MIGS vs TWOW 001 - Joey Ryan and John Morrison

Thursday, June 1st

Steve Migs chats with Joey Ryan (6:30 in) about his involvement with Defy Wrestling. You can watch Joey wrestle at Defy 4 & 5 on 6/29 (Tacoma) & 6/30 (Seattle), get info and tickets at DefyWrestling.com.  Be sure to buy Joey's merch HERE!  Migs and Joey talk about becoming the "King Of Dong Style", and his families reaction to it.  They also talk about his love for Jimmy Eat World, as well as his fascination with 80's culture, and more. Migs also chats with John Morrison, AKA Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground (41:45 in) about the return of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network.   Migs and John recap their weekend as they spent time in Seattle for the screening of John's new movie, "Boone The Bounty Hunter" (available online and On Demand - get info HERE), and John's experience wrestling for Defy.  Defy 3 will be available on DefyOnDemand.com in the near future.

Big thanks to Jim Perry from Defy Wrestling for bringing both Joey & John to town! 

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It's now time for work. Amazed vs the world. What's up and welcome to the very first episode of makes vs the world of wrestling I'm I'm I'm beyond pumped. To do this podcast. For awhile now I'm at most you'll listen to be jam migs and have listen to me over the years here in Seattle on the radio know that I would Wear my love for wrestling on my sleeve I am a 100%. Are huge huge fan of wrestling. And for a long time some people are like why are you doing a wrestling podcast. A full. Just wrestling focus podcast and you know from TomTom my interview wrestlers on the makes Castro on the mega cast and at times an obviously I go to wrestle mania and coverage on radio row and I I would do everything and anything to talk to my favorite wrestler but. I never did a wrestling podcast mainly because I'm not a critical wrestling fan. I view wrestling in a sense like a movie you know you wouldn't review or trash a film moment some people like you wouldn't trash a film or or record by a band before listening to the entire record or before watching the entire film. To see exactly what the entire vision his. And the hard they were wrestling in my opinion is that it goes week by week. But the show is not technically over the storyline is not over so when people crap on the storyline and they're not happy with the direction that the writers are taken these wrestlers. I have no idea what the end result is we have our assumptions sometimes history does repeat itself but for the most part I don't know where. Things are going with kingdom hall for say your I don't know where things are going with AJ styles are not gonna get mad because this guy's quote unquote being buried. And makes no sense to me I'd rather see what the end result is going to be before I make an opinion that's like compared to a a movie or record but imagine listening tour record and thirty seconds into that album or one song into the album you're just crapping all over it let's not fare so. Why I decided to do this podcast though is that I do love wrestling. And I love talking to wrestlers. And I figured instead of this being a podcast where you I'm critiquing of last week's raw our last week's huge underground. It's just not my world and honesty a lot of a DVR these things about atomic finished watching brought. It's like Sunday. The following week after ice at the pick and choose when my wife passes out for me to watch the WW we end. Yeah I can go a little too hard core when it comes to watching wrestling with urgent pitch a breaking point. And symptoms and watch Grey's Anatomy hop but. For me one of my fear things about wrestling is at the wrestler is the people that do with our. Fascinating individuals not just the WB superstars have been very lucky to have met and interviewed a lot of wrestlers over the years. Some of the Indy wrestler is especially I think even if you don't know anything about the wrestler. Their story is fascinating and ended things that they have to go through. To do what they'd love to Q did too to do their art which is wrestling. Is insane the told that it takes on their body from the traveling. To weirdness of some events that they're doing. They don't know what you're locking in on an and the stories are just analysts and that's really why I wanted to do this podcast. It's an opportunity for me to put some of these guys and gals on display and maybe introduce you guys too so when you ever heard of or if you're a fan of somebody like today if you're a fan of Joey Ryan I I I honestly believe you're gonna love the interview that I did with Joey. Right before he performed at Washington hall. For defy three so much fun to talk to a man it's crazy because he's a guy who's just marginalized in the ring. The king of strong style he's he's he's made a name for himself because there is packer. And we talk to him he's just such a chill cool. Dude I just love that I love the fact that he knows when to turn on and loneliness of the rim waiting to. Talk about things when. It involves grabbing a man's penis but you know what I mean. That's pretty much the point of why I wanted to do is podcast is an opportunity. Selflessly to talk to some of my favorite wrestler and wrestling personalities not just could be wrestler it's going to be times -- I even talked to a comedian whose huge into wrestling. Because I think that's gonna be a fun chat as well so. If your fan of long form interviews with some of your favorite wrestlers. I think you get a really dig this I really enjoyed talking to guys I come from a perspective of a fan. I'm not looking to be to Barbara Walters of wrestling interviews and not trying to make anyone cry. I just like you're in their stories and I goofing around with don't know like just being able to. She PS with them in an end and see what happens and there's that's that's that's probably the longest I'll talk for jumping into an interview I just wanted to give you guys an idea why I wanted to do this and I thank you for listening to the very first episode of migs vs the world of wrestling. We will be talking over the course time with. WWE superstars people better wrestling for impact wrestling roots underground but also wanna go local there's so many great local promotions. And the mobile wrestling talent is through the roof and I would love to give you guys an opportunity to meet those guys and gals. People that wrestled for defy wrestling of course something that I'm involved in on the ring announcer in the host. And not knee deep in that world and and could not be more pumped go to defy wrestling dot com for information about that quick shout out also 321 battle you'll see me very often. Sit moot and in standing and who am sorry for the wrestler is there because I absolutely am obsessed and in love what what 321 battles doing Gavin had a chance Juliet three or. Boxing you do a wrestler can if you listen to this I guess in your not a wrestling fan. I guess you like to torture yourself I'm not sure also combat pro wrestling doing great stuff as well mutually revoke Canon cup projects 42 there's a lot of great local wrestling