MIGS vs TWOW 006 – Christopher Daniels

Monday, June 19th

On this episode, Steve Migs chats with Ring Of Honor World Champion, Christopher Daniels.  Christopher will be defending his title against “The American Nightmare” Cody at “Best in the World” this Friday night!  “Best In The World” will be on all major Pay Per View carriers, as well as the Fite.TV app, Playstation Network, and ROHWrestling.com. 


During their chat, Christopher talks about winning the world title a few months back, and the reaction he got from his peers…plus they chat about him wrestling for the past 24 years, whose success he is most happy for, who he would love to wrestle before he retires, and he shares a great story about how he first got involved in wrestling.   


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It's now time for war. Days vs them. World. What's up welcome to yet another addition of makes vs the world of wrestling and I'm very excited about this episode Amanda had been a fan of for ever. Christopher Daniels that's right the ring of honor world champion. Or the world champion of the world. He'll be joining us best in the world is this Friday you can watch it on our ROH wrestling dot com also on all your major paper be carriers to fight TV app it's at 6 PM this Friday I can't wait to see it Christopher Daniels has taken on the American nightmare Cody. For the championship also the young bucks are wrestling war machine that's been a tag team championship fully random Briscoe is resulting castle on the boys that's going to be great. Hang man Adam page we just recently talked to take it on Frankie has aryan lots of other written Marty's girl I'm really excited to see him take on the cheetah that's going to be another great match. Lots of good stuff going on but before we get to the interview with Christopher Daniels I sort of take a quick moment and I send out my thoughts and prayers to all those impacted. By the loss of a true wrestling great guy isn't so much for the northwest wrestling scene. And that guy's name is buddy Wayne who unexpectedly passed away at the age of fifty from a heart attack and down. Yeah I never had the opportunity to meet him he was on my list of people would have loved to have chatted with because I know so many people that have been so positively impacted by. What he's done both not only just what he teaches in the ring but just also to set a human being sound like just an incredible person. Just heartbreaking and I know locally we see a lot of these guys wrestled from the Cunningham Carl the catch and also jacked up Mike San Tiago eat an aide Steve nick Bradford. To take Carney to bat boys sonic though. Lots of great great local talent that are coming out of the buddy Wayne academy and I just don't know. What to say other than. You guys are all my thoughts and prayers and and and I hope that everybody can keep them in their thoughts because I. Not only losing him a man that is not taught you so much but a mentor and it in from every post today bread. From other people in this area is it just sounds like. He was a true father figure for many and I know he leaves behind a son and in a wife and a ha. I just just just heartbreaking that's said the only way I can describe I just wanted to take a quick moment and and and and pay my respects to to a great man who's done so many great things for the northwest wrestling community. I won't I think at this point let's just jump right into our interview with Christopher Daniels Amanda's been doing for 24. Years. He's got a big match against the American nightmare Cody. This Friday. You I watched that match against Adam Cole and I'd I'd be watching the governor knew I was gonna get the tablet Q and as it was funny to see the same emotions on me. Happening gathering at at the end that you perform that third best result ever responds to pop up about airs in my arm and Mike. Holy crap man what an incredible match what an incredible moment. How. Had a feel for you after all was said and done you're on the shoulders of your peers and everybody's losing their mind I had have been such incredible experience. Yeah man I honestly did it felt like the weight of the world is taking off my shoulders. I say it every time man. It's something that a year ago I didn't think I'd have an opportunity do I have to be world champions yet all but that's just wrestling man you never know what. Past resident yeah TH end. It just happened to the you know the path sort of opened up for me to get an opportunity. One more time to Russell's for the title and I knew I was gonna be probably my last real shot at some in all worked out. And down yet and just why I watch it back. I watched. You know I'm a guy shoulders because it's in the beginning of the television show now on every Tom I doubt we'll let. It same day I get globe respond to happen in. When I see that to say that it's it's critical moment I'll never forget it. You know it didn't talk a lot about that and have real reason toggle in my talk the comics who say it is certain comments that are comics comics that they're popular with