MIGS vs TWOW 005 – Hangman Adam Page

Friday, June 16th

This episode features Migs chat with Ring Of Honor wrestler, Hangman Adam Page .  Ring Of Honor has a big PPV on Friday, 6/23, where Adam is taking on Frankie Kazarian in a strap match!  Best in the World will be on all major Pay Per View carriers, as well as the Fite.TV app, Playstation Network, and ROHWrestling.com

Adam shares with Migs how he got into Bullet Club, who he would like to see in Bullet Club, travelling to Japan and eating dinner with “sponsors”, being a teacher in the early years of wrestling, and the best advice he received from William Regal.  Get more info on Adam at AdamPageWrestling.com

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It's now time for work. Mays vs the world. And they do once again for listening Tim means vs the world wrestling next Friday. I'm June 23. Ring of Bonner has their big pay per view it's Cobb asked in the world. Really pumped about so many great matches from Chris Daniels is going to be taken on the American nightmare Cody the young bucks person war machine almighty god salads and a terrorist down. Don Kass is gonna be a part of it of course the villain Maurice Carl there's going to be there and his book club rather. Hang man Adam page we taken on Frankie gives aryan and a strap match and today's episode it's all about the hang and ruby Topper with I. Adam page but you wanna check out best in the world again June 23. Chickened out on all your major paper view carriers. As well as the fight TV app. Or just go to our old age wrestling dot com you get all your information their push you watch it there as well so let's chat with hang man. Adam page my man I am I'm very prompted talk to you you're on a list of of of wrestlers I've always wanted to chat with because I just think your back story is just. Super interesting and different then dirt. In most people's stories. I guess a little bit longer have a common interest and wanna yes. I think a lot of people who are fan of yours note the Baxter you being a teacher. And then doing an on the weekends and doing when you can improve working or on your teacher's schedule and now it's good by teaching a low ball club. Hello having incredible matches and ring of honor I mean you gotta strap match against Frankie cesarean at best in the world paper view what are what are what a great trip this has to be free. Yes I'm pretty nuts I mean and it's got a little deal will be working towards our since I was fifteen. You know this all really wanted to do a good enough. To realize you know like a lot of people's yeah very specific goals to themselves you know we do this or that record lows that didn't happen not only can I can certainly set those things for myself and really steal them and that can rely isn't really what I wanted to do was do this for a living. And how far. And that's it you know I mean goes bowling both things are really really X he kind of knew got to that point you're just past year and it's great. It was a tough though when you were teaching and I mean obviously it you do and it shows on the weekend but then I mean you still want to train you sought to but your body through. A ringer all the time and yet to get up in the morning and end in being a good mood around a bunch of students that haven't been just a grind very. Yeah is especially the last year and a got crazy you know I think I used up. Two years this two school years were sick days than not last year taught our home and you know even then there was a white justice of the hole and those are the days and analyst. Traveling Gordon you know what I burns and only give back moment or two or 3 in the morning and our. You know whatever it might be and in good deeds and actually when they. Men you don't even then it was there was just like teaching you know he's a shock for Clark and go to Germany and whenever and announced. It was exhausting Osama is a week every week. Nonstop through your little hole the old guy teacher move I was tall and I was a student at the teacher resist on the mood to teach us when they're taught the old television with a VCR and be like OK watch this. And put a movie I could you ever pull that they get a quick nap in all classes in session. High blood none are not quite well regarded teacher graphic design class so a lot of the time around it was used project based class so. You know I would do lectures per day or two that I would give you made your three day project to do her car. So you know maybe that first then be walking around roomier and a lot of questions about lever but better than we did in the last day or two of stimulus projects is a lot of the night supervisor in Europe means. And so my days were so bad. Yeah that's a great though that to me as far as in the world of independent wrestling and I especially where you know you have sometimes at the develop you branding and market yourself having a still semi graphic design has got to come in super handy. Yes yes you know I've always. Sierra design my own gear in his personal stuff we are running on web site monster of some bits and pretty Islam. I guess I notice son Adam page