MIGS vs TWOW 004 – Davey Richards

Monday, June 12th

This episode features Migs chat with Impact Wrestling star and current CZW Champion, Davey Richards.  Davey is originally from Washington State, so Migs and Davey talk about his ties to the Northwest, and the music scene.  Plus, Davey shares how he got into wrestling…why he doesn’t want to wrestle for the WWE…and how he is also a paramedic these days (and studying pre-med)!

Catch Davey at Defy 4 & 5 – June 29th (Temple Theater in Tacoma) and 30th (Washington Hall in Seattle) – Get info and tickets at DefyWrestling.com

Big thanks to Jim Perry from Defy Wrestling for setting up the interview.

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It's now time for war. Mays vs the world. What's up and welcome to another edition of migs vs the world wrestling this week I am very excited to talk to Davey Richards. You know from impact wrestling you also know me do it here in the northwest from defy wrestling and I am the host and ring announcer for defy. Very proud of what the fire wrestling has become major props to Jim Perry and Matt farmer for putting together an incredible incredible wrestling promotion here in the northwest and just continues to grow and collaborate with other great Indy wrestling promotions across the country in the world nauert you're with the guys and crashed and free awesome. C get more information about the fire wrestling including two big shows defied gigantic. Which is going to be having that to temple theatre Tacoma on June 29. And then also at the Washington hall here in Seattle on June 30 and all that information can be had active fire wrestling dot com. And that's right got to read Davey Richards and he's definitely got its been on my list of people that I would love to chat with because. When you meet Davey you realize there's a couple things hey he is beyond interesting. There's so many things of that guy's doing outside of the world wrestling that makes him interesting and then all the great somebody's doing in wrestling that also makes him super fascinating. But also the man is super intense. And I love that about Emmy and a lot of love for the wrestling product and any terrorist now only about what he's doing in the ring but what others are doing in the ring as well. And so let's just talk with David Richards right now are migs vs the world of wrestling there I am so excited to talk to you being a fan of what you've done for awhile now get to know you do I defy wrestling I have to say. From everything that I don't like the reason why do in his pockets and I I loved. Showing how interesting wrestlers aren't the people involved in the world wrestling some of the most unique and interesting people I've ever met. And I don't think there's anyone more interesting menu would you put everything that you're doing in your life it's it's insane. And I am well. I'm pretty got a great they get you get what works out. I had so there and correct me if I'm wrong so obviously you're shown in the world wrestling you are also mom a premed student. You are also a paramedic Kim in the world a critical care. And you're also doing Brazilian jujitsu. How do you eat and purify you you're a new father as well Saudi and it's like do you just not sleep. I'm actually I did you know it. You know I was I was arrayed you know I was great in that you know now our atmosphere ought to every you know you get up again. If you want let me go to work and let that kind of what I deal in N out double. I have I'm very I'm very driven. Probably probably to a all the judge you know any Ehrlich is me. Yeah yeah. I'm I'm kind of looked at though it idea I do I and I and I'm very thankful that I have that ambition that I did they think about life. I its 22 I know you room part of why I'm married my wife was that she was the first person in my life dad didn't give me Graf for a hard time for being as busy as I am because. I'm not nearly as busy as you but I I I just can't stay sane if I'm bored some always looking for things to do in new projects that take on an. She's the first person that's ever been like yeah I do that I get that I don't see you as often as I'd like but I respect that. Yes it matches total cheaper so. So widely. First my house because otherwise going for you had a guy has to be the most exciting thing going on your life right now. Yeah and that's really the catalyst for everything else that I do you know as far as like GLE different ball then turned at that everything that I do that. It talked that ballet provide a good financial future but I thought the disk in help. Inspire him to Joseph and they all I can do it the small town market you know nowhere can do it he can do anything want that he's going to be a man and you know that that that played that. That's motivation at that peak energy drinker couple copyright they can look at it ended that bad but a base hit there at that maybe a better person that it may need more disciplined enough. I'm very thankful for a. And Dodd so you were born enough fellow Washington right so what got you hooked into the world wrestling how did you mean that. How did you decide this on and do. How did you figure out which where you can learn how to wrestle. Take me back to when you first decided I wanna be arrests from living in a fellow Washington. I can't imagine it is that there's a ton of wrestling schools at your disposal. How did that I did not happen. Well Iger of amateur I think that the real Big Bang it out and not yet easy to walk at least one if we're watching it and I you know I would I would. I had a knack for an amateur can and I and I watch a little bit of rent to kind of watch. But I'm definitely