the fans but there are also popular amongst their peers which is such a hard thing to do because comedians are jaded I feel. There's a lot of parallels with wrestlers and and you being a mean especially when you saw the reaction from your peers not only in the rain but of course like a social media it has to feel like you're. The true wrestler wrestler and a sense that yes us fans appreciate what you do you go in your own peers appreciated. That's a huge feather in your cat. All I had feel like I've been very fortunate to work with a lot of talented guys and dobbs to see. The reaction. That they had. When they either saw that I'd want her that I'd want. Mean it meant a lot to me to know that I have been a part of their lives and are affected their life to the point. Where they felt compelled to reach out to me in the way that they did Simon I'd literally the last the next. Like the the 48 hours after I won the the match. I probably spent thirty minutes of each hour. Responding on Twitter responding via a taxed all the guys that reached out. I mean it really did feel good to note that these people that they respect me and I mean that was. Something that I always. Wanted was the respect of my peers answer no I attic in in that. A mallet to it meant a lot to me as well. Was there's a certain Bob fellow wrestler Sauna maybe is that retired or maybe currently going on right now that really took you aback when you when you heard from him. Like the first guy today in that respect that sort of comes in my it was such Rollins you know yeah arm I was very fortunate in 2010 and eleven. To work with him writers use finishing up what ran about Iraq before he went seat. And down you know I only got to wrestle with him twice and really had good experiences through them. But friend soon reach out the way did I thought that you know meant a lot Meehan and it's very cool to know that. You know he. The what he said in his tweet out I was very. Very nice of him to say and number no I'm very honored that he feels that way about my interaction with a with ten. So I mean that was of one of the but I mean you know AJ and Joseph and you know much the friends that I had you know when I was working NTN eight guys like Eddie Edwards and Gator Richards reached out. Roderick strong Kevin seemed like all these guys yeah touched base for me in one way shape or form. I mean these are all guys that I've had the opportunity to work twists whether it was in ring of honor on the independent scene in 198 they all sort of reached out and it was very cool man. If you were gonna flip the script who recently were you most excited to see and achieve success I mean obviously out a match to be a lot give us some great wrestlers but. First and up pops in your mind like where'd you had the same action for them as. These guys had for you. All the most recent one was probably Samoa Joseph likes him. Wind yeah does it afire way and then is in Iraq to what's Brock Lesnar. A couple of weeks ago on wrong I mean I was excited as hell to see that happen and just go toe to toe but Brock Lesnar is astonishing and I'm Rua can sort of that match. You know the same thing when AJ liquidate its first won the title up there I was really throw far amend just how. Happy that I knew day if you got the opportunity use in his seat. And I just it exceeded my expectations how quickly got the opportunity are quickly he sort of made insulting Roma are so like those the guys. In that respect that's sort of made me happy and made me proud that I had. That dharma thousand doing so well. Just in general it's it's such exciting time as a wrestling fan to watch is it there's so many options it's almost overwhelming. How many great things you can watch and on whether BI and on demand whether it be on line are on television Indians. I mean hell even with ring Yvonne are now just celebrated 300 episode an an embed them the level of talent that's in Maria Bonner right now I think is at its peak it's it's got to feel good to see that the Indy world is being so easily consume now by mainstream America. Yeah I definitely I mean I you know there's so many guys on independent scene now dat dat. You know you look at someone like COLT cabana who really each. You know lives and breathes the independent wrestling lifestyle. You know and then like you said as many different promotions and companies now and the availability. Through. We're either social media or. Through the Internet being able to see all these. Different independent companies sort of flop. Fluorescent drives arm that's great to know that pro wrestler and I feel like Brussels certainly use. On an upswing in the last couple years and are the popularity. Of the sport itself is is that is that you know hide it hasn't seen for awhile. And now you guys got on not Friday's going to be best in the world paper view and and people watching here in the Seattle area on paper view as laws on fight TV. PlayStation has Islam of course at our way to wrestling dot com. You're taking on Cody. And the last he saw on May have on television he performed the angels