MIGS vs TWOW 008 – Shane Strickland

Friday, June 23rd

Migs chats with the International King Of Swerve…Tacoma’s own, Shane Strickland.  You can see Shane on Lucha Underground (he is “Killshot”, and you can see him next week at Defy Wrestling.  Defy “Gigantic” is happening on June 29th in Tacoma at the Temple Theater, and June 30th at Washington Hall in Seattle.  Get tickets and info at DefyWrestling.com.

Migs and Shane chat about how he has been gaining a reputation for putting on great matches wherever he goes, his involvement with the WWE’s video game (Shane does the motion capture stuff for many of the WWE Superstars), and what non-wrestling stuff inspires him.

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It's now time for work. Amazed vs them. World. What's up and welcome to another addition of migs vs the world wrestling for Soviet don't know I am the ring announcer and host. Of the fire resting you see some of our past episodes that defy on the man dot com and next week. So excited to five gigantic defy four and a 55 is going to be happening. Thursday night June 29 at the temple theatre in Tacoma and that one is all ages and then Friday night. On the thirtieth back at aero stomping grounds Washington hall you know it's dubbed we get loud and I love being a part of defy wrestling. Especially because they're gonna get to know some of the great wrestlers that come to town to perform. And one of those guys is seeing Strickland. You know Jane as kill shot from the huge underground and he's just been chairing it up on the Indy scene. So let's chat would change Strickland about his upcoming match against Mac cross via more information and tickets at the five. Wrestling dot com let's chat which were himself Sheen Strickland very excited to have you on the podcast and not it's crazy. To think. I mean wasn't it like for someone to go we first met for five months ago where Andrea. It conceivable where your career has gone in just those four or five months is if I am not occur towards. Also it's it's a wild let the same time it's like something I always try to expect you not like I'm always trying to plant a progression. Yeah you know really you do you one expect the kind of thing but it like getting pummeled the mom you know appreciating every level I go through. An hour ago I you got to sit in marble let things that you as you progress and eat whenever you don't like again like you can eat. Your career and what that whenever you're trying to accomplish so like are still. I want to expect the kind of thing about it and I'm happy that might look back and my progression in my outlook. Have been and produce pure. I don't feel like it's been like yours that I now know doing a Mike cloud yeah. I first night you obviously a lot of people probably do what they knew you for was as kill shot from new John McGrath and now I mean that's like. Obviously is still awesome monogamy Iran like I'd I'd love what's going on would reach underground but I feel like these days it's more about change Strickland and that's got to be written very rewarding yet. Idea that outlet or another well then that was definitely wanted to try to work on this year. But dutrow who just had who had such a long break meadow lake arm and like I can't play each can't actually use Dellucci and underground character. Like your good lead and eventually but no luck no luck the deluded my opportunity to show what you are going in all are a lot of these. Promotion this tall order. On to an industry you know I'll that in my chances late come out of that hill and show the world you know and I had to take all Bennett today and but one opportunity led to another and he were an opportunity to let you know you're like it snowballed to a record low likes oh my. That night an opportunity I'm getting now in place that is it is the meeting this is. Why eight. I deserve this you know that the wife is Turco why do or do you eat certain basic. Maybe it's using nowadays an Emmy it out I don't know if you notice about I would imagine you've got to pay attention social media whatever it may be it saw. It's like do you want to guarantee match of the night exchange Strickland and we've seen here in Seattle now led defy every time you you show up I think about the last the fire was you and John Morrison and the that the five before that. I mean I I mean it would be hard pressed fine and a matches and comes close to weigh UN DV a new and Leo did it to fight till. Oh man like that that police special Sunni and I'm glad it was special to the despite. Audience it was special to the promotion itself but I do appreciate the stand and like the people there are. That we witnessed the matched the premium video. That did put you put don't such a pedestal like that I do looted truly appreciate that. Will be the ones to come to your tires and tell you that it was an incredible mess I pray it apps apps apps apps but yeah. Look how look silly that look at all the Mets had literally doubted that we bought all of our best ones we weave when you guys are having that kind of match I've I've I find it fascinating you've just got to get inside the mind of you guys a while it's going on Larry are you aware of how special it is I mean is it can you sealed like divide that the crowd is giving you or is it. All we'd definitely like I had a dark times where it's. Yet we got heated up to live in the moment of what he knew he didn't feel that sometimes things. Don't go as planned or sometimes