you have friends like in and I watched. Rewrite from deliberately and reruns on damn people out again and I'm. You know I'd like dynamite kid did you know one of our and I would like those guys that migrants been. But I did not Abdullah I think you know throughout high school in America where it like that yellow shirt yet sure about all the band in item. At and that. Just. Don't want to call that a wrestling scholarship and then they got corrective program of got to sit back all want our Alec and I got to do well I've been. I was lucky that you looked up and out. And I barely got there to die they could run every mile that all they they're you know they're they're out there acting you got no problem though. But yeah I I I every dress like your brother of one of my dial up Internet. Sound that I thought the boiling at Georgia tonight. Well my grandparents and then on the widow like all went up like. Marlins backup Mike aren't I didn't olds eighty Nigeria and they haven't. It had nowhere to live no money night you know they'll all look brand new Baghdad did it start driving across country and that in my car and report tonight Bradley dirt they'll Wear out that. This happened may have. While the outside that it's not clearly out of the world radios not nearly as physical and as demanding as what you're doing but it seemed it reminds me of me are rubbing new York and I decide I wanna do radio and I was like I wanted to just get a lot I don't want a safety net of just being at home and my family I just picked up went as far away as possible the Seattle and and seeing kind of a thing worked as many crappy jobs I could since until I can finally make a living on the radio guys recently I just taken some wrestling classes and I've been in some classes with guys that are coming from a collegiate and amateur background. And it's interesting to watch how there's certain things. Are more difficult for them to pick up because it's not like amateur wrestling in collegiate wrestling was that a tough transition for you. I remember me. Everything came very natural as far as like the physical little bit. But it was Blake like letting someone hit me it was really really really weird. Like that was I putted really really weird we all went back spam address a lot richer fourteen. Tiger back but I American burial waiver somebody if you like really being in the right way act target their I would they'd just. Yeah I'd I'd crowd that rushed out. And out and it hurt me I was slowing down was where yes well apparently there are currently. We don't get tired manic Wimbledon eyebrow loud get tired so like. Going going going belt you know right but luckily it worked together so I would you know my thought that their gaps that were Eric I got to put everything and now. Oh yeah bring slowing down and ended. I got a guy like opening up and making more like. Port like. I've embraced like this showmanship bat bag double within the sport aspect of mortgage open about resigning after I captured a lot here. Do you feel like right now I mean I one of the things that brought me back to the world of impact wrestling is just a when when are you an idea as a team but. Now it's up it's must see watching Justin watched as dynamic between the two of you I feel like. You and then and I agree I think like you know what you've been doing for a long time has been awesome but I feel like you've really hit your stride. In this bone wolf character do you feel the same way. It's something that I'm I'm very I'm extremely grateful or in air we get a lot of wrestlers when they go to television regardless of what they'd done independent or. Overseas they gave the heat given that naming give Medicare during giving gimmick given a storyline were. I've been very fortunate and you know they've only given it all public and let me. Public mild pain and so everything you're seeing it from people with Eddie especially now is that. It's been just me and a lot of it now it more forceful my love for like music coming out there Marat played out. If you look closely every single thing I Europe it has put up eight that you like out. A lot of it's the end of the wrestling Riley I don't I'm not you know it is their home but I don't they like got a flat stuff I like you know I like it. Realistic guy like you know priest not exactly but more crap about my style and yeah I had it been very it's me just me with all cranked out. It's funny circus I think jobs we share similar job love for similar type of bands in the world of music an end to the overall vibe is a very aggressive very good night. There's a certain Mike you know kind of just real listen salty miss to the music and then do you find inspiration in that way it's funny to hear you say that because I. I can totally get that there's there's a an aggressive. Real mr. what you're doing in the ring and that's the type of music I dig too. Yeah and I've always got that. Mean at any let out some myself now always said that. I've always been up or opposite kind of arrest early you that you love me that you connect with what I am doing it you're like all of the attic that you feel that theory. Or huge. 88. No dirt and I'm Peter Jesus tribes say there's no play you know we just yeah. The other guy like that because ally like it but the guy nobody ants or that they'll likely get bought it I am out there that just yelled leaving air yours are silly catch phrases and all I got the latest. Everything I have I come up with myself then. You know I'm rather like showcase myself but if you like it great match up on court and get you know I'm probably a lot like you know like everyone else I mean I think bullets that. Aggressive music