MIGS vs TWOW 014 - Lio Rush

Wednesday, July 19th

Steve Migs caught up with "The Man Of The Hour", Lio Rush, as he is coming to Tacoma's Temple Theater on August 3rd for Defy Wrestling...taking on the Defy Champ, Shane Strickland.  Migs and Lio chat about what has inspired him to succeed, his friendship with Shane Strickland, and how he is the talk of the wrestling world...for being Topanga's favorite wrestler!  This is a fun and deep conversation between the two!

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It's now time for war. Amazed vs them. World. What's up you're welcome to another addition to make vs the world wrestling and I got ten I you know I sort of jump right into this interview because I am so excited for you guys a year might Shaq. We Coolio brushed Julio is coming to town on August 3 defy wrestling. Gotta match can change Strickland you know him you love him and if you haven't had a chance to go back and watch on YouTube or go to define on demand dot com. And watch the match between change Strickland and Leo rush. Truly one of the greatest matches I've ever witnessed one of the best matches if not the best match I've ever watched in person and I see a lot of matches from the wrestle mania as this summer slam stuff anytime wrestling is around of course I'm going in it's seriously bad goodies good YouTube type in defy wrestling in Leo rushers in strictly you'll find it. So he's going to be here on August 3 get your tickets at the fire wrestling dot com. Big thanks to Jim Perry as always for helping arrange this interview Matt farmer as well obviously is a lot of talk about Leo what his future holds if you go on the Internet of course you're hearing the rumors of him going to the WW we. We don't spend any time really talking about that because what nothing's. Nothing's been formally announced I mean there's there's enough news out there if you wanna read about that but I sort of talk to Leo and learn more about him. As a person the guys accomplished so damn much in such a short time. And there's a reason for that. And you know what one always jump into the interview because we'll talk about that so here's my sacked. With Leo rush Leo. Paper bag you've taken a few minutes out I I'm so excited that you're coming back for a ride the crest you to leave ray which is that the five presents. On Thursday August 3 and I can get information get tickets to defy wrestling dot com I did you know. Rather quickly what Seattle things have you after your first match against James Strickland the crowd chanting please come back you come back to take on David Richards. Both of those matches were I mean to stand now matches the same one I think my. And I I I agree with a lot of people and I heard a lot of people say this it was the best massive ever seen in person. And then. The I mean it's not like is it your match against Davie was anything to to this needs that I mean that was an area and while so. As a Seattle wrestling fan thank you for helping to put Seattle wrestling on the map on a nationwide level. Definitely man. Are barbecue battle for the power and it absolutely bench incredible so far actually took the top mouth are yesterday to watch back to match what. Wash off the show ensure glands or Maya are the five debut and honestly and I would put that match up against. Any one of the greatest (%expletive) that's been out there are so. It was definitely want Serb member. I everything about it just in to leave guys worked together instead to do we that the crowd was an. And then I mean it's on if you if anyone looks up on defy wrestling on their YouTube page it put both of those matches are available for people who check out for free. Com where you can also get a mat to fire on demand dot com Georgia got the entire card which was spectacular. But just watch that match and if you walk away I. I think that's a magic sort of sonus not a wrestling fan and in they would get YS wrestling fans love independent wrestling. Earlier adoption readers. Again that matched word was incredible and I'm Russian shank circle and all across the world are and United States Canada. Each England. And pitched every single last one of them. Have been an absolutely incredible but don't wanted to try I was definitely. Would definitely compass special but. The one that's coming up what are what you gonna most likely to while our Tom going to give Jerry Strickland for quite awhile now opting out on to gonna completely. Below book the world awful. Off the building and and just completely put the other battles about each youngster in the bachelor lot of our going to be a card hundred. There's a chemistry would teach you guys I mean not only in the ring but I I get a I mean we we are in Seattle got the new Cheney become a friend. And it is a great guy and I'd I'd love whenever you post something on him so grand that involves Jimenez is lady who's a friend of ours and awesome wrestler as well. You're you're like quickly merited chirping give them to a hard time in. I I saw one time like Derek did he posted a picture of him in Carolina and and you all you score like a bunch of like giant rings like engagement around. Yeah value. The moment that I Matt Hershey achieve that absolutely we are actually met our armed. The war that earned Shane actually got together. And you just so humble you so ready to learn actually it was actually in California for Pete that you seminar. That low key was holding OK and she she was just so eager to learn and each. And and and just ready. You know should