MIGS vs TWOW 007 – Kofi Kingston

Wednesday, June 21st

On today’s episode, Migs chats with WWE Superstar, Kofi Kingston. Kofi  is going to be at the XFinity Arena in Everett this Sunday at 5pm for their WWE Live Summerslam Heatwave Tour…tickets are available at XfinityArenaEverett.com.

Kofi talks to Migs about who is the biggest trash talker, and who is the worst, on the WWE roster, they discuss the controversy surrounding women’s Money In The Bank match last Sunday, who Kofi is most excited to see succeed on the roster, and what pop-culture reference that he wished the New Day would have tackled.  Plus… Kofi gives some great life advice while telling Migs that he has a shot at making it in the WWE?!?

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It's now time for work. Days vs them. World. I welcome again to another episode of migs vs the world wrestling full disclosure I was planning on holding onto this interview in till the end of the week on Friday when I usually put out. Migs vs the world wrestling. But it's so damn dead I didn't wanna wait so let's just jump right into it. You know arm you love him he's from the new day Kofi Kingston WWE superstar going to be here this Sunday at the expend any arena in Everett. That's at 5 PM the this Sunday June 25 get your tickets at explaining the arena every dot com I'll be there I cannot wait so let's chat with Kofi Kingston. And also the deputies PR guy my buddy my homey. Joke he'll start things off a major vs the world wrestling makes. Jones. What have wrote you dumb man I'm not alive rob. I don't do I'll do a great just grinding your way as always buy dot I can't complain come alive as well throughout February route and we're really you know what else your point about Iraq come home my wife doesn't yummy most of the time zone things are getting bigger don't have apple at that the battle. Full throated I have Kofi Donald sort awesome man drove rejection well. Go for your line live migs. Who is probably one of the worst interviews of all time. Yeah I. Because I don't have been fires yeah I can't. Happen. Many measures may do it may do we do it could get a good broad so I'll make a young mom oh yeah. Got well. It's their friend scrapped by you the worst is no is always out of order that it would be your friend didn't correct on your that's dumb idea I live like get play hockey a lot so I was not a lock Germany cannot do Dodd then you got to start one what I do wrong there. Pretty much yeah. Sophia Loren does and then then then you and your crew whether it be the guys in the new day are urged anyone with in the locker room gives the most crap from new resumes the Joseph all of the moderate you know I think it's probably like. Equal you know a lot of us played video games so like we always talk show us what we will replay. Do you know what staying power gives a lot of people a lot of crowd people we don't they see cigar out there was about it is out there you go. Violent for the kids but don't let that fool you every night Leno cracked well you've hard your dad you're my favorite. Item one moment we sink our ways that I wanted to wrestle mania is a couple years back him in Dallas I was fortunate to go to the international press odd dinner and I'm talking which in turn is its look and he's like. Did this sucks I can't because my mask covers my mouth yeah I thought Mike Leo the bat there won't be where all of you run into the bathroom and a plate of crude. Yeah. Yeah and it's gotten that the sacrifice you make you do the don't know about you don't whose who's the worst that guy jog talking trash. Who do wars it's off. But you know. You know I think are being good conditional. I'm used to be used. Pretty bad at talking just a quick little finger like it's so bad but it's good you don't break a leg. Very complete though you go club club. Sometimes it's your best it can have been he's a break from anchorman. Yeah I asked. Good WW you gotta work on the shot clock being considered. Thought we talk to it I Kobe Jason are very excited that the W Eli summer slam he waved Tories are coming to Everett at the extent any arena in Everett obvious Sunday. At 5 PM get information at WW we dot com or purchase tickets at extending the arena Everett dot com. Our resale is listening to the big show is being interviewed by Chris Jericho Chris Jarvis podcast he was talking about how much. He loves doing the live shows a non televised shows more than during the televised shows is that the common. Vibe in the locker room is that how you know while. And why would have been about hoping about the beloved event first elbows over the thousands at a phenomenal you don't mean like the firework and everything but we're restricted to a time when their right you know you you. Tehran and arrives Mac but I and there's going to be a two hour we are so depending on which when you look at now a lot of that there's not really that same restrictions so we get it cut out little bay you know. We could interact with people a lot more it's a lot more. It is very interactive you know we can. Really just kind of let loose a little bit more because you don't have that time construction of