Migs Cast 04/18/17 "Syztem 7"

Tuesday, April 18th

This week we welcome Jason, Jaymz, and Nathan from Syztem 7, and we convince an industrial band to perform acoustic...and it was awesome!  Check them out this Saturday 4/22 at The Hard Rock Cafe.  Also...Big thanks to Billy and Reilly from Mary Mart Pot Shop (6th ave in Tacoma) for stopping by to drop off some 4/20 goodies...and we learn of a new place where you can injest weed! We also recap The Rev’s weekend at NorWesCon, Glenn’s birthday, and Steve's drunken hockey trip to Spokane. 


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I guess my name is Steve makes time here where the reverend en Fuego had no laugh. Mine can invest. A little surprised at all three of us are alive after he's almost gonna be pretty happy weekend actually got Brad you went to Norwest comparably after we'll talk about a little bit later and I was over in Spokane for a hockey tournament. Moreover drinking festival the dream tournament yes and I'm glad you celebrate your birthday in Tacoma. Yeah yeah I played a show in Tacoma and then made only half that didn't occur off. Congratulations my second shell and originations are making it down there and making a back yeah I thought it was a beauty drab and dynamite from hi I'm just gonna sit just weird yes had an advantage. He says there's no way you drive an argument well the night everyone it was fun. Yeah I thought you adults sometimes. I can be responsible I am going candidate you're alone and those that sounds like an oxymoron uncertain sir I don't. I am happy. Girly isn't my photo on the words cautionary tale directly underneath it and not try this at home that's an imminent exclaimed Canon solo record pace and you know just and Hannah came owl and I I'll buy now we'll wind coming up food together. And Purdue yet wolf it just is not the meat but don't get it quickly tell the stories I was kind of hilarious. They hadn't many liquor displaced cross the street huge cowboy theme there's tusks I saw no yes sure you know after I guess yeah I think killer stakeouts and gazelle aren't killer on the end and Hannah got some grub bump. My buddy Jerry green was over there with a subwoofer the idea here is there's Jerry got these these bacon wrapped prawns or a little hopeful but Justin and I were like -- just dreamed. So. What we're trying to figure out you know they didn't have a team no what it's cool moment Beers was on micro bruised right. Yeah somewhere in this pretty hammered needed that I got keystone yeah pretty much you all got red dog. Bill Clinton no red dog I have morning herald's got keystone with a no globe's top please hits people about it. I don't go to a half but many lay it. Calls came and you you were hanging energy and you re drinking and either Beers and I'm just can you make recommendations to me. And he was gone and no ma'am I had and a tree it was called now I had a son some spot okay I'm so I was just drink in some spots some like what's sunspot decent well. I work for this story it's just barrel aged Koehler Yani Obama would do it all it's your label. Yet smile label that's cruel ought to give me one of their. So look at where it's great do you minister didn't you know and Adobe does a great successes also local label just so rarely will support gun in hand so we both order a sunspot -- we -- served with one ice -- saw on the rocks which is one almost like you would drink in my Scotch talk and little appeal of more illusion delicious zest to it sure did was just delicious man were -- -- while that's really strong and really good and then we got the bill. Knows drinks just have to just can't be your bill and and we looked at them like pro that's bill. You've got being new and their ball all right and we got money he'd Brad how much more than 25 bucks a piece snow are all one G. Five did you we call just didn't know where he was like how happy. Today is it by the way growth thanks again for most expensive drink. I've ever had if you look at me now to bro I doubt you can unlock congratulations. Or get let more than five books of its first his drank my drink. The minerals got some apps and I think they each got like just a cocktail or some kind of tax losing over seven. But so that was just sit and and just announce a dude I got this car I'm sure mentally my treat I love you brother. And suitability like I don't got a snow is better now we are about getting their reading with sweat like drew your home. I don't hallucinate and twenty minutes what no other agreements now they are yeah they're good guys who got money needed was it was all that's the most expensive drink ever had in my life two as well 25 my good. It's real warning of anything goes over fifteen dollars word you know I guarantee Darcy they eloped but now it is had been to a plenty of hotels where it's like. Well fifteen dollars it was mixed drink my guess is that that's the world and everybody that's like 25 dollars and there hasn't got a guy. I know you you're curious just to let you know this is five dollars. A move and that was you know she just okay and made and Forrest Sawyer action Greg you want another round do you know on the concourse a cool Klestil tips to but Diaz it was just kind of an amusing and not at a 200 billion dollar glass of wine before it could guide idolize found that out after the fact we. She's several models then. All. I'm trying to bash Jared I don't know how we know we're either she'll put that breast placing is a common practice following cracked he's a you know Jeff Jeff gave me this soldier Jeff Simmons from pro and you ms. valmont I'll do awesome and we're Schoen and unlike. Nice bottle ours again in a public about a grand and of course. And Alexa this is it 250 dollar glass of wine easily yet while these what do you think you'll like. Who the heck did they think why kind of disagree upon. We had a laugh at dragged her taught me this thing so as far as being out on my own in the world and yes I'd look at some big plays in the two Q menus and rescue of whiskey menus. I'm very expensive to Cuba and I think the most of society Q I was like maybe they eighteen dollar yen 25 dollars and we have got to get something else. Just tonight each had one Tumblr and it was fifty bucks for the parents. So I just wanted to share that anti note before we but yeah that was one of the unique things that happened a resident I mean not not worth obviously no shrinking for 45 dollar through immigration Arnold say it was delicious al-Qaeda hideout for the label what it was delicious it was. Because it's a barrel aged tequila kind of had a hint of that Oki whiskey thing about it and it was borderline serve be. Pond it was really cool it. All implying you said tequila and is just lagged eyes glaze over I'm done there's no no I'm way higher particularly good. Because I understand what you are terrible I can tell us spektr's regular middle shelf sticky gas are either get sick or I just become a raging asks. And no real need to get him some captains fun time man you know yeah not now when you pay 25 dollars. All we laugh and often then you go to zig you're great you're across the street just in Kennedy's sic I left my putt there. He scrambles across the street all panicked and then he stops and he shoots me this stupid looking across the street I. I'm wearing my kind of opens up as well that's the I was good that you're got to forget there was at an early in the Ding in your wallet she's Jarrett well very say we have our friends and system seven hang out with us so yeah. Our own life if you wanted to scream queens did you sell solemn visit Titanic users to listen to our podcast. Hi I'm Jason names lead vocals. I am on James Kennedy to guitar player very and dreams we get a microphone in front YouTube. You don't use that direction. In his Manger we all yeah well. Okay its ownership ownership management kind of Simon and I had a little little bit expensive we can myself I was out trying to get some footage of my drone. And it flew away. Okay. Panic your viewer drone flew wife flew away. I've heard about that happening like a certain range Arnold really rare coated heads for Soviet airspace. They're assigned kind of go left to right I might men and an animal. You know all and it just kind of live under structure was gone and sat there like clo sure drone and then a camera. No he moved it yet to Johnny Cameron learned what I wanted to prove you're drug usual fuel by a drone in the mountain really nice cameras to Danica for carry on and stuff like that at all on. Words don't know delegate it ideologically so individual on the phone well yeah. This is very good thing landed some kids yard and Iowa isn't RS. Yeah. Let's hope it's just as like they have all the cool flight patterns and stuff like that and I watched the whole thing and it disappears right or such as those student group and I'm like I just didn't I wanted to millions of man and the Marines and yeah I mean something and listen on frequency jump I think that's exactly what happened might get Carter wrote some security guards he is walkie on the road. Topple the Columbia tower and blamed it on now is a free drone an Internet like her video and stuff like that doing photography on the best finish this I'm really sorry flew away that's socks oh no way to show on Saturday it was legal we will move plea would yeah. Opponents don't Penn Jillette stepping outside of cigarette you drones. I have to. Thanks for the rest of my life Rosie is a real drilling going from Michael Baird is the today you don't even. Well sorted out that's really drag while they never about. Happen and action I ever heard that my buddy Kevin Filo still is hilarious story about his his nephew they were thinking got a drum for Christmas that you don't feel willing to wonder how high can go. Who and they ran it way up there in the just turned left and flesh. Hey I knew whoever else is like. We can't seem like a slow but I think I turned pretty much wider and wider than what I'm wearing right now I'm due a slave. Tell you about the paper drone I would turn gadgets out there must fly away on its own thoughts on terror whom do I think that is it. Late you know it sucked and I sworn guards like vitamin is later heard sirens and Michael please go to. And I hope all my colleague trembling Guinness book. So there's so many areas you can have around the stadium is obviously done around C tackle find you and she's yelling there's a lot of places you can't even beat out. Every name I have put my name my phone number just in case is slyly and so what I can can itself and it lands at Edwards Air Force Base from the resident James Kennedy yeah. You don't have blues Brothers and like I but but but but but I recognized my and especially since you do win this vote this man turn a breach of national security bedroom right here can estimate it. That's pretty good mover in Hawaii I thought it was really we're walking throughout the one hotel is bank maybe when they we can afford to sit diet and so we walked through diet and watching a night in this someone flying their drones. And I'm like this should be a law against flying to draw them out and windows I mean they might as well have zero flying right and in doing that let's. So high Boyer package I've heard that's. I don't depending you have to at least three nights in the sweet I think I can't tell you all that's dropped I could throws coming out and if it's coming here I window tigers gap there was a video I think maybe last summer maybe earlier this year of someone flying a drone around and a woman was yelling and it kind of throw things at it and may she went into the house in his on the video she comes back with a guy Heinze junior drove his go to move. Get the hell out of there. We all alert there manufacturing basically shotgun shell that fires on net yes and it's for netting drone attacks and that's I just Kobe finally Joseph Willy Nilly like I try to statement at fifty rules I don't -- lifeline to a plane and be liable for that selling dad -- yes and actually keep it on the books you know but I mean when it nose and flies up by itself found that my next responsibility like I don't doom legally unsure if it were to come to pass. You know Hamid really hate. I was flying in and friends I got RS so why can't is gone and so I think it's a great Washington our summer and you district or somewhere in. Wes yet or buy gas works so hopefully somebody sees a number running cause yeah I don't ask nice opener and have a trophy I don't know if he'll host played an assistant news Felix isn't one out or move labeling from drone. I don't tank your hip religion is like and I can tell you how to get that name off there were your address I'll tell you I got all the materials for a lot of the spirit in our by the way. Hi all great idea. Yeah have you who. Is it my way out as you wanna give you props anyway as a chance check out James is FaceBook page is photography is unbelievable yeah amazing winter and must play the best photographers in the northwest not only for console for tiger everybody's a bunch of other stuff on sometimes used randomly leave the country go take pictures entity is unbelievable them. Jason subsistence address. I talk China Helena was princess she were showing me the the painting the had done and you yeah Shelton Tony and I have a photo Linda James took a bus framed up and are not ounce it's also the screen saver on our television to man so professor and it could cut. Takes only a difference lies yeah. Germans both just got to good to me like and love your heart yeah only musically but also new you very tough to do with we drive for photography. That media do a lot of the visual stuff with the with the boys insisted seven. I can't help but they kind of it's really cool this one minute kind of allow me to do that kind of stuff like I just we just put out like a teaser video yeah and I just slate I use some of lake Villa major confidence I was using this a play that aura lake can sometimes it just like an idea where. Just got this one video for no regrets and it's not the official video but it was like I wanted Seattle to be the premise. And I was like I didn't want anything kind of grunge era are new and I found this 1950s. Late I watched it this is jeweler who shoes to kids running around you're not going to this knees feel totally vintage lake. It's like footage of people enjoying the the world's there yeah. I don't know I don't know it's all sped up ever so slightly yeah this unique can hear you feel they'll watch that just a few days and those killer and out of course a quarter were gonna put us. I had a candidate forum and it's kind of cool doing it did you get on you're like oh my god in my and a printer yeah. So Karzai when these work out like that Peoria I don't allow us matching the beat him are soft. Yeah and here and emulate when you're copyright infringement so we'll never know I don't know I don't see how come we don't drones to hit it right. And I dizzy or new member of them off yes well supposedly how long it. Three years policy and other OK I only sort of effort new member of my okay and get three