and they have a similar background at ciller you know like insecurity the alert ears are trying to. If you don't get it Mets gold humanity like either way regularly here Amy are very guy you emotionally vested in that early look at port and. That's odd that it is true about a good then that using the name Davey came from your love for the band if I Davey Havoc. Odds awesome. Arrogant to see him at a small they're the movie theater turn club in north Seattle at the north gate theater and they turn into a rock club for a very short time. And they were our mind blowing really great it was such a great time to see. Now my first got Bonser was seen them at the rock candy yellow wall and he's. Yeah I've yeah. Dude have you bad we are stationed is right like kitty corner from what was the rock candy that's now brilliant and kills me because it's a free cannot hold talents. But like assist bring words as a Spring Hill suites and Mike iceman knew so much grow. Very. So many good it was the worst bathroom in the world like you would over flawed resumes discussed I'm. What are but the band there would break were always phenomenal. Now we're any belt. A lot of it you know I think a lot of my character if you then have like grown older I've I've really realize that a lot of it is coming from the northwest as we really at that. That kind of some colder side by a debt underground level Bible like we kind of URL they were narrowly confirmed what popular mainstream elite. Adam got all are really know what I get a lot more right now like we're just gonna do well thing side a lot of attribute here you know. In northwest turn. I never thought about it now maybe you're right he added there is a certain. They don't make dubbed the on apologetic Lee who you are attitude. Especially you know especially for Mike the ninety's era of music and and the Eric know at that time like that that whole decade was just. Zero has given mentality here in the northwest. At at at. What are they absolutely love not only about what I watch in the rain you talked about just a certain intensity and I was glad you said that because I also noticed that. Number I defy one where you were surprised guest you came out and announce that you're gonna be involved in the world of defy. And dom when I was backstage to doesn't ring announcer thing I was near you and a chance to talk to you yet and I remember it was a match between Mike San Tiago and Ethan HD. And there was there was a level of intensity and how you were watching you know Mike at first I was like how what's going on like easy matter what investors are paying attention to what you were saying in. As it wow this guy and in May need to have a lot of respect for you that you had such and vested interest in what they were doing in the ring no love for professional wrestling him. Amok for making sure that people are performing at their best onsite and an intensity to it. That I think it's old walk embodied like wow he's being critically being rude in sight they'll listen to what he's saying he just cares and I thought that was really. That was such a cool thing to witness behind the scenes. Yeah I'm done I have item. I'm very I'm extremely grateful and blessed that I've gotten all I've got from. Rational thought play and act firmly believe that it did my job first and foremost at this stage in my career at the injured people. I've accomplished all Michael Bradley. Let I think it. I've been very lucky I wonder rebels in the U break and I want that I want to be entering a moral world champion and one arrest ought to pay an Arab Tokyo dealt though like. For me at this point it it's it's really about giving back and at the biggest thing is that giving back. So lay in my mind I Beltre and Mike thought out well treaty and am very invested in and doing well and first and foremost my first global always be like. This city is Seattle like I love that blade that there's something special about it Ellie Ellie give back that but I am very adamant about getting back into. Just be like egalitarian nature united you know that wanted to help them and built something for other people to get rest they'll be here long after I'm daughter and wrestling doesn't need. EA LI ID yet I'm very thankful for how to get back to it. Sides find these I truly and I was talking about someone and ya there's a lot of great wrestlers that are coming out in our wrestling currently in the northwest and I never mean it has a slight to any of those guys if they're listening I I absolutely love so many different wrestler like a list like. A laundry list of guys currently in the northwest of mikes and Tiago in my opinion is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to you guys currently here in the northwest wrestling. He instantly gets people hate him before he even starts is Max. And not only on the Mike is he great. But also in the ring he just. He really does make you want to do you wanna see him lose you wanna see him get his ass next and that's such a bit and that's a compliment I get another look at any other line of work. That be an insult but no world wrestling I think that that that's a tight race. Yeah he's. He has got a new job very all right I'm I'm extremely extremely proud of them. At the last and of course ripped a 54 and five that are coming out June 29 and thirtieth 254 is going to be in Tacoma where you're going to be taken on Darby Alan and I can't wait it's also network. But also for the combat zone wrestling champion CDW championship which one. Add to fight three against. The match of the night I mean truly you and Leo Reich were straight up fire and that ring. When when your wrestling. Do you do you