Migs Cast 05/02/17 "Isn't That Amazing!"

Tuesday, May 2nd

This week we are joined by our bud, Red The Stripper, and she arrived after an all nighter of drinking wine and watching Sherlock!  The Rev shares an insane story about his neighbors, and Glenn has big news regarding Windowpane.  Also...Migs will be co-hosting 3-2-1 Battle (Weird Wrestling...Solid Steel, baby!) this Friday at Evolv Fitness with Cody Von Whistler...it all starts at 9pm!


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You may NN the makes cats I'm Steve made for their ads for God's land based radar at this ever. What I have never got to find matches since the last any headaches. Does give from hawks made are there are things kids autograph your legs chest that was her mom made. Since we tell us about the weird incident that you had with this in your pocket. Called. Thugs on that it's got a big yellow but momma leave earlier to touch and it does not. Southern haven't repeated parking issues lately is every every swear again like a laughing now remember and maybe not I'm not from a road and we looked up buys a shock cores onto your chair reds got a shock I know that I'm not cool they and I don't like a grand game. Oh yeah he could have brought that so yeah I narrow my and I think we can good time. Yeah I had that in my pocket and Evan Evan parking issues lately all the cool parking that I had scooped out for the show I guess people got hip to. And so now it's been impossible for me to park last week got a 41 dollar today ins today I tried something different but I always have to walk under this one underpass where. You know all the homeless in Seattle grass I don't Karzai right dial cords that I. And so this morning along went through there and there's just you you weren't they great that my Hal is no I'm far from your house in Durham York I now that you're really not that far. Now I don't know I mean to throw a rock and a guy. Heck I mean Amy and I got a small rock. With a slain woman sling shot but Aaron and you have as a walking past these in the Marion America heckling in any quarter emea senator Edmund does China. That may end thing kept going off in my pocket. BC though it incited indeed the median. Gallery lap phenomenal. What sat quiet I don't I'm and I'm just like man I'm having a bad enough. Grand Eilat and had a somebody threw a great day I'm Aussie glad to be passing that Steve so that I I don't look at it now my burden well you got it I just don't get tackled normally I do you think that's funny not really it's funny money the love this little thing in my block why your penis lastly I guess singing your pocket com movie at a dollar nearby. Your penis is in lab things so old and I hit mine is. Yeah right I have a feeling even drinking before this podcast know how I have a feeling you're I've been in I have not been up all night I have not Peter gained weight you've been up all night. Then a marine corps' current. Do realize get a quick pick my last heard from you said I am writing I'm the Aaron tar and light I have to like stay up late are you don't like 1030 year why do you imagine sure. That and I agree on how do you stay up already I don't mind complained in my show Lilly noon India like and I. Us out that I did yeah and now I used. Stay out who's who. It's been a citrix I Nash got some sleep last night congratulations I know it's been really rare for me. I feel pretty good show I got a good night's sleep almost seemed very well rested and memory I think dorks read I wasted a bat and had two weeks stage we're trying to set an example for you. We're trying to show you know why I was only Lisa last time and this time. I know we said the fact you're drunk with. Now currently she's drunk I imagine aren't completely. I am not drunk last time I was. Now yeah so what happened last I feel like I hadn't been like eating enough like I actually passed out in my shower her legs got weak link power. Blake inextricably Lang and you say hey you lay there relay call Brinkley you know we lately having inferred three waves tornados lake and tunnel me in nearly all uncool like yeah I'm going to be totally find. I was like a long totally cool and Julie fine and then I like blacked out now like. Ole crap up Blake I can go forward and like smash my face in the lake day you know. Whenever. On my knees whenever or I can go backwards and it potentially like now paralyze myself. I mentioned churlish and transition is out right now regardless there's something that weighed heavily on me was the thought of your oversized boyfriend as you described him guns coming out fumble mommy for delivering new home now and -- is basically the shop LA in Tulsa OK on that he's done an Arab countries are nice enough guy just didn't want you to be rich as you can send my boyfriend's gonna kill me and I might tell him that a perfect gentleman and. You don't need to do to your front door and want you know I front door was an ad that I couldn't hang my code you looked up front door that's why I got out there right coda that all I'm on the corner but I get gas collection are trying to do like you don't even make his legs you couldn't even like he's saying. Felt the beauty even com. MI why did you call me right now into my iPhone is and it was it between the pillows on the couch I'm like yet Taylor Swift is going on right now. The Pacifica. Well I'm not you know usually in my boyfriend's huge he's like seven feet tall 400 pounds and he's had to kill me. Well let's great would you tell the three of us you know and I need you do they have CN 64. Months six fortune fifty and I don't think it hit in my life. Not sure I kept my own as everyday good. I haven't really I think chicken plants enough you know I AK Taylor okay we talk about tiny red mass moments until this Taylor. It is yes he should cover this song man. You gonna rock station not I mean I can't tell us are being the grinch at all and how many players demand this. It's either she's got all the way and that's what we're already slim Eilat around I think whoever does not collect dirt and debris on the slick and. Now it hurt you and I mean I spewed yours and you claimed Florence on the swift employee we got the automated swifter than does the snake venom thing yes. Susan around city limits has been collecting dust NASA ads and yet we had went unit lasted as long as that there. Murder whereas I get a refill listen now. All grass yeah. So I would have done a lot of jug you might have started just snap straight and nobody seems so complicated no and I often I have one. Of them and helmets aren't using it to all the time easy I know you can actually refill it with like vinegar like what about your role. I tried Europe and could I mean nearing a jaded cleanly well daughter really if you've got to really go. Well I was more duchess of some and it definitely you know I did a lot of water and you have to go all and just go to water where's the giant jump I I opted not to drink a lot of water today so I can actually get to the top ten. Earlier and drinking come and listen. A lot like oh yeah I know whiskey MIA get every time I say the F word like someone takes during an immunity that it would all be dead if if. Please god I would probably surround her that's hard on trying to get on the wagon when and if I I'm I'm I'm Ella cinema stop drinking but I'm I'm the new. I'm literally empty mug on the meetings and stuff money in getting here. Like oh yeah well I've done it and a lot of meanings if you wanna go okay cool mad that I should say I'm Miller come from meeting our life. And I should salmon AA about and lemon alerted her meetings that aren't god centric and that's that's really could have also wants a far out unlike really a really good from there aren't really your little ones and I am aren't to a lot of like really really cool meanings. Standing up and manage my responsibility to take your in my lifetime it's it's not that it's just that there's. A spiral in place that I've got to put a spike and community and on it's hard yeah it's hard to say well I don't keep out calling my towel so it's not like that and you tend to minge drink sheep on the weekends it's my way of cutting loose because. And I during two and half Beers last time I was here I went out I was excited and it was really didn't I might go ask for an Iberian am kind of you know no we're not doing that you know where I. Obviously she was concerned about how you could be perceived. By others and we have drawn register for walk in the halls. Walking in the walls and we got a whole team of people working you're like what in the world are you doing in that room. People don't we Griffey junior and a brilliant I guess I don't know if you remember meeting on miles and thrown from the men's room but when you when you're laying down in the grass. Thrill is hilarious you were just laying literally sharing rules guys are I know you're sorry I get a third time and this is so as Hank as throw walked away just went nice to meet you ma'am you're you're displaying there. In the grass on their backs during this guy all the three of us to come receive I ask you for a cigarette as like nothing here remember that but he was good is it nice to meet you man since you're just laying there. On you know on on the grass staring at the sky adds. I'll always love thrilled at that moment for me you as a lot riding on the job I got Larry because they did render a girl was eating realized known play in really sorry like I'm kind of drunk. Yeah thank. Kinda. I just gotta give back to my room just. Which is not your studies I have got a she's there. The knicks got home save your lives mr. Cast always delivers a little bit more away I mean are now like I let you are a hole and it makes escalator and it was like you're at lake conversation your like. Two we need to make sure she is known Kayla. How worried they get they're the only known lake letter walk home like whenever I don't know honey I was holding your hand. And oh I know you like her underground. As I can carry like. And none. Yeah we just and then. There was we got a dog won't keep you safe we know what's gone on now and I can you do party before you got here will you do it last night trying to stay away. So I gave gearan time I don't mind knowing that you're gonna. Stay away by just getting hammered look at all you've done to her might help I think they've got about the. And I was day and okay that's good isn't strings from her head and it's this by yourself. No yet a crew that was a get gaggle strippers drinking ninety I had. What where the rest of them that I try to get them to my and they are like we're gonna go to sleep and I was like. Whatever the thing that's responsible strippers you guys is valid like I have to go to this. Marie in an earlier this guy than means it's like hey hey he's wary I know pinky areas because you know faster I don't Marie king is wrong track. But I would I would love to be involved in a gaggle of strippers especially the way in my life has been these past weeks. Tom I tries amazing that I haven't put a pistol in my mouth. Glad to see that all of the general fund to be fun on the court the bullets and let Maine she wanted to but Qaeda wanted for him on the right after. Even if he didn't even write I am guessing they got a player a really kind of balance French fry and the other side are given doesn't warrant I'd say then I say on the sides are. Tactically I'm not suicidal I say that sarcastically and a single life has been. Challenging all caps bold and underline that tell us sized. I'm at a lesser subtle but a gaggle believers will help out my positive energy. But you let me to believe that you can't really hang out again Los you're gonna take my sweater unless you have a wallet full Monty I think it's definitely can't you know the first letter off but she's taking her sweater or we all take our sweaters off on an hour and a sweater you know I'm just like returning it to its I would. Yeah I always hang out with you and your friends what they need a wallet full of cash. Let me take my hat from now. I don't know you really taking your song topic and you subdued. It's news I remember discussions nude from several can grabbing a slice nip slip on your shirt right now that's okay this New Brighton then there's many a slip took to nip and a lip. Daylight chance what is actually really the next several times I think and for that I do and that's what you do this I think people's lives better yeah. No I it's too good. I don't particularly I think it's safe it's not the same guy who recently grounded on a homeless woman and she asked me leave I thought wow. I. Well thanks I did a few. This is getting weird quickly monarch. That is definitely needed and. You could pick it could hurt but. I don't know what to do in areas I. Read you need to leave I think I'm kind of getting mad you you are slurring your words from so okay dude I'm not gonna you're definitely better suited your last week. My god I was so bad like I listen to that now like. These are you cheering her next episode where we slowed to a not we it's Steve Steve is thinking. Captain. Abdominal pollution and yeah I do not I don't wanna be left Tenet personally but Stevens the captain but he was slowing your drunken voice down all around you. You and Stuart heard there was incredible Palin she's she's eight iron. I'm not what I was getting less Casio Lil late January and I know well I do the last chance reminiscent to me like three times he had. I don't repeat those where I won't become. Brittle Lingus she didn't have to censor. That but any horrors and I even said the one word than separated with a sentencing little honey gallon now combing that incredible so drunk. It was really spent I was still in our. You didn't know and. Only around how easy all you think I'd just say yeah I remember the tape is rolling it. It's really trained dog can't run your own leg Lohan blew anywhere this. Santa costume. I guess it was bad it was all like this one down to be way more interesting from now out of your show like overall I like in June. Do now let me during ever again. What movement clearly we're failing at that could shoot your trunk. Turn don't want our year. And use our. So now you're large boyfriend went to LA he went Elian's Zaza children's book done. So now was that an amicable split or did you pack his city's large bag and ask him to largely GE I hit him with pillow he hit him with a pill you know can he had and I together and it broke up. We're honored honored. Well you know what I mean OK is your long night ahead. And it he was open I wanna break melanoma. Why did you break up with. Good question because he's a jerk putts good reason. Because he's it's whereas it was so nice to have you hole that you then. Saw him as he was met that he was manna well and we're currently catalyst for a break up 'cause pardon me he was like you were so drunk when you ended her release. Thing here is so you and your brokerage and hang up your jacket around like. Yes. I am I drunk Clayton I lose I am allowed I am a grown up I'm allowed to get that drunk sometimes like. Sometimes I'm allowed to get that drunk yeah like if I wanna date drink I will day during my is self renewable heat. She's got a Glenn to squire her about sounds well here and make you feel badly added I'd like them they're great Muammar not late that curry great philosopher Telus recited. Media should just. Yes that's right yeah. Can I call holy water for now. TE pilots got. Stay reggae dancing in the orange haven't got the legs shaking his head and take your fellow man Philip the only Jewish giving the Hitler youth rally right now I can't look. I'm a girl jamming until you live and serving overseas where I am. The break up plague you know she's like Ali you know like it's gonna be at play at the you said like more than any other word in mid sentence but you know I'm trying really hard not to Wear it. Guys like a watch a lot of golf Steve. Like off UC IC NN I like owning my car and really hard not to swear like I'm trying so hard Matt's where now like this period. And so for about 95% yeah I didn't really get admitted fourteen minutes. 