love being on television. So it's really cool truly interactive and if you like a lot of people say that you would go to a lot of interest a lot of fun so. Yeah it's going to be great men like lot myself when when you wouldn't that you get in the ring express you know a lot of them like it's. Always good time you know and not you put a certain there. I would read on go into. This afternoon. Awesome like I'm so happy that you've got a very brief valid reasons and spend our doorsteps wonderful and and brilliant in reperformers. And now over the past like two monsters so they've really broken out and and like this team is that they shelved. And you see this kind of come together before your eyes it's. You know god but look what happened without the yeah like us and our chemistry and I got together and a lot of people like oh wow this doesn't happen usually met right now with Redondo so. It also be able to get an Arabic that was Kevin not to mention that the broad who've done the same thing I mean not much probably deep ball took umbrage Harriet. But at the same time but they're very entertaining you good legitimate slams because each others sentences you know and and the intensity there I admit passion. You know is it I'm not that comfortable wrestling background I'm rescuing families and you see that it would every move they make so. Are to be in there and go and head to head with both of those teams is it provides for an amazing that's who watched a lot of different. You know just. Style yeah actually go out and actually put that to be adult about the difference thousand storytelling. And an option we love to do. Denbury dot that's so Cooley here just like your prospective of being happy to see other guys succeed the focus obviously it's. You know you did it competitive industry in the sense that everybody wants their shot everybody wants to succeed him be on the spotlight be the main event player. But they hear you talk about how happy you are to see guys who bring grinding away in. Who knows that this is gonna work who knows if it's not and probably a lot of second guessing going on behind the scenes in the deceit the breeze on though did the fashion police thing. Blow up and hear how happy you aren't so it's refreshing to hear that kind of sucker some armed. I loved seeing success but in my peers is is much is having success myself. Oh yeah what I am and even from like didn't respect that you as far as like loving a better so I guess you wanna be successful and that that he would not be expected to wrest the so. You don't want anything to come easy go I would wanna do it or want us to be about I want everyone else just talks a little bit. Know what though look over the so you'll have competition they can you know that you can match up against so it makes it fun for us to be able to go up against guys who were. Also think that make us raise our game and and a great big game and it's provide for the best product possible that the. Who are sub would you throw men and their list of people you Icahn whose whose success recently has been really like just so exciting for you to watch happened and why. There's so many people I mean honestly like if you move division right now the winning even like yeah that you tell what the first ladder match yeah. Ever money in the bank ladder match which. It's awesome to me like be on the roster modern history being made I've known that he for so long even before we got started before. I mean look before we were on our television they were here in the the developmental program together. On a coma so. Good to see how hard she's worked you know you've been in Japan before and now she's in this historic match you know documents. Very similar to the big money for so long makes the VWE and now here's some news Charlotte you know all those go to work so hard. And you go to see them in that money in the bank ladder match on the third literally on the brink of history it's. Also mommy now gosh you have. Eight based I'll see you never thought would be yeah he's gonna WW range this challenge every single time he goes out. He's going to be and so you know of yet since K you know who. Japanese super mega star. You never got into him at WW really WW WW you can write to reassert and now he's here you know our cabin only the big guy who is on the independence in a legend you know. Are people thought he would never make it here you've made here and he's. Been world champion you know not United States had itself. There are like just it's a very special time. And W WP especially if you're wrestling fans. Because DC and you know all the energy level has been through to get here and it even if you're not a fair and you're getting to see all these. Also an amazing superstars in the same place at the same time especially the smackdown roster like young women who specify an American really excited did. I'm I say it a lot and not I mean it editorial pac 1015 maybe even five years from now and look at this period as being such an important. Ground breaking time for a professional wrestling for everything that you just listed off is a reason why and I I just been at a wrestling fan. I mean it's