MIGS vs TWOW 013 - Bobby Fish

Thursday, July 13th

Check out Migs chat with Bobby Fish!  Bobby just got signed to NXT...and when he was in town for Defy Wrestling, Steve and Bobby sat down in the "Men's Lounge" for a discussion about improv & wrestling, tipping etiquette, how he almost quit wrestling soon after he started, and more!

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It's now time for war. Amazed vs the world. What's up welcome to another edition of big vs the world wrestling and talk about great timing. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with Bobby says she was in town for defy wrestling him big shot Jim Perry and Matt farmer. Great job as always put together defy wrestling with some incredible. National talent and some great local town if you haven't had a chance please check out the fire wrestling and skirted defy wrestling dot com. Couple great shows that are coming up in the very near future so you gotta wanna be there for them because you just never know whom. It's going to eventually leave the Indy world and jump into the world of the WW week. And that's exactly what happened with Bobby fish not a were rumors about him going to annex T. When I talked to him and we bring in up during this chat but nothing was a 100% confirmed. Well on the most recent episode of annexed if you watch it all the sun coming out with Bobby fish and you had a great moment where he was interviewed if you miss that here to got a clip from that. Hey Ed good practice here backstage in the next heat wave body fish he major debut tonight it was a huge surprise that Eckstein Evers. It was a hard fought loss what can an X he never expect from you within Ford. Yet kill this was my debut tonight in things did not go the way I had plans. But the fact is Bobby fish the 1 thing I am not so I am not a quitter. Kayla I will be back in that ring and if there's anybody who wants to know what I'm about. Simi and that ring annual find out exactly. Who I am. So very coal. And give you quick Baxter before we start this interview. There's hard finding a quiet place over at the temple theatre in Tacoma. It's such an old building block to echo we rooms so finally we we we we were desperate and we ended up doing this interview and the bathroom. Not exactly not exactly you bathroom but they call it a men's lounge if you ever been to the temple theatre on the second level. You walk in there's this couched. And then there's another door that leads you into the urine holes in the stalls. We did it sitting on that couch so as we're doing the interview you will hear some people kind of popping and I think sonic goes data greatly to door from here in the northwest. He walks by and I think also change Strickland he swings by as well. It's completely ridiculous there's a little bit of an echo because of that America is an awesome. Awesome interview Bobby fish truly one of the coolest dudes I've ever had the opportunity to speak to. And I am so excited that he is now part of the WW ease annexed he roster so let's just jump right into it might Jack. We've Bobby fish sold to the. In a picture we are currently sitting in a bathroom. Doing an interview which. When you said is not weird based on wrestling stick mix is now a desolate night by wrestling scene is simply not and to be specific were kind of up a room off the bathroom. So we're not actually touching porcelain. But. We're definitely close enough to pick up pretty strong aroma. Yeah they're okay yeah I had been serious that you're okay now so we're type. In the men's lounge in the house yeah and now we haven't awkward moments of guys walking in to go peek red and seeing you do your microphones. Well and being noticed the lounge they feel as though we're suppose you wearing smokers jackets. And hats cigars or there's something. Don't like it evenings there hopefully wash hands. You hi ally yet that's the funny very cool Isiah we'll see out there you know we should do this is great Graham a stack of paper towels at six jar. And many people dead constantly and them the favorites now I hate when that happens when you're going to have bad Germans like I don't have. You see a currency in my pocket like dollar bills yes me neither and they do it some I've seen in some airports now what does is that oh sorry that's OK don't worry I could be that isn't really un American people well actually no it's very American business right now we're the only country in the world where you get tips for everything. Yeah it's but it's like. I don't need your breath from. Mean it's I don't know your mouth why IE year year. Outdated Cologne. I don't know probably grabbing him out in front of my hands where can perhaps it's a weird thing they're trying to capitalize on people it's it is it's always like the most random like at a comedy club. It is what you feel that pressure whether you wanted to minute they're not right you feel as though. You do need to ship. Eight seething even the airports like the shuttle and stuff. There. I feel like if they don't handle my bags and they don't have to tips right. Well they are very adamant about handling your mess taggants like. I looked able bodied human being let it. I can get my bags get on the the rat thank you know are you doing at the outdoor right check in things. I know this so my home airport you park in the in one lot and then it the shuttle branches terminal. And like I certainly don't mind. Thrown a bunker you hear there but like I really don't do anything other than drive me over. And even if they do handle my back it's it's only