wrestling dot com and men to say this is is is sweet and it's. A great place aid is joining Adam paid merchandise and also just you don't see a lot of wrestler having that nice and that detail to the web site. Right yes I do not only have a good. You haven't kept it up today on it mostly because you know I don't really know who's going to college and looking to see where I'm scheduled to be you know immediately know where these remarks those new credentials or they know which ones are also. You know I don't really. You know I kept that up to date as it should have. But it's also got there for me to you know Alex and what happens and return to the real world is real work its. You know at least a little Torres and act and update or something. It's maybe a stupid question none of you buy it and my iPod I ask a lot of stupid questions from time to time but up. Where where it with the book club how do you how did you find out that you were joining the book club do you reach out to the guys say hello men arrested him being a part of the local presence. Unlike any other faction because it goes outside of just one promotion it's new Japan its ring of honor how do you get involved with it. Bull closes. You know it is un united Islamic new sedate they call the shots when it comes down to a child and you know those Muslims year old is see. You the company decisions are what the company wouldn't make a decision unless the groups felt good about it you know enemy com they wouldn't make positioning it against someone will so earlier I think. Kind of we knew we're bringing able club to ring of honor. I'm not have two separate groups but does have a representation they're a well. At that point and not you know they knew that colds going to be kind of the guy. And Maria moderate the time mom put me in a solid need to be more than three people on the moment I was an imperfect spot you know too soon to be that guy just really a good time and I asked. I mean it's it's got to be surreal now a ball club shirt are going to be in hot topic seat. You know on and any television show I mean hell even locally here in Seattle when there's independent shows or even under freedom you eat. You look on to the crowd and it's a ridiculous amount of people rock in the boys' club shirts or or some kind of off. A version of the book concerts that we were just joking how I mean if if the ballclub got a dollar for every person who made up parity version of the book club shirt you guys be millionaires is from Matt. Elmo yeah that's a little premature I knew Natalie admitted to a show in the last three or four years where there weren't tons of people weren't able to insure certain you know what are so. Makes it something that's not just kind of been an iconic wrestling thing now you know and then that's cool because it's something that's. And neither did he thing Islam. You know it's it was just backed by the machine Sherlund. Right yeah MEI delisted and also whether the gallows and Anderson and Armenia calling it the club is like wow that's. That's that's a huge nod to. At a book club right yeah really cool that is something that pervaded noted. All of wrestling not just from one companies like that it's it's all wrestling discipline. And no Wetherbee inside the ring or. Behind the scenes what's in my guess if you we're gonna share a story of your time being a member of the book club which take your favorite story to share well you don't cut us really storybook on the bull clothes it afforded me the I worked for new Japan which young. I feel confident in my ability that that's something that you know would have eventually for me on but it was something that you know made it. Happens a lot sooner. And I thought you know prominently really. Suited to go over there and stuff you know I've probably done I don't know it's only five weeks or more over there at this point com. Isn't that tunnel there you. Wrestle almost overnight has done fantastic. I wanted to ask about doesn't do the experience in Japan because I've heard stories that they're there are people caught sponsors that hit it in no way. Hi are you guys suspend the nine hang out with them is. What the boards that first experience like for you when you got there in an end is it weird is it cold like what what what is it like for you. And I you know I didn't really know anything about until right before I wrote my first trip and then we had small donors and nearly every night every girl when I was seems like Elson and it was also because you know when you're on the road in Italy the whole idea Camille prop you know and then girls and 4050 dollars a week hunger isn't just. At all Sullivan to pour and stuff grabbing deals when you're on the road you know you're trying to eat healthy you eat out every single meal every day. And my first trip there are usually three weeks. And so it becomes ridiculous to try to eat sea levels positives was a huge help when it would be. You know guys that. Yeah like common TV board loving you drove whoever. The book tour might be why do we lift. They knew these guys because they've taken about a thousand hours before when they were in these