1458. Oh yeah bad guys now when he comes back and say hey Brad I wanna get back with you I don't responds by saying. Getting. I was. Getting. I did my. Met with a hard Simon line into her defiant words when it's bad it was that music I mean I was twelve wants to he's really is my favorite and easily as easing ever so now I'm like I'm telling us they would usually is on earth these. I'm truly firmer I think it's. You be a little out of place I don't care. Or you're gonna I don't highway are not right not. I know my pay. And you never know what you're gonna encounter when we do the makes cats like a valve like I had a deer in my hand and honey you do you Beijing is. This is definitely a bust your job thing this is you can yeah care. I'm always you guys comment. My head I'm sorry for my just urging comments earlier now ranks going to be covering inside under the entrepreneurs assault T. Musicians you catch you could. Here's a 21 year old girl she's not so much yeah they're still playing out. A break up songwriting and hey Ali she wouldn't roll the earth is Erica and returns and just got closer. I'm not that I'm not I you sound like you have a little mad glad to do what it went off a guy's home. Yeah. They're relay the mail what do you do you. You know every single song about a break up. Are you going odd day buying dinner at what point have you looked generically dotted. His name she's not a party I wouldn't. They have to be wrong and every song about a guy who did her wrong and is it the guys are good restaurants meat you eat well I mean if someone tells you have if one person telling you have to tell you should tell them. Who. Heirs to. Well these are saying we needed and I MTV. Taylor and we're so Eminem can you tell us the other side of the story fourteen people that hit you have a song I get mine and it had fourteen people tell you have. Until you can probably check. Yes that's great point me down so just tell she does Elton visit it's it's apparently a talent drives men crazy. Now it's in a sexual way are an excited way and then yeah eventually end up I can't be around this person. Happy veterans when it doesn't matter this is not own a little tunnel they own. Here Aaron Karzai says she hasn't she says she's asleep and then from limit losses that we have talent and god prehensile comedian like lift that up and how to order their does that feel eventually that can. Elements. So you don't the pyramids and turn it is so scary and bad movie has those TV show. Oh understated myself dated the movie was terrific I lasting into our crystal. Now Ali Abdullah what you do yeah I think it's certainly an Angel know this is our chargers saw I'm getting a ticket for this. Joseph Moore how. Song is about Jesus please back primary voter and really allow old new words and the tourists. All. Political luster on a different games and then. I don't know if this is gonna make you guys excited to see you dance you know once I got hit good. Hundred dollars or is here today out now. Laid there are. Giving giving money in my guys can meet up with them or whatever need they just came into the club and put eight million dollars semi fade. So is picking up and then that person other men Germans see as. Oh what is the manager did come. Yes I was like you have done so way our legs as they hear about the I don't raise its. British regulars tips on how to strip properly is especially after my mom was like yeah lecturing me on how I should get a day job like I C a days after he's made six under 800 dollars. And all I hear you don't mind did you like not and I got to throw out their man I mean. And all I got an extension of the 22. Issue. Score out at all and is kind of sought a better. My wife called Arab traders please ultrasound that my lease agreement between fourth so you go figure it out but anyway com I have made a decision when the dust settles on whether non NB homeless in the next eighteen days. Com Heidi containment mixed cast listeners please don't put any this on the inner web pages. From FaceBook friends of my employer but yes I am I've got to get out of a job. I'm gonna go drive for rumor person than I and I can't take it anymore. I don't know when I work how long their work comes scheduled at seven I go in at 5 AM unscheduled off four worked 7 PM I don't know from working Friday I can't. I am like a plastic bag and a tornado without your hair is too nice for the thank you. How I'm not exactly sure what I'm not the Austrian dialogue on a driving for Hoover as a transition. I hear people that we've got a few people who are learning more man you vortex in saying they do it and they love it Tom I I don't know if it's necessary a long time gig in the sense that it probably wears no. No no no pain what we've got to fly out things happening in July were gone back to east coaster being flown back to your series of shows and on this fall. For probably use an independent US store followed by more spring and is a much stuff happening. On falling slowly for European markets were very excited about what she groupie. It easily yes domino the singer he's pretty easy to make friends with food and drug. Home runs I Wear the underwear are very they they say dad I know hey I know my employer's gonna start relief giving you static about Iran. Don't travel. Yeah but it's one of those things where is I have always been able to have a job and work my music career around that job because my job. Is stable and organized and know what's happening this environments like chemical plastic bag and wind storms so. This is a fun now whether or not I am going to be counts searching for a couple months while I read cover from this tragedy. Or possibly owning a hole in one of the two you know and the magic eight ball what's coming out. Mom yeah I got a guy I got to do that I have to do that from my own sanity meant. Here's a great thing about mimic brought there and I knew he said again obviously don't put that on social media and I'm blast but could somebody has engaged today send your message thank you please private message me all I see them and Smart and work hard I'm really do you wanna be around and I'm must my name. I don't against Jesse Jesse. You can I bust my ass is our revenues and Johnny jet army and I've now read I'm. Losing his patience with me trying to be a gentleman man no matter what they do a great reporters tool put this guy and congratulations you've learned about mean that parents could Matt Turk. There yeah as a comfortable but I got to make that I have to make that change man I'm fine can't live like that anymore so yeah. I have a farm knowing that I'll be a guy that may have obligations here in the Arab. You always know of other stuff three and four months in advance right shouldn't be that challenging how many able to work full time corporate I was working corporate Tull com. I mean literally meant I was supervision nose running their SQL Server I was doing your billing. I was everywhere corporate Tel com job and was able to do my music career no problem. Com so yet anyway on the I'm definitely don't put up on my page regular like K glad I got a job where you please that's where marijuana PM 3COM I'm just I can't. And then my employers are really really nice people always say great things about yet people but the job is and it's just disorganized it's it's completely disorganized and and there's no I live in a constant state of limbo so anyway I'm gonna be making that change only brought that up because you're talking about why would I quit my age Domino's pool. Catalysts and so I don't think you own RI NSA day job playing I don't look settle the villain that great. Naked you know if I could just be erected where teacher then I'm maybe act it's. Oh well I. You don't Saturday afternoon it's I don't know I'm all I don't know I was relatively EA's ring toss and thirty about. Okay now. There's fun you miss our party pat I illegal totally missed out I got pictures but I didn't totally know as usual means we lose the rings gonna misses you and your shift is it's a little user doesn't helping you wait you literally have to throw it here you name. You really didn't have an army I confirmed cold you get a gold for the season but you can do with your boyfriend I was first had to battle every my way again just weren't. Reds didn't he was the three time champion took one got into the fall we have a the first begin Paramount. The for now the first week and very much as when we played Steve makes Dong a ring toss I guarantee opposites it's a big time we've we've all barbecue. Kids love it but. No snow slapping of the units and no rule or slap right as a unit right. I can no shopping can you can it can I have no ticket you can kind of stick it no candlestick nine is they're caddie nine tails and. I haven't tried that yet. I'm gonna bring your entertainment yeah that's fine we have react got a we have cons making balloon animals she wants to last year he. And as both FaceBook and Jeremiah magic cannot everybody wants lacking when he. Air America you're getting weird ride it's been weird RA ops. And I think program so he mare weenie ray yet he asked us that's okay Haram doing so good today Julia Wilson though you do if you look healthier than last summer Sawyer and then sitting in -- yeah I know I was amid a little color to really look really really really sick for like a month and then like the doctor is didn't know is wrong with means so like I was in the hospital. And lately even his medication and they're like we don't know it's too early look at ya look good. So I just started eating solid food. Which is important when I say I'm not a fan of it yeah. Yeah I put it on Twitter the other dad that they wanted Pete says so woman who you know like three people send me your diary had us amateur I guess kind of stopping. Are you pineapple room no idea and say tomato sauce or an actual tomato slice a tomato slices really interesting. How. So delicious it's odorless I pray regularly are they like cutting my legs with a diuretic ice after the I leg diced tomatoes as the diced Roma tomatoes average amount men dead actually does Roma tomatoes are happen unmanned. Palm awesome old movies and our debate volume you can OK you sucked so do little movie coach you sit com and. Are you ready I can't coach he's the list juicy delicious try to pass on angle and I feel my mind as good. And tomato are my people. And told people not to eat it because it's a little people come back Blake. In the locker and I think oh my gosh can I get a piece pizza am because I'm like super drunk and I'm like. No this is my. I am Scioscia is her Thursday might I'm it and Chicago. Style watch I'm getting Chicago pizza there's a cartilage in my household we heard horror from Chicago is there's this plays in Soto. Now it has a Chicago style pizza and I don't like Chicago style pizza even and I lived in Chicago. And it is until Lisa has a place is close to so Mars is. Oh good lake I'm getting so he needs from you know he's owed syphilis is also true geno is geno does. Another great she does sell toxic microphone hop you can go sit there and our round is turned off tomorrow and really. Not at all she does so aren't in the cup she's all right she's in my personal space than it every time I met I don't anyone's complaining now. I don't know we actually you can actually get G knows is ships TU Baja you buys for fifty bones. And that I'm one of the dry ice are. How else national I want Alan B how you beat me lost somehow slighted you also mean but hey I know. Here is it if for muted usually in cows being on on on on. How anything. You can't just talk over everybody I'm sorry I don't want her to risk pizza no I a friend of mine was in Chicago and can we wouldn't go yeah it's not an overhead. He's three quarters to a break down my. So. I had a friend over it in Chicago who I sent out its we did he knows he's standing it was pretty awesome because. I was are misty knows he's and they responded to me. That's in rat yeah and I was just like our men and mr. Pete says that what you guys delivered in their liked. We do and they sent a link to the actual order page where you can get them yeah like for eased over and what did you decide on Thursday was their rush to the danger Thursday is my birthday. Polish and I. On your little party rallies and if you wish him happy birthday you're allowed to come down. I was like I really I'm here that I now it mice wearing MA jogging or people and it. Every single time or human or content. Well you mean like I am not going to be allowed to our no you don't know. It's part of our family day just like I got drug sister and I zones often don't know what's gonna happen. Day. Oh yeah yeah yeah I told my wife or hey I want it was Chicago style pizza like this that she says that made it happen is its wrath. Should be getting it tomorrow but we're having a little minor pizza party at the house on. There you should. Ill again this pizza from down in the bio like soda out now what I'm at all and the place so I've had its grass Rahul. Good enough that shame when we go their next star month when you do good idea let's go that kind of a little place and it's an animal flesh you out do that he doesn't like lunch afterwards her campaign this close to rumor mill it's violent coup Ramon and non. You're the strip club that scared she sounds good great time tour and I. We are read as all right ambassador to the strip club meanwhile Ray Romano and wearing gas read in the three broke dies I think whether that wanna dance. And talk drags you are talking about windy city high eight. That's another women it's. Like I'm not an Oscar I could yeah. That's the windy city podcast security club may ever run away and win easy time. I don't it's a really good really gives you better fraternity idea and I don't like really think speed so like I like. My New York coming to the it's been beaten Blake Ilie days like I like to go to Mario's needs mom that's so good mariners aren't so good like I will order like a large fees and from there like and I don't. What's the name of that pizza place across the street from us now miss. Staying in this didn't miss me as. How he had no call it hey is seeing body says I actually I'm not old. Next door a cram more leaks occur more yeah it was so I do lakes. Found ish modeling next door to host fattest mom had to finish all side dish or just let it let her I don't know Blake the last match give us fetish I was like this little Maria knows so little area after this yes yeah a little Maria is. Do when I submit that tsunami is that's good pizza also district could be just thrown about the little Marie Tillman release and I don't know who'd upheld a model is on their pizza box aria whoever they've made the drying out but I'm in love with her. And it's just a cartoon drawing of a woman at the pizza and hand Dan puts the way the wrong way when I asked not to love memo which cartoons with little sign of a B seventeen let's do some business. So we're talking and Rembrandt had something crazy happened when these neighbors found my god yes we have and so I have no idea originally do I got a story I neighbors our senior tournament test I think I want our Korean. I told you guys about. My Mexican neighbor jewel blast the music and generally it's really awesome. I love it because it suggested they're loud and obnoxious but there are a lot of fun and they're always having funds I love them. That lady across the street from me is not that person. Not seal G is not feeling it so. Last week she went to war with them because they were partying all night long and then on Easter they came back and they're having a big big party again. And so she was out there honking your horse you sitting in her car honking your Warner setting off for alarm call nowhere she's she's a very very angry per WTF yeah yeah. And so this is something I've come to expect from Herschel sat on her porch during the summer and just like yell at people walking by yell at people on her phone yell out her pardon her yellow whomever. And this really blew yesterday and the day before work. When in you she apparently now has gone to war win it's. Is a girl I know America in the process do you still live in the double wide next door to her. There are prostitute island and a relief in her scenes find you have to know coming out a year round. Don't need you you'll leave knowing you cross disaster were awesome yeah so there indiscretion make and that there are no deposit and open up my own prostitute store I would cause the double wide. Yeah that's a bad habits we specialize in heavy set women who. This is the weirdest thing to tell who you ask this what a lot now I had a meth house on a long time ago I damn you A Al Gore and I eight guy I condemned. Tore down and then somebody put a double wide on it and in apparently didn't have. The permits or anything like that. It's a risk part because this is a real it. I mean everybody else except for that one spot like it's it's an okay nice session a veteran ad that we are a little street is actually pretty fine and were away from most of the goings ons we don't have to do a lot of stuff but we've got this double wide that sits on the property now that bag you a lion hotel yeah. Is so you'll see every once in awhile you'll see a person walking man and then you'll see someone else walking out that sort of thing then and I'll pass. Currently there are you know period there is a lady's time has got to swing by the selling why you write it I mean I got some jobs is really good luck sometimes you don't