MIGS vs TWOW 003 - Roxy Astor & The Weekend Warrior!

Friday, June 9th

This episode features Migs chat with Roxy Astor from G.L.O.W. – Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.  Roxy is from Auburn, WA, and they chat about her time being in G.L.O.W. back in the 80’s and how it’s back in the news thanks to the upcoming Netflix series called GLOW.   Then Migs chats with his bud The Weekend Warrior (at the 29:15 mark).  You can catch the Weekend Warrior at 3-2-1 Battle every other Friday at The Battle Palace (Evolv Fitness).  Their next show is 6/16 at 9pm, and Migs is the new commissioner!!

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It's now time for war. Mays vs the world. And thank you once again for listening to majors the world wrestling we are now on. I teams seek your rate review would subscribe and get the word out and I'd really appreciate it and speaking again no word out holy holy got a tiger curse I would crap COLT cabana I love you parity object I love your podcast yarder wrestling am driving in this morning and I was hoping. That maybe you would talk about his experience at 321 battle in his most recent episode which he did. What I did not expect that he was gonna give him. Yours truly love and our podcasts love if you can hear it. Pay joked about silly a clip from my podcast I'm still think that from his podcast is you still think of in my pockets is all very mad up. But check this out Coca about a giving migs vs the world of wrestling some love on the last episode of the heart of wrestling. I went around town I saw Seattle little bit. I even went into KI ASW the radio station in Seattle. And why I was there I jumped on the podcast with Steve megs he does the broadcast migs vs the world of wrestling. And we were talking end and we're talk about some of the weird places that Russell which includes any fat camp and a subject came up that I had I was kind of want to talk about on here and for me it was a little weird religious talked to myself in my apartment about it so I'm gonna steal the audio from migs or is the world Reza when you listen to on iTunes and bring up something that's been on my mind. You you have to be sensitive. Of course of these kids yet that's out I mean in wrestling and I thought about this a lot lately too is that lake. Even a regular shows will be like shut up daddy saw the other day. And you know grossed one mile that's what we did together he quote unquote and make as that means 37 year old I saw someone call sort of fatty like kind of hurt my heart so I felt for the spam like. Her work cut nobody shaving and Allison loses PC Lulu but it's like I move on to go to a show. And probably maybe like really be insensitive about like being big men. It is being spotlighted. Now and it mark creative ways correct is it to have some fun of somebody's expense where I guess I'd like to see that change in wrestling to be honest. And maybe you know maybe I can help I'm not sure. Wow just honestly I'm I'm I'm blown away by the are ready to response to this podcast for only a couple of episodes in and I just recently heard from the fine folks over a ring of honor they caught wind of the podcast because of COLT. And they wanna do more stuff with us including having a bunch of ring of honor stars on the podcast and that's gonna happen in the very near future but I really be talking with now hang man Adam page in the future episode which will be. Freaking awesome this time around I wanna go back to when I was a kid in the eighties falling in love with the wrestling. And there was a promotion called glow that was unlike anything else nowadays of course we have women wrestling and it's and it's a big deal. But back then it was pretty rare to see women wrestling and it's the promotion. Focus solely on the women it was out there it was funny it was different times lol violent. Gorgeous ladies of wrestling and one of the wrestler is from right here in Washington State from Auburn Washington so this episode where atop a rock scene afterward I would talk your rock suing to get even more local. In the world at 321 battle talk though my buddy Cragg AKA the weekend warrior so let's start things off with a rock CS start on migs vs the world of wrestling. Personal quick senate to Jim valley Jim is involved with pro wrestling torch. There's a great podcast is a lot of great stuff in the world of wrestling in fact you wanna just check him out on Twitter are got to do is just follow him act. Jim valley he shot me a tweet in and tag duties like dude you need to talk to rocks he sees from this area. And that blew my mind that you're from Auburn Washington. I'm you know I am Auburn Washington and I have very huge quick shout out and get a ballot I log out. He's about it like my the F pat Bradley Seattle met her oh we only collect. Yeah Auburn wash and can in 1980 hyper 1988. Or. Omni I don't know you know that guy you Marty you re learn how Martin Marty a radio legend in this town BI I love that I Alec mutual friend on. I bet and it's not earned a 'cause. I. Are we although I'm please look at him like. We. It's anyone you don't spread our and a leader and darn it we want their friend yeah I don't like then why are these friends makes no sense. But that's how does not expect any get there at the right what do I do and I say something in high school has a narrow pipe here. At first what am I got pregnant and inherit the red white what you get on friend did I don't know credit I guess these kind of Fredricka I can't RYR. And it is always trying to get inside the mind of someone decides on friends somebody on social media I'd I'd like that we ought to be a hundred I don't. All right I'll stop what are you and I am sorry Roxanne but the big fan gorgeous ladies of wrestling you know Mike Abbott struck Polk and her. But I'm wrong not in me I did the but I this is got. Got to be such a surreal time for you because obviously. The Netflix showed its gonna be coming out of the end of the month also called globe which is going to be to mark Marron and an and it's not when I first heard about the show I thought okay they're going to. Take what happened in real life and just do a series about it almost. You know reenact a lot of things but then I heard it's