Migs Cast 12/27/16 "Defy Wrestling's Jim Perry"

Tuesday, December 27th

WARNING (Haha): If you are not a wrestling fan, this episode might not be up your alley...as we get super nerdy about the world of sports entertainment! 

This is special edition of the MigsCast as Steve chats with his bud, Jim Perry, the owner of Defy Wrestling.  Defy Wrestling is a new independent wrestling promotion in the Northwest, and their first event is January 13th at the Washington Hall in Seattle.  

Tickets are available at DefyWrestling.com, and Steve Migs is the ring announcer (#StreamMigs)! The main event is Cody Rhodes vs. Tacoma's own, Shane Strickland (aka Killshot from Lucha Underground). The card is stacked with some of the best independent wrestlers. 

Jim & Migs chat about the Northwest's strong ties to pro-wrestling - from the PNW days to the awesome current state of wrasslin' in the NW with promotions like: 3-2-1 Battle!, Project 42, and Lucha Libre Volcanica.  

Also on this episode... Migs chats with Shane Strickland.  

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What's up that is the migs cast my name is Steve made from flying solo at the very moment because we don't have the red we don't have Glenn who. The special episode of the makes caskets once brawl. The wrestling fans were gonna fulfilled a wrestling quota in one episode for the entire year. Because we're gonna get real nerdy about independent wrestling I got my friend. James Gill where he is the founder the creator the man who's put together defy wrestling their first Indy wrestling show. The 51 happening at the Washington office on January 13. And that's going to be a great time I'm gonna be the ring announcer. I'm very pumped about being a part of the fire wrestling this is going to be a real cool experience for me so bad always wanted to do. And not mom I'm in great hands James is a brilliant brilliant wrestling mind and I'm excited to chat with him plus if you never heard my interview with Sheen Strickland he's on the main event he's taken on. Cody Rhodes seems Strickland. Known as kill shot in the leaks underground world. Will be taken on Cody in the main event at defy one so we'll chat with change Strickland as well during this podcast so like I said do not a wrestling fan we'll see you next week. I totally understand but this is job one for all the wrestling fans that have ever been curious about. Put together an independent wrestling show James has some great stories and now let's just jump right into it my conversation with James Kilmer from. Defy wrestling problems. Of the pro wrestling fan right up lake to its context too much content. How many don't watch it when animal life at the end you know I give this is a hundred years ago would be like. You know I just lost an arm you know why won't you know out out in the wilderness the longing for for 24 hours straight. And now we're like don't have enough time to raise my wrong I only. If it might not this seesaw should banks is entering. And it's always find time for that. I don't start making a bet that the they are syrup eggs and Gilbert. Jim Jesse okay yeah I never know I don't know we bu I feel like we can we don't be professional with each and immersive for part of the team and that team is the fire Ross yeah William Biggs didn't call me whatever you want okay and just put that out there Jim dog. Yeah exactly bedding in dog 2000. So for those are listening and is an obvious is the mesa gets a little bit different than usual user have been gland in the random. We always say I've jokingly called it wrestling podcast for a long time Texas because it started off as a wrestling podcast that. I am. Realize rather quickly I comport myself talking about wrestling so I don't had a four others it's gonna end there's way more talented wrestling podcasts out there was like you know from TP test Sam Roberts in my boys in the job being out podcaster and recently I've been and we're talking about not funny enough time to watch enough wrestling him or talk them up before we start in 92 car loaded in the beginning of this. I'm not funny now enough time to listen all the wrestling podcast a lot. Comedies now the masked man won on the ringer with David Shoemaker test it's hard Bruce Pritchard wrestling podcast on to the wrestle west yes was all Jesus you have to listen disciplinary there's too much I don't. You can keep track of when there's too many I'm gonna tell you. Take a break from the other wrestling podcasts and just look at just look it up to something to wrestle with Bruce Pritchard its host also my guy many of Conrad Thompson who am. Comrade he is an incredible interviewer and only does his interview Bruce Pritchard every week. And I mean it's it's a point where like I'm questioning how I do my interviews and say it's such a testament to how talented Conrad is yes. Like he makes app I mean first Richard's very entertaining brother love him I'm sure a lot of old school wrestling fans remember but. Bruce and Conrad are phenomenally gather what they do is unlike other podcast where they. My fear wrestler pockets of the want to talk a lot about what just happened armor are scattered on the paper via frank. Dave picks but a random topics that people always wanna know about like the mega powers from the start to the and could Bruce Pritchard was there. And it'll do half and they just breakdown one subject about wrestling for a good two hours while he just did deep post. Super deep like from royal rumble ninety sat in a war. Wrestle mania whatever candidate meg what happened and why did this happen the ultimate warrior like. Did they just specify how once a young topic and then they just go hardcore from sunny in being in the WW I've been that's crazy eights. And it's great hearing his about them one of the best ones oddly enough was they did to part of because it was so good on on TNA wrestling oh wow. Did the rise and fall on him it makes you realize and it's only yourself and we're obviously you're atop a lot about the world of independent wrestling. I mean you really learn on your prime walkway with a lot of tips on what not to do rest take it it's unreal like fifty if you have a couple hours hours they start maybe without one but. Any of the ones are really good if you're hardcore old school wrestling fan like myself grew up in the eighties. This the Bruce Pritchard podcasts is I can't I can't suggested enough an argument Sam Roberts has gone on his podcast to talk about how great it is a it's a wrestling fans Nirvana. That's awesome I like the idea that because the considering we were just talking about how hey you know. We are not caught up on the stuff right so your listeners on the same show or whatever and and you like when I don't I don't even have any context or it's what. This week you wrestling talk is about where you torture is W getting all the spoilers and they come I'm willingly going to this podcast and find out the stuff but I haven't had time to watch great. Who thought on this book and a sound you cannot about it economy just give you a couple of examples of what they do on this solemn and against something to wrestle with Bruce Pritchard. Big Ben Vader Vader in the WW laughed during trial Lex Luger being in the WW laugh I mean it really to listen juicy stuff the last episode. Of Dodd WCW. Money nitro. Prime time wrestling in the WW laugh wrestle mania seven. I mean it's just allow. It's it's a Montrose screw job obviously is now was it a really good episode deal through word of one of my favorites the mega powers dusty roads in the WW laughed while really going into like just took the checklist of so you have to outrageous. Sort of behind the scene I mean Kasikov let ask all the questions a what do I kind of want to ask yet don't maybe have you also as someone but their friends Kramer took comrade will just be like UPS seeing me. That's a dumb answer I killed oh no not yet abdominal lovers' spats about it all our crazy I like I cannot let that. After an energy that's always autism. That's always good yet it's funny you know. A lot of the stuff you mentioned their word we're topics that a lot of wrestling fans have heard of work or maybe mentioned right click the Vader thing right. You use your will stories here and there but I think it's interesting to it to to get though the full. You know this is actually how it happened because I was there. Right they cannot answer all the rumors say they jokingly called rumors and innuendoes like okay well on all the dirt sheets they said this might. And there's a funny dynamic of like Dave met slurs like how like. I don't know he'd like. And select the Larry king of wrestling but I'm have. He's like to feel my day is meant Drudge yet pro wrestling all right and so whenever he brings up that guy's name. Bruce Pritchard says just so when you only have I am sure they know everything you know that I'm like a lot of those guys hate even. And back then yeah because he was didn't he was getting scoops and then. And then you know and the boys were reading the sheets and I was like sort of link we'll keep you what are you doing you know you're kind of ruining the business eleventh thought I think and in that time. Absolutely nowadays of course the whole businesses is out there it's transparent rules for the most part in the interest of inner workings that we don't know about but a lot of the stuff seems to make its way. I'm out on the Internet or whatever it may be up. Before I forget let's get right into some of the despite wrestling stuff I know which is a 100% issue. Yes there's no real there's no Tom Fuller in the five no all the punches are real all the outcomes happen as they happen nothing predetermined. It's gonna be crazy. Yeah are good guys I got mentioned the beginning I usually I jokingly said his wrestling podcast of this one this week if you're not a wrestling tennis might not be the podcast where data here believe now stood out we're OK we'll be friends after the fact right now you're dead to us now but. I think David if you not a wrestling fan this will be interesting because not a this is an interesting journey of bringing wrestling back to the northwest arm. In the world of independent wrestling and we're seeing it happen over the last few years but for those who don't know than the north west was. A massive massive as they called him back in the day territory. In the world of professional wrestling a lot of great wrestlers that we grew up watching from Roddy Piper Jimmy smoke go to Greg the hammer Valentine yeah I think you know Freddy Blassie Matta made a run through here pat Patterson Patterson yes. Then the names the they news to rocky Johnson I think spend time yup. But he just the names they keep piling up who had been here you know working. In this territory you know. A lot of great promoters that. Sort of influenced and affected the rest of the world really with with their techniques and and how they put things together and then and then we had guys that were late prototypes that. Really never got on the attention they deserve what what guys like Playboy bunny wrote yeah. Who you know hopes. I was just I was having a conversation with them with a friend yesterday either wrestling a story in the sky map farmer. Auto Matt yeah I wanted to suicide can you are exactly right exactly so serious I'm very nerdy what do you wrestling I guess it did you know he he's he's got a show to him down ML Libya radio he does just miserable show that's reversed Richards Jerry go check I don't know that you'll and there are golf full circle. Amassed an awesome dude man are summed up in a human sharing stories about Playboy buddy rose and if you go on YouTube and check out some stuff put Playboy buddy rose. You'll see lake. Oh. OK so yeah I get it to him he he was. He was it the influence or for current panic you know oh lake. IC ten and Owens and yeah I mean I'm so many absolutely gift of gab I guess yeah yeah yeah and and he can work man but he was just so good. So bomb. Yes you know end and the last couple years. Stuff has really been stern a pop off here in the area. So for a long time I mean I'm we're talk about the deadly does the glory days of a whole school in the kind of wrestling our territory wrestling match things seventies. Early eighties Vince McMahon junior who now we're not many people. They go home that way a Vince McMahon rinsing Kennedy McMahon and he came took over the businesses and just really tests. Bulldozed over all of the small territories and made the WW. Then after now be considered giant monster it is a bomb but there's a huge gap. Then I mean. Whereas maybe some stuff was popping up hearing their prefer most of the time I was living in the northwest there's no independent wrestling meringue and then slowly but surely we started seeing some but it was like. Very unique she men and then I'm maybe you can go into a little bit more about like I mean it seems like there's like certain. Legal reasons why we did have independent wrestling here for quite some time. Yes I don't know how far back the bill that current. Regulations. Go right but in terms of what pro wrestling is facing right now in the state. Did did the department of licensing. Classify as pro wrestling the same as does any other combat sport. So areas yes so so mixed martial arts boxing kick boxing you know it's Taiwanese knife fighting at a time. Great fan and I yeah Graham Jennifer good one coming to call and money to conclude that hey I gotta go. If free buffets pretty arrogant. They so these guys are under the seem sort of medical. Exam requirements. You know they can get blindly into contestant events themselves. Are the sanction as if there. And wouldn't you know similar combat sports right so where everything that you have to do in terms of did the the type of insurance again for. The ambulance Thursday you know you mean and things that curb. The regular independent wrestling show. Are not just having to really be considered. Is is an issue here in Washington State so. The the price of entry. In tune in to getting into the game jitters are sure sounded like rat who exactly is his roof just crazy it's just really wild so. You know I I think that had something to do with it in general though late in the last ten or twelve years. Indy wrestling had been just kind of you know on a dying play you know wrestling in general just cut and we all have led to a lot of people I know had that dip as Timberlake. Yeah