years legacies and I'm in now. Yeah where you're always a new guy until another new guy joints you know I'm either really KM not a new guy anymore ten years later yeah I don't know I commodities. You know since the first Ali's been on man I I shouldn't say you may have a much enough. Hug earlier saints are gonna announce. Oh no I did that look but only rule out hey Scott closed one of the day that I know drones for you. Compared to the Redskins are so then this is didn't play that don't want to read I read that we had to stop the pod gets the thirty curse words and that was our rural that's now only if anyone has now I'm to pretend I'm insurers scenario just started towns and Graham always I starting tomorrow and I'm always works when it comes a chance a sorry guys. So it probably you're saying you are obviously very happy with having eyes and and decent pardons granted. I love lament I absolutely love the guy is just a pleasure to work and exit the whole band just so harmonious like. They have been around for awhile. It's sisters and a surge in 2001 yeah all you've been around for a long long time this kind of gone through some changes and the last breakup was really really hard. It's actually that was actually the event that turned me on the guitarist because it kind of is really depressed about that. And then it took like three years to find him because it was really hard to replace justice and trust is an incredible vocalist and you can't really don't ask those. And Christie got me here Nate is. Just ask them bomb musician. Manager the end because we're up on the whatever Bob dot com his dog what I've heard anything I was kind of ripped it right now same stuff so anyway. Plus awesome so I there's the fun part about today's makes guess is that a brew. Because. I've heard great things about the new record new stuff so that's gonna be awesome but we're also put you on the spot to perform acoustic and it's not often. Then it. Industrial based man varieties I don't know I don't but I industrial base that is ever done an acoustic song down. Nervously and I'm kind of a little bit shaky memory go ahead and go along with that alcohol available and I'm used to playing shows at least intrigued man so yeah. Yeah thank you so look nevermind I. Yeah well yeah. Later about that so I don't have I think it's hard to what Sony is gonna try a new acoustic that says do I forget forget forget forget forget. I want her before we get into it now reverend I got discoverable cellphone video yet solved everyone's using their real cameras so. Glenn made you obviously you'll be here and just economy should. Then that's I think everything's going to be fine because your sound checking so I think we're really get to go arm and whenever you guys are ready let me just hit record on this tabloid. All right just seven wood so we don't AM forgive and forget you are I forget let's check it out on the makes. How lonely days. Lose skills so they meet you. No earnings that it a bit added that. Inside the October it is. They're watching you okay. Spread. Yeah. The mole where. Wait again. You've done. And is. It's news. Ray. No resound oh. No I. Yeah. Says. It's. And. We know sweetie. Yeah. Just as darkness tuition and I mean obviously Endesa music of the dark vibe to it as it is but when you may give extra Darren acoustic. It's like got to be regular soundtrack to a movie like a Psycho killer just tell him he well I. They came off really killer match. Is that NH LSU guys really have an amateur it's usually around the key to the darkness as the Tamarine if we can. Question okay what those there was a heavy grass champ Maria lots and all that and it was dark as it was Christmas passes instead ergonomically. And knows the seriousness I. I don't know. I'm actually I really did well I think I'm right you don't like a cello player and you make an acoustic record yeah and you lot really well you know I think when you do that Maclin who merely happy yeah it'll just happen in her looks. Yeah that I've been nerve racking for you guys did a little bit like an industrial and durable walls more sound through turn out. Yet as the music is little more or less kind of like a canvas for the vocalist and someplace you know where it's like we're doing much a lot of just you know walls of sounds and melody and harmony. The play you know great singing on the toughness. So yeah that was kind of nerve wracking and so I citizen who had already really serious matter yeah. I really enjoy that thousands that I clinical and thank you were to listen back to adjust your wins altogether and that's to be awesome now that was not a good look at camp fire from costs. When it comes down here forever but I don't gossip causes or iPad. I don't know that's not gonna stop men they have just families that we citizens of that today so my little foreshadowing after we got talked to the boys and since then we have Billy Riley from Mary Martin now law. As a sausage or is no it's great foreshadowing trust me you're gonna wanna stick around and attack that we haven't done forever and boring not for play let's just say that there are many more options for your read these days suggests many. Most marvelous to a son that's been produced and recorded it can't hear what the overall Biden and for those that wanna see you guys out alive I noticed you playing the hard rock on April 22 yet list this upcoming Saturday we're going to be all of our society should zoom. Task. That's going to be awesome and mother Susie got any other issues coming up for a little displayed over I think with a high diver nearly paid to cast a little Virginians and in woodshed because a really cool show com we have a few more coming up I can't remember mock him late in mean. Normal musician her guess was the hard rock tools on the bill one gun shy how much. Hand to come I can't look the other ones you know it's. I did you yeah surely Colin talked until I got to understand the basis for years doesn't love sometimes. Coaches and. Mill around two hours later he soon and exactly. Doesn't bug and hard rock this Saturday April 20 seconds ago assists and seven isn't tough you guys up as far as. Finding bands to play with because industrial music is obviously a little bit different than. The L all the moves you rock band doors in these semi obvious you're playing with bands are industrial so it doesn't matter I would imagine but it was a tough at first. Arm a little bit but I have to say men that's the one unique thing that's really cool about the Seattle scene as were all love and on each other made out like we played ability window pain clover Jamie obviously don't mess but lake. It's kind of weird because like you don't high school when you thought people listening to for music I always listen to batten I'm not like he's accused listen to that he'll play lake. Lleyton different kinds of music or all like buddies like regular along really well like the people who do Lleyton DJ even someplace happy for all doing the same thing we're all forms are. People come out shows are there for a show. Yeah so you don't mean I mean you might have seen clover Jane fans that don't love you guys but you guys might have some seven fans don't local or Virginia but everyone's there are Bruins had a good time everyone sporting the show that's what creates some really good here yeah Naomi that we had everybody is -- yeah I'm just so the Google is some good people learn you know like I'm really kind of a country fan enthusiasm it's rocks you know the yeah I find that uniquely about Seattle people are just. Anything you put someone that's decent or YouTube or a ten point and it's it's really cool alana is waiting yet. Such unique blending on bills we've done everything from playing with like really really heavy bands are really really soft poppy ban it's find that men like. They wrote this going on is good and everyone's on his time in the though the crowds are always answer. Yeah you're right great pleasures of the manly that is Seattle music seemed a right now I feel like he's such a high point and say so supportive of me I'm seeing on FaceBook all the time where everybody is. Painting each other's brands is not a pimping your own man and how can I promote my friend's band to succeed because I wanna see them. We as big apostle Maggie did you genuinely excited you know I mean. I don't even goes so there's so obviously didn't always see on my friends oh yeah. I don't know yeah yeah I would people you like actually offered an announcement your Craig comes it's as though you came to the show Jose where your plane tonight bulls now how much I just can't hear and see everybody. You know rock is I don't show up and I'm like why are you all sweaty. Yeah. Geared just. Well I was so you playing tonight yeah I had signed James going to be men's. That's what's got us some off the record what's on the F one plus a list you are no regrets this is the one think. One of our brand new ones were really really proud of the Swan Lake. Death that's. You know we're Kristen and everything dividends for the our record inherited always at or the record involving OK we sat out horror is itself it's. Almost there so closely you can he won't even believe how many hiccups we haven't trying to get this amount lengthy guide that records this he would redo the studio Terrell the wiring in. And the only trust that guy than that happen and this happened and I was traveling he was traveling. He works its. Zones are something yes yeah now it's finally like we got here now we just got to push this is hopefully M thing really isn't going to sell on TV at all is now. I know I'm. I did not like Jenin a hologram zero I I keep reading the brochures are real world letter off you know I'll I. If you look like this is the brochure you know it's hard for Christmas ruined the rest of my life I. Don't get air force pilot you should've. Two men so it's an astronaut it would have been easier yeah I remember I certainly know the song yeah I zero point system seven here on the rock. Oh ya I don't know listen to oh yeah. How I don't you. Chris are my favorite moments and so really come that I'll. Have no idea what you just learn until we tell you there is not quite done yeah. Ha hey. Not ending this are reverend Janet RA no ego that. Memorial on the drums and soundtrack for the job weeks three man. And Joseph like iron straight victory in his focus. Reds of big industrial fans. You guys you would not soreness you know he had just. The problem we. Yeah it's a news on the the this goes on just you know utilize. Sounds great. So damn good I. Lost. We are here. Oh yeah. Oh yeah okay really tough over the songs yeah. A lot of doesn't get a sense did you figure listen would you tell us what happened I don't know if there's no record this zoning out Clinton for all of our retreated like that rang out and I'm living room and I'll believe it did yeah yeah. By the way I want to get a shout out to us Stacey Meyer who recorded a true. These are locals on the last part of the songs she did an incredible man and very in the middle of their little section area this scrutinized on team. Hi good Jeremy did you put elegant caught on FaceBook video singers to the female vocalist for the song and it worked out really. Here she comes right now Craig then men. Then at the moment right there although we are going to call him the love going on yeah that's cool. It's got them all going around. Oliver based on his. If you're young you. Of rough mix sounds really good man revered record. We recorded jewel season tickets are perfect aim at the end. And he always does that doesn't solve yeah I know no late it's cool we always you know it's been busy understands that Helmand never know. And so this even live around here is an okay remember your one he's one of the members became a gym with the help got. Someone help me actually and Steve light thin systems so. For about a year from Kandahar let's deeply nicer than it did not school that was like one of those things I was like oh my god oh my god yeah. That would meet. There's like everything was validated in my entire life is different different. Yeah what everyone has to do we'll do. I don't. I have. We love nominal oh yes your son's killer meant sounds really good. He doesn't got to be stoked when the were salons where he hasn't anomalies party planned better Alice think in studio set insistence. Whom you know the cool things you know now on the sense maybe I'll gag on July July I was doesn't. Loewen we have a thing or would date that is if it's Saturday now we have our Friday after an hour announcement are due to sign carriers and my. Without an awkward. Media hype commons Tuesday so the suns inside July 7 my god Friday a Friday all right anymore. Hundreds of million people and so we're those who play it like to know I know. At studios what timer doors seven. Caught what date July so unsettled is always on the I don't machine money is that when people contacted indirectly for all the show and photo like. Did you read slaughter it's all it's only interwebs it's like to get a hole that it is as bad as they I don't remember ever going to be tough come healing time going to put time injured. Martin is like oh well. Look about we go all around ten or so minutes literally yeah I'm not under an order to realize nobody meant advocate I sometimes you have to feel funny about me is. Is that I actually call a friend in Canada and I think what time do I go on and in my playing this week it's. I don't know how I got Aaron and I Kelly that's selling well thanks for than it does raise and I won't try and be there. And I kind of leaves you going on tonight here it's always good when he says a man every single time. Singer caught they're worried medical whatever you want to which he can. I'll be there how Obama's lead and we plan the night. This is some good smooth and late definitely taken July 7 I feel you guys got to dad David CU seven and it's already balked. So what Tracy if you're listening out there for the stock at a map that values the perfect date format of Tracy's home address as well we do swim by enrolling unless I have you know I'm going there after here I'm not crazy beauty sleep some. Pretty good around the office to a who lit. Yeah they're still looked a little bit more and the sun off the record from Canada. What song would you like to. Into a ball in late tip actually it's funny these ones are tumor are of Miller once. But like these are the ones average that we've always has really enjoy we have evolving too long there with you guys wanna play in our beautiful anything heavier. What we have. For the removal seal actually you know what I only put on the tablet put on the thumb drive so evolving and beyond their I was still don't get. I'm against this and seven you can take him out over at the hard rock on April 22 and nine assists and seven dot com to a senate that's why easy. TDM the number seven dot com. It production and is. It's killer. Jewels is incredible man. We'll bring you begin to appreciate that gives them more stuff to talk go. You've got to limit this one or more mellow song yourself I