promotions that you might not even know about. And I'm hoping that I can dock. Turn on to them. Let's just jump right into it big thanks to Jim Perry from defy wrestling he's the man behind everything at defied him and Matt farmer two great men. Putting on an incredible product that is defy wrestling. Massive props to him for bringing Joey Ryan to the studios to come hang out 1 morning the video is up there's a few birdie watched a video. You can skip ahead probably like 35 minutes from this point. And then after we talked to Joey Ryan we're gonna chat with John Morrison John Hanigan Johnny would go from underground about what's going on in his world so I've got. The man himself Jerry Ryan hanging out with me what's going on Jerry so much is simple it's early farming but I'm here I don't just say you have a lot of energy for this time and then you have been going since 3 AM. It's like it's like you're 3 PM for me I don't like did you have a don't what are you don't lasagna like. Hey man can you just gotta give me a second. I don't know. I'm there I'm I'm I'm way come on radio I love the fact that you're gonna be back began in June and just like a month or so June 29 and thirtieth now we've got to fight formed by the big when it's gigantic. One in Seattle and Washington home which is on the thirtieth and temple theatre Tacoma which is all ages on June 29. Defy wrestling dot com to get information about to happen and it's almost like you're going to be I'm living here in Seattle. Yeah I know I'm sets sales good to me they've ever been here a few times Russell. Before and then there was who are responsive to me though about the people here in the audience here so I love coming to Seattle. That's what I I saw you act battle mania with three to one battle which was just awesome it was so much fun to watch you and you think lamb who might want my buddies and I also love the fact that you wrestle ready before that inning came back from battle may need to take on the hellfire club and dom I think it's it's not really a question more just gentlemen to pump the tires but I I absolutely fine great inspiration and independent wrestling. As a guy who does radio and relies on in props comedy or try to do him from comedy. I always look for things outside of radio and what inspires me an independent wrestling would be number one on the list. Because watching what you guys do in the ring not only physically obviously got improvise but. You do a lot of comedy and a lot of comedic stuff in the ring and it's just even when Mike there was a moment where things are going as planned. And you just gotta flip the script and and and kind of broke the fourth while with the audience and I was like man. I just think it's pure genius and an entity it's just awesome how you pull that kind of stuff off of this is it fun not no regular performer without a safety net. I mean is definitely it's definitely fun and you eat just kind be quick on your feet numb. Attempted to fill fill gaps like you were saying but. Yeah I know it's it's actually like I have a lot of actor friends amend our men from Los Angeles a male always they're always mine and their minds always blown bio in the Paris when because. It's it's all one take kids all you know and you in the know you re shoots there's no touch ups in the snow and they say it's way harder to do what they do remain in other. Probably making more money than I am Clinton put apparel had been though the harder job. But yeah I know is it's cool it's very it's. They get creative outlet for sure and it's and it's artistic our way is performance art. But yeah it's it's just over time of I got not comfortable from an audience where I don't drink too hard about what I say I just say when it comes to my mind and usually. Works out most of the uniform. Idea once again that this or you're just comfortable being who you are that's when and I noticed at least for myself I know other people in the world of just any kind of media or any kind of performance it's when you are just being yourself and being comfortable that's when the audience seems to connect more. Right because audience comes when you've taken some honey I it's conceived through in most adding that. I think that's been that's the FEMA pro wrestling like five day. If my fraternity McCarrick our cowboy or something in my lead I don't have any of the you know to antibodies would be like discuss faking being a cowboy and they went into a debris but. You know if I'm just like honestly she took us. A sleazy 80s80s throwback look in guy. I think to allow this guy you know he looks like he belongs navies knee feels like he belongs made you which I do I feel like I do but. Yes because of the music from the eighties that's the style it is what is it about the I love the eighties as well yeah I know it's slowed everything like I you know I've slept through the brother so like I got into wrestling and pop culture very young age because they were on doing it in any kind of follow the footsteps of you see your siblings. I'm so like a lot of that era is very. I don't know it's it's it's it's great memories for me. You know inside a true that recreated as much they can because wrestling has kind of point canvas you paint however you want how are we see the picture you campaign had so I decided I want I wouldn't be inspired by the eighties so that's why kind of green mustache in the chest hair out. Actually Alter the way I arrest salute to the Fed Moammar eighties style of wrestling oh really the RCA pay attention and Geico from the eighties you feel you find the most inspiration from for Joey Ryan character. Unmoved a lot of a lot of guys from NWA electronically Blanchard in you know men TA and guys like that because. Philly clearly you think if you feel like in the eighties when. To review laugh at the time was sport there are trying to be more. They're trying to be less. Let's pro wrestling that's what they're trying to get more mainstream market so I I looked like the traditional pro wrestling of the eighties and and that's what I really ninth amendment punches after amend my movements muscle work in the ring after. Just because I mean people most people might not even realize I'm doing inner noticeable I don't have an enterprise. SOA and hopefully people that are more casual fans will just watch Kenny get ill like. At least reminiscent of the time they're up. Do you feel I'm imaging casual fans and I think about dom and one. That listens to our show notes jumped a super geek about wrestling so any and all my friends and just yesterday the money and giving you my and my friends semi a link to a video desist have you seen this video. And I knew right away with a B was going to be. From a couple of years ago obviously UN Japan when the the big. When all this I knew we can listen same viral star because of the penis plaques or do you put more complex mature which when you prefer. But still to this day I think once a week I'll have a casual or non wrestling fan a friend of mine. Semi video saying you know and I know before I even open it always going to be Joey Ryan. Is that they seem to think look back two years ago to know. This this is never going that be not shared. Right in