things go better than planned and sometimes you do it when that happened you gotta slow everything down. And make that one moment or that those several moments in the match it that means way more you get that much adamant that you can because audiences pumping so much a lot of energy into that atmosphere. Dad makes the match is better yeah double our blog and firm believer of that and reacting and like. Giving a like garden there. Investment into a met her character her. That is what makes a good match agree match you wanna try to have a good match but that can't make it a great matchup that makes things. Actually I did their bets what I love about what's going on what to fire wrestling and and just with independent wrestling in general there's. Did the crowd is. Just as much of a pig and I'd just as much but is a big part of the match. As the match itself I mean obviously we you guys are doing is is next level but when when you give a dead crowd I mean it's got to be frustrating for you guys as well. Oh yeah and you're Patriot Coal and oil and nobody there and here's who fall into the same thing I could there if you have a great match nobody there to cheer on our talk about it or hear he would. What it as good as you thought it was you know blip or the about the audience you know the at the end of the day it's all about. Getting butts in seats and that there entertained and walking out of the media event with a newfound glory or new cut favorite wrestler newfound love for the business they can keep continuing coming back. I remember talking to you at defied backstage and and BSE which unit Jim Carey he said via a video of a view being used as the motion capture guys per WW east UK games how did you get involved with that. Allure pearl bumper to Kenny king he's a good friend of mine and he doesn't it very frequently we hung hell. Unbelievable in Dallas smerconish and we get any much aid and you'd be really great bird dog that sort in the look at Brad can do certain things being captured moves the game you would you wanna you be able to own yeah soda unrest. Thought brought in to do it and that the educate people we hit it off instantly. And for those that don't know what that means system you will go and they'll like so see you up with all this different light looks at certain points I need you recruit the moves that somebody that BC reserves the right. In particular you'd really like they got a and you interleague games salute you literally electron almost. Sounds. Procuring deterred by human tomorrow that the end and they got a did we decide to drink and eat. They literally like gum day and they watch everything watch all independent delivery of YouTube videos don't like. And being that they need captured from sir gather either going to be in the game not only are we gonna be he'll be or just really cool movie that people love to see. You know like didn't make it okay may have had a game but they what they love the meaning you'll. Actor so I thought I am good I heard him do it okay and an hour an hour and our and our little I like doing. Yeah hours. So as it is there a certain guy that was the hardest to replicate as far as the move set. Politico is probably going the most political understood Africa's big east you can muddy almost the same brain and I don't have. Or do like come off. Good because you like early if you didn't if they wanted to have to launch from an immediate need to capture smooth width of the body and that size. Yes you can only get somebody really close today outside this. Right now but they calypso like they they need small people do this or you know our lakes rich ones such import duty which is excellent premise only person that doesn't do it right great you know reached bleacher so much. That is insane or so badly at the data comes there's got to be so much fun as you know I mean I'm just above wrestling nerd dom died detailed listener do you talk about in your guy who obviously is a fan of wrestling and our incredible Russell works. Really did those things must be an a video game fan it's galaxies merging all your favorite things together you get a paycheck for a that's got to be awesome. Actually hit a bad week to put lights they're not you're a video game. You to be around video game you preclude an end night. They could do a really really nice hotel do you go back hero don't play more media being there the day or you can go do whatever else. The plague or about six a good of the twelve year old me would. Marveled at the food has that I understood it sounds like NASCAR right there yet passed a toga I. Lauria one of my favorite things as guys and I'm talking to impose podcast is out to do the weirder wrestling experiences that you've had and you've traveled. Not to sit here and it it is in our country but in the entire world. And imports probably some incredible promotions and then some that in my head scratching promotions what's the one of the weird place zero. I have never planted any police and weird that a typical of my head or a million just like that. Number in the brain that they seem to your community or those. Who have been there like so paramedic. He could be one of the two. I'm like wait a huge souvenir great you know like. Pretty normal like toward my being a normal thing in wrestling may be leg is far out weird dude people regular you know right outside of it I don't know. I'm a lot of can't ground war and I'm like. Seven people. Done that Ariel years ago I