just it's loosely based. On what happened back in the eighties. I first heard about it. We and we were going to get what you're our very first crew to what you call the. Piccolo and recruit oh we'd like that along each and we didn't have right. Eight people. Global fan and glow girl where where do you all first. I yet eighty own call problem not the public high. Machine you know I've been working non I mean not overnight or year and I got it AB aura. That old knows. Oh we want county I don't feel like you're. They're going to need a show. About it and now like I don't let me show a ballot at a. Yep called quote according late correct when I don't want it goes. How did then why aren't you know we're are redirect all now I had no we're not blow it. But I do remember me young Brett Quigley humid ninety you know will it over. I want eerie eerie like you're what. Dirty ordinary. A I like a ligature and reds got a lock on our I look at every. Morning and they aren't. Arab. Media Erin and I are looking and where and the why and all that good par. Are you know we aren't being. And god I I had an. RT water what are you. John gambling get union called glow that would be made it cannot find any air out here and create new. Yeah knowledge he and I don't get along with it that there are used to get on with Ursula K do so called. You know always. Trademark or whatever you know achieved only quote girls we don't know which you aren't. Ching glowed on banging on her e-book. Coming out on net erratic and you wait. A minute. Curley not on social media water out our. Lashing out you know shouting you're ever there are your water or. Just that well maybe the iron and I would are rolling to the mall but an opponent. I. So did not want your early let you know like he is the other I don't rush angered getting beat. God I always the trademark right not to let Nell because I think no one. The documentary. Out and it Allred ultimate app yet. Which is like a number between her and now the PGT yup I've done everything would mean you know we don't need you would well now we usually get. No no not really doubt. No she owed it a girl better glow it not let me know that girls she would really get hot because she got it. I think about it when I was a kid died when I first discovered out that yeah I mean I've since they got by businesses that was born actor I got a wrestling fan and I remember it was. Gorgeous ladies of wrestling in the NAFTA would be the roller der reach out and like it was appointment watching for me because. It was not like I mean nowadays we we look at wrestling and we see you know that the female superstars you know I of one point Derek the divas revolution and end. Now there boost the WB superstars that are women and women's championship in itself it's an awesome time to be a wrestling tag causes this amazing at what a schism coming from the ladies' side. Where some of my favorite wrestler is it doesn't matter that Charlotte players a man or woman I think she's the best that the WABC in a while but. As a kid I mean all we knew was fabulous mullah. And then Wendy richter showed up and now it's really pretty much it thank you were sets up a rarity to see a woman wrestling so when that show came out as a kid I was. Even I knew that this is different this is on. This it blew my mind great and it was entertainment needed to look back on that I mean I I I I hope that. A lot of the wrestler as of today look at what you guys did and and have the utmost respect for her because she really did pave the way. Per someone like me to not think it's weird to see two women beat the crap out of each other in the brain. Well you know what I remember army and it radio interview a lot like a big and I'm like Lula we had he. And may god you know that night I doubt that you would expect glow ruined rush it. I'm like whoa she's not an act I can't tell ya but they had. You acne and even. Any meaning and we are no doubt that rehearsed well over the top with but how even got the glitter you know with Matt and there's while he had the day jail. And even let him. That early wall but college you know that my fairway and it. The widow is always I'm like wow this is the bad guys because her husband's no longer here and sees that instance character on my lap a visits are you do you like where no I. I doubt it was scary I'd like guys you put the undertaker and I had. I'll. Probably don't like a guy I don't win in the second dementieva. My favorite match of all time we we get a match where her diet of big momma bell and we switch characters which with a lot of iron and that did you only make it back dementieva quite got better and rock. She woke. Okay. And then I get and keep our group that I would end and share their degree you know I would that indeed been a real debate but then. You know I don't think that would really thinking about well let me just and again do we know that no number we don't know. They came aren't the name of the window. And see who really good luck where she had unlike mixing up a little coalition and I remember watching him add orgy of here drink that you try to kill you know but then it out of I think that you're that Georgia that app or. Can't argue I'm getting over that I knew her and I knew her well it warns. Oh they do it it was hard Armenian that I look back out which really good care and I read real bottom what a are you on the common. You know with our and the Garnett led yeah. Because when you're looking at the trailer which earned almost a million viewed thank you now and a week out wow a lot of these low on his. I can Miley cabinet or shot caught it and you go okay I'm trying to gloat and they ain't thought it about it in ya you know. Well at an underwriting and Nero like pop in your eight. Tracks you're Ari you don't negative REIT now. All I doubt they feel like a widow. Daylight and really it got to shockingly here Eric that I never thought that that worked there really took off. It is that you are as dementieva words. And needing to court eight. I'd get here we're never because the league and dementieva people wrote a letter to Matt Ember and Ed you you can't get anymore Wilde and area. Yeah out you're not allowed to get a it you know a lot of people would you mentioned