I kind of pieced out around 2003. And then I came back during the pipe bomb yes. Why so many people know this fell back a moment wrestling because of CM punk sprite borrow money is friends is is amazing I think it's so cool yeah and others is like. Now I came back has Brock Lesnar came back unifil I was watching USC in the healing came over part of a movement a couple of examples you use Derrick are two examples of of almost realism. Working and I you know I mean minions. What intertwining into the world of wrestling whether piano Brock Lesnar who yet he knows that he SA and the match a certain way but there's almost an element of is he just like a wild animal as he got this map and not really fall in line with what yes one accord script is brand and on on the flip side with CM punk it was on the microphone. There was like OK is he gonna. And he can say it's it's funny that put them in a different way had a sense of realism to him and it gets. Maybe that's something that you know the world wrestling Kim can look at me like what brought people back to the party all of the realistic part of it all and yeah you know it's not it's cartoon he has used to be my device had to you had that dip for awhile might dip was oddly enough. The heyday of pro wrestling and that's the attitude. I don't know if this. I can dominate eighty's trivia wrestling like a champion Y I can even Mike hold my own with. You know the current era of pressing out watching Ralph I pay attention to and enough of a big fan. You start going into like the wc WWW you wore his hand and nothing has. Is there a bit more whatever I learn from all the documentaries. Good in college yeah yeah no cable rip it. So like I didn't like wrestling anymore I know whale watch wrestling right near those ethics and learned I was just it is impossible thing with seriously like who. And there was no there was minor Internet but I it was dial up I don't know I don't know I don't have a computer my dorm or imprisoned not in his -- and no way to make immersed myself in like what now is looked upon as the Gloria a brand of wrestling yeah and that's the one age are ready and I'm completely clueless yet we're late trying to pass tests or either avoid them or get later like whatever your legs is trying to find lend themselves to build miserably and all the yeah. Right right but it's very it takes a lot of time even if you're failing at themselves. It's athletic it's a bummer the focus now watching a lot of it on the network and it's like are okay. There are moments where I'm like yeah I get why we are romanticizing of it's in the world of of attitude are wrestling it but maritime crime watch in some might. Give me up. A break. What the product they're throwing out their back then is not. On the whole mind an amendment it's awesome people but I feel like I'm on the whole I'm enjoying what they're doing now way more than what they were doing and I mean. Obviously the great moments far exceeded the great moments of now range so I can understand why there's a certain Mike Love for that. That Arab but there's a lot of want to crown on and it really is. I've had the conversation with a lot of friends it's like hey did you go back and these are watching broad manner you watch some of those nature of the blues and I was like. You and I cringe worthy he's. Not a lot of it not a lot of it holds up there I mean. So it's fun I always loved talking to fellow wrestling fans and I think we all had our dip at some point yeah you know I mean there's the web for whatever reason whether we not had two and a product not having the time yet I've been enjoying. The resurgence of not only that I mean I I enjoyed WBM always going to be a homer for the WW I charge the product I love I I'm not one to complain either some things I can fast forward through and not being an. You know I mean I don't necessarily enjoy watching Seamus matched race personally meg now I'm kind of forced to because I like watching some sorrow that's a shameful thing I think that's I. That they you know yeah there's no totally against but I'm never going to be don't wanna take on the unit going and that's this app that is how my world but. So like you said at one point independent wrestling was. I mean it was it was embarrassing yet in the sense and to be. That's so harsh word but for the most part by you look at it it was almost like oh my gosh this is really bad products grade I mean nobody's going to it. Well when you looked at you know it if if an independent wrestler in an attempt corner there there idea is either is to have accessed by. You know perhaps getting to the level of WB or being in the WWB. At that time we in Indy wrestling moves you know what sort of having its challenges. You know look at that type of guys that they were hiring in the WWD Marino. Solve beef cakes yup and beef cakes invades new era who just knows I'm Barbara threatened harbors a virus and there. So you look at that and that's terrible how you know. No wonder the Andy is like really had to develop that distinct. That distinct war create you know where. You know they've made they started putting their bodies on the line in and developing. And an athletic system. And then we did as we didn't have the size could Reggie kind of fighting guys in the sizes WB guys it's. I was tradition of community have been almost in the the talent level is not nearly as obviously those guys were good enough there would be. Because they were all they were looking for these beef cake looking guys so right yeah I can only imagine at some point you gotta be like. All right well I'm and I have that six foot 5300. Pounds of pure chiseled muscle while I. But man I can fly in the ring and that's where Elvis on the independents or make an intern for the battered. Yeah and Lisa these undercurrents come operates like. Lake ring of honor popping off you know in the northeast like Billy exploding with the guys coming out there and the guys coming out of you know the Toronto area and you know just sort of a hotbed of this hungry talent they've really didn't have. At the time any shot of being hired the ability to be in DNA was doing whatever they were doing but. Yes it's true you know sort of W light at the time. Or WCW light or species that ECW like our aluminum all the region. Not an timeless. So yeah you had these guys in there were just able to sort of master their skills and be under the guidance of allowing really wise heads like gave simple skiing and can cats like this system where they were really able to build up the prototype of what. You know independent wrestling. Finally became I think. Do you think I am curious to see what your opinion is as far as I do you take from Terry Billy's the other just gotten up arrived over there very destructive effect that it has rejoined this podcast. Do you think. What okay what do you think is that moment that really kind of broke the doors open and a sense of independent wrestling is something unique it's something cool it's a deal worth checking out to where people started going like. He did I mean and obviously it was a there's many years of building and building yen and bring them honor having a huge. Impact on that but do you think it was like what made it all of a sudden. I don't know if the word schools are right where you know I mean like what what that that that moment that got people to be like I need to pay attention in the independent scene. I think shirt for general consumers and fans of the W exactly that's what I'm I think yeah I think that Blake and then decline in. Opinion on their narrative. Rate. People looking for something else that in addition to NXT in which underground happening. At those two happening and such a especially NXT in a visible way they were finally getting this stories of some of these. Of of of these in these guys coming in my third big DG yeah no. So I don't think the myth that the real explosion. Of independent wrestling I think it's just really starting next. I think we've started to see that the yen climbed we've seen it and and we've seen it internationally missed time as well. You know places like the UK ya which are just going bananas Jessica evolve quickly yeah yeah yeah is like and even the WB's progress here. You know million he's going over there and Miller cultivating. Then that you know sort of quote territory and got this thought that they do there aren't a big. Yeah UK championship tournament right an and it's because of places like like. Progress some high CW. And and rev pro. And now WC PW. Eight yen you know it's it's really taking off and away. Is that. You know is really kind of unbelievable and I'm really creates. Potential for opportunity for people out there to really get access to. Really top quality 100%. Pure wrestling yeah the that they really never been able to have before. That's it that's a great point I guess I live in such a bubble wrestling I assumed the blow up in the world of independence started a lot earlier but your right leg yet you're thinking of as him. As someone who just knows WWE is being wrestling there's nothing else outside of that. Having said that like NXT in the cruise week challenge again thank you and say I mean loose underground night I'd just last week on the podcast talked him auriemma stereo and and ten minutes telling him how much I love them on there and guys I talked to mr. Tenet and outside I was who's gonna be a part of it greater Columbia. I love Lucci and and that's I love about what is titled who taught a lot about the fire wrestling in and I love the fact that the military guys. Are are are taking part in in Vietnam very much so that I always viewed independent wrestling for me what made me start paying more attention independent wrestling. Was oddly enough we bring up the pipe bomb for bringing you back into the world of of professional wrestling that brought that opened my eyes up to what's going on you know when you make a name check call command and Mike Vernon. I mean what's going on with its cold commanding guy I think. And Elvis and I knew about the podcast I wasn't really paying attention to it and Bennett became a fan of his podcasters got the art of wrestling PM I've seen him wrestle now couple times just when I went to Dallas for wrestle mania. And for me like it seemed like there was a perfect storm of all that Mike Young punk mentioning yeah yeah. All of a sudden now circle who is this Coker ran a guy always got something that comes out every week that I can list always interviewing guys I know yeah and and come up with that and then you know outside of podcast no definite mark Marion or whoever. I'll tune in because of aghast and the all star from the beginning I won't be that guy is a targeted a fast forward and such talkative. Celebrity. But I can only on bad karma he would tell us you're right 'cause it's like I put that ravens' stereo and everybody and the much thought yeah that's pretty bad did you set your best order for 43 minutes. And let out first yeah also I'm listening to his stories of what he's doing on these independent wrestling things and it's a fascinating. Eight debunked. At a shape. A gene. Just looking for a paycheck former WWS superstar that's doing him in the show. The other Jake Roberts. Before got a house together pray every that it that infamous yeah that one where he wrestled I think was a kemba who we wrestle but he was just basically a dead fish and yes yeah and that's what I think a lot of us you'd independent wrestling and it was just a place for the guys that can't. Cut it anymore to WW me. To go there and make a couple bucks because a Presley fans wanna still see them yeah wanna get their picture. But at a place of sorrow yeah I Wear this all dogs go before there but that's not it anyway aren't making I mean if you do end and let's talk about the fire wrestling because. You don't need to grabbed. The old dogs to get fans excited anymore non Jews. So different than what it was like ten years ago where I would say on the may be a mocking feel free to correct me I mean obviously you know. You have a much firmer knowledge about. Independent wrestling I don't know if you're on your way is. But you're holy com am right now it's pretty awesome yes and so defy one. Which is gonna be happening on January 13. And it's at the Washington hall and defy wrestling dot com DF why cancel the fine maybe shouldn't be driving. But you know you never know how tough thoughtful. Tell us about it because. You put me get this is the inaugural independent wrestling so that your putting together yet and you only happen to have grabbed the hottest independent wrestler. That anyone can have a nets Cody Rhodes damning thing I think you yeah a new member of the ball club right the American nightmare right that was like great I got a good response when he's a Mike I am good thanks. Think I don't know why never a lot of that is a name for him rent I bet he's had that name. Ball I already had that while he was as wrestling a start out here. And that was his pitch in the holster but let me in the mean many get away from McNamee become the American nightmare yeah that's I mean if you don't know what his dad dusty roads the late great dusty Rhodes was known as the American dream yeah. Yeah and so Cody is now a bad guy and he's part of the ball club which is the hottest. Non WW wrestling faction for several years and absolutely bomb ME UCT shirts if you're watching WWB you see like that's gonna support club. I was seeing that yeah this is it it it if it's a great great testament that you don't need. You know the Big Brother of the W even speak to him through to blow up and become huge strength. But holy smokes and he called on to the American nightmares that you've got to be kidding me yeah that's something you're gonna have to ask him when you haven't been here. Oh yes like how long you had that yes I think I imagine that's been in his back pocket for years on chair you and and as Susie had the opportunity to make it work. And I'm not above that he didn't start his independent career yeah with that by playing. Well it's so Smart you see these guys come announce they're so Smart sprayed its lake. And Matt hardy is doing the same thing right these these mines that you like what they've really picked up some steam out there like they're working everywhere. They're so when demand for her top people are always talking about what they're doing and the minute it seems like mine early