Migs Cast 04/25/17 "Rachel Barley & Mike Busey"

Tuesday, April 25th

This week we get a peek inside the Sausage Castle!  We had our bud Rachel Barley in studio to chat about her recent trips to Orlando to stay at the ultimate party house, the Sausage Castle.  Rachel shared some incredible stories that involved easter eggs, the human centipede, and a black eye! We ended up calling the man who owns the home, Mike Busey (at approx 26 minutes in), and Mike was AWESOME to have on!  Check out the Sausage Castle, and everything else that Mike is up to here: MikeBusey.com 

Also this week, we find out if the Rev melted down during his trip to the Tulip Festival...Glenn shares some horror stories regarding buying a house...and Steve dealis with some bladder issues during the show!

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I don't shop at the time I. I sure am my introduction is just you have a hot chick in the studio yeah. I don't think my minutes didn't make the near the revenue of why don't Ohio and that's hot chick is Glenn can tell you that I appreciate that you're gorgeous I took a shower this morning. The Washington Jack Daniel's loss was a Jack Daniels canonized a matter if you well last night that I might be thrown out of my house to score on these. I'll GL yeah yeah yeah com just. Involvement in the solar like Harvard down yesterday as well and so you're working on a country record you have no idea I'm not. Home god yeah. What better day to have racial Barley some. Suddenly get your mind up. What is the country songs she would relish and Jack Daniels actually sided depreciate I actually dead although I. Original discussion of personal welcome back to try to return rates of Barley won the last semi I don't like two years and years ago this month actually want oh yeah wow happy anniversary. Less than two years ago UN maybe 101000 people following you and insert how we talk about his day it ever talk about yeah should I saw cracked 10% of cracked ID 5000 but I don't think that's amazing again. Two won't. You guys have a social media that's why essays or social media hates me I don't know what to tell you I'm glad I. I. Am reading about a guy who's saluted in Vegas that he didn't yet and then he met he had to keep the three year and then all she got so much positive attention from women. They each have to afterwards yes. I never girl's eyes appeared. And it's that I should be used to end that can in good god go fund manager and I am and that's that he's in really clever 1000 athletic I don't remember I know that he won the bet and got an exorbitant amount of money he Donald can decrease of two what you live in the bathroom for a month another guy. Not only to see him probably party return. The Mittal is a recipe. It's. A monument he's crazy I got my and I hope transcends. Good so the Democrats ever talk to you two years ago 101000 all odds that's amazing all my gosh now here we are two years later you're a rock girl which is our. And also how many dollars you know have an answer Graham I think on an 86000. It's all because of our podcast before that you know actually it easily by a Catholic I have Lamar coach. You know us well I'd 90000 a Merle your fake profiles. I was like I wish we guilty Mannheim number we've got to follow porn stars tonight your wife know and that's when you actually talk Archie the wrestle over your life you'd know that but her and I had a conversation or. I joking amendment meant this series is a joke with the hockey to my plan on the donkeys we have a donkey Twitter and a donkey in sir Graham blew it why do you buy that like. Just so we can follow all the hottest girls in the world and not have to like. I have our our significant others get mad at us for following all the hottest girls in the world. Some throughout the donkey Twitter does sound like a sexual position I thought I doubt I Kentucky governor doesn't that some suggestions and I we need to. Suppose that to our urban dictionary coaches listen you can do about that certainly set the sub about a month ago that you're gonna commander in and it was. Awesome I guess it's been a wallet you know time just kind of flies by mega didn't feel like that long ago I can't believe that's been our nearly two years comic she's been amongst senior and that is awesome. But then in the last month. So what should happen in your world I know are all so happy that your on this podcast yeah I've been crazy. Yeah yeah I don't know it's like blustery weeks did things and just like god like crazy so you've you've now spent they'll make two weekends in Orlando yes. We talked yet. And the reason being is if you're basically taking a residency at a place called Vermont getting. It's called the sausage castle you know and it's not a place that's owned by a man by the name of my PC. And I love my DC cop because this is how he describes like his life and the sausage castle. And you have. You want to lose it's now. My business. I. And I. I took a picture I grabbed its of that are you guys to see and also there's an amazing campaigning at his house of him coming out of a woman's you know what's key now birthing but that is his house that is the sausage castle apparently saw the first of but I don't break eight of them Diaz had eight sausage cast. Hello how this guy Miami city you hung out there are so do you know how he came to be in a position to own that home artists like him there's so I don't know how I know that he's making money off of he does that premiums snapshot which is like the seekers snapped acts are so much crazy stuff happening no time making just so Uday and commit. Don't want it typically women are Dimon you do that the premiums not yet stopped and I know a lot of people let's do it and it's so great I mean do if I was check I didn't that's saying like look. I hope you know like you're zero judgment on anything that you don't like it if I had if I was a female and look like you I would probably not be alive right now because I just feel like Colin buck wild. Bullying is that you were going to be in somebody's truncated I don't. Which circles you run and you survived being hot chicks feelings or throw that well there's there's going to be like my own fault not on the analyze kind of thing closest to my life but for so you can you got a snapshot stuff and I see a lot of chicks do that and I would imagine it's a decent or very good money into the end. I mean you told me how much I'm in anger and and swing for hours last week. In plans I'm not even science fiction what I thought I had bro. Right. And I'm not even doing anything crazy on there is like the weird part so what it would if you if you can without him geographical what do you do on your side and what isn't is that it's like you're just like taking nudes of yourself in the new post says it's a story that people paid sign up to watch the stories. No so you just like you know. Take a picture you posted and that's that's it. How often you don't make sense to you all the time that you cannot take no degree assault could have given you like 2030 but yeah. I'm like really desensitized to it as I've seen so many. Yeah you advance. A lot of I don't think it's something they did say quickly that long math. Talent that arrive. Word amateur Don bunting and hockey models are Santiago all ideas that we would see and you know it does that. So as urban warriors like wow okay now what is impressive compared to all that was missing guy is dead. And nothing can tennis. He I. Rarely do I hear you figured out it is performing acts on himself no I'm not going to hold on June mes sells his soul is a late night considering and yes and I can't think I'd like I was asking my how did she do that Blake. Music go to CN just you know they know learn yoga yeah. If you're younger right yeah I still can't touch my toes is that all. The idea of being able to do that to myself and I wish I would surprise my wife when they may note also realized in my marriage and you want semi. Murder murder murder through all. I'm sure I talk that I would just great push you off the couch so that you. Hello all your back yeah. And then as soon enough I don't like it's amazing that you. Also does his own premiums not sad because people know that what he's going to film at his sausage Cassel is stuff that they wanna see yes. Yup you find him on such as Mike do you see your DR imagined to track him down to get the premium on the website it. My BC dot com I think of my beauty dot com data pelican of Korea but that if you're as we got a call yet and if he's a Delaware you guys because I honestly this guy I'm I'm perilous time and it gets weird over there. All right so let's talk about the sausage fascination Orlando. We aren't exactly sure how he became famous but he's like an Internet famous studio. And died to see the real fun loving party kind of got it awesome and I read something man it and they are super we talk to but he said that he doesn't touch alcohol or drugs. Yeah yeah that's why does Johnny he's got the AD is this has got Monty pool that's why he could pull off these party fight you need somebody who somewhat sober and another guy. Otherwise it's just gonna sit out I mean then that maybe not a good way to third term used there's going to be furniture ground couldn't house has burned to the ground a few times but like if you don't hustle and somewhat. Sober keeping order of this chaos I can't imagine would last very long. Yeah party I think has like two years ago and there's like 4000 people there and he was dressed up in a Santa suit and they arrested him and his mug shot he saw that he had you peak seen in. He got arrested because he had so many people of this party. At the sausage cast death so how are they discover Rachel Barley. Oh it was stitches so I'm I'm different than there ever such as an eye how are you friend with a reference to your genial face of I love so blow he was so cool I'm like I have to party at this guy so he called these like camera players or we're never gonna hang out I'm like okay cool. But I didn't know where I was going I thought I was just going military stitches house next to house you know I thought I was going to get us and I hope I remind dreading this Newburgh like an hour and a half in the middle of nowhere and I'm just brought probably achieve fair. No yeah I was like a hundred dollars. Thank you my movie rental car and I'm getting scared in my nervous like 45 minutes into the strata in the middle nowhere. I'm pumped his status as a sausage castle on that and my hybrid drivers looking at me like. Where are we you know I'm not cut but I don't want to. Five star rating or not yeah. Where are we in about a minute like Omar go automatic faucets I don't Denny started freaking out. Is gates open and I was like. And managed just like eighty acres of like curly Wyatt like crazy crazy stuff is going on everywhere. Just averages but I'll tell us yet who saw let me just when you showed up commie chicks are at the sausage or ask a floor there's Florida lived there but there's like you think you have to nerve. But for bro yes yes I got. So enemy more sense of I honestly think that I feel like the sauce and castles better than Obama mentioned. The next generation is the next light is the president will do longer on the bathroom so there's always I want to bring console on and I've won decrepit old. And let me know and judgments they can do what ever you want yet. It's my BC dot com are looking on and on like there's they're like mission statement sort of thing he's just talking about I'm trying to have a good time having fun no judgment in these I did what this guy's guy like he's like he's just totally inept partying and. Having fun did you Cheri Cheri I also had me a midget it. Again I just wonder where I went wrong in my life how many years is just again just as white trash do you bet heavily that time in my mansion right he I don't know the bigger that I didn't like what. I swear is visually things ago when that I had do like beaten up the Dalai Lama and a past life return. I'm just not putting this together that's like you might be doing when you go to sleep again as it's Tyler Durden thing that's why Tyler Durden that you are mom comment for you Rihanna looked like you a look at apps like you have five beat up priests like all that's why are controllable it's going to be up every so you're in your rocking China what happened how did you get a life why did you for the priest how. Then just it. Or notre Kirk did you get involved with the mr. Percy yeah I saw action. Dealing yak there's been a weird couple weeks I was so I got to write that down for a question I was filming it. A hot clearing this can't and it's like the clear raiser for Wheeler type thing but it's like cooler looking at. And that I was sitting on the skies lap and he is filming it from the outside and we want to do a cookie and we rolled it three times and I flew out of it means EI and sound and I what's the sausage castle and there and I don't know I think it's tennis or some stuff that goes on that I like good guys in this. I was taking shots off of this girls who rock movement and that the bottle slipped in the head in the face again tonight Alec out a big shiner. Is he the same thing. Let me add my first time. I'm not we have got some odds taco salad. And I got a bye yeah. Did you see it be you're gonna clean my shiner. And I was going to get better and doing out here yeah like I was doing shots off for girls who line the bottle slipped and we'll have to get any idea yet know where Israel and our Alexa Lee doesn't change us and didn't have a yeah putts and he asked my phone I said no yeah yeah good as it behind this go away yeah. You know occasions and one text that you live consumer view bomb the new UR introduces us has got to my stitches yes this is such a weird for you weren't I know we were having this conversation with you. Two years ago now. From two months ago from gas price. So when you go to because obviously I saw some of your snaps I mean there's stripper poles in every room there's an incredible room of just like. But it makes stained glass but instead of my driving glass it's of all these like rock starting to yes Kirk Cobain and mainly in an amazing and I get refreshed it's as to why not prove it's it's the reason why I look like you're still what do you do I think go to the stain glass Hendrix man yeah I got Hendrix are Cobain their friends it's like it's like the whole wall but I can't. Really well not yet it's and so that's a sticker now. It's not that they it's just like. Plastic Don to I don't know should donors realist in that I don't want to talk to what I want I want I want some in my house I would Stew ST yeah and it looks cool. So when when you get there. And as women doing crazy stuff we're gonna talk about some of the crazy stuff that you have to share with us is there any sense like. Is it like more like an unwritten understanding that you're you're gonna stay here weird stuff is gonna happen guarantors or like someone like comes out with like legal paperwork and it's like oh no. And non disclosure agreement right. There as well on the door but it just says something like you're going to be videotaped. You're you're you're you're in a place that has no right yes yes good let out your idea like yeah. We're using your image and likeness and a pit and all parts ya now. I like to go back to the midget stripper things yeah. Yeah. It's really just don't know it goes I've got I've got lots of those who have relatives and links to your legacy that he is demographer with good yeah we're on court you know more notes for this interview them iPad for like an interview with like Dwayne the rock John yeah. I have more and I. As I have been ignoring your sitting in fact. Act. I had these in my nose discover agreement OK we did revert to tackle those craziest thing done while there weren't that. Black guy we covered a you also Brooke you clavicle yup how'd that happen glove really mad thing. Oh yeah double whammy yes I'm an hospital does heart or you got right off of a plane did you bring your old old love. Was the broken clavicle enjoy yeah hazing and as a black kind of broken clavicle guy you couldn't tell him what she said somebody else right deadline a scratch on my leg of the recall your umbrella. I don't pull this off and Miguel Eric Ferguson moved you do do you. I have got Easter eggs which may route into and half a second group human scent of need these are all talking topics how grateful Barley. But let's get back committed stripped her of what happened with you an image of course she is there. She chooses their issue isn't did you get an amount that we are missing now did you make any Scheyer jokes now. I did she have her return to the opponent I thought I thought this issue possession of a reunion and then all of a particularly on the ad man. And your hot links. So you're just. Just imagine little midget stripper with a big Afro and shoot beef road or you know radio mile area or didn't do it now so that you were piggyback ride along dark sun even Jimmy sets us up actually and I'm sure you get Ireland mount thanks favourite for these are no lawn darts. The music and own pollutants and yeah. They get my hands a little weird resemble lollipop guild. What did you if my computer words don't know. So was your first two weeks' time being around a midget stripper yes yup that's a bit of good action and what was Sammy yes number seeming endorsement. Endorsed Barack shows all the time he was kind of Seattle icon once a year you begin a scooter. And ride a scooter naked down off Capitol Hill has also trying to be president Ali how awesome is certainly was my broke the when he moves you LA. It literally the stranger got a picture of him and it was a big full page article on Sammy. And it was a shot him crews are now off capitol hold on monster beats naked on student I'm not just like odd man. And you know what dangerous so he. Yeah well I guess also I'm just picture