have got. Obviously having never wrestled in front of a group of people Laurie Allen is like I play music and we just recently I played a show where there was like six people watching us play. That's gotta be tough I mean obviously you wanna make sure you put on a great show for those six or seven people but it still like some of a pitch from. And I come out of my life on the line thanks and good news that the best there. The area and dropped in American politics people know the only real mobile care theft happened around. I would say oh there are delighted Russell probable mart before. It's sort of a Wal-Mart yet that that they'll look at all they're meant to look at charity event are Israeli moneys and for only god. You before I go piracy Asian and some comic bit hot or to have all those shopping cart stored up and up on the side of the building we use and you know let out between the wrestling and a dual threat you wrestled. They're like eight our net he's like the longest day of all time remember the country. We always love I got mine Jaycee that the people Wal-Mart did you ever get distracted by type the burdens. The interesting characters that some are sure to wal mart's. At that point here and enter interrogators if they're like oh so the interesting chargers look did you guys think he's just a weird where they do and yeah that played like now nothing distracts you hear you traction with the Jim do you Wear about a. Recently got to have the opportunity to take some of wrestling classes which has been to see as surreal experience for me to just get inside the ring and an experience taking bombs and doing roles and doing things and never adopt my body had the ability to do and it's been. One of the most incredible and and fun experiences I've ever had. Can you remember the first time you took wrestling class of what was that experience like for you. Oh he says the day eat I'm really goes to date after a mood and Virginia I like electability and moved on to Virginia to us start our country he's in. This certain number one to school at the time as little I just look at Poland say the person rustling in. Richard Virginia. And I found grounder wrestling and and the phone number on their call them like right away you know like on Saturday really went on to today. Start my training I got brought my mom came in with me sign you up and out of my personal check hey you hooked after that earlier other victim. Yes and like at that point every gain they're like a back seat to Breslin at that point. It's so like school lunch and like in my head that much in addition to being below wrestling you know like all this can wake of that do you wrestle. You know like this you still are called off if you are gonna hold off on paying the bill because it appear that the Catholic. The news like that for the longest time that's and you know. At that you're doing something that is that's up passion when when you realize OK everything else takes a backseat to it at Stetson that's awesome a year man. And then I I never liked abort so much effort to on anything on any subject on the anti. And anything can never put forth an and you not just her and I did put Portland wrestling and that's when I knew that that little numb. This is what I needed to do now even in military had like. Knew I had to do certain things the night after the studied these manuals and go to these courses and all do things do all the certain paying. But hey I. Never put forward. A 100% effort and doing those things have been done but I can't elect hosted group yeah I'm really. Excel Adam or took extra step to home but wrestling expert like underneath it seemed. Percent and everything I didn't wrestling and still to debate still group. I don't like one of my favorite moments backstage at one of the defy shows would suit Wednesday that it was not the last woman to fight to when you and I just had a moment just kind of BS in men and a thank you you you were. Only one of the most like generous guys he give advice to me for how did. Be a better ring announcer I do I really did appreciate. That and I I just love Mike just talking UNC make that fire in your eyes about the character that is shame Strickland and and and developing it. And in you know and and into what it's become. Do you have like an inspiration behind I mean obviously you. But you know sometimes you gotta pull from other things as well tonight kind of create this larger than life character that change Strickland in the ring it's oppose sushi and Strickland just hanging out backstage or at dinner or wherever it may be. We're where do you find any inspiration as far as building the character. Opera and do other things that other thing that I lows like a big music fan. How are now the good then you know what up in the Booth and it's a martian. I and that big and a bit upon inspiration those things because it's not or anything closer Russell. And so when you find two things that I like so far from each other it and you make our way to put it together into complex something so we knew when you need. And in different from everything else. What what grade are you listening to as far as music I what's what some deny you really day M. Travis Scott right now about one of us here are the student who currently being he's like. Duties sounded very artistic. And this immediately got visual sound like you know I'm almost like you're I didn't. Pictures there's not just what he's saying or how he's saying you know