think it's yeah. You guys I grew up its claim it's important. Being fans and you know he's sleeping with a orgy. We have yet Ratajczak who came at the camera goes in after years. Timing wasn't right yet Tommy was and I had a member of your fans I guess now I guess for some reason I haven't opened up a gateway. Your bag yeah I think I come on guys. It's. Only we had a member of Kim at the end that we do. What movies do you like yeah no doubt. I. Pulled into this event to play well. Filters always been one of my all time and he doesn't killer the no estimate seek out every time life. Presumably respond to something he's a cool these you don't look like Richard thank I think people had a bad reception because it was also drunken mess version of Richard. But now he's like sobered up such a humble and decent normal human being these really articulate to yeah. And his name for music Buffalo's cars though we're why is that way physically you buckle head I don't know man ahead. This hair club for men thing going on what the performance video goes in girls and here I forgot I mean James Gunn seems. Hairpiece staying. Panetta thought there were three humanity is criticizing. They got covered if you play their hair like me is a ball and I I can totally do something like that they are got a funny character here is that the buckles fancy it. But off you you've got a full on my whole. Apparatus of the belt buckle thing where did you find that did you make if I needed why do a lot of time Avian. Forward. Played through some bad times it went through some weird stages to allay people's of them thinking it was a happy I'm like okay this thing. Here's certainly like the predator hair plugs yeah when else instead of headed what are actually have a Phelps is just like he's cool computer pieces of them have been a hard drive. So when I go Volvo feel okay yeah I mean yeah it over to Honolulu so. Read that I fancy events like weddings to him no you know I don't know how it's we're not going out in public speculate he only got a dress up for Halloween most. Well well. Let me give you like it's deadly distinctive image because for a long long time you whatsoever Soyuz on shelves and you always represented so you thirty feet away. So don't all do imagined some sense here we need instantly like slash a backpack. You nearly instantly credible man select the person I saw you with outlook headdress on owls it. And then yeah. They actually didn't make. No they're like I was James the photographer and James from systems and prolonged time it is like when the ban was. Might not planned for awhile I didn't have any reason whereas I was always on public and there is always that weird thing where they're like. I come to get under hey what's up and there's always this look reckon tow their leg who are no pay you have to. My hair pulled back in the baseball hat in more than two weeks gonna walk right up to John us from ten miles came and then he's containment and kind of avoided London. Sort of the why are you in my bubble you really foreign to my bubble I don't know you sir now because I was like you know headed for the embrace a musical payment and the moment John Brennan and still look at it really poor and using coal. Then I got a hug but you know I'll let it picks another react you wallowing Sergio all of the core. I guess I'm actually did something similar to me I was sitting on the bus and I I don't know what it is like it always attract even without this thing on idol is attracts like the weird person has to sit next to me which is what John did and said yeah that's my defense is just looking forward. You can if you make eye contact it's all over. So I'm sitting here and I can feel this based just steer anatomy and I finally merely just kind of now my oats John let's not think I'm I'm finally resigned he's so he's one to go and talk about I mean go and actually it is an alias of an ingredient. On his door and declaring war on John Africa cup and it's okay now. Yeah he's only nine meters across. I'm trying to make this a fun isn't it miles name nevermind I'm all its. I'm not arrow like late September does electric on the early August puppies. And he is on the refund of endings like I think he relates syphilis sudden. So says the senate did he come up with some creative let us know who could have. I know it's a window pane in line moan and finish that you you get oh I can't yeah yeah. Do you not know the rule it still look I don't read the entire Donahue is eye ear and dignity you'd get guys by Friday adapt. Why should I window pain in my ass it wouldn't be sexual connotation. Yeah so I guess ought I was safe but I still I and a friend particular millions trying to respect your boundaries and. And grabbed all thank you for respecting my boundaries and Bob again to you guys at the hard rock April 22 look be on the lookout for the new record some coming out some time and very what do you airline tickets for that Canadian among your event page your world where we send folks. You think you know it's sending a message we can do that thing over PayPal what we try to do right now is a wolf we'll send will. Meat Packers a poll like the tickets before the show and I'm waiting for you at the door excellent yeah that's he has an online as way to go because selling stuff to Cuba I am I'm a bad so. It was just hit the PayPal link on your web presences on systems of FaceBook gone yet going to right now somebody checked on James on FaceBook as well and I rose's name differently it's JA YMC and I'm just gonna throw out there without the members of the band if you show up with James is drawn. Admittance is free Canada. There's a preview let you in the so you'll have to pay gates admission is free. And the follow up questions also for I. You are drone. I guess us as some positives where is well on you know here's a free ticket and here's a depository that's right and I might get you high or it might not I'm not sure there's no loss is so there. I appreciate you guys ringing in god and I'll be on the look out for us through seven against the hard rock on this Saturday April 22 and in some time in the near future big CD release show UBS studio seven maybe on the site. Didn't mean you never know it was a seven dollars and that's first set of people did this yeah for a good run anything even Heidi Mac there. James says everything else incident. That's yeah. I don't I don't say that configuration we love you brother yeah. Thank you guys to hang out with us really appreciate him and now I get system seven dot com SYZ. TM number seven dot com and so I've been there give Melissa I'm. One of those who come deliver tickets. Yeah I still just yet the guys on social media gun he has compiled just reminds her that yeah it's probably gonna be me. Does it and he needs and according to a certain roads with a droves season. Yeah it's. Not a. They may get there may not. Awesome that you guys have no problems. Well real before we do does the voicemails emails in the text messages lets us talk to our friend Billy it's a shock dad Billy from Erin martz. Recreational pot shop hit it is swinging by just a couple of days before four tornadoes seem to show up like the pot theory when I show up good round for twice so I kind of guessing gifts hearing we've yet to bring a lovely lady and really what that that usually bring do exactly do they have a big deal just a little bit I gotta suck to Riley Riley and it'll be going doing good so you are unfortunately haven't worked with Billy over Mary Martha. I have I'm gonna tell everything. But what is Oliver according to Santa clause of the pioneers Jack up the word weird going on young Chris Pringle she's got kind of good cat herder look at the honor assuming you do you know well I just had a feeling that something you're asking now that the. But but you guys will we brought you some four twice a complete set forth what is coming up so yes first thing I'm worried regularly before we got a reminder grammar know so she can enjoy so Holmes yeah it has now I'm gonna click on the world's greatest party or metal and there's certain moment appearances we've George you Blix retired CI. Chart since law yeah I don't I don't anybody that I. I don't know we'd target firstly on the committee wrote a letter so I Buccaneers in my myself. Com also got some pixie sticks that came from sticks but it's a blue raspberry pixie sticks though nasal sugar you guys can often don't have the Fed's cut hepatitis and do we is that we are gonna do fortunately special NB a buck 25 for half Graham joins so I cannot help cheapest drenching Pontbriand new world new belongs up there here and how nice this is it's called top clubs. You do your back packets were hiking and things like that although it comes apart you can actually catch it to any water bottle. This false. We tell as you regret your this cool you regret your decision to climb a mountain but then you hit the top off. And the legacy school a little give us exactly and that's the leaderboard at the top of the now yes you have. Another took a hole he's assembling a sniper rifle here and. And that's why did you. I knew you for offline. Why did you feel any dad marijuana growing Stalin on top of and then it's straight out Lotto line men like it's it's transforming into all the lured. That is so cool the wall. Do you really don't or you can put this piece on any water Bolick we see forget this piece you have wicca any water bottles grown to baton. The Obama did have a from a diverse section I. I read all this stuff that is what is awesome to find an apple tree now on course some random I imagine we gonna end users there at the apple and use the auto bought what was it called the blue dog puff the top tough tough tough play no. Yeah hill where medal I guess for those are new to the podcast where is Mary Margaret. I'd like Senator Obama 6300267. Himself I've run on the have a hot spot. Morals we got Hirohito about this. We got from their Italy is the alleged they are these and Scott and jelly shoes and they're delicious there is most moving again either we're allowed to carry so they are greatly got a few flavors of mount a question and these are allowed to carry it there I actually like a law against gummy. We hardly did they carried the actual gun means ends in arsenal how. The younger people that really helps that helps I think. I. If there reasoning isn't appealing to children which. Macoutes a lot of children come into your shop owner yeah laughter. Yeah I'm on the. Why over the children are in the pot shop Mathieson got kids playing halo shooting people who blowing stuff full value that's okay Staley who we try to get out of. Can become competitive with other things are delicious they're pretty needed to ask what else do we have here feel that that really are an aspect. Food either need to us as well we've got cartridges meet cartridges friend and put the idea extracted laboratories Flynn name craziest lab that makes oil ever does is for your students and you're like bill regardless of eight iron to the curious for the clear that they may reduce it very very refined high quality high potency concentrate it. He ever ran as it will slow you feel after a weekend in Spokane and I think we've I don't feel alone because of things like this I. I. These comments are also remove every now why I was. Closer look at us offices incredible that's more bath salts don't smoke these things don't happen again this year and we also managed to get anything that's a bug Indian soaking tub with that and having read only on hurts all. It's only like this to get some cool I don't know who wants this like a Pia through. The PMS minstrel cream OK okay how does that OK I. Yeah I don't it doesn't work when you're about menstrual cream of the menstrual cream yes what are you apply this kind of good and I. This is my favorite at what you guys and what's your great looking Michael Wright with that. Public does this depository Wyatt no I don't know we do I want to really draw straws revealed to welcome Danica is that going to be new miscast challenge all of my job I don't know if things are but I don't know how that sort of I might be ignorant and ridiculous they know if this is a mother sends about. What do you suggest that you use two knuckles though go to knuckles the only analogy yeah yeah yeah I'll catch supposed to get the guys Seymour probably never got recommended I that passionately abut George you know like you a beer just to get just after up late and somebody or you shut that up that you know what's going to and then you get stoned you really do you usually if you didn't like on the past I have not yet wolf a club before before we came in Seoul find out unless I don't hold. Olympia as the number years ago that lady in Texas almost turned to charge of manslaughter because her husband's a raging alcoholic and had destroyed his stomach lining. And so she was basically porn blues into his corn hole while a formal. So that he wouldn't get sick indeed talks to Sheila over served in the what happens I guess things in there are thin so you absorbed quickly yeah athletic skill manager at a Georgia manslaughter he got atomic giving them a loan to pass so this is obviously far more safe Manilow got a much needs to that nicely used postal and one time I can't yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah you can you can Aristide just call me tonight knew it broke best thing over the. I said some but that's all I'm not that good. I funny I feel like all right so is there anything else that needs to be a plot I'll use an I. I don't I've never done a lot a little too we blew last times if you saw that knew that yeah I mean just take whatever is it here I don't know what it is which Google clearly millions crank it up their current U crank it he can easily anyway yeah. Frank you read what I don't know I'm al-Qaeda means the how can you find it or you could use that Tim Graham joined they gave you and pop that up in there okay enlighten you that among my did you have been seeing Scotland I live for the children as well hello. Stephen chasing you guys don't blow Diego proper bred for toughness and the fifth and all the unmoved I don't know if that's awesome or not I can't I think it's probably awesome but. You know apparently all the memories and their real fancy resumes oral plus a little rocky I know we don't do this plunging get past the fact he had a. So whatever is adhered to sits inside your your draft. It looks like a good note and ask Diana and let us see that it's beginning to contain so why it's important for you now I live music that I won't talk. I had sand put their so you'll have to you know look yourself in the on the leader and wonder what you've done because that's why why why is doing. So I think we got you know I we need your favorite things but play and we give them a new Netflix in jail not the new markets around songs I've. Malveaux up play and we even yeah that's insane I cannot believe that they amicus repository for from pot yeah it's new it's like the first woman Marleau and on whole action that. I won't tell you and I can't compete for