you know like I'm Macon on that on any. You know what I urged. Hurry and army he did not mean it is that when I'm YouTube clips and a lot of people that like are due out they like Dirk might I didn't get it. You mean today that the show blow when the eighties when it was video today that a couple seasons and then things are riding high and then you've got involved what turned you want to the idea about vowed. Wanting to be a glow wrestler Hulk. How did you discover it what made you wanna be a part of it. All eight Nina and well I mean I'm. I don't I port workers are out all. I want to help ordinary you know do you like 121 injury and not. Earth. And I reread what yeah oh aha and I watched every Saturday morning. I was like yeah Gordon was in debt yeah I'm me. Look at that go letter oh my god there's Hollywood cheap. Like I can't look at on it and he mini she's valued at our daughter might. Want to. Mike do you but they acknowledge that I do they had on your screen. I'm looking at hey do you wanna be glow girl. I you know you're you're onto something not white no we. You know what a lot of what was going on my Bible why he didn't show Bible I need. What we're gonna chant that I would error I didn't rational right I like an actress I didn't do you know any of that. Not call the number of and I think it was a week later you only coming up another thing what you casting director I didn't know her out all or whatever. IA did let you know our record I would really like I got a Hollywood or. Note that your eyes and then Larry. Eating in a black skirt. OK let your mind go there trying to learn motor cycle would be black gloves like you would on Aaron that we're. Rat out about each share. You know we pal your iPod back and in need boot I'm like yeah it is that there next eat unlike unlike Hollywood hype it and me go and he never somewhere and static and eight kids you all remember. In early. Sure I'm not sure I'm a different story or a girl you remember being their friend. But they're not old able to guide you around and you know our age eight you're not rock and well I want you end badly I'm white and I about. All I tell my whole idea England. And it just looking neat well. What I now. Regret boards sure are and I remember when I'm in that they will. Oil probably. Four days later on late night and you go to Vega not only one little or will be well out already I enjoy it. 3500 girls are now the high would've known that I I I would have done it I would have been alone yeah yeah who's going. Yeah I'm I'm a little side. Audience. Bringing. Opera beauty colleague there are errors I didn't get them out. I'm not yet or anything like well. About anything you do when you lap glow. They tell you yeah I've got to bay guess you're not getting. You take your Yankee got ready. We are glad they wanna see how bad you want yeah. I'll. And narrow next week I got and I'm 94 course. Northern border. Ali I got mine now thank you or course. And you Rhode. Prime LA law may I think they had not thinking you know they're gonna want an Israeli hot girls that and I are. You weird like I remember that girl who had eight green mile hop chewed on that engine on roller skate. Short girl that girl. All girls. And beautiful girls yeah hundred out. Where are a lot of lawn in front of the apartment building and I'm you know I have a chance because the area. You know bring it down to about thirty. The story I like that well is. Undergo they would edit an apartment and I was fortunate apartment. Add that Garrett would shut it. Man yeah Ohio yeah yeah my act now. Eighteen partner Tiffany now one out yet met my girl I'll tell you you'd love Jerry again and I love her. Every time we were going to did you learn how I mean you know do you are worked out and you know you hear you welcome I'm blown. Marty and I. Really area I'm like I don't you hate each period are not gonna make it. And I have a bit of a cent they humors are we not get along I learn something he began to get along with everybody. Annika there's a lot of cliques all white high school and get along with everybody. Right yeah. At one that I didn't really. Liquid where there was a knit cap predict summary and she had her favorite bad agent what they need. And that we aren't they spoke Italian Britney ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I. I'd go. They're just want to go you gotta and then I remember Ingram on. Do it this short little nit pick go online and know what she's gonna get outlet CNN the end. One of the funniest characters and issues may not here to Europe with AD who would stick it to remember. Bradley he would walk you around without. A leash and a caller suffered a. Well bring in my own ground yeah I don't be out. The funny thing though were on the re and you hang you know we're all right in the bad they need you now are a lot of very. We bitterly jamming it down a jumper years. No I remembered that people are getting hurt. People didn't like the little people didn't like how how Matt we're not we're not let them. Until they would leave and I don't you know secretly got in yet another one down out idol mid air. Do you know I'll tell you all the girl getting smaller. Can you can't let me under a gamut of being and in finally it was I think eighty port Biden and later we. Buried deep alt. I and he Matt Keller neat. Okay. Any year any Iraq the ouster wanna park avenue knock out. And what's basically check in a Ferrari claimed. Okay now and I love Tina prior to act and then you have to go letter that is not I'm I'm a bit of a tomboy. You know plot let there I want gene directly I want act. I had it could not let let old. Tiny green and nick out there you know and cried. Well I ask you with a tough wrestling and Tom you watch I spoke I mean it's a I try to for a radio it's not fun at all are now. Only when you did you get her car there and I'm happy I'm worn by you know I do it why did. There was a door. One thing I know we knew from the very beginning. Larry if you didn't like it hurt you want equal playing dirty they need you wanna go out there weren't there Adam Miller girls wanna ensure play. Each other garlic or didn't do what you can't we will walk what I want negro complaint in didn't monitor. Wanted to party they were