like all. The companies avoid eating it music that you give you a certain he opens up now outside and that's what I try to bring out. It and her habit that appeal then I don't lobby like an episode that neither come out to undergo a good thing nobody from yeah soccer how to you do feel should know. Not just this town not on account good milieu appeal in a battle try to Scott that's from me. Right now doesn't give you certain peeled down like I wanna try to incorporate this. And bring that to rest and when people see no denying that senior like. Like in meg like deal at all like no you want you to feel what I offer until what I bring to varying. Feel my matches feel my visual appeal that. Shall I want this to be a whole entire experience lack. Entered perform and when at least. I wanted to be all. A whole new experience had you not getting from anybody else. Do when booted him and that music hits at the Washington hall every time it's like who's I did for me it's a surreal because I'm sitting in the ring and I'll be watching the entire crowd how much people. Who maybe don't have the best rhythm and I'm a guy who doesn't have very good rhythm so it's fun to watch other people don't have the best rhythm. Trying to dance the song and I'm like that's awesome they're feeling they don't even care they're just getting sucked into that world that is what you've created which has got to be. Thought the minute you walk out back current need to see everybody's already invested in into what you're about to bring in the ring. It's like some of that people again ever. In any industry at all is given more than just a performance the human experience you know yeah and that that's what you need to do you bring your own. Some of the best actors in movies gives best experiences. Like. Pinnacle and a movie watch that was good know your experience that you like you're running for cover in trying to find a way you don't like you on the ships thinking you know that was an experience that. That certain things can give you an idea of not a lot of films can do. I hate to be relish in I've never seen not Titanic got things that I'm I've been that the cost to stay away from revolutionary. The deadly when you whenever you can get to do it like what movie did deadly much did you now play here. There is definitely get the jets could lose its yardage it just it's very serious. It's been a joke with my wife denies he's been trying to figure out a way to sneak to move beyond and I'm like no they should do that we wanted them to know hook and it looked admittedly I've loved the felt I was like out didn't what is it now Mike's I don't know like Titanic but now it's kind of like didn't dislike. Inside joke with my wife and I that I refuse to see who took what you Soledad and that's what you use that film as an example. Well it well like you did but actually the best thing about the thing about. Cinema no you don't you don't watch it you don't want things on dvd go to the movies to beat an experience that it. Yes you know you really even now on you don't. Armed. You don't. Another example you don't like just. Listen to music on headphones and you really really eleven dollars you go buy ticket do a concert. Understand experienced that artist. You know you don't like go to even go to Parker and I'd fly it all day notice on. But you went into being part of the experience that the eight you know you you know you. You have very lucrative global doing and not just like let's do our best to what I try to do December Merkel from certain. Unless clued in before we didn't know not to discredit anybody else's work Jarrett knew that are a nominal out of during this. Party but I like I want to be a little more than Alan offered an extra Mitch yeah it just separated from everybody else and put me. Like come on along the above them mean without knocking anybody damage wanna off today and everybody ought to be vetted in the next. Where like they were also be better and I don't you. Outdo somebody else there's debt there's certain people that. Boom to the need to place stepping on another person to get a vote or they just let out outperformed our boy just wanted to be outperformer and that's what the industry right now our generation has pretty much doing it is very competitive up friendly competitive nature that. This new young generation as they always want to outdo one another. And that's a friendly competition that we had like me and ricochet always wanna try to outdo him. The key piece you don't such a high pedestal then he have to constantly apple former body becomes appointment that he didn't. In any Callahan will be on so on the same show. They'll have a diplomats and aid we want it I'm gonna shut it happened that she wanted to try try to talk much. But at the candidate who wins. This and didn't yet because you Wear their ball spinning top performances from both with two different guys to get to matches you know Leo we went out do each other. He's having yet DB I have Morse and you know. Keep wanna cut outperforming a morning type apple forum but at the end of the day. The benefit is dependent upon. You get a whole experience a Michaud. When and that's the reason I decided Jessica would Davey Richards is about something like that intended to get boils down to what you guys have going on right now as this community of wrestler is where you view this as opposed to like he had his comp competition but it's not this. Negative side of competition it's more