I want more cushion for my emotions under and you want those mounds slip up. It may. In so apparently this wasn't the problem having an economic rated. Yeah yeah. Yeah it's. So it wasn't that this is going on that wasn't her problems apparently her problem was that somebody living thereby I'm guessing they named Tiffany because I figured across the street when she's yelling at this person had a real man yeah probably not but how has. Caused her a personal affront by talking asks. And so she spent the entirety of I think Sunday cities you came talking feces yes. Okay well burn well the longer it. Phone. Mac knows that I know I got there at three syllable word as well Warren to some. PC so it is horrible I still feel sketches gravel out because well that's the only uses an alleged sermon you than the than third jaw drop isn't. I release are little things he says he based his dad. I had an out of all these side so show apparently and what I've gathered in a way Michelle and I have kind of Mimi figured out at least in the stories and our head. That maybe that this this Tiffany. Propositioned. Her man the if she's pissed about it. This with the act appear because she spent the entirety of Sunday sitting out there sitting off her car alarm or sitting on the hot on heard on her porch. Just yelling out that at the plate. Have you thought about calling the cops on evil lady. Raising just hey I knew what she did anyone anyone she is actually reasoner Irish guy that I do I mean it could be anyone could be anyone in the neighborhood that sick of her. Yeah had lose. Can you know a whole other can of worms do you know pull the bill lately. Refuses refuses to do you like I could go adjust your door and we don't need no I'm actually really enter LO IR AR Kelly aren't they show that I'm really enjoying if you're not a great market is to militarily or your day in the free entertainment now. It's pretty entertaining at this point because she got so mad and I can't tell if she's talking to somebody. Because I'm just getting her loud one side of the conversation but you definitely yelling all lied and he got to the point where she walked over to this whole Bo hi. And it destroyed all holes the windows all want to GAAP took I took rockets took sticks and we're just bashing out yelling at this person's like. I don't care if you have security why do you got a new cannot bear bottle bottle broken me when dogs we have now yap and you're hearing is to watch him I was watching miss a lot like Cabrera. Has Netflix paused then straight. I don't know with popcorn and soda do you think they say hey how are Sherlock is on ponds. I think fragrance cancel Wal-Mart gave ball hard members streaming service won't imaginary and I didn't do see there today originates RT do you just have twenty chairs and is highly guarded. Facing real ladies towels I said it was gonna hang out as watcher and so ya wanna watch him doing this whole afternoon and then yesterday. Eight was another one of those were she's just yellen and everyone she's just been going off and I think this country is that he met she's smoking I don't know I think she's just angry I don't know this method makes you angry man thinks he's cool he's not it was crazy so maybe that's something along those lines and you know are we when we have surprised. But. She I think she was yelling at my other neighbors in the Mexicans that I left but Blake because she's just late figuring out like she wants to light. She doesn't have an issue where it's confronting people. And apparently there and so it's getting to this weird part where she's yelling at them and then I'm peeking through the little like a day that's not necessarily staying glass. Window in my door but it's one of the ones where I don't have and I hole. Look right right right and not get personal there are below or not there yet know what it's like a cut glass all I was always hoping that maybe she didn't seem meat but I don't know she saw me or not she was yelling at somebody else and she could have been looking at me but I couldn't tell you weren't sunglass lives right there aren't so it's all just saw the smoke actually very easy. Almost religious. Called fully quiet man. Would you wouldn't show just like hit a sort of a get away I've got a gift certificates embassy suites because I don't I didn't know he was given me by the manager because they really view the heat kickass job up there and Amanda were backwards and she. I guess a lot of miles on delta would you and Michelle like if I don't know view of the like I'm that I just. I would not say no the next I'm all owe more easily and Sarah you can just go to Bellevue and then get a free suite for the ninth and hey when your anniversary the anniversary is on the Twitter coming in already to ram though it its cease we. On he's gave no. I don't want us random but it would be just she maybe you started Lucy show Obama and then there's. Staying yep by I enjoyed the part of why yes I absolutely out to get up on that okay well he's our new place to stay here since so. All now called an extra to let you know I have. Gary got an extra room if you hit our house and you want to hang out at all until late we often I'll crash and then you'll stay with the old ladies home soared early right now double lie I got some duck. Tape says your neighborhood we require real quick in the did this strangest thing about all of this team is that we weren't really sure some duct Toews and so ram ram then. She wants to Jane people well. And I just my analysis I like everybody thought I mean it's that it cannot put on the little scared now I can't get close to that I can this be a far away. He can be. We weren't really sure you know there are several much balance we are really sure there was actually somebody there in the house beat up maybe she was just nuts you know and just yelling and screaming and go yeah. What yesterday when she was yelling and carrying on a checked in looked at the house second I have a clear shot of at least more than window killers I have don't I don't know this guy look how. I paragon I don't hear points. After everything I've ever high powered binoculars so if he wanted to like really Gary gets the blood tests you to the blood doesn't overhead would. That's gonna say that's because in China now only in our eyes and all that I mean it's nice when you wanna like with the people in the west and whatever benefits if somebody. Actually boarded when you thought I knew he knocked down. Alonso was actually an interesting time now for eight and a so do you feel yourself while you look in the windows of the lesson with your binoculars and now I ask you are dead people in the Wednesday what have you seen. Nothing exciting and you've fans seeming guy washing born. That's kind of fun it's killing yourself watching him little unsettled you know I'd like woman's doing herself did nor. Well they are mad at it and see Asher dreaming yeah. And I. Well as. So the knowledge watch my neighbors sometimes and I'm here okay like leg higher failure or ask your room I said school you're just action packed full of mosques. Think I'm going to. Immediately downwind on reds we went from share those too keen Lil old genitalia sue PP you know hotel window to having difficulty hanging up a jacket. Entertainment I wanted to show stuff so during the that tells you where I was at JFK it was that are all a nod because they did that was nine drew each. Let's if you normal hammered low though is that I was can you explain to me through its wells to disguise who come out of this apartment bill I was late then never I wanna get the strongest ever know guy wants his woman to show Huff had a house drunk being dropped off by another man yeah. Yeah how and it should to hang up that's exactly what normal and right now and I. I left my phone at home and you Blake wall where is your phone and I'll call you and leg it was late in between cash to sleep and since then he's totally always with the same CDs are just these I I and how long Larry. Simon and LA honors is gonna walk please change song is gone. It's probably for the best thing to think this and I'll punch we'll be in LA and I'm always up for Latin member red numbers alone it's you have a big showcase for window frame he's in the front row flipping you off the whole time I. Movement clearly tomorrow what would be all I all I hero where I'm Jewish charted our walking home and it. Cut lakes and it cost you and you would've made Holm but it would have been loan. And trip there and really I think you kind of you know they say crow flies straight tell you I wanna come back. You know it would and I caught up in China on her way home I would have been nice falling asleep in a bush like out of their mind is bush since firms face. No problem because it Gavin Rossdale duke could make but I a man he's coming to town pretty soon most till I get in doing immigrant success here. Ali you know when the play I love that down one record. All she owed sixty so it was an angry public education or a Golden State was thank you really haven't listened to that one G it's a good record of sixteen stone was so good do you actually have them. Finally top ten singles off that really adds I didn't really let you know nothing else on that line I love that now all you know seek to. Ossetia succeeds or was the high water mark but it's a little stuff if you get two or three electoral Jimmy get two or three really good songs and all the rest of its good. But there's two or three rounds wow what I believe. Even if memory serves me correctly could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that when they put a razor blade suitcase that was right around nine elevenths. And any momentum that they had no yes album coming out basically stopped just I mean out of our incident for I would look to see a documentary done on. The impact and 9/11. I'm telling you do an industry we were dealing with Kaz boot Sony my from Sony epic we had showcase privately for him. We've been in the studio on epics dime for a year then they would send a cinder track two songs and espionage we attract five or 6 and I am I'm an enemy right back. He was really excited about the band he heard us do our cover war pigs he asks us if we would be interesting pending some stuff. To hand over to Ozzie for licensing it was all really cool stuff. And after about a year and I it oh yeah do this was this was back then. After about a year we got to a point where we were working of course of pro lies in and we China city came and can kind of push to find out. If they're gonna move forward or just keep us in this writing limbo. And V week of the hate cats you know we can I mean we we as artists we wanna know what's going to release the material for us to bust independent early release her let's move forward. With some kind of a deal or at least get these boards on the road working. And all that was in play when September 11 happened yeah and I think he even had or knew some people that were killed. And it it took I learned a lot will let up because of what you were saying yes literally stopped. Everything for us it just stopped it. Cold there are few doubt I know of that actually. Like I think lay it I think Cobb bush I'm a maybe even filter I mean there's a lot of bands that really did get impacted back did not know that that. Took us that was the end of onion has you know as Brett put city's original cast alas money sometimes but of course everything with major labels such a mass snow tomorrow who knows that we can find a hole. But I mean it was really EEE you know we were climbing into a place of the we've been developed for a year. And we're climbing into a place of either solidifying that are being handed back the material so what do we wanted to win it and yes September 11 absolutely took that out for us all it took us out. So yeah yeah MM ER the impact of that like it's just you're the first person I've ever heard mention how it may have impact. All I want is looking at the end when all this is tapping in there's like lip being a man I always loved like wow I'm in the bush. And I could be wrong like MA might be lumbering band together that necessarily want it around 9/11 but I feel like. Whether it I know what the dust right I know firsthand what it into us and it's not oh well removed several of Lebanon to reject all the kill the record industry and its territory towards but you know what I mean it did put a lot is if it was the upheaval from that wasn't. Was OO well ripple effect it was stone in the pond and it did report new music industry and that is why it. Everything he said he put on hold. And calm and not just on hold like. Her whole end of the one cool thing was epic did release the material to us some great bit of that material became the album called push him. And that's kind of the story behind that. And where we landed there was you know hey look we we have to pump the brakes are candidates can do that could be bubble lot it was a big mass. Mason mesic Lee you know go to that you want if anyone else approaches you you have to give us first refusal. Also in other words like different prize approached us we had to call Kaz and say look we've got interest from another label. Regarding material you paid for so do you want Serge yeah but that was just gonna. Makes you wonder how many best I know I got the boys in fighting machinist oh my goodness error in a similar situation where they were signs kind of they were being given money they're being put in the London Bridge studios. To keep recording recording recording and nothing came of any of the recording no fortunate for Tim and told they eventually end up hooking up with Brandi Carlisle networked on the rest. History Alabama means the brand he's biggest on the story which is our Grey's Anatomy but you don't realize this casino you're already singing it. Oddly enough that was a song that was written my Phil and Tim yep and tomorrow she. I know there aren't you were right down the hall from them and we were bros with and we played shows with them did you read our practice space Fred I like airport Welsh. We were in hush right by the we were two doors down from fighting machinists because so when you guarding boys and they were telling us her films are like memory and a point were really frustrated them because. You know we've been writing and recording and we can't get the label to either solidifying commit the like they're pouring money into us. And oddly enough not long after that we went through the same thing made it how irritable label was just funneling money into us but it as far as essar get off the pot it was like dude can really slipped a little anywhere in the same position wanted to create an and I know those guys wrote over a hundred and were over and over a hundred songs that got shelved. I know it's crazy isn't that soon after famous Gisenyi we started a ban me Phil intends on and you know they'll relate with those Oprah like a sentence for a couple months and one of the songs were working on was the story. Saw him on top donor and and they even asked me. Wind east there's room I was in a van with them for a half a second when they were start to do several Brandi Carlisle and I can't be one of them. Also play drums with brandy how they time. And as of Sunday when abusing Scott Mercado from mom got a lot of locker rigid they were asking me about it you know I think I'm not out Michael ware doing and then eventually they're like we're too busy to doing what we're doing we're called the school second chances and I think that everybody brought us all patents and just ahead and they were named it after rom didn't it was a bad TV show I loved on fox called Boston public info via the school system or higher remember that show breath and one of the obliges all we've got all these weird things going on dead teachers students and make yet disclosed basically the school second chances. And they're saying Romania has a that was the name of our band. That never did much of their record a couple of songs in their practice baseball one of some of your record it was the story is cool that eventually became. Bring Carlos monster hit. Which is just crazy but I first I think here I know when the reverend Carl I knew about urban. I was an Afghan at the time and and I've heard the song on the radio on the mountain when the mountain was Doral you can almost think to sum it. Some sound so familiar with her car and that is just pretty comical I still intent bad. Oh my god that's a song that we were working on I mean I did nothing to do with writing all the familiar I I I did my drum parts though are pretty much to drum parts that. Because it was a no brainer in the drum parsley was a simple 44 beat. But man it's I mean nothing but happy for those guys that after all the crap they've been due as a protest. They