just. Progression and the professional wrestling world and then when I saw that she worked dating show angster clinched. And they were kind of getting close together are absolutely work. Which we're so happy for the ball to them because Accenture when Moammar all of you might not know change a global the first person and without ever actually march 4. Rush hour on world by our member. Com. Don't want security for mount championship broke and just model promotion yes and sure go and work our regular at the Tom Baer and EU. He just has something about him that I wanted to do. You know alarmed strong man and dark Connor. You know people who act and act in my own our character and you know it whether to change circle and you know. Leo rush order legally arrested yesterday you keep such a great guy and should such a great girl and absorb at thirty yarder how always joke about them. And her a lot and the most. Just so great together and always say you need to marry that girl cannot believe how hard at that should leave the Marriott occurred their pervert for each other so you knew you'd never gonna get it and that I did I dug up. Sure you have the same got a great circle of friends where it's like you sometimes question. Your friends who they date why they did so when you find like two good people better together yeah I don't mess this sob you guys need to stick together he got there are now I get it that I. I heard Rosie advising US or I'm Lisa is a bit about your character but I find that stuff I mean. Chris when chamber has been just becomes it's a great friend to defy wrestling I do have the ring announcing. And armor he just like him and I was just talking after one of the night said he was the fight to. And red zone and a little bit like. Some I heart to heart and he's give me this great advice about them. You know I never did bring announcing until I sort of doing it would defy and you know due to radio thing I love wrestling have been a fan since I was a kid. But that was a whole new world to me and and I really. Appreciate and have respected the advice and and words of wisdom that he's given to me I'm. For you I I I love that he was a guiding you first reached out because he's a wealth of great information but what was the advice the US the from a. Are actually remember our average that they will not gonna remember him join the veterans there than he would never you know. See so many different baby spacesuit but from everywhere just. Like begging. For our. Are what begging for attention and begging. You know an eight car for me you know I and I always hated that always hated over the top she need big space doesn't like hey come orange. Now we'll never see shame you'd catch and every county walk through the current. He he would just he would just be himself because you don't try and be with. You would you normally do and people would you know stand up and just. Just applauded cheered while more about it. How can you do apps will be not be installed and are there them you know what do I popular to do to make people. You know aren't allowed me so much Sharon. And just cheer for me without me happen but you know extra cops or anything like that and he says. He says just just yeah so you know he was always the cool kid in school and he just walked in the hallway so much Coughlin and and it ends up like that so. When he when he says disputed call it a score like that I don't know what about that advice where was that just. You know grab my kitchen so much but. You know I'll never change up got that large amount you go walk your pertinent and here come on cheer for me bothers walked out did not change and just our. Hurt Burke the greatest copper in the world so that we are. I see a lot of similarities review and and him in a sense say do you both have a great aura of confidence by. When I talked to you guys. It's not like is if you don't let the confidence take control of your new your ego and a sense that you're both very humble. You both very willing to listen and talk I don't know I did not really a question is more just a feather in the cap of both of you guys Iconia white guys a like minded because. I love and I think that having a lot of people should be is is you can be confident but you can also still be humble and then I think you did it I went back. You know man where where are now world. Bach and begin in the restaurant somewhere where no and we're gonna world. You know where you actually have to be likable in order. You so where you wanna go and can't be equal you wanna be and does not absolutely no reason Harvard eco war be cocky about any bank. I think a lot of people don't succeed because urged our people stop being bands. I keep you're actually just stop being a fan and you kind of buy into your own nuclear arms pound sandwich. You can't be like that you know like you have there are creatures you have to have an imagination not. You have to. I hate to say but you know. Play professional wrestler like you know where it's we're all in the entertainment business share. It's all show and for people or haven't you go out side of story you just absolutely ridiculous the knee. And there it's really big blow to Mumbai and Powell a lot of people egos about professional wrestling wit and apes. It should be nothing but far demand and you can about swallow professional Russia because you can't do. Can he lobbied. And shot Eric. And are you have to but you've got to separate that you can. You can't beat encouraged that you are out our current it just there's just not enough