that's the theory gets the most two is that like anybody who's a wrestler are on my friends that are in wrestling or even fans that are connected dressing anybody who. Is known to be wrestling fan they're non wrestling fans always like the tagging their men and our FaceBook are like. Showing a man Mike silicon wrestling fans are like kind of like they're kind of like this again but like Lincoln and our courts against the like. The casual fans love it many time I do show everybody wants to see if you do it and I wanna be who they want to. Pictures and autograph so you know enough. So it's it's really cool it's immensely since I mean it's a blessing because you know I've. That's on the night can you know I completely signed net missing conventions until I'm eighty years old because of it and so. It's I guess it's a blessing for my career. It's funny you'd think that like I mean I think as ever a night where you think I really don't feel like having its own Ramadan to thank. As per hour at the moment. Com it's it's kind of weird 22 like I mean the point now where like. But the people expected but it's kind of like it's it's part of hits you know like it. You know like you know you could see Guns 'N Roses played five shows in a row but you wanna play book into the jungle every night. So it's kind of part and it's also even when I wanna deviate from the script a little bit. I'm in Indy he's like be creative and other ways early to try try something new. I always gonna play up that fact because people that's what people wanna see in people when I'm in on other people pleaser and I wanted him you know want him hits you know one out you know I want them. You know it's a lot of times what part of paying me to come in and do because I'm pretty I'm pretty as advertised wrestler I can get pretty straightforward so. Yeah I mean button yes it is sometimes. I just have to be more creative about how I give him do it. By and I think we noticed that bad out battle mania with three to one battle I thought it was just awesome to win that it was done differently and also I mean dot net and another thing that's it seems to become one of your hips is what you do with your Molly pop with your blog pop. And how you pulled out having blow pops and on. Even just being in the crowd I lost my comic art and got us I was coming and hungry and just awesome look the other guy is not what I was expecting installing an Oprah moment where. Everybody in the crowd got to blow pop underneath your seat. Yeah no it's it's yeah it's I feel like him very much a prop cup comedian at this point you know the problem in restaurants I think I do Gallagher I don't like opera mobile pops the baby oil old. You know so sometimes I'll do that they inhaler and you know sometimes all get on get. The asthma attack. Associates say it's. It's catching the audience even even if it summing I've done before an audience CNET is still kind of get to the most guards see it in person alive or. You know it's something that we've seen on the Internet slick messy alive it's like oh this is what we've seen you know like the kind of feel the feel good moan about the so. Yeah I'd suspicious doing summing that's out of the box is sort of slow speaker out of the ordinary that people who are watching the rest of the show aren't seeing in the other matches that kind of makes me unique to what I do. Is it surreal than to see people on the crowd like. Campaigning to have them on pop that was in your trunks in their mouth and and I see pictures obviously people when they take pictures with you would love the opportunity to take a picture while holding your crotch I mean there's an RU and vacuum I'm going to. It's just real lifelike in my room in my indebtedness is some weird kind of state of mind I think this would seems so surreal that I can you take a chance of something so. Out of the box and not only to people enjoy it but they wanna be a part of it. Yeah it's a move the ball popping is is is crazy because there's always somebody that's going to throw to want to Melinda take someone okay yeah that's I've gotten them. Sometimes sometimes I have fans compete my dance contests matter how the audience. Beyond and choose which one gets the ball pop so it's kind of fun and remote. The stay of pictures so is like I am blew the thing that's in my mind most want to get a picture with somebody like grabbed mimic grabbing or even grabbing my crotch. As for the photo op is that they're gonna tag no face took my mom's panacea that's the first thing my goes in my hand. How did them how to mom react when and all of a sudden I mean I would imagine like no different for you your phone probably blew up when all of a sudden that that video and it it just blew up as a viral hit. How did mom react to become a phone call did you get to some type look at my parents live in new York and I'll say something stupid and it gets back to Ayman. I'll get a weird text from that like what if what's going on what are you what what are you saying I know it's a what was it like for you. Look I its Lewis and my parents that's very supportive of my wrestling they don't. Generally like to watch because they think they've just done and they're not really if you think I'm getting hurt or something missing parts there's been parents but. Com there is part of an. The arm they saw I may were just like I'm in the category near the character I was doing in the things I lose the meat of the things I was doing so. There was kind of guy goes oh Joey you know like NFL we have this is Sam now it never make it. And then my mama's always like your aunts and uncles are gonna seek Jerusalem Mike Gallagher live again at they get a you know like to have to for my success what I love. About what you do and in the chances that you take is that you really have like just bent on yourself in a sense they come and do something that's outside the box. Quite possibly I'm gonna get backlash from my peers for doing something like this or I'm gonna you know him that they could potentially hurt my career you'll know until you do it and then when you do it blows up and it's been a great success. That's how to feel amazing. Yeah and a lot of its penal trial and error like a lot of a lot of things lot of ideas I have. You know I go out there and I've I think it's going to be awesome and then falls flat my you know and I and I either have to tweak it or if you're a bit you have one name that comes to mind that oh this morning you're like I'm positive bureau on this an imminent Kenya like. With the help. I mean I think about it I am because a lot of them a lot of armor like. Just tweet like a lot of supported our tweaks of the original ideas 'cause. When you get the sense of how porous and works and how. The audience reacts to things and and you kind of get it a grasp on a concept than most of the ideas you have are probably pretty good somewhere the public good idea somewhere and that their base are good idea. This execution that needs work so. Hum a lot of times it'll just be like you know. You know whether it's whether it was a blow popping in just finding the way. The best way to get beyond just respond to it or even on the penis stuff Fuller. You know