because they're adamant about it right you know and I've been a former bartender like I'm always pretty quick to tip. Sure in note occupation I have like I meant that airport every weekend simple limit go broke. I mean I'm paying for parking in the league you let I can't it be every time. What noticed that once summer hours during the outdoor check in and the guys make. Check you know any any looks Sammy I look at him and there's a weird awkward the end I didn't know you're supposed to tip those guys and he says. Sir. A tip will go along way and now Mike. While Mike might luggage is in you're hands I have to tip now of course it's gross that lake if it's if it's. Ask for verbalize then yank yeah real gross reason that I in the world wrestling this is not. The weirdest situation to be in doing a radio interview in the middle of a bathroom and would have not. No I some of them are probably can't talk about I mean I've seen the I've seen. Illicit activities happened you know in. Settings like this before Max isn't. This Fiat pro wrestling we never. Sicily independent pro wrestling like there's not a thing that. It shocked me at the split probably forces who stay focused on essentially you've got all these outside distractions. They so it's kinda weird way in my train you to be a more focused individual because the other night didn't turn off all the noise around yet. Yeah I mean yeah that's that's it didn't matter where you are like that way when it's time to actually hit the ring yet you kind of got to tune. So shall and then focus on the things that you need to be. Letting in selling rights and to me. A ton of what we do out there is him props and you know I I've I. I don't believes I don't really view us as much as actors as much as I view us more as reactors right and yes. You gotta be in the race heads base further back to work you know because you've got to be thinking creatively but at the same time. You know we do an enormous lie in the and that's that require. Is certain sort of clarity I think that was one of the things I noticed rather quickly when I got involved with the fire wrestling which is what you're here for and dom. Doing the ring announcing stuff is the incredible improvisation the ability of all you guys and ladies as well. In the ring you know whether it be I might have a slob on the microphone and and the rest arm in the ring with just picks up on anything goes with it or you know and in the passenger incident which have commerce decay. Do you see this and that's just go with it and it was like this really cool as a guy who does radio. How my eyes open to all quite a while you know I I. Never really appreciated improper in the way that you guys do it and have so much more respect for our loved wrestling since I was a kid. But it never really thought of the improvisational nature of wrestling and it's like especially in the independent world via such a cool thing. It's something you gotta get. Comfortable with quickly because we you know we get one take that's how it goes that that's pro wrestling the one taken. You know over the years you get better added it's if you're open to Aden. Some might see Brooke moments in this business have come. Out of city total in drops dip when that pops into mind. Real. Recently there was a match with now myself and dolls castle that we did were for ring of honor and adult and I have known each other for awhile and M work. We you know we're pretty tight and gas. Dalton as. I think for him problem much in the way that I do yeah and we kind of just have a natural chemistry that probably the most friends passed. And for that match we've we really didn't put a lot together and there was. There was and the whole first ten minutes we worked around a handshake. And good that the building. You know to see your job is to get the crowd invested and but it's time we we get done with the handshake business this the the building was invested so I felt like. We did our jobs without. You know out after the killer cells which got a nice evangelist in day out nice and then but then and also it's it's the feeling creatively because. You know you you you get to do this and really hit it like I said it's about getting people invested. And so it's just eat your have been fun and now. It's always a good thing we hear occasional. Did you have a general tone like he spent some time doing theater stuff and also use in the world of radio backs they I Albany and I've met don't when he was in. Radio guy middle and Rochester okay yeah before Albany yet and I got you guys he wasn't in wrestling yet. He is a radio guy and I would say make it was probably Brody lead Luke Luke harper was. He was. In Rochester and I was friends with which in whom we would go out we would work at a place. Then it was like Prodi's home. Sander or whatever that's how I met dollars how much do you not miss the winters in Rochester. I mean I went to college or Plattsburgh how can I remember please god I died I now living in Seattle I love. From winters are forty degree yeah I grew up in upstate New York and I know all about the winners also worse the worse I mean thank your nostrils will seriously think Erin their nostrils while bicycle is well and justice is the unpredictability evidently when you think. Spring has arrived you'll get dumped on with snow and this is so demoralizing. Pencil with select yes at dawn had this improbably world of radio news for you was there something that. Helped you become an improvisation on wrestler. Yeah like when I was in college I was an English major. To