know. And ended babies as a silly question but do you know when like the matches top level aid box match and you also know when a match is not going on how do you make you gentlemen it's not going well. So might. My my my biggest strength. And Bradley did that I. I am not a professional wrestling adverse they would be that'll have like he influences. Like if you will come up blood saliva and influenced by Bret Hart shot Michael that's great. But I don't have my influences were like move easily martial arts and music. So the only thing I really care that a match is emotional vest and white egg well. So for me I have I've always that this unique gift to kill or capture the crowd emotional. Itself. I can definitely feel it when their emotionally that then when her diet and I think it I guess you. The that the big movies are great but the thing is that people off on a very instinctual level data can be emotionally bet that a lot easier. When they when they sent like she struggled or anger or frustration or whole or denial. And those of emotion electronic Roger might match with a that is all it is okay in this book here it's more about. What emotion in my going through there and things like Diana when you fight among likely don't rush can also capture that emotion in the holy just pure chicken. And not at a lot of time to be honest with you did you get a good way to bring emotion out of some of one that the don't know where your goal what is the beat the whole we live and well. I'm gonna say. What happens if you look at what happens when you feel like bad guy because you're right Leo was exactly what you described a hundred sensitive to you that's why did you guys work so well together but. We are what happens when the guy your wits. And you're like man this guy's not given the same effort that I'm giving. Yeah I mean I am I was trained a lot of time in Japan and it's and it can't keep up like a drought like got a helmet around you know. So it. It and a lot times it it'll kind of bring down that adrenaline to Russia on that fighter flight out someone at some Bible crumble the mental really write the occasion. And that may be special because they are in their really feel it and it just trying to. Art and now I've really put that it might might do that you know that it. It did so game alienated they can't keep up that it. Mash up that's the way it works Jeremy and like I've been married I mean at first some horrible mode Joseph you know I was irate at being a regular committee. Beat the living Christ out of me. Yeah oh yeah tail and it and the help respectively didn't hurt me any but it was so low that they waited to have a every other match after that. You know it was an all altogether and you look at Marty thank yet as I gotta expect that and go on and it is a learning curve you know I mean that you got it call it from the over the minors and majors all sorts sports there are great to be very difficult Baghdad a come back stronger self. A lot of it is just you know they'd be he kicked it up. You're gonna get smash it and it but he can't keep up we're gonna create magic. And that's what happened that the fight I can't wait for that went to be about law ball on the the streaming service defy and the man dot com could I highly encourage anyone as soon as it's up. It's worth the price just for that match alone when you guys that ring was just insane in my in my spare parts of that night. Was as soon as imagined and it was every call for you because like you said thank you you you bring is intensity and I think you know you were able to just get the crowd fired up and yet you're the hometown guy beat and as the match went on the hometown fans are siding with Leo we but because of the way that you guys were working in the ring and I thought that was just such a great. Obviously intentional and in the way you did it was awesome but my favorite part was assumed a match is over you won the championship. You have the Bal you grab the microphone and you just look straight into the camera and basically delivered a message to the CDW fans there's of course they're gonna see this. And in the match ended up being like the top trending on Twitter that night which is insane this easy W fan for all this topic and ate the match happen not. And their hometown and it did happen in Seattle and their guy must've championship that had to feel great to get that kind of negative energy. And a good yeah obviously in a wrestling fun way but to get that negative energy from from the fan base. Yeah I get it back you know you look really love me you're really into it either way I've got Joseph emotionally at bat that then you know it. And that's good and you know I'm willing to let me I'm always going to step on those they know all about this but someone else. I definitely have no at all about that beyond those that are bringing. Seattle so much needed attention all the Bradley. I think you put that that baton. Moment put Seattle on the map a news it's been fun being a part of define just watching it build and build and didn't shout out to Jim and Matt Jim Perry Matt farmer did. The guys just to do when amazing job of taking something that was not there and making is something that people are paying attention to him here we are only three shows and and it's already. You know the talk of the Indy wrestling world and in a really awesome way and it's thanks to guys like you would change Strickland as well and we held Leo rush and and John Morrison for coming out I mean it's just been this. This really fun thing is and surrealism Seattle wrestling fan we never thought we had the opportunity to bring the cream of the crop of the Indy world