finding ways to incorporate having the world's strongest penis not necessarily being just isolated flipping people whether it. You know. So it's just it's a lot of just trying it out and seeing what works and then take taking pieces of it that do work him applying it in other ways and so until you get an idea that. Everybody's into an end you know in the you wanna see him in an act that people wanna see. One of the things that happen in your career that made my life is a a casual wrestling financial watch because I'm watching it by now one of these I mean her become a fan of yours was that you. Had the most in May easing proposal ever in the ring where you proposed the lady and I legacy gimme a hard time because I propose I was so nervous and I. Ice I just froze and we're at a sushi restaurant our favorite sushi restaurant and I legitimately pull the ring. Out of my pocket and opened the box in just. Can determine here and that's that was my proposal and I'll never live that down and whenever I see someone do something awesome she gives me this look like. And you just gave me a box and try to figure out whether or not it was in the days and ring inside of it how nervous were you to propose. In the rain. Com it was so wrestling my my now wife and we had in her gender match and you know sides says Andrea you know this is the perfect time to do it. And then decide I only had only really clued in the referee and the ring announcer in the promoter you know I got permission from promoter since his show. So those little people are clued in on it and then. It was which is like a you know obviously there's nerves at first to come and then go through but the way the more I thought about it. The more just started becoming part of like the pro wrestling match that I was against those bwic normal. Like sequence of events and I was alone I would Pratt in a normal match it and it just became a spot I would do I met and it's like. I admit it then became less nerve nerve wracking because like I get pro wrestling I under Sampras and know how to do pro wrestling so. Did you became like this. Like OK and then we do that the proposals by Demi cheat my wife didn't know she should be she we have something completely did she in her head shift some completely different plan. The direction of the match was going. I'm and then I ice pulled the switch honor. Slimmest and immoral you see her eyes and she's Tyler you you mother after you're screwing up our Matt yeah I'm realizing what is about to have. Right like she she really should confidence you should definitely five inches she said this and and at least two that she definitely got the life. I forgot her I screwed up the sequence and then when she realized that it was I just change secrets on her. You know obviously when well when are forming cassette yes. But. Yes it was just doomed if the blow the more became a pro wrestling spot from adolescent. Service like out about it. And what I loved about it was that yet it's awesome feel good moment M what more to my favorite things and tell them is gonna continue to pump your tires if you need somebody to make you feel good about life I'll follow you around and tell you how great you are but I dot. Then you just wind up winning the match and turn on her in the middle of the proposal which I thought was just. Incredible. Meg improper comedic timing kind of a thing where you like although I wasn't expecting that I there's going to be a happy to enjoy that yeah they leave the ring and had no notice of any of the W. Yeah those strokes were announces this in the man I gotta realize that we we have the we have to finish this isn't technically a match is still going on it. Com and so. We know how you're. I just want package is like a roll pin for looser don't know and wrestling and I need tonight as I say you know as we're going down I tell us we don't pick out. Which means don't don't. Did change the pin Michael yeah and then and then she say down and then to become like that kind of a funny how the moment and then. Later on she said like she was so overwhelmed that if she realized those guards you've like no way I'm you let me weigh and how liberal you you know all the old. All small package to him and hopefully I'll win but she's about it was she's so tough and emotion at the time mentioned she realized I was pull a fast Olympian Marion has awesome and winning the match. I'm overjoyed Ryan if you wanna find Joey on Twitter is gonna act joy Ryan online plus some pro wrestling T slash still we're trying to get UT shirts which. Is the lifeblood for a lot of you guys northern independent wrestling. Yeah merchandise is really change the game for independent restless. Because you know with social media and stuff being more. BO the richer audience more easier so yeah I do out crossing t.'s dot com slash Chile right now and it's. You know it's helping supplement my income to say the least. Then and I love the lapel pan am on the buying one at 321 I was looking for in a wrestle mania weekend in Orlando clinic that was an elated. Catch up and find you guys but does the lapel interviewing Kennesaw ray where it was when she had the crimson mask yeah I met her face was bloodied for those that don't know what from Damascus. What a great idea to turn that into a pin. Bob what I love I want to talk about. There was a match where I'm obviously who's a female we should Dora was in the match with 23 other groups endorse yeah and they walked away agreement that was really weird at first to watch men and women fight. And then be suspended reality like we do it wrestling fans and realized oh wow it doesn't matter and you are someone who's been so. Ahead of the curve when it comes in her gender wrestling what is that also something at first real like man this is gonna I mean I know it's been going on for awhile but you you seem to bring it to the forefront. Was it something that was a little bit scary because some people just don't understand what wrestling is all about. Yeah I mean not how is it scary but like I think who allegedly grasp what it is but some. Other way a look at it may you don't like some people. And some people like to get wrestling as a sporting events and you know. UNC. Basketball players men and women but I hope I'm playing with each other. But you know I look at is more like entertainment more like a movie and you know you 100%. Sees Scarlett Johansson as black widow fighting dudes and avengers yeah and you wanted to percent see some illness last Star Wars movie like you know. If you know with a female hero you know you see them fighting fighting guys and it's. So I look at is as like if it's what we do is no different than a movie for is a scripted fight and he can't he can't. Blake discriminate one from the other saying like call once presented is reality and wanted to know we will leave and we do in wrestling is. There's nothing when people know what a real fight looks like in the looks like I'm a man mayhem and towards what we do is definitely. A stage stage combat people gathered so I don't see the difference between. The avengers and a pro wrestling match I even as a fan of the circuit so laid. Performances there's wrestling his performance is why