caught yet you know. Are I want us to humans about people getting hurt and I think one of bagged a lot of people and if you haven't seen it go on YouTube we could see about that one of the most like. Memorable iconic moments throughout. No no let me tell you know Larry I carried Italy you're looking ninth I'll tell you hear it guys the arm broke asks hey let's talk and did you know inner ring share OK there a reason why a lot of girls left suit didn't make a cut is because. They got hurt you hurt your route we had a character called yelled eight. Remember that Armenians. Eli got a great Eric Eric and you know I I think you know they trying to pick that physical therapy you can encore and then rarely. Are hurting and she knew early on what should ethnic issue it about a great character. It's funny you talk about dementia and how that upset people as a whole different time it wasn't as PC as it is now could you imagine a character nowadays like wrestling. Called gel made I don't think that would fly. I had a daughter she's one need next now that we would wait needing she played you know these calls. In Europe election it nice and especially what people like that he's the only. All our other glow girl record Chile. Wrap well actually had a trial would daddy daddy thinking burn maybe you achieve and it didn't know it now workaholic. You know toilet ballot closed up gone on you gotta do that yeah well what we're pushing her back out there. Barbara got out let's go back to and if anyone hasn't does YouTube Susie spirit glow army and I'm sure you could see this video is. What what was your take on all that more gray. Wait he's showing Hillary telling that he or we need real right now how how your match up. No yeah I backed yet there's no light it what you I an and that rained all Eric not know Matt and him and that they've. Yeah your rating on now. Oh I'd had gotten that no way to wait equated op where her army should tell you that there has now had a nice I don't grade and I guess you heard we are very and what they get that wound seen. Anything so he had that Lehman Ernie and they'll let them they get. Yeah I remember it being a kid and seeing that. Footage and Armenians think about right now makes my arm kind of feel like we your Nike just like. I you know I. I don't know why I'm what I hear people go only Ali. I always early like even now with all of your needing. Why would you can tell why would get shot you did not. I know you're absolutely right it's it is it is an act they may because it just brings me back to when I first saw I and it's almost like there's that and I think like just the footage I can tell this is like it's not from the last fifteen years so. You know when you see it and it's got like that kind of don't make the video quality in just. The weight shot the way it sounds it kind of takes you back to that narrative that wasn't big win have the Internet to see all this gruesome stuff like we weren't as. Desensitized as we are now and I think that's probably why it's still. Maybe it may it means nothing to Sony's twenty years old may look it up right now and like how big deal that's nothing but in the got caught wind up like it's still feel ever some. How weird though because yeah. Out there that it's like oh my linger sound that there. Aren't the way. You know they got their cameras were there they got app hurt a lot about and again I'm being down at area absolutely needy area and that you aren't. Are they gonna. Powell like not like. Meaning her crying her you know I like what we're per you know won't or really. Really played and he and I and that really brought up there reading I hear about it mark you're like wow I would Nat we shine and share. We're doing and you want it could go back and look at the line yet so I hear and rock out there are to Al. Mean it is not broke and I'll give me their. Club I'm keeping mind you the cheerleaders even a kayak. Nick you know bad. And I get on Wheatley knocked out. I am on the ground I'm not out that would have very good opportunity. It is a real god right and its debt they edit bay. Hardaway the audience that you need my I'd while that game I had. And out lately and let me Lance writer there are all current reconnect because there are typical of crown and you know we didn't. Make up showed. And you are not they edit right. And you said there you grip and get out opting and but she had to land in order or the storyline go. And out there are about like 3040 back and you and I got up. I had asked him I had no clue I got up and I finished all mats and denigrate. Shot I mean where you thought you wondered if I wanna see in the video my god I'm going in the back of my head athletic I don't look at it look at I well heck rod. It's really a true treat in the chat with you about the new what's a folly on Twitter aides at Roxy Astor one and you also have bogged glow wrestling one as well for people to follow on Twitter right. Shout out treat someone who happen the art young get EE we ought Colin and IPE you'd only. You are younger it. I'm hard glow mean and he's twenty and don't like are you would love the glow girl. Egos it about in any Colin on the crew by the way we love needy and I don't wanna do AB shout out soon. Route planner. Who has been open anywhere the out glow crew did last year yeah yet for our. Splash I agree that you're gonna and a loving glow girl on the nick crude prelude. New York Honda should be my grand. On I'm gonna start doing that Alia and I'll be pocono I gonna stay initiate yeah I don't mean OK don't really appreciate you know I want all like every now comes out a lot of what I am doing so. It third crude and you know what bear. They are yet there's match and yet. Try I Lecce I got to ask you Bob man ya on the spot do you remember your songs through how you would be introduced on on the show like you're you're rap song. Well. No real age ten he attended there right. My name Hitachi and I'm traveling at our etiquette. When I feel. When you meet which rock you'd better be aware I'm really strong and debonair. Yet girl never backed down all you want. Globe crowd that was awesome. I can get rehab like everybody does and I don't mix and now realize OK when didn't go. Now it's great rock seeds and it's