in Rhode rational wrong. But you know and girl. So I Easter eggs. How my gosh I think I think this might actually phone line with the crazy thing you saw while the I think that was the craziest thing anti trust hustle. It was my first like three hours there and I think it was river for Easter and we got this idea. To address this girl up and this Easter Bunny outfit and she's gonna get Nagin and we're gonna put Agnes. In her who often they're gonna pay again URL and choosing an aunt amber around and other gonna pop up and we're gonna make a video of it but debt eggs got stuck. Well no. And they are the ones like Britain have yet the little classics like and how does I don't know synonym for it can happen that any fun. Inside out like god no we definitely definitely demand we're gonna put treat a membership but no treats and we're like OK maybe consider diet issues. So this thing open minutes inside ever Google who would you a lot of pain was are pinching regular I think she liked it but yet the video I have the video to thank my doctor. Can you show one video now street and Hillary is a little plug it in yeah are you okay. Plug in the audio yeah I'll be ready yeah they're really bad word attorney general and a lot of data. This is where make it short cable June because I was like hello foreign match there yeah played it before it's are you get it all right Ivan Sutherland. Oh there's no headphone Jack no mart women sort of zero but it appears Martin magnified by your your fancy I. Load your resiliency as the movement of the guys seen this or am I the only 10 yeah and it doesn't before. And we haven't done it this that could. Talk radio Australia. And again it's this happened at a potluck for my church as well newsroom here. And then I am in the desert really. Got to passwords where we get bag out though. We were gonna ticker to a hospital. I just haven't and hospital. All thank god she does are actually connected to each other guys so they didn't have to finish out two halves. And I just yeah. Digital I just was concerned about internal pinching and I can't. Right because that you're cut your finger on one of those trying to close hitters on the road you're up horrifying and I can't imagine audience in a column does ever seen this alumni are guys another different. I always and thanks in one merited serious threats and out there. He's been tossed. Yeah yeah so I need to vendors and you know. He had an avenue that I can see the humor to lose my yeah I'm like why she let the I thought that was it. I mean face it did it's not it's a little face Jack I think it was so they'd say oh wow OK some believable. So glad though because my my knee jerk too that was all my god that's so much about a volatile and tell you how did they even might. Whose idea was it that paves Easter. What better time to hide Easter eggs anyway Sally over here has turner classic he makes his like you see the videos on this but they're like one and along in their dislike funny. He makes sense for a living so he just like comes up with views like crazy ideas all day long and a deck. Like pitch you an idea but everybody is there is down infer what ever so the second evil in the second he's like let's get us around like you and still hit it. So then I'm then you have also narrowed again I've missed the boat in Manila. I'm not a sweet life I have failed at life Jessica we have products. I love the balcony and I am thrown myself off you guys can have my stock of the here's a Great Britain on the weekend I don't know are you guys are up to you on that sat on the couch watched television racial Barley is hanging out at the sausage castle. Trying to get an egg out of a certain body part because one she wasn't the bigger she just captured the moment I I I wasn't sure I wanted to be the digger Cooper Hewitt etc. I wanted to yeah. It's just I guess he's document that you actually shockingly I mean she looked like she was really just a. So wasn't her idea originally there was invite somebody. Yes. Yes she's tried the coolest person at the house yet yeah I mean I know you were not for doing that I thought about it all day and then bungee jump in before you can get a second Agilent and it just went. And dislike. And then I was like I can't believe I'm so last shows -- yeah I don't know if I'd made a good choice that I'll do what Cadbury egg but I won't do the plastic usually go Lotta tests you're somewhat on the back of lag there and I wondered if it was egg retrieval in the first half turns on it I think it was like a vodka loader back inside it and if you really close habits of happy Easter. She was wearing rabbit ears while doing she was wearing road here's what I go all in with the cost you know this might wanna read you what I try get up Mike on the phone earlier while we have a second it's obscure gym Mike arraigned. Mean I don't know I know. Rebel there yeah I got it through via an influence we can hear everything he's got to move the starship controls I'm excited to talk time and I love my game. Mike seems awesome. Oh I bet some Buick he sounds terrible note I think everybody loves them he seems to be gone just like a nice guy. I'm gonna treat him like a student counselor link dude what he would do as you prove you go less work please. And more freedoms and I'd like to you know to have Easter scenarios going out from under I didn't. This awesome. Against of the sausage castle if you ask or YouTube search you'll find video anyone to show up at this place or to die fairly regularly. Trying to reach has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet I'll read prior to arise later chided him. Pitch a ignoring her calls. So I try to Iran. Hammers us well. I'm sorry depressing you're trying to earn an additional I'm sure you're doing math it is just please try your call against. That's weird try summary and is is it let's just remember this at all error before. I plug your phone into my. Board but isn't this flu shot offer an airplane mode it would dump street to wall and out service I there's a farm wife has some wondering if it's sad just the face time. They still should well yeah I'm not a hours wearing a lot of overtime and then if not more hot we know you all Eminem we can just do facetime controller looks so. You publisher later today kid. Guarantee you guys are you look. Could tank. It was. I'm like why Mike who's an eastern Joker now. Or. Hearing your equipment helping dancers tomb. Busier now with the Easter eggs. And murders and other crazies and we're going to ask you I or my first question what are you doing right now at the house. That got it. I'm 45 when I'm sorry depression you're trying and voicemail Narayanan. What a jerk and it's changed my. Soon Florida so with any luck he's asleep in my dream world I'd still be asleep. Did you Texans on the yeah I simply trying Coleman will be at 10 o'clock we'll give it another shot that's about the limits on the homes. Yesterday morning at 07 yesterday mishap yeah I was having assume morning we were up drinking on the eye and I I blacked out and I look up an all my snapshot followers are messaging about this humans and impede them like. Whom I got I hope I was the party asks I have to urban dictionary excited you know what I was to expand you have to look at. How cool I thought I saw you are. Aid well all of you have a strong melody and ultimately I had I had the middle piece that I was I was scared to watch the video because they they videotape down that the cica snapped. But I am so okay. Com here's my question is it all women in the Siemens going to be I think so yeah how this is amazing my PC please answer the call at. Here credible thing that I think. And it's on on the secret son a few years now can you pull up the secrets not can be I don't have lived all caves to see her dad and I can't enjoy the senate Piedra. Let's stick theatrically and myself are right I sort of knew I had no idea that it happy I had no idea until people started snapping up being like. Rachel that was loss on another thought it was awesome that I I get to watch it. So why were you just not open and maybe it was a bad angle or citing I think I was like you know about sloppy drunk quiet but as soon know if I want a death when you were so drunk that you don't remember performing human senator Barack. Which are typically remember when I do it. Glenn it was on my Sybercom common front and I heard about that changed my diet since then until we bonds yeah I'm just. There are clean so I can't ask them how was proposed because you're too drunk to remember I have no idea propose. Student would you like to do human so dependent adult. It wasn't proponents have college foes alike is that another topic for among younger journalists opposing Dayton to marry her parents how bad. A fantastic congrats a single out what he's socially inning when he was in the room. Oh yeah. Look lead in the mid. You can tell us so we Malone got some they're getting a. Black guy from from above a bottle. Easter eggs being hit in the interesting spots midget strippers and a human senate Pete would be the craziest thing you've seen what. What's it. I think so yes I think they certainly stag was by far the strangest thing embarrassing but it was funny after you get used to watch I know people walking are getting a call from a hot country. And he. Hi K I W. They have my my writing and. What's gone Ahmedabad and I don't first of all your my new hero yeah. Well they didn't help dude. How much talk with Rachel on the makes cats and now the Mike BC thank you for joining us man jobs hey I love everything I've read on your website just about. You have a great attitude about Palin might be short let's have fun mistreated for each other well and have a good time while doing it in I think a lot of people could walk away without a great lesson from that. While also enjoying the insanity that is happening at the sausage castle. My man how did even the sausage castle come to be like how did you pull all this tough call because you were the hero amongst all of us. Well thank you very much well it has admitted that there was no standing doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. But started to do all the wanted to go to private Christian college to. Wow he looks like a live when I got. That's an owner grants are available using your pros like college but recant never ended up about how bout we just kind of started. Where does one they have good time. Nagging worry about to have been you know have some crappy grenades they turn the music down or they probably should really go home. Do you like I I. I didn't know it all there are people that don't don't appreciate the little winds are light and I happen. They appreciate the C I would think did their people try to do enjoy a good day and that. When it happens 24/7 that's when somebody will probably get their breaking point and it sounds like you don't have that breaking point like you wanna go on 24. I Harding would have their breaking point many many many years ago. So almost I mean that I don't live normal people don't have a leg up any effect about it over Detroit. Well that's just not a day yeah old Thursday. Strippers to hit an Easter eggs we just heard he's not a very good like a Monday through Saturday it doesn't really. I have been a deliberate I'm like bubble around the house. So good you Liggett brigade. They give B Monday afternoon or it could be Friday night there really has no respect for aren't being heard from what I it truly is like about it. We were saying how like you know basic first the X amount and you go you really lose track and all concept of time and space in reality. That sounds like your home all the time. He had a new and all the windows are pretty boarded up pretty well you know I let it let our. So what are we got a bigger rove in there is a fair amount. People are close but I think. So I'm not the wanna know Rachel might know if you think about that if she is definitely. She is beautiful as she is very very far and think you know she's a Mac at the eighth inning guy to ever absorbed. Mall. Not that I like follow it and it may. Lot of Seattle implored it really nice weather you know. I know I got to talk to her when not provide most now must address. The presidency when I got more to welcome the government the official everybody. I did. Number I think both of why don't thanks Brothers took an amendment digits up my computer on torment Iowa that you have viewed this beautiful but it. What's critical hours just in town in Orlando for wrestle mania weekend and I would there I was there jets have mutual friends because I know you hang with stitches and my body is I'm you probably know AJ Francis he's a football player. I would be recorded album here my house. That is how okay guys that's first he played a bunch of tracks of the track with him and still I stayed at ages house when I went to wrestle mania. The track with him and stitches is all right Hooper with related thing yet you say they've always. I know is that I always occur now. I'll do this is insane a small world but yet he was claiming all the tracks off of his upcoming record and end European and an enormous as is my favorite dot and. He had a ball build your book out so she's asking me that film a recorded at the start I guess America that's emotionally I love it yeah. I thought he went like some of the regular studio edited out of you know Oregon when it's like school for film and audio. But there's a lot of servers and all good. And how this scholarship that began at the world will bump video Gabriela certain effect called at all. It's. Okay. Say I'm 42 can still be an intern for this film school although of course but of course the yeah even me going to be gay Christian aid did OB Miller midget. And we have a home Briere or preferably all hey you know I'll buy it probably probable that it. Okay okay okay okay. In this way didn't. So I got to ask men like so I mean we we saw pictures of the pattern you know the places are incredible like how did you go from zero. To being able to have a place like this and and then they saw law. An attraction manned might be universe place at a near lay I guess there's that you've actually give up really fast. Let Carla do gave up that says do it here I'll you know officially got my real honest I have a diabetes like five years for sure because. I've pretty much been my whole life struggle in trying to make things happen and not everything kind of governing get out of waiting for actually they're very. Yeah. Exactly and I'm and I know that you can look great shows anytime now look at what happened to editing a good haven't in my life the more than when the ball gonna drop like it's gonna it's gonna happen at some point. Now it may you know acting as a cat that is really spent most of his life struggling good for you brother arms look like one of those later you know I mean man. They've got what it is really about your bragging they have this like it's that more agent the agent fired you because. I mean I was living in a walk in closet for ten years. Live and how hot dogs and stuff than. And now like I'd still be hot dogs. I complete my walking but there's other reasons that I have a might I'd like getting they have. I really helpful to people out there and employ people if give back or I can and hero. And we. Unit that bit I'm proud buyback my child and every American aborted the kid years it'd be cured of there are deeper arcade game. I'm trying to do that he you know what's your favorite possession you have in the house right now. Will beside the caliber gun those are always my mama Papa. I got a bit them like Claire like Porter Graham got LaMont that are not even know what I bought that. Yeah selling medicine hit accidentally on purpose you know maybe lift number won't miss it Union Pacific and you have seen there and I'm 9/11 on chamber at a lower LeBron and then we just kind of you know you wouldn't know. They'll tell you. Webs from warm lucky knock on the head restraint or thinks he gave me out Playboy pin ball machine all well yeah. I got in regards Milan you're mad at the kid like they have offered quarters of play it and now they get delivered actually felt like that. That's awesome task killer I'm really happy to hear that kind of and I got to set like you know what you get past all the craziness and I'm just reading your website there's so many great words of wisdom my gets. It's it's always weird when you find inspiration from things you aren't expecting an end just looking over your stuff and I was your reading and I we were just joking about it but I the fact that you don't touch alcohol you don't touch drugs. What are you re Arnold boat got to deal they'll all I got hurt there aren't unfair they don't like obviously somebody's gotta kinda keep somewhat. Their faculty street when all this insanity is going on to all you however does a baby sitters what are you all are ruin it. I'm Mike I'm not volunteering to be a baby sitter has one eye and I will need a babies that are forming the servers are breakdowns are occur I gave him. Yeah really and then. Deadly. Ritual coming recently I hope. I hit right there may be a weird question for you and how do you. What do you do to get away from all the insanity is ever like these are places you go make you know whether be traveling wise or like when you're like you know I just need some downtime I need to not have just pure insanity around me 24/7. I got it you'll play Greg it's give. Their thereof a little more troops into the playbook now he probably got back from their welcome. And I. They're gonna go where I'm go to the nice man but yeah. I've removed the old money I go I go out I think out of them and you know little ball erected curve learn exactly invited. Apply getaway Latin played basketball in a giant. Like Q. Pull my about the quarterback there which is ridiculous so awesome both now play. If you can build a hockey rink factor I'm gonna do you and I will. I did not eyes gaze