hurt oh. Back in the news again that depth you know and there are always constantly thinks just sort of like stoking that fire. And you must religion in my when you've obviously. Booking Cody was a crew read off the get go it's like this is awesome there's a lot of buzz about everybody wants to see him wrestle men and in an independent scene I mean it's suited. I remember even seeing him do how shorts coma when he was part of that reside dashing Cody Rhodes are turning a very good with a mustache and arrow watching him and at the time I was like how would does he was good. And when I left that. How shall I walked away huge Cody fan because like. You can see the way that he interacted with the crowd it was a much more of an independent five person that never been to an independent show it's a lot more interactive with the crowd yeah I mean did the rest of us play off but the crowd really well this man and typically got a good night. It wonders is almost chemistry between the crowd and the wrestler exited the best wait and see your Adobe every show I think is the last jealous and and not a TV taping and watching him without that doesn't that this the rules in the constraints of what you do on camera where it. And you can just pinpoint one fan in just. And use full on bad guys deal and I want to go home how this guy he's not being used to his abilities a psyche is. He stood out head and shoulders above everybody that night when he came to working the crowd yeah nobody came near him he was number one guy and so. I would imagine for years people deny get a seat that all on him yet no personality and it wasn't his fault and then he and then he was hid behind. Start to step for so long as well as to replace Hayes zip up this. Zip up this lycra and put that paint on and get out there and be someone else which are pissed me I'll go and I mean I am obviously you know a physical specimen and if so yeah I mean I can't show off my physical goods. I forget which is why I'm going to be. Shirtless and defied a crap kicked. Up. But I don't think he's known rip it off like current style are what mile area so good this. I because although I numbering announcer right that I'm gonna happen. He gets passed along your arms underneath your sleeves shaken her yeah I'm the number I. Cook books. Camilla Illinois Samoan banned men Bigelow is tattoos on your dad did submit a matchup every I don't mean you know as Brutus the barber. Homer has killed to cut our top rope off a nanny who's really into this kid's got a blue trump didn't he came to term buckled. What are they going on like what did they blow right right stay tuned for the bronze pennies segment. Featuring migs just makes yeah. Yeah disable hands on your chest under bring back every current union part of professional wrestling as our ring announcer because of Bosnia and let it be awesome moment. Don't go expecting that please people. It is to go expecting an amazing man of independent wrestling. But you know if if that's something that sounds like you like just go ahead induced coma or coma and you never know what's gonna happen because of this guy. How prom for you when all of American nightmare stuff popped up because it's like fury poked him he's already if you are he's already hot he's already talked about so excited and and all this and he just went to another level yet wool but. From from the time I'm booked him. He has he has done PWG. Yeah battle Los Angeles he is done and if he's he's been in teenage yup. And made an impact there did some good work he's been in remarks final battle Gary. He's about to you wrestle kingdom eleven chosen a little ball club. And he's also picked up the what culture pro wrestling championships he's picked up the GFW next gen championship which is. On the line at the 51 pitch. So this guy is is out there he is hungry and he's he's doing everything and working every there. It's got to pray for him because he's got creative control over who he is remember hearing him on colts podcast which was. Truly one of the best podcast interviews I've ever heard because you just at the end it got very awkward because they were I don't know if you listen to it yet it was. The day clearly there was I can IN spoken peace between the two of them and it was based off a whole lot of hearsay and it's not if you're wrestling fans of the human. That is ever had like a misunderstanding that cause an issue between somebody for years that's basically what they hashed out on a podcast it was it was it was riveting written like. Audio entertainment but dom. Yeah you're right take all that stuff is going on and now here he's comment Mel when you look at guys like Cody Rhodes. This summer I've always been curious about like I mean. Is he coming in as like a member of the ball club is he coming in are the best of the that you know make you mean like rate. Make how much how much conversation do you have his first save what is the character going to be precious mimic what it's already been. Out there are here for someone like kodi he just he just comes in and does this thing yeah it makes it I guess. Especially firfer. For a promotion like defy that some just just getting off the ground and how do you sell the five to him I mean obviously money helps yeah I mean but you know we we know lie around the money for share that and after you know a lot to do with our brand and the other people we have on the card to him so we're we're we're doing it legitimately in unit in a big way. You know and and the carters load and when you when you tell Cody Rhodes like. Hey we want you to matchup against Sheen Strickland you know kill shot from the each underground. Phenomenal series on race underground now right out he's he's got great timing right frank he's not a single chip our hottest thing which. You know and on the Indies he just keeps kitten word everywhere and but believes union press upon you know and so. You know he's doing great stuff we do agree it's so. You know offering someone like Cody that something like that yeah also it's like yes that's something that would be on my checklist. Yes I'd say for him absolutely he wants to do these fun things that nerve dead nerve fulfilling and now it is not to worry about you know promoters and brokers telling him what to do much to do it tonight. That's pretty cool so then let's talk at odds defy wrestling this divide wrestling dot com on Twitter and into ramat defy NW. For anyone who wants information the first show you good fighters from a professional man that's what I do or don't know if I love him. That's why you brought the big oil or I had a friend who it is and sit terrified and excited about this man. The color they won't talk about like just the beat. The questions I have been the excitement that I are doing it again it's so and its January 13 at the Washington hall in Seattle it's his. An old venue that just recently got renovated like. The city for millions of dollars man to turn into ten million dollar restoration in this place and it could I don't even notice and you yet this 300 herded into you told me that you were potentially get a book it there yet. And now it's there. Yeah he's I mean everyone for a wreath a Franklin to Jimi Hendrix has performed there really no yen and in you know and they can just in the first till labor yeah terrify a coherent station. Yeah and it's yet and I guess in early 2000 there was a little Livan. He used to play their arms weird and it just and to stop existing. Win you know and you know it's an old building the I don't think 1908 sold so at some point they just. You know kind of let's say you stuck to the upkeep was. Morgan was worth remember yeah exactly what this place has not exist anymore and why they're and an area until someone was vision thing right and money was like yes I want to bring a bunch oiled up sweaty man. To grapple in your building for. It still. Don't require twelve million dollars renovation at Osaka the yet again there's like squatting in there intentional or did you stuff I think but. You know interesting enough. I have done. I have two members of 321 battle. That are going to be wrestling on my show and three to 1000 awesome independent wrestling group. Now I hear that I'd love to talk also about yes. Yeah sometimes coincidentally it's where they started as Seattle semi pro so many years I'll see our remembrance and Seattle QB SSP yeah grass slowing that was down that three by our he had it would happen every bar zoo and it was. There was no brain. It was they were basically wrestle on the stage yet the people throw things I can bring. Yeah I remember I didn't realize. That day Bob morphed into 321 battle yeah I realize that same. Yep there esteemed group yeah a year earlier looking man. And if you would talk about this now or later but got to work. We're looking into groups that really is is a lot of local dues with passion and hunger for pro wrestling. This started it as almost a stage expression almost a theatrical expression because they dealt with the uphill battle of the city telling him you need. X amount of every drove it through X amount of hoops and hurdles. Just a cold is wrestling so they inherited two more theater are eight may have an award winning documentary about their struggles really in their transition what's called they're doing I don't remember yeah. Absurdities lookup SSP documentary red yelling. They had a banana a one time I'm in their group. And that and and the gist is to believe the bad banana got sour about another banana Burke being brought them I can I'm sorry I'm Paula completed butchering the story you guys. But but he like sort of see he spilled the beans to officials on what they were doing. In terms of running their show who's hot and that that mistake came down hard on him. And that this one hours documentary. Which I don't know if you it is even available at at this moment all I know there. But calm it's may be revenge the banana coconut crusher. But you know this is the group that has. Has gone through so much to try to perform their art form and in the city. And have finally found home at the spot a full fitness down south lake union and they do shows every there we. Yes and in every other Friday right you then Joey Ryan pitch essentially run in which it was killing me I had stuff going on that night to look like a good one and got basically every time they have won Friday and it's so hard you just. My schedule by rank. But man now is the one where I was like god dang it like that must have been nice all the videos and a my buddy Cody who works at the end downstairs he's one of the voices of three to combat dogs and Chrysler yes so funny he's. Both hilarious and and and an encyclopedia wrestling trivia yes could be happy for him in the success that he's been having with it. Now it's agree it's a great seat it's they're fun shows. Without 321 battle you know I wouldn't mean like they inspired me to try to stir something not well something something. Something different of course place you can't go and and Heatley you know three to one is weird wrestling you know a lot of common your ball yet a lot of shenanigans. And and they set up. Gardner presents a serious wrestlers wrestler and Joey Ryan rhetoric does everything very serious sin. I think a lot of the end you don't know George Ryan is the guy. The king of domicile. We talk about on the morning show talk about here I met him at at that and Dallas super nice guy but he's got a yes had a finishing move that involves another man grabbing his package. Any sniffs the penis duplex or a penis plaques and just like Seattle and and that's I joke about him being pretty serious worries. He comes out with a oh this young pop a lollipop my dad used to be that he would just give it to somebody in the crowd this wanna take it. Sounds terrible who put it in their mouth ranked. But now it's like he does it to the highest bidder but you got next level and people will pay like sixty to a hundred dollars for the lowly popular live up that he does drop in his pen yeah and is it. Yeah so again you very serious wrestling you know and I think it's so funny that like someone paid 7080 dollars. To take that mode puppet put and an amount some believable it's. Don't know what a great way to make money right and it's Clooney via the file taxes on and how do you like that the mr. H&R block. So you're telling me that he made an extra eighty dollars this year. My putting a lot of pop in your trunks and make them money just tried man I gotta fill the pack up but you pay up pop suckers I'm by up to her. Chris this south flourishing hamburger meat in my chest doesn't right from nowhere that's right this is upkeep. I thought I thought to the mid 321 guy's obviously. They are known for being weird Breslin yeah and they do it so yeah anyway so well it's a fun time that's a really fun time encourage anyone you. You know who they're they're popular or so people who are listening this probably a lot of you have bend or are part. And so I think it's I think it's going to be really fun mixing up with those guys and in so just this this. Outside in the also I've done the project 42 guys are also another great wrestling promotion that does some stuff. How would you describe them and as I could admit that I do think it's important that the people understand there's these different worlds of independent press ahead from the weird today. Technical based in. Some arm are evolving music guy right now great project pretty cute really interesting because they have a lot of cats that work. From EC CW opening cougar compact and deal weigh in Portland. And the economy in the middle and and there's a ton of folks that all art in project 42. Net are part of defy as well like. Big Jack Cunningham okay right. Like it's easy to say I don't copies of rehab ahead as to if I want have come on just not and for those that are are huge underground fans he's. He's met tons and tons and yeah elk who and can move our first our watch when they first brought macondo incident which underground like this dude is a monster. On Eddie's fast is that yeah I think he's crazy with his skill set is of a cruiser weight yeah you know I'm really here does stuff that I could guide it's a maybe. Pushing 200 pounds up pushing 300 pounds didn't move very bam bam Bigelow. Yeah yeah yeah he's that he easily. Did very well. In the Olympics and he's he's a beast he's an absolute beast his death lyricism is top notch he