wrote a community version of competition because you won up. In addition to being great you wanna build the people around you to be great because everybody wins integrity I do dumb it's so excited about that the match in Tacoma to temple theatre which is. A 54 on the 29. And everyone can get information and tickets to defy wrestling dot com you're going to be taken iMac cross and I know you guys have experience in the world of each underground together but it I can't even imagine what kind of a match you two were gonna have when when do when you guys come out in that at temple theatre. Oh dude like me and as head several matches ET together a lot more than lucky again but every time we get in the ring together it's a special moment and and again I want officer a different experience and web. Pillar to you do you will win you have opportunities like pick we get to wrestle or when you have options are before he -- up for certain things is that something that is. Have you taken them in the back to remind like oh. I have a wrestling guy like that before and now would be a great challenge for myself. Yes yeah. He's coming around more so now so is there somebody are also like on your wish list of as far as its unique compared to other guys that you wrestle where you're like I can't wait at some point down the line I wanna take this guy on. No Masada the U. Former CW world heavyweight champion as I'd I like oh I like to do you think that nobody expects me to do. They are going to be good but it became a human being who you would do that like how can now avenue. Right ought to prove everybody your doubts that rock every gun dudes always. I love talked me can I just loved the the passionate you have an images dubbed it the way you can just share of your your passion for wrestling and I think that that's something that. I always look forward to just catching up with UN when you come to define it as special part of watching you do what you do in the ring it will end and I can't even imagine what other match against Mac cross is going to be like on the 29 and then and then I would hope that we're gonna see you also I would imagine on the thirtieth as well depending on how things go because it is part of the the Grand Prix semi finals against Mac process. And then on the thirtieth earlier Seattle at the Washington mall and the aggregate he goes out saying that it. Thank you on behalf of all the stands at defy you always put on an an incredible match in and give us such a great experience in. It just makes me mega Souza match is over elect him we get that on demand as soon as fossils they re watch some maxed out thank you so very much appreciated and I absolutely did and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in a month and Dodd thank you have taken a few minutes had the day and if people want to reach out to you of course they can find you one on Twitter at Strickland shame. A man on it's true there and it's grandmaster constraint and tegra Marco where twinkies are imperfect he's back that comes expressing circle and all the pie and double file on the man. Keep watching and he'd stay in June Hutus defy wrestling. Now partnership with the crash in the crash mutually brain he Mexico. And now partnered with the CDW wrestling Allen well bore you eagerly there's a lot of stuff coming out and his. They don't if I cash in in Seattle branch just everything else you need to know about wrestling and you need you wanna know that you need to know. It's insane after just three shows how much I mean I met a massive props to Jim Perry Matt farmer of you guys have just and so much behind the scenes to team to create and and you as well I know you got a lot to do with a connection with CGW. It's it's insane to CL quickly. This despite little Seattle promotion has grown in just a feel of few short months has been it's I'm very proud to be a part of it and and and very happy to see where it's going. I knew I knew I didn't make the right choice side and along with this project men. I'm worried under his interpretation that I can play every town hockey but I like making another leap forward. I'm on like yep I'm in the right choice and I'm and I'm honored to meet a guy that they chose to start this. I know I can speak for my son I guess is that room but I think I I feel safe in saying it's like you. Continue to give me reasons why I loved professional wrestling man you're you're. An all star in the ring and an end I'm stoked you're part of the defy family man. I'll thank you so let's rent break there and truly mean that really bore the main critique you guys appreciate the that in particular city. Pre K defy appreciate you Steve appreciate jammed. And look really admired Margaret let you gotta. Awesome man not likewise and not I'll see you on the 29 in Tacoma. I'll see their men appreciate it. Once again big thanks to change Strickland and I hope we'll see you next week at the 54 and a 55 defied gigantic and big gigantic. Actually thanks to our Jim Carrey the man behind the scenes that doesn't off Matt farmer as well but Jim thank you as always. Percent of these interviews and if you wanna follow the fire on social media just goes to act of five and W and get your tickets to fire wrestling dot com you can find me on social media as well I'm Steve makes. Twitter and insert Graham. And email the show. Migs world wrestling at gmail.com. Hope we will see you next week BBC need be sure to stay high until. Thank you as always for.