you see sometimes some rather physical in seeing performances that include men and women and it's never like only. That guy's throwing her around her you know how dare you say it's it's on great performance and it's on at the great art. Yeah I know I mean in its mention Candace I think she's the best static she understands. That we're still telling a story a lake. You people want to suspend merit disbelief but you don't want to insult our intelligence tee there's you she's not gonna. And she's this is smaller girl she's not gonna go toe to toe with some six a guy punch punch back and forth. She's not gonna get punched in all you know and and I must say make a big deal out of me I also. Arm and then so she's from she's the best act making a believable story out of you know gender in size differences. And tennis is now involved in the world of the WW with NXT. Do you ever think they'll be a time in an end WW we wrestling that we would see energy under matches or do you think that's something that they were never going on here. Humble they mean they did it for long time and share in it Il when there weren't a PG company out of when there are a publicly traded company now I think. There will with a lot of things estimate calculated it will calculated decisions on what what direction and going and you know they've they've done a great job of getting women's wrestling. A better spotlight you don't like and it's not just forward comic relief for not just for. The sex appeal that they've actually you know and actually. Hired in and train some some athletes to going and have you know competitions that are. Are you don't scripted fights that are as believable as seen on realistic and as as the men's them as presented is in high. Played so. There are definitely. Putting. An effort in gender equality I'm as far as the competing with I mean there might become a point where. Where it. We're wrestling becomes more like a well why can't a woman. You don't wrestle and got a guy because it is it is scripted fight him but it's it would appear very calculated decision on their part because they are publicly traded us company that presents himself as as a PG company. Now makes sense yeah absolutely and nom I have bankers mentioned watching you has been a great source of inspiration and I'm Reggie Twitter and and realize that you have a similar love for Andy Kaufman and I decided he posted something about me wanting to wrestle Jerry the king Lawler. Because the statute and the among big Andy Kaufman and might even be a bigger Bob's mood if and the guy behind the curtain and I was like he was such. The two of them together just really performers is that somebody that you find inspiration in my. I saved wrestling gives me great inspiration in my world of radio for you in the world wrestling outside of wrestlers. What gives you great inspiration. Some so obviously any coffins and wasn't a full time wrestler and wasn't sure wasn't a traditional example what are. Wasn't the reason I got into wrestling wasn't the reason I was wrestling fan growing up. On budget and to take an appreciation of the work I'm after I become. Bum a performer myself and and and done you don't take him take him a comedic side to things and and trying to engage in audience and emotionally connect them I mean. It apparent how you how you define a wrestler whether it's fanaticism or entertaining or presence com. I don't think anyone had. It was so that that that air for the short time that he was doing and nobody had a presence in her or connection emotionally. You know what there was hatred in order in no whatever nobody would think that. No one more than Andy Kaufman so that's why like I sir washing his stuff. And you know is is is venture in the pro wrestling in and the time he spent in in wrestling and he just got a way to rapt audience I'm staying here and that's what I really like this this guy's the best 'cause he knows he. He totally understood. What to working in audience was about and number. You know Matt Emily in his comedy two and as I've. He's an unsafe sometimes Eusebio role in a sense and trying get the crowd that paid to go seem to comedy get mad at them. Yeah yes so here that he ended definitely away. It's connect to the audience and in some emotional way which is which is such as summing any performer should aspire to. Recently at opportunistic with Mac cross I'm bus are somehow make enormous reach on the ground in nom and one of my favorite moments during our interview with Matt was access to my I was just gonna be a random query what's the weirdest. Dana you've encountered in the world of wrestling as far as like who weird event or even a part of any part of the most insane story of wrestling and it of gel at a prison. And just how insanely nerve wracking was in just different and not realizing the people in the audience right convicted killers and it wasn't just like. You know I'm minimal security was like oh man I'm pressing and people like it hurt me. For you I mean obviously. We just ALCON a comedy and in the cell wrestling that you do you walk into my into the human like 321 presence of being weird wrestling. What's been the weirdest wrestling event that you've been a part of. In so many different shows it is like it's hard to pinpoint. I know there's been some weird when the merry men know probably is the second no way I don't know I go through the amount but clearly unless those. Weirdest thing that I'm Mara let's go to Y and every now want to. I mean I I get a lot of because my character lends itself well to. You know my don't I don't it hurts my churches and hurt for selling four or you know different people like. So I you know I've I've wrestled some. Not non trained actors. And some people are promoting stuff fined and I mean I guess it's on to win here is solid person in jail but. Well I'll think about it in the mean elusive like armament and the scenario look at OK also served in my mind to it and see if I can't with one. I would love to talk a little music as one of the things I brought up minister on Samir is gonna talk to like all he's a big Jimmy world fan and I am as well. What's your favorite Jimmie world album click future so yeah. Poem a lot of people gopher. The American. Or. Even clarity and like I mean am I come from all they did like the news like this the slap some had thought I really really like to. But that was about a limb might may in my favorite since futures. Dish is the one right after bleed American right element that depend cardboard dark at a much you don't want to set the got a nice dark feel to be yeah. But I like a mall I mean I say you know I one of the things I do when things are known for is when I travel and take these airplanes self fees and I'm always got. Like my headphones in Ireland nine times out of ten on a flight because I never Jimmy world album and a lot of single slice like. You don't probably 115 to me oral songs on my phone. So a lot of times the coach sleep on peninsula just put shuffle on Jimmy Eat World and mostly to the want. And it'll just keep shuffled around I think it's a great job tonight I marry him Kudlow in an email blast to but I keep a loud enough because I don't it is knowing who