does things in the rain for a big guy that beat you just don't. You just can't believe what she really really dissect it had. Did he really any strong. Yeah right you know simplex singing to the three guys at a time. And so he's stepping in there with big Jack. Will be backed party for two and a second but big jacked. Key is that for the northwest. You know he has been up here he's been Boston's ask for years. Com working as much as he can to develop the stylus to where he is a big dude they inject some big dude. And he moves. He can work pooch right now so Perkin Ron is one over. Suicide dives this big boy is. Doing it closer for those that are my arm our new world of these terms Luke Schmidt. Wrestling which is the wrestling is added more spat a Mexican wrestling style and it's very high flying based yeah the crazy moves that are just completely out of the way I mean. Just they defy all sense of logic or sense of how to how to that happened but it's so much fun though. Yes until we see a big guy like big Jack doing it then you're like why why so. You know he's. He is not happy about cop coming up here as frequently as he is always partially on here asked her. And being in the athletic big man he's saying you know like. You're coming up here your your taking my money and thought what this is not my money yeah I'm the big guy on the big athletic guy here. That's what makes me special prison. And you're you're Conner appeared too much nude. Score an ominous and you back on the Sacramento. Because this is you know Cocoa Beach you don't go home you have forgotten aspect gone and exact off yeah exactly Saudi. So they've already had down ripped apart at 42 show and somebody actually don't think. Jack approached. Cobb at emerged able after the show me like they once got into it like Cobb was very cool about it but Jack was. Think straight up. Hissed. About her well yes like. Pissed about Cobb being in there and somebody caught it on their cell phone actually this could probably walk in approved it during Jack was walking up to the table. Like talk him talking some smack Spock. Somebody fumble that you got it. And wrestled this this and this great blog wrestling with subtitles posted up on yeah yeah yeah somebody accurate with him yeah yeah I've got some Max Max posted up. And had to see like Cobb didn't know what to play through it just like are you. Or are you iPhone with me doing what's going on here and threatening Jack was like you know you that you think you're gonna come up here and take my money. I was like yeah I don't know Noah our front by all my fellow Illinois senate now they can like throughout the generally yes that that's the right answer. You know in F for you know flip them often and might sort of beat it. Newsletters they've gone 81 arrest that I got to just talk now to tell you think I've got a court order a tab and Colville lake have you seen needs to flex Stevenson hit perfect count me in the show yeah where where where do I sign right great. So that's gonna be interesting and it's heated mad and it's going to be really really fun to see that that happened Phnom it. They project three Q. Big Jackson met the big Jack. Just last year wrestle guys like Darby down one there and Darby on the local guy you know works for a ball moved down the floor yeah so keys. He's out here he's doing big things. Hum he just like Russell Brian Kato further I think it could be wrong crowd occasion you know he's doing big stuff for big Jack murdered this guy I know project 42. If people wanna go on YouTube and look for big Jack derby now one. There. Did they do there's there's a move in particular. Where for anyone who. So they run project pretty too little chorus don't yeah. And anyone here familiar with the core zone you'll be familiar with like sort of that that the do you ma oh yeah in the middle and a I think every guitarist says some toys are no guitar strings throughout her whole day yeah so. He threw. Darby Allen over his head. Like just directly yet then beam in derby only ricocheted off set she laced with a point. And and we thought I was I was dead to. You know like we article again ambulance drove right in front of any any any was up and he was fine but own. You know we evening when. We're just complex or go to memorable on the derby Alan stuff he's continued to sort of make that his homework and he spots where it's like to. Come on let's praise a couple of come but you know big Jack murdered him. And that then the sigh 0321 usage they're both project for you choose entry steam because it has some weird moments. But it's just a little it's a little bit more of hard rock perhaps is you know they have link you know. If hardcore bands and I don't heavy metal bands and stuff play in the intermission of the start of the show. Per and so you know industry in to Nancy and her when standing up it's. It's a very cool vibe it's really great. The jazz are all I'm always an Oscar brings another one of local Bob independent wrestling of promotions especially to check out there and heard great things have had contact with those guys they. Director knock him now and park is well it's great stuff our question for you so you you were you put together this bill and for defy one. And of course yeah I mean. Cody taken on change Strickland to comb his own scene Strickland very excited to see other crowd's gonna react to that on because he's gonna be. A hometown show for Jimenez a great video that you guys just put together is I think YouTube and I've generated a bunch and he's got in my YouTube are my my my Twitter or your guys just wanted to find NW. You'll find it and it's just a great piece not saying it's a minute but I am also sent a minute but I'll start until show it's rights to pick up the farm and then he got I mean a huge summit this match with that those guys and yeah I mean and when you put together these cards how much. How much some tickets creative. Input do you have into the match is I mean do you still use you contact Shane you contact Cody. You welcome. Now what happens as an as a promoter do you. Is it a sense that you lost for a poker in the sense that and in a world of wrestling for those are relatively new wrestling world booking is basically the guy who helps plan the match prayed and comes up with maybe the story arcs and him whatever it may be. How much of an input do you have with that do you say hey this is our vision. Now you guys you guys that are professionals we know that you guys have the skill set to make this happen but so how how does not work for you that eggs. Jacqueline Blake got that exactly it's it's sort of like. This is sort of the big picture. This is this is the tone great they come really big in the tone really big into expressing emotion. Through through subtlety here right. And wrestling is a great form of that because you can keep it simple but display that an immense amount of emotion and really make people feel stuff. By doing very simple things and that. Wrestling sense that it is SNL and I try to explain to people like and I've had this conversation with a lot of techsters whenever I've. I talk about wrestling on Abidjan makes obviously people know that I Wear my love for wrestling in my sleep but I also know to pull back because I don't wanna make I can had a chance to do you right now we do you have the wrestling Brandon whoever's listening I'm assuming also loved wrestling it's not your trooper yeah Hoffa. If blood. But like for me and say whenever I these are for you realized through pretty realism like did you realize also the Walking Dead is. I'm a predetermined outcome and it's not real news not really zombies killing people like. It's a form of entertainment no different than a movie and it's and I I'm a mole where that is not a sport. But it has sport like elements yeah com. I forget where I'm going with discuss my brain. It's it's a good point you know because it is it it's it's convenient than do simple narrative point of separate cover a story than the stories developed an enemy in a natural way. Through competitive means you simulated combat etc. Great so you coming from the theater background. It's it's it it really is. Finding your beach it's great and and finding that. And and and displaying that with a certain toner energy Q2 inflict these motions now. For what they're going to do this story that they're gonna tell athletically in the rain wind when may face off. When you win it's that when it's that battle for whenever that stake if that's ten times. That's an air ball to doctor rightly that's their baby and I see you come into the daylight we we know how we wanted to and where we we we say lake you know. Yeah yeah yeah we do it in our tone rate it's like a gimmick is just so important is that some an annual where there but you know we kind of like. You know it's it's a lot about lake figuring things out com Vietnam prof and rape oh the heard discussing these sort of elements because he gets tricky sometimes because it's a lot of it's it's a dancer and isn't really delicate dance goes. Come meet you know and an independent level. These guys really know and embody their characters. In a way that. When you characters just made up for you from a creative department somewhere. And they will not relate your character Wendy that would yet did you hit he's they're link are very calm. Connected to what they've been developing their character for firfer for years sometimes. And so a lot of it is like well how do you think he's character lid. You know responded that's not what do you think your characters say about this when she started looking like past its rate its content or play and that's the part that I am having fun with is that. I don't have to come enemy like dude you Wear a mask. Right rate like he chick you know lake area it's the are needed plate I can't for one and give huge and I think I can do that you because you've got to the response though he's got to replace your booking your building your own brand. But I can't convey like well in the construct of the show in concert in the narrative that we're putting together to build to the next event the next event next spent. And as Smart tonight we think this is what your character can do and become rights of our world where it's like you know this compromise of the story yet and it's got to be nice nowadays I mean maybe back him. The eighties if you were putting together build and it's like okay how do we develop these characters in and that night whereas now with the Internet people are going to the show knowing. Q Jay Strickland back story people are going obviously knowing that Cody Rhodes is now in the boys' club and he is on the American nightmare yeah. As much of this stuff is just in this take Geist bright and you can pull it and you can pull it all that all these things these these. You know sort of just pre notions that people have about in this characters or people or competitors. Or what they're gonna do what their reactions is you can pull stuff thin. And can tweak it. That's no where you can play with it or you don't mess with it and and you do that with. With the guys write because. You know that you know many independents as are so fun right now because. Everyone's just really Smart. About what they're doing it seems you know every one. Very much. Our I think I think from my interaction people so far is that everyone. Has a big picture in mind. And not just a very narrow. Understanding of where they fit into the picture great so you can talk. And sort of generalities. But her. Or aura lake sort of abstracts. And it did appreciate it and and for the most part integrated and in the future discussions about. He wouldn't we want like take this to working right now and that's that's the super exciting part for me in all this so we're gonna seed. Some of these guys like Wetherbee career change quite possibly showing up at the 53 you're just I mean like these are. Have solidified two or even got a feeling that this is going to beat. Not just one off shows yeah going to be. As truly a tell you this I am really tired I think it's mentioned somewhere online may be one place but not. All over the place that's like starting at 51. We're gonna do that defied championship at eight ex Grand Prix book and so that's going to be an eight men's single elimination tournament starts defy one. With the first match is being called. Jeff Cobb big check him. And Mac cross. In dog but some of habit about the same with Jerry Brown got to go to awesome beer yeah yeah the masses vs king cash. OPEC has a keen cash is a killer he's a local guy. He's like 21 years old. He's. He he just wrestle like in BP this summer. How brave for these younger guys and is out and wrestle in the northwest frank. We have with the with now multiple op opportunities. Here's another spot junior the spot so we're kicking Matt off the first two matches of that. Will happen at the 51 then there's the second Q quarterfinal matches what happened at the fight to. Cuba. We have some ideas about. Who with the rest of the competitors or for that I've yet adult may get or anything like pass in the process so yeah it's been designed as we speak also by the you know buyer. Little bit more in my at least put on the front of it. Thirty then our guys aren't that I know that I get it out I gotta be honest guy. The side plates that's finally gets his you do to did you face crumble beside her take action I would prefer that went to LA can no matter what angle that wrestler is pulling it do you mind me constructed. The only areas of all of a sudden death doesn't pretend it's code era in the red dead right in the champ. And yes like. Won't whose face on this well I knew exactly know where this where it's gonna be on the Internet I think it's weird bald guy Obama. Turn it isn't like I did this like a bill through like a card you shouldn't like was one million I think we built a golf that's your first defy sure megs. Always like a defied belt with my its latest John seeing none yeah like she is like it's a new eggs to quiet on the championship belt and it says have been sort of the champions are just as Biggs is here right and he's here yeah. Now. Points down Yzerman and first I did see on your Twitter and I thought it was an interesting thing because I mean I've been to ring of honor shows him it's gone into great experience when the rosters come out almost in the streamers are being thrown. And that's something that is