different announced right now and if so when are we got a pretty cool calm you know I guess these Pete. Or maybe just more wealthy people. Wanted to stay with and it. It certainly appreciate it. I'd imagine when you were fifteen though I mean I always what I did in the world of radio we've. Fun opportunities to get to do just because of our job and I think back what my fifteen year version myself would think I would imagine like you go back. Take a while I wonder what the six year versions as some would think that there are people that wanna pay. And she'd be out into the designated hitters that I did you like hello this is amazing what a what a life plummeting. Yet and it's not and it sounds league's super luxurious. I realized ask yeah but it's really not you know when you. When you do not sudden 6 that morning and you had a six hour bus ride get to get the gentleman and a you know show and you wrestled you beat up your tired and it's it's midnight. And you doing this every single day and you get eat. It's tough but we're curious I know you go to open a two or three hours quit. You know your friends and relatives strangers low and really. You know I didn't mean a lot of help troubled. It's something that sounds. Yeah so what period but it kind of quick without I don't know what we do alone. Other than a solo about the paper goods coming up on nods at June 23 on Friday. 6 PM our time you're going to be taking us Frankie is Marion and the strap match. When you're doing matches that aren't like your typical yell just a regular match is it what kind of strategy having your head for a match like that. Well you know this is really different all the match and it's not to lose what we're how we're attached to each other trying to. Total for currently I think this is literally we're wrestling match hockey no one wonderful match with a huge luxury are attached to us. And we're just gonna boo the hell out of each other though. You know usually don't kind of thing could help and you know because I strap is not going to calls. You you're probably not what you're not some serious you know boom breaking injury. It's gonna hurt so bad you know you'd do you can't take what you can get away from it it's just going to hurt so bad so I don't know do you really got to think about. How can I make it through this match. Without getting hit it happens you know a thousand times. Or the meteor parts of your body's a dozen birds nearly as much. I mean yeah there's no way around it means he's gonna her cell. It's coming it's a big mind game you know I don't gonna be your out there are no it's probably somebody who's gonna. Go to Gordon ten minutes or laundered and you know we're just gonna hurt so bad. Should just kind of messes with your mind you know coming up to a. Do you take you back to any matches in the past that were hit exceptionally painful for you like ones and why was it. Yeah definitely any of those units street fighter and a whole sport matches that are well at a bachelor weather the role and Shane. You've had a couple of wood Jerry Briscoe and that you know leading up to it. You slowly there's no way around that you're you're going to be must stop or you don't know what it's going to be young and usually it's not. Some good that you could even imagine what would hurt mom but like you're going to be messed up afterwards. Mountain and no and go and and as scar or is it. Yeah I get a genuine means knowing full well what you're about to walk in on is going to just a lot of pain and what's like to recovery products on the point that you just spending like the they can you and McLaren knows. Ice tanks are you floating are you doing something that can help get your body back right. Lola you know we have to pay per view and the next night we should we take it for so the TV's the recovery there's there's no time we. The regular hotel wake up next morning go to gym and back pattern in our. Since kids who just hope your body lasts for those next four days just to tell Quebec. Are there any other matches on the bill that I mean it's so many great matches I mean that the grandstand seat on Cody Europe you know the young bucks I've been going up against war machine and it means are there match that your most excited to check out outside of viewers. You know lowly you know I think it's worth mentioning I don't know about his opponent is elbow old ball club isn't any. And in a sort of strapped rats you know you we talk about what my taxes. Book but Marty's girl is not fish Shia hospital for the ring of honor. World's oldest and title which he just lost the young looks of racing machine and Cody is also challenging for the world I also. You know I think that somebody point out a man on by the end of the Bible look could. Hold all the gold so you know goes for the matches I'm looking forward to and see where we in the go to the night. If there was some somebody that you could bring into the book club whether Reid. Past dressers or are present wrestlers who would you love to have be a member of the ballclub tall man that's that's. Four men out solo home. Do you know whether they're the people who belong or don't