is going off to babies crying and I don't wanna be woken up and that so. And I make sure that the that there's music playing those times we can sleep assembly. But yet a lot of times she she knew Roman shuffle. Yes absolutely what other bands do you like listening to Tom big fan Weezer com. I got to see Jimmy world Weezer and Tenacious D. Minded toward there on my favorite memories about that right around Niskanen. They might have made but it was right around when not Xbox came out yeah the original Xbox and yes we interviewed Jimmy world. And we are doing like some kind of a give window like oh my gosh to a low one for a busts like contacted luckily being in Seattle Microsoft is just on the street. Content in connection there and like oh yeah okay you an Xbox burgeoning world Weezer and Tenacious D to give them. I never him. Quicker I mean I'm I unless I have like the giant most amazing sort of breast and never been invited on a bus quicker by a band. I mean I've got an Xbox for you guys like get on the bus and it was exits are awesome moment took a bad that I'm a big fan of and I'm setting up their act spots on their toward Basra think there's an amazing. Yeah I know it's it's. They're good they junior world we is there a Foo Fighters I mean Alec a lot of bands and they kind of got into when I was in high school home so and I and I just stayed true to them com. Do you ever keep tabs on when I met when you go to different cities looking check like you know Bob bands in town of one of those apps to see if any dancing you really have sanity your check out. Yeah I mean as I do that was based audience on the missile defense Elizabeth about it if I'm wrestling on Sunday. In the team's home on Monday I might stay in action and it won't go go to the game but. Yeah I did check in the bloody you don't wrestle lot of prize there isn't Sunday so I love the wind. Bands played Tuesday and Laura I heard Thursday that's. Pendergraph booked a show because there's a big concert going on in that town mom no I if I booked. Stuff around cons is like taking days off specifically for concerts but come and emotional or come to towns to. Although you know I didn't wrestle at SXSW. This year I'll hum sim and awesome and Weezer was playing in an I was desperately trying to you know Weezer show but. The show I was on ended after they would have already taken stage it was like down the street too so I was full on get over there but I was like sliding her own son. Outside of I mean I kick myself for not doing an even but at the time I was like I can there's no anger over the like this. I think it dagger in you know that in just a couple blocks away do you still can't get it to tie wrestle first they'll get that bad here and I do believe there. Ray I really want to but yeah. You know I tended to do in mid that's good thing about LA too is that lake Wisconsin they've built dams aren't afraid to play Tuesday in LA because they know little draw the draw an audience no matter what day it is cause Sele. Don't have to specifically do on the weekend may get crowned come palm. So that's possible us European Allen NBA LC concert thinner and SO out VMware was the last country that he just completely blow your mind. The last one went to I think awesome when I was who actually was Jimmy world and nom. In Orange County which is a little bit south of LA. And it and it was really do like have seen him on all their chores some time since I got into them and high school and those critical because the they I think all the LAD it's like Fridays and Saturdays so I was like a memory no American real sister and maid through random like Thursday in Orange County announced that. As the Thursday night I. But I hey I've gotten in it's it's critical because like. Salute Jimmy world is gonna open freeing Cuba as a mentor who do and I endorse I don't you know not a big he can stand I don't dislike in my AM defined right thumb. But I wouldn't there wouldn't be amendment and elect plummeted listening to dislodge but because junior worlds and opened for them hell yeah I'm gonna go what you mean world and then I'll stand watching two missile get to watch them. Through Jimmy Eat World which is which is called different experience. And yet met him I used to be obsessively a big fan I think you despite at this point like I million sold on the last few records but to see them live I'm sure it's gonna be your greatest hits collection says there be a great time. Yeah I yeah I dissidents in late day is another thing is so can I can probably 2000. Seven I wanna say yes so apparel mart opened for Jamie world before or more reliable. And the salute him and I saw the man and I was like all the spin is good you know like this is the demand I'm MMA toll blew up until now Mike. Another undercover like a low key Barrymore fan because I saw them live in 2007. And they serve on outlet passer and the songs everywhere and so that your guys on the back when there are no other and there are actually there and they're playing LA coming into this release an album. Come summit to check them out. It's funny you mention how I got circumvent a team in smaller venues and I think about casino would defy gigantic that's going to be darn good did you thirty share agreement between nights at the temple theatre. I got to see the strokes play yeah and so when I saw that did the showtime into the theater just instantly. Trigger tonight. But alas I was there was this strokes and Mamie I got to go back and listen to the start effort on how much I love that they I'm really wanted to emotionally I got to see him at a small club before they blew up and ready now they're not. Really doing much but yes the one mile on their record is their debut album. Sometimes I wrestled in smaller venues like that magazine and their band that's like this I'm gonna watch bands play Weaver Washington mall has had. Spansion Jimi Hendrix yeah foreign merits of the guys he too. And Mac or more I mean yeah it's got such insane history and remember him Mac cross was here for the first defied a mission from god he played. I Washington haunted eyes the numbers like. All this just got a lot cooler yeah yeah I don't know it's a big music fan yeah yeah I mean he's hardcore into a lot of like pretty heavy cool bans I'm by dom. Have you had before you know obviously didn't see I'll see you know the Seattle crowd is kind of allow it. Fly and rambunctious crew but I would imagine they mean top two and allow you your buddies like got to change Strickland a Mac cross and Teddy do each underground with Jeff com as well. They're all they've all wrestled at defy had they told you what the experience is like 'cause it's been pretty surreal being a part of the five and here we are only three shows and then there's so much. Chatter about. This promotion and whenever I touch I can talk to moose recently and he was even saying Garrett at the crowds just insane. Have they talked to about what the experience is like a defy wrestling. The probably the most vocal person I've heard about talk about his Cody Rhodes and keep saying yeah he loved any senate seat heat Mets in the news when it's almost coming up. He said earlier in every time he also won in new