be honest when I got into college I wasn't mature announced. Really no one I wanted to Menem has horror. I want to play a one mile one of the continue playing football and it wasn't like I went to Notre Dame and I went to a school that had football and I was playing football so like I really didn't care and down. I always was you know willing to read in and somewhat creative so English made sense and then it. I had to still a few voids in my schedule so I took a theater class in the Mexican improper class and then. Before I was done I ended up getting it Dieter certificate so. I kind of minor. In cedar was now really minor and in that I don't I don't know what you would consider picking up like an outsider that's fine and no yes it's definitely an outsider but I was kind of let inside every once in a bed and Lyle. Com click. But I realized that I did I had this attractions away specifically improper. Yeah but specifically the non scripted like OK I'm just gonna throw some at the wall and see what sticks yes you know and little that I know that then. Getting into this business how how much that would Dennis. And that's yet that's going to be the thumper when it does stick duties and how fulfilling that moment SOB so it's gotta be hard but liked it like. To stay within the character that you are in the rain when you realize they're loving this right now like you wanna like probably deep down and it. I well it's not. That differ Cole when make you know act like he seek character. I mean Nate if Islam playing a character is so close to me that sometimes I don't know where the line is yeah yeah you know because it really is. He. A friend a close friend of mine George he he would say to me all economies like. You know just the guy that's bull in the locker room as the guy you gotta get out in front of that camera and I guess I didn't I understood that but I could never do it yeah and then somewhere along the way to start that happened. It's like that I lively and that's great live but when they go in the studio it it's how do you capture that lie that Simpsons comedy. Now imagine that's a difficult thing. He had it was three years and then. I couldn't even tell you when it happened I just know that it's happened and I don't know win that it. So hopefully we don't get me to the career of the things are going really well you re. Not a bad I mean I got to know that that you have you I don't know when that's going to show up on the next tee but I know you just recently had a match and Alastair block yeah is that. I don't know how much you could talk about it does that mean that there's more in the future for Bobby stationed in the world of the WW me. Bomb you know were. Certain things so might act I really don't know exactly where I'm gonna land but. I've been in in a bit of limbo since. December of last year. Kyle and I are contracts were finishes during a modern. You know we just didn't know what we're gonna do so unfortunately. From then to now there's been. A series of us. Occurrences that have kind of prolong this limbo. Com be ironically that the timing of things was when my my mother happened to pass away on the end of November last year so. There was a ton suspect that kind of got thrown at me at the same time. And and this point I feel like I'm coming out the other end of that. And so everything's moving in this really good direction then and now and I am unhappy so. It's trying to ride that wave yes snow. They have been what do I think that in recent did talk to Kyle and I he shared a great story I love asking questions about the weird moments in wrestling because I think that. You guys is lives in the journey that you go on his some of the most fascinating stories and he shared a story of when he was relatively new in the world wrestling you wrestle an eight year old's birthday party. That thinking all we can just humility in and then finding out rather quickly that these kids were fans of extreme wrestling ours is like I what are we are what are we get ourselves into. For you what is been makes one of them the strange. Or sympathized with James that we're here to welcome people actually Strickland everybody it is it's luck. Enjoy your bathroom break Johnson who and what's cool cool. What's been. Stranger wrestling experience for you what's like a favorite story to Sarah make friends and family my. Chris we I can remember one time. The comes to mind right now because it would Davey Richards was there and got it was the first time I went to Germany. And it was Eddie Edwards. DD Kenny Omega. And my cells. The hotel that the guy had put us in. We got back from the show that night so we we airport to the venue did the show and then. We were off to somewhere else the following day so rarely seen a one day when we got the hotel like. It was almost like a bed and breakfasts. And Z yeah. There was a wedding. Going on. The hotel that ninety and late there was no place nearby you can go eater or anything so late. You. The only place where there was an option was. At the west thing and so it's the guests at the wedding like invited us all I think guys crashed a wedding invite us. Six common having drinks and Andy eat if we want it or whatever so I mean will we did have a it's under the heat I I think. I think demand and a few drinks and I don't remember her life it was it was really pretty awkward for these four wrestlers to be at this wedding or any of the people at the wedding wrestling fans are home I don't think all hope I don't think so. There with a good one person like I can't believe these guys