still bums me out though that they never got the opportunity to be the focal point of their band. So if you machinists was killer so they were doing. More or less what Dave Grohl has had such great success doing like really. Big rock but big radio rom Berry for I net Irish great addict yeah. Hamid show early grazer I thought when he meets early Weezer but we're not quite as popular as Weezer but man it was good. Al -- reds excited about Third Eye Blind I am excited about their line I'm excited I Wii there I'm excited about. What was then listening to earlier this week the river. Through modest amount of Salt Lake and all itemized not sell runs Slade justice. You know consuming given a bunch of leg vinyl to me and so cold so they all my it's not on vinyl I guess I just got the launch and try to west on vinyl. You know room a year load. We're young to buy it at a store my little tirade you should read into that sadly I just her blunt talk I would trade he said Seve sucker what does that. It's their first to his agent I was like yeah first I don't everything. It's on not did you just make a pass a little. I don't get my entire vinyl collection. That's a good at math and I wish I had pointed at me when she said that I will give you this sad said he saw about a half after an exchange you pointed me I didn't realize a lot of mom will you be martyred I know Brad helps you out Redd and -- can you leave the room so we can take care of me this job I chipped it this is my new bargaining chip I'm not repair. She does clog my penis but I'm a little odd some kind of OK what would you say. I contend. That the ninety's error rock in. In the seventies or Iraq are the two best terrorism rock music I'll buy that. I knew that even though I would be and the millennium owned stock quote unquote millennial I don't do is that we did move things with your thoughts. Yes cook cook and also meet its needs constant information about how awesome she is what I know I. Found dead pool were dilate and just move things in my Khalili the moody teen who yet mentioning it but I'm not mad I mean in fact I'm trying to do not a girl. When you for that. Count then cool restaurant what's been going on your world like how does your month then oh my gosh is think for me he's and he may have been hot since showed up again. Yet someone that amazed at work again. Playing catch a day job did you how. All I ever wanted to leave. Right there is I don't yeah. I don't know I'm going to do my old NFL. Next week like I was like I'm going to for a Lin like screw this where it's normal yeah lake where I can my drink didn't have a good time line need to. I'm not hanging out here. Like I wanna hang out of the chaos but can you like put door in front so I can like hide behind Natalie and I elegant Plexiglas shields yet right to have Brett knows he told us exactly team play can huddle answered right year. Charisma is right I sure I never thought oh I wonder how this took close to doing yesterday we automate a right it's all male we shouldn't. Slung up anger and organized Manuel I and it's been dead mayday is always for these immigration rights but it's turned into this is usually when the in our kids come up from a were again. And like. Knock out the windows. Like a Nike town and when working downtown in the evenly groove so guys everything's safe SCSI to try and everything was pretty cool Olympia I heard was pretty narrow little was rough and Portland was really bad yet they had they had all of their stuff in the moment there are riots. And I was watching now on periscope. And can on him a border c'mon would meet and so I of this is why is why you have on not as much of. Red carpet was always very lettered name people with a lot of art to start off being voided our DV RED yeah. This but yeah it was just crazy European revenue red. Thank sorry I'm not a show called the but as this people are fighting for a blue that the people are doing a tonight that just reasons they just wanna be paid properly and immigration rights and all that kind of stuff and that's. And they have a permits to march but then you get the anarchist I kind of just swoop in and steal their thunder and there's a reasonable break glass and steel Nikes and cause chaos so revs neighbor was in town or just the thing that our windows screen that Baghdad. All right then and set of screaming and knocking him I don't get him for his birthday I think after a Miguel Medina are as far as wind farm barn that DC eighty pellet gun I. I don't show us telling you I am I know. So I don't think it's a three years I was there. Yeah. They'll shoot for the Paladin you we know why why am I get a beating and just get a beating and shoot some. You don't even Paul put up seeking is that how mature and I could say. Oh. No okay. The community. Dammit I can say yeah I was like damage history you can. I had I have a friend she lives in the leg right off of Aurora and Jews can annoyed with all the hot the hookers erratic. Selling themselves outside of our home so she started shooting from with peace it's kind of. I would hate because I am. Is that I am used but I know stronger and makes Ozzie Marlene go. Because it chick doing the wrong man there's so many pigeons outside my play is played now though and I am ending my ads. I wanna be like guys wanna throw a little pigeons on the thing Allan good leg here just imagine like you unsure exactly that your friend's house and 67 bucks to play Pulte home a couple of a kid might be over to shoot I ever totally come home Larry tell her title collar contact I would additionally Internet user I would ask you know they're all you want all of they. All iron to like I don't know why are you a job with the CIA because of Blake how good my leg action target is like he can beating us. Well I like is that a big guys sort of laughable we have helped to hold those good. How does she Immelman long although I was. Glen what's going on your world I see your FaceBook seems very optimistic stuff that potentially could have been but you've got big news to share with us you actually. You're going to eventually get me my CDs oh yeah I don't know how am I got re so far rehearsing here. Barack Obama. I don't know man. And I hit it out nobody's I had was even reopened funds aren't gentlemen I didn't tell he has all emerged which I'll be getting back is we're going out of town the red is no stranger forgiving man a hard time. The rural. Area. Sorry I'm so I just peace flogging pulled back you. All know we have four in a hole hitting. And then rev Rich Harden you generator NASA and our love and one of those things it's been going on the background. Mentioned. Basketball leagues gas. June 3 Joseph looks market will be mark harris' last show on base with window pretty nice and calm and you and him have traveled. The war in Washington DC did you Florida yeah to Seattle. I mean that's and that's you leisure founding member bright mutually originals DOG exacerbate. Yeah he's my easily my brother do you mean were were were green god during literally program. Yeah we do have a bit of you know Spinal Tap thing the drummers were hopeful Sean wall Johnson Mac capital okay I'll be you it is in my love show. But all we know basically mark. A couple years back had a third daughter with a girl he was with at the time and. Our she. Eventually removed from Seattle. Away. And mark there's a lot of really great things coming into focus for the man that are gonna. Be potentially taking a server sees for senate peers have time I'm torrent percent of periods of time that's circles back to lab Elton problem make a job transition and it's good stuff but Marc found himself in the position of man things are about to get even more demanding for the band and I've got this little girl baby momma drama. Baby mama drama so he had it was a tough choice man I mean it was a long serious very amicable conversation remark is mark is moving to. Go focus on his family and folks a little girl we've got to respect him fairly support him and now a 1000% were within you know there's no bad blood there's no mood to bomb. So. We bin we quietly held some auditions and we landed on Chris Richard hero Metallica have got caught and yeah he said Sean was easier to play with with a lot of the Mars so what. And we were like well yes so I can. Africa Thailand after that I didn't that I just lost a couple friends and Metallica camp a kid and I Marcelo are. Lars Ulrich I love your band man I always have I'm just made no residual message disease it's just does show that I doubt he does have a it bars and my favorite drummer but also grew fond. Some of the stuff like I mean he knew he alone he's had some timing issues but I think that's what makes Metallica Metallica dude lords is lawyers and new men hit field honesty that whole camp amen I'm married later sent to see if you wanted to make CD misty time in the Metallica. A global those artists I got mad respect forums taken their thoughts are because they gotta I gotta light and ours always do well our academic front of their dry week. They've got to do a good deal relax at home just keep Retief clothes and try talking to you about photo ID the terrain rumor look at us and letting Lewis I have I it is only sits again listen about twenty bucks to get at bats meet my dad's smells good to talk I think guys tell me. OK. I. That song and maybe that's so hard mr. mislead. Alnylam does making everybody mad but are just a giant tick no gum we can say mr. grant the yeah we quietly held some auditions I think they gave a close your mouth is close UTE thirteen I am saying you can say get Greg. So ridiculous they can say yes. We years. We landed a new bass player guy named Kristen Casper super talented guys played and Amidon played right rhythm played with Jason Kurtz and for awhile nice. And he's you know we don't give final approve all your kid you're at a. Well as a family and we. Room you will menu will mom be two bullets is hardy kept pouring himself under projects that fall apart and that's what happens. When your musician and happens a lot so. Com Kristin came and knocked it on the part Christians literally been working with mark like one on one. Interesting part about Swedish artist actress to show okay I markets are well delay you know how amicable what a family affair this decision is a mean literally rehearsals have pretty much been the five of us. And mark will play the material Christmas at there was phone and document or march playing then crystal get up play the same songs with us if he has questions you turn Smart is he man right here what are you. And of course you want Chris to do his own thing it's. You also want to be true to disarm a true all of the material and Indian. Yeah so I mean it's almost like as if like you editor relationship like I am totally and then the new girlfriend met up with your girlfriend and the old girlfriend showing him or her how to perform poorly on your problem. Thank you. Haven't. You know friends and that doesn't I don't know herbs and. None are known as a manager well Kansas Max clearer shot but that doesn't happen no I mean he wanted down Damon he's not going to be cool Blake you didn't need to get his girlfriend I feel like this but I and she takes it chain off of -- adore her and gear all the sudden like I. News. I ask is this based on a true story I can get my analyst at Harris kid during the starting rate cut is this really something that happened. Well it was a warning that again. So from an RR Max a warning from an ax and yes and I golden door change yes and I happened to be eight doings of fetish modeling at the time and I was like in on his creditors cars. So you couldn't maneuver I couldn't there was no way to get me an hour away. Obviously not I kid that's how Christian watches mark played a base right now. Does that present matters I mean that's better you're desperate of arts. Academies like the space to fit the typical Arab nations and I rehearsals I'm sorry well the fact that I know I want to talk more about them he kicked. I'm happy that I can remember ever lose pretty good pitch you can upload imagining her. You know all she's this or really SE moved to attack someone when they're already battle and I'm calling coward on that despicable she should. Jayne I'm now ANW wow only had you had your hand lovingly. Just a warning it was like a warning from someone out there like if you see your pull the chain on the door late. You know why you want is not fair play and wait so long warned that that means that she is done that before yet they're like you might wanna get ready Dele. Rock at that point you know hours everybody murder and Jessica darling right this are the guys he just kicked out. You know who seek. No don't secure and a book about I'm finishing your really was no plan stuff. And I am I here and audioblog let's just not a publisher and yeah my relationships are pretty hilarious. And that's an even a good term for real sound hilarious. I was tired of their funding there's there's a goldfish in February and I did they aren't just error are enough cold fish like if you if you are you in different tourney president and you cannot handle the migs. Party. Where you're throwing gas I am I Dong yes get a life all on our part of that guy and yet you left that guy with yeah we tried really hard to make him feel welcome on the bus and that's not. Yeah you can. It was that guy that didn't pay rent just let it diva and then you he was that I remember. I'm much relying on bad shape there I'm my dad Jim wasted that dams and coming up. I'll I'll I'll put a mole on when I was sorry I truly special and that's that's our show I saw. I. Growing loan Roland so low and enrolled in June 3 pitcher wants target will be mark show last show ever was window pane. And obvious wow yeah it's a big it's for many years have you guys played together I'll. Colin Braun won I'm. Farther north and I'm 110 dollars I will I will boy it's one of those things are all young man's game now it's not you. 25 meters. So you started when you're treated black eye I Kristin is 24 years old O and more straight up said you haven't played musical Glenn longer than you've been alive and it wasn't a joke and it's Europe that's funny yes so and did so for especially for our fans and people with that that love the band it's a big deal and numb what we're planning to do literally that show our unity Kristen had no I dealers is he easy is shaped ball is a lesbian event. And he comes she's a good looking kid he's a monster musician it's. The end they got me Osce were going to be better than never I mean even mark agrees this is gonna be really fantastic thing for us remark. Obvious he watched Chris Chris sits there wants Smart planners did are you kidding me you know the ten more watched Chris play a good fit it. So it's it's great we've been really fortunate to meet a position where he'd be you know scoop up such a talented musician and Chris. And great that you know as we're losing such a remarkable talent like mark. It's I don't think it's gonna impact the band negatively also I think it's going to be a real positive thing here and of course from the most important things is that. That mark's life is positive we it's really important all of us that he's happy in the does when he needs to June right now is his heart stone and he needs to be with his little girl which obviously. Dude that's awesome yeah we support that a 1000%. Yeah you gotta be in giant you know we aren't we are. Family friends so it's it's all work. But the show June 3 we're literally going go back through our back catalog we haven't played material off the silence. Or half the material more than half of which are often daybreak which sets the record we sold out and a solemn and it's still sells but last time we checked the metrics of thirteen thousand copies independently of neighboring tissue from didn't you your record deal but yeah pretty good yeah. I thought that I'm glad this shattered hadn't wanted to do you are as huge dark but we're literally got you know we're gonna come out swinging but then we're gonna play a lot of that. Catalog material from the silence record from the daybreak record your team really strippers to dance to I would just love you to come hang maybe come running already there TO ME over an hour. Millionaire and I think I will be there you are to I'm I'm in Pasadena I. Yeah I went there and he I know more star general that Humana one I get the co he jamboree a drop that we used to start to show off because when you come on stage only have that drop. As the music people intranet it stone makes a lot of bad hand and I want you to come out to a theme that everyone knows you for look at that would be Hong Kong real. How has she come out to back our life as we always starter shows you some kind of a drop. Trevor balls so badly that you hope to