our and I when I all of a sudden summer don't we companies are caught up I hold the key things. Auditory I mean we use form put together said kit you can take the menstrual cream and some Pollock Tory. Total Seattle is just doing what becomes dormant season numbers inserting the somewhere to get mad at me and I David clearly it's that time and a month and I've got something for you want to say so and my marriage issue. If you're gonna end you can literally smoke a joint while applying the menstrual cream and dozens of Pollock Tory and you've got all three openings covered. Right but by a by the lords and I'm not going to be frowned. And then after that you're really drinking you got yourself a blue raspberry Rita Rita. All coming together I love lists in tennis I just love this not like the mad scientists that are just deciding well. Somebody hasn't made this yet why not how you market somewhere hostel owner you'd feel like brow you know we need is a weeds upon closing probably tested it out news at Toyota's. Currently we're all on yourself yeah. They can continually which this whole weed thing that I am missing the boat every other week mission I don't know are missing them but oh well what I know what I cannot thank you dummies or bath salts right creams or some posits Horry is uncertain yet I'm really sad now this is great for I think you ought to use the supply closets really. We're gonna win and you know I got bribe rattlesnakes and he knows when I was little snake it's gonna complain like how many how late how many milligrams is does the plug. Does that look hypocritical little assay. Because if I'm on the back just back it's it's it's on the back on seven point five THC. Nine point nine CBB. Well for Romeo brand there point 70 yeah and he said the good for the old the IBS there is good morning. On the lower the anal Charley horse who could share what happened. The old Charlie horse I don't perform anal Charlie root duty more banana split I don't I don't. The world's worst pain book and I got out I. Thought man this is incredible to another museum going on on not April 20. We've got doesn't joins latest that I brought to these guys are buck fifty for having them join and that I don't think you find that anywhere else through an ounce as for ninety bucks. We've got to think Ellis sikar that is it's four grams it's a grand above we'd. And the paper on its hash three grams bash and you run it actually dropped one usually brought on by. I'm more like you tried to join me neither one of China's depository if I'm gonna awhile man. It's. Definitely I got the bartender at a very knowledgeable and I had a deck chairs has taken a couple corn and try to get some early if you haven't told you about it anyway look familiar to you to get a sec does this say the men and equipment automated test guys are still sleep on the couch man. How was it a coma tomorrow yeah. I reckon I am new buildings throughout that night. A lot of problems is distinguished from Canada isn't caught the jury's. Yup this is what the world what does that go for. That are there is I think it's 21 bucks wow torn on bucks who'll go put your Cooper something. I'm not a built up from the field trooper no I hung on Cinnaminson and I asked him levels at the Manhattan got what you have a choice do you find all the best Ohio or perhaps. That's Terence he's tried it and I I however is Terrence guy is doing multiple repositories and independent group. They're reeling actually sold any of them so good although the well so is one of the time didn't. All we got calls about them heavy as they yet have to tell me they just can't look anyone in the island imminent you're ready to be. All those men ahead to the west leader often like this also friends over. It's easy if you're curious about them all you have to do is you show up on fort Corning and say hey it's a joke for my friend. You have to save and then you'll buy it and then you can do with whatever you want what did you actually seen almost a guy shows up our nose overall level holes on the back. Well my for an. I unbelievable I have been resolved was gonna say hey you heard about it on the big stats and look to know some. In the why isn't specifically because senator Max yeah. We should say me just ask listeners and be sure and you're depository to mix get a special that's helpful long drugs committing mentions you mix repositories and we'll give it for five bucks Michael and I and I. No but what you don't hear I'm not holding it all right now Gosselin who listens and makes casket has several people come and say they do that's how I shop at our place so if you guys are listening previous depository for five dollars unfortunately if you mentioned an experiment if you read the way I taxing us your experience yes no yeah. Also new T shirt and it will membership confucius say this interview you'll want you and I don't I don't I'm not I'm asked us a new T shirt and rolled to a patent. I have a some pre moistened wipes along well I'm. They have that amount to for the weeds so you can pretty low isn't why yes it was she unless. Robert Judy probably just name anything I bet they are sorry we even like really upset that we don't have hairspray I dropped Susan you know they are dropping Hannover we will need to hide drops but by the NFL and I try it can. Yeah I will try to pay it I'll do it let's the military about it and would you tell us this blind the next day at the violin succeed in the it's not political complex we're glad we're not friends anymore yeah I good you know nobody but let's just take it was a a fumble really nice who's upon Turkey's about a month. Usually got to take it I didn't break here for known to take as though he's someone has recently somebody from the men's room take it although it's only good idea total due to my brother former federal trying to limit big joint good got. I am the ad supply wasn't ecstatic wherever he called him on the big threat but what you don't have yeah it memos during the little butt plug even. About a boy if they didn't get the buffalo Boston I was here yes agree either yeah I've got home I got it. I know I miss I think it's accidentally miss it just so I have to my dad dad I blew it a rubber Frist may that we didn't want to. Rubber stopper for the top of your bombs so you don't have to I share your bong with people well anybody can help salad that's what your buddy with the cold sore this is zooming. And getting long condom yeah I think you'll recall Zorn guy yeah. LM AI's. Still let's move them but couldn't really give my life offered up to demand you guys today and see if anyone's willing to test their little pounding my junior and I do that nobody will put it. No. They will quietly do it confessed to six months from now I guarantee the airport again the Spoelstra is from where her new season. I think just to try to help lawfully can you give me another one man I totally lost it I dropped my car and can't find if you give me another one. And I got to you know assure my Ellison yeah I had a million Jerry won in a million. The amount in my taken the pill. My brother unless there's no jealousy I don't wanna are all all NA and you can I don't know give you makes it into a drink. And it's. I thought that I'm now. The secret the blue read this we don't raspberry we are real and it's a lot of up to an. I was actually it's less about this looks like a saga that sugar for things that take its a pixie stick the Hubble baggy it's only fifteen bucks for a hundred milligrams he had a big thing for sheets problems started to do we really want and I opinion and order is Arnold are encouraged the beautiful delicate walk him. I want. How wide I don't hide things got weird real quick I. Riley thank you guys he had always no he welcomes you to buy and brings upon stories strawberry as well everybody Elena how many people try to be your next time I think it's a plus stores for everybody shove them up much the same time and you're not even though the authority the other older people I call friends. This is over if we're going to stop by Mary Margaret got a ninety dollar bounces nice that's awesome you can address do you guys think I'm rich and implement the best of luck with the I've forge one answer is you know lineup the door yelling F yeah we knew it looks like 300 in the coming through OK yeah. I got a welcoming them. So slowly been getting a lot of luck and every waking regularly by reason for an idea as much on GI's and thank you guys and don't be straighter come out of time thanks will you multiples or is because. It's. Just in tears yeah. Just from pigs yeah. Managed to get depositary. Industrial music that's been. Obama won and I nearly passed out while we were saying good bye to boys insisted 700 prostate so we give up a mode everything in and then take apart all the wires. And as it roars talking at a good time I just I got hit with like this heat wave and make. Whom about the pass out you're in man though pause after the Swedish serious. About it I'm really add this would be awkward if I just pass on the arms I went to another room thinking I might pass out book five -- underdog conversing I'll I'll come through on while backgammon. No more mountains I'll be pale white picket. And this was a rough weekend for Steve Stricker Perry who not a substance. This home did his body and has played some hockey and play other games titles and played the two best games I've played as I was wasted. And the only game that did not play well and I was completely sober. It was so bad how did you manage to get one game in sober plague it's because we played on Sunday for the first time in like six years usually well out on. Was asked you partied senator oh yes there is a lie youths. Do I guess all the Seattle and you're good at like 5 AM and everybody was shocked really Manhattan thirty game and I thought I was going to die during a game that we we all woke up and do you play badly all hugs for sobriety. Ravalomanana everyday and didn't get. And I don't know hair of the dog Amir anything ounces I was like. Many it was a massive is a bad game one of the goals I mean how does he didn't play. Awful even a few of the guys like do you kept us in this game you know we lost 91 thing we were getting destroyed that they were peppering us. Whether it goes living with a guy a seventh or eighth goal met the guys all the way the far end of make. In the west so we tonight in r.'s own buddies like. In an impossible angle and I'm watching them like he can shoot the puck. He's used upon economics in ain't gonna cut come anywhere in your own goal becomes a moment in Lincoln are going to price hit me and I didn't bother to go down I just. Yeah. My lungs and right after the game oh like. You know in the oval won't let you do that all I like. Steve we will give you passed on the every other low wage all out because I played well like you did not playback on campus and all the other games affect a brave my buddy Jason you'll see just brought got to give you crap about cycle what the hell was going on but I explain exactly I think you guys if we had two guys that typically on our team but they're they're buddies that we met there like K if you want to show up at 10:30 in the morning on Sunday. And shoot up we can use a couple more bodies conjure more bodies were curtain and and they were in tears locker room there's just like listening to me explain my thought process behind Wyatt and even try to stop that shot. And there's like we never heard of goalie break down a goal like that before he was just like you're zero. That's given you assume that wouldn't get the goal when it's sort of common surgical use. Newhan. And I had love averages it's out just fine. On voted just passed out Wallace coming out we wouldn't stop it easily nearly lifeless body right. Well I. I mean you know I don't know I don't want most impressive group of the electric shock I didn't ballad gonna happen. So let's suppose the birthday everything was good in. Really cool got a little bit at a player killer showdown a jazz bones and it had a great time those of the baby unit and the nobody's and dominate Afghan national game yeah. I mean we are we get a really good time there I got to go to slash the owner. Ferris Chatham and all the it's been mum you know the day on Friday nights at 11 o'clock they switch it over to a DJ sued shell and didn't really which I thought it was funny men because. Bomb the place was really you know not wall to wall pact but. Packed and it was a well attended show you may wanna keep with the Rockingham and they switched to lead at 11 o'clock and the club. Just empty. Nothing Saturday night and he danced for a preview and they were like an election really hot chicks since then it's mini dresses almost the solos were hanging out for blood. There's just too little easy targets are contact was made. If they were sort of making out while dancing editing type club would have stayed there was a little girl and had these giants syringes full of jello shots. He adds I mean we actually do it goes I will stay. Compared to the traditional values my finger and all I can government and I'm so old now it's only know the syringe was far superior. Like really true we that's the way to go so I did have a syringe of jello. That's the rock I think not the radio station I was the author of we didn't yeah my iPad does the pizza bowl Seattle they've got a low light shots in a minute jello shots and did I agree it's a way that was the only way to. Still live. Way better than the jello shots that I had to adjust putts I had are amazing but it was that same. Digging in or you're using you know when you know tong exercise you show me how hung in less. I wish him impress the ladies should be doing well enough. Who's. Thank you by the way how you worked that tone of my wife says happy birthday. My wife doesn't tweet my wife dies yes but and she still has FaceBook and shall go to FaceBook just on the computer desktop yes and there's two reasons wind is because she was looking at a too often that's why don't I did a distraction and a political post commentator breaking there was a big what for her and then also just a little red notification. She couldn't get rid of the little wind a little red wine always try riding her insane that he and I figure out how to get red amid chaos might do I have it on the email the same problem and it always has like seven or 10 emails I look am I got no emails why you left with me now guy isn't the exact same opinion good and I cannot. We meet on Twitter. My prom you can be whatever you wanna be me do did you guys you're supposed to put about the donor did you guys read that post I read most of our loved it. Okay it's pretty long I that's what I'm saying I can't. Make that post on Twitter on Twitter read like some guys Jones was out. That you can't act act I check my BZ. Amusing. On an eight centers storyteller I'm storyteller chief for me so I think that's what color realizes that's why I waved off of Twitter because I can't literally express myself that's fun. You bring up and I never thought about like that but I think that's why I love