dimension. Though Lulu club too you know yeah not I don't I don't I am glad you brought that up because I almost forgot to amana. Oh yeah. This is an official member and guys have is you sit at the time he's an ass from a food club so you know. So. CA is being used in most vocal about how oh how fun it is and how the crowds are awesome hair ready status is. That's whose club is this is my dog yeah yeah yeah dog. I do not have Donna kind of hard to have a dog probably hi I have a Kenny thank you very overweight cat. Now. Yeah my dogs get a T shirt and a club in particular says a certain everything it's very awesome nice deserve the big celebrity member otherwise it's my in laws dog Trixie I think my friend today myself he had any bank lamp I don't even glam became out. Total assets into a battle wearing a plan one put it up firms are nice exclusive club not to get one printed and by the time 55 and six come I'll make sure you can become an official member of the new suites and club you know let's do it that is a letter to you if you never know people remember Sully did you listen that's awesome that he brought up. You Tom thank you panel also. Now I'm telling you to relay messages to come sure you're not close now yeah I notice. Possibly get caught the 54 and five which you will be a part of gigantic which is the big event I temple theatre June 29 all ages. Washington hall June 30 it's going to be a great time. Do you know any idea what's gonna give you can't get any idea what's happening on the five foreign five. But I just didn't yell at me if I did I don't know I mean girls I think I I think accidentally. Posted that I was going to be there before they announced its I think in my Marta the woman he'd ask her gender gap. The other guys are oil ice ball there announcement but. Because they like come wife alma FaceBook page document schedule updated so people can know northern and I think as those days before it was announced farm so. Quite a need for that criteria. Yeah I know I had made I don't you know it's it's it's listens very much lake said and also stuff can even change that's gonna happen tonight up until. Yeah a bit so we have the rings so it's really our delay can I mean you have ideas on where we're at the direction things are going in but. There's so many factors that can change it. If they almost every touchy it's at joy Ryan online and please please go out pro wrestling t.'s dot com slash Joey Ryan. Get a joy Ryan T shirt and I decide that the the king and our own style one is still my favorite of the mall but I mean I've seen some recent ones that are just awesome as well. As much garrisons outside the box or cinnamon my shirt designs also in the box yes and so and match or make them like. So it's the select your part and inside joke but it's still you can Wear men public well depends on where I when working nonstop to. Only reunion by play drums in my worshipped image search query and it was instead rolls on enough things that happen and I'll be very awkward and Hodge joy I really appreciate you taken a few minutes on the morning thank you for joining us thanks rademan. Cards last week I had the opportunity to do Q&A session with John Morrison John had a game Johnny who know the man of a million named Johnny nitro. Yet a new movie out called boon to bounty hundred that he completely financed on his own sold his house that from the money did he made in the WW week. He took a chance on himself and have so much respect for guidance on the do something like that. Plus huge underground is back I don't necessarily don't worry no spoilers I haven't watched the big return where he takes on the Mac. In one hour long match the dads out there now so hopefully you're gonna take it out huge underground as an unbelievable. Show on the el Rey network it's part. Action film part wrestling it's unlike most wrestling promotions that you'll see on television so very excited to chat with. John Morrison John it is I don't get mad tonight we just hung out last weekend potato and I think you know I. I don't know I could talk to you though man after he caught all of us in Seattle a bunch of hipster dirt bags at past ice show. I do not include turn things. Who's led themselves to do I. Sorry my bad that's the outlook for the I don't know my favorite moment in the context of reversing those you wouldn't mind no matter. There goes my fair replied so loved obvious dribbled a ton a great thing gonna talk to you about my dad's gonna hit a little bit on defied which was an awesome wrestling event that happened on Friday night where did you were part of the main event and it's good fun for you when you come out obviously the crowd was hot ninety were pumped to see you. They were pumped to see change Strickland who's your opponent. And then all of a sudden you're you you needed to reduce demon in my government I need to talk to the crowd of my daughter yeah I think you're gonna say hi Erica out and agricultural budget do you bags I'm like oh he just turned it right on him quick. You know wrestler more well one moment. I would say. Not enough and heard solutions. Yeah. I. And that's why we can't speak to you any monopoly. I did at I don't know what slump spending time with you on nine Thursday night further than we had a big screenings for boon to bounty hunter which is a movie state. I mean true talk about a labor of love you soldier home to finance this film and I had a feel good to be in a room with a bunch of fans and people that BO none of us knew what to expect when the movie started and and then all of a sudden the crowd is just. Chanting and and having a blast throughout the entire film and I see you in the Bakken and I would imagine. But you must have just been really proud of that moment. Oh yeah I was I was greens if you turn in the open panel. And I'm a friendly to say there was Lou warning from the watched. I'm. We did I wrestling crowd because it looked like he had a recipe Sean no matter. This is awesome shouldn't only seeing those types forever changed all during the during the Clinton under the movie which was include a. Did it was a lot of fun watching a movie especially watching with other wrestling fans access. Any added so much I and I had fun watching with my wife on demand and it's available on demand is that you know iTunes anyway you get of your movies you can get boon to bounty hunter and I highly recommend it's a fun. Over the top action film very reminiscent of the eighty style action films but I enjoyed it quite sure just my wife but meant there was a next level watching you with the crowd. Yeah I couldn't agree more and and make you can determine what are the man now. It's come down on dvd at Wal-Mart. On June 6. I feel like actually experience in Seattle when these kind of wounded would be moon creature enjoyed was imminent and and it had been inspired me to consider whether it's sequel to move on him. When the next actually more I'm amazed at what could be anything you can be screaming about what I do you have been watching a movie. Being in the world wrestling for as long jiving you know how to gauge of crowd. Is that debt haven't had like a light bulb goes off in your head judge won't pay out when when a