being encouraged. Yes somebody asked about it right away that are going to be honest when I first thought about the streamers I thought might be derivatives. I felt like well there's other places that you that right like they're saying but. Reconsidering. That people are looking for defied to bring. Like a ring of honor level of independent show. To the northwest would be a nice knock you wanna throw the stream yes like can't people see that they wanna do it so those lists are trying to we need to start selling streamers at this event well yeah I mean absolutely double to Matt I wonder how much money ring of honor has made you don't streamer cells around the big charge much harm but still tersely to box I heard. But then when you deal as a promoter immediately researcher guy. I've got to get the strippers. Look I've I I've said it I thought it did not diamonds and I'm saying it now I'd like to be the first ring announcer to get streamers round. Oh go beyond what a great picture that will be my blanket hello I wanted to be like that's my answer Graham post great yeah I'd encourage people. I'm gonna pose I don't know what can impose a minute do right now if you wrap around my neck. Three times I want people you don't streamers there's got to look great on my insurance didn't they spill in absolutely will. Yeah I tallied edgy non Christian had a 52 proposed 52 stringer yeah I get my mr. Graham post and I just I don't know why I'm doing to Randy Orton and yeah a poor man's version. We Larry Islamist. Our registry me where that doesn't sound. It's very are tallied it's actually my search still breezy remained very poor little streamer to apply yeah. Then the students who'll do what I. What color is do we need to do so Delphi colors right now urges pocketed by black and what they got there with Aaron got to stay with her teeth and because people assimilate. Do we do like Seahawks colors do we do like the blue and green and I think like. Really could work but like noise seems particularly where it's at black and white and I would be opposed to like that acting green. Could be called as a got accent yet so it's a nod to the norm consuming green is a great nod to the northwest being that is a very green from. Yes date of Islam but yeah you gotta stick with the black and white that's the dollars that the fine can do it yeah yeah pirate ship. Pellicano all black everything that's right Jolie when the Jolly Roger Joseph Roger and yet values are about jolly Rogers or semi main event that's right now he's a dark match actual. If the I announced our match for you got a full video crews that are common it is it's like this isn't. Thank. The production just from watching that video made like an I like. I hurting Muehlegg your vision of being this high a quality. Promotion. And then we saw that when I watch the videos like damn this is like that you're storm brought it up I think on your. I'm tweet site I didn't win for the narrator from you sixty except for a one and I was like thirty for thirty's if it had that revived and the music he used to though that the way that it was filmed in. I mean it was just a well done piece and imagine chambers just through the roof excited about the loved it yeah having a piece I was just feature a nice eight minute short film about him I loved it. We have we Lotta people we've taken it thankfully. And I knew they way you know I was working with this guy Tyler Kelberg who's that who's a great friend in and a collaborator we've. We work on a lot of agency projects together and so. She came in with his skilled IA and technique and and he always delivers like every time I always look awesome and a motor stuff like. Tyler Kelberg can do it and so it was a really fun weekend shouldn't and then because it was like we're kids again yeah. It was you we're so used to it you might do that for a job and so. You're so we're used to like sort of certain schedules client guidelines all this different stuff. That you know would need some jobs right there's always stuff but this was like. When you're in your backyard. And your twelve years old and you have a like a VHS cam corder and you're filming like hit like a war movie yeah. My case is Tillman banker wrestling that's what it was like did ya you know just we're on the road we are going up to Vancouver so we stopped through these different locations along the way. There's did you why you love what you do absolutely it was like this is it. Mean that's part of diamond people ask you why like your start time doing podcasts that are not compensated in the sense you know I mean I. Amount of money motivated guy but obviously time is money in yeah CO from doing several hours a week of different podcasts and things like that with the post in the trapped in the actual. Execution of media good why do you do it make as a reminds me of why I love audio entertainment. It's a chance for me not to have to worry about ratings it's a chance from not to have to worry about. Answering to a client. Chance and not to worry about answering to my boss fortunately enough. And some people complain about people not listen I'm I'm very happy MI bosses don't listen to the podcast guys like you know. It's an assistant do whatever to have Taiwan yeah yes and be satisfied I can imagine that the same thing you do obviously loved wrestling like I do in. The chance to apply your skill set to what you love to do and not have anyone breathing down your neck except for yourself. Ray I played like I encourage everyone to do that yet as much as they can is defined. That thing that they really are passionate about. Even if it is something weird like pro wrestling him and contained and legs see how far you can take it and what you were artistic vision of order. What's your interpretation of that and we don't be afraid to just mess around and fail out it and and and it just be free with it because. It really is is it is it is sort of a magical feeling. That you happen to as to where you enter into a flow state almost. As to where you're running at a different level because it's intuitive. You know it's completely intuitive. And that's what that we Kim was now what that's what I think. I think a little that was captured in the video is very very cool and I think it resonated with people because when you're able to take that. So were we were able to take kind of the feelings that we're all feeling together. And really highlight change because Sheen was experiencing messed up as well she was coming you know we won't he did that chat with you here as to where it was like she was coming. To this place for the first time. Since he was born weeks old right weeks old now two weeks after he was born in Tacoma he was off to Germany yet. Never been here back first and so Billick actually made me like it may be pretty emotional when I was like sort of Reading through some comments and there was a conversation that he was having with his mom. And his mom recounting some memories about all while being like a pike place or some of these places like oh you know unity he you know. Minnesota failing memory to refute it was it was really it was really are warming to secede and I think that is. This sort of construct a warning to. Defy me in terms of a narrative and. And what a great timing fur I mean obviously I feel like he's walking into this as the hometown favorite you know I mean and you're you're taking on Calero who is beloved by wrestling fans. Well I'd imagine then there's this weird conflict of as a wrestling fan who'd white cheerful right. Yeah but Cody just mead data a lot easier. For the nerdy wrestling fans like myself yeah boo him brain 'cause he's established now himself as being this bad guy. The American nightmare. Whereas before that I feel like. You just have all a room of wrestling fans not really sure who's the good guy or the bad guy I guess it would depend on the match and how they they narrated from now that's already been taken care of and besides smoking cigars. Yeah doesn't even care. Pull a club American nightmare coming in yeah taking on the guy who's finally home yet taken a chance to wrestle in front of his hometown crowd and I'll be alert and nearly a 100% honest when he late. He really does have a sense of responsibility. To defy like he's not just. Were flying and then for the show late. Linked directly name yet Strickland he's not a part of defy he's a part of our roster part of me man wearing a shirt right analysis. It's like you are and that's when your words right. So you know he you know he's coming in as low as. As a local it's it's the prodigal son returns that's so great he's he's coming back home. And and he's representing him this is guy and it's been all over the world and seeing such great success and is really one of the preeminent. You don't topped. And he might be in Lincoln and he's for sure in the top ten in terms of those independent due to going out there and were walking out Emery probably even above that. I ate mini I'd I wouldn't be surprised when we get closer to that data as as more and huge underground. He showed us a little bit of what's coming up in the world Leach underground and and he's going to be one out from season three. Now know of some of I'm a little behind the mine in China Ramirez back three weeks. Catching up now while on vacation but he is poised to walk away the star of blue chair for the season. Further some of the stuff that he's going to do NN end. Yeah I agree he's one of if not. If you if you can't put him in the top five he's knocking on the doors are the hottest independent wrestler right now and yes I love about Lucic is that you had that opportunity to grab guys from which. We're educate Graham from the WWE ray Kay Graham from certain ones that are under contract but there under that TV Contra the blue chip depending they are able to. Go into other stuff which is couldn't as a huge underground fans that right now is the only chance we have this huge underground stars right and we have three of them yet benefit from some have backup. Havoc to to the times he's a kill shot you obviously going by their actual names when. You're just ready to perform life and it's not in either I mean we're having talks with us with other dudes right now they're smooch underground NYNEX for an extended an artist Marc man you gotta get Marty number I mean could we know from us. They come knows little happen and I mean I don't I don't maybe there's a Strickland Mon off. Real Rihanna as slate act and appear like you do you don't Blakey we never played. You'll be so surprised with what we have in store for the next couple offense would defy one is just the start like people need to go there. Because they're going to be surprised about what we have to offer them them. And they're gonna wanna come back you're gonna have a glass torture they have to put up with me in the ring. Now so good so upon your perfect for this your own product you're Seattle's ambassador for a grass is basically the straight up bar I expect streamers. She's early reading days stream hand cut stream here. The loan that's story meant anything about that Craig certainly great for them it has to happen solo item being which streamer with streaming eyes just kind of going to get instant streaming quotes a good person and that's my goodness I mean we're gonna make so much money we don't know somebody's gotta love getting ready to high definition so I don't get sued rent very very I'm gonna be this stream news I may just right. A come out to. Plus are only helping the business yes they need to get rid of those streamers in my more streamers. And what better way to do it industry's growing anti guy yes the road and get me in the face I don't care. Wait doesn't sound right. You're talking a lot about Jay Strickland a fetus is a perfect opportunity for us to segue to that interview that we did do. We've seen Strickland when he was in town if you watch the video you'll hear a couple excerpts from the the interview but it's a good one man it's not a fun chat it's. Definitely if you're a DT wrestling fan like ourselves. I think you'll enjoy our chat with which in Strickland kill shot who's going to be get to 51. And you get tickets that get him now because they're selling quick they're selling. I mean they're going to quick and it's a small venue so it's gonna be one of those things where once it sells out there's not going to be tickets at the door right that's for sure. So Dedham go online to fire wrestling dot com come hang out with me I'm gonna be there all night long hanging out with everybody. I'm gonna be just as much of a deep deep and it everybody else Delmon I didn't announcements but I'm watching the matches to I cannot wait it's going to be a blast James thank you for putting together a really cool. Northwest independent and also I love the fact that when you when you create something cool to gets talked about it also brings attention to the other cool things that are getting. I think it's great to there's just this on this site I don't know I guess so that. Kind of about. Cross pollination of the defy a 321 battle of the project 42 dissolves greater the Dellucci guys that are in talent or sheer it was a look into volcanic country Lieber is OK Monica yes so so good I think it's. Managed to see it makes me happy to know that there's not like this year obviously is always going to be. Competition a sense that you were making music you wanna be as good if not better in your friends' bands breakfast. It makes you better and it's not about really like any kind of negative competition is always good room for positive Communists and I love the fact that. You all have a lot of love for each again. We do we wanna build it all up together because of where your brother there's plenty or room that's funny when he people out there we see how many people like WW Marines into Key Arena yet ever played. No you know you guys need it they don't like. Go to smackdown that's fine but leg. Please do your ass like write to one of our shows because likes star supporting local pro us because we're building it up and it's good stuff. Men and Harry is a wake up call for me is one thing I keep timers need to go to 32 wanted to go to try to 42 million. It's always I got to find bad timing your right because are we're going to wrestle mania Dallas. In front of a 100000 fans and it was amazing they are wrestling and myself in cabin for metal shop was another fellow