wings on new is it a weird experience having your finishing move or one of your finishing moves performed on new. Well absolutely I mean it's that and you're really expects. But I think that's part of the reason I mean I've done that same sort of things it's a different guys just sort of get in there had to get in their mind that I and I feel like. I am. You know it it sort of shows that guys can get out of their comfort zone like for me when I use it I wanna let them know that you know I'm not just. A hearing to my own thing I can do anything and Cody is you know he's talented guy and certainly one of the best in the world. No pun intended target date that was him that was Sims let me know that he's not you know playing via our regular rule book either so I mean. You know all bets are off on Friday. And I know is gonna bring using his A game because that's your arrows. But down yet understand too that this is something that I've wanted in and dreamed of retreat for years have only held the championship for a little bit more than three months armada radio letting go so I mean if you watch it Tigger from he's gonna have to really hurt me. Tig to get it out of my hands. The entire card is a stat to me a look and obviously excited to see your guys is match and then you grow enough Frankie does aryan taking on hang man I am page that's going to be an insane match and of course young bucks in the war machine and Seles young taking on Jay lethal. Marty scurrilous can she guys are match say you're like I gotta make it a point to watch that this is the one I've really wanna see outside of my own. Well we'll certainly anything that involves the young bucks I mean you know even though that I'm world champion now I feel like frank nice eleven. Our desire to hold those championships again all and so be it just in to see who. A young bucks if the young bucks can retain her four machine can finally get out from underneath. And get those spirals back. You know and and depth common view watch him frank he's match. You know I strap match with Adam gauged probably one of the roughest stuff has guided them in the locker room. And so on a frank he's. I just recently I spoke with at a page about that match and you talk about how you just don't you just got to prepare that that match is gonna hurt a lot with a strap matches there are certain match that you don't look forward to more than others. Well just just anything that involves at these sort of you know we we train for wrestling and that you didn't do situations where. You know using latter's are like ultimate acts or anything where all of a sudden there's. Extraneous paraphernalia around the ring tables matches hardcore matches with chairs and things like got. There's really no way to prepare for that sort of stuff I mean you just do it. And so like every time I ever had ultimate absurd even like just last lateral or that we went oops I mean you just know you're gonna go in. You're gonna come out with a little less blood or a little more pain. Then he went and where that and then dump but I mean that that she was part of that thing like I get I get jammed up when I know on one and some light got it's almost like. You know you're gonna get hurt you know you're gonna steal pain. But it almost like an excitement because you know you know there's no getting out of it in ads like here it's like you're barreling down the amount from our new skis and don't think it's waited for years the bottom of amounts army religious goats all sort of leniency. And. They that is something also about like. Going head to head with him if it is a fear not but to something that is. The unchartered territory and you you can't turn around me like now I don't wanna do it there's. Thousand people in the arena that are watching there's even more that are watching on the pay per views are on television inside you you don't have that ability to be like you know what they will do this later I'll turn around and come back when I'm feeling more ready. Or that's what we signed up for you wanna beach if we wanna be the best in the world who want you know when these matches and beat the top of our game. We have to going to be situations would no fear and so I mean that's really. The game is to sort of swallow that peer put it aside and get through match. I always love asking certain questions just to get bed that it's always fun to hear an answer that you guys will given you've been. Doing it for 24 years can you go back and remember that first day that you first went to a wrestling class and what was that experience like what major wanna do it. And how did you feel after it was gone. Yeah absolutely. I remember the first cloud and I actually remember meeting. RIA made appointments and meet a guy running the school couple months or actually started training I wanna add an interview. Sort of see it does not that I wanted to get in and dom my wife who had made the appointment for me. Says I came out of that. That meeting. With like a glazed look in my eyes like I was hypnotized home and had ever coming into either the school