her you can't work here anymore. It's nothing what his personal. Did did that you just need to best thing for both of us are for not working together right into like let's try this. Yes it was such that the now hire somebody to do the job that you were doing. But give that a go before you call the marriage ought. I agree on I mean believe the problem is they're not getting any distance from each other unions have each other ambulance anonymous caller now or step away your means each need time away from each other you know I look forward to seeing each other at the end of the day if you're working together. You're gonna get sick of each other and that's gonna it's gonna spill over so I don't know if that's what's going on with you guys up by problems at work can equal problems at home proms and home to legal problems are work and everything's just the downward spiral NI your circle lewd and sometimes you don't wanna take a year problems at work home but if you're working with your significant other there's no other place vertigo runs in just there so maybe because of that reason your bomb when those feelings up and yet you don't wanna bring work home with here and then yes that's her that's a bag full cats there rather us. I wish you the ansari says step one if you can and that business relationship just figure out who needs to keep the business. And so must do something else and in good to have my buddy did I disarm recently and I go of course asked to a Mike hey how are things going this dude. It's not perfect no marriage is but he's like it's so much better could we get along so much better gas and absorb not the only person I gave him that advice of her inside of him he just needed affirmation you probably knew that area yes is it you gotta hear from what your friends we eyebrow. As an outsider this is stupid. And and the business relationship and then see if the the personal relationship and once again to some distance and then warmer text and that side tossup tell Glenn sonic reducer is amazing. Nice yeah yeah men package and it wasn't that again it didn't come on yeah thank you thank you so much man. I'm those who are almost pretty much done but it's got a couple voicemails and while they already been kind of Dunston still silent comment man man I don't need you cannot even see it and we're like well slash check down myriad I'm Matt checked out I had changed position as well they could that literally I grossed me out I don't wanna you know be dipping no no yes no I'm not even real have to even really explain. I'd really like Dell's side. I have no issues go Tylenol silent hill one of my. Until it for a while they were free so I think they've easily make the show fox everyone's buddy get back together and do some jokes. I think just wife and family you know who also that air that really. The songs on rock and. Great when my favorite of their albums is a great album but I love hungry for stink it's that brings you amazing game and got that Andrei song. I'm a member of now. If this is one of my favorite out of Cleveland female race fans that Wear their hair. Alaska I always loved Alaska other rewards off three brewers led all that you are you more of the killer may I still blow my mind that. The fancy their name themselves after review assault songs either well in their money and they needed after Jeremy chocolate factory semi completely. You lying. Ford did. However long it was written Dave Grohl was big one of the shakes over a movie salt. And ever long was written about her now back Mikey told me I'm way off the mark but I thought that was the origin of ever. I remember this song. Sounds aren't. Like right here out there I live as it is like mud on the idea is plugged the wrong thing gets. One of the fans wherever have been assaulted her every week just hit the YouTube historical and amount or whole game. You know that I fancy there eventually. Covered the song cedar hill really that's weird that's straight. That's like. Big country. Big country they've only got smacked recovered Huntsman. Right to prohibit the and it cost to the fact that they name themselves after yeah. I'm Elizabeth. How great halftime. I'm pretty sure news you're. Good for years. Exactly my houses into their greatest hits record as I'm like vacuuming and I didn't realize that this is gonna beyond their numbers like I'm at a stop got your eye wall. But I knew guys on the that I found out how they name themselves after that song. That's awesome how is so cool. As he had a voicemail aren't. You that is you got someone told salon. How blacked out were you here and I. Change. So you're talking about his son and remember that when I was probably on the verge of tears and hole. That's weird. I it's need to come apart at the air stop things. I got offered. Up good I burden on him among other asset probably got better after that but I was. Hammered him now that I don't miss these voicemails I wondered every so one mustn't couldn live from that show yes a little Shia. Currency. What about meg yeah I don't know immediate packers' path. Oh for salt mixed yes and here. I have to bite you'll lie look at it that Obama's throughout the hot spot. Stuck my head per day had a quiet though yet he does and you kinda short. I'm glad. RO CU argued there are no doubt little ad didn't care who it Cuba. And purity Margaret bears go to other place this scope record album. Is did it cross training or experience thing. But as. Lou Reed and at group. We get a and it blew out an absolute greatest man ever thank you honored but we're in Europe ranking or order or it out on the right now. Charger and why would they aren't good you doubt though. I know you don't know him personally but. I didn't like Sharon. And grabbed pocket big screen you know by this is a dirty word here it'd be a real AEA. Did you so he did Aaron. Your I think your anniversary coming up or happy anniversary only you really show solidarity wherever starts right we got married. If we don't get the joke look up lyrics you'll figure out our guys brought here by. Yeah we always brings on