an added it annoys my wife because all I do now let's watch the network watch wrestling I'm just obsessively watching everything go the summit's good stuff. Part of what do I so wanna throw out that you and I'm not trying to like. Could ask questions a cause like you know that as a sensationalist to questions but obviously a big controversy and I thought it was awesome as a wrestling fan I love watching other wrestling fan. People imploding the whole James Ellsworth being the main player and in the money in the bank match for the ladies obviously is upset some people but what's your take on out. Won't might take a bit I mean like first of all regardless of what happened like Andy matched the you have you wanna have people talking. Yeah having Ellsworth beat a guy to you know grabbed the briefcase in the first level nobody in the Banco ladder match at first. You know it's kind of it's kind of like jarring ride good you'd expect the woman to do it let. You think about electric car to the ultimate played. He would Carmelo pause yeah Carmelo is is the one who had the power in this situation right so it's like really empowering. Bit Carmelo can command this man to go up there and grabbed his briefcase and give it to her and now for McCarrick of prospective like the what you pay Ellsworth. Yeah and I you hate Carmelo. We're destroying this moment you don't feel like that's what WW dol about the entertainment aspect and getting you to steal something. And this is really struck a chord with the entire group W universities you know are on sale of the incident the other cold situations how to unfold but the most important part of that. Is that everybody's watching your so right now prospective mission is accomplished right because it was a substandard. Lot of mass wherever you go girl went up for grab it I mean that would have been cool. But not nearly as controversial. I did acknowledge you have so many people would different opinions. And I think it off the map to a WW bell about to get people react. In my fair parties to watch and the reaction so different than when my Brock Lesnar beat the undertaker and I've been in to see your reaction after the fact that made me love. The decision even more because it's like wow this has gotten people really their feathers are ruffled in. No he has heard no one's dead from this looks like it's it's entertainment let's enjoy it nice I love it did I thought it was great yeah but the more investment more controversial hard hitting question I have for you is how and how do you wrestle on the issues and where the hell did you. Find out how hot ha ha ha I am and I I you know what I guess so well and we were coming up. It. You know fitted at UW and these self growth in its bowl Mike Rabelo know like minor league system. Our trainer used to make us Wear boots like that you popular wrestling boots and I was so clumsy Americans like actually I've never won resolute up until the coming. A wrestler right so I've always played basketball or even like every directly we're amateurs use light. I'd never was really good in it boots so when I got out of that as the night went right back to speakers. Automatically you know so it it's just I feel more comfortable if he could not do enough boots so. My goal now is the pilot the most extravagant speaker you know that you could win you've gone on yeah. We don't have to look at our it's almost it's kind of similar to a woman that wears high heels right leg. You might suffer a little bit. But this year you look good view of the day though that kind of the philosophy. That I go by. You know it's all about the look of the issue you know possible that you know we're pretty comfortable anyway but a snowman up Bob deadliest figurehead for Serbs launch on earth. Got a break down because extravagant thing. I say it's fashion refer function always right. Yes I got a perfect yet exactly. I'm proud to go I wanted to ask up because a well loved about the new days that you guys is this embrace pop culture are battered and anybody I've ever seen do in the world of wrestling. Is there something in the world to pop culture that you wish you could have addressed but it didn't or is it something that you like to in the near future. You don't want we I think we're pretty good job does not addressing. What what's relevant I think that's one of the things that does that make it's like so cool that makes this so interesting. Is that especially in this day and age if you have social media. World so as soon as something happens you've got a jump on him right away and thin but you don't jump on that. But the buzz and that's who we try to do best I don't know predicting your view of like lead I mean are your honor that I would have liked to have done like the robbers saying. A word all I think that Rockford like crazy happened. Unlike. Let go Thursday. And then we were on television until Tuesday it's likely that might have talked about it on Monday right in every Don go about their hands on it on the embed job missed out on that. But how we got to be talked about coming out. It like some colorful romp through you know and you know today Iran vs I'll buy now man. I