for the first time as a student and you know being in the ring in and I didn't even Abuja that points basically did it. In socks. In OK good run in in sneakers in the ring at that point right and a bomb. So yeah I mean I I I remembered thinking like this is. The first step an edit up points you like I had no. I had no. Preconceived notion of how far I was gonna go but I didn't think oh well. You know any minute now I'm gonna be the WB or anything like dot I don't wanna just wanted to. Just do it like I didn't think OK I am going to you Memphis arm and go to EGW. As soon as this is over are really wanna do is see if I can get to. And I mean arm I was fortunate that the school that I went tube was about how far from where I live. And so I was there four days a week for like hours at a time. And out data so that that. Those are the reasons why I started training and ended January ever per match that April because I was their forties a week. Probably for three months at a time. I mean that's got really is you know. The best way to do it it's just get as much done as you can. Because I realized that I was gonna only get out of it what I put into it. And so on you know once I got there and then he realized that you that's when you learn as start actually wrestling matches. It's part of people. Because doing in class you're saying it's sort of clinical very sterile and I mean you don't understand the reaction. You don't editors. And what. What you're doing. The reaction that you're gonna get in front of people until you're in front of people on I don't mean like other wrestlers. Like you said about that that comics like. Other comics are jaded they well the rest neurology. So watching us train watching each other train and are getting an honest reaction to what you're doing. You don't learn that stuff and so your heart of people you know understanding when did you and. Why do routed it to you mentioned that guy you're wives of one who made the call was there something that made her realize I'm still made the call for you because there were you just talking a lot about it was it's on the net thank you kept saying this is of the I wish I could do you know. I think it was IA. Win that week. Moved to the Chicago area. Problem we're both actors we met. Doing as summer stock years in North Carolina and I moved to Chicago to get into theater together. And down you know we're both. Yeah good theater scene in Chicago is his treats up to break into army we're lucky to get a couple of things like cuts to children's theater some paid work. Our but I always older you know it just doesn't work out I can always be your pro wrestler sort of Tommy G ha. Seriously if she found a school. She started school. He pro wrestling. And she made the appointment. Bomb yet it wasn't that I was in I don't think it was because I was talking about a lot I think she just saw that I loved wrestling and she decided sort of go out of her way to meet get a possibility. And I mean it was really like if it wasn't for her I don't know I would have gone out of my way to find. Are wrestling school that part yeah you know I was in my head I was well I'm just gonna keep trying this acting thing. And you know banging my head against the wall trying to get into a few news in there but I mean when she made our call and end I've talked to you. Send to Cerro together in windy city at that point. Arm you know it gave me the the mentality of law lets you visit try you know the acting thing wasn't working. Let me see if I'm any good at this and it just so happened that I learned it being okay about it. It's awesome that since I love here in this series there's just recently I've I've. A friend that's arrests are invited me go to one of their classes and I as a guy you know Adam just curiosity be kind of fun to experience what it's like him. I went and it was similar to a use and a sense of just being hypnotized by it I mean I think I knew in my wife now that's all I talk about have been going now more often. And spend. One of the coolest experiences but also physically one of deem and I've played hockey my life I've done physical things but. Would never been expected the feeling of waking up in the morning until like I just got run over by a truck and that's kind of how I feel now I've that I go to the classes but I love it. I mean to be doing it for 24 years how do you keep your body bright and in a sense of like you know you're you're still. I mean do the match against Adam Cole is one of my favorite matches I've ever seen you do N and you know I've heard you talking interviewed before we like you know I see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel in the sense in my career I'm like no don't stop Spaniards it's incredible to watch you in the ring but how do you keep your body. Feeling good after a match. Well Dave first of all. You sort of get the mentality that you're never gonna be a 100% ever again I mean you know I've got. Problems eternal like I've got knee problems and neck problems and those are never gonna go away yeah just because it's where in terror and