his voicemails higher Garrity gotten he had no wife our anniversary gift. Because that I couldn't wait any was getting shipped to us because. First anniversary is paper. So. One of our good friend and a difference Travis in a he's worked with rail on a comic book the blue dark yes and he's an amazing artists well Vicki had him commissioned a shot of us in our steam punk garb. And it was a really neat really cool pictured is all just a small one framed so I got a blown up tell legs. Forty by sixty and now it's hanging up in our house trained and everything you're not framed its cameras is frame order Crawford for every utterance. On there's like I lover my wife not by how much crowd on our men and so but it's it's gigantic it's huge it's beauty of pointed out on I can't miss dot com. And it was just. Perfect that's killer but there's no way I was waiting till our anniversary to dig immature yeah they just curious on this on oh yes Susie came just digging it up yet she loved it. It's great yeah it's super cool images is like to see this squealing jaw dropped a cable you do this yeah. I really love when that Olin and it was funny some looking and it now as lake is just a little narcissistic injuries like after that it's our wedding as. I don't have subsequent act and get home it's not like you're walking around like why wouldn't you be oppose that get a teacher cannot solve all your houses sold out to be exact is sick you ask yeah. I really good. It's really glad about came out there working on it you know you do eat everything on line in years hope when he gets DN it's going to be. Close to what you're hoping indoors 88 it was a lot bigger than you anticipated today because I don't like no. Played what the dimensions are some might well that one seems like an okay I can afford this one and 40 by 60 am not sure what that means other than forty inches by six. He's been traditional theatre posters public challenges he wheels and the new album little China friendly as or twenty buying. Yes so it's bigger than that I 38 in the ocean and you add this thing isn't gigantic. And now is like whoa. That's a little bit but whatever Austin school at super is your house and on and do it the ticket that it will do it out and you. Are as yet another voicemail. Well aren't really parents you elude. The November. Karl yeah. Yeah do you think all. I had no no no no. Lose they. Not top wild day Glen and if you're there and glamour that. Terry grad you're free to unleash cannot win in Iraq. And it's over and stream. Murder arrest you we were not supposed to me the surprise your dream. Draw card competition. Over and it aired W bracket non machine. Didn't Chara and you learned brother and that is that strong. Also. Here is even another. Not really grown resolved very little bush. Kind of problem stated but I hate snow I just heard Rick is right Steve. You mr. met. At laser tag as virtual horn missed a lot of brilliant I don't bearish day I was so bummed I mean there's a couple things really really bummed me out. Regarding my inability to be a part of self yeah. Com. Yeah like chemists. I missed that casts which I hate them more than any doesn't like car was catching fire and why not yeah that was you know but the he has missed herbal laser tag things and work. Gay was there bluntly say so bad well get him in student loan hung up before on the podcast and completely isn't today what do it again okay yeah. So true started. During the long irons. Being from Denmark. And Curtis and it's being termed a stunning shoals of California. Used to me Carol. Foreign Internet feeling just. I accredited here just to make you mad because he told ET about to undo the action. Now. So. I. Hey good and this guy. Modem meeting here that airplanes are all as they are they put out anyway thwart analyst Lawrence Jane's Addiction had a short. Movie did put on a thing called the gift yep yep bomb and yet those guys and get there on so much Terrell on yelling out you know what government I think it's wary eye on Nomar roaches. Yeah and then there's a whole weird fragmented story about his girlfriend though the union man numb number that was a weird video oh really -- the Navarro was a lesser district might he'll canoe and he reaches in the fish tank grabs Il by the tail slaps on the floor there's a Mac and the fish tank. Which is both amusing and displayed dude that's pretty sure you just killed ideal for. But it's just below the track record because they may already feeling so all right and let's independent spirit especially threatening. Any time. NBC. News. So here name in no courage in laws are game yeah. Alumni I. Is. Hey guys this is that I'm never heard on his one on Colin do a little story. I Tiki an MRI kitty. Going off craft a little to its very renowned let me listen to this community and I. So like cool you know put Belinda and harmony who cola they've never hurt and never heard a lot turn him on demand someone up and ordered or something else that's on baloney senator and six. It's seen. Walk oh it's a long time Iraq today you all are who may asserted their skid Xenia. These are the possible. I glad I can't wait to finally meet you actually early in my right eye in the pocket. I'm sorry I dvd and I'm learning I don't remember either man who did what everyone listens and Austin as well how awful memories command and sometimes maybe some of the bottle that she. If if if. I just wanted to us Torre a rock out you know lit room without moving it and harder our Carol yeah no movement at all. We're gonna look backlit but I don't know what I would Lola. Some to oppose going into one is like two machines configured our a answer something like some how some music that I just goes on forever seen don't really in recognized as a congress oh yeah three and a half four minutes a mall almost everything. Radio lengths you figure six songs he was there for a minute brown yeah. More than just one minute. I several of the multitude of America said they'll go ice of the like just gonna chill yeah I mean I just like I don't know likes later Elliot Smith