are out are there might get them wondered CU grad that might have been like smearing wrestling fans when I think for the most part. These people were only familiar with slight you know Hulk Hogan you know that that that was the only name they would've known. Plus it was a language barrier because they were German. You know I bars right it was yeah it was pretty wild and now. That's probably one every told to CM wages because you know it's it's but pretty PG still. Ernie record currently active athlete you don't look to groundhog. You and that is exactly that I think about when I was at Hamas. Wrestle mania this past. The pats wrestle mania went and you know just take no idea these shows as well. And that he was of one of the I. I think it was a lesser revolver show at a hotel on that was the late night it will remain. Not within a tank takes one the one there was earlier in the day that was all joined one new CA. Whereabouts and I know they're Thomas shows that weekend that was. How we're too late may when the year before in Dallas OK which is incredible icing Johnny Oregon and a small like you know Knights of Columbus play I think I can just raise costs in Dallas that night. I think I was sharing a ride with ray row and ray might have been doing that show yes and so I was dropped off and C governor walked from there to my hotel might close at a remember what it was. Bruce we're reviewing their but not. On which. It was weird I'd walking into I want to the minute I walked in I go into the it's into the bathroom and I'm sitting right next to Jake the snake Roberts and John and on almighty he's yeah yeah this is kind of weird I know certainly my body it. One of the things you share us. Friends of family and LA one yeah. Wall act is sharing URL you know in the league deal one earlier than the last time when I was gonna think each one was you walk in and it's like. Giant balloon arch. And I'm thinking of that seems strange for wrestling event and I look at this is welcome teachers there's a big teacher conference I'm thinking a little bit the these. Port teachers had no idea where they got to where they decided to have their comrades at a hotel where the big wrestling yes it's. The weekend of wrestle mania like these since basically this Super Bowl. The Christmas of professional wrestling got in in all converge is on whenever that city is each year so it's like. Yeah that's got to be. The irony of them booking at that weekend. Oh absolutely doubted that you'd think someone would warn somebody OK let's. And Nieminen wanted to do a different hotel we're gonna have wrestler is using and. Porn can managers at night you just kind of let it happen and let. You know the faculty. That teachers see you think they would warn them and send them somewhere else but a business is business that's true good point did any kind of bring that register again that they got to fill those hotel rooms at your notes and secure a bartender before we you are attending while you were wrestling. Early EMI my early years I was. But then when I started going to Japan as Serwer confer pro wrestling Noah. My first tour I think was the ended 2006. And now I was still parts inning then. But then that what it found out pretty quickly was when I would go over for a tour and it would be you know 23 weeks four weeks. I've come home in the bar tending job wouldn't be there so after going through that process like three or four times I finally relented to the idea that that as good as the money was part sending. Couldn't do bolts right so I ended up in using my knee. English degree. Two substitute teach okay paid horrible yeah you know it was just such. Hey. I didn't even have to talk to a human being when I was leaving senator for any extended period of time I could just black myself out of the system. So it became a matter of convenience where com. You know I could hold that job and not lose it and still. Maintain all all my wrestling and whatever that's crazy give them registry slates how would Adam page she was a teacher TN before he did any citizen mr. Nintendo Wii was yeah we're the only bad. I can't think. Quiet for good good while I did it on and off for probably five years and I kept it quiet. And it was easy for for awhile because it was you know as independents unless it was a kid that was liquor. A hardcore wrestling fan you know I'm almost like I was on TV and then. When I was on TV it was in Japan they're still working for Noah. So my biggest exposure serve probably five years was over there are so it was like. If I was trying to substitute teach in Japan it might have been an issue but it was really not that makes all this so they kind of worked but then. You know just the it was kind of local it was near to where I grew up so eventually word gets out we're over. And now unless things phrase we get out of this it's we found that there was laughter that's Bobby's face so when I have forty had decided I don't wanna look back in my life and regret. Anything in and so I had an opportunity to some people they know through the world wrestling disseminate. Should come to a wrestling class and check it out. It's about two months ago there and now been going twice a week closets for no other reason than I'm like I wanna look back on my life and just know that I. How experienced something that been a fan of my entire life and it's a give me a whole newfound respect bit which already had a huge amount of respect for you guys rest. I mean I feel like I wake up every morning it's just it's on my wife is hitting me with a sledgehammer