crowd is a certain way when I'm wrestling I know how to make the adjustments. I would I would think in the same could apply in the world of making movies. And you've been well Election Day you kind of like picking a historically. I've been window and especially. It's been done quite a bit in Hong Kong action cinema at the end blue announcer hadn't. Compounded them screens. Welcome movies are actually don't know how long before that it was 100% locked. And the he's probably screens was we wanted to have a high western movie and then he believes the audience's reaction to. He's nice and a lot of this in the currency within blocks the cut. You can isolate it sort of food had happened couldn't Seattle was like this local art crowd reacting to a movie and know what it. You know seeing that little news you don't think about this movie connected to my accent you thought ultimately often eat. It only what is what good movie should be. What was your experience like being here in Seattle for that whole weekend from a boon for screening Ted did to doing defy. What was that like for you B get check donating Wallin Seattle and and voice your opinion besides us being hipster bags. And I am comment felt unsafe history do you going to look in the end of course I really hadn't Seattle PLO. Based screams just silence or not surprised to soften that the show that was on was the size stern show some very new promotion itself already think he can for the promotion has made the lead with all of its own home a lot of I understand you because they're they're doing their opinions you could change shirts yet I venues I didn't show was even close call run and I think. And all of the talent was who they exceptional for most importantly how the ring announcer. And I think he should just start don't ST yeah. Wrestling wrestling and he didn't go about the ring announcer the phones. How do you view ring announcer it was definitely a collaboration I assets are so I thought he'd get a great job in the original you know again as he did really great. It is funny actually agree announcing didn't want to be noticed more when people who messed up even when the great. But I couldn't get through it because they cheat a little currency bathrooms are and what he's entrance to mean there are so excited from people making my president had to talk to when we leave it but did not want to be educated from me is it more than he actually. And as he heads up the awesome dance off at the end was a lot of fun I go to legitimacy. I got some good good how loose you need a mother could not anything in between Mexico removals I don't rhythm do you have some sink break dancing moves inside was impressive balloons or go to C you know I'm Vincent college. I know I don't let her run because other Internet yeah I I I am so excited for the return of my underground which is I'm making it sound being returned Wednesday night arm and you can have a sixty minute match against the Mac which is this going to be awesome mom I'm very pumped about that. Thank you mean an anonymous. And pathetic just familiar with the matter if I gotta get enough good things about the Mac user and this ridiculously talented and can somebody you didn't seem to be in the pro wrestler and then force that is streamed into becoming a reality one of the best matches of my career in vs team. All night long who gets the most falls over the course of the entire show greens or seeing a major underground championship I have been in excess of those medals beyond the current for very long time. And I remember there so Christiane the week or so whether ruin these. Check out this match apologize that the institutional and how. How when you're watching a match I think tendencies and that's. We need in the Mac and I did you have truancy quote let us know which case. Globally Beckham on the social. Higher efforts to reduce reduce duty our time about very excited for all the success you've had. Bob not only would the movie but also alludes underground and any help Leo we cannot twist your arm again they make your way back to Seattle and about be a part of a future defy event. Gordon guard I mean it is not about it yeah I've been better America. In my aspect of Seattle. The entire load it up there and out of the collection. Are you anti ties match against Cristina was an an eventual have all the matches on demand that defined demand dot com but that match was also another. A walking away from one of the highlights of the night as well such a great match and and then she got even below mixed into them that things would tell you when chain which was pretty awesome what I'm so yeah. But it did so only. We're so glad we get pat pat pat pat at after. Well John I like I said he did it there is a great times during the weekend with you I hope we get to do it again and and and everybody please catch and each underground. If you haven't seen you're missing out on some awesome not only in ring action but great cinematographer he's just an overall awesome story gets put together on the el Rey network by John congratulations on everything and we hope the season Kremlin leader all right that's it that's the first episode of migs vs the world of wrestling how I do wanna thank god the revs from BJ megs for helping me. Record and do the interview with John Morrison next week. Not enough we're gonna have to gas to one get one guess that I know that's gonna be on and I instead of me. Let you know who it is all have her tell you. You and I don't I don't win then game I didn't really do you. I don't believe that my dad I know. Okay. Set some park avenue on that clip which exactly residing in Auburn Washington I don't know about you but I grew up. In love with a gorgeous ladies of wrestling one of the cool listen most unique. They even as a kid a Mike. Why not hell is going on here this is not the WW we have you talk about the divas revolution you talk about women's wrestling and all the changes and all the great things that it happened. But at that time. A whole show dedicated to just women's wrestling analyze these ladies never wrestled before. Being cast on the show gorgeous ladies of wrestling glow is a great document John Netflix and there's an upcoming. Television show starring mark Marron and it's loosely based on what happened back in the eighties with those ladies. That's gonna be a Netflix at the end of the month so if you pay when top pumped about the return of glow in the return of all things go so be kind of fun to talk to someone who's from around here. Who was you may remember she was done. Very attractive redhead I know my won my first question is going to be was a difficult wrestling in the pond so that's gonna be a lot of fun comic imported talk into Roxy asked her next week. Our migs vs the world of wrestling and who knows what other surprises could happen. Email us yeah world of wrestling at gmail.com. Fish tanks. To all of you for taking time out of you today. To listen to this podcast like me I'd bet you're a big fan of wrestling you find time to listen to all different wrestling podcast of the fact that you took a few minutes out of here. To listen to mine means a lot to me. Aren't we back next week thank you for listening.