for that I did the death rogue wave when I was twelve so halfway there it off. I think that's our next values of the sausage Cassel is that I can't and roller hockey rink. There's there's over a million dollar the Contra years play you know reality of it is hard to. You know it is history not beat up and that's still an art by I don't know how long that lot to the limit under you yeah you're literally. And a yelled I disagree just roller and an and unless you wanna build a basement with a hockey rink inside and I can't imagine that a pretty good idea though. What's the craziest thing I mean we're talking Rachel and I know from hurting a black guy breaking her clavicle seeing the Easter eggs go missing the human senate he dementia first. These are all crazy before Mike do you see what's the craziest thing you've seen at the sausage castle. Shall I am. I an important start like I mean that's a question fill retiring. I think what it looking that went on bottom. And looted the age of. Oh wait I just well yeah. They don't like rob my alcohol out of I won't cost the company. In every time that. There are people that show up on time that that crazy. I. All but they. I think I've been very very fortunate that I guess that probably bribes and Blake now I'm that you need that would have been restored that warm body. That would kind of stuck. So I'm kind of like a kind of jaded by certain things. And I'll go to like a sold out show that I you know venues somewhere and that you will be like a violin or anybody that I like have a merchant who is confident might limit her response to our. Where you will Bianca I know race you said you repeat that the machine gun Kelly show were you there to win all that craziness went down in his chest. I'll yeah we did yeah we're we're really worried about him I literally. Go like you is a suburb. Well what happened for those that don't know I'm I was reading a Panama I'd love machine gun Kelly I would say what you know but apparently would play. Some super high rollers. But you're rich people who have too much money and they know really fancy partying. You know look at a party where no one might actually party that the banter I looked pretty sure thing you know it wasn't due to them. Legs look nearly as confident they just paid a sum of money could they know. And that's sort of got to eat diet does this play between sixteen where they are good though is how I. Right now everything and bring them there like maybe meal like I let you live but again. But it would make super super tightly security. That he meanwhile a lot of them the executive without Lackey let a magnet. I like we're allowed to fail what do you do and what a what I heard. Yeah I would say it's what will Bloomberg. Like it was super uncomfortable like. Did really crappy like LA buys. Not a party that's out of can't polar opposite of what you throw yeah yeah there were a lot of words but but the evil at all might laugh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. But. He's there right a little bit that he actually was being held on for a new movie is doing it doesn't own guns. And I guess I don't know he had paid more of that at mountain hood did its side there. You take bullet hit that you've noticed seeing where he gets punched. Between elites they did it is really over and he is very. Is a master of this crap he wanted to obviously. Shares fell dead. We did so it was good enough. I. I guess by the apology he's actually these are not sure now. Its eye on them like it to be at the rivers well then what does in the littlest that he just started you know like. EDT telling that he really get aren't that guy out there in front row. I kind of self. The pub on little idea about sort of like are freaking out. Put your watch games all leave like not be drunk people were earning their right really pay attention literally were only care right at the senior senior formulate. I would note here's this year and also he's I would leave the stage. He says. Yeah I heard yet finish it. Yeah you out they'll go out your rock star and to really you know anyone else but look it's a little known like it was a less turbulent conditions. So what else would've thought it was as a mother made me that. But he totally came out there and finished it. And then immediately. The MT check don't know why older find you can have a real good bad like you got it or are they play fed. And I was like Pelfrey do you average. Bringing out as a friend watching your buddy struggle like Daniel had a weird party where. People don't either a given apps or they're gonna pull off their phone in one to have this on video that's got to be tough and yeah that's going to be so until they're idiots like this someone who's struggling right now and audio for caring about is getting the awesome Twitter post it doesn't snap out of work. Thought that he he does Lego we'll do live. And he he would. If not then he's been in an early ought to be there to new event is off on a show for it stands right and who he's probably a corporate you'd like that enough. It is one of those where the money so did these idiot idiot that would do it. Now he's an actor Tim and I I. Watched him on I didn't realize it was him it's like midway through the season a look at the camera crew show of protease Ron I think HBO oil and man he was just. Like the guy's got to match massive acting chops as well in addition to being a great musician. Not only do very talented all around it does. I'm really proud to see them like come from very much the bottom stories that now it's so amazing journey the journey that it's both the American dream it's. The same thing each and every one of those wake up early and bust your ass you do hope that we can further ourselves and make a better future for our kids our family and able. Yeah I mean who doesn't wanna pay their bills and and what they love doing I mean that's that to me is Mecca and no matter what how much money you may if you get to pay your bill a lot of little emotion celebrate that they did say that Ireland. Hard to make the Pope for that the little better valuations. You know they probably were better off. It's been great Adolf Philly don't know it's true there. It's beyond true man and this is set and I know you bring up a few times recently I am not trying to brag and I and I'd and that it's so unfortunate you have to do that because I would imagine there are people that like you said haters out there and I know even with our jobs and but whenever I see any of my friends get something awesome happened some even might not knowing you would just hearing your story I can be more pomp and Mike that's. Awesome I'll go to graduate Brian Bilbray won back. They will only get laid like a part of me like. I did that the data for him apart yes that's a hell yeah. You've got a good why would I love this place that the pilot gotta be that's just me or not being. This is the thing man I mean. Had like to think there's more cats are fed up there in the world but it did seems to me there's not anybody not many Brothers soon know that your wired that way I mean that's that's why I said earlier man like I'm glad anonymous made it is really bro I mean. He she literally rounded down to earth cat that what blog you deserve all this brother enjoy it. I couldn't play here. Would bug that he would just start to follow me. They think how I see everything went before. Right ally governor and then go away for Hillary like four or whatever you don't know why aren't always. Makes me. That's giving my BP had nobody. Can live late you know I'll blow your every. Like could have often accord is the most yards of the garments fit very diligently job. Never it's. An important. He had no idea of the dog that we could do it did but I you know. For them to that you would go and you know and they think god we're miles of followers that I have it figures that sharp thing I took off. I was gonna ask you a lot of people find suited to British go to my Busey dot com and then from there they can figure out how to get it to be a part of you see what's arguably. That ball out like a bump and realize we're doing methane right dual adult figure out there's some relay. Video and photos to new articles they were always in the news or for that tabloid and normally it's like. 40% true and I don't I didn't go to the break I may know where they became with some of this stuff you know what they. You know it. The door I know YouTube channel all follow might that job for awhile that helps. Yep all without Jeff McCullough about a sport that make them. There could bring in a sense subtly. You say it could take a little guy everyday kind of get beat up and acclimated. And they're not just me and a leg and others that led dead as a private about black dude if you put your other big Kyra but that's the here outside that they did order. They're the mailbox. And I. And then there's tomorrow. And there's greater Bartley I. But it can't make cast the characters that you at the plate but that looks cool I thought you why do you. Because they want these are we wobble but dirty birds in view of the crop side. Would probably be about that one of the and delayed. So that we try another neck when we try and get a landing walk he'd like. Marbury didn't try hard yeah. For all. I don't I see you never get lady get the quote but. Finally got. I thought did I originally we try when you really wanted to get laid do you have the do you have the ability you have the technology I I didn't I attended insinuated the ticket sales I don't. Yeah. There are some yeah yeah yeah well pass the buck and just drag I think they're great play dilute certainly get rave about now yes yes yes so. How long do we have on our invitation before it expires until you guys are you good luck and I need Dave what can I ask again here getting on Expedia right now. Contact AJ I predict. We all know will be here everything is like yeah a group. One day though we woke up will be able to do for somebody where they count maybe caterers out again make a gentle at. Our Bob caught on fire. If putting out so. Good ninety days. You know. But yeah your mortal coil it becomes you're Euro group. You know and good experiences this this thing in the in the flesh. But sounds awesome man we'll try and there. You should agenda and ECB the county three U out of one point heavily go until now if you on the property. That has bothered kapolei we saw. Hey all dude is that several locations. And the one previous seven laps he for the longest. It went for ten plus years and the county around. Was who allegedly I need for a lot of my club for my home. And they. That they basically were stacking up this crazy. Fine. For years and years and got to put them millions 01. They've got basically if a boy was very very don't cut your grass. Nearly as some fancy neighborhood and they decided that define you had a belly every single day Billy 500 dollars a day for years and years. So then there do you instead pay this fine or get out of accounting. I basically had eight hey there but let them and many more great yeah it is available. They. They were like oh by the way your house is built the bottom of the farm to Parcells. You'd pick battling body when I don't get fouled go to move it up the one part spoke and they go all yeah a good thing. Bob should have been built near local look what a bulb globe wetlands. So that is coming up with anything they can run off basically. Yet I didn't like gut typical way it is hugely for a while all down here and without these United States. There's. If I had people I didn't really necessarily agree with me in my way of life come in my defense knowing hey you know this could be just one day yeah exactly what they've come in because. They were just using any thing they county commissioner. What's the living next door to me wanna play the honor on him last piece of land bloom who is one of those bigger the better watcher plan. This so like the. Lot of really really weird eighties movie you've got like caught out of it could be yeah hey do you admit this just isn't an exact little hold dance off for something. Our overall well I got the feeling back the dead right at the I have yeah you get employees does not let me know that I love playing. I'd like it's going to be definitely out. I'm glad you could bag that let me give it stayed Louisa that basically. You know what NATO might in my life you know although hardly believe it or I'll I'll tell you. If you crack me I don't know all school better off. Dad ski school that a little weird black holes one thing or a weird size is fantastic. Bill Walton everybody in a drama ahead right now actually Vietnamese live writer. Show up above the you have played much outplay. People are destroying playing in the low. You know you can't just I don't know I move and it allowed not got burned out and do it not by me of fortunately I wanted to blow it up. Guys Ernie owns all the iron I wanted to blow. They're all here as we're pretty much we're pretty sure of the county actually had on the big. Really all the more you still brawl would be surprised that you just cannot none of us are like what an old guy and I like one of those. Like I delivered through their people are already had their preach about you oppose the will not a formality crazy conspiracy here but when their rugby and this is fired. You'll like knocked on the building like within ten minutes well well well well yeah. I had. We're glad it may turn brown as you. That period of what happened to be there the fire department was there it can't say we're definitely aware of controlled scenario I. You know I don't know that we Jesse Ventura to think that's all Hokies yeah where you can you do about he. Give us and a battered allied. Like the black guy Greer broke failure I think our are you getting you can look at feel all the pieces like if you put it all early yesterday. But it might like my style life. Or like whoa that's crazy. Yeah you know. They had told my gay radical large like eight. So legacy they've they've they've moved in FBI informant at the buyout surgery rivals didn't they did all kinda like undercover work at lake task force people. Color my party's. Yeah how dare you have a good time. You know yet what we're gonna have said we we how do you had a good time man. If I did my crazy or am I did that America was delivered today than there are no ribbon there and why are you live to finally live up to wild. Eventually Philip I don't like it especially if both small redneck town that I I was I was me in the right I don't quite believe that there. I would be a wide enough to be in this hour and a good foul play. Super red nagged him that night they were Saturday. And I fought over bottom lawyers are saying we rarely go funny page. Great Lakes hitting grain and a month Qiyue we've. We just did everything I could and it debuted enough well and I was blood flow to my good play well and I've been a bit. One of its shares took off grade UA. So literally legs. I just came reference horrible side. Basically about the B almost no money and then now living like this yeah every Sunday of the book name Madonna who blew debris started so late. The double play though the man wanted them as the man who thought they won but the little guy actually want them to this story. So they're very tried that took me here and I have had any problems so. So far so good everyday lives here that means there's going to be one of them you know but we're. We're we're bad about it that's pretty cool. Laura doormat that's that's that's that's definitely good to hear enough I don't know if you know you've done some torn before and now I don't know whatever Rennie kind of coming to Seattle would you do you do you guys coming out one day it's okay Dodd just. Do show with us in just. Oh good afterwards we'll definitely. That beyond what they're I don't know Seattle's not nearly as nice you know beautiful and I'm glad I was. What are we have that one we thought we are that no one month and gorgeous brother like it's 85 degrees you look at snow cap mounds and see that one month. And I want to. I like to travel by W you're out there. Come home brother come all ma'am we'll take Caribbean. Now and Fuzzy original Barley hear an altitude you guys still are waiting for mine and it won't be as cool as it should your house but little trying to. I can't. No on judge did get down here off to get an airport if you bought the car but the look at let me get bigger. You can actually how many reports certain it's like I'm going again in my column that's awesome just. Picking up residency management you wanna go like marijuana forty something year old Joanna Connor. Adnan. I love that man it's nothing we we knew. We buried there or not there's nothing has ever I sonic. Who's been the most a real person you've had a house that you can feel comfortable sharing that was at the house. Michael Jordan Paul that was an honest and that's why. You can follow him around although I just think do we palms basketball I did and I could take a week hiding everything there was like of them. A for my child there it is actually good. Forget about the Adelaide I based Galen leg. Irons I'm back on crop up. Oh this really narrowing the marry his younger former jet great wisdom come to my house for a party and it I didn't send them my good quick get rid of the Seahawks might get rid of the sign how many different than criticize. I don't you know like a super fan but Jordan's like next level did you get on the play basketball court. No but I became part of the K then we would merely have a kid that played all my gosh there's kids mop up on the court your. But that they're they're they're very they're so very good without me you Rhode ought to do arise out of there and give her father but they're also look shorter and you know. What are they probably grew up playing ball with dad so that's why orders like men you know for just haven't funny coming clean house here now. We're living I would not