read my anonymous I bum. Brooke as Akamai tech and also can this be played. You're going to let you know where there I can tell by the movement to mislead and should I content glorious the team. Which is yes always which would you prefer. Like OK I saw a comedian Jeff die yeah came out to glorious. And it was amazing. I almost like disappear. Speaking. Well I think yes you can have a music drop you come out to the and then after your announcement will start tonight at all. Why CNN I don't like to come up with me come on I think. Like in giant my nickname Dick and I come up from the ceiling come down. Like Jesus she'll be channel he Jesus didn't hit it any other performer. Geez this is your window frame almost it's tough man to look. I mean I'm having. I my god barred. It's crazy how do I really don't roll you heard they'll still a go crazy I know I I've got I've got a great idea and that involves you read I'm ready okay. The song starts right Donna thanks so we got the whole this kids there's this is. Is going I'm not out yet. Playing how does not come about who got more slack so when we're. It's now though. And what's going. Right about now. And I come out with a Mario will. I put my arm now. Always. We'll only get out there. I'll just say you're voting Rosie no ultrasound and now this is your introduction steal your business hello. The next level that it that is next lap next level stage introduction my data. I don't I I think it did I never do another stage introduction I actually want to make a strip club that based on a church for awhile. Like because and then be cool that mr. her poll like as a U lake. You know and crews fix and I wanted to you all of mil like usher Chrissie as we were on the line I don't know I don't know would be so cool because it really all of VIP rooms would be laid. You know late confessional as yeah. Yeah yeah we're and then. Yeah right everything LC could be a leg on it's going to church I mean like yeah we are the only way to go here and we'll talk about an hour could take our call the office yes exactly. Or the use of penance whip on someone could see where this and say oh look there's the final needs. I have by yourself logo go field took control line. I'm. We call this place is ecology center's. Mean I never go the collection blister it's not like some of the if you stay away from the view the Arianna how. I'm sorry I'm Victor Georgia entered. But their Barrera was now there was for a long time but they close it now they called the pine box. Who really hard to help the pine box. Differently since the store you collection plate LAP collection plate because I didn't do you have to give money that's your yeah about a collection level are we gaelic or the wind and wave heard her say why are labor is. I would have loved to try and put a bow on that com if you wanna do then I'm all about and I just thought we don't because we always start our show was kind of an intro. Alec nasty introducing us I don't have amateurs as and the plane intra try to rather than introduce us a hug it out and just start throwing down to who. It's like you to feel mean like come off like him a very professional show we also want to fuel. Very Haiti we are warned not view with a one famine hit that had a subs and your man of the people you know you are so. But but I still thought it would be dope then you have do you come on stage to some kind of audio drops of people know is that the reason for the audio drop as the people know the shows him. I'll turn around stop talking any attention but I mean if you look at a mosh pit. Oddly my security might get on you for that but I'm gonna do is very small presidency and Yemen and leader Rocco full. I but I got you through Georgia like I'm all about it and I didn't I would tell let me assure natural growth that could be the most epic stage engine. Do you believe you get it I won't you do at least to myself. And you and one other IPO one of their stripper at least that had to be a stripper just a hot chick I am that's totally you have a robe with a hood on that milk. Oh geez I I don't know why don't I do and I'm fine with just a semi. That's that's I'm really epic families can detract from Los at all. No it's just evil really doing this do you get and you its fiftieth pinching grandma why don't you call and looking at this day and ready to Iraq now well. You know it's a bits of big events so one how he pulled all the stops should I go out by myself. But the rope to I have to Irvine home like you wherever you are don't you want to her final. Like got my last thing leg I was wearing like vinyl in my cat ears and a pink wig in my perfect this. Sounds good play just like kept running into people and I can't like drink I don't wanna hand suddenly came from my drink in my other train more not gonna how do you like Nell Jenny crosses like you can have your freedom of your arms continued you know people handy so you should have played earlier chain on your critics say schnauzer we need the freedom of your life can get it like over my head like I can get a robot like a problem like they did just telling you call branded downed power. I don't know you know we don't need to be balanced this is Marilyn Manson served as well coming round okay we want your arm that comes later after property of their effect especially to I'd like to be down. Can do that we can do that we know we have the tools we have the ropes. The room typically are all. And tell you what might that annex and let's just have a mile I had to walk into parts store two links are rope and say I need a belt issues in the guys draw a jaw drop. On the two mile to Nader went in the belt snapped on the part number here is which one of these two links you choose. I edited so yeah at least eleven alike and now you can't keep the rope brownie cracked up Libor cloning measure it applicable to have a nice had to do something and it's you know I can do these two legs one of the two. Who will work. By any but anyway com. All about those stage and show the show were planning for the third on the play a lot of our catalog material with mark. They're gonna take our final bow on stage with mark and then literally it's gonna go to passing of the torch mark is going to walk off Chris is gonna walk on. Pick a passing of the base and it literally will be we will we wanna do it for the fans we wanted to make this moment for our fans. And so then Chris will come up and join us. And we will then play the back half of the senate with with Chris I have to say that would be a very. The second for the vines and an impartial traumatic car I mean we are Mike you know I just one of those things it's it's part of our way of letting all our fans know that. This is totally amicable totally cool saying yeah this is a bad decision that was made his Brothers and we're really excited to have Chris in the Mansour was mark. Armed but we really thought instead of just say here's our first show there are new bass player or oops here's marks slash show. We thought for the fans it would be really remarkable that's cool to have them be a part of that moment pretty remarkable. That Reed -- did I miss something you know reed market bubble. All I did I'm like what I thought it was so I'm not act at at at how anyway that's the plan for all he makes just listeners changes once again. Do you think you get your tickets before it's gone you don't want to lose in a row. Yeah yeah and it. Marketing device mark slash shell ever and it's also Los introducing decree or Chris to our audience for the Oregon Redd plus wine in hand bit unsteady on her mind what lottery innings and my daughter a lot of reasons to not miss the nation be there. And why don't in the racquets also applying that to be very good ideas the governor's daughter reunion show our man ups those boys how there's so killer. All need. Mark society musical little mock society you know why knowing the wreckage and it's just emerged aria that's it it's really felt it's a killer killer show I don't. You what does message does this morning I'm not a case of his FaceBook asking if any guy's gonna get the win no pain just a Kelly out there adding reds going to be I don't got so we're gonna have accrued every journal Steven has something to talk about culture. Yes I'm going to do this road on stage IE yeah see that's very tantalizing enough clothes underneath me. And oh yeah and that I am going to Wear clothes hanging there. I just wrong wrong I mean once you in the long is it like are you gonna LA could you know do all alone ask Steve king of long way to go play. With a perfectly honest you win you know today you sure maybe even like a sweatshirt I don't know hours checking out and keep it simple I don't wanna completely I upstaged when no pain. We might even I just curfew jobs to remove any standing on stage overall market. I nude and fully your house. And then so Cornwell did you feel rested promptly and then there is different just try to rest right yeah officer I need a place to hang the rove and I could think that was my Steffi it's true for. You know cops or give you free Julie jewelry demand that you the free free jewelry report results for both wrists and a free ride in nine late model Ford or. Probably Ford or Chevrolet can be lucky maybe it's a bit of a Dodge Charger. You could recharge the talent they ask you you said I would like that this will move more roomy little my room with my massive stiffened trip faith but these suggestions and ask for the gang unit deregulating gang unit my. They hand you breezy. He's going to God's will darlings I think they'll right now well again that's down their fight with Rosie Verizon online. And I can also be between the N entertainment we bring Graeme Reza neighbor. Barack did take on anybody crowd almost every year we just bring her put her out front of the born journalists Friday after Jim. Bill I know man and they Jesus protesters that earlier man and a man June 3 is going to reduce that. That's my that's my big east marked my calendar announcement in other news just keeps me in my prayers stir keep me in your prayers pleasing your thoughts that I don't end up homeless here in about eighteen days after a RRR. I got away it'll only get about a lot of cool things have happened in the background I won't. Consuming more of the program with that but I'm I'm I'm hopeful. Well. Assuming you know that's that's that's what's going on and then home you know we should really turn the show back to a pretty you guys it was. You are a major part. Hello I'm out when he takes second that I never feel like you're hijacking mission you are up for me seriously never we are today sir. Let's Williams so it's okay this river when they knew this would do what you do man I love having him be a part of this you're mad and partly because swift if you want to. Religious message you want to do the image of my friends and I think I'm friends don't sweat but I will swear that the UP in the machine. Thank you that mom and dad don't swift is always where the real W me aware of its. So while cute as groups because let's celebrate the all the presidents we'll see intense ran the London as well and are being loud enough. I know they're a series did indeed and it's very reactionary program. Should do outweigh smells in thousands west is always ready for that and I. That may exist in tears yeah gee I guess from pigs got to bring in arms. The music that I read you feel good and killing gay marriage make you can hear I mean you've been up all night. Now there are Mason cops in riot cops and do not public it's a nice calm chill when it right your class and I and not only last night immune since the last we saw you. Yeah I know I've gotten Peyton no and I hit nobody there's other calm nights Renault getting there a stormy night. There call my sacred nights have been calm lately although I did get a fight with Blake. A good girlfriend of mine is always home with sick Friday at our lake he ripped a lipstick I wish to live together because I was like do you really wanna you know this Ray Allen and she was like. No and I was like fine. My hand what was the you know when you still whip Eric. It was. I'm a bad point of no return yeah it was just like she wanted didn't go to do to (%expletive) you off. She's so my doc Martins who did all that's enough yeah those are not like two years ago and won't give him back and I keep oh sure her little borrowed them I key and hitting Arab unlike yelling need mind armor and I Neiman. And I was like as users even give me because my doc Martin's back. And then she was like do you really money into this and she was like no announced like I'm by and we're going to we're going to be so I whipped my lipstick and leading hitter. Now hit immune damage high for the best on the ad and I really would really hoping and I wasn't really I don't know I like I was like please don't bring in Mary leg please don't drink. Janice likes having a bad luck. Man. I've done her all about it yeah maybe in the program you're doing logging Yang announcement and I think it is I don't iron to seven years I love I moved in under a latter for a while I thought yeah. Mean so you know so my question is so you didn't work last night but you're at a budget district are friends come over would they did they finish their ship that they ran we wanted to burn fake. As the literally wherever they I don't know what yesterday literally like Casey land have been and like my phones are it's going nuts. Lake of what do you do laying like I have a present for you let president I don't know I'm knocking at Hilton means I'll say for about it. If you we got a present for you and he had no like people just started calling you know I am Christian I smile on her way. I began. You're single occupant the money. She single. That's a little here are irreplaceable value friend right let's go somewhere where we get funds or and guess yes exactly yeah and what you guys do a registering can play cards are now we've drinks and roses day in lake. Right now and you know you just watch Netflix. Would you watch well idea ordered the fourth season of Sherlock. Spend thirteen dollars thanks minority in the fourth season Sherlock source charter watch mad. I mean I did mostly for a little bit like American why did policies like an hour of the people who Weston were safe because you were preoccupied the Sherlock and sleaze and success. I get a room at the western you're after you exchange and the matter I was meaning like the windows key and yeah I am so glad and other absent the well I was watching you own man. Can I get the red wings I don't I'm not I can't bring in south red red bridge. Have Brad when he's doing his own fitted show for one person hopefully yeah. Yeah. Blow you put some whipped cream on the Tivoli unit right stuff to what how much are you watching. Are you watching me and her pickle presser. Oh yeah I. I don't know why aren't other side Dan I just went through while you're right you're bored him and he has a written on the electric vehicle. I have no idea and it didn't hit pickles are. Tremendous conductor of electricity. So really owe yeah it's it really works well done I'm a normal size so dogma you know no no no no no the best we don't Israel wants you won a power strip because the power you Mohamed. The rocker switch on its internal Vermont and just take an extension cord blood then the power strip cut that. Cut the two ends and put one end starter Max put one and each in the pickle do this night. And then turn the starship on the pickle warm glow. Fantastic blew before explodes it's really pretty neat how long's it take its own exploded and frequent trampled on my neon orange you know that's a sex and if I mean really that we don't listen this is a very West Virginia thing but I. Population yeah I feel like your camera set on slow Mo yeah or it's not another idea collateral and doing this outside it Gary Almeida it is juror that was a deep frying a Turkey don't do it in excess electrical my and so it's like you know shooting hair spray with a waiter and bash is danger not a recommended way to kill a spider Gilead because of the view of the guy that runs house Democrats now are you wouldn't settings he's not that that story comes up a lot like there's a lot of lightweight wedge people Tryon might tell the blowtorch hairspray thing people trying to kill insects LA and they really burned their homes down yeah. And I have been multiple times to his skill with hair spray Berman I guess you just spray hairspray on idol killer and it was a fly there was this big fat flying in our house for three days the fly you have cats man last I know they just watch it while that's neat. And. All last night ask doctor with a dish towel and I swatted it out of the it's a good moment I sat there. Is he good only did just I mean I'm stalking nothing to Williams 45 