its damage I mean. I don't have an ACL in my right leg and never gonna you know argument I can surgically have that fixed that I want our. I mean I'm not gonna do that on done because I can't you know I don't wanna take a year off the right might be ideal. So bomb. You know you you go you go in knowing that you're never gonna be out to be sent ever again. And then Nam from me like got rhetoric that's how I turned forty I started looking into different things like I am. You know a lot more stretching a lot more yoga this sort of thing that helps you recuperate. From the aches and pains. Arm you know I I due different workouts now I do a lot more full body stuff for more functional stuff just sort of take some pressure off my joints. Arm and there really are I tried to wrestle it away. That some that I can continuously do you know I mean like there's there's. You know this this body that I have it's my a it's my product. And so if I want you know Christopher Daniels the wrestling products to continue I have to sort of cultivate this and stay as healthy as I can't so. I've always at the mentality to never do something that I can't do every art. You know and and every once in awhile sort of stray from that but I quickly get reminded that Tom. You know I'm in this rule on hall and sought not out there you know. Doing necessarily death defying risk taking bring mom I thought that I fully know that I can accomplish. And that got something good so there's two if you can't do it ten times out of ten. Whether it's five minutes and a fifteen minutes into a match. It's something that you have to think about not doing because. It only takes one. Catastrophic accident sit tight end. You know I mean it and he. You look at that you look at guys like I Goosen who you know did that build the house payments all night in and night out. And you know one slip on the ropes and he broke his back yeah I mean do things that that I think about every day I mean I watched that. I I had dum. I saw the clip of that actual it injury. A couple months after I had that same thing happened to me on to BZW. And I mean it sobered me up instantly I mean getting hurt at WW and sobered me up as well but I mean the mentality that that could have been me. Really hit me in the chest Iranian and and so I I've I've tried to. Let people know Blake don't you think you can't do it every time. If you could help but because. It only takes one time you don't mean I've never been shot by a gut but I know the first half I thought I hope you put him in that sort of. Right until you hurt yourself doing the moon salt right now here we argue you have the best console ever and it's. It's such an incredible thing so I mean how much. How how hard was it to get past that fear originally of of of hurting yourself and and get to the point where like you semi value. When you did the three best results ever at the end of that match against Adam Cole whose dislike each one I'm I'm watching him in mar Hollings is like their picture perfect. But I mean was there arm a moment where you're like man I don't know played I hurt myself doing something like this I probably shouldn't attack it the way I am. All the time I got hurt it was re running and jumping to the top rope directly and was an at a corner so I mean that's a bigger that I stopped doing was trying to jump to the top broke. You know cadets I I slipped I had one foot slipped and that that threw me off not to and so Dallas on there that I took out of the rubber draw because. It was something that I couldn't do every time I mean that day that I got hurt I practiced it. Three or four times and hit every one. But when you know when the money was auto in the camera was on that was when it slip up on me because I rushed for whatever reasons but I mean those things happen. I mean as far as the best result ever mean that one is one that I've practice and sort of dialed in so that I can do it in a perfect ring American do it in a ring that's a little less than perfect horror you know because sometimes. Your ring that's not as forgiving and end up. You know these are things that you think about too like. Sometimes it's not up to whether you can do it it's whether the ring that you're in the guy you're with. Armed you know those are facets of the match that you don't. Get to figure out until Bure in the moment yeah. I mean these are all things that I. That I think about when I'm when I'm wrestling has. You know check I'd do this movement in this ring tattooed his move against this person these are all things that we deal. We infamous excited bring to a four sided I would imagine all of the funny thing about the success entering like for me the only issue there was was standing on the top row because the angle. Of the ropes like irregular ring. It's a ninety degree angles through it's easy to sort of plant your feet stand on the top row. Yeah but because Donna six sided ring angles are a little bit wider on it was hard for me to find a balance point. So it's a mule practice to get to the point rockets now on the top Rubens excited. Once I got