belong and older slower. Whatever around. You I don't know but they're tons of people that you know I've worked with throughout my career that I feel like are ready for opportunities due out this hat and there are a lot of guys that like to. You know. See you get further than men have. Hello friends or John Skyler or polish and acting PW ex date and children and they are there greater John Rosenberg top prospect. Or at least. But he made the finals you know you know he was good coming out that I picked. Well we'll win at all and hasn't been an accident please somebody that like to see background. Or is slowly records into Melissa long is not at home. You know and he's. He's literally I think been everywhere and Tony seventeen and I think he's worked and all the major company is older and so good to see you know those two guys are really wouldn't. You know the townspeople who worked with the basket good opportunities. Would be greatly resemble Lowber. A lot of energy in her beauty bar. I have a couple questions I said typically ask god guys that the wrestler is that I I just love hearing the answers to a big assist. If I find just the back story in the dozen that did. I guess the grind that took to get to where you are to be so fascinating. For you do you remembered the first wrestling class that you took what was that experience like and not if you could just give us like a little bit about the back story behind. First getting involved in the world wrestling because it's unlike anything else. It's a strange thing to get into and people ask me. How started I can tell Arnold yeah I guess and I don't I don't know it just happened home. You almost a kid the big Russell van and my cousin. Who's dating a guy who. Who was legal and Russell he was at 22 retreated. On organ independence you know close to a you know within an hour two hours a world where it's and so we would go and watch his shows and stuff like baton that was something I really want to do it I want them train Russell. You know but I might have been eleven. On social summit here. But there was there was going to be written column and he got a toll well you know and get sixteen maybe we'll do that and maybe as a troubled Merrill whatever. But I was still rare one on sixteen units a year early whatever but that it and you know join the recipe and high school you don't try to get off it starts at the beginning you know I don't do this now also asserted. It lets him as just slash am not a good friends our good friend of mine Jason Lloyd is kind of even their work released on opponents North Carolina and I would now I would ride with woman once again I'm learners permit and driver's license whenever I was trying to these shows week we get their super early. Home and we hope so little. You need a few hours before doors opened to train her and it would be. It would be any thing you know I mean I can't synagogue to wrestle Jose. Split proper training. Immediately right now it's only kind of came eventually 'cause at first it blows you know you're on the ropes I didn't do Canadian destroyer. You know and they and yet everything in between. Just what ever we thought OK yeah those are out of all of the news that someone do that. Who is it Pelosi crew you know learn those things there was a like at first when you're talking some people just naturally gifted in the sense that they can pick up needing insurance and or was it some to me like a boy alma just a complete Klutz and I'm trying to wrestle a two left feet and it's good to me multiple times again of right. You know some people. The clippers can ring you can eat immediately I mean look a first step they take whatever you can tell whether they huge they're going to have a hard time or easy. Luckily I had an easier time yes you know I think in I think a lot of that comes loose. You just kind of how your body's goal or you athletically inclined also you know watching wrestle so long autos. Not that you ever consciously nobody's gonna subconsciously understand the body mechanics on that so that's how I first got entering at fifteen. Understood a lot of the mechanics you know how to. You know how you would improperly get leveraged support somebody or something without ever being that of a scene that. But unknown at halftime Zoellick you know some people kind of get that immediate millions of people bolt thanks Leon and I. It's fine degree is different than actually wrestling or bad an opportunity to be a ring announcer for defy wrestling which is a local and into an arrest signing up program here respect Cody wrestled our first event names had some great times but. I never was a ring announcer before and a few people that. When I tell them is going to be doing that are you nervous I've been practicing and like off course a nervous Samoa demeanor is about doing anything that I care about but they as far as practice and watching wrestling my whole life of course some ram you know what a weird way I'm ready for this because I've been watching visualizing in my entire life. Brady edit lately brings you just can't learn until you started yeah home. I probably trained would those two guys