Twitter could somewhere about. I wanted to get in through that monitor the AL ALL liner that's kind of where my style of comedy comes from. Yeah I want five good drawn out story that that put that your story beg what I love about your stories is that it's a journey and there's always funny. Mormons throughout the journey. Like dirty descriptive lawyers are giving her except I got under describing the travesty what happened. I got under way is he could've avoided that I got a new ways I would've avenged his sin against me. The whole slingshot a jolly rancher thing then gunman's own zone and circulating for approval I don't know what I don't oppose reviewer is I can regular read it real quick if you want the woman obviously you can dime. I get story time music yeah I do I'll pulled us up I don't know. That she gets really inappropriate for the storm and so I was I was at work there was delivering the you can live a pity your driving the live Luke TV video link and video fancy a mall turned around the music just a terror act act and I can't function com. But any lessening of Hillary's I was leaving the hotel over in the U district and in now just rebuke. What I put up as soon as dying get to it and I'm sorry oh okay. This is what this is why I changed putters this is what a put upon FaceBook open letter to the jogger who cross and from in my vehicle earlier off thanks for texting jeetz. Rice okay open letter to the jogger who cross in from my vehicle earlier. Bro for Christ's sake put on to put some goddamn draws on food I mean if you wanna Wear and spandex run campaigns fine. If you really believe in your heart that you need your legs to be that there are dynamic in order to job too cool and cut the win man fine. But Murrow. I look go to make sure it's safe to pull my vehicle on the street and bank on it looked like you were trying to smuggle a pile of mashed potatoes and Vienna sausage up the street at half. If I had a slingshot the jolly rancher I could've destroyed. EU. That they would have heard your cries to defeat despair all the way in Dubai. And I have been doing the role of Saber dude. That threading got them Solo Cup on that thing or something after I broke the rest of us are now stuck with that data can't come see that got them messed put some got them grows on them of them pants Brock. Jesus flipping yet. Tech. And that got 253 likes and eighty comments are the great story several shares and then I saw a lot of people inside the jolly rancher slingshot I'm. I was excited about the threat of phillips' Solo Cup format thing I thought that was funny. I only got one Solo Cup mention everyone loves the Hollywood pictures looking chip and never know it's gonna resonate with Pete excellent music. Right and carried the fight too far right which is a massive job right in my face and I'm like man why don't you get what you do yeah. When they were in the fall on my cumulative bicycle SI understand aerodynamic if you're in a race car born here fine. You're going to work in a spandex jumpsuit with whom are yours and your helmets are just makes you wanna spray you with a fire and it's dress simply and professional wrestler. You're not Breslin no you're not so stop picks up. No sarge for that brief change and I just that's why I hedges would be either you ladies have bailed on FaceBook I mailed on Twitter and then bailed on it but I'm not on their because. I literally can't. All just stubby legged man I had the best time of them all of the characters you can cheat the system and I'm right in your big grab my gum. Make your notes file write a story screen shot it and then post the picture on Twitter yeah a lot of people do that if they wanna write their books. Though she'll get that makes sense now just seems to lol I just don't a lot of work days and we all work well she's no he's in even the people who follow it to it's. I feel like I get more out of other people's FaceBook posts sharp tonight do you out of a tweet says my left foot books they were on the characters. Q&A half I didn't think what I understood America. A short attention span when it comes to reading I just can't. Read long stories were Mong articles and magazines so twitters like the perfect. Version of a story for me like I lost my shoe called awesome story. That's what I every night I hugged him back got like my attention panel wings off so it's funny how social media for certain bag for my wife. She walked. I I think should be will only get rid of every former social media for a phone. Except for instant ramp. She lives and dies by his all the pictures here she loves all the pictures and videos of people working out because she's such a fitness freak like that she wants to see different types of work out since. Different menus like some people posting recipes pictures are a picture retired provides medium meal amend the description as a recipe on it she's all about into grass or. A traditional am opposed to the Sophia muscles until a good. How about some losses on cool. Carlo open you can find funny pictures I had nothing to do with herself imposed a month and into Graham I don't know I am trying to force I want to know. I don't I don't know if mr. Graham was all about a looks like doesn't take a picture of myself pretty happy hour lecture on your own did you sell for your picture of a leaf I don't models in our mind people that takes all fees are stretching its of them with a friend or whatever there are some people. Did you and your cat that is just sell three after sultry actress Sophie after softly and so they're going are you the most self observe or absorb new Iraq. What is wrong with you what did I don't I don't and a what I do there's a world happening all around you that's great your hair doesn't fact looks fantastic today I'm gonna find UH okay. Just a hair looks exactly exhibit depicts you to gestured and some people go overboard on the soltys and gives one a two week among the holy her hair looks good all good new nose for. But there are some people it's like the daily softly yes and I'm like man. They're just now and that's what I thought mr. Graham was a misunderstood I don't know I know all we jam the nature actor said if they'd let me man I'm not even know I don't know I mean. Senator Jim is exactly that this. This amid serious so that warship I'm not interested so I guess I'm a little obsessed with my dog and animal in to ram accounts there's that animal account I got a should find a picture because Obama didn't clean up. This is the best into Rampage since. Dog they call the Bob Ross the NC Gramm or Bob Ross of Hutus or something my dad and his dog looks pretty much like Bob Ross. But it's a dog and I am dolphins are magnified it what are your search. I wanted to throw all that at the jazz Boone show our brother hop NATO are Barack she called yes he took a strap it was a white one originally. Broke the Sonoma remain peeves pieces customer shot the whole thing gloss black. Finished the window pain logo on the front limit on the back of it it's got the momma hacked top NATO Ozzie and I hey recaptured we all framed and he gave me that from my birthday. Obamas will select a full sized prints a mile mark NATO in a weird toilet bowl illuminate your chuckles hilarious when the last box for the show which I forgot to call that's awesome but it's only gets a giggle while presents terrible illuminate your pretty don't don't talk was really excellent color is it it will do more you do choose your color from Tony was like super stoked about the ground. I don't wanna do the black like cylinder blocks a Gator hater too too many vitamins I have light Saber. The abbey well yes you really really really hooking me up and be put telephone mum on NATO later that night of course often I was in allowed club so but I did get to check out there for a while she's been loaned to other she's doing good but. Yet Dwyane men if they're fearless and which you probably are designed to say. That was beyond cool I was super blown away. The you know say hello birth. Gossip listeners of this podcast we didn't like it was cool we learned in many times whenever we go to any of these events in Gisenyi Tamil brings in gifts that are so thoughtful like Mick we can all those are some action figures of us know oh yeah. NATO wants to. Hanging in my office wall man you know and that that action figures like the cool thing is unbelievable a man I remember remorse that I posted that on its Graham got a lot of comments see mob. So let's take agree not to sell tee because it's a picture of his action figure why you have to go to way to put the fly in on the action figures hand. And have action figure take the cell feet oh you should trigger an eye for those wondering atop pooch of new NYC that's the NC Rampage pooch of NYC and basically this guy dresses his dog up. They didn't have a backup and. I amaze nerds read a little dogs are like a leather jacket with little round sunglasses logo athletic black holes and make all different different I mean just tons of different pictures okay that's that's cool and this is the best video. Does is dogs. Colombia's top post its bigger ticket if aren't heard he had just look for the one that's a title. I should have waited inside until my car arrived and it's just this picture of the dog just after. The best bred the dogs guys standing out like a light pole I just chill in the top paws up and it's like looking and somebody's taken pictures of looks like paparazzi are just photo renewed its daunting admitted to Rampage is. Fruits of NYC all one word pick it up. And you all tell me whether do you think that dog expression dress like that remind you the singer of wharf mother. Oh yes that's all I hit a Manila. Can she get the water lounge act silly isn't around her. Looks it doesn't look cluttered this is more sophisticated picture with the dog in the glass of wine packed app I got cardigan sweater I would like throw stones but how big it is on the where all this and I keep the sunglasses are right. Like I wish I could get this. Now we're taking it Karl actually be as sort of stuff. We did get here we've while Michelle made him quote unquote cat wine for his birthday. Which was just basically beet juice. And you really care for her fight just to make him a solo series staff in just for the look sort of thing where you couldn't trying. Or maybe just like the tip of the some positive story. That would she'll amount of the Puerto Rican problem yeah Kansas added depository GP years ago in the whole band live together mark had a cat named Samsung. Make great catches Sampson depository for no no what we would all I was in the Tahoe that Tom lawless really smoked a lot I was the weight can make guys come back then like first thing element afraid Gina took a leak was my bong hit. And that cat would hear the ball and like come from downstairs really into the computer you know couldn't and jump up on your lap for. So he would exhale your ball hit and then if you pass the mom your money they can Sampson Luminex he would get down off pure luck and hop up on Linux guy and he just sit there early exit on his face and after he got category one and he gives you chill this -- cat yeah nobody is not alive we never held Lehman may do I hate when people say is story tonight I put my carry on bag and we've smoking drama that's macedon define he had that's not cool Sampson would Coleman running when he heard the ball. That's what my old man made some solemn reaction disturbed before where he had have one of those like Foster programs and we fostered a bit more and that's the first we fought from a broken we got started a little bit like less extreme confidence. Skittish. Abused people that in turn it really awesome Dawes and worse like you're like. What is is they're both going to attack us because it who scared the you tell had a rough go yeah but it loves. Pot smoke we never blew it in its FaceBook when we were smoking too would come around what did you start smelling it and Michael licking at it. And then industry and friendly super chill. And that was like what we finally had a moment of okay we're cool all right thank you getting stoned with me and I don't think we're not going to make a faceoff casino more paranoid with this marijuana. What I'm sure cents a million accounts for just in the room one time were smoking and went oh. And then it associated that feeling with the sound yeah. And so would it here that's income run in the stares men running from the kitchen have you got your bong hits out. Kessler we I'd like to get Iowa mine owner and next thing I. Nowadays if you ask a nice way to go inland some. Mom so much thought I would be a starter cat and army what about the mice and that kind of quit you know. I don't know and I I don't I scare them first sack give up too high. Had a rice after that things. Stupid mouse and auto system are voice knows I'm not you I know so when a text about when he read stories and not some detects it rev powers nor restaurant yeah. Who it was it was a lot of fun and it's kind of interesting because. I'm every like the last couple of years it's been. In it was a blast. IA have learned just huge temper myself I don't go completely insane. But this is like the only weekend where I really go out drinking anymore right and so I still go pretty hard. But it is some of my friends have forgotten. How it is like temporary control themselves so there was a lot of leg my best friend brogue and he went completely crazy on Thursday. And so bad that he actually took Friday and what he couldn't get going uses it going just ask and at the end of the night at like nine or ten use just like I'm maneuver home and ominously in my own bed. He was buckle yet he had a he threw in the towel yet he at a hotel room. For Friday throw in the towel went home went to bed came back Saturday a party again. But he was just like I can do it on Friday so I had that. Eight it was just insane on that and wow yeah we didn't Jews DK YU wrestling I talked about the fact that we're gonna do the KY a twister -- you and I wasn't sure that was gonna work it seems just kinda hear the sweet to see had to go to room blanks so yeah climate and that's asks is 69 yet if anyone knows anything about the DoubleTree at sea -- They've got the normal no more holes to hotel set up an and they've got the world means and they've got the fifth wing that is about a half mile away from everything else and that's where you know the poor souls who I can't get or remain any other time there's stagger out there. Or those were the party rooms are that we are not knowing people yet exist in these scenes. I don't think that they've changed the carpets and slay me the sixth time I like and not just what little normal poultry standard yeah I did just that smells like keystone in some summer. Yeah yeah and the yards counting on Matt. But eyes so as their most favorite smell out there these giant sweeps the parties will take out all of the furniture. Compact hills away bring in their own staff. Basically just TARP the entire floors you just tell the wait though though that them them the means to not come anywhere near