been so much fun gimmick that would you can grab my club and currently at it are glad. Snead dot com. You wouldn't do it over her. You can Google. Hearing that we've been doing and yet at Brad. We're here and walk away our way and a good thing I would need it not I didn't mean that. Will be poker buddies will be great. Oh. Hey rock he thank you regularly gives them a few minutes and I appreciate you talking to us all right thank you so much turnout and I have a great guys. As you know I am a huge fan of 321 battle it's every other Friday at the battle palace. Evolve to this you can find out information used by taking out 321 battle on FaceBook. Hey I'm now the solid steel commissioner. And they aren't they always here. So you can catch me there every other Friday as well before I was announced as the solid steel commissioner. I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with my buddy Craig Craig is a good friend of mine. He's known as the weekend warrior one of the first guys I got the C wrestle at 321 battle so let's chat. With the weekend warrior very excited to talk to my man my friends my my wrestling cut a guy to root. Craig good Cragg AKA the weekend warrior and thank you sir I'm glad to be here so leg whip this up migs vs the world wrestling like I mentioned obviously a mom I'm I'm talking to guys from the WW eats up. Huge underground wanna talk to guys all over the world but I also wanna spend a lot of time talking to the guys that wrestle here in the northwest. In Seattle and ever won my first. 321 battle I went to which it it was a 321 person to. And I remember being married you know my mind is being blown just by the athletic schism the entertainment. Everything about what you guys do I've I've I've genuinely can't MEI I said it many times in my blogs on the air I in the jets have a lot of love what you guys are doing to value entertaining but you're also. When your lies on the line and risking massive injuries to put on a fun show for all of us that are in the battle palace. And the match I mean I remember you came out. Personal music everybody's working for the weekend and then and Craig comes out and and I would imagine that this something that's fun for you is that pure price certainly my expectations or Dotson how kind of a wrestler you going to be. The weekend warrior title in you come out you got. And then the match happens athletically you're blowing all of our minds ma means that you're you're you're you're meg as fast like a 150 pounds Eudora like as far as they're doing some of these moves and he split since. And none I've become friends that you've got to know you. Didn't you have a gymnastic background is like all okay because of your bigger guy. Iowa's Jim this is starting when I was up five and a half years old so I've been generous for a very long time all the way up to well Iowa is in high school then the only reason I stopped us to that broke two ribs in football. Follow a guy but. There's a lot of muscle memory that goes into that and when I first got in a wrestling I was like movement is something that I can do because everybody has got to develop their own moves that. I was like let me see if I can still do some of the stuff places deep first thing I do. There were in a backyard Graham and gamers say what is this how how long ago about. I think it was late 2008. A pacts. I was a guest on BJ megs. Actually it was the BJ Shea morning experience many many years again many years ago and that if this was just asked her. That Ed that time they came in the studio. Is just a little while after that so I go into this backyard and they're they're like okay able. Let's do let's say what you got to put me through kind the normal to head training you know can you take a bomb team do this and and the first an idea I was like what oh what can I do for signature move. Just go to the top rope everybody gets vote well bless. And for those that don't know that they don't have as he risks are approximately like a you don't give you exactly and no lead is until they wait for a half half half half well I expressed my girls tiger and out. Are you doing a very exotic download your curves how much you like I am. Pushing to fifty right now and height wise I'm 59 OK so that way people we kinda have an image in their head that we're not talking about up. 5960. Pound mellow guy and now I ask pay yeah you're a big dude going up to the top rope and you just started learning how to Russ says. At first thing I do is a moon solemn for those people who don't know what that is as just basically a back flip off of the top rope where you land on your stomach. Did you do it on to someone mil I got a flat on the ring for every job is like no I won't talk a little bit about my. My my adventures of learning how to wrestle thanks to you but if I'm new to the world right like you bombing your class yeah and they're like OK let's have you and Craig do some stuff and you're like laid out and then you get to the. I. Run out I'm out I'm not can't back these guys trying to tell me. Yeah and there's definitely a lot of trust involved an album like that. But I have been with things I remember most. Is if you've been to 32 on now you also know Tommy lawless yet sit there and I'm using Kate he was part of the BX EW group that I egg came in lift. I go up by Disney and saw I landed perfectly. All of sudden from Tommy I hear hey you. But it I said there right and people still raise eyebrows when I'm sitting there in practice has you know just doing the rules that we've done. And one of the things we do is we try and go into a hand stand from a backward roll now has actually in all I exercise I used to do. In gymnastics it's amazing the things that have carried over from my gymnastics background. Into this weather comes to how to land or how to land property how deceive yourself if something goes wrong. And you know the mentality of all I'm on the top broke some people might get a little scared event for me I said that is that there needs to do I'd giant swings around the high bars and. Other top broke something will dropping prices and that's tough because of the enemy in my backside. It's funny talk about the union gymnastics up as a bit of wrestling in my whole life and I