that I mean the rest of it was pretty. You know yeah. You hit the ropes the ropes you take a bump on the mat it's a matte so those things are pretty universal. But around you know staff on the top group in this the six siren was. Was that book the big difference for me. You mentioned them doing matches and brings a you're not ended yet you Stewart to different brings a different ways I mean and imagine over the course of your career also different wrestling events are different amongst others and as far my favorite things they hear what you guys have to say is. What's been one of the weirder. Wrestling match is wrestling events that you've been apart of and your time and in squared circle. I'm hi I've been real lucky not to have a lot of weird stuff I mean I've been very ports and it sounds like. Problem I had an opportunity you something in Korea a couple of years ago where rob there's a guy who's trying to get basically and NWA. Chapter on in Korea. Hump and out got a lot of help from the Japanese from new Japan and so on myself AJ styles. Lance Korean Gail Kim went out did this show. Basically end at the arena debt Kariya had built. For the Olympics and so we're in this stadium basically where. They had dug that tracks for the it was like indoor tracks for the bicycle race. Armed Iranian yeah and so I'm. Aaron so like that you know just the opportunity rests on this huge arena and then you know they were there to tell us they were expecting 50000. At which I thought was. Completely ridiculous to think that that many people would come and we ended up getting like 20000 which was crazy because you know. I you know for the first time yeah church oh this place even join thousands great. But I mean I was like OK and you know we're doing this and and basically in this Olympic sized arena which I thought it was awesome but. And you know they're just some doubt that a bad experiences like that like being able two Russell to Tokyo Dome and you know doing the stuff that I did in hand like places like the Staples Center around here in LA. The Thomas and Mack center out and be as I did at W events arm you know those are cool meant to be to be able to have to go and needs. These large Arenas and and wrestle. It's always cool. Oh I bet in the world to ring of honor obviously she's been a lot of guys have come in now and I mean you've wrestled but you've your fair share of incredible wrestler but has there been one guiding you waste. Would walk through the doors of ring of honor and you can have a match wits. I would love an opportunity to wrestle Chris Jericho on you know he's someone that I've tried to regulate try to have sort of looked up to in my career I've always thought he was the guy. That's sort of best epitomized. That that perfect blend of character an athlete. And dom you know you just look at someone like him who's who's been successful so it's such a long time in and has been just the master reinvents himself and that sort of you know that sort of thing sort of inspires me disorder that. Continue to try and change things up and do different things and not get complacent. Which what I'm doing and aren't. When it comes down to all the cool things have happened because of Ukraine and I know recently got the drug the first pitch at a White Sox game. Which had been really cool I know you've had a couple comic books made about you and and breaking his aryan is while the addiction comic book what's been. Because of wrestling. What's in the course perk. Are bad it's hard to say there's one more than any other man I mean now. You know because of wrestling I got a chance to go to you to LA premiere of the movie the wrestler. Mickey Rourke and had its members of the last time bomb you know thrown out the first pitch like he said. Just having an action figure yeah your enemies having an action figure having a trading card being on a video game all these little things that. Like you don't you don't think. That you're gonna I mean you hope that you don't think that that's actually gonna happen when you. Set to grow as the very first day of wrestling school but I mean you know it was just a perk it's one of those things that because of all the ridiculous. Bumps and bruises and things that I've done wrestling ring back probably shouldn't have dot com. You know dessert the person that of that that hard labor. On these are the benefits of that you know being in a video game being on. Being in a comic book arm. You know getting to walk cap on. You know there are exactly miscue bark anymore it's. Are guaranteed great guild being able to walk Aaron Garrity great deal and Brooke. Of all. Are there and throw him pretty good bod and author of well. Yeah that's got to get your hand like don't bounce it don't balance oh absolutely absolutely absolutely worried about. Don't Britain and they're. I arrived one chance because of doing radio I had that opportunity to do it and one of our mileage into the top marine years and I was so nervous that once in my head about not bouncing it. So I threw a third to deploy to catch him to stand up and catch