about the franchise owner I would have trapped them just say hey we have I would sort of kids' plans yeah because. And maybe eight years that there's a certain light a level of guilt that what you have you how to write what you put it felt program you can. Play ball there anyway is that guilt that. You know. When they market. And it's brother Josh. All went to University of Florida here in Orlando. And they get killed like keyboards belly now and scalp being college basketball. And they don't get it I'll be there even as he once school. It was funny to see how much they brought to the program. And how excited people aware about it. Heck yeah. Obviously we wouldn't let you run. I I was only running a future of what's your favorite Rachel Barley story that lives so. Our own I am sure there are no other spy who else. I don't care if I didn't see there is no I didn't even associate is. Yeah oddly enough I I would. Late she liked the homey but at bill like I still like I I voted vocal lately LA. I I walked got a poor or very young talent wonderful career out of hurting you. But how. That's right that's how it that's how greens this morning when a matter actually you know Obama she decided it was kind of cool addition he's seen me do some listens to us. To. Celebrate her sexuality what the beautiful thing. I've definitely seen big creditors. Upper body and absolutely a group that got Eddie van would die for all think you know. The most romantic words are. Yeah yeah how. Well broom ball but other ratchet things that speaker set up here but I neighborhood put back if all you're the witness here. You know when you get for these straight incident and were you freaking out yet I bankrupt the funny video was giving her an excellent. Completely abandoned them days that the whole thing would now. Meanwhile it's sort of the background normal day that's also got a growing funny years using an east or in your sleep and yeah we are that I would actually what I reviewed the videos they're kind of scared of it all about that that might come out. We originally started tell us the story of guys got big like go to houses and wouldn't you know yeah. Until I got the. Yeah. Why is everybody in my BC dot com. Find him on Twitter and so I've sat on NC grab your everywhere my man and an end and we mean if the Obama army unit did for you. I can be happier he used it guides are you recorded before we got to talk to you and and now talking youth I was completely wrong you seem like a jerk now we cannot go. I'll look like a schmuck on the Internet like you guys you talked me. It is not only the opinions are changed so why do they are back. I saw Matt it's funny that you brought up like the whole thing about my church and some now Mike I go to church or play drums and return to stand. And I don't know what part tattoos all over my body in and it's just funny to see. What the first impression is to them what the impression is that that person gets to know you and I take a lot of pride in and it's something you do to and a sense of just get to know me before you make an opinion about me. I might look a certain way or. The associated with something that might make you have a certain opinion about me but when you get to know women can do. For sure and then that they are all like that. The world a better place but you know. It's funny Christian anything about all of the people who are super religious who probably one of my. Bash on units on the you have like a little bit in the past you've had some make but it it and at the end of the day that's what religion wasn't accepting everybody and that was the that was a fiber just to be about. I'd I'd like Christians say yo you're like more questions than. So what pressure should really the way where you get back in our you don't judge. And most of the cats that lash out or just dealing with her own repression and always have that he had a little comfort for failure of a child. I didn't. You look Ramallah lay on the play golf pay our way. And it being you know us diplomat volume because of the religious aspect ever it. Is it because that's how people are they're all judgmental call if any use religion to justify yet judgment yet. You know religion and that is making a war worse than they are really judgmental hateful people they hate life in general. Are ready. Yeah. So we we need those all back up veterinarian now is just like we don't worse so. We only delivered a sausage castles with yeah. They don't try to create my own little utopia of what life should be the BI did bites pointy church pews. We have it a little podcast video here give so I ask you dead no yard long welcome. Broadcast from here. All right let's just stick it well I know doing a Sunday so we can now ask. Well I mean this is a win this. When my dad now it's they've been good experience boat company write it off you know yet if yes. Did Arizona hi all this would happen before wrestle mania I feel like we were at a great time connecting Manhattan and the people say there's an auditory or break game. Till I die yeah I. Tell your friends are and that do good and I was really really good go to vote you Burt rug out Mary Norway and goalie got a great game now. Yeah. We'll listen to the war is a little bit lightly light you can still meet you go live lighten him bringing a life may be no. We say we do a little bit old playground or the player of real and powerful market for. I had to put it Liguori told them that out yet here are the ones that the national junior learned about human anatomy. I'm sure do with the towel rack dudes you're just cookbook. Premiere ever ran back an idea. All men are removed my my Ed thank you have taken some time. No we didn't stipulate from doing whatever you're doing and and hopefully we'll get to catch up against some time since. WA guys they use so much have a go on by the Iraqis that I thank the flyers they've lived at the continued this is a little. And gotten why Powell that was awesome great salute my job booking our guest yeah. I. I don't study this sounds good great guy yeah he's a resident does haven't the time of his life doing what almost which we could do yeah that you've now won us. You'll hear his back story to like you know man just about two things worked out but he announced no one knows before the Muslim and a damn broom claws and Garrett. You know I'm I'm out of the broom closet but I met a new hole mentioned constant party Shays yeah. Right I had a feeling or throw dirt on me before that happen and guys can consider a few nice words but it's. Nice to hear him to make I don't know what I don't know why I would change my opinion but I think you would think he was like a kid I was just warned in a rich family made this night and this is this killer right no matter what your dream is that that was his dream and made it happen from nothing is so commendable. Yeah beyond. And he's got a giant mural of a one naked woman on a wall. Where he's coming out of her whole pot. Let the fact these little irony that he's emerging he is in fact an adult there. Maybe he is fully grown got a. Full facial got to give her a lot of credit I think yeah carry him in action on a fabulous 35 year term and how tough for him Michael Jordan has into the sausage guy. Those Jordan's stuff like oh man you well actually cracked me up with. You aren't I was gonna pop in there I mean I retire and others just like somebody news talk and third crack albums altered stuff has there been anyone at night. They got a celebrity or whoever me. I think just like a lot of celebrities like best friends have been now like jeez his best friends are courting other day no I'm not going up and UK and satisfying but that's machine gun Kelly yeah kids that don't you can beat you guys dinner called. Tom you Matt opportunities are subsiding on a lot of bad so yeah I mean it doesn't suck being a hot chick. Yeah did a lot of bands won it by you backstage shockingly I don't know why. But dom what what has that been like for you like who I learned so much fun and a favorite bands have where you would like kind of shocked that they wanted to have you I. But slowly god like I've flap there he makes me food we're pretty good friends I was busy may yet what's unique process. In my piece I was expecting my some kind of like I was in a little bit worse only cost well water. It was a graduation from scratch Jack aren't that I ever Bruno. I don't really know what is the for the industry and Matt and I met his security guard they kind of security. And he put me in sound check which is like in the middle of the of the stadium and for everybody. And that he didn't you why and I never retired during his set and I beyond and he stopped the whole set Soledad Soledad suck the whole set put a spotlight on me and call me out and crammed the entire stadium. An outlet do. So there's a full on show go beyond stopped it and he saw you you on PM sound board yes. Stoppage could stop did put a spotlight on me and called on and everybody knows yeah. All I know who you know I I I shook my did my mother's. Production until people started I didn't you know you are to show my boot yeah I don't know I'll shut up or who's doing. The moral of the story isn't really on its cover your mouth many kids. So you don't get busted you know I am your god that he can see that in my I don't I don't know I I was so embarrassing nine MM IBC has attentions I was in Vegas and bring it present two weeks ago I was fine. I followed them from Washington occur in Washington that I followed them and they get this question may I may be uncomfortable question again this is a place where I don't think we don't judge Randy do these dams. Are they expecting me you're gonna have sex with them yes and do you and sometimes yeah I. Welcome I'm just curious I don't just tell them sometime numb yeah I want to ask which tend to bang out clearly it's only when we deposit if you didn't know about. I she's like thinks it feel a little kids yeah is like cynically think enough of the other person measly million let me he's not been an. You know bathroom back. Soul but has there been times where someone has invited you didn't go backstage. Area expecting sacks. And I don't want to you know feel and act how does that happen how does that and the last time that happened we went to a bar and I discuss them Sue Bird drowned and I said. Immigrant about chairman theirs is ladders like this X a ladder through the window in the bathroom. I know climb downs the long last gave full on escaped and tomorrow I'm dead. And they still call me. Who are very year I was designed to cook cook number all I'm not know how. Had a crystal Tokyo you since that's why yes yes then amazing I don't. And I just some contract to honor our daughter sorry sorry I was totally maybe I was gonna venue I just you know I forgot he had the two it's crazy. Yeah I spend crazy any I part you have rob Kajiyama noble being he's an awesome mad yet he has his and see how I am I gonna fans here are some that it's funny though how we have a price but a little unusual friend I feel like. Different experiences are yet REI obviously a young bright first impression a reason why they wanna talk to you because you're attractive yet and then. Hopefully after that like similar to like my Busey story we're talking about you hope that they get familiar and think OK well yeah actually I left but she's also super. Cool I discarded when this party that's been it's been crazy so is rob still an anthrax. Know you will be he's evolved we now have because he was an anti some Jessica's anthrax is playing tonight I was wondering if he's in town I don't know that we need produced some of the suffered anthrax he was a member of the band for half a minute yes. But now he's with Colby yeah yeah yeah yeah that that's I think how he met the Moby guys that they were torn with anthrax. Yet many left and out the man to join the yuppie and become also and yes sir. There is the only non he's the only American guy in the band yeah he's super cool though yeah yeah he is he's he's a super nice guy. So I gather up favorite rock star isn't going to be out obviously of what's yours or escape stories. And that's track I I don't know just how so many people are still high fell to converse together than quietly. And ten disaster could not. Are you still limit the bikini Parise then there is just are crazy free to do that so to me stars of sausage castle and that it was crazy as getting like and by tolerant country and like this photo shoots and I just caught my daughter as a guy I want tiger is anymore you know I love them lady but special always be. My home and this and I'm always welcome back but I didn't mean to break. You know how long I mean what would you rather do flied out Orlando and get weird or what do you make better abortion easier is Israeli artists bikini briefs yet it was really hard move on to move up now. While also giving him 9000 dollars and a couple I I've actually a day or so exactly I mean it's pretty though ladylike essentially pay were really good they make really good money like I mean I'm gonna execs in our. Our supply them yeah yesterday and it can't really again Steve I'm familiar and we just imagine all the creeks that it's Steve is there destinations gaffe prone or whoever else is not a medical camera outside of the stand. And I'm stalled off to the best of disability. Which isn't very good but. Bikini everything is Priscilla little windows I don't know what to get right so all we have one other hot girl that's like. There are so you can see agents who checks the cartel's top they walked to the back part of the room now I'm not know. Just to get the visual reaction action and Ed love that's why I love to be genuinely disappointed yes I am I go back out. I don't know who. When things slowdown of halo it's been just like a crazy last three weeks how he'd be like to another rock grow thank. Yes earlier I write our data super nice so it's been it's been fun. I've noticed a lot of these like these girls a lot of a lot isn't rock girls to start off obviously not knowing each other and by the FaceBook IC content imposed even girls aren't Broncos anymore still hanging out it is kind of cool to see the sisterhood that happens. With the rock rose February found a couple Grozny I love at all everyone's asleep refine their favorite grad. Then there and I'll I guess she's awesome college she gets hotter each year. Yeah I mean might seem like such a great personality like she's awesome awesome girl. Yet when she gives interim she commands it we act like he'd just play has everybody in the Palmer and immediately heroin and other results came out. For the rock girls that was a weird glitch on my if you looked on. Explorer view snack. Time Firefox size he looked on crone and when I looked on didn't have Denny may read and I was like. But just. How much how how how do we not have. Who's didn't make the ultimate ambassador for the rock girl yes it's cool what she's hot and might as it seems to get hotter each year. It's like how do you not have her beer rocker hall and then turned it was a glitch. TD DE EB oddly enough to all those which is reachable only was Iraq on all the people in the weird computer glitch is new not to. My people are all over that they I didn't do hunger all over that learning. And running screen has crazy good way to be so do you have I know we've had like register for Iran and other girls I've talked to like they do like these we shall list on the Amazon Erin you like that make. Do you have guys behind you just random gifts and if so what's been the coolest gift you received from a guy. I I don't know I don't I never really got and that I still can't cash. Oh you can't really passionate and let you know like I like knowing my father Ramon he had this content you know reasons but the but I think. Are you assures you look you only once and that's for Christian and I don't know what it wants it wants implants. But I don't. Now about those numbers are illegal motion to withdraw us they're seven grand. Yes he didn't but it's not just husbands are pretty mean a documentary is Dodge City had a good job I didn't say I thought. You're gonna say a higher number than that and then of course knowing he retrieved it three days I mean that's a sound and that's how dostum that was well played a lot of the I don't believe at that point I mean if you're making Miami could be that the business expensing stock right on good I got off I think you know you can yet again. See I wannabe a wannabe in the room when you have to meet your tax guy and then explain. Massive it's. OC isn't. That's got pieces are like you did you write off all along drill bikinis all the heals well I mean literally a mile a minute what do you take Harrison. Has put up all that. He saw me her know I'm just so unorganized that I don't keep track of anything. So I I can never be like REI European for their size arm yes a lot of cash receipts in an animal Lucy PT yeah it's my box of the Sierra so did you money you believe that was worth one yeah but cannot give you as much as the guys it's not gonna not do not know but it's crazy people get far. You know what is interesting I think. What so what's on about all of this the snack shack. Subscription thing and I find it fascinating ending because. You know we can get news on the Internet for free but there's something about. You know roundabout way knowing somebody even if you don't really no limit to snatch our friends with them whatever. BL OC the Mickey gets it makes it so much hotter than just looking at random naked picture and send more prevalent it makes it worth. Spending and how much would it cost for somebody like one and I've your snapshot he's sixty bucks month to a sixteen month yeah. Have you had sort of been like to make I'd like for me I. Mean wow. Don't you worry about stalkers. I don't have any stalkers I populist to my pictures are permanent and does so without question and that's frozen zoo certainly are telling me