together. To perform is there anyone that you mean that you got Darby Allen who. Was incredible and his match is well. I think it was the fight to as anyone ads like on a wish list for you that you would love to have a match in your hometown against. My eatery Kelly now more of what has some well well well strain Kyle O'Reilly I wanna have a the accident but I you know he's very units acting but man people are in for a treat in camera oh good guy he is so good. Other than adding you know me I don't really I doubt I mean I got a little Jeff taught me the well amateur wrestler I'm look I'm really looking at fort arrest or Darby because I drive by badgers are also blown away by how India's. And so I'm really try to wrestle and it you know I. Update one might wish list which you know were dead straight towards other things were got a little we wanted to do it it in saint Strickland yell at. That's gonna be the one that or want you know wanted to see so it that normal or hopefully we'll get a solid day in Seattle summoned GO. That one would probably set off another fire alarm because of how hot that hassle who. Doesn't win over the defy need to win though the fire alarms went off actually right before Angelina is match and yeah. Put it. Premiere of one of the weirder experiences I've had been I mean you've been wrestling and and probably have had some crazier experiences Israeli constitute a vacuum bag this is I say what's the weirdest experience you've had. Whether it be a promotion whether it be a match. Was the first in it comes to mind. We edit we had to try they we we're Goldman I've been yet looked out my latest tour for impact Breslin Indian epic Battle Creek it short because they're a gut. Apparently taking over gun Judea. Onto the etc. et Al. But we'll go evacuated. A regular rather quickly how many people are scared of snakes about all the. It is the right though without all. I manually that you're you're never hit shorter Arab. Oh. Yeah Indiana Jones and wrestling Richards out what are there with the ball. Control. All about I would like to talk a little bit about this stuff that you do outside of wrestling is like as I love being able to show just how interesting guys are non. What got you into the world of wanting to do paramedic work and then and what is that experience been like for you. I would I knew it is Saint Louis. Than years ago lemonade. And now Iowa is you know I was really enjoy wrestling but I I can. Never had that desire to go to their duty I don't little fighter like awesome respect or when they're mostly got sort dugout Bruntlett. Nonstop travel. That doesn't that does not mean AJ just not me you know that's why not declined to go to that that couple offered a deal. And now the wider plot automaker general want I want the rest will do let it go let. Permeated that solid well you don't not a Bill Russell forever so. Was working out at Jim in police firefighters like hey you're engaged Jed York via fire wire and you don't need knowing about it I'm like yes the idea to go out. Don't like we got cute in person I'm like yeah. But that nobody had it beat out go to in between George for a partly no look I I went in and he's going to. Well well look there at an greet you want to go to paramedic school but I just gotten signed new Japan for a slight. So I was there all the time and plan ahead and to be like choice and I crystal Tokyo Dome in delegate got back in February and out like. I quit there are quietly I quit and go to paramedic school sad. I felt I was scared. And people thought I was crazy and blood and dirt that they are right but. Which is funny thing about my god do you read Tom I wanna be a wrestler that's crazy got to have a plan B and here you are you have the ultimate plan B without with the real opportunity to have some now to. You can do for very long time if you're like you're crazy out there if you do that. For your right. Yeah I mean I know there and you look at that whatever you want to grab that the last given north west mentality. So I had Hayley yeah I quit elect paramedic school and it. It just absolutely. It is urgent loved it man it is still love that bit about I had an act or it. And and then it ran it in a paramedic school got got offer from the biggie album in eight. And viewed it would allow me use the work as a paramedic all red blade and look at that and man had been ordered or respect that. And since that graduated college and an upstart like my premed and my leg back from Mexico on August so I look up at bulwark. It's on the Emmy usually you can whenever you see that you have a mission you've you've accomplished disarm obvious to anyone I'm betting on who did you tasty fish are pets and have you I had the whether it be in the premed classes aren't paramedic classes are amongst now working as a paramedic has it I'm sure people don't recognize you and and what's that. Yeah I did having quite a bit I thought they'd I just got firewire really high end apartment. Aaron that the period I'm almost ultimately got hired because like sheep the pro wrestler but. I. What you ideally it should be it's been really good. I can really get I had been recognized for the most part everyone I work with they don't care you know I'm I'm there could be a paramedic and do my job and I have bought that there are going to be my crap been. And I liked you know keeps the home hole and well I I really enjoy and I was you know I don't I don't have to go to war Greg get to go to work paramedic and I don't need money or really just really just look at that look well look to help been. I want to be there when you know I like that adrenaline rush and you know I I enjoy as you know as. As my life will probably adjust here that I ordered debacle is dirty thing that I find out about mad at that but I I I enjoy that well be so I'm very thank you feel people. President some unbelievable man has set its so called a year and I I'd thank you I know it's been it's been funny I've gotten have quick conversation refused to testify started in and it's always a one of those one remic mad that. And have a great time just being able to GPS review but obviously by. Backstage at him. Adam wrestling match is not the time to put your thigh when you're trying to figure out where you gonna get rhetoric. Positive and really really cool just to get to know more about two men men and not I'm looking forward to seeing you at the 54 to 54 and five gigantic happening between ninth and thirtieth. 