think I'd argue look man over a local it's convenient it's a one piece outfit used underdogs. Are your free it's liberating. I think it looks pretty good you don't want us to be job where some pretty pretty extravagant pay the bills in the matchup with the opinions about it but it's all good. That's perfect for summer festival season man succumbed to analyze functional value great one last thing and then die I'm sure Joes don't laugh when I tell you this because he knows me he seen me 42 year old man decided at the age of 42 I'm gonna take wrestling classes. And doing it now fur a few weeks out of my body feels like it's getting hit by a truck every single night I doubt it I thought when I'm loving the experience I'm I'm obsessed with the experience so much some going multiple times I've no idea if it's ever gonna turn into anything. But the experience has been so rewarding and it's fun to challenge and push myself in ways I never been pushed. Do you remember your first wrestling class of what was it like for you 100%. Of the art. Our members so all I graduated from high school and college and went to the corporate world basically read this stereotypical type you're supposed to go wanted to but I always thought he would college you know give yourself a job and grind it out so retirement and I started doing bad like I I hated it you know I had I was working for the staples corporations. But we were in cubicles. And I have my iMac computer I remember the first they walked into that cubicle but my heart sank. Michael like garlic it's the rest of my life and it worked why some people you know what I mean like but for me like being election and I'm not getting goose bumps even thinking about it now. But I knew that it whether we're all supposed to beat. That a lot of people are getting into that situation and they don't do anything about it I'm lucky that I did and I decided to become a deputy superstar because that started. Trading arm after works I would have my like 89 hour days whoever job and our. And they'll work out I'm you know and they go through a practice and have like an hour. Practice catch and I remember the first period and I walked just like the smell of the rest of the world. It's C ropes and seeing everybody and they're getting the world's. Like I cannot express the difference between walking into that room for the first time vs walking to my cubicle for the first time goes by the day I knew. That it was where I was supposed to be. You know and it was just I knew that. Whether I've made it I didn't make it I knew I was gonna try new bit. You know it was gonna be fulfilling just being there was fulfilling enough so. Our hats off to you man like I tell everybody that you never know. What is going to be needed or WW rough to I would look at James Ellsworth is big guys. Came out as an enhanced league guy yeah you can not just to make broad shouldered broad so removed people who don't know is up. Seven football just bad monster his beard and about four feet if you don't say there's this wild man and it was designed for James outlook to come out and get beaten up. Five brought so much about what he came out he had this you need look he embraced the role of you know it's being via Bubba the underling the guy who do good up you know the above ultimate underdog. And now close yet. But even that's good job that they that they brought about what the next week they kept bringing him back and now he's on the roster. And now he would the one who actually took a brief gates are professionals. You know promoting beautiful like you think about life. I mean James outlook could very easily very large ball carrier warm this does. Fought there at obvious that you brought so many and then not be it Saudi cool what he did it you don't have me like he he embraced this role. And look at about so I mean you like you're dead before it to your door I don't feel we like it doesn't matter how old you are if you. Have retrieved and you're passionate about it like you owe it to yourself to try to pursue because you have no idea what the future holds. And you don't pick the greatest thing in the world would be if Bert it's actually much to work out. What matters to work like you don't have to LA if he does he have which are you who and what if you get too old. You know and are you looking packaging like you have an obvious regret that you wondered what it. You'd be really uncertain really mad at yourself so anybody out there with injury UOP itself to a person who would have to follow it. The olive I would go to those two small but I was ever gonna make it in at WW ring because I wasn't sixty now more than 297 pounds. And here I am ten years later on though the main roster I've been. The multiple targeted cargo of Soviet they have got no champion United States European. Championship you want to achieve. That has been the longest start trying to champions of all time like these are not gold he's yet. But be debated don't happen unless you try while so you've got to you've got to pursue your dream. If for anything else just her. This to find out you know if if you can do it or not you don't know why would it. Add to