minutes of my stock at this one it out of the air Schwartz a good omen did you work out. That's what I got up closing. Rural. You know anyhow like we're at war with these tiny little insects spiders implies I'll do when bad. And all that's the worst the. Last. Have three days man three days of fighting we have audio from Glenn's house when he was dealing with the flyers' good good good you know we really do here it is take. Well that's sounded did you think it's just yeah I think if I you can lose a voicemail or text message to 532714787. Or email us the makes guessed it she broke her right guy broker a reprogrammed she's not an hour. She's arrived Karl I meadows is like there was a hole and that was the Adele thing rain you have to make. The first time that I heard that was on this program and you've laid it out there are forty times during that show killing you know I think I was sick to my celebrated his oh yeah the principal a bit. I got first text message at your country Jews have 14787. Just finish last week's cast I can't believe you asked Rachel Barley about banging band members. You looked her right me I for the press tomorrow likely an aster that if you have some balls brow. And it's secret and play makes guest and you know the band Douby awesome general idea was pretty obvious and it's yet like you're alone yeah as I got a lot to messaging like dude that's the case that's unbelievable. I did look it looks very likely that they're going to be playing me that's all these Steve's new email string and family put together an official offer him. I think it's always so cool so excited and that's again October 14 over at studio seven just. Nothing is for sale yet but keep and the backe in my putting and your calendar. Obviously window pane to be playing the special branded every once in snow and do very good job of hiding it and also our band are there where we have you know Rudy practice or play a song finally let me say it's my birthday party India yeah beer joint birthday party is steadily though our friends and praise I'm moving and we love this and I. Do it yeah let's do it. Yes a lot later escaped its gonna be a great time and now you are band's gonna be openings and his writers there burden though. We can dim between Sinai into spank you bad problem. I really like humans centimeters rankings how. Now. IB have you have you watching the area I'm sorry this little bitch is about the neon lime and I want to I didn't need to do you hear angry about this next week. Well yeah so you say I don't know yet Wear out of the left I will bring him back Brady got I literally was Blake. Will bring it bring out all right. We'll bring in I'm because they were little bitches about it fact we haven't I catch you all feel why grave why it was what was that go to another note boo yeah but there's a rebel he was god god collector wanted. Coakley who wears it and I lost you'll lose my up coming up yeah your bucks a lot of but what happened on the unless you as she broke it in boxes out. What the heck currency. But this work week is on your arms grind the program to a wholesale way but I. Moscow and ground it out and I'll look at and there's nothing but long reach and for emails and I was doing laundry there actually are so. My heart rending. That's weird. Why am I not getting audio now hormone. We turn up the volume pump them up to the polls recording group could go sort spoke to sort out. Our common or close an era of good friends he is he's the best friend is. Oh that's a draft Hank we got to the same time they try one of these things that's when he's not even hearing like committed dead at the plug in signal for your. If. For those who another little EE yeah I knew that was up we had that was the Honolulu moving to meander my existence there I guess sound icon that is all the sun just stop working. There are mature us you. Thousand Mac haven't pressed any button that change anything over on the side and I can still hears that it's feeding through it. Here I don't know how did that happen technology. And the H word. You can say that. Manny I don't listen words that you can't say. There's a George Carlin bit that helps a lot with that how can we don't want to get him. Some things you can't see on television deputy. It's gotta happen I said that poem memorize the rat Esmat best dirty old TXF I 69 the holes tied in a non. Career a courage wizard asks asks. It last year it was the curse cheer African socks because I mean have. Audio wanna play yeah all of what you read a couple of the messages while you reboot. Just try running after a return on again yeah just to reboots to read Harry. Well if that's bread with the neon longed for that's what it sounded like right elegantly and it testicles were. Loud and I'm like computers so the could could could. If that that body as I know you're old I miss the neon law that episode I was bald but listening to it policy was great. It all you rural areas there where you're doing the scalp and you look there are scared bona why it was like how hot and I'm not in good I'm not into the year ago could not. In mice while we're I'll worry about that one person Texans have gone must love you brother buying a house is always stressful but listening to Thai beach every month on Vijay makes Tommy don't always have at least one credit card news. Even if he's only got twenty dollar balance keep my credit around 730 that's Adam and every. Yep I found out the hard way man I was advised by my mortgage broker. To leave things alone I know open accounts and ran a few things in collections of Lisa my score was good moment won't pay off those little things collections you should know don't it'll just stir up pot. Believe me. Now as he advice he gave me in July 2016 policy for is that I get extra credit card it is not a lot of things you can do. I would go but I have acting on advice from our mortgage broker I said OK and I left it alone and that is literally what. I'm not angry with him I think he thought the time he's given me good advice huge shock to when he went to pull my credit score discovered it was normal means shocked. But yeah I hear you loud and clear bro are hard lesson learned and thanks her Latin lifelike crash which he next month. It's. Really. You're contractually bound to it now are we got an email the mesa gets a gmail.com hey next time you have register LeBron can you please share this story with her I'd love to get her opinion on it. The story and this is the headline. Women have at least a 143 reasons for faking orgasms. According to this story almost eight out of ten women have faked an orgasm according to psychologist ever fake porn. Okay that's a very good question and so are never think you're never needed to never think I'm. Wow so do you just tell the guy hate it's not happening or up I will literally be like mad. Had not happening I none good. My question because we're guys obviously the orgasm is like the that that is the ending of these yes apart and played golf for women can you enjoy aid to. I know experiencing new you can continue I'm really lucky that way actually right so but I've had times I've been like Bahrain well. I'm tired something else to do yet no lay out later than like I don't go home now he's so good because you weren't arriving this. Well now I and then there is no data to train I have. I had never miss Iowa than getting there yeah I had written in for her for Ryan should call you got your thing in the new rear yulia yeah OR I just. Didn't and I was like man. I've never had that happen even in. Really good friend of mine was and we both laughed harder Mike to you she street used you. Honor and I was doing good work and she had the may go and she got those you know OK and she straightened and he was like bomb and she's a thanks. It's genetics dashing straight got up got dressed celeb teams sit there like all been there done that destined Odierno now or not I will not disclose what it's it's up to him if he ever wants to tell the table all but I will not disclose Barbara's name. But I of course I mean what is his name giant Laphen why don't smear her. I don't want to know why I I was giant and then of course the harder I love to Moore so loves you yeah. Normally should be cut. I. So did. You analysts. I don't like that I'm not wired that way and it's sort of a built and it's usually these gentlemen. You're like oh you are so I am or earlier thanks very new year and jam in the lake and walks women to their car and I hear about international man. I risk bodily harm to take him regular front door yet cougars just this Chirac's gonna come out yet you mistreat you. I shoot from the UI I know they like don't follow her. And staff so men yeah your time will you said that so you've done that now Puerto. We only Yi play and how did they react to that. Which time OK a lot of one of the times I mean not happy mostly well I cared chills down at this time there like this don't slide down like. They're usually coming confused there I. Okay you're just gonna leave from right. Young demo good have a question does if you ask don't read. Ga assets for talking about the video that's the way have you experienced it while working at the strip club. No petty or come close. I have chance for some really he really high viewed flake. Out of the box so high do you need. Thank you like yes some happy this guy and now he's attractive he's going to be given me his money it's yes. Bang out new GM then you're playing community calculate. IA she heard it but then you like I don't know I have to pay attention to them and I have to lay. You know potentially what they wine with their need army honestly I think any guy I think I could speak for most of what wanted to get a whole lot yet. I have to tell me feel good that Timmy would be out like the all I mean Angola has a young guy to watch you have an orgasm I'm playing guy asked me ninety ever feel like you're making love and I couldn't help but laughing that is a funny question that I I just are literally started landing and I thought hey Jumbo. Oh no no no no I don't. I want you to give me they basically make love to be on your lap dance permission admission just trial in time for my app where you are all guys know there's been a guy's got ahead to delegate tonight on dude like. Metal wood there from Lizzy and we are already requests no I was not just the person that stands ever been paying. Lindh just how out like a bunch of air like stuck in my vagina and Blake sat down on him that's the first single from brutal burden. Like. So we heard it. Can hear the music so loud I could he say my god and I was just like I got up and out like she she latitude for sick I was like you are whiny. And to your left and spree what. Was still in the kids who I don't know I walked away. I know I know we have more chances to do it at a but the fact that's the funniest thing ever I know a lot of. When you're doing intercourse is that sometimes it happens we knew intercourse like that but a stripper came up and just straight. And you can actually say. I don't think so I don't think so let's just say sir Richard the letter hand whatever stripper came up in the first thing and he was she passed wind via her. And I. You do AA NASA. So that's soon. Just move on the story I don't think I would be I don't think I'd be real. I'll Mac and not would be mounted really don't watery piggy UB leg because a stripper is not a good a fart and you lose your bookmark menu you can buy a lottery ticket of extra recruit. Written yet few words. Shubert gives you words I mean birds on YouTube word that will help you win scrabble. Yeah I had to pretty high scoring area yet I was like well you if I go to eighteen and I was plagued him that's twelve. I think like seventeen points here you and I you're being nice looking now is nothing. I want me I turn knob I have but it would I if I agree humor and an always migrate few hours hit a great opportunity that I get into broke the ice with his star purple but John malware so we went we went from being just customer. Your friends to bonding I'll find more and should it gets almost like we we cross that barrier I wanna keep getting dance is America's it's like. That I had to put zero working to becoming nabbed that's debris bunny for this debuts as human monster grew up. Which is funny because the speaking of humanizing. After the last podcast I got so many tweet things well I. Tourists so human now I'm like that's not what I wanna be. No I wasn't my old you. Don't know our level that I didn't like I. I have to that's it that's a cool thing yeah I know but I was legs that didn't really net went airborne Y nine. 'cause I used to you wanna you wanna be carried out that all. Let's assume and I'm dead now alana sedan hard on us all you want and low hum what legal manner now. The car I love my guess is she for myself comfortable one of those girls gone far kind of your screen right hey yeah. My mom into her mouth are there later saw a lot of I'm. And I mentioned that level orally fixated there's really nothing off limits so room table and aren't. Real I mean and we had a Westchester and I prefer booted foot. I'll I'll animals lose suck on the toes come on guys that they're like other normally it's like just regular boost to those in Hong. Remind tunnel I'm Natalie I don't have. How many toenails unlike two tone somewhat delusional totally kicking patient mass six. And it never came back pin. Wow. Really like I like when you do leg while I don't want a zero telling you my back no do you still pay Mike Lowell lake country toenail as you really sorry dad because you get tattoos. I'm sure that I think I don't have to lose to use a good idea I don't I don't like our calls to bring an end the platform and just black because valley and into. It works again. By the way your mission regarding your to lose it went out humanize as you even further and yeah that Albert up that next level demonization. Your actual ark I sort of southern operates a Barley and so we got that message on another one major reaction original Barley ditching a band that wanted to bang her was priceless. Isn't that amazing course. Animal I don't know why would she want like why is anyone Arab culture and I'm glad to employ and I don't think is she's super like banging and it's hot again. Problems here or magic or rock or orange zone which is just super extra cold sick so he goes. When you said isn't that amazing I don't know why battery wind that multiple times because I was cracking up. It's an amazing it. Yeah right then in at least once maybe twice if if if if if if the letter hit me yeah he's Israel only halfway through the we all of the cats I didn't think it would be a bigger fan of podcast going Glenn joined you guys went next level see you on June 3 has snagged isn't that amazing self. For president here yet last week podcast without reason Barley remember about the you've heard this. Rachel is a rock girl she seems to just have like these incredible crazy stories that happen her life. One of them being as you I don't a lot of bands so I asked a question that according to some people and I got a lot of messages that people bot was rather balls leave me I think it was a real. Little bush was so cool so chills ran on parts sort of imminent is so it's a girl you I don't know I don't judge anyone for whatever like. And that they make and if somebody want to have fun with bands I'm completely OK with that makes me wanna read and a bad again I here's the burglar Brody yeah that's right through please welcome. Us and it'll take care yeah militia groups you'll have to play the part that's right because otherwise she will not be in a bar the launch from red yellow yellow just alone an out island at all Tug McGraw yeah I kind of toilets. Yeah I. I know I am a Little Richard there isn't really. My catalog and that is not where it is because you don't know like it hurts me to Shockey you. But a leg I mean I used it on someone else recently announced leg aren't like it. Just know it's gonna hurt me as much as emergency room so let me smooth that's not okay album let it. I don't know there like really sensitive skin so they'll I don't mind they just terrible and now they don't make out. The equipment they're LA. I can't seem made outlook to one involves tactical so every touch no it was a learning shocking them. Would you make out while all eyes are making out ahead but now I did this also you know I don't move that you got shock and then you made out or is it while you're being shot telling me every kid now learned Electra yeah. It was chaos. And I don't know if that's awesome that sounds terrifying day. Hey I played ceramic corset for a hidden lake and just got a sister amazingly funny I put of course I want a clean the toilets it's awful if you. Now I don't want it northern Afghan army. I don't know why did the