wrestling fan break. Hey there's an independent show happening at a of VFW hall. At midnight after wrestle mania where Jake the snake. Brian K age Johnny are gone though Bob I'll Joey Ryan bunch of other great wrestlers are gonna be there are semi Callahan. And we went and it's like the extreme of a 100000. To 200. And both. Were equally satisfying for different reasons yeah intimacy of being in a small. Match which some some truly talented wrestlers. I can never I'll never forget like watching Bryan cave wrestle on front at a 150 to 25200. People is so cool idea just schools watching AJ styles wrestle in front of a 100000 rank right do you have a favorite go check out the fire one she got all the local independent wrestling that's going on the if you just do an Internet search of the of them the groups are we talked about you'll be able to find information about them but. Join us January 13. It's going to be at the Washington hall in Seattle and get tickets at defy wrestling dot com and get a quick because they are selling out in college guys act defined northwest start that defy and W. For more information. Man's been a pleasure just things rather it's an odd way I can't wait till you're ripping you sure nostalgia for the fire ring you might have to wait until like the 55 or six by that point maybe don't have the did the the packs worth the wait worth the wait but what we got to work my streaming shirt. To bring streamers. And I don't don't make me look bad but don't make me go extremely intimate nothing nothing there's a Nolan toilet paper California but the sad this picture and instrument which might be cool but I don't do that. Until it crazy to baseman exempt thank you man to cinema that's been a blast did not yeah without might lose jump right into it here's our chat with Sheen Strickland kill shot. From its underground and again he will be in the main event against Cody Rhodes the American nightmare. For defy one defy wrestling dot com let's check out our chat I'm a million questions are so it's going to be a lot of bouncing around a very eighty deep up on this do it says you're wrestling on the very said he talked to you my favorite superstar that's. Wrestle lying in a news underground commercial start off with every time introduce used to kill shot from Tacoma Washington yes. I see and your NC Graham you mentioned how you are coming back to northwest. And I think you said that you haven't been here since your two weeks old aura. Physically mom momma my dad they met was in my doze in the military a half so I was on. Made conceived somewhere in that process San I was born tickled watching a military base. And two weeks later us flown to Germany Frankfurt Germany and has lived there. Seven years old. And after that we flew back to the states and the East Coast and Pennsylvania. And have pretty much bounced around from Pennsylvania and Virginia till I was like 817 and then there's a military. So then maybe it's a stupid question and is that your choice to say that your from Tacoma wash him what was the did that the decision process behind that because it sounds like as if yet this is where you're from even really get yes a home. And a sense flawless like gum. I don't never really had like a hometown heroes really was your hometown player I'm an alcoholic. The good beasts should be should Seattle Tacoma should be Jeremy Giambi Pennsylvania should be Virginia I only have 1 because I am I grew up all over the place yeah. Saw figures is a C Tacoma wash and it was just like boot. Legged just don't rate us different from where bios because like gum. Especially you like what I was rustling on the East Coast are abuzz Philadelphia Philadelphia and new York and Philadelphia Philadelphia major stands out like I'm Tacoma Washington and I'm like oh this is different so hall so that might. He got more is for some reason. A lot more people on Twitter and social media would always jump on me and the like need in this politically represented Coleman in no right about now I look like it is. Legs he'll say then why reps this place meant they think he's a late may I got Kansas from give them just from red in Tacoma all of this the minute they are now serious from Tacoma Washington. I'm not on the tundra like that's my god it's great and then on my comments is cogan a watch and watch and then of course I mean I'm sure you've talked a million times about that the weapons of mass destruction mad death occurred which I remember I get to watch a museum day or two later to you because my work schedule I get up at 2 in the morning so staying up late to watch some gender grounds not my. Cards but the Nextel watch it. My boss he's also wrestling videos and some guy he's that you need to watch salute to tonight so much life and he's like. Growth this match between Joseph shot Marty a mock is one of the most ridiculous and insane matches and so I get home I watch it and I'm just like. Okay I'm now not only must endures because Iran's goal watching this guy just amended the fact that you're the best thing going on an image undergone the things that you and Mardy were dealing a man can what was that like what was that. That match like Chris semiautomatic. None of you are asking you about it Aaliyah. Like. Those of creative process between knew it was Ozzie just Myanmar you mines put together focus on your your save gas yes REF. Marty I'm always the oil market is minus set up he's like him he's he's like up actor on the side. So the camera working on that was mainly him that story that aspect of where he'd let had a lot of input with that. So he knew exactly how this should look this they should look this camera shy should be here the timing for this. All those things was the elements that knee how is more like. Like a man like in every bomb. They gimmick up wrestling match everybody like teases some teases some were like let's just hit it was due. Really hit it yeah that's what I must say you like are right on their feet if I'll be there if you naming him yup do it could label it Jesus this Jesus never hits it nor like no let's do it. Breakfast and we don't imagine for you mean you've you've done some pretty extreme matches over the camera first when I first was introduced it was a dud of the panes of glass and yes which was just. I mean I I I was in pain watching you wrestle in that match but I mean call this little boy falling off the bike. Re going really fast then did the swords you get are like all over you so just here although unique this got to tell I've got to paint a picture for those that are listening I dike. Imagine you watch him wrestling ECB stable matches they got the tables on goes to the table we like all my god that's it that's insane now replaced that table with just this month extremely big piece of glass. Yeah and then like on not only that one leg though when you go to a table or you hit a latter chairs on going that. The pain like lingered but has gone after awhile. And you didn't move the chair in the table out of the way you this is not there anymore glasses stays in the ring so anything else you do after that you can't you continually landing in glass. And like sometimes like glass shards of glass but like so small the particles are so small like he'll find portable you like a week days later. After you showered it many times I remember leg on Sammy Callahan yeah calm he didn't like one crazy is caged death match is ever an easy W the years ago. And he was like a month later she pulled out of shard of glass out of tastes because it just lies in there because you wouldn't but you get so deep and they're so small you don't see and you'll feel it might not what your body naturally just pushes them out right now and like an after lossless or glass does CO. I'm freaked out about a splinter sometimes yeah and now consuming for the entire day I sound a little bit and you guys got glass sticking your body is always on and until I put my mind away from isn't on the news delight. Did as a McNabb to happen but like I'm Blake. Because you can't Mike thing too much about it to them Muehlegg. We start thinking about stuff feast our second guessing it like nor should we or should do this or should break you don't naturally. The present your body to the situation he's got diverted got to just go via. And then throughout that that kind of a match where you put yourself do some extreme panic goes even with the weapons of mass destruction actually did to kind of I feel like. Is there a point while all this is going on that you're not feeling it the adrenaline the crowd or is it that you're feeling every single moment. Oh yeah fill every time the bill every time well I got this like I like full boy you Phil you feel pain death it's it is you there's a difference between being. Heard in being injured then I through other mentos hurt but I wasn't injured. As long electing give back up and keep going I'm not. Down I got you in yeah that makes sense I never thought about it like that put as many settings are not that I'm ready to go through glass and an inquiry not too many people are not they don't don't pass on that Antonio characters watching your bread desktop after a super UN does he DC he's out this EZW and you know obviously. You've been doing independent wrestling scene for awhile and then you get picked up without each underground which from what I'm hearing the interviews that I paid attention to that. It's a whole different animal in the sense that it's a television show it's a television show first and of course there's wrestling going numb but. Does that change the way that you wrestle does that change awaited new approach things that all of a sudden you're not. Just doing a wrestling match but you're actually having to worry about our director or or the way that it's written nor the way that it's it's it's marked. It does change it but not to the extent morial you takes. Good arm art of wrestling out of it if anything it makes us more creative because now everything I'm doing in the rain. Goes to the it relates to an episode that I did last season. Like those like little like you know you watch like Walking Dead were we watch those really really ratios are com. He like army and that's the character he does still and I from this character from season two episode this yeah I mean like army in the marina bag that's really cool loan loot and who do we get to do that kind of stuff we get to do little little things. We have to have likable relics yet calm we forgot about patents and the beginning of season two and me to bring out and the match quality. In season three. So hard that changes are wrestling imaging it can change how characters can change what we do it contains like all I can do that move anymore because this person stole my soul from. This season. So I care I now wind do that out so that Angel are you wrestle there that Jay like all palm so they're pretty open to hearing like like all did you say hey look this is. That's not forget what happened last seen exactly exactly that's going off and sometimes like this sometimes a 6048 the talent. With the writers they sometimes do go I'm like eighty since we're doing a character shift now when we're really going this way with a character. All they should be doing this anymore or my wardrobe has to be different more like. Like mass record Lisa say there's some commentary now or like go and blow. Maybe I should tell Maine I shouldn't touch most centers is much maybe I shouldn't maybe I can like talk to the fans initially moron maybe I can see like. Maybe should I should. Brink of cheer the fans on come on I want or maybe I should like ignore the fans bring all those elements make a big character and what we do in the ring. Every single thing in his soul lake small classrooms must run its itself so much fun it's so creed of it's like calm like I'm. Like go there episode now despaired with in Prague about two weeks ago with Tom Fox coming in yeah. Which end there any arm and he goes by a dud Dante. On day and equipment okay could've done had like a hundred something fox as well you know you'll you'll find that out later all right so I can't I'm I'm really up today you must product to get it can't just me can't meg a spoiler is Adam I know what's going on TV you know which is seen indicted Jesse Jesse solid points I'm. So. That's the test I actually got a call from engineers are trying to screw in my you don't you can't get give me he gave gimme a bumped. Sold. They've kept the character paradigm with kill shot in season two was they he's fighting someone bigger. Crazier. Are more powerful more relentless. Am I on the opposite side of the coin I have a conscience I know what's right and what's wrong I know like he's strong enemy. That's smile that's the weakness this the strengths and the weaknesses none of these cut of these characters he's bigger he's stronger I'm faster and a more combat oriented. So it's our strengths verso weaknesses someone who has a car just someone who doesn't. That's the paradigms between killer shot Maher tomorrow. Basically a bad man vs Joker taped. Type deal yes an antagonist protagonists right now right as those that agree to any good entertainment Wright is a pretty easy story to tell instead just like oh he's good he's bad but. What lake. What makes. Duff combat different how do I overcome these his strength tomorrow weaknesses then how does his weaknesses. Like hinder him that I take advantage of Sosa pretty much again the tests now with fox coming and where very much similar so how to white face someone that's very much to me. I gotcha yes you know so and it's also like there's so much more elements of the story that we and need to change initials a different side of the coast I cared that goes ahead. Is that hard for you Chris it's like almost a you're living two lives near you your change Strickland and then your kill shot. Is it as there are moments where you're just like OK I got a really rethink how I'm wrestling because it's not. This is not change Strickland wrestling in the rest. On knows more fun honestly yes this way more fun. Bombed you pretty much if you look at though ago alternate universe. Bomb because exchange certainly must sell for her then the killer sec character they both had the same boring and I'm going growing up they both had military. Now. And the differences change Strickland completed the military. And became whole he's a hero he's actually completed he was a good aid star