ask. It's all over yourself. I can't really fight that to know you can I I I just under the myself. I don't yeah. My. About six element of burned again. All our futures are all. Of god does Tara I want things to realize I I made a mistake I didn't. I I know met the well I'd take some flack you line all brow brow Kirk. I don't read comments and it sucks because I know most of the comments are very nice. But it only takes one Armstrong there's a picture of me Meg Ryan blindfold from deep migs and it was just like a silly thing and people are commenting all that's funny all this guy does is stupid faces Steve and I I'm look I'm I'm not like thin skin I'm not thick skinned. I'm just a human being that skin that depending on the day I'm thin skinned depending on the damn thick skin like a laugh about the one day I was just like you normally read the comments. I'm somehow telling them being kind of like an arrogant and I'm not reading and I'm remembered this when have they saw as a different one on alternates from but all recently a couple made about a month ago I don't run during a reading on stopping them more prisoners. Just say and Steve looks like a burn victim borrow my. Father Mike Ditka. Has been so let's just try to be funny trying to be funny that you're. That's not a bad day tomorrow you're not working it's not working right now I'm laughing about it and if I thought I'd say I would laugh about it. That day in Davos I don't take this kind of pot shots man that's that's. I'm an in the job that we have. I can't respond make I can look at this page and I tell you probably go fundamentally the Melbourne I don't mind isn't it I'm oral negotiable all of his opponents to Graham be like OK let's break down all your pictures in fact I'm gonna go on all of your pictures and comments on how ugly. Now you look like your meth teeth and all of that stuff you have Rachel comment on how to destroy the value and reach you need to remind cleaner. And I have. Six. How China and. But I don't get it like I don't have room. Really one of read anything there was this say about me because I didn't want to is that one jackass to to ruin your day and say I'm African human being and just want to have a nice day on my wife I'll -- I don't know is that going to burn victim there's people are not both still like mine into and then he don't make NCA accounts and I'll add everybody I know feeling friends levered and then I'll post them. So like people like legitimately like out. Out to get me it's crazy thought someone I'm trying knows you have your general really is no idea it's everywhere though it's crazy about I don't care my battles on and has held it. Hey so yeah. It's not it's just a blue I've been told I I've got this fire truck I took Steve completely yeah. Had done well my first though even if you dream and. But let's on that a little I'm glad to hear that Europe. Religion down my my initial reaction is why don't I don't be so hard news of UPH is probably really nice. Not a very hairy guy so I think you know over really gonna get into the city and while our last conversation I hope that's tonight. And I. So what's on the future for free tomorrow and obviously the sausage Cassell coming up anything else going on me while I thought our arm our listeners know about. I have is did I did just like Hoover enemies are women tell. Holmes you know that you up I know it's free to experiment snapshot Yemen earn the number one favorite amongst our hockey team. I'm not that I know it's ridiculous and I took them that you would want a model our Jersey make sure what to do voters who Wear our Jersey on a BA I guys that never seemed more. Odds dropped to the ground like we need to make this happen. Bob but yes I did they're probably fit. The sale is gonna bring you much a window changed flag and I never got back our. They got pennies and hot sheriff's I know how old file tracking down without sending. I don't. Got a record with the union you reckon that's down until he finally go all lurch back bits and I have a million to connect with tone he. Long enough to Israeli media push lag package and you dinner and then knocked down toward your I don't know out of the middle and I know how straight now. A few things he'd come back and others come on yeah anyplace to crash. Time you'll love NBA we've got to replace the short end of the crash to. I don't mind let out there now. We cannot recordings you are and set out bode well and how they did purple pill. There's a lot of tracking how many ways Larry Ellison Jeff Dahmer may remain pivotal for members of fruit here Bruce Bruce you remember our roster through the I don't might consider that just now certificate. Slalom Bridget I know a lot of people among new Iraq grows only guy that says they're like rock you were legit. Fan of rocky I can talk about all the Nirvana it's all day double pilots these are your deeds and your Alison. Come into the other room and close the door got a poster for you I want to bylines size Condo they have a Purcell but they are like half a million whereas the street because it's only worth like 200000. Plus assuming we're Kurtz house in my Aberdeen like I'd go off like 500000 insight. Among saying in a bad day you compared to other homes in an area you buy like the whole neighborhood for 500. Why is a treasure hunting tumors on the house of appeared yeah that's what they didn't think oh I would you girls around. Owner actually got to meet Francis I want to her which was crazy I was like having a panic attack has been our tour. And be just to know how I know she's now she's funny too little too Yamaha she's beautiful lobbyists and I chatted and then I never Alexander a moment I sit next to her announcer because. I don't think sex offender tingling and. But let's do one degree yet her dad I mean really we had gotten more so than anyone even so I mean that's a lot and I know for a fact. When going did you direct costs are going oh my I'm. Pretty certain that its base is and its ability all of. If you know that you'll like them and meet the incoming militant named for a long time and I'm also excel and yes I got appreciative re enactment trafford until we lihir images for a long time so that's good advice is a lot of I'm preaching good word. And I just I don't I don't sell stuff the people on us I believe and that's what he's not photograph you re having a heart attack at a venue. But I didn't ask it is true that I'm past I'm going to. I'm not I don't know I was gonna ask. And that's got to put more dramatic watching your friend almost on a heart attack or watching an egg disappear but it turns out he was asleep so the mission. I've. The tigers pretty scary really because he would he'd it was a swings at a birthday and you of the tunnel some club. And Yang Yang yeah I don't watch if he died on the 27 birthday so he's Hewitt he does rap music and he's like big in Iraq music and so huge freaked out about it too. His forgot about about I don't. What goes and 300 yards in the bathtub and a white light very I was gonna like sizzle yeah you know CNN via I am I'm like really to rescissions to sadly please don't talk isn't time please and I. My cautionary and thought about that I turning 27 if you're I don't all of a musician Jesse yeah yeah Jim us Jim Carrey I was Kirkland some yep yep always sub dialogue with the Levy Amy Winehouse showing up I don't know. Janis Joplin food twice avenues that some others that are not on the same level but they're also why do obesity among young rock stars that have all died twice and it's very Trippi. You might we have Kerr a lot like if you watch has sets this is weird because he does rap music but he's ever real rock star. Our school had in his in his performance there really again I just love after all that was going on that I see I think it either at video you posted or someone posted and it's like all of you drinking having a good time I cloudy scare but strength. How we register until 7 AM I was crazy and they it they're buying like 4000 dollar bottles of nineteen free to Don Julio like as big as your body. That there was any large model for marriage you know that I didn't really bad investments that kind of money they've done a giant model onto the club cat she's cute and I. My mission and not until I got ripped off here I wanna celebrate my 43 birthday at the sausage castle. Do you think this treaty took a tall he was their Duhalde Diaz. Yes I know the Michigan the chain smokers saw him at the batsman was huge last year out but I had no idea it was hers I was saying they're talking this conflict eight hours and when we left there like a Posey and house like are you freaking kidding me. Nobody told me out like three hours I got the. Yeah given that. Yes you probably appreciate the denounce what she wears a wig is so sure soaring away exists and was a sham. So nobody nil nobody know. The tongue medium ski yet. Very interesting. Well right I'm Rachel as always but some make you go two years because that's just went to buy too quickly there. Let's get you back soon hey Jimmy you crazy stories let us know even if it's like calling you know whatever it may be. I think we would all like to live vicariously through yeah she's just yet. Coach in this last time. Let's start around sticky notes. I didn't know about it usually know when you're drunk I think every amid yarder for me next time just maybe you stenographer local hero that we will typewriter. It's like out of just just don't just ignored the document does I don't Vietnam I was on the college video I prefer I know how to shoot horizontal on myself. Congratulations. Let's do this I tell you classes in college nowadays. Ready. Who Meyer middle of a. A now are you never. Right hopefully tomorrow we thank you thank you always know go to the doctor yeah. How good luck with that you all well yeah I got a I gotta get that to me I would never really you know broken things you look at his hair and makeup Joe's I was like flightless curry yeah. Right and he should do lefthanded yeah drag okay what I'm with that as this a usual doctor and you go visit now. A man you might and I got to explain how it all happens out. Describe what you're wearing right now considering you look at I mean a doctor I don't care if your happily married guy I am going to the doctor like this right you. And yeah. Foley pop and out of your shirt right now gathering and really you would call this a very low come very low exposure it's a garment to another sort of a leather jacket that's there for moral support he had more than we're basically seeing about 40% of your blue moon. There are a lot of money for me is Terry go you don't Obama made it back can simply due out. She should go to the doctor Madonna is like I you know I know that your in the early twenties but. Yeah I know Z which is member how much we got a check for prostate. Sir this is not a gynecological exam and there were broken club world there can be aftershock just. Throw. Their pressure points inside this number I'm going to because of yeast infections and I don't do as. Doctor Jill if you're not by and it voter hello this is standard on over there. Carter. So I Iran were to beautify your Twitter and see Graham just look every tomorrow get a thought oh my their wares to sleep in my name got up and aren't fair enough Rachel I always thank you for joining you and god we'll see you before being aggressor I'm sure we'll see a pain in the grass out Vivian I don't go to sauces castle yeah. I don't know how Rocco can get up. Oh and artists who are voicemails or emails and text messages. From existing tears it's. Yeah exactly. Yes he's on Twitter. That Rachel Barley were too wise on this one so RE CH EL BAR tell you why why let her know on Twitter how much in love. Having her on the the podcast as much as we did I doubt isn't it amazing Villa last summer was awesome to this time and just hearing the stories. But she's great synergy is really down to earth she's really cool she's really chill. And she's gorgeous girls ask crazy I like is up to smells and hear tales really. I smell OMG meet you gorgeous women and it's like somehow on their heads slick -- she's gorgeous she's making a living being gorgeous bright but sometimes those women it's like oh I'm not even attracted you anymore because you are such a piece of acts like a total bad you're so stuff so for a your own you know but yeah like it's it's always awesome when you meet a woman that attractive. The sled down to earth in just OK you know just super cool super chilled slightly and thank god like you got it right you got it figured out how it is. A fan of anybody who is just. I say this but I mean it make an apologetic leave themselves yeah you know I mean like they are who they are. Motive and why the might Busey was awesome mentally you know religion or I love you guys think we're all off Mourinho emulating would no one's trying to be anything that they're not. I and then she falls right into that like I love the fact that she was fully. Are honest about yeah sometimes I do have sex or bands that invited me backstage like I you just expect it's going to be like me though all. While she solely on his hand making her pop star. She's probably like okay guys really go the extra mile and he's a singer got smacked why not. Right you mean like even if you heard in a position as a single guy to me like you just position famous actress is there were gorgeous. And they were interested in sleeping when you know like Wimbledon. I don't normally takes it it shouldn't be a double standard it's like as a woman choosing and good looking guys in Iraq and element to do this that's I was like oh that's great good for heard him. Are from the not what a woman to Bihac he could go backstage and trying to play no they just want me to come hang out and men could be after the fact or before tax but. Morsels brands are looking for self respect and I like that she answered and data from her perspective it's like why would. And also you know sure I'm and I mean she just I think humans into that I'm attracted to this guy. Exact job shall I say exactly right. It's a double standard exists Leo Blair she's a group B whereas in viewer guy. Nearly bro you wouldn't believe you be superhero status yeah Alison that is ridiculously lame. CEO of the fact that she's so so open about her sexuality and so cruel and chill in the that's great I respect that. And added burden historian of the sausage council as well yeah putting a great Kimberly why a certain things obviously it was a voicemail and email or text message. Our voice and even a voice in Texas 2532714787. It's 2532714787. Email the makes gas at gmail.com. This is why do some stuff and. He's a first voicemail. Spare Vieira started it starts right now do you guys guys they're out. Check out our count. Every player on the new record. At called Brady black last post mortem. You teach students how not. Of all you know art art art. Art or Europe but they're. Video cameras are Arabs. Are hard to bring order to do it they'll knock your ass check out our. All right this guy Ivan listen to a so wrapped it doesn't not good on a bad roads aren't they and I put together. Just to let one of my best friends are these the plays he talked. Ernie always awesome what are you star we all went to Crenshaw high school together in south central Los Angeles and I write this is rather we were due to my ridicule not. Yeah yeah. That was misconstrued the only way you survive the original world interviews he had this in his hand didn't yet feel you know they know everything answers it is now my aunt. I didn't get my digit year over my ticket. A year do you. So I really feel there was little kid whose Tug it out as a unit you know that's the way for detergent. And more so there aren't there. While I'm visiting I can tell I what is it weird to me aren't it just me it's odd that body count has behind the music. Explanation of a song on their record yeah I. Let's cool job can they get. I had the idea let's make a metal band let's make a rock band because I'd been to Europe and I noticed the kids would mosh offer hip hop. So we put the band together and I use the three bands that were my favorites at the time. Right to support the don't know Ice-T of course the rapper Ice-T also has a rock band growing up I was obsessed with body count. Had some gold diggers and eroding cost killer is very controversial. I saw sound garden of the member of your tour they were covering cop killer because it was such a car controversial song of the times CI solve some are dual. I told her how to yamana covered body count it was dote. And I'm really listen we did you. It's. To set the home. So you can't impending gloom of a group like Black Sabbath who pretty much invented metal the pokes sensibility is somebody like suicidal. Who basically put a gang bangers style from then California into the game. And the speed. And the precision. Of sleigh here one of my favorite groups and always will be. That's a great thing. They're Germans almost as good of our. Our friend Richie from going to be. Okay almost. And so we're going. You can go ahead and say that I think this guys it's hard truth is better than Kerry king. That battling an upset on its upset some people call you actually did you know getting those guys easy being number got better tone. It's a really good it's not really didn't get better at dark and scary I'm sorry. Not against Kerry and just look tone and shockingly high G. Sounds great on both your. I such a great read. You've got to like high school I know my buddy David Paul. I was really give somebody he's been just. One time my buddy Paul side appears so therefore I think we Lola. I'm listening to dislike her while he was doing it makes sense. He got. Good job regretted and any chance of any kind of weird like infection by running then you go under hot water. Bernie Sanders got enough water will kill almost any. You don't know how hot from the Boston. Not long enough now. On the list George