who may be six months for a the first match and at that point you know I wasn't really don't learn much more from anybody knows Siena point. Without actually getting entering into real matches you know and I think I. I think that were you know a lot of the a lot of Orange to proper training is essentially you know I would creeps. Home but I would say most of anyone's real training comes after they start. You know getting to work with guys that are you know better than a year yeah every single weekend that's what that's the real training. I read them did you have an opportunity when you were robbed doing a trial with NXT that you spends time XT trainer out William regal and he gave you some words of encouragement aboard those boards that advice like this here's a guy who I mean has been known for having just a wealth of great information for guys in the world wrestling and is so high every highly regarded to have an opportunity get some advice from him must have been a surreal and NB what did you take away from that even. Really good Billick I think what a person to go around doing those you're extra shots or an error. It was kind of disorganized found both guilty you know after my second or are warm. It's what still who's doing things and you couldn't tell you guru who was there was a longer write off but it can be indicating very organized and know when illegals doing a lot of the stuff he just you know talked a lot almost silly to open a small foot nodding actually stuff any stuff in the ring or whenever just talk abouts of pro muscles are talking about into wrestling business in general those kind of things. And that was a it was a really good around and you know I've been around and done. On the several times that minerals lake in 1920. After I'd done much since a 61 or something like that you know might have been him. A book and I indeed maybe her just look. So young. If you're I think you're probably safe to like look man we understand you're good you're you have a lot of potential book. You're nineteen years and ninety pounds there's not much cooler yeah anytime soon tasks. And I got to told me you know I think that was too conservative territory only handled Alex because they can I told me like to go out you know places like grandma or wherever and make a name for myself clear and then come back. Because places like great wanna have that flexibility work there's a you know god it's younger it's not super we yours is things like that so that was the home. It's slowly alas I was there at Wisconsin and a sense that look it was Indonesia now well taken aim. Yourself and you'll see what happens. You'll you know one thing Riegle did say and I'll say this. To use wrestling but not political news you wish I'll hear it does some limited. You know I would've. Believed him before and militants here's somebody who vendor at all saying. Reaffirmed you know because there's so many guys that is dedicated to our whole lives so that's the only do about it trying to get forty or fifty amended in that. Somewhere maybe they didn't doesn't even matter. Both gonna get about 8 October. Yeah I'm a habit that's all you've done with your life. Wouldn't would you do you know of always try to be slowly whom I think you're in real lights. Side of this and I've always try to be at peace with. Is inevitable Clinton record forbid something like it happened and I could never wrestle again. That I'd be OK with that you know are always trying to keep myself in that cleats millionaire. It's funny sector led the two of them with the gay guy have been a lot of people radio typically but the radio job become their identity innocent and that. I remember getting that kind of similar advice in the sense of don't let it be your identity and it's a dive that's probably like the one thing that kept so close to the chest and that you know I try to make sure that. I got stuff going on outside of because I mean granted but radio is way different than wrestling in the sense that we're not hurting ourselves I'm that you play arm. Turning on a microphone but you know did the shelf life sometimes is about a similar kind of a window yeats like I don't wanna. He's live in the rest of my life. Wishing I saw had one more chance to be on the air and it's. More once you come to peace with that it's it's it's it's a great feeling because then you so worrying about other things and an in caring about things outside of the your job right radio there's there's mortal life of a just war you know RPI always loved hearing the stories of guys that you know obviously bottom memorably had just cops wrestle one of our events here and he was running late because the flight got delayed in December Michael Mandela appears that the wait to get his luggage and everyone's like now now. You always carry your stuff in your carry on like he always ready just in case. You're a man as obviously yeah you're wrestling Seve was your guys had to carry their detailed beach about two. Yes David you're also known as the hang man and you have a noose and is that something that you. Bring with you is that some that you go to our Home Depot and get a new piece of