never made the connection to. Powell gymnastics Kim worked out really well for wrestler until men had all been 78 maybe nine. But when Kofi Kingston had a Jamaican accent he came in studio with Mickey James and on their forget that because I was. Big wrestling fan and did you use. Geez how she was hot back then now and forever some smoke shall. But he comes it would just Thomas up about how he first fell in love with the wrestling how he. Burres got his foot in the door and an and he came from a gymnastics background which makes all the sense in the world when you watch what he does in the ring yeah he's insane in the ring but. But before that I never thought I just you know he just assume as a fan you like Olive Thomas got a bar fighter suddenly I guess. I grew up in the eighties at skylight the perception that they created. I still wouldn't Kofi said that in a very bad Jamaican action that kept slipping in and out there are yeah. I I really funny. Arm it opened up my eyes it wow. Holy smokes a bit a lot of those guys I guys think you know you look like I was adjusting Gabriel are more accurate DJ black beaded like Kessler and assess right now but like. Makes us think. Policy you'll learn how to do all these things in doing so well yeah I got a bit I can go to many 321 battle classes without coach Steele and yourself. I'm ought ever to get a par or I can do a flip like you you do it makes all the sense in the world you have gymnastics background out. And now it doesn't always go well then I did what and when didn't go well I anybody who ignored us nor is there and no there wasn't a bed by eight who is on the receiving end of this there's a practice round. I went to Canada for my third match ever know within the Canadians Ian big scat Scott Henson and up. Jews there and Damon Collie all of them are there. And it would they had a full size twenty foot ring then and which was hardest help Mike how. At Graeme was our do you think this string of art this thing is that is part of mantra when you landed in her yet it's OK okay they have. Boxing wearing pink boxing remain as they like they're they're flooring really released the cut but so I go up there I'm right. You know I can probably do something better I play even if I'm missing it I'm trying to put on a show so what do I decide I'm going to attempt. I'm gonna attempt to 450 splash. And that's like. Exists under threat is. I mean yeah precedent Angeles and you know what a four produced by. Yeah that's that's completely nothing in San. Of far fifties flash is basically a flip and a half where you landing his semi nude here facing Europe by inside the ring than you do once I have flipped and then you got it. Over rotate to your stomach. Well. Here's what happened I decided all I'm gonna just flipped my feet first I was like oh okay well you know the string is kind of hard. They had a bunch crash pads there ha I was like OK well stacked a couple of crash pads at worst idea. Ever. Because here's what happened I do a flip I under rotates slightly because I've gotten a bit bigger since the last time I did that so I under rotates I would I still am a my feet. But I land. With my feet under edit just under me and then the pad underneath me slits. And my ankle rules underneath me and I hear three pops. And he I I tore three ligaments in my ankle I was supposed to wrestle at the head that day it is his date to I believe. To adapt point I mean don't you just screaming bloody murder or. I was really follow our first say that well seemed when that happens initially. You know something's wrong but the incredible pain has not hit yet yeah adrenaline is a wonderful thing it's amazing day yeah because I don't know world hockey I've had some pretty merrily injuries that I didn't even know until I got home yeah yeah today you don't realize how bad it is. I mean my ankle stiffened up immediately and so I knew that I knew there was a for there is from us like. OK can I still run on this thing I try to run it my ankle almost gives out like OK yet that's not happening. They have pride in your head all your Dinkins I need to wrestle tonight I came here for this is exactly is my opportunity I'm kind I've cross the border I everything you know mother of all this heroin into the Canada and I got him yet Iraq's. This is there. But overall. They aren't immune. We had we had guys from all over the world there know what I did this was a huge show this was VCW. Vancouver championship wrestling. Vs the world we had guys from England there. We had guys from the east cut and it goes all over the next here's my moment to give notice exactly and Edgar he had noticed already gotten wowed know they get are gotten wowed by me before Baidu and the top program insult. The day before so. I'd just hurt myself and I am completely bomb does like to do something I'm trying to some. So what do I do I go ahead and I just tape my ankle L like as tight as I possibly can so there's some sort of support there. I felt bad because. The match that I got involved with at the very end there insuring everybody. And I hear the crowd which is an almost nothing but wrestlers. And I've hit the new guy and I hear this Chet. You are not Craig. Also I'm getting all this recognition I'm like oh crap is this going to be by immediately after having a weird way you didn't depression like I'm not Craig right now my ankle doesn't get how how I can't be the Craig that you expect. That where my music finally hit edit the heels went over in the match they'd be down one guys who I was feuding with at the time. Also and they yell yeah and the place erupts. I have never felt an adrenaline rush quite like I heard that my music hit. And I had people doing that powered down in front of me I don't like how are you real urging you are you freaking me out of the question for. Yeah and it's a dynamic to bring out I'd like to ask a lot of you guys are doing a locally I mean it's. I understand why you love doing it but for somebody that is the sink his podcast. And doesn't get why would someone want to risk. Hurting themselves. We've. You know debt to do it firm added that a crowd in Seattle he may not doing it like the Key Arena you know had yet to defer. Sixty years you know you're doing it for the love