get and are you download upload it can do whatever good did that was incredible man does our enemy got my ring tone and listen listen to it every time I need just about pick right up. So your timing is there WW might one venue and uncoordinated 42 year old guy that's questionable value roles at an average like drops. I'm your guy you'd never know you never know what they would still leave and you never you'd never know. You know not do you gotta keep pursuing. Admit honestly that big men I was is awesome Millicent I hear you talk about that I was I was there America is alerting them that can apply to not just wrestling can apply to anything that anyone's listening right now. If I hear it I mean it's just about taking that chance to put your best foot forward in and having a good attitude about it and I I love listening to yet. There have been a break and I appreciate it but I did expect Kelly to see you on Sunday again the Demi WE's live our summer slam he waved toward coming to Everett at -- been any arena I'll be there. It's going to be a great time so for the bald headed guy in the front row screaming I'll remain. You need help I'm I'm ready to drop that like drop. Ed we might we might need you I mean yeah there maybe you need to like talked about what should our got a election. OK to anybody who doesn't like it didn't go live it's amazing if it's completely different what you see on TV very interactive like you were talking about. So yeah I you know come out. Have a good you know saying we always love being out there because energy is so positive about the world about so. About thirty you know bring your side we see all the side the people make we seal. Which means he can cheer for your good to guide that you did your life can end Buddha got the you don't life in an have a good time and haven't under unforgettable memorable experience don't. Do you remember. Sign that made you laugh I could ever being on the WB event in their zone and like the top model and I saw at said the at a bulls kick Dan. And in Washington without Yahoo! volume are on that to maybe cracked up but that they're gonna sign that you saw you were just like all my guys gave neo big you look at this sock. Exhibit this I don't. Somebody until we're like big gamers or whatever I've ever look at how the crowd and see somebody with. Like our pages are an street fighter tire off. You know the I think I was sort of lead with a pig tail flick element out delegate got some sleep all that big all of this weird this is cool. I like it you know so you know I got there we keep all those side. There's so many people out there there are created you don't get. Express themselves you know all and that's really what Debbie Debbie you go about. You come out there you express yourself you get entertain you have a great guy that's it. Donald good. Sunday that's what's gonna happen again now over the extent any arena an average WW is like summer slam he waved torque. Go to Jack got to talk to you forever mamet did Dinah so much for taking a few minutes out of your day and I thank you Joseph is well that was a a new experience side thanks again. Yeah replacement and I follow you on our Twitter at true Kofi. Pat troop Cokie that's right. Observed this many guys not that bad ideas and sometimes. I know I either RAF I don't know broad. That was awesome out a decision I'm expecting Debra while that includes another addition of migs vs the world wrestling what might be my favorite of all known that disk. I did not think that I was gonna go down that road when I jokingly throughout town taking wrestling classes but now I'm ready. And check it out now I'm not gonna jump and during my buddy zero probably pull meat and keep me from doing now because well he's a Smart man and he knows how I am ignoring him number yet. But anyways it's going to be a great time. WW we live summer slam he waved toward the new day's going to be their gender my hall taken on since Kinnock a more in the main event although I got a camera for that. Looking at their website looks like Charlotte players going to be there. To have an all wins sound like god Kofi gave us an idea that the breeze dongle is gonna be there as well. It's going to be a good time if you've never been to one of their live events or not they're taught the televised ones are awesome don't get me wrong I love going all home. But there live events your fan just straight up wrestling and seeing. These guys really show off their personalities and they truly do at these live events see you get to see a different side some times that you don't get to see on television because I guess prop he said. Their time constraints. Trust me go check it out tickets are available just go to. Extending the arena every dot com or WW dot com and be sure to shoot out kofia tweet them know how much fun you had listening to him on the podcast. Actually coach Pete I would appreciate that you can find me on Twitter and also thanks to grants out. I'm Steve makes it even now migs world of wrestling at gmail.com. Telmex time. Thanks for listening and we'll see you Sunday. All right guys expect any arena an average for WW we live summer slam.