these rooms for the weekend basically yeah yeah. It's the first churn stuff on hey you know did not really damaging their property you're just using their space and this is Norwest con forty. So there have been many years in many room parties for the end of their years as SaaS. For the most part sometimes it's really funny way if there's like a whole new management set up and they have no idea what they're in for their like would you can't do this and make we've been doing it for many years story there's Jerry are darn. And I was just he was off the hook like all the parties are super fun everyone's having a really good time and everything just worked out I I drink a lot. And Ellis fine because knowing over. Its fortieth mentally it viewed as an earlier that that some of the oil wrestling. China escalated into the Ole bush pseudo boxing like these gold were re. Have vicious when pot. I guess I had a lot of then you know a lot of them come out of a burlesque troupe called the frisky felines I'm pretty sure that's name on them. And so a it's kind of a stack that's when you do in that Christie felines yeah calling different or Huskers in somebody Aaron Tijuana or something that it that it Victoria Pacifica. And so yelled did the KYA wrestling it would be in a kiddie pool. Filled ways I don't know about an inch or so of water and then disease the indicate what Jolie powder added to give it now as slick. But the girls would get super competitive but there have been girls who law like blew out knees. Doing this where they get for winning. The admiration of all the people watching Siemens. Look from all the people watching now hangs like they would get super competitive like who the front row of people you would tell them hey this is essentially Gallagher show I watch out you won game yeah go to. Georgia that either you do multiple leagues that you were just flat and then you do it Lou the what can I say load yes mean. Maybe. We continue years Aurilia gets hit me yet imagine who threw that. Bet I'll ask their ability to produce that yeah party. Group through that there was just like what he's do you know any better if that's I don't know befriends a lewd different. I can't go have been proven in general it's good to get ready. Did you all is slam I do not excel you're born into this role. And I yeah. It was just it was crazy we didn't I didn't know how was gonna work out with a twister well they take this same type of kiddie pool nice inflatable pool put in the middle of the room but the twist stirs things down there in the poll in the pool. Yes there's a whole ring and everything set out smarting have a couple of girls playing twister and you get the whole crowd and how it how close to make you do these girls get where they're bikini button so an it's there is no one piece sort of bikinis so there live music on the keys in the reserve program you have to take pictures no. I got to take your pictures nobody can bring in their cellphones to take pictures they have people who take pictures and if and most of the girls have they signed release forms and all that sort of thing but at the same point if you don't want your picture out there they can go through them with the editing afterwards that you weren't asked as a blur on it -- they all did Richard masks that would be even more amazing I think he's really would be. I mean the girls are hot anyway. But if you just give him a delude to man asked for its. My grandmother's only man that's awesome. We and one of those moments right you know that the the world of us Como the fear of missing out when I fell victim to that because I was like you know there's like. Midnight ten ire. Who regularly selected a hotel room just you know get messed up there we don't need to be on the bus yes some of the guys read the bars or kind stomach the bars I I don't ever really Stefan a farm so we said still on the Boston just get. Matthew WNYC and this is that I got everything on the bus wreck our music at my disposal I've got all that and they'll have put in my body is there. I need to go into a bar so high we go back in whom we meet up with all the guys next day you know like how is less a day do you missed out on my right sure tonight. All we have this guy and he somehow commenced ten of though. WS you swim team girls to end up on the bus and they're like dancing on the. More to this. Okay. Hall of course I miss that last year I mean I was there for the girls end up on the bus and stole money. But I am not there for the time where a swim team shows up on the bus could colossal bomb attacks. I know I'm like you guys are messing with me right now I know yeah. I cut while you were sleeping this little town we were awake. Hi I. And us Ivins didn't bother to check my fault Mike you know what might in the like like got a cool Stephen Ted aren't here now we can bring out hot Charles just like that they can based. At that end of the bar and act like they called a two minute drill like we've just got to walking around trying to indicate that they typically tomatoes are trying to continue to go home with yet. In this situation chatting with any girl there was a party on the bus to keep the ninth going. Well apparently they convince these girls they're like let's particle we gotta get back to our hotel we can hang out long so could you guys drop us off. And Arnold Tom and they're like sure and apparently wanted to guys pulled bridge our bus driver assignments rich they're hotels right next to ours. I don't know how you have to do have the precise. Sort of a little long and Alan duke some Ming this trip longer than it needs to you and exhibit and apparently like well try 45 minutes it was a good drive from the bar to the hotel. Forty minutes until about 45 minutes of one of the girls like. I don't think we're going to our hotel and enrich. And around in circles and apparently they figure that out he was so far away from our hotel it took still another fifteen minute. Can I tell our app after app actually told a long he's gone right or do we have known yeah. I. Yes hello to read here and it's Karmazin was having a good time but it is of course the one girl literally every day to get out this bad when its students to the desert on just calm down we're taking you back to Seattle and shellfish. Gonna learn you girls are swimmers. The two super I don't know what that means that. Figuring out. Odds somebody wants to know via text you've tried treats user 14787. Can we get men in the box cover by window pane. Like you guys have covered that. All honestly I mean. Many. Years ago when policies like guy and I'm sure we can't. Mom are we busted out here and there are I think one rooms on the Zoho that was just keep playing kind of things because we all know well enough to just come blasted it. But all seaweed trying to the nurse Alice songs we try to avoid. I mean even part of the big Layne Staley show that's going on this year at the more theater and all ask fellow calls a window panes gonna keep performing and immediately was it okay what songs is no one. Else gonna. Even wanna. What I like this it's always always men in the box wooed. Rooster earnings then moan. Who owns the downhill hole. I mean all it's Clinton they have a lot of other great solace so we're gonna do armed. We're gonna do put you down off a facelift while one does that gap com areas are and we're gonna do what the hell line which would have greens are often on for years. And I love that song without even without my good music out on the last year what one think but it was the last action hero soundtrack. How are they okay Dave Ellis had two songs on the and I think discounting will now you get other places but at the time he would be that some Turkey that song. I fairway is now one might know I don't know if you is our house and change don't get. I John John cared which is such a great song until you realize how hard it is to play on the drums because. Sean is an amazing. Drummer when it comes to playing so in any way. You can place yeah lol oh Oprah meets with I'll coming out of pocket not speeding up a little defense. And is feeling he's trying to slow until you try and play along elect. I can't play this again which is very rare anybody really swing that pocket cash you know and it's it's a well the single the missy you are they the easier it is real estate in pocket but you and next to nothing against this big huge open groove yeah and you'll you'll keep that pocket man. You won't talk about drumming I got to play this for you tools Bob are Boyd Richie off from under me all dollars and drummer. Right now I know he just posted. A noose on my thunder v.s to replace some of it yeah you guys to hear the drumming pay attention to the bay struck. Oh I don't even think I can play that fast with my hands what he's languages here. Guy is that acting machine you really do like I mean truly I chili dressing alive I'm dying to be we originally located marauders gig is blind yes hi yo I will be there there's you literally no listen that deed yet. Right so this is thunder beast this song is called wings of a demon he just put it up on his FaceBook page and again thanks to all song is great don't get me wrong. Pay attention when her she's doing on the drums the mother after his putting on a clinic. And he's so good and I said the storm to a space and make when he complimented me after our show right off. When we did by the new original show its do send music to your family moments were blown smoke my you don't like yeah. Like I appreciated but like. I'm like where you were out when you first started playing the drums like when men and all of a sudden you figure out how to play the drums and ignore a book they just listen it's unbelievable. Again thunder priest wings of the demon. As originally man on issues these these weeds depository Steve and that's what freedom my legs and feet. While. Eurasia from the wasted now they're on our. I. Yeah. I'm like OK that I still get did you. Open them. I've no idea he's cursing he is a well run the entire thing over and lose those words are so many F words and I don't understand why you saw that last one night club La Soledad it's judges wrote yeah 115 to 160 hull and since Easter cookies good laughs at me and realized. Do you guys are all locked I don't it is HR king we don't know if you really Grateful Dead cover. Yeah and I didn't exactly call out of my friend are just proud how we trust I err on the side of caution there yeah I have the white breads no I anyways that I thought I heard one than that last hole I definitely not only after I don't know I didn't know I had no idea which our own trouble for a way to go Richie. You don't have recently got us in trouble at. But man what happens every preliminarily coming over the moon again I know Cain we're about the play a wings of a demon and music on 12 I got to sort of speed. How the hell do you do that. There's too little Korean woman up there stretching out his calves you don't look at how thank you thank you all you good billion a blur. Yeah leg you can hire two Cree woman to play the bass drum with their hands there wouldn't be that fast. Yeah and it's it's unbelievable what I'm glad you're getting into gear changes to its its debts yeah. Well right Lovie rich while you're a modest step up all the monster on the drums RS got a voicemail. With out hello there are bigger at all. The you're at thank you Brad I also Herat hello. Here you have only. God who that no matter I didn't plan. You do you grow clover it up there. I was absolutely incredible bash. Go to Howard emotion is belted out whole room was outstanding. Hiller got a call and let you know be in my life boat speed is absolutely blown away with a lot of stuff like that. And keep it goal rather I speculator. Thanks brother and she we we talked to come. She and his wife actually had tickets received perfect. Mom and dad are at the Crockett and after the acoustic shows slams they went no skid on C Glenz blues band play excellent come see Clady are no and he hit it to me that he had called and left them messages like hope we get to that but around. That was the show I did it slims are pretty much blacked out mid set and I and I think Ed might imagine like. When our other European middle army EL UI in the days ahead. Who law go on a lot of things are really tearing me down com. In my prime elect some some some really hard stuff those dealing with. And an eagle that culminated on stage at slams under the influence of Jack Daniel's life. And so you know everyone I made there was a one in my song that some pretty Jane Wright a why it's whereas I didn't cry out I can't remember I thought I was crying and stuff I can remember red apparently was a very emotional performance. And everyone there was there was I've been told anywhere be reassured that there was either on the verge of tears are just completely mesmerized that's also I spent a week like. Oh my got a generous it should not bar again I can't go up public what what are we gonna do like because I knew that I come completely unhinged and I was just terrified of people might think I think. Every show itself as a vulnerable human being thought it was vulnerable was probably more like a Carlos sometimes volcanoes blow this guy's had a dinner break and countless other users up resolutely you know alcohol induced emotional human beings yeah yeah I mean don't don't truly know like I think. We see we re constantly beat ourselves down for opening ourselves up. When what you're doing is probably connecting with somebody and higher level than you ever could have if you didn't open up yeah I see it like. But I do a lot like stay in great it'll be different than what you're doing and you guys are just. It I'm not trying to compare but I went to a stage announcer I try and tap into something outside of just being like hi I am Steve. Emblem of a block. I typically am trying to come from a place. Inside of me at some may not emotional my Democrat Steve but like I'm trying to make a connection with the audience on a level that's outside of just had nothing why am and announce who the bandits Graham whenever I do that I always second guess myself after I get off the stage and like I just probably sounds like immediate. And more often than not that's code for the amount that's when most early do you still bring up what I am I read as someone who still bring up announcement they did for Allison change shortcut the Paramount or. I even had people mention my did the staged announcement for your CD release show like how okay he went. Above and beyond a usual stage announcements for me it's like wolf I'm gonna have a microphone wanna make it matter. Yeah yeah. You announces on June 3 to show box sounds like a plan on coming out really don't tell me absolutely. He's the yeah any dope man. I do what they did the fire wrestling as soon as they get a copy of it to fight you have like a great opening should be on route routed to the microphone in crap out or anything. I get LB sort of play free downloads of symbolic rallying the troops manulife I think when your ad read. We have a great opportunity to get