W. And he knew infected nipple ending your squirting hot Saturday congratulations. Give him a hot blondes are here Kristine Coco nice tees one. All I don't I did add. My my wife really loves Coco just follows her for all the stuff like canyon mine Oreo which got a lawyer mr. Graham photos is that the got out ticket now we will lose all relative to the Coca magazine just photos of her various laundry anybody by Tony -- hello my name. After west Seattle she's still occurs and it's for. And tasks I don't have pictures of her working out with high heels did and that's how I do this. Fisher shot at a ass. It's a California gal oh really. What you balance your gore won them all work out well savored pictures of Michelle showed me was her anyways it's nothing even sexy is sexual or anything but it was. Her wearing these leopard print late teens. Wearing leopard print high heels that totally blended in with her leopard print carpet. Oh my god lady was just hilarious because you just lost her feet delegate she is she told on you loser well absolutely to a halt to the Fed cut the equipment and her. Our CIO's I've done in my Stevie Mehmet not a serious dilemma and I think am I know what to do because it's been doing a lot of like traveling in lots of go to 321 so not like you battle on Fridays I Amanda a lot of night nights with my wife just chilling and anthrax is playing tonight. And I just realized that this morning that their plan would kill switching gage who who who can put on Delaware's Friday's opening mentions on credit incredible really good gas and I'm like I'm on what their power to go on super late because I doubt anthrax is headlining I would think kills which will be headlining. Maybe and I look online I check all their set list to do about twelve songs and Mike can pull this off. Choosing I eat and I ended up. While leaving my car from the parking garage this morning. Elements of you will not go you'll not request tickets you'll hang out and just chill with your wife cassettes what you need to do only meal worked till miner ten man so it's gonna go I'm I mean up with. Not that I don't have an -- and a half a dozen senators whether I did you have to have this debate it was like address is there ever long night is that I really don't want to go until somebody else like ways like you guys down with divorce comes a bunny do you wanna go with me. Yeah I got I wanna see them so bad but Tuesday it was a Wednesday or Thursday I can kind of the show looks over Iraq. Yeah yeah that's gonna agree check Huskies here this diesel is united now I know like so he's had a concert body. Arguing being anti my band I mean yeah luckily it's an act if I've never seen them I would totally do it means but the fact that just recent summit payment grass. Granted this is a longer set in its indoors and I'll be really look if you see pictures of me posting pictures of the anthrax or means of a terrible husband and a. It's. I. I still it could also mean that does she's an understanding wants a Toyota fighting as if I told her right now my tax and every day. Anthrax is playing tonight her first followed we are hoping not thinking of asking because I'm not going yeah right and her second they would be. Yeah I want you are fun trying to ice. You know it's more me it's not her sometimes an apple or Mike I'm not around her enough and I need to like. I think it'd do you pick and choose you know I mean I. Really I mean with the window pane generally is Monday Thursday Friday yeah period. So unmanned like nights like tonight around when we were control. 9:10 immune 1 o'clock ain't so bad by Tony you're guaranteed so it's like one of those where I get really pick my moments to make sure my wife. Knows that I value her existence. I want to spend time whether after she gets she knows who she marriage she gets. Mind's job which is chaotic and then my dedication to the two of them two and a pain to my music. Arms she gets it but it's the same thing Steve it's the whole I got to pick those moments to. To champion the bride which. Kind of in the same reason I was moved to pass button. Hold on all on one and I'm sorry you had to. Laughter I don't women and I got all that really goes Jolie's sailed just to build up that now we're glad to to rid of that nice. Here's now here's video Pretoria to help him as day they told us that you're gonna go to the tool of tussle with your wife. And that we'd guess on a scale of one to 1010 being the angriest how angry you will be because you're going during rush hour miserable miserable miserable. What I do out there as a good groove. We received. So many texts that's a letter and I salute you. Let's geezer eighty Caesar and I even had a private message changed or where he was given the boot setup man. So first the first set up at the original plan was to go on the Friday okay and actually. How terrible idea gallon gas because of the trial you Michelle but that's a terrible idea yet Doleac during rush hour. CC flowers so we decided that hey we're gonna do this on net com on Saturday spoke I wage. I was fine for an I'd already accepted that this is what we're going to do I have no real interest in the two was just like you're talking about sometimes you gotta do things with your wife that's why do that the whole rail. Get that let's let it puts it this is why going cannons and songwriter he knows not to print the story. There's there's no doubt GUY. Do you want yeah. Actual turnaround point. Because we know pay all or do we ever made it never made it doesn't challenge against Japan but yeah. Actually what he's look at why it didn't help our refer you again aren't we didn't want to scream the F word before you gave up. Easier way is there was no there wasn't a whole. After vests from me and ten shocking to me is after yeah. OK before we say anything I need to ask you do you want the actual term or employee or do you want me. Theoretical. Turnaround point where I would have absolutely given about I'd not heard what was going line. Yes he. Should then make your yellow so I know they don't yet know lumped. Here are some of the text that weren't just numbers there's a ton of numbers most of them airing above seventh minute and adding I went with me I think I didn't seven point five million 45 Lee Caesar was a nine dad this year was this that basically has always our friends Ziggy zero read gives my for me because I'm begging. Comeback and the nastiest part that you crusher has blurred a bit mex restaurants all approachable mex Tex I'm guessing a five I think red is we're not to really like the actual festival never questioned that part yet but the traffic will kill them that's the part request yeah. This should be an automatic ten for every man. Hi I respect that and has demand and everyone else agree. Bob guessing on nine for grabbed because the flowers will drop it down from downed one from ten. All is in the VIN I was trying to eat this you don't call now next 110 and then in parentheses millions of billions are. So I so let's get into our days so we don't plan and we find it made us on Saturday. And sat down for this Droid were gonna do this is going to be a lot of fine IA at least we start driving up there. And we did too about federal way. And I'm listening to these numbers for a no I'm listening to the news reports. Traffickers stories because I wanna get a general idea what's going on. North Seattle I five north and Sowells was completely shut down because some Jack not a knocked over a power pole always talk about this morning gas and shut down from like 830 to like 1233. I five north and south. I hear that report when I did to the federal way like three point yes and I'm like. After this we're not doing it. Because I just knew that having to figure out and get around that and the fact that the girls can do that to death and there are people that are stuck on I five at that point and I don't even know how far back two and half hours out there was no way I was going to even deal with that there was no way to get around that. There's nothing you can do so I was just like I love that we sabotage his trip because if if Michelle did not listen to us and create all this drama. You guys were to win on Friday we probably would have gone on Friday yacht I still lost my mind but we probably would've made it made it yeah. It didn't didn't we should all save. Honey maybe this is screwed in the usage yes after this or did you straight pull the pin out a grenade. It wasn't me pulling the pin. Just because I'm an inch she was governor saying and at that point because I like that was when she noted miserable as you look at the traffic. And it was just it was stupid. Late it was beyond dumb everything was completely screwed its bread lines yeah it's it's yellow with the traffic on the way it is. I don't know if you remember the you know fish truck DiMarco that happen when the fish took overturn an 99 idea I had to try to get down from north Seattle down. I've got to Georgetown that day. And this is like dead I don't know like 6 o'clock at night it took me two hours to get down there and and by that point. I wanted to murder people Aaliyah I was again trying to CA gen YST days you don't want Simi stressed out like she's pretty awesome at that point. And this was it I felt pretty bad just because it was one of her. Whenever goals was to go both of us to go see it. To see the tulips that was one of her like monthly goal things like that who. Image search very satisfying to us our land I DJ in the crowd if you really need to see two of you could deprive find my Mike PCs sauces castle as he stood on your lovely to look like yeah we all variation I should get some lose Easter eggs in size. When drawn it was system weirdest thing on how do you want to Jewish civilians is over her shoulder watching that I kind of want a copy of that video. I first it was fixated on the foreground and the activity in the foreground Monica looked past say her naval and I saw that she was making the dove face academia get to that point I'm like I thought. He really thought she was gonna be like oh god it's pinching me it's cutting either try us she was really dig him. Whole time with no pun intended so I know somebody in Easter Bunny ears on yeah. Now there's a fetish for that one moment he's not a guitar continued yeah and so I love my wife a lot weird segue there but now I'd like she was super understanding it was super cool but at the same point I felt kind of bad but we were there and ever made Julie we will go to the two lips I you know this week I doubt it now how long is an open until I had no idea. He not only do we have sort of a pseudo contest on the migs cast. But his entire trip actually failed them so Michelle. Sorry I really could not say and up to clean up your mind it was just a fun thing we have a few I needed for the borrow in hard Garland. Bob sorry PK. Hey guys I try and buy these Friday I had to I was still ready to do it. But Al. The female version we're sorry we are very sorry for the FICO virgins U get B. And the funny part is so I mean we shouldn't apologize because she sent us audio of your melt down coal recorded it out of you notice oh god so we have. But thank you Michelle resendiz here's the red melting down when he realized how long who's gonna take to go to to the festival. There is pretty close to that maybe a. She. But after my car broke down her to walk home and I was on saloon with the wife he's he's man this is after spending figured out what's wrong with the artist I'm older their forties and died because of equipment that serious dead short that causal or other problems I admire it did cooked my altar Nader's well our aren't surprised by this sort of disloyalty here I was able to establish I mean I got. A ride back over my body Christopher nearly there and a terrible leader and everything in my doll. Gas I'm Selig eleven point two volts at the old later in the BBC and thirteen 5145. And OK and I got in the karma really terrible leader its alumni and have multiple headlights on and that's the five are much the later dead but mine is he one liar alternate or limited the external regulator and all that stuff which means I can just walk into an auto parts store locally and Jamal tomorrow customs go we know Melissa and Tony for your way to help me find some Kwon do I want money right now knows it would have. You know overnight it apart from summit to them embossed on me is trucked in. Jury all I was on the phone Tawny amid a spotty cell connection and my foot just leapt out and before I knew it had kicked a hole in my kitchen wall that's. It's imperfect semi circle shape just like action there's still drywall mud boots you're drywall might lose them. Oh yeah that's where I kicked a whole mile walk which doesn't matter because only beginning thrown out of the house that I'm trying to buy down to a total and out of com. Basically you and cut. All we're cruise and truck in everything's good gonna close on the 28 them April life as killer. Com then the underwriter the issue of the direction do an automated underwriting and we got through that funny ministry with the human underwriter. Found two things Tony had a very small student loan about 4600 bucks it was outstanding when she was seventeen minute really kind of slipped through until now. And they went and red flag we scrambled no jump through hoops my good friend Craig Randall who's been really really good to my wife and I really really you know window pain when knows what they got you covered he wanders actually his girlfriend's seen Indy. Loaned us the free Starbucks fan student loan paid. No big deal bombs pierced a real problem. When we first heard this process back in July 2016. Memorial for ordering everything he wanted to go who likes it or seller on my head up our property owner Mary Beth it's Haiti more. We're role and while which by the house now or get the wheels were only be closed this fall. She asked us to wait she said from my tax purposes I'd like to wait until February of next year start does cross Aston. Which it okay act in the meantime she. Upped the price of the house about three times and you got a point where even done Tonya allies in the particular agreement was like when he meets onto the right now before she changes the price again. And she's kind of weird old lady in. So anyway arms. We're gonna treat this now also like totally don't know when I had my credit run in July between sixteen when murderers accusers smoke a couple small items that defaulted you know get a few things got a collection likes 1015 years ago. I'm Michael should I pay some music and other really small amounts to a 150 bucks here to order books they're that tiny amounts she's like. I wouldn't pay into it just stir things up and maybe even master credit scores aren't asleep at the moment because that's a good advice while. And he was shocked to see a member to receive this happened between then and and now because they have no dads and I don't want everything all right and I have no credit cards saw my fight to score dropped. I don't exist Imus will be fifteen years old how it should they go to prove Milo like this guy has a FICO score and he's at what is now Iran has credit Darren is credit back I don't preapproved originates. The mood here is no ficus. Holy gone. Why so now I'm running all over town to credit unions to banks to anything. Gigi mile credit can you give me is more personal can you give me anything so I can spread publish credit right. So all in the end and it get into secured credit card didn't know I'm I went from having it wasn't chiller in the it was a terrible 0600 which also was an awful now. But I went from that to just go and open accounts you honey get me only just gone. So none get these two stroke credit cards and in. The thing is. You know sues again I'm learning to use them and how long won't take from me to pop back up on the radar see. Gas so. I had to email my property owner and say look we're not we were close on the force on the on the first or the 28 abortion want to close by the first which fiscal complaint. I'm real close there's been a delay we're doing everything we can't expect to process my wife and I found out about this Friday. And literally spent all weekend this stuff all be taken care of by Monday and it was I can even tell you my weekend was like I mean a white knuckle express of bloody murder if you had to fight growing at a profit and loss report for all my music business I had to do balance sheet. Bomb for all of my music's expenses I don't miss any and yes you're trying to prop eight was sure and I I mean did my wife jump through flaming hoops with wire transfer also Tony nine literally. Tore apart the universe. Are all the wind yesterday. Armed. Trying to make those happen warm Mary Beth replied the first seem like OK I'm glad they're taking action these things happen the new closing date of the fourth will be fine X or Obama line. You know Warner about the senator thing media we can close on the fourth setter. While more room where she got before for. Margie in May fourth from so I had team Rebecca OK to start right now maybe oh man you know it's like nowhere is on Cincinnati and I said you know to explain misses what has transpired. You know I went in there appear full disclosure here's what happened between July 2 to sixteen record so this process and now all right. And what was good for me before actually end up causing a problem in the end and you know. This could take five to ten day niece it could take 2030 days we just don't know. And then he went on to say you know if there're any financial concerns on your hand if you have to pay property taxes if anything yet to do I won't pay out of my pocket right I will do anything I can keep this to make this stress free and problem free free. She replied that with a priest scathing. Email about the value of the property in this that no the thing and taxes and I'm gonna have to do this and that and property tax emotional probably checks