soldier. You know kill shot and men in the military. And is that he's a wall and he's a man in them anything they come pretty much a bad soldier. But he's with a big conscience so he did bad things change or when the good thing and so premise to alternate universe is if kill shot was a good soldier he would be saying Strickland. But he's not so his. Kill Shia I'll cast those pretty much should be nice wolf. Parallel universe is. That's got to be that bad yeah how dramatic has to be a blast in the oh yeah I mean when you're taken aback because it's. It almost feels like could I heard an interview recently with some of the creators of some of the guys behind each underground and there's certain characters that they had and then they found the wrestler to fit the character Renaissance. Like that probably is what worked happened with you means cents. It's me it was a little different because I'm I came in on a fear from ricochet. I don't. They like me and vote mergers are really good really good friends right and arm literally out my email for the with the contract and lieutenant on delay your friends are Trevor how are so. Would you like contract who literally. Influence there so no in the right people who get to places yeah. But dom. They just knew they wanted to could mean a mass but they didn't know the character a guy pretty much came with everything OK I wrote I read that you said something to be senator you writing the back story a US kill shot his which. They must alone they paid this much work purposely because he's a one I just hadn't could I imagine look cool people but I had no direction and that's not a fault of them is just like I didn't. And and asked for that I'd and password. I mean anything more so when we did those I assume one this season to break. I was like OK Eminem like creed or just the back story to this character very Smart of you and I were like three different stories like leg pretty. They go paragraph beach who knew not long and they're very like broad of a story for like the greatest concluding anything they want but is very likes fit me and I feel like I could. Actually act this out and be become this there was some outside and do what I couldn't go ahead and do and and I'm up to our senate's the head writer. He liked it alive any combined all three of those elements in some way. So when I came back and see into the hammy prepared to do all the stunts in the desert and do all the action scenes and shooting. So they just added all those elements and in the economy did. Well organic thing in in his Costa sort of growing. Then hustle on that because you have a military background the background right to do those kindness because I recently did a video piece where are shooting a gun and yeah I bet like consultants only grown like just. Please make sure I'm holding the gun the right way right through it could and of course like I was shooting like an assault rifle and it was slightly off my shoulder and man. All it is very deserved did you know Seattle in the northwest and a lot of military and yet ever been like your journey Iran now like I am trying. So I would have Mather and I'm like gosh this is great you know how to shoot the guy he has out of he means that guy. I mean deserted grass still need they have like thumb a special forces guy who loved military expert like. At like full full on an expert on weaponry so like any like I had I had like slight glow around. Notifications tomato holding a handgun in a bill like all the Euro on. If you're like a regular person shooting Gagne you hold that they dispatcher. You're of special forces like ranger here are injure some dispute mortar Blake lethal when net right now you're Mormon expertise she got a hold it like this you gotta. Boom when you do this he needs changes and get back two years I need to be like Wayne Moore. I had the advance that it then of the average person holding guns side like crash course lessons on like ten minutes to get re issued. Matter. But then there was like parts I had elect. Like get the guns disarm then count this take this person is gone and so like I had to take the first in the gun out of this person's. Think take him down and give rednecks that listen it was so tricky. But after Sony talk about finally end up getting it. And others had pretty cumbersome blooper real that's going to be released one day Obama got on Meyer's son Maddux doesn't always doing a man what is he doing out there is god is at the character of Joseph says that the first time that you Don the mask yes ever. Is that. Is there a weird transition and is is breathing differently is act and yet this nest is and that's hard because there's a lot of open holes write it but if I had pumas amassed a need for him miserable I don't know how I some of those guys but Aerostar I don't I don't get it yeah or else our allies or close rod out here yeah did Drago mask is very like. Comic clunky if you have ever like been around him and felt his mask like outside like when he takes all of you filled it is like wow this is like. Some heavy. But it's like very abnormally late. If you wait is via the role on the ground stuff with a is just weird press literally turn tail on the back and we are whoever rosling tiller and had to grab on to hit guys it's very like uncomfortable to a certain degree though so for you know was it was not everything that you remember that do you ever hope that eventually that on and on and on which underground that the mass will come off. Thumb out and hope. Yeah maybe I'm I'm visiting your notes for future I'll night. That doesn't element mom I'm cool with either way like what I like to Leo alleged from a phase debacle but I like if I don't if it doesn't need it. Men Nam okay do unless I'm okay same with it. Thankfully wrestling is a medium that has very strong and passionate fans via so. BI and and other worlds I would be like when you know that that could hurt did he ever brand New Year's change Strickland you want people to see what you look like know what you're all about bread a mask lenders that no way. But and wrestling it's like I think it doesn't matter because people. Are so passionate. That there's gonna go straight to define who we always this guy and in a match or F or where she Strickland wrestling other than. Here or there aren't that this independent sure that independent shows so absolutely it's nice that the Internet is there further up hardcore wrestling fans exactly. Recently I've watched I watched a lot of just all types of wrestling and I was watching the network going back and and and obsessing over a Saturday night's main event. Yeah and I never paid attention because as a kid I don't you don't realize that. Things are done for the purpose like their Hollywood being an up you know like what how. All the crowd noise is completely pipe down and I'm watching my my match said these days would get crucified by the fans Zia. But back then because of the feet. Crowds in the fake noise it's like Wasatch and entertaining match even though it technically isn't there right. And sounds like kind of conflicted about that because I mean I enjoy the realism when what wrestling is becoming I think independent wrestling is really bled into. Until that the WW reason and yet here I mean it's the you can tell there's a giant and whether or not they'll amid to a there's a giant influence yes. But sometimes crowds get the better of the actual match and I imagine as a wrestler is frustrating is that challenging on the. It's it's definitely. Not to me sometimes it's a little disheartening is discouraging to the performer because sometimes like old men is. Did they not care about me. Doing some risky stuff still. They in this for some fans legislate against it. Or I just chaining for another hold other match brand or person promote their gem in the 2 people may morning and on the show yeah is very discouraging. It is and and. For me I'm just like you know I go. Go to live event to go to my dressing and I possibly can and I just gonna enjoy it but I guess I never seen. A medium or a form of entertainment where it's like. The fans throughout their criticizing the writing decisions but in turn what they're doing is. Did it it it it's impacting the wrestlers at a bus Merrill and rang and it's like it's to me it just makes my head hurts trying to figure out what. How we come to this point how do we get out of that kind of momentum a mindset. It's this is the set so it's a point where slate. Everything's so expose him and I want to give lake fans of the script they don't wanna know like. They don't wanna watch the show and enjoy anyone and just write their own show. There's no question yeah sometimes I might just be patient maybe it's gonna and the way I hope it is but it's gonna take six weeks I can. And Alice lake forms there's like forms were everybody's a critic on everything that is an wrestling and everything and everything like that. All this album should you were in this way this show like I can't stand Walking Dead they killed these two people like how could they do this and you know northern radios on or why are you doing this way and I think everybody's a critic in our evaluation knew what they everybody should be doing a good that everybody's away. And always sits back in light just enjoys what's being. Presented to them to no way does that too late. Playing around them the last marvel movie. They just slightly. Army and I. Ill and Captain America going again. They build the black pantry also pray no into the theater on this is boring head no no they did not gonna get that there yeah they just accept what has given. And it's silly to me as this though is usually like live. Anything alive does not is late this subject for that. So what are some of the places that though you love meg when you see that you're gonna wrestle at Wetherbee a city weather be a country. What are the places where you're just like I can't wait this is going to be fun. Of debt bombs easy W still yet still does today Lucia. Every time. With the crowd difference between like a CDW crowded notre crowd as it is it really PW can be tough CW calculate. Honestly c.s are you of the rough this audience I've ever been around and in front of stillness that. I pled that's what makes that Ifill like c.'s levees audience is so demanding them if you can't win them over. If you win actually if you do win them over there's no audience in the world did you camp former front of whether it be kids playing mostly men drunk adults have to but I believe I teenagers. Yes if you didn't win over Assisi W audience you can new Russell anywhere in the world. And for those that I don't listen are now today I mean I lighting I like to think that a lot of people that listen are very in tune into like all the awesome independent wrestling Islamic they're not. What is us easy W how could you describe it I'll comments on this very mature audience very mature I mean it's that's what we're talking about with those opinions of you out of glass back. And that's audience witnessed the fan base that's been watching since like 2001. So they've seen everything there's nothing like the date you can do. That they haven't seen already there's a there's fans and in the audience had been merits swap isn't going to seize a B shows who doesn't want to be seen seen in generic co. They've seen Alex Shelley's they seemed for again Mike dean Ambrose right John Martin racing and everybody can be seen them they grew up watching them. So there's nothing like really knew. Yeah hi how do you impress the crowd ever seen it all the and then they've been they've been jaded since 2002. Happy they don't know and they've done a mile back at you Sharia precedes it yesterday I think he's going to be Adidas is so good. You know a solid. They're all there Zoellick who literally sees every audience and walk in and they sit there and they they with the smug look and go impress me and committed similar runners on Erie are now entertain yes that's exactly what he's got a new audiences are. This ladies and it doesn't have to mostly be like super crazy athletic old death this. It's always this is something different ways can you offer that's different and entertaining you gotta get the reaction fans. You know I've seen them boo people out of the building are seen past scene don't come back chance I've seen a hole like screw this match and this match I can use up the you do it like I've seen them like. Literally calls matches and short because the audience took over so bad. If you watch a lot about a mania stuff a lot of them most this of the CW and is just but even ban matches heaven he's just audience is just swarmed it took over the match. She's just on Sam like there this is grueling. But if like you can all win over the audience there you can win no over anywhere. And observing time midnight either it's gotten a better view Oregon the better Sony you know when you got to pull them aside and be like clock is there's devils definitely gotten the better of someone's yet never have a strong will be able to Emilia yeah. Yes oh yes in a that it did that tea that's Lisa GG AB oil companies have to be you have to be company. LA because they can also salute moves that confidence can be sensed they can censoring like oh we're getting tomb although he's. He always lose and it our dog they can sense that the sort of comic density I don't know watered the crowd yeah go for when the grew in the comics like stuttering over towards dot com Mike doesn't feel confident delivering movies his jokes Ayers stick. They geek is swarms the audience in the audience gets by they feel that my honest when the like the bad the chatter in my good forgive bickering. In all that's happens it happens this committee comedy in to have in the wrestling the same way hasn't been a time where you move when the time you've been most distracted and a match by some to now is going on outside of the match that you were wrestling and I think are those the fight that broke out on the caucus since in the around. Ali goes CW now Mozilla's easy W. But it was somewhere nothing like a fight broke down like on their residence just. When and the right out there now the way so weasel like our slowdowns in the west fans as in the content. Okay are they out REI losing it back okay corner and I don't if they're going to be riots should we are going to not be Elian wow but nothing like crazy enough and super like added as a world