people riled up before the band even start playing then when when you duty station announcements and sometimes they they suck pickled soft denounce his where you like in ten minutes. Green Day is coming out and that's a tough one but it everytime I announced a soft amounts actually it's a small Paul Walker. A reward and nine year old Dylan. Who just think. Highlights and sort of Microsoft announced stack actions like when I did yeah heart and I had a I do that no matter how traumatic it must. Long story thoughts when you talk so brief boom or go to Spokane we stop real quick to say aidid's gunmen it would James Charlotte to James he has pot shop called the hot marijuana deep well. Any given so many like out there are like animals in this in that I. Just unbelievable stuff but he also put the bag yours and I also left one my anger in the air and roll like. We should put that like we should round up some shots. And put that in one shot I'm the owners who didn't and then voted to strip club and we'll figure out who got back on that hill yet you we didn't do it but we've got to be funny. I've never because of her tried and I never heard. I'm fighting wanted to Rome almost yellow Donnie curiously I feel like I'm gonna set the expectations too high for the rest now why I got a good honey look I took a little blue pill are these just straight up about it. Yeah well hey hey hey hey Deb until all the time I meant to almost no I'm not threatened by that okay. Cool it's not bad for you to take another sign anything additional people so they can bounce I think it's going to be pretty safe on her until she also has a lot shorted and youngsters don't know what he warned disappointment ideas of good stories my friend solid. Someone they believe given rather my father of Viagra and I don't know what he was thinking but he took a half 41 and crushed and up. He hasn't heard it known and now he kind of rubbed that he kind of power now we can eroded his gums or Iran I don't know why he was so you know might be a better way to take this sort of what's your resume but he said not only you had a horrible owner I don't worry I guess. Said he got a you know register raging. Hard on. But he said his whole face. It followed his face is on fire. Hydrants open up all the blood vessels it is and that's. It feels pulse behind desires that he was trapped in that condition fruit like that tomato and on adult swim all match. It was really bad doesn't own your -- it's differs a noun and a son I'm not trying to be funny this is what happens our I had tricky at gadget and straight around what was funny was only brought a lot of female wrestling wow you got it has but he's he's he's not routers are group around him and go to Colorado and only very hawk talk his. You Leo apple was he madness listen Leo was a funny guy and a great ever drink with him he's another hot broader it is awesome human being but. Leo it don't look Obama Viagra because he was kind of seeing this new woman and was really put it to her like it was just him. Yet that these delegates this call from Leo like a rug you know we I've heard from you couple days GM and hospitals. Well we are going down no no wasn't that basically. He did so much effort and the healing. Tore a bunch of her muscles in his abdomen and she and like mine early herniated himself and threw his back Alex he was clearly soaking up. That is that's why you wonder why don't testimonials you unlike the government are. It looks straight records or these are all guys. Fifties and sixties you know credit strategies and Leo was probably 63 years old I'll just walk in there's chick tough it's. And welcome scared him so well so that'd be almost. I had to go to the emergency room going to emergency room for that. I didn't know what door is the story you tell every single nurses make amends for what happened to you I our ass and look there's Leo they're arguing hasn't heard it's that's like urban legend Randy you go to bed earlier who listens podcasts and although I proudly. On an outing Leo I think that is a superhero tale man race tell me several older man he's an older man he was reckoned this poor little girl and I'm not saying look she's probably easy studios reckon that regardless to the point where he tore his body up so that it should did you instruct them to look up let's. Don't let it. Well loved to have been the First Lady Laura doesn't ask. Why are you year while. Robin effort for nine days straight to it in a row sir I can tell that you have a Boehner. That's not the problem the problem is internal all messed up to eleven. Do what is the. This this day news this gang of cats that bidder to hang around my dad's engine shop with their all seriously characters and a lot of funny stories and crazy that's so awesome. You know even in my dad's good friend he's a brother to meet key twin engine was talk about working on my dad's Gupta sits a 62 core red that he had he got into parts and he was young my feminist I'm on money Mitt. There's always been hot rods and yeah. Dad's. This thing's not stock it all Scott aluminum heads and mobile mobile why not only more people learned your heads but the little Corvette is remarkably quick. And on key was calming tone funnies on my dad that actually has the gas pedal throttle pedal was bent it was calm caved is dead Michelle and and the floor so hard. You know there there are still possible carburetor or New Haven right does the end Keefe got an earnings like Roger you're strong rules meant. Natalie secure gas pedals but it is easily waited to get he would show and so party curb the damn gas pedal I wasn't getting couldn't tell why it wasn't doing like it should legacy wasn't getting as much Roby has the panel was literally concave from Woodstock all put on a bad heart. This these kind of people that I grew up around so awful even carry us all awesome guys a prank each other it's funny stuff but anyway there's much has violated your crew they're sets that's what I grew up around it I'm just you know and and funny you know things exploding catching fire really fast cars to semi sweet little we know pseudo British schoolteacher and mother. Now you know in the house and what you don't know what did I marry and have a child and we create a girl. Yeah I. Gave decidedly below laggards are there who and a great brother you enjoy the love Atlanta thanks for the shout out longer thanks drew. It's good. Are we eight about it make the big scares at gmail.com didn't get the CI do you migs at the Spokane classic but I caught your first game. Dude you're obese BI between the pipes might as that first goal I'll allow me my grandma back call. He just wants a longer lunch you're pretty much yeah. One so I'm the guy I get the putt putt I just trickled into mine and if I would've. So received would have been able to escape quickly to that puck. Just don't bananas only gets one of our guys they got a realistic Pamela and get it out. Why hesitate because I was wasted and I'm looking MI don't think it's common reaction price we hear you know my. No I should go get it and so I start slowly skated into him while one guy the other team discharged and we don't think so I grabbed the puck back. I I can't clumsily trying to poke it away from me gets by means of scores well. Well our shot on goal walks and guy himself like Raul. I woke me up and it never did actually like my lights out to have an end up losing by one goal scorers and gore that we end up losing by it was a weird trickling one. And it hit one of my own guys are kind of rolled off of him and went into the net. If ever they both the first two games that we lost a game winning goals were also. Put into the net by my own teammate. And it was like. I don't like anything like they did like we are yeah. Under review for Venus into the real I was just gonna say all no real option and we panel okay. The whole team was asleep at the wheel but that was definitely a moment that woke me up my best Buddy Guy this guy sodomy and there was an awful goal was embarrassingly bad but. Had it not happen I probably would have played as well for the rest of the game because it was like Steve. Get your ass together as well and two yeah would I allow. Myself right now my main you know these crazy save it back a while what do you do. Another text I've heard about that accurate the new life of agony song makes it's called world gone mad. A place where there's no more paying tank come out soon enough love this band. Yes I have heard it I don't know if you guys are big like the ragweed and now I've heard of them might think. I feel like you're really dig like the select from agony music icon like this part hard core. Mad old. Brooklyn man so they were like part of the Big Three of Brooklyn. It's just did he play and so much of that probably several politics background myself that's where I heard on the gas and their like obviously the big. Brooklyn man was biohazard Ben type O negative those like the two big ones and end. Underneath the shadows of those bands and highly influenced by both those groups which. It's funny because by eyes in time and it's a nothing alike but they got a borrowed a little bit of both was like from agony. One of my all time favorite bands and haven't put out a new record in like twelve or something years less and put out of an a record their lead singer was a man and since then he is transitional. It happens congress yeah and I think that you and I rolled may have to London Bridge together and millions and I had it in your act is played do you. I knew all this rang a bell please go to new song. It one of the Newsom has the world gone man I just heard it actually yesterday morning I was like all yeah and I can't wait for the end of this month when their new record comes up let's listen to a little bit of it. My computer my diet sounds like 2% go to wolf we'll take it out while we can. This is again like from the agony. I feel like you're gonna. Get a quick. Probably get a right away. From seven they love. It's like good. Why not. His voice sound great on this but for the melody for the course I love I can't wait to hear the president. Might already pre ordered final you know you'll laugh when I like good T shirts and did digital download. Why don't I'm very excited for the record. Let's get a lot of great reviews from like most critics of got a real good car then it's kind of disappeared for a long time you come back. With the what is not typically. A metal thing that a fingerprint listening to a woman and I love of their fan base it was like okay. Maybe that makes her happy we're finding out it was her for the music yeah. And I love it I absolutely love that it's sounding great novel fans are great drive again. Guys eventually getting off my back themed tattoo on my chest will get. All gonna happen. Perhaps not flat out right here knows that he did OK okay I don't understand I don't I need any music I've been called let's do. I'm not like our guy got an idea are. No doubt about its precise and another coworker Ashley was a great artist grass yeah are intern she's got this great piece of art that is a mammoth. Grabbing his head like in pain but his head is an alarm clock oh wow plus you'll find pitching great for my life because it's the alarm clock is my. Biggest enemy know in June when the low another go through it was like share that fact to me is I mean I no longer safe in order to be happy and thank wealthy forever for me. The ultimate unhappy if you did I've never need to send more. I don't care what I do your school and you good time now talk about Dallas to new ones. I'm not ZoneAlarm those hall right and I easier you know. Things like food yes. It's it's an unbelievable feeling like when you could just turn off. Everything and just be like you know all wake up when I wake up I should find a picture of an M won't go to do anymore voicemails unfortunately because mow my computer just died matter I. Got a veteran Wallace. Why don't add up and I don't think. I just didn't ask so. We discussed the twister set up the room as yeah yeah that deteriorating and discussion of the hotel but I wanted to you because you were refereeing it's a weekend and the guy the spy on the thing. Yeah right in green dad dad and allies see you are a little bit later dudes. This I I actually lost my voice at the end of this because it was it says this is true that's about the size in the studio. And there's this big inflatable pool in the middle of it and then they just packed packed get aroused and how many people you think drilling. It's kind of I would say around maybe fifteen pac man and yeah yeah they match like people here on the ground troops out reload plug a lot of the job comment on it. Which you know latter exact oh. I just likes the pac men there and then coming out of the nook is this we took the huge bathroom so that's the setup dressing room. So I'll make denounce Maine they come out do a little bit of an intra Freije winds and we just get our girls they're ready okay boom stars started up and I'm just spinning. And in order I mean it's it was like wrestling in the terms of like okay. All well you just. Did right you know right green so I think his right green begin Dominic calls on the male looks a little more all you're changing the rules all we ask scores so why did I knew wolf that's when he knows the answers he changes of course register at it's too hot rod and Reverend Wright. There's a gap so it was just a blast but there are like seriously lights. Chicks who do yoga and a lot of these girls did yoga than. I'm court is critically amazing about just the way that they could bend and flex and move their lay eggs like I didn't really think you could elaborate chess flexible woman. Speaking of which breaks tomorrow we will be joining us and actually I'm makes that sort of juvenile shows of a million years she's escrow. I we will have a soft goods. On. Call Jackie trooper had them ever since are shorter repeater short pass them haggard has only. Kazaa a regular beauty of this gruesome stuff these new. Sort of my model here at the state that would work just honorary veteran returning key but on this evening and she just I don't know if you guys have ever heard of the sausage castle. One in Florida it's a good guy thought it was a six positions McCain and might mean if so I gotta do what scandal and he didn't I don't else's I don't know who this. Guy is I don't know what made him popular famous but he's hilarious to some guy that has. I'm insane house in port and I think Orlando and it's called the sausage castle guys like stitches there rapper hangs out another random people. And we took Brooke and it basically puts a bunch of hot chicks C house is them and they take pictures and and she was there for her like a weekend doing like. A video for stitches or something random like. It's going to be interesting it talked her about what the how the sausage Cassel is because it just looks ridiculous it's like a basically just aren't Exxon gas are down yeah. He had just might Busey might Busey yeah I don't know who he is and how we became famous command. The guy is the hero to most