for an extra 1520 days this initiative is in a cluster 85 bucks. Just basically ripping. My ass. And then basically said if we can't close by the fifteenth of may she wants us out by the end of the month. So when I'm twenty days. To you know hopefully pop up. Bomb on a credit reporting agencies from Coram homeless I'll have fifteen days to find a new place living Gilman possessions out of that house that you believe that gets into okay legally it's considered ninety days to evict us. But if I say look you can't just throw asylum street com because this deal fell through. As I'm trying to rent places they're gonna ask for rental history and contact early she's gonna say older and Obama house and it's all through and I had to a victim and it's a nightmare since so. TES she was a bad. Today. I can I yes honey they're both just reeling like Austin won't just. ET what blows my mind is an hon you chin. You know what say its main nineteenth. So we closed may nineteenth. You have throw us out. Tumor was three days if you have a real estate agent with her now she wanted to skip real staged and all that to save the commissions and all that nonsense her so she had an attorney but this resource on her that's only half a brain and I had before negotiations were showing us to work in real stage she was a real estate age you know I'm not gonna want you are probably not long ago wasn't the time to change your process White House is wait I didn't she's spears show is like I know the house appraised for 101000 more than what I'm solid Q4 and ball law and you know always set this straight because you're the woman said you couldn't afford a mortgage at the time anyway. The one idea was it when when when she said our way to next year yeah I was neo was agreeable but you know what that's fine the networks our Kyra save a money maker feel good that's exactly what I did and now she's saying no no you're the one that said. I can't believe he's all she made her behavior in these these mortar it's it's cruel I can't even believe she's doing that's terrible as illegitimate and therefore ball a little over three years have never played rent late once are countries are we showed up the property is immaculate she's those -- all come in the house would please come and house and wanted to see that the house music star ball went right. She loves us is tenants has always told us so. I don't know what her problem is now hopefully she sobbed a knee jerk reaction in them. Clear Agile project Tony was gonna caller and then try and beg for mercy nested giver couple based off absolutely matter get your reaction I say has sold or when she realizes maybe should be a little out of control all communication. Has been meet Tony in my mortgage broker between us and Mary bass. Interestingly this this scathing email. Was sent only me. So of course I of course forwarded directly Kelly and directly at all he had and then number that's government mortgage broker and I'm hoping he'll reach doctor and say our hopes are you nuts you know I you know I think they'll go organized the gun pressured on the paper or should on the agreements are done everything's in place this is a done deal. You're telling you can't wait. 23 games as opposed to twenty. That's why I asked about the horror whether Russia at a military because snow think a realtor would senator Simon Bloch is a process. These things happen immediately with our house. We had it lost it had lost it had a lawsuit in the course of like five months since it was awful and the worst. And so these are things that happen to everyone. And if she had somebody who is knee deep in that world. They can be like that's why maybe having a mortgage broker or your real terror so and other menu and Tawny going to army like look this is how this happened a lot. What has she really throw a Solomon go in paint the house did it three inspected re appraised of what's gonna and then elicit privately through her realtor. We should setting herself back months. Two in to ensure maybe may each. Maybe make another five to 101000 dollars on the sale may be there's no guarantee there's no guarantee right com so it's like I can't believe. Litigious dispassionately saying look if there's fines or penalties or property taxes or anything on your end. All pay it on my own pocket no questions asked. And I was Boldin to tell size and underlie it I will do anything necessary here's a financially or otherwise to make this stress free free. She replied by if we conclude with a 52 point oh my god announce maybe even out of blown away a lot of. I had to get them at the minimum if if not real term or presume maybe you have a conversation face to face sometimes people on email. Although some flex muscles that they don't need to flax and in the manner she could see him. In LU so I don't like you marry a bath please and we're beyond heart broken and we're so sorry we've done everything we can explain this process I mean really. Really those emails were soul. I don't quite now or Jerry Rice and and all she kind of passionate like look there's nothing I won't do all move heaven and worse not to make this stress free feeling to make this happen. It's a temporary delay. We aren't is direct answers to bite certainly the men and if I voted tired old are my buddy Greg Randall an anonymous I told him that I go over liquor a hole she would just be patient with us Craig Craig laughed a little more extreme and they strike on all I have to barrier in the desert Donald location how I did I would I would imagine there -- -- hopefully prevent almost everything only and suddenly she's had her maybe closing twenty days to -- to may be acting club which which isn't it's not. Out of not a literary and yet it's all a display is really all dependent on how quickly I appear back on the radar as a result of these two secured credit cards I got. Really do think there at some point if if it is cut it to the wire. Having now knock on the door. Look me in the eyes and see the pain and I'm going you know I mean I don't understand why this is stressful for us and we're doing everything we can. Please don't kick us out and please. Give a sixty days it's well. Although it was sixty money that bad I do get. As for my ashtray and I didn't want you to say this could take five to ten days it could take twenty to thirty the truth is we just don't know. Tawny and I have done everything then in our power our portion of its done. At this point it's up to use the underwriter. My mortgage broker and sadly the three credit reporting agencies and we are so it's out of my hands but. Regarding the hiccups we hit it such takes care of I had mentioned chastise us for that she's if you knew about the student on advancements like yeah. We have preapproved loyalists are between you and it wasn't an issue wasn't an issue appears you're and then it last year and we made it through the automated underwriting is automotive. Underwriter full proof alone wasn't an issue because it was when Tony was seventeen years old and it's for 46 Starbucks. It's not 50000 dollars a student loans for sure spokesmen for the summer supposed to follow often they just digging deep what I. Think he had fallen all they do dig at NATO Mardi Gras and I think that's why popped up the human being caught it. And Demi May Day definitely put a lot of Nickelodeon dig. Tony was Tony when him and sand to spot their Condo like they were questioning him about unpaid parking tickets and the story that she just didn't and yet they give great guys do the same thing written explanation why it wasn't paid much and literally am writing this was twelve years ago. Yeah I get out there's concern 97 dollars I'm not even sure what this is I wasn't aware of until you gave me this report yeah. Honestly it's and it's infuriating I think if you ask me. Pay you next tonight we review by house do you wanna do the house buying process or would you like to just cut off one of your toes. Thanks subsidiary even I cut off on my toes I hate I hate I've heard from everyone I talk to do our bloody murder and Tony nine. Cash ruse so smoothly you'd isn't waiting until this point out to. Giving disagree ideologically chili's we worked at a Tonya has come really come through force Kelly she's been great I think. We're not gonna suffer like a once suffers maybe it's because we're buying direct from the learners to agents normal. And this happened. And it was like that all she all we really need only need is for the property owner to be that patient but also a Laguna extra month. OK well that's gonna cost me ninety bucks in property taxes and 270 bucks in this penalty in feet armor replica it check right now. Right we got that and I said it I said. What every Nihon Iowa it's just gonna cost me a thousand dollar challenge grant. I will come up with a I all I want to see really cost you leisure time and and and all handle all the financial you and I said that you were black it was literally molding the tell sized and underlie the do we keep face accident no but there were a couple smiley face emoticons and MS volume may actually make it clear that I was like hey happy I have an egg plant with a little water dropping don't know. Maybe now. So anyway active arrogant this a look for everyone in my house. I've been looking into that sort of thing and in disliked them talking about like who you re reading stuff on line in watching videos and stuff like that just going with like this sunk costs vs renting vs owning and it's like. The only reason why you wanna do that is because you can kinda nasty get for later line. It and because that's led Michelle's parents are doing they're downsizing right now selling their house because of herbal a lot of money concern awful. And they're just gonna live in Hawaii essentially of Saddam gas and that's like I don't go in their own sauce it's castle in Hawaii state. Pretty much could it be. Amazing exhibit as well what I would tell you my advice is. Go through all the steps. It's gonna make a merger or not we go through all the steps to get a loan approved and radio. Right now. And then he says were approved Buick great we're gonna start house hunting at our leisure. And so when you go into the house mind process you know that all the stuff that has been like a chainsaw with the trigger taped on laying on my H Clinton is just done. And then you're not this we're gonna lose the house really get the house were on in the house we lose that. And and and and get I would say new oldest first really grates or perverted to go yell where's the property all we have we picked one yet rock. And hand go out and house and. Fortunately every month you have to send more information and it's and it never ends until the moment that you signed the paperwork and even then there's more paperwork and even sometimes and there's a fear us. But something else fall part where they need to house some. A little chilly last night I was like listen. I LaMont. This is a really really bad that I am refuse to use Roman power over me. Even though we love this place and it's perfect for all of our needs and wants that doesn't work out I'm gonna talk myself is it wasn't meant to be. And I submit either way this deal goes down I wanted to and would be saying F you. So yeah I mean signs and eat it by the house and all gunning give the keys assay you know. After all these years all we asked for reader patients get. FO off my property afire perceive again I swear to god I'll marry you in the desert I don't everyone would get off my property death or. If we don't get too close we don't get the house then it'll be the same message minus Meehan in the house which is that a few I was a great Tenet of anything for you for your receipt you that are crossed a street if I don't if you get a chance through the corner all but either way all walk out on a few lady because. So you if you add a level of anger that the Red Hat going through to. I would yeah I want my little what do you look current EL I don't wanna look at me I almost a year and all I asked for was your patients. After all these years. I'll ask for a your patients put up my knees and I would even do that for me yeah I get might actually I'm out of work at a Sox. And I hope I hope it's only an hour and all those. As you guys are special outlaw doing your new all wanna say get off my property yet and by the way all the trees she planted on cut down and you should and I will tell you dream man that I can't sell a little volume her because so and so and such and sauces or pets and apologetic I say you tea bag Patrice first audio and a picture golf when you got the eggs may also got photos of me with a thumbs up and I. Just because he's determined but plugs you kids. Oh well I understand well that must be challenging after all these years what I got was a few years your wife for almost enclosed by the fifteenth summit she's not playing with a full deck of cards know she's a little weird jell -- and we and in the same thing. And I'm not saying this is. All I'm hoping is that that was a complete knee jerk reaction. And that when cooler heads prevail she's gonna realize all right I hope so Herrera and they feel like that will be the case I really hope so is right now. I would I would always crazy Eddie's wife sue yeah dollar from devastated now on just pissed. I understand and I don't presume a man you know I don't watch my wife balled up and fetal crying must like going oh my god we lose our home. I take issue with that yeah I don't care what your gender is or what your Regis I take issue with that canyon and you don't do that to people that have been over the top did the you're so yeah and that's so that's just debts. That was my car to recap that was my weekend my car sitting there with a that'll clear to special order the party a mob bosses struck. Am might be home soon I don't know whether to start packing looking for a place now are who for the Basilan want to do yeah I given week. Just like you know. I mean at W I I did buy a pint of Jack guy went and walked around my neighborhood last night I walk like an angry hobo just walk around. And I walked go to Fred Meyer and got a pilot Jack Daniels an old model Coke and I went and sat on the steps to some church and just chain smoked and polished off that little pond and Jack as a country summer and our mark on you need to turn us into a country I knew I need my Natalie is that move personal reflection we need this you bringing you talk to her title of a personal reflection or glorify war but here again Jack on the church Stella. There is a sign on the steps river were sent I didn't notice into a set down a set down assigned to since sanctuary entrance. And the fact you know sitting by that sign. Like you had hit me in some different ways like man if only that were true if only there were sanctuary if only there was some plays a big deal where these problems could be solved if only there was an actual shelter from this past storm element right now. But you just kind of this. Amusing have you known data to be sitting by the sings his sanctuary entry it's. The damn doors locked and literally America and I don't mean I got a son Jack Daniels and crier ride and you know calm but my eyes work my legs work. Com. That's the third I Zhejiang complain are in a weird way. Who muddy complaint. But we won't know how far problems at Bristol additionally I'm just I don't know what the what I'm going through right now I'm EMU lot of stuff out actually. Thought oh most definitely the reprieve version of all other gulf outlet tax out of bags as it's time for them to be released into the wild yeah. The cook cook a tour read thanks guys at either one guy he doesn't Jesper thanks so I really appreciate. Innovating we can do to help out I don't know if there's anyone out there I might have any tidbits of information obviously shoot just me now almost you have to message on FaceBook whatever you or. At the least just. You have Glenn your thoughts and an end and you know maybe good energy and positive the and the home placement right to free eating and you're saying a prayer or doing whatever you do before you I don't know everyone is the best and we do. I'll definitely be thinking of yes and I appreciate that and hope that I'll be getting a text message from you that's not the typical one of an old woman sucking lollipops. Others say that's a good sickle ourselves and my dad it's it's a bomb pop I think there is above the topic is a bomb picture. But hopefully this time around the text to be about good news. Everything went through doctor Arlene and the crazy old lady is more now but he give us a little extra time before I tell them. Finally be like listen it's twenty days starting now all which is nothing in the world of buying a house and do it might be 23. Days. Access crazy in my between three daisy chain and you can give me in the percent he would know she can I know she changed she will. Well I hope so far hopes to finalize them. You're being very weird statement I. Can't I'm sure I'm building a cross over you know it's gonna fire but a whole sport you sized bowl 200 I'm I think Rachel shows a video of that coming out of our girls who aren't. She knew the girls I'm Brigitte do you Tug on her ankles were hard that's what fires that yeah. Largely another voicemail Barrett. Hey gang hits is not a good way to transition into mamma cut off the. And it declines rental plan two point six million. On the door obvious that she's been done under the Weatherly I know and I don't think we ever got that it was the last three but she was taught him how she's been. Getting better but she's been on new wanna do you. Hey gang kids Norma hunt made. I'm feeling better. And you can't get this feel better right now than ever. Well they then my miles love you very thank yeah he is he loses it at this. Mac it probably measures at the sausage castle on eight TV and pain and all this broke your club look cool them very. You imagine a doctor when we tomorrow who walks in like that's