happen like nothing like that. What I enjoy about watching you also visit the ideal weather be moved to whether BC GW type stuff for what it would be and I remember seeing you wrestle over an arrest a common went to Dallas wrestle mania now a lot of fun for that giant. Max I was going on but you adapt and an income entertaining anyway whether be a hardcore type of a match or whether B ones and have comedic moments and remembered it was thought. Massa do we'll Los brewer in the middle of the match oh you guys just Boston to las the uptown funk song yeah it's it's ridiculous that first of my guy. And then as he keeps going into you but the confidence. You guys are so committed to this that this is hilarious this is a lot of fun the crowd really add up. And obviously is old school wrestler is out there that don't necessarily like that and and are have been vocal about it. What's your take on that kind of night in an and that centimeter it to me it feels like there's a place for all styles of wrestling and as long as it's entertaining it's entertaining. But it's. The body that somebody old the old regime does not understand which cracks me up because the old regime there are guys dressed in Barber's there is guys yes you know mummies didn't regulars there's been comedy and wrestling since they've been and I mean I've looked lovely lad that. I you know link them just like. On to me is on the although it still Billick is as long as it always comes back to. Tom it being the competition and are in wrestling. I always think it's fine yes. They as long as it always gets back like if they've like that if there's a masses like all men is getting ridiculous others is like all this is funny how there's been then it just like age isn't completely goes away from the aspect of competition. Or wrestling as is like OK and I just doing it for the sake of just. Think just. Is it this is oh don't tell a viral yet unclear is is a gratuity at this point is not like actual late as long as somehow. Gets back to the expect of Breslin and competition as laid him a friend on and implement good buddies we pretty much the we kind of had the same argument with movies so like OK if you look addressing part great. The concept of is already. Out of this world there's dinosaurs in 2016. You know the best that I the concept that is already we do this this this is Adam out of the box right are ready right. Now women like. We can except affected there's dinosaurs in this film. We can accept that record suspend reality at least is suspended it already absolutely so like you're in you're in the movie right you're you're watching your bested and then there's a chase scene right from dinosaurs and all that. But then. Thought alone this person starts flying. What I know best that you can't do that and know that that I can't believe this movie now Annan invested. Oh you accepted affected there were dinosaurs like intercept the Pentagon can I. At best laid out agency entertained yet now they would that's the concept of wrestling all weeks up to these guys are dancing on this is funny. Okay now there's ice cream in in the ring wait now I know there's too much come out of it wouldn't you know not how it's is that this can best or do you just disconnected because this link just it is wit. Like left and complete left turn. Catcher line that's the one that made you stop pulling at him and having fun OK Brett up right they give and the girls like so as long as so that box tested the lake. Pretty contained in order for wrestling to be able to do these well other outlandish things price you know we can except the fact enjoy Ryan uses penis to flip people. You know we can use that we do we can accept it right all man it's funny how hug then nobody gives back to wrestling. So to alternate way out so he's great and retainer he's around wrestler and yes funny moments obviate Zach and I but it still was in the context of spin and I have to ask Chris remembers that the weapons of mass destruction match and I grabbed the audio because I love the commentary that's dumb I'm Matt striker Dampier Gloria. And there's a moment where where Marty to mock just grabs you. I'm and it ended and the boy's death and now here's what it sounded like. Okay. So we had them somehow grab them by the nut sack. Absolutely. Absolutely tired hearing announcers choppy response to on this crazy does but I think that's maybe that's what makes them to work yeah oh yeah I want to do awesome just and yet you're going and I don't want until all your time because I know that you just got off the plane came straight here. Now you're going to be going broke down and are I'm rolling with a bunch about upping coming wrestlers here in the middle class which is going to be cool for you to come back to where only a warrant. To USC got this all I am almost now assume that you guys some would you offer and then we go to a few months from now you were going to be coming back for. I'm beyond its AM will be a part of it all and I can't wait to be a part ST on the microphone there and but the fire wrestling is bringing you were a big independent show where it's going to be you taking on Cody Rhodes oh yeah good erodes obviously ever warm. And you know the name and and recently when he left at WWE Kimmel with a list of everything you want to do and here you are doing what you do in the two of you gonna meet. In the ring here in the northwest woods has got to be. I personally am beyond excited about this how do you feel about it I mean Cody every time I've met him and interviewed him. He's an unbelievable unbelievably great guy who has a lot of love for the art of wrestling and an and I can tell that's the same we view. I can only imagine what you guys are gonna put on an expert circles going to be unbelievable. Ifill what he's looking to prove on independence and wrestling is the same thing I'm looking to prove as well we both have very similar. I don't motivation. You know he's how to prove he can speaking go any can wrestle the best people and this is what you've been missing out on for the past several years while he was come on TV. But arms on the same note I feel like come. Looking to prove that I can wrestle the best people and I can main event with anybody and I can do the same thing I and this what you've. This will be you've been missing out on me for this long but is now you start to see it missile what you've been missing out on the holds the entire time so we both have this. I lose I'm Gerri you're talking about this aren't ready for this idea. That very parallels did your mayor mayor actually will blow last week and I just an finally met him I'm in England. So I just medal for the first time we talked a little bit he's that he's looking for doing it. Asked about that because I mean I. Basically do a lutes and you're doing maybe even IC UW where you're you're doing it consistently and even the world WV where people are are wrestling all the time. There's a rhythm you get to know each other you you you can probably kind of quote unquote winning hit yet here of you guys. Haven't wrestled American you're wrestling and however long what's the preparation for something like that you guys get a hold of each other or is it just something that I'm on OL's. It's so it is that's the beauty of pressing us so universal they are good I could go to Japan and like pick up of on any by and locker room and we just. Get the clicking and we just know like our man okay. May view this that did that grown OK we got some good here a fillet with Cody were gonna be the we're gonna have that same type of thing. We have a different mind sets but at the same time though is lake comes together right because of wrestling is very universal language. You know and sing my music everybody knowing everybody listen the same music every wants allow a bypass great new idea like. The next few boys and Japan is the same thing as him actually ways here now. I know different night you know I've played drums it's not right I I it's not like I can't I can just go nor room with a cop a guitarist a bassist and I've never met. And Zell took over the course of a few seconds you get and I'm brother quick yeah you can understand what they're revive its exactly that I never thought about it like. I think the same exact wailing in pentagon. Got an during his helmet and oh yeah oh look like you we'd finish these other senses when SP in the same language at all. How hard is that OK I was gonna ask I always wonder about like two guys that the men are not pass to its only source pristine Euro zone cause some of the world's best but when you're wrestling guys that don't speak English and. But days this is universal like us a leg movement he was finishing like and say like sequence and you owe him an eagle on him and and as we knew we just finish each other signs that we all have the same understanding of wrestling right even if it's something different or different like. Mold we know like oh I should move slower for your question Austin. Change my body differently for you on this part because we know the rhythms you know what you did pick up on that rhythm you can wrestle anywhere I guess I it's almost like math. In on the fun that you find that format you find that. That pattern need to do any equation. My if you figure that pattern now he just like our American use this to staggering in the arm to do this. And again you know I thought this works here this. You know late tee that's why could never really good wrestler I saw the mask on terrible in my I admit I'm terribly you've got to my excuse me all your experiment a little bit that's similar. But those Israel I figured out pattern throughout figure out pattern L all I got it. Yeah I com who's view is the horse with a lot of stuff we'll wrestling is like the same way when you've got a pattern you can manipulated. You can like shift things around in now a whole new thing we know the wrestling is like a pattern. And a fillet. Calm. Everybody has their own way if you like to show each other your patterns. Then like it becomes a whole new thing. You see creating. Knows lately he's a complete going and getting with different bands and music yet all you use this the on what we usually do this though. Our man okay how to put that there we put that there and then like now you have a whole new song. Right and you know you community is that this paradigm of thinking yeah which is is. They can when you're doing anything that's artistic Dennis that's only a horse to get inspired by whoever you're in a request that you that is the most inspiring wrestler you bit and bring. I guess our lives that is really upped her game. They are fox for sure Nia ricochet. And you got a guy I saw you America say going to be out doing enough to know I wrestle Kanye yeah. I was very much I just say. All one source alma mentors as put out a post on mr. Hanley and FaceBook like. There's five guys that influence me yep from like and truly shift in my optimal way of thinking a wrestling. Adam Cole Sammy cal and ritual on air fox and ricocheted. Those like those five key guys than get a few of those guys and you're in the mood to it now Australia the Sammy I just saw him on the recent out yeah I was kind of cool all male I'm the stuff he does is insane if I saw him at an island wrestle mania weekend. We went to a wrestling match and like midnight how Aaliyah yet it was like he wrestled. Behind canine Hayes wrestles Jo and Ryan are you can't just array irresistible target analysts on the air that yes I was at this show actually other right next to each I don't know there's really got to let a 10000 people gather news. There's really go to bat him first person I see right next week Jake the snake Roberts like. This is not the moment to say yes but you're right now hey if I think. Hey it's got the snake where the idea of truth today so you had to go several Jones GAAP. How we have said if you didn't go to upon Adam Foote did I was like at first I was like I don't know if I can go. After spending all day at the AT&T and I was like you know what. I'm the how many chances are never gonna say that I got to go to a wrestling match at 12:30 in the morning. And in this so called delayed you get to see the biggest wrestling event with like to end Dallas right with that there be any get to go like a nice small intimate. I'm live shows so you get like that's like getting. Those are getting a huge banding go see your favor underground man. And both equally entertaining for differently yes like I'm aroused my body in my you know I'm so glad we spent the money you make whatever amount many lawyers. Got a two dollar hot dogs which was one of the way children and if we're roll yeah but no idea in general you're right I mean seeing guys that Frankie Tressel and into like a hundred people like that was unbelievable dispute the fix them both yeah size and so much from look at the clock I know you gotta get run inside sort of thank you don't know for coming out bombed. I ordered the same Strickland not Tacoma shirt both as a job I got found today funny you know I got the email thing it's been shipped all my Jesus with bad timing. I can represent my god he's here in the studio but I have a lot of love for union Dubai. Any of your staff a pro wrestling t.'s dot com and you have a lot of great shirts available there. Support chain and then I will be seeing you in January yes let's take time out Cody Rhodes yes forgive my wrestling but I wrestling dot com write this I can't wait to see him and it's going to be a lot of us gonna be awesome we're looking to give you good show and welcome back to our northwest up thank you think you'll welcoming me nice and I is -- beard Twitter is at Strickland saying yes to answer Graham has Strickland saying perfect easy easy come easy to find everywhere Panama Tom hi are you thank you thank you. All right there you go. James Strickland kill shot huge underground keep watching huge underground as the season goes on trust me. No shot is a new huge part of the end of each underground this season since it's going to be awesome and then. She James Strickland January 13 taken on Cody Rhodes that's going to be a blast tickets are on sale now. Just coded to five wrestling dot com all right that's the podcast I'm shocked me to do another pod cast during vacation. Working hard over here are we back next week with the red which Glenn cannon thanks for listening as always. Happy new year. Stay positive.