course his dream singer and the French radio form role I take so much Chernoff unaware original judge. Hello judge and I house's supply Fox's Molly yeah. I mean empower your current leg seriously it's like I will crank it up for you and we'll do it like one time like just like. Play next month line yeah man. I was in the Fort Wayne I am also working your honor I was saying neither do I guarantee you you're my vehicles on fire again I think you're workarounds work. And he was a work thing that they weren't able to make it that time yeah posit here is that clip of me asking rates of Barley what I thought was a very valid question. I was in Vegas and bring it present two weeks ago I was fine. I followed them from Washington occur in Washington uninstalled them and they get like terminally that is maybe it's uncomfortable question again this is a place where I don't think we all judge and they do these dams. Are they expecting me you're gonna have sex with them yet and do you fat sometimes yeah I. How can I just curious I don't doesn't tell them sometime don't want I want to ask which Interbank yeah clearly it's only when we deposit you didn't know much. Soul but has there been times where someone has invited used to go backstage dairy expecting sacks. And I know until you know feel and ask how does that how does that and. The last time that happened we went to a bar and I discuss them Sue Bird drowned and I sent. Immigrant about chairman there's a ladder like just like a ladder to the window in the bathroom she really is no climb downs too long last gave the origins and how dead. And they still called me. Larry I and the design of number all I'm not at all yeah. I don't trust so you don't use incense yes yes and an amazing. The Mets. I'm friends with this cross she says she's also can cause she really really he sounds so Adobe plague Bobby Bo do you hear one time yes lady veer and running later I'm down to. Runaway from zone was expecting sexist to me well I mean he deserves this. I know Donald. Then I think it's. I have to laugh all I have to say about that is. And an amazing thing. I don't know how are the best part of all Clemens is an amazing. It was amazing. Is a pretty good ideas what I am boobs like her whose looks only that you and I just wanted to get to tell you the silos of email backside another really expensive I think men's and I are she's a friend she told us yes I NG I mean my number really stands accused of my name more or less considering Gramm. They were about seven he thought it seemed to have amazing. I. Think Steve did you thank you look at those things are ventriloquist and an amazing what has handled many years and I say it's foreign it's gonna have a learning some who thought that we're her arm and have you ever strike hard now would have ban where like you're like you know what I don't care I'm assets from our. Do you think to a tournament so beautiful and there's been a victim. Wow I thought this and and an amazing isn't easy. And. Only a good Blake levitating leg. Out of body experience that plagues is now was it an out of body levitating experience because you're a fan of the music and that was like I don't mean that next level what it was but it was just something it was so gay dead. Homeland highlight you know month afterwards so like mixed community analyst call me. Right assists as the go to chase means let's make before and after Xperia. Because I didn't I'm guessing he's a guy is so good now I've never played I clearly had to go home and dust off my black book can be like. Whomever was number line is now getting away you have rankings had a pain ranking wise you give a booty call list hot. We have a good. Super powder which it's I guess I got a call number eight. You gonna laugh. Just delve like five stars or one to ten and they're talented and so I had like me take ten you play number one down like I was like Ron Jeremy one bumps that there. Affect any celebrities on this list sides of the guys you just mentioned that we didn't have on the yes actually your return the microphones off again find out. I mikes off. That amazing. Women also want to tell us at all and it's an audio sure I had our fans are sitting governor like sleaze Silas access for wine. And an amazing yeah sorry to say OK you know response was act. Clock isn't it amazing he's still heartfelt murky you invested and. Yeah it's amazing and Abdallah it's another. God. Porn star there is any female porn stars. Because it sounds like she'll need in our Chris. So I aim technically had sex with someone who had sex with a hooker and yeah I think so that's my claim to fame. There's one degree of such a good six degrees of Kevin yeah and 69 degrees or ten minutes while. Men who Kook I appreciate got to see that's awesome O'Meara Packers are to compete on a good idea. If anything bad happen and we'll make good job of it. Our the F word a lot this tomorrow and don't do that he's got to kill a proposal to produce a business. You know some one more question my tax mimic of some of these otherwise I'm Brian what local band is giving you a musical Boehner these days. But the last one that really really flipped my switch was up well I was clubs either and an amazing shift key to who appeared. You know I I mean I know numb Michelle and Steve from a twelve for a long long time but it just led the way life is I never got to see him live one point 01 other records okay. Got a chance it was into the north wasn't in confined X or mullah. An effort to show us a cool applause playing in the blew. Me away. And I got into the out throw and Murat a standout track America. Internally Newman number some Mac guy when number and contract five track five there's a lot on oh yeah let's start with tracks five are would you be a little bit of this and then. And we get home I'll while the record it's called into the house. So yeah. You know fan. There are killers and you'll love. 9 AM if you got. Yeah this and. Race. Guess so. You gotta just you. I'm awesome day very very the whole records killer actually own two copies on it. Arm and a one then and let the next show her that I went and bought everything in overtime. Aha and of course this rental those records and hearsay in through the ultra is just their high water mark like a the other stops me a good kid isn't this and they saw him put. In three Al truce deathly where they hit. What I got a caller stride. And just and it's interesting to me is those little samples don't really give you. While these songs or eight minutes long and the challenge Felix all the change gears and grow and grow in the build attention then and attention just explode into a whole other change in. Like it's its it certainly soldier like emotional roller coasters or he can just give yourself zoned out and just listening to good. Our mind blowing and and I've been kind of obsessive about recesses we're original cease do you shell out. And I am total fan boy NS AW the burger general have a funny and a half and then some that into that man that I'll sit with them and just geek after out of their very patient with me. And then even a few times I am and it would go to shows and my wife has gone because she's obsessed with the mouth to and I think she does the same thing I do she fan boys. The refrain girls the hell out of him I do think that Steven ashore about like you know this business is that this is sweet but borderline creepy plot for. I had this they may have committed in the world of wrestling a local wrestler she's a female lead to door by the new law be spot and unbelievable. Performer like first in my czars are blown away and is not a do or being a female assistant. She's great and yeah wrestling her leg off best friend you Lara Grassley I I'm assessing wrestling it's admits it consumes everything for me make I all I do watch wrestling. Think about wrestling wrestle myself sometimes and I'm only threw me you know if you never know what's going to happen all great fire alarm. Now do we pause until that cash. I don't know where a do we just act like we don't see it. And just keep going what is going to be that I think we just keep don't work where they live where I would doing your show I am I looking at castle or use our reliance. And then I've had way after he had canceled all make you Wear the orange vest stuff on the fire alarm goes off so we're good it's upward and we're cool I think we're fine strobe lights on did that their thoughts actually -- in -- turned the lights over at mr. Obama. Yeah she sure loose is now than when she first arrived she's older focus she's coming to fight telegraph I am like yeah super like awake I'm like unfairness at first yeah do you you don't. And stumble funeral I my god I just had a cup the last heroes day I was leg no big deal for you do you look you look really do you look Cologne now do you look unhealthy before but I know I know it I didn't sick he learned and how they owe it to really don't think you look bad and now Elliott and the new violence really on the lake I Blake I kept my ice and I pass out in the shower one time Monday I was really not during the and we like this this is just as good as yeah yeah like you cannot grade she's on my face now Mike I would. Normally she never was gonna try I really thought of that no limit my leg my right to life she likes my elderly and also. A letter she passed out there was a lot of things I might have done that green. Autumn and she'd plaza now Ryan have. I always like Zotob and the beast IE matter and it really quick before one of our defy wrestling events and went up to and I'm sixty. My big fan and I was speaking out I just legit nervous like similar to when you're talking about the from such a fan of what she does in the race is phenomenal and it's. But I know she's more about Fallujah door kind of Mexican style wrestling. If she decided to go more towards like you know. The world like W she can be I would not be surprised and eventually she made her way up the chamber I think she's more of our new two door purist when science wrestling fans understand what I'm talk about a forty guys but she looked like I'm crazy like why is this guy. Freaking out about meeting me but I was legit excited to meet her because she's got him. And it and it's ready you know B is. Guys that you can what we do yep com it's rare that you. I mean none in Manila tonight good total jammed with Jerry Cantrell right host Amy and most pleasant Charlotte I'm generally not. And for some reason that Opel record connected with me so deeply and I'm became so obsessed with the now quick slip through the state where when it's TCU Michelle get nervous I haven't internal dialogue it's like eight. And you're a yard and Joseph leery darted a look at the good morning. I'm not really it's weird because. Like I have the same thing like I will mean famous he glam like oh yeah whatever like I don't there is certain things are certain people events or below like. You can't. No matter how bad he would shut it off you can't you know Mike you're so cool you an instance recently. Or at all in general and Iran than revolution presidents since we've all had good. I remember it's got to touch the bottom of your brain loses penis that's not really important but I came and arrogance really don't know Larry I. Hey I guess I mean he was. When you gotta go across a few little. Yeah when your own audio book that's impressed you raise some things. For our listeners can appreciate you know that thing like you know Rockwell screenings are cartoons or suffer the little girl goes in the daydream she can he gets that look in her head until Nelson Rex while we guys go back which when she's. That's literally name LA media in June when she talks about this their little heads the oh memories her man he's a man marrying Mac owner and president of voicemail are getting. Yeah. Rid of tighter around a beautiful beer now you're gonna go read it and you're gorgeous. Saw golden locks of coalition. If steer. With your ankles Mubarak some delicious commune and I'm flattered just to that could not and this stuff you hear your product I have your mom's so I'm still here and it's well. Can neither Marvin can tell I can tell you can put your marvelous match every week. Okay just got a strong you have the middle parameter and chose Oprah. Ma I live view on the miss that apple got applesauce. I'm drunk and that is anymore if you winning and strip club is applesauce since the Zune. Say a word has helped me get out applesauce. Well have you. Apple like our. Program. Similar ways. Or both borrowers is that just your. Room. All. Apple working for you only always revert. Lonesome gestures and calling underwater and he's he's calling from inside a styrofoam cup they've prepared to host her in the bath sort of after effect. I've just got to help settle into strangle you a little while we'll all our rule boast all. Currently there were also currently it is very. I think you bottom bar usually by the house and follow the Turnbow who truly are who are yeah I did OK until things are about to lose that's perfect place for colon address especially in the garden feel better get on the moment maybe it's a little teeth and you get the last after your phone functions. Come and don't mention the fact we got a call about someone just buying a house to leave isn't you know I actually don't think a positive so thank call got a song says he's got a long. It's not just flung her. Who you're gonna Wear my column this weekend here or how he knew he and Luke. I have a clue what the burqa or ever drink perform. Are you drinking while your moans yeah. But I can tell what the what life is like when magic mushrooms that she's kind of go in and out of focus. Could quickly. Developed right pace for a period. It's like I recommended upon getting no oh. Just calm down and I'm gonna how great it is to announce them you are good to go. You are in my backpack tennis I don't know. Oil and liquor he says he hasn't developed distaste for beer yet which policy when I was so yeah I mean and teen I was a whiskey whiskey whiskey young hall monitor. To calm but I really didn't drink a lot of yes we took a while British men and mean and I threw it on after the Jim beam and they give you an area. I rarely and then once I found mere. I want to find that you can find the gear you late for my first introduction of zero entities don't nice yeah. I like CBI are some things but like they knew like on the allegiance from you know like I can bring to the news. And then you gotta have and trying to hold any and everything around you are. I'll take care you might read all your hand towel and he will fall over Pickens. A perfect gentleman and a well as a squire Esquire or about January has enjoyed it. Massoud had just enjoyed knowing that you were safe pharmacy more than anything else and I had I thought it was very nice to you guys were like talking about it like when I went to Iraq concern we can play. Collection Jimmy surely she gets so it was close we came here we we know I know I emotionally it's very catering to act as your your part of our team might wanna make sure you're OK I know I know he's very it was very sweet how you could total stranger little ideally have fallen this. Countless that I think you take a Santa costume go look at pound price because it. Merry Christmas copied it as far as you're not just talking about her breeder figure it out to just start. Loved her about it because. I. Think Mike's Hard Lemonade or a year and I. Yeah Hitchcock. We are not healthy eager to get some demons it's OK and mark Mark Harris portals and James mark Paris loves his bitch popped and the treats his bro your friends will never call you uneasiness. I will say that that stuff play I called rich popped this is a but you know and I like him to. It would be great summer and the reason I stay away from amaze you could backfire was excellent sugar nasty hangover a brother in math and her. Jello shots. She did you have Julie jello shots he had no idea I'd like I know relay get playing pin Mondale like how it's like food you have more to it there you know I'll have like six. Who and then I was then I'm like man I'm Mike. Cannot walk yet you know they're more likely an icebreaker let's listen assuming you've workarounds brazile does what he's given large number to Mitch popped yet subtle humor and cart. Blah. It all work. Green where. It stuck in the book it will air in and I'm gonna work go to. Is there really. You know Rick Burleson will now. Now and also I bass player drinks it all the time and easily do you hang SM and image pop embrace the fact edited shoot. Amy and if you're a rose to thirty year bros I don't keep it you know all of you wondering from behind Elliott an issue I don't. I don't care unyielding aura Malcolm I don't know I know what's gonna have a little fun leave it starts to get