like it almost is like a penthouse forum he's an anonymous donor who runs he's just gone on. Let's. Every other doctor you realize you're like yeah I didn't tell us. They're playing with my headphone cord Jolie's due due but she -- microns like place you can I think is just the days ahead for good of the good thing. Well I mean this is let's listen put my hands up on the counter because you realize I was fidgeting with the headphone cornered by allowed ten pantomime carry I had no doubt after we heard Michael here's my viewers. I don't hurt hurting I'll get my crunch was bad for being on a lot of ways Leo's labor energy and didn't do you know. Wave off maverick waive off an open. What's up Debra. A spoiler alert and. Age difference. I have read true story for you choose to lose just my turn hot Nate Jones. I'm not from very young age wanted to be a rock star. Yes but he just never made a terrible actually he just I got found himself ever. He'll brag about other people but he's not my dad brother and myself OK but I wanted you to know. Bet he can play they'd get tired legs you can let these. In Baghdad today and let that sound you played less we can and let your legs yet then he can throw at low lying pro led. He NE RS so please don't harmonica. McCain manes dragging mentioned that you mention you know our organ when he gave me that it's our recent limit usually show you how to play it. Yeah. After us on the road you play any Kelly hit TV guys are Melamine usually show plays that not just gave a big huh that's an audio we have allowed it was great man. And you tell me that we keep his mom. He's moved that I love of my naive. We're dated stepped onstage with Glenn and look down that you and you just lie in the Ambac glued them. I hope that can take place so I can already see him do it. We don't about noon and roadhouse blues because we knew I am the blue chip covers that we actually cover that's out of it and haven't him up to blow harp on it and he and I even talked about it because or to an asset blow soon have to cross harp. Like finally key to work although those who we are Durban that's. I don't ass sausage is like donkey took her brother got to wait a cross on carbon withdrawals are room I would cross heartburn yeah any price plus our original release over. Yeah whatever that means the incident really has references during the usually are yes it's yet to censor that red. Would you react when you just brought out there I'd act normally yet since I don't say it again I'd we established this last time. Yeah I'm loving insurance can we say I don't think the whole tonight. Yeah. What we said it all hit. You don't like your teacher blamed this. You guys are adjourned and yet to censor all that do reverend Al Arab League like NX 37 that's nine full assault right now are the anger a lot of our whole. She almost unbelievable as a tool of producer caught three quarters to a public go do you see reds and you risk faces readies both recorders I'm not only full tool designer 90% if you look good news of foods folds or he's gonna record fool useful to look dude he's like talk wanted to do we grew up. Here we'll have to be sure he had put her and you stick it. Well maybe they call for your sink his teeth. Wherever you okay where did you get that leather dress to match. We'll find out soon enough that's already isn't lost Georgia O'Keefe you don't get it out there few young months. Time. I have you guys can tell they see you were tired on that he would our speakers so unless it is amazing narrated well you wanted to do direct. Where could we have heard I need to not use children never are sure a perfectionist when he he's an artist. He can draw stuff do. But he wanted to do these things affect you drop might be used to coming out of the we will. I'm proud Papa DJ has not Delores except I don't ask him mama you know being awkward conversation. Is everything had to be perfect for fans. So I guess kind of let you know dad and you guys have a nice week. And then nicely game. And I am hoping to see you move there and on that to deal and yet his old the I have all day. Or have you did say and these guys are just go on. Because I have to little let down but I let Jim go. And we are now do you again soon I'm mid still guarantee you. Let me. Love my. My mom dear friend and now wolf who are beyond that show I'm and I got the honor of introducing when no pain upon saying yeah thank you I'm looking very forward to it. That's going to be a great great night of music it's you guys this why only in the wreckage. Bob fan that says that this is your daughter reunion and I have had all I don't know mark society shoebox June through that's all ages. You didn't that sound quick yet they are so quick meeting get them there's all the crazy fees if you mind a medium under through shoebox go you know help herself please. But if you wanna see yourself those fees can buy and direct you know anywhere between social media pages is relieved to find the PayPal link intercede here you know 67 bucks in feast. So you mime direct from awesome we'll just know younger tickets in hand by Mormon yup yup so -- you know you can private message premise is me premise is a member of the band if you got us on social media will come on media for a cup of coffee tickets in your hand that waged right it's something that we like to try and you because it saves our fans those fees. Yeah I don't use MIM I march gave oh yeah we're lucky host what I hope I always encourage if you gonna show by march. Whether be CDT shirt. Candy Sox I don't know whatever you're so humbled by it. Because it was in the best pocket and that and lifeline for bad news merchandise and different like I say that right to marry announcing for wrestling. At the intermission I'm always like go out support your artists and by the wrestler assurance because you know what that's a different Trojan I'm being really well Lauren young to get by but. Throw out those guys in band included. The merchants how they are able to eat. And continue to do their below are the lifeblood is are we getting email off from our body jobs bill our mayor William bill marry mart bill. Oh yeah now. So really he sent us a message and it's you know last time we had a moment on the 420 episode and he brought in a bunch of cool stuff killer and what was her knee. Our Riley Riley yeah yeah it is also shot to Billy Riley over a merry march on sixth avenue Tacoma. He wrote us and said hey guys just wanna tell you five people came in and mentioned the makes cats for the repository. I'm one of the people who bought two. While not peace but he was the only taker of all the real stuff club right on letting Melo use pot holes due to print ads right I wanted to share. Everyone that my wife and I have been using these minstrel cream. We really had you know working dude com I don't know what it works I mentioned dosing him IMAX Joan is all of actual Tora Marshall removed from the Nazis she is like. Let's rub some of that cream on that. Like. You know I see you know Tony was Roman Munster cream on means choosing him Russians are kind of torn up and it and so we've been actually. Roading. It's kind of nice is slick icy Jon minus the icing the toe we're free to. Yeah eight did you stood uses up the muscles that kind of takes the main oil little let's get crazy that PMS screen that they sell for fifty you don't just have to put it on the the JJ you can years. You know push. You're trying to pick a not only did the aging writing Good Charlotte is something you would have to censor out pitted you know I had his dog killer is you know illegals executing class I'm never gonna pass the spelling be year you bro I. I don't know what to do about that a fog and. Another you know I guys what's the details on big stash is going to happen yes it is going to happen to some exciting news every cannot just yet. But we can't seem to date yeah October 14 Saturday October 4 save that date it's going to be a studio seven once again done so October 14 studio seven of course when no pain will be playing. I think we can feel safe to say that the boys and why only are there. Replying yeah we've discussed. I think they're they're planning to maybe make get a record released all right there's a lot just a little work so we've. Kind of promised them a slot the ninety Stephen and we we moment on my wonder basically rotate in different talent this year to. So loose we got to sit and figure all that out guys Whitewater spot New Orleans a couple of spots we won our group presents a different manner CO. Winner will be our band preserved bruiser Brody is not really written a song or performed or practice or anything like that but trust us we'll be ready to go. Hey guys we got so long overdue bills say that I 3035 minutes set and I were less units will refinance I don't know I'll be fine Glen on vocals and guitar JT thoughts also on guitar from clover Jane odds are flies Jay Leno the sky bunch of great bands. Nobody I Jeff Rouse from the guessing game Duff McCain's loaded so I know liners and Jerry for a minute and Chris Jericho spots each year basis that doesn't Soccergirl involved. We have an awesome man yeah we really drummer and it's going to be a great time so I don't need your body as their feast on my round I ran so deep down about the opportunity that effect but there is a banned them. And it's not a 100% so I don't wanna go completely. But while about a but it is to the point now where their management is involved because they want to do it. And then not from Seattle that has a great connection to the mix cast and I'll leave it at that hole. And if they're able to play it. Of course is going to be the greatest birthday party because last year was and I can only imagine that this year will be too until I go to sauces and Cassel and off but. If they've played dolby the ultimate. It would be I mean imagine having your favorite band playing your birthday par guess what it's going to be eaten so I think most people who are old school long time migs cast listeners who. Will be able to put two and two together. I just don't want to jinx it yet but I when you told me to do and possibility. We just a possibility of this BI NG. Easy. And do that it. And usually goes to the goose bump a what I did you all know this is the greatest thing ever Bono all I was a deep man I should know what I'm gonna go did not do I don't know that. Could all go out I sent him a very stern. Stoic replies. Because until we leave and England's hands he does an amazing job of promoting her dad have passed recently is super excited message got rid of ice and knows about the public well worn off and I was like. None of them and and that history ms. bottles. Sudden our guys are straight up and I. Honey here there's Seattle might do I write a novel but I don't usually you know I'm so excited this band. NN legit I just reached out to one of them. And within seconds so I did anything for you and doesn't do I Odyssey was half kidding yes I. I didn't think this would give it happens all it takes snowman so I write this I'm Nicole Lee as Eminem plays going to be insane. And all they say hopefully they can make it happen and I know they want to you but you know management you never know and scheduling I get it. Glenn's response after I write this. Do I have to be honest with you after all the time and energy I've invested into booking Scott stats for this event. Fumbles hurt and insulted that you would go around me dislikes. Should she admitted that put your life but that was it is this legit no smiley face and a bucket inside he's left an excess Somalia like there's no context it is hard. Son and I just. Let's sit out there ready to go there are many don't put his foot joy for us. Here's the best idea when you get a tax mine we'll show a little bit of whatever the taxes until runs at a space you have so all I see before opening news dude I have to be honest with you after all the time and energy. And go over all the awful awful argument when he and second guess our shoulder man I in my room. I like what just happened I'm so sorry you act like there is no three days after self promoting human being now all I see is. I did completely. Just throw out and get an invite without check in with him I would Dick move on my part mood. So right feature party should I yeah. Yeah. Ahead. My response I don't even know how many hard as they are do it as I write a bunch of high as I go Wisconsin's Scott can still set up outside a bust for some money for dinner at. Joking because right now Scots in a really cool being called art of anarchy that are playing pain in the grass app which will be pretty. You have so for that I do is we don't know what that this art of anarchy then I think before him Scott why island was singing yet Adam for a half a minute. Mean like I feel like I don't know what the stories behind that is used to be up Scots now my room that's off thanks weaker yen makes a Scottie Pippen. Tyler singing hello William Wallace an immense reach your not gonna. And it's great scroll up on the great trial results are anybody I already are high school indicated. Very sorry that I figured it lets its guts that you know I was kidding all yeah but after I I was hoping that my mind doesn't alert to tortures you believe attack and music and I was hoping that moment of he conclusively determine what happened do you really calm and not about this Legos really open that he really. Whoa I didn't think he was like that which is funny that I went man I really cross the law. And the let's hope it's after I got like the 368. Beach is a is now reply to a road that's awesome. We're excited I forgot I had it to do what they got to sting on short sighted what we would we we really didn't have a good. A little earlier this makes less than half of which we are allowed to call makes fast also I got this which is a really exciting guy got approval for that parenting examiner everything's coming together. It's this band is able to make it happen obviously they want to but. I understand scheduling logistics are not from Seattle it's not like they could just pack up their gearing drive to the venue there's a lot going into it. I don't know if from point a to point B if it falls I include do you ICC view on an email I saw he left I I don't think they responded since yeah. If it has to be a fly out or Mac Kline and oh yeah oh yeah so I mean none of that's a prosecutors are birdies drums no problem yeah I mean we are beyond the walls between you Myanmar don't I was here on site won't be Odom back climb them. Who Maclin hello. Yeah and I do so would make contact you and I we can tell them hey if this is at a religious flying in. The only to bring any of their gear that would consider full specs here's a we have available right now. I'm sure did yeah I just excel man got to be really cool to be awesome to be of there be one of the greatest knights know for sure. We got an email this person one and in no way out where can I get a copy of that glorious sounds like use it for my text time. I just on the podcast I've been beams were listening at work I love it and that's from Michael he's ahead for already being bridge brewing cool well. Eyes. Dirt that is. Tourists. Could front run clients about and our answer wrong entry either Brooke far. Saw Michael I will send you an email with that prompted her on camera now what did because that would be very very glorious are as yet another email voicemail. I have boys than girls that are encouraged US. Our current G zero a day. Visit our very best not Al Gore now I know it's uncle they keep it almost on the uncle Cesar. Yes me. Are at it. But he car that putt and above. After you're darn it sister locked relative humidity. Back. News and remember voting girl. Aspect. Are giving but it. I c.s are naturally and very generic term. Dirk he didn't think you are you read and on and he thought your journey was gonna you know in flames around he was off by one because apparently it was a Tamika I think that I now wish we could evolve and in the car aren't carpool karaoke. That carpool rev freaking out our glorious show what it was easier to send us a little slow it was just willow asked this I knew I am dogs with the gap it was just like that like just even Nyad just. Talking about yet. What about the tell us so we're talking in my view C earlier item but -- walked out of the room used to and so there might be a part where you don't hear me making any sound the last thing pretty much as we try to keep things Roland and I tablet like your shoulder you who is he's eyeballs were floating yeah. I look at I got I had a peak have been trying to drink more water system you know obviously drinking wonders a good thing garbage can is big jug. And I power to most of that job is a 64 ounces to before we sort of podcast so all doing just peeing now water right now yeah it's super. Every jumper in the studio I get like that mid we'd come to see two hours in to sing and tiger it's water and water out water and water honestly could probably drink hit me like this is your enemy which. Now water it's clear I yeah and now that we're talking about it I know men argument and so we know values. Well do I don't know how I have been terrorist please stay positive and keep your best driver but if I'm not looking forward to that hourlong drive home. Specifically about half a break in and night. I thought I had actually had to go so bad push a little bit when you're doing here trying to get out as much yeah BBC world about it like milk I can't water. They all it's. Days ahead Andre always thank you for listening. I think you Rachel Marley show box marked June 3 gig joke tickets well you can hang out with all of us as we cheer on window hey dad. Add jobs. Thank you Mike Mussina might be seen online obviously have a lot of pleasant surprise I thought he'd be cool I realized how young who mine will be back next week. Hopefully I don't pee my pants on the way to the bathroom. Stay positive good luck runs.