broken putting together before a match or like what what is what is traveling with the new slight. We know for certain unit and everybody trying to convince you go to Google just read every. You know because like us on near the stuff they have. A total played all the time right around so it saves coloring truck and stuff. And we'll bring about that would've been an option in the joint commission and the thought you know like if it's a lot. In my control. You know and something happened that does not bear one day hurt small store whatever you know I can't Blake. I can just let somebody else do that you know it is my thing I have to be controlled and you know I don't know you're supposed to take a noose on laid claim to not. Know what what the rules about not far I never sit on the list of things you can't bring but I don't know if it's okay to drink doesn't. It doesn't seem like something is supposed to bring all the crap I just untie it so that I just have a role. Which also seems a little. You know kind of like can. But you know it's just a rope rolled them back to what he's got an idea plug in how old are wrestling opened at nagged yeah they couldn't get enough. You and hope that's truth yet app that's a solid point. Pull another question I love to do stick with guys about because like you said you you you you started resting at a young age and you have all these great opportunities and even traveling has their been a wrestling event a promotion that was just stands that is being extra weird and others. Oh man yeah home all home that's. All of them what you know armed. Even when I was. Fifteen or sixteen having our first matches and so that first year to wrestle in the thing is that we're going on in those small companies to meet didn't seem weird at the time. But think about it now you really weird. You know like I was wrestling. Yeah I was driving my own car three or four hours to these different shows that run on armory and products. 3040 people wrestling for free. You know I didn't even know that anyone ever paid unless you're on television so there was little saying I don't out anybody only shows page and they didn't. I certainly know about it. On Canada's just go out there and killed ourselves all the time many knew there'd be guys who is halfway through the show. Would be busted open bleeding everywhere and then you bureaus later in treats. It economy think twice about Iowa and a big deal and I just really sketchy stuff going on some of these guys you know work as a we're certainly no athletes at all has never been trained by in the water rise had no business Ruslan and I'm in there and these are guys and I'm just let it. Leo over certain era of me and it's calibrated just like the stuff that I did the first couple years arrests in the play just eighty Jamie address those people. He US presidency yeah you gotta trust that those guys feel like I don't know if you can even pick me up. Jesus took and well I really do appreciate you to to get some time I do when he doesn't give you just major processor and you do a lot of stuff for us suicide prevention and raising money in. And and that's something that I think hits a lot of lessen it it ends weathered beast family friends or acquaintances we've all been affected by that in effect that you take time man of what you do and an offer up opportunities to say you sell certain things of your gear whatever it may be. And donated to a cause like that and it just attended they help raise awareness that this is a problem in our. In our world and I think it's just super commendable of unity that is something awesome that you do. Thank you appreciate it and you know it's you know he had ever really given me saying an odd ball he's not seen a stressful here whatever noted that that had a Schultz what do you musical tells no good anymore is the thing you know. And then you have somebody finds value in a collector or whatever it wants to a problem punitive donate that money to. Yeah calls. Not this really awesome and if people want to reach out to you they can find you on Twitter at the Adam page also your website Adam page wrestling dot com and and I can't wait due on Friday. June 23 on our ROH wrestling dot com or all the major paper view carriers as well as a spike TV app PlayStation as well. Best in the world the paper view for ring of honor it's been really really cool in the chat with you and I and hopefully I I I always try to make a trip down that's a mini weekend and I've I've I've been much inept. Check out the ring of honor events when I get down there but beyond the great chat with him person sometime our co Oakley C and a big thanks Adam page again check out. Best in the world their pay review happening on Friday June Choi. Deep surge is good art OH wrestling dot com for more information. Thank you would always promised to make vs the world all right. It's like please keep Jerry with all your friends really appreciate that game a lot of new listeners and that is pretty damn awesome when they reach out to us. Millions world of wrestling gmail.com. Follow me on social media at times teammates on Twitter and also aims to Graham.