under his skin then. Well that's the things that. I know with my friends monster's ball in the water at warm and sunny southern keep scooping on each and the minute you let it bother use when your friends are gonna have fun at your expense. If you're just like yeah I'm drinking a bit stop all while whatever your. Are hilarious though he had a router if you like if you our like Tyler really wanna go I'm one of these trips therapists are they legendary here's another way out from under immediately though to shut that down if you like to Mike's hard nude. Spicy white as you like Mario and got back pat and why you saw the raspberry but. Switched to. Jack and Coke and rum and Coke vodka reasonable doubt the you can make some so that they're not like paint thinner you can make some pretty weak but if you're drinking Jack and Coke no GB hard time if you drink your Roman could look at and if you like to Mike's hard. Man I Jack and Coke is pretty much the same thing I'll see you know what's were more ease trade down voices and even hearing a shot of whiskey a shot of whiskey in the minute you start to feel could you get the nice oh key honey saying with a shot of whiskey gnome session my mile section watering and now of course is why am single uncertain in the meetings. But when you get that delicious shot. The price they would try to get involved and take a sip of root beer and what. Happens in a day's lunch about Harden who Peter Paul Malia a oh two so your buddies if so either tell Lemaire look under the CE me a hard time about this electric stuff left off. Com but if that's not an option brother switch to mixed drinks or cocktails no one's gonna run your mouth you're on the Jack and Coke no one of the world is can he be a hard time about drinking whiskey Coke. We're vodka red. All know right. Brad Solo Cup it just throw the bids grab your Mike's hard orange or red Solo Cup and they ask you write whatever I heard it's yeah as if it's just like a clear collars of vodka tonic if he's got a little mockup cram whatever I mean if a debt if its really bothering you what you love drinking those. There's ways around. Or colleges and goal line really did look. This was cute for a minute but it's actually start and to make me angry and he's at least he. I'll get it emerged in the took a humor but a lot of people who can just nibbles a guy and you guys that are. I made. So that's a death wish so I just say do you want it to my net lot of my friends originally tried either you Richard pitcher buddy I'm able. I'm going to shoot I don't get the humor at all but a lot of guys are their pension if for whatever they think it's cute and have had a few friends or to say look now William Jennings dad I'm not kidding. I'm weird Boller personal space. Don't have to touch me and look old dude I'm so I don't Scioscia he's terrific but I'll get and so Charlotte you know I'm not mad I love you you're my brother. But I don't think it's cute I don't think it's funny I didn't touch you forgot your hands often and us senate you have fewer and other we're gonna have a whole other sort of broad you put your arm around me if I. I and slut a few minutes a singular thing where to jump all cute ribbing saying that that was a bad thing that I had a problem was deny you this are gentle cute Remington regarding the fact that you like Mike's Hard Lemonade yeah com. You can either do what I did which is a new straight up. Don't do that don't touch me. So when we can stop classifying what's manly and I'm not manly look at all. I knew what I had and I saw vacationing and have a free drink but if I ever Friedrich here in Seattle bureau root cause we all enjoy an umbrella drink right Roger give me your dad your. Mark right arm based on her vehicle and what are angry amber drink again I always it's funny sometimes to the summer rom out into a Margarita phase is a just disagree happy does listening to invest well CJ usual look like he'll be a barge and Glen abbey and I mean no margaritas and look at look at me I'm like. And just do it and they're like you'd like and then when it blended. I don't think it's time yeah. We argue like that better go hadn't been ended tip. But yet you just either talk your friendly which proudly and mixed drinks brother at all. Years and years and years and years I wanna preserve playing music in pop. Mark Q mark terrorists. Talked us into doing during reduce unplug sets we did this in Cheeseburger in Paradise did you know my goodness one song and that's why mark is no longer valued at outlets like market and using the people love it is we suing the annual heels look at relishing your sold a home crowd assault. Assault and assault coming it was a record a Modi Monique. Monarch was like I mean I will let people love it I'm like dude I don't have a lot of self respect as it is people. On the Monterey and it doesn't mean you should cover yes so that was I should I have to play homeless population density the markers I have a picture we do and I love it lettuce tomato that climbs from cheeseburger or picture me. At about seventeen years old playing them from the 300 feet. I did you listened to. No yeah that's right and there was he known dead no human being thank. Now I'm Dallas a movement gab amazing now in more than leg comment on my parents is coming current territory muted their legs and conclude that many that they are bitching Tamara some pitching good I can narrow Beijing can now we'll survive and you read George is zoo will move to do after zoom. Didn't know whoever is I need all song that I flail like in between songs in Portland's Lloyd knows that MI. Pat Foley isn't really dad no plague I love pitching rounds like I have to. He just killing going on here. I love it. This is pretty as the look at the flashback has gone in his basement there. It's a thousand paper cuts it's it makes you feel any better I Dorgan Johnny rockets. And I had to deal like true. He seems like guys being listened to me. Average guy ace. One of those moments when I put my on my face in my palm shake my head in cinema broke the words and white people that have to ask how. As well like you do man like this yeah never really did a budget brother's request and that song. Oh you know like Wal-Mart and more so that you can only do you know. We're going to Jimmy love these concert means you've got to bring your own bucket to pool and I've tried to crap real did ask what this is this is something that apparently again another light white people do you sort of thing all would go see Jimmy Buffett and add these festival shows but they couldn't handle waiting. And in line at a port of bodies of the renewal of the bulls ran like those like buckets or get like Home Depot. So. Taping like those foam. Bob noodles around the bucket as of a toilet seat and improving in these buckets descended that the miss the show and you're saving on the ground corn crops and read as a book. A cease terrorist yeah our era really when you think about the only they could possibly say signing here. Whether this horse some white people were some old white people out of money. I ever was a lot of really is it just shoot me in the I would I would I am this is mixing an event with a volume embody honor is big Goodling a black new helmet is a justice catastrophe an event he's rich. Spoken to and I got a leader were Disco. Like people and yeah he'll let say they just definitely you know it's a good but it's time to deploy that like when you just see. You never see any hip hop man's car are you old gambling Jimmy Buffett song and you I don't know woman's shoulders. I'm not I'm sorry I don't when they do I'm sorry wow Joseph and she knew what he had a chance to robber does and I'll listen a mega mega coup yeah. Yeah we typically think. Our digital mark thanks for Jimmy Buffett even helps you look it's a good omen. Cheeseburger in Paradise with the murder I have in the house that I now own here shortly thanks. You did this. And it's just not acceptable even. See how do you convince fans that do business you are paying money I'll give Y yeah. Probably your credit coconuts and to serve another day. I'd like to keep a lot of song you like a lot of work you know I eighteen year ago been consistent and that's cool song. If I'm out yeah but look at that he had Pina colada Bergen has never seemed club dread. Oh god what are the worst of all that a broken legitimately girls actually played joked that he'd be really cold limit her real easy you must we must single Phoenix a lot of murdered. Initially similar bid urged his Jimmy Buffett got you pitched this. Very good. I didn't know who signed as Rupert Holmes any relation to John King reports OK guy that's gotten older kids about like writing this like. He writes this plague. Yeah I usually is hey I leave so he breaks his leg hole lake things. And the any kind of that it actually usually means that like right back but here's my problem how that story and she's right that's a lyrical story for my problem is she's laying in bed with this woman whose. Placing a personal ad firm mistress and brow. Not to pay. She's just Mon ami come super glad that in the end you found out just leave you with wasn't earlier dreams but laying in bed with your woman's place in your personal. We're just not cool at all. That's not a romantic movie I wanna watch that's this loan to join the funny part two about this I did not know that that's not even the name of the song to song thought it's. Sure this is my friend Steve. Probably because eventually you realize he would of made you very apparent. This is escaped and went to see the Pina colada song and I can keep alive because I was okay. That's how I called pinnacle I'm forty you know. Now there's also ruff Ryder song called that a lot of there is going to be amazing. That you can be so guys disciplines but that I don't know I get ready it's likely some things this. Okay and I am. A Elaine I don't know about as far as I leg to my friend Arlene did you Gottlieb Wear my black friends with a large penises into a rich. Is also mirrored in some Jimmy Buffett's best work he asks all those and poignant question. And I think gobble boss an easy song Pina colada Jesus. And finally had 880. We don't Hollywood can iron yes. You know why don't you. Why are we running here. How do you feel themselves through. It's a great tennis on TV they did everything else. They originally thought. Let me know I mean. Got a deal. Okay I need is I think we heard Israelis what you can. I don't know. BM. Yeah I like a lot of guys Stephen street looking back Mimi the means please go to do this I don't know. Yeah I really thought like I should cause you never like PGA tour and now all of a good job like it's not really any. Federer looked back to you without a town was hit as wiggle like amendment that do you lend towards uncool. Thanks for the Munich but I know you can do it I don't think it. Qualifies as working it might not last unplugged show. The real world senators are really fun acoustic show and then JT. Phillips went into patients and I Streep when guitar around grab the Mike concerned in the Axl Rose snake Nantz asked. And there in the crowd went wild so we did like a worsen in the end and that's awesome and I couldn't whistled for some reasons or is that just a gold. Good you're on the wall when I was reading how all arms and legs they. My revenue. You go there just as Smart as we can see mutual agreement our production director how are Jeff I don't know. Oh yeah she's working. Yeah I mean I have the same problem Jillian giggled Wallace known. And they have gotten hits for a contest in our sponsors want pirates are. It's it's. All right dear Dave. Thank you for allowing us my family fires from your show quickly I think this might be our last podcast without out now and I'm almost more of all the best and we're hoping we can start doing the blood just so much storage unit next Jack. I arrow and then who's the girl you had toured England. There was the same parents and same girls and girls of different day you know I dread as always thank you for coming and hang out with us are several ZUN a month maybe you'll be drunk or sober we don't know who yeah. And so murder percent of what's new is now not in our vocabulary. Our usual one for the makes jazz fans is an analytical wager on whether or not I got a citation today 41 bucks anyone out there who. I didn't text or call with fewer yes or no I actually. And nom I will say some random Lee did not Wyndham randomly guy can top randomly and we went the week. From whoever wins. How would you view free pair of sure box market to get. A Texas July 32714787. Elliott say is ticket. Or no ticket yet ticket for no ticket we're running our park today and I am Campbell will move won't hurt you if you want and then we'll look at the winners in random we will choose winners are shoebox markets that it's okay let's plug this Friday night I am going to be one of the play by play guys for three to one battle know why he's glad he's out of town so myself and Cody from dancers at the end who usually does it. Cody ME efforts today are very second into how would you be up for by doing the live commentary at 321 battles of this Friday night which is off Cinco De Mayo you're gonna get weird over at the battle palace and said he also there's starting at 9 PM ten dollars suggested donation can be a great night of wrestling and it. Always gets weird a 321 battle so if I come hang out and show some support for myself. And arrested three to a battle for a short sighted man that's could be a lot of fun you don't atop their practice early enough comes from my. Are usually run about seven to eleven news music goes into about 121230 learn so just time yeah my name off fitness. All right brother immediate time colosseum. All of his community and on an ally and. And directly after rehearsal we're loading up and packing the trailer to loosen Idaho Saturday so there there's no way no other tournament and a group yeah. I noticed dot com all one of these regardless you know you happen I've heard so much about them so I just got to get to a place right to free her Friday night off effect. Yeah I I have to to witness this yeah you know practical. It is a Specter caused so much fun it's over the top ridiculous Mason. We're gonna have a good time we have a few drinks and Rihanna partied until you find this one battle come check it out sounds amazing yeah through somebody. But you are working from Howard keen on Mandarin Bahrain so I don't know that I'm this I'm mad I'm not that is not going to be the case. Don't I mean it is spreading. And enemies and could not get out your it. Thank you ever Melissa don't forget June 3 window name is going to be playing over at the show boxer Mike Harris slash self. As the basis of window pane and plus we'll be introducing Chris. They're newbies to yeah delegate time. And head out all the listeners that have reached out to me since last podcast is from the say thanks I got a lot of private messages wouldn't be good advice in this hey we're thinking about again. We're a bunch of derelict Barack Obama more Yemen did you know I don't. Million guys amazing amazing guy is we take your and we need that Blake. As a stripper Elaine yeah I'm I'm. The literally heats man named for the most part like. I made a guy and why you would hate men as a stripper sister really who unemployment. Really really amazing guys you have they're all really easily and everything and I ended up our red tellers say it say hi tell you love on my guess red underscores her front Twitter yes applesauce. I. I got a little darlings when tenacity and be there I'll be there night. Drove very instantly become the item I zero I mean have a guy Demjanjuk there. Ever drunk or run came forward Salazar. And penny thing stay positive gratitude. I don't know what music all the time. You real ID plans seabirds yes absolutely oh yeah happy birthday thank you and men and I'll be having on Thursday but on Friday should go to 321 battle but on Saturday and Sunday object cryptic on all weekend denies and I saw him. Seattle I see Jack so I. Let me end of the angry I was at last weekend like dressed up like I was running to the entire thing. Any flight suits sleigh and the like trying to make it through DJ leg thing I was like oh my guy and his crazy. Are you doing any I panels and I he had done the panels and I do go to my FaceBook page you can see all those panels a budget different ones into the fund raiser sometimes. That's something else that's happening later that is so I'm sorry I had to go to my face would reduce the all of last until about that the next week for remind me aren't I well everyone listens as always thank you for listening. I'll find is on Twitter at the mix cast and then of course email text and all that crap. We'll see you next week and stay positive. An amazing.