army soldiers who played my next I got a warm my shoulders and then put. It's been such a humbling and fun experience that's a do you remember your first wrestling class what was that experience like for you what was going on your head end. Who got you into it. I go I mean the guy who ended up actually training me Tony DeVito. He was not the first person actually. I was probably a year prior to meet finding Tony again and I say again because. I had sounds a guy eight. That was frenzy Sony. Is name was just libel and dad Jess. Was. It isn't close to. Where I grew up. And he had arranged. And it was only on Sundays. So that's where I actually took my first few bumps. But then jets after like a month or so. I don't know what his situation was but he couldn't do it anymore so. He had to do it every had a deuces and I didn't train again troll like another year that's landed a finding Tony blah blah blah. But I do remember. Thinking. Yeah. That I I wouldn't. Really I you do as a as a sport and now I I likened it to do all the other sports alliance played in approached it in the same exact way. This is slightly different from that the question. But I do remember after going through the training and then feeling is okay activists are wrestling and Tony had said yep that's it you know you can go do this indeed show. I remember being at that independent Cho had not been able to really relate to anybody and feeling like. Man I think I made a mistake coming up I don't think this is for me what what was it that made you not feel you related to them when I. I did it was I just wasn't I just didn't think that I was surrounded by. Light key individuals like you just it's it's just didn't feel. Right and I remember the match is a battle royal and that memorable wading in no assembly line of guys way to go out and down. The I have heard the analogy before they get bit by the bug. And go would do that curtain I honestly expected late okay well this I might be one and done them yet volume and go through with this let. Bullish Cheney had just you know I don't think it was for me and now go do that curtain and worked in that. Yes batter Ryan owned firm probably sixteen people directly somehow still I got hit by the bug. It was like being in front of the crowd and and it ignited the crowd just like I said there's probably more people lowering them in the crowd but that's a just the the performances did it is jumped up and bit me in and I was that's all she wrote. That's awesome it's always it's great to hear those kind of stories yeah absolutely and but thank you for taking a few minutes our economy right on top allies too much of the time that I hug now and always killing time anyway right right a lot of our Utley way or exact. Actually died I grew up playing a lot of music and doing shows and touring India quit playing drums and I was the worst at some point drums and it's like okay well. We'll see you guys and about two hours and announced similar I would always a different two hours and some small town in California downhill anyone I find the parallels and a lot of entertainment like my my buddy and LA eases in a comedian and we sound atomic common ground team when he I would say that comics minus the bumps yeah seem to live a very similar life and it's very individual based its allies smeared venues weird experiences. He still drinks a bit more than I do think. I think you know stays up a little later than I do you feel a little more unhealthy at the end didn't like dom doesn't have kids ideas now I think now that we need on the ground changes the yeah. We'll lament thank you figure out my feeling is out the body please everybody in other Twitter Huckabee won't find you or pro wrestling he's too that the Bobby session on Twitter and FaceBook in believes. In C Graham and yet pro wrestling tees backs less Bobby fish. Awesome yeah and everyone is listening go by T shirt that sleaze that's a lifeline for you guys yeah I got some new designs out to you we did one I did one. There will be kicks instead of that. There will be blood you have that tonight a little bit of a spoof a mallet. Thank you notes and you do have some aid but they around pro wrestling tease okay and I'm putting in an order so on this next month or so of independence they should have them with me awesome awesome I'll I'll I'll read your mertz an analyst Paul first serve and I love Obama. Didn't drive my wife not to like I gotta support the Red Hat yeah. Actually you have another team certainly it's they do you believe that we do c'mon Dave we duty cookie. I who wants to solve result like rocking against terrorists there they're awesome I got a million and thank him a man. Yes thank you use thanks to Bobby praise for taking some time to talk to me in the men's room now has caught some. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Bobby. Now he's a part of annexed the if you have a chance please please subscribe to us on iTunes if you're an iTunes kind of person and if you are to be great if you believer review I'm I don't know I guess those things help. Com read us with five stars IB awesome US five stars and say it's the worst wrestling podcast of all time or is the greatest wrestling podcast of all time urged the marginally okay just. Wrestling podcast of all time. Just I appreciate you guys listening and please continue more or. Spread the word like all of your friends know about this pocket you can find me on social media. I'm Steve mates on instant ramming Twitter or email the show makes world wrestling at gmail.com. I've always told us.