of wrestling. I mean there has three times for people do west yelling why are you doing this everybody what is your answer. Up my answer is it's a love of performing. I love to put on a good show and honestly I like to me Alexy is people smile on Ed appeared in people be happy. You know and it is someday I can give is a itself says some that not everyone can do. And you know if I can put a smile on as a MySpace. And make them have a better night. I'm off I'm all for you know I. I have great adrenaline rush is it's wonderful I can match Ohio you're talking about like you know I've played music I end. When you've got to get to play in front of a crowd that's hot and lol yeah he's at its like. That high last all night long and probably for the rest of the week you're reliving it. I that it and I hope we don't dig I was like like I'm not asking got a form of discipline or why you're doing this like I respect you and I really appreciate what you do because. I love gone at 321 battle and the reason why I love going is guys like you and what you do win that ring and if anyone hasn't been to 321 battle they they have the com. Check you guys out it's over right out of all fitness and is every other Friday could find the schedule just by go on the 321 battles FaceBook page. I mean then what are about same absolutely zero disrespect to anybody in like the W we who's making a lot of money sure but. I feel one of the things that makes three to one bows locker room. Truly special. Is you are surrounded by a bunch of guys who were there doing what they love not because they are saying they're making money. They are doing what they love because they are doing much they love for the purist or what exactly. Did it isn't driven by money when you start throwing money into it. It kind of hit it could change existing it takes it a little bit just just a little bit and then. Also did it starts becoming work. Rather than something huge just love to do now some people. Are able to make that Ed that transition where. It's. How to write a how to put this at the end they can do both known others. And then a 100% because once you start making what you love to do and it becomes the way you pay your bills it does get taxing because there's there's people yet to answer to these days there's that to other obligations because. You know I mean I guy can't connect I mean I obviously two more wrestling class I can't hack I generators thank. But in the world of radio. Mock I love my job I hugs and love my job. But I my wife and a lot of people ask why you do all these podcasts you know I'd from the makes guestimate hasn't had to do a hockey one of my buddies on the donkey show and now doing it migs vs the world wrestling in. The reason why I do it is very similar to what you're saying right there it's for me it brings me happiness unlike entertaining people. There's something pure and fun about doing it went out to answered anyone. And I do because I love to do is not about money it's not about I don't get paid extra to do any of these pockets in fact. They make my job my day longer but I love it it's not AN NN in a weird way it makes me love doing radio stale because. Don't really grinding you know there's a lot of negativity is that people don't know Richie out of the routine and it 100% does an end to know that like you don't. People come to three to a battle because they know what they're getting. And then they're excited to see it or sometimes they don't know what they're getting got a wanna keep coming yeah I'll do what my fear and experience is that battle mania and as a Mike leaving. The person in front me looks who's trying to look I can't believe we waited this long to come to one of these this is incredible. And I Agca respond because I felt the same way after going agreed to one Lucci won a Mike I can't believe I didn't want to come to one of these to the longest time. And that all of that show was a first because 321 Lucia with and Lucic Lieber volcanic. And 321 had never crossed shows before that was a first we remember cold yet it really was I hope we do it again some time. That's maybe if I'd love all of Iraq's and lobby spot. Also Simon Cohen's article seems to be he's like the ancestral you to dork as he did you need to leave ray he could do a 321 battle he could hit the kid's incredible. Yeah do I get it I get I get what you mean and and I've had the experience. Of being in that locker room with you guys before the time that I got to do the play by play it's like totally it's a giant family. I never felt more welcomed by a bunch of people. I got mad if you view but I felt welcomed by people I never met before and it was and six something really special going on with what you guys have. On the and it shows in the rank and we are driven by like this person has a huge huge ego and know he's kind of despised throughout the locker room. Or you know these people are more successful work we are all happy for each of them win and win each other succeeds. I'll tell you let one of the guys I came in north. And BXW called crazy I'm off call yeah he's gonna be under my eyes on the future guy he is awesome and I'll tell you what when I first saw him and he didn't see this in himself and to this day he will sit there and his very humble. But I looked at him I looked at what he did in the ring and I saw some special I knew he would pay he was going to be something special. Ended the match she had a battle mania you can find it on YouTube just look up 321 battles YouTube page. It is B boy and I I told him I sent him a message 'cause I was up for that match ended at 1 AM. Hours since 2:30 in the morning before. And so I'm not dragging ass though I was riding high on adrenaline from three to about the whole night was so much fun but like. More often than not if I'm somewhere and it's 1 morning I want whatever it is to and yeah I wanna go to bed I don't want those guys to stop wrestling and had everything to do with. What those two did in the ring especially coal cause there are some pretty dikes. Solid shots going on all get book here is a funny thing because coal we were came over to him and as visit and did do those fossil vicious he's like. After about the third one. I completely lost feeling in