254 is that Tacoma. At temple theatre and then the 55 will be over at the Washington mall are you planning on being a part of the 55 by Aaron that's something that we don't know yet. All right. I would had been good combat that's all I'm not. And I love and grace we get a northwest I'd love and I rocket all the time and people always ask me what's the story behind it did the Davey Richards inspired the Nirvana inspired DV Richard search. Yeah yeah. I gotta think give them from from the fidelity does lightly. Actually didn't know I. You know actually yeah I got thinking before Jim Angelina love yeah yet you know the look bigger a lot of bad and obviously I'm Riley did that the northwest and a yeah that's really cool head dispute LO like. And yea and it kind of you know go to marker and our I have like yeah out yet legitimate NNN notoriety it it just. Be a deal would be a part of it think contribute to it and it just did it did at the decrease split in the world are tumble. Would you say in Iran as you're off favorite of all the Seattle bands are if not which one is. Man I you know. I think it's funny. Did you were talking about this and I knew in high school along with it was a huge. Huge part of the Seattle are coursing. So there with a lot of bad like champion and things like that but I guess play it. It as far as like that but the bigger no man I really like all their audit stuck are really really like like bleacher really like that that I would never really big into like Elkhart. Yeah. But yeah I would say they're gonna have our order I really would mean there's there's something about I did it take you back there like you know gee I yeah I guess that they want. Number did you get that that's part of why when I'd come out to defy is a bill that the first person in the near neutering announcing some I come out to the music of the murder city devils that I just loved the the dark. Underground vibe of the northwest and frigid cold and I mean I got no I don't I think you've got to talk to mom and he did you know if I should John -- going from rather than himself. As a huge wrestling fan and he's been to the defy shows as well that's got to be fun to have guys in the music community be offended viewers as well. So cool SLA it is the bill may be yet either I guess but Jim thought it goat. He would tell them how they apply Betty look like I get people to be like to know where it did your searcher right now like. I think they're marketed out for at least they're barking out for it it's just like he. But I just Seattle man I don't know what they're like that you know I let them a unique way that it. Though I'm at a solitary day. Whenever I don't ask me like me who I play music you know like what's the difference between playing you music in New York or Seattle like Brooklyn new Yorker result in a Mike. Everywhere else I've ever on a plant intensifying music it's the competition when it's. In Seattle it's community and I think that's really what it there's a certain level of yeah I wanna be the best or whatever I do but I wanna see my friends also be right there with me and I DN now when you really our Russian atomic one of the first people I saw on the balcony just. Losing his apt reminder of the awesome. Yeah may have world word female. The northwest and got us first the world let Al Internet file looked so much. Under an agreement meant and now did notify you on Twitter at at Richards Wesly. Bob Davey Richards of course you see him on impact and Aussie could see him at the 54 gigantic in that set to get to Comas temple theatre to 55 it's gonna be over in Seattle Washington hall. Between ninth and thirtieth of June this month. Defy wrestling dot com to get more information but man I'm looking forward to your magic that you and I Darby are gonna steal the show. Our have a brother. All right big thanks once again to Davey Richards and thank you so much for all of you that have been listening to ease. Subscribe to us on I teams please rate and review it and do all that kind of stuff I guess it matters so the high casket Hugh. Very kindly to please show us some love and spread the word definitely help spread the word I really Odyssey if you don't rate of reviewers that's climate if you get his share with your wrestling friends I think this is something that's a lot of fun fur wrestling fans solicit. To kind of get a little bit of a peek behind the curtain and get to know some of you for your wrestlers a little bit better preferred what or when these episodes out I'm not exactly sure just yet. I want to make a habit of always having one now on a Friday but it could opportunities come up to talk to guys and it's super timely I'm gonna get them out as soon as possible so once again thank you for listening. You call me on Twitter at. I'm Steve maids and you can email us. Major world of wrestling at gmail.com. All right take care.