accidentally saw where I don't know I guess a bill on those lines jumble Cuomo look what do finally hates just put that in there he's still well. Do you don't intend to do them. Well then the school and was it. The others in the bad tool currently what was the other one that was really man. All the Pink Floyd Floyd out coward because I thought that image on Sunday perfect song it would be definitely disarm. Way to bring you back. Wrestling themed songs are always my favorite vocalist and they're so bad Mozilla's own matter but there's still pretty bad. I mean yeah I love in that Adobe CW days when they were just really crappy covers of notable song. And they would come out and be like Jericho coming out to like just go worst cover like you listen karaoke songs and it's like three steps down from back. Oh man I'll he had played on a Casio keyboard at that point you're like I'm not sure who this is a guy literally under the we performing it live if it might there was diamond Dallas page when he was in the and NW CW I believe it was. And I hope this is the right one. I mean just blatantly rips off. Yeah yeah. Okay. Here's Zell good but they're trying blown out of college not even reminiscent of him. I think a lot adapt how did they get away without here's the difference load up in Ohio. And arrows bring your little lunch at this fall. I want to I don't know I don't hear any resemblance between team spirit in the song sounds original data that's common smells like a lawsuit. Crazy part of you know wrote this I mean had a couple people know pole Jimmy heart the mouth of the south makes sense. All of the from the mouth of the cell phone carrier megaphone and be really loud and your lawyers told the mountains up there won't that fix. Knowing all of that they can do moon moon. Oh limited Steve irons that are branching out on a fast enough it's. There in the real world where voice mail unsolicited. While we listen to that in Dallas there. I did it today in a wild. We loved. It is not preside. President did see him drive drive drive at the green like it did much Greer left blogs gonna battle I'd like both aces. I truly do YouTube. Don't get it it's not like does that a bad words alone. Is that guys that I'll go back you know via our granny or waiting not bigger and brighter crisper crops. As young right like militants turned out here these are correct that while it shouldn't be not much. Head out. A lot of co worker that I feel like oh yes yes but also derived out of Mike Lally was like yeah. Yeah he's totally got beyond something like you don't get you I. When he wrote it. Such as the value added no gun idiot are you gonna solve it. So I try. That's a little eight people to join your don't know enough facts there aren't I'll admit my friends who didn't have a world does not. And yeah. I got out of our mouth anyway. He's got a guy like that zednik daddy do you breathe babies or portrait of the people who didn't didn't do real slam. And I got right. The there's four of us it's. Steve grabbed me and. What's on the front like that when there's not enough. I forgot. Nine capital budget voicemail salmon sit back and thanks Brad come here. It was. Slight plays the lyrics. I so that. That's who over the top ripped off they'd run I do win Christopher Camilla Izod they're just seriously dude isn't a word Ryan. My appearances this is what night court the mushrooms and even attempt at all. You can do. The wind affecting. Cheesy sin. Pretty woman soundtrack. Opening day. The tone. Who change. It's human Jim yeah. Is there a bigger. Apparently this is crisscrossed a month it's no surprise to make didn't jump jump that it naturally and John is that no kidding I did it. Wrong crisscross it's. Kids other clothes on backwards all the time no one holds about that don't know very a lot of people run the popular colors and what crew of corporate reform I don't dislike you exit down zippers you can take induced. It's problematic at best yeah. It worked out real bad. We've crisscrossed with k's. Guy yes. What did you find the Mac devil may care. Are there it is an impression in July data automatically via channel channel crisscross images okay. Oh man. It would get old man. Years. Then I'd make you are missing. Really young homered from both the army area I'm really really yes. Children learn a lot of colony that kill the well he should. I don't club beats you on the plane you see another bad creation and other recreation and wow they're like roll up big wheels and stuff you like nine new. Actually is there were nine and their futures are already brighter than mine didn't you know but then they burn around most line there is throwing garbage at regional where they now there are no air oops he's probably also support Keller money because these are great businesses with thirst deer and Color Me Badd money whether solid point. You know how important symbolic like herpes it's those kids. It's her fees we are a bunch of Bob spot female video gets him next time higher ranked I think we had that data wrap it up. Note this Friday this. I doubt it Jack it's almost impossible to throw off you don't catch Tony from window pane. Jamming of their Brothers and iron dragon. The crocodile would mechanisms of effect. Observers in Seattle the clock Friday night is the police to be had here in Tacoma. Come to jazz bones and neat place to be. And not iron dragon is like steel panther TI and CIA agents he had this and Ed Henry and it's so good that the amazing fantastic at that she says she can't overlook the art assault by apologize but I know it's. Posture reflect the mechanism and iron dragon in the Nigerians can be featuring Tony from windows. The crops the spot if you're in Tacoma just lose the spot. And we hope Bobby Bonds Seattle did bones home and home that's right moment Cologne that thrice and close enough I guess Greta I only did. Next week that we several of the boys and our system sevenths when you buy your new music from them and they know forget a week after that. The triumphant return. Of Rachel morally good lord stay positive everyone.