my eyes and I know I GO. I usually somewhere dusty PW combat pro wrestling which I John Ogden. To those guys and resolutely absolutely great thing it's more vacant eyed kid friendly. Yeah hundreds of young kids in the same prison three to embattled wall exists and it's all ages it's it's all ages it's aids. Almost half of them are kids are honestly in the ring you look around the ring on the outside and your bag I now want to. Don't worry there's like a jerk that as opposed to help Obama and act day yet the people got thrown out there like. Second what you're he. Hasn't got a got a rough fight a verbal fight when your own kid and. I had so much fun without a Tata I can. I going to be burba realized that was so much fun. Fit so here's what happened I'd come out I'm working on some new engines music some more steal his music out. I come out I have my we get lawyers stuff on underneath that over the top. I have did this faded red shirt was that did the the initials DD dad's against daughters dating an. And you can mob crushing a Buren spitting at Seattle and you know I did from triple H data. Unfortunately Ellis said that was still dad's root beer which is now at which is my personal their root beer of choice. Not your father's rubio there. I mean Miami for that on I might have as little something for. What did rob thank you personally him by and thank you. For inviting me to come to our wrestling class like you were the one who reached out to me and said I think you'll enjoy this and I owe the world to you for that. I've like I've said before my aspirations and not to become a professional wrestler. But we're getting ditched you in a match you do realize I had suggests that was going to have I was terrified about that and I positive that's the plan yeah and I'm happy we're going to see Stephen mace by next battle mania he will be an. This I'm going up against he blast though I spraying champagne in his. Dude but thank you man it's been an incredible life experience are you can even ask my wife I can't stop raving. About what it's like to experience taking a bomb to conquer my fear of rolling him being upside down things and I never thought I could do. I mean how on the last one I from a standing position I did a flip. I have not very grateful. But I did it yeah I mean props you've heard in that because I mean I didn't realize what a big fear you pat apparently are upside down. Until I let bed till I was in this podcast of years I think it was the make kickass yeah you're really talking about it out. I was like how he was really afraid I would not have known that if fact if I was just stand there I mean you urge it just looked like your kind of as you just just just aren't sure why am I hey who's smash and then you wish and you didn't really hesitate you just went ahead and did it. I just knew and when a slowdown in the process because thought I'd wanna be disrespectful to everyone else's time and people pay to go there and people are there to learn in the last thing I wanted to make people feel like as if I'm not taking it serious because I am. And also I was like I. Hadn't I can't look at you guys next agenda items scared of being sent out it's like I just got to do it yeah jokers. That was the first. Drill that we did another one. Todd and Steve being African scared to ask for the rest of the night so Mike whatever you guys want me to deal I'm going to do it in amendment to the best my abilities which will be not very good but it's going to be the best of my abilities and the great thing was I felt like. The next week there was. And that's it they're under absolutely was progress and you listen well. Take really good direction why got great coaches and I am I mean you are coach Steele of course is just an incredible mind and what a great guy in your eyes while he's a great coach hero who you'll see resting as CPW and also over about 321 battle. I can't thank him enough as well bid between the rearview. Even Mike summit that the students like Cole. Guys did just took a moment make you do when that part wrong try this and it was like all. I didn't think about that. It's it's that it takes a village mentality that we take like coach says if he. I see some that somebody else might know. I may know a little bit more about. He'll say go ahead and listen to this for every person. They know what they're talking about I don't when it comes to gymnastic positions that they he defers to mean there's a reason for that he knows that you're getting get the best coaching. From the person who has the expertise he doesn't have to know everything that's a sign and agree leader yes it is. This truly is we have to we're very blessed to have him the and I noticed it right at three wood just right from the get go in the 30 look I'm looking for you to be perfect I'm looking for you to show me progress. And that's and that's all I ask the number dang dude that's up as a life lesson outside of Russell. Yes it is yes it is and you've shown good for that progress some better progress than some of the other people that seemed come through there and some have come and gone. Oh yeah his sell your day you're doing a good job and keep you know keep learning battle mania twenty we Clements hearing comments get my gal act Craig AKA the weekend warrior people they just type in the week and worry and FaceBook they can find you yet the best way to reach out dia met Ed is I'll response direct messages are and I can't back to pretty much anything that anybody wants to say itself. Right I'm a man I CF three to a battle absolutely thank you sir thank you. Are there you go another episode down next week. Lots of stuff going on of course you know defy wrestling is just around the corner with a 54 and five gigantic at the end of the month of June 29 and thirtieth. 29 in Tacoma to thirtieth in Seattle. So we'll be talking with a few guys from that world I believe debut bridges could be joining us next week also change Strickland. Lots of stuff going on it just gives growing and it's thanks to you guys please keep spreading the word. Find us on iTunes if you want to reach out to me. Via email news and world of wrestling at gmail.com or Twitter. I'm Steve makes. And once again. Thank you so much for listening.