unlikely yeah just search for sausage castle the second you hit is. Two when he insane photos from Mike species sausage castle. In print disease and SFW yeah I don't. What might do in Rome pick what you know I can we supply all the doors in the run and sausage castles oh I don't know I don't know we can't. I don't imagine. Blue jerseys so last weekend OK because I guess there was a there it was a an article from January has said that the sausage castle first up because here's the line. Florida's notorious sausage castle sex Dan burns down. Caller. Like last week I must a remarkable breaks Dave yeah yeah happy that I. Honeycutt I saw a picture of her and my daughter in front of his house because you know this isn't an answer sauces Cassel of course you gonna be over the top. It has his name might Busey like in a giant sign outside of his home yeah I welcome to Mike do you see I had there was a graphic overlay no I don't know it's an actual just show it yet under the Jamaica by imaginary in this tense neighbor there's the picture. Tosca Brian bless his heart from that you yes there's a big it does it looks like a graphic overlay react to its Riordan is a little palace it's insane and imagine it's funny and I like watch some kind of clip with enemies like Augusta redneck doing stupid S and he's like whoa dude you've figured it out deals yeah welcome to Florida word rednecks can do. It's just like. There the here's a picture of a bunch of gun clips on a bed. Outbreaks of Barley posing those guns yeah OK yeah Asian and there's there's like a Pug in the middle and it just hanging out. Online yeah. Yes I can't wait wait out the sausage castle Barack its biggest interviews yet so looking forward to that next week we'll bring to Mario and really quick as wanna show you. This doesn't into the pockets this is that this is that's the drawing them from turning into a lifeline that's really cool yeah that's what they are organized circular logo and put it in the clock that's going to be my iPhone wannabe rather do yeah I don't know if I wanna do fall just of this big piece or of these people beyond one. Booed. I have ever that is totally random but I'm just not a big fan of well an idea on dig it doesn't matter she's a she's so many girls mule beautiful breasts do the chest piece I don't have beautiful and while while her life. But its job and I just say immediately dude dude over your your review right breast yet. I do it on your chest off summer like or you would be honest you only want one who might economist at him I'm curious I just edged blurted out everything was in my head big. Yeah I think that's super awesome and it's a great piece I would do it got old Ria ops center will tell it like the way I isn't that the doctor Julien earlier heart right there. As long as you don't do we Brock Lesnar penis so word I won't I will completely and totally go with whatever Ted do you want and what else is gonna work into it I don't know how but I mean because it's going to be like comic up and tribute to some measure bans into my serve and and one being life Emanuel being people more. And I'm gonna take the artwork from the real thing those flames that are falling it's like a water droplet yet you'll somehow worked that in the back relatively cool man yes maybe I'm just will be back. The other tests will be. That that was exactly man it's killer that some pretty pumped about battered women do have madame be on the lookout Tony after Mitchell coming. Pat import orchard and you and I gonna have a session player or multiple sessions because I'll be a lot of fun with it but yeah I can't wait next week we're gonna talk to Rachel Barley about hanging out in the house of guns are part. You get an update this is an insight into the life from an exceed insanely attractive woman write like this what it's like to be gorgeous and fun. Anyone or. Already in 20 yeah and consider what Florida's all about I got a message from hers and of music I'm going to Orlando. Now Mike awesome why don't Americans I guess it's like while we're going organ it was a message and they all going to be a music video Mike Sweeney whose NGOs stitches in my football. Game it makes if you don't know statistics million stitches in his you can handle it up on us and we can't play because he swears he never saw in every usually goes. I love sell them below. Yet put a break in Europe they all fully met again. Yeah I had a ridiculous any on apologetically singing about. Dealing and doing it in. All types of cocaine references and what it was big it is I've put a brick in your face. News Briscoe cocaine and apparently she knew some like I'm dying like oh wow nice and then I see some these pictures on her snap chat and one of them was at the sausage Cassel might. Since the thing I've heard about and I looked it up like you've got to be kidding me of course there's special you really just shows up go to this place and be an apparently shed a threesome with two other checks and sharing that America so we have lots of questions and hopefully she has lots of long drawn out answer app backlash perhaps all right so and enter Iraq not. Yet. No wires will be fun for all the children are of course they're looking what they wanna do in the future. Trinity man a female I hang out at the sausage from Australia and I am not we get an invite to the sausage gas do you really want in my console seems consumed I can't get a toward orbit. I was just in Orlando and agents Frederick stitches all marry I feel really yes she is AJ Francis is working on a hip hop record any claiming some of the sub before its been out in a bloody what are some that's good European and it's really good. But one of the songs that best song and I heard that he played us. Was a song that has stitches on it why. I heard him rap and say I wanna be on your record I'll do for free man wow. Apparently he knows stitches which means you must know sauces castles. Saw Mike do you see. So for him too small world. What do you color Hans sausages. And right and that's a bad idea until I. Asked dad if you like the most Florida thing you would cause some else to stay out of it. But the phenomenon what yeah I'm gonna combined with it and hit it and it hit August. I did you look at resubmit the deal on them to be override 321 battle they've got battle mania as you know we've had our -- fondle and Eddie van glam on our show I believe I know for sure and he's hustling I would be surprised if we see an appearance mama fumble as well if drama lots of great stuff to be having their Joey Ryan he's going to be there wrestling with anxiety mango and they're going to be a tag team. It should be a great night it's there is still wrestle mania of the year 4321. Battles go battle mania. And from what I'm hearing it probably will people be turned no way at the door so. Get there early get in line that's on the great time hopefully I make it in there because I might be one of the people tonight at the door. I'll find out but sync should go a nuisance suit immediacy and I. Mom Florida sausage castle they're not once sold out to. That's me like their summer slam the sausage got I call. On the boards but I got guys going on this weekend. I. No I don't think shot in regulation and you can actually don't know I Shia and up that wasn't the reason I'm wanting going on this weekend is Tony and I are gonna go out to you. Kyle court from two perfect and has go other. All knew they live and kind of and near slash two on a horse ranch and that's one editor does and so we're gonna go there. Chill color replacement guitars I think Tony skirt and your horseback riding with another awesome and we're gonna have a little old vacation and so we're gonna we're gonna vanish on Saturday morning early and then return late Sunday evening in just go hang with. With Heather and Connell. And three incredible people and Glenn that's how I answer I will have a vote leads in anchors us. It. May not do its job chorus line. Horse maybe I think going on this weekend this weekend Friday were going up to the tulips all Americas to oppressed and boy that long drive alleged plot over there is an add on and so Friday well and it's also because it's partially if I have to don't I have to figure out a way to get sick Sundays my wedding anniversary. I'd do this chocolate Harry Potter painting and we're still doing mess. Yeah that's a nice time. Michelle I love you I know you listen to the podcast we shall you've lost your husband don't take them to go to the fastest. Michelle absolutely wrong I haven't said a word about it. Smiling and nodding her husband in total approval polio we're totally saw the inside the school or if it's an hour may unload a lot of flowers nice. I'd sit out this is part of her you tell you she has set out to do eighteen a month the first month was made tamales second month was any different volleys again getaways original route at like like no thanks for the French Mac guru so I know like that HR's does that mean but one of them was to go see the tulips this year somehow bring that and we're just going to use. Do this and and I can say that I've seen them and then. And you know well I'll look forward to your review. Every day out through dozens. You know all masculine Lee's side I bet it's blue but it's beautiful mate and probably it's really beautiful and real well this is he really simple little it's a great site the dead it's like after five minutes you realize you drove flight three hours to get you there we're gonna get caught Edwards I do for fun doing this on a new pictures and I have to announce Friday and is a good idea traffic it's all. Yeah he's home. Only that I do saw Q going to have a car drive you hold your wife sandy tiller how much you love her brother that's a no I saw you roll hit our general and the Angel of good this really took us agents are here as all or possibly cause the Tories and shove it up where you need to know about the time you don't we talk to your arms and should find a way to full movies this where you and I ride in the back of the car. But Michelle can't see or hear us. You're theater very out there straight in the back at red red pullover and get a drink the bachelor I didn't actually got a the ability to read the novel Christine good movie like that movie a mr. Brooks when he looks in the rearview mirror some of us do is Alter ego it created movie meet new friends friends. I don't of the year I love that movie would mainly though because they killed Dinka. Yeah did you know you go to movies like mr. Brooks total yards jewelry watch it when we're in bed together because she says the sound drug user nightmares through there and then she yelled really nicely to Joseph found traction but you're watching bags we always for the movie to go to slips were telling about mr. Brooks in just a straight she's just you'll know now there's a static. Like her come up mr. Brooks. I'm a party here do you think Jamaica's you have I think you have less tolerance of things and I do. Of they go much tolerance of things you don't wanna do then go on and I combined and Matt I'll do it seriously you get a tad impatient I get very impatient and it was funny because Friday traffic. Is as severe as BS meter hit in there are times when you there are times when I will accept the traffic flag when we like doing like the rock girl stuff and have to go from Tacoma all the way to quill seat. I presented as an impossible amount it's awesome right I accepted that but we're going to four hours. And we're putting them into it looked great an overpass that guy Marysville of course it is a marriage law and I don't who has missed the idea is somewhere don't nor OI guy needs gadget I she'll lose I don't know that's what's important what is your browser does that grab turns the vehicle around by light. I would say average did you says after. No he's take his wife all these seats rooted I feel like it's gonna lead to an argument I will do you a bet with you cash that there were over under on the meg gonna scale of one to ten how miserable years. So when he comes back to the gap on them as you level it was previously less than five were more than I don't you write down let's write down our numbers right that we read does it. I never had. Tell us five and two music I'm into music but what the business of a from a scale of one to ten how miserable work because he had don't think you don't think that I'll actually in west of the epic happens I will not turn the car around right that sort of thing but misery scale of one to ten that's a good indicator tax us for anyone who wants to play along 253271. Viewer said in its attacks in just a number or just give up front I don't want and we can average about all this intends to gotta love gives you humans and if so can. Being emotional is what I. Had to look at our stats on the paints gets to go and its allies are these guys and I got our numbers down. Yeah I. And Spinal Tap for there are always bad and even though he wrote in his big test I don't make it to the end of the podcasts at Texas 253271. Dollars an 87 Minnesota scale of one to 1010 being the most miserable. Where the revenues that when it comes to going to hook up. Good to look vessel and Michelle do listening to Texas your response yeah. Yeah. Fred Bennett in the rest of our. You're always you're walking what is on your hands Michelle what is on your hands so enjoy that one thing this month a brazen. Why would rent and flip the app now because the trap well she got cash and that's some social search of the pushing the edge. The future and have you really do hit a breaking point can you please leave events on the mideast has no idea I I'd lose my mind they'll be like a bathroom voicemail that's the might that give us a review eloquent voice just remembered that I did that come about through maritime accident. I had a video wasn't viewing a video who I was Boston it was a major in America. I don't know I just what you said that it just flashes in my mind that I'm dumber and you do that please do. All right let's get out of here and thank you guys it's always listening next week. Great so far only making her trump trying to comfort indeed terror into the mix our only goal largely illegal she did is he really comes to drinking. Eight and June 3 shoebox market those tickets are going. Faster than we expected soon hit OK until they really are an armed hit window pane social media presences. We combined directing the menu as well off but there's if you plan to awesome you see yourself all the ticket fees. So definitely hit window panes social media and get your tickets. Com because we're sort of on fire I don't want to jinx us and say it's headed for sell out but give no show box to get to June 3. Nice all right big thanks a billion Riley from our Mary Maher on six out of Tacoma thank you for bringing all these things and and this depositary is welcome and I Brothers insistence that a system seven value after playing this Saturday April 22 over at the hard rock got to be up. A great time so could take up the poison systems seven Halloween bag makes you rich a Barley. Until next week stay positive.