it either you. He's like guy you know you all of well I had a math and I'm like dude I just wanna bounce and he just our crack up and if I got that what do live without on my YouTube or something along those line actually the other doing the radio thing for about twenty something years you know my early forties and I look back got when I first started in my early twenties and are being in my early twenty thinking I know everything I need to know about this as he left about like five years is doing radio and I didn't think take a learn more and it wasn't until. I hit around forty where I realized wow. You know what I'm doing now is so much better when I was doing backed and I know what you know. Do you feel the same way when you were younger Indian and if you can go back you give your younger version of yourself advice what would you tell. I'm guy right absolutely did I absolutely feel like I thought I knew a lot more than it did. And I think we all I think we all do that you know when you're young and you get into this stuff. You for Gillick you're invincible you feel like everything you're doing his rights and down. I I just I think I probably would just almighty younger self to sort of be more open and and and get the understanding that. Not every thing you use our percent great not everything you do is kind of sent right an Emmy in I think it. If I would have let my eight young result noted sort of have more fun and not be so serious about it on you know it took me a while to sort of get out of my own head as trying to be like this great technical wrestler just go out there and have fun and entertainment. And down. You know I think got some deny I would probably tell myself as just light up a little bit and enjoy the ride. Mom you know the stuff that I'm doing in the stuff that I've done in my life. I look back with the artist because. You know our got to do what I loved you for more than half my life and I mean it's probably around the world and it's given me all this style tends. I've been able to you know support my wife and my kids. Doing mess. And down. You know I and I know like it's coming close to an end now so I mean I hate. We're probably tell myself to Europe leaded so soak it in a little bit and enjoy it because it's it doesn't last forever. Losers somebody had that kind of maybe you know the fellow rustle up your sentence him in lineup has informant that's not specifically although I'm sure they did I don't remember that but I don't you remember. You know once I started you want when I started during the current main character in Japan. I remember there are at a point right just decided just. Gotten. Ridiculous because that I don't map would have played it don't matter why. Yeah but they're I would have started dancing in our wrote eat mean Japanese or my arm and and that court's order realized they dancer's. People still like what you're dealing just got. Have fun and don't don't. The it's not the end of world do you mean you're not curing cancer you brought out your wrestling so relax and have on end don't be so. So you know nose to the grindstone. About it my non mammals cursor Daniels our best in the world about this Friday at 6 PM here in the northwest side you can watch it on all the paper view carriers as well as a tight TV app. Go to our OH wrestling dot com to watch it there as well our follow you on Twitter at. After a seat Daniels on Angel Chris Daniels my man dude it's been really cool getting the chat with you or not. Thanks so much as a as a wrestling fan I guide them so appreciative of what you do in the ring Manuel would bring its great entertainment. Well thank you very much and I appreciated and thanks for the support over the years I would be where and it wasn't her. The fan base and you know got that watching guys that support for thank you so much. I'm a man William bedecked certitude take care and once again big thanks to Christopher Daniels meant that was awesome to scan now opportunity to solicit his stories this a listen to his passion. And I mean it. Go to watch that match against Adam Cole from the rim on a fifteen year anniversary show if you want to understand when I mean when I'm saying this guy is not showing any signs of slowing down. That was such an incredible match the way that they built it up in the way that it ended. Everything about it was great and I'm just loving what's going on with Dodd the world to bring a Bonner. Catch ring of honor. Best in the world this Friday June 23 at 6 PM eco what's on all the major paper view carriers as well as on the fight TV app. Are awake wrestling dot com. Go there he get all the information that we need and that includes another episode of migs vs the world of wrestling. Thank you guys as always for listening and please please please spread the word let your wrestling friends know about this podcast we keep hearing from different people but just discovered and that is awesome. You can reach out to us that big world of wrestling at gmail.com. And also I'm a social media it's a Grammy Twitter at I'm Steve makes. Thanks for listening.