and that they Nader people know what the deal is blocked Russian wrestler doesn't work out so hot. Not at that point they just being insulting to the fans banged into our our greens are paying good money he had biting your T shirts paying tickets to go see you out you know cheering you on watching all your videos and I've been. I've heard a few interviews and insight and and I understand why people have this question and deal about how quickly you have succeeded. And it's funny because when I've I've been following your career. And yet time wise it's been quick but I it. Men I don't feel like it's been like something like it's like an overnight success thing I could see a your engineering work is huge part of it I mean you can. You commute toiling away for fifty years but if you're not doing what you're doing in the ring I mean it's never gonna connect and and and also you always. I don't know I decide Abe from being humble. The constantly striving to be better and and an end and I think that all like when I was taught goes on about why I feel that which you know Leo Reich. It's gotten as far as he's gone as quickly as like what's a no brainer it's like if you've clearly give a crap about professional wrestling and India to passionate viewers you're constantly grinding in your constantly. I'd I mean I I could put off Twitter Twitter and see that you're doing shows here or there or wherever it may be. And then you watch the matches and are always entertaining. Yeah. I appreciate that man in our underplay what appeared to back off which which what you say about. It. It happened overnight for meat are my entire life are being dedicated to sports. And and dropped. Is it just that it can be given a crap about. Professional rational and it's even a crap about you it. Life in general yeah I guess so many. Our younger guys that want to get to the professional restaurant that you that that actually you know how did you do this so quickly or how. You know how to like it to a level that that your act calm this fact is did. And but I don't but I'm not in our training school right now like I cannot do now Turkey not to prepare myself and there's just so much that you can give and yes. Justin wife and you know why this larger disciplines are your attitude I'm your bride your mentality. And just and this morning that succeed in life you know it it'll help you out so much more cash. I'll wish joint pain in your every day why. And transferring that older to have professional rational action and you know I've been are all American athlete ever as a kid or teenager. My hopes are born championships a basketball baseball football are amateurish. So the grind just didn't start when I signed up for professional Russian school you know already like they're Smart polished. And I just watched succeed in everything he bet that I do so arm are definitely shank. That aren't. You know what I did at which you didn't and in major I definitely helped me out as far as not work after each and professional rational. I've heard do another interviews and I about love and it makes me think of just might I always find ways to connect with whoever from a fan of innocence of my laws that apply in my world like how can I find a connection and why why do I like that person must they do and I heard some interviews where. A lot of your success was based off of proving people wrong and I'm I didn't in my life in radio. Camera when I first today I was gonna do this and move cross country that I grew up in new York and remove all the way to Seattle and everyone in my fan I think we barely talk like you do you're not that. Family members and you're not that entertaining you're not this and I might wanted to prove me wrong and I and there I hear interviews from people. Meg where you share stories of people just downplayed because of your size or because of your tattoos or whatever it may be. And it's like in a weird way it had not been for that negativity in my life I might not have succeeded like I needed that almost kick in the NF feel the same way. Are you I absolutely agree drinker are you eat. I need I mean people just say hey you can't do this or you can't do that. Spike allowed to start but I'm sure I'll love back perhaps they are so many catch you at a young age eleven the fact that you know a lot of people don't wanna say it and our I don't wanna. I hate Brent Barry carpenter at Chaney a black. A lot of people do Cutler in this world they do cover discriminate Eric when it comes you know skin color work or changed of that nature. Our own so I love the fact they're all of those things where that I had that people don't like about each. They can't use that against a courier and I take all that say hey. You know I'm gonna be the first person do this will be the first shall be back or you know I'm gonna I'm gonna. Show you that are can be anything and everything that you think that I can't be so I'll. You know I shed it so many child that. I'm not just aren't even beginning. I'm looking really write the book born born every shrink. Unarmed when it comes to professional Russian or just succeeding as a young. Armed African American special on he'd do stump the pollutant in the world. So. I actually need all of that negativity because you're just what you need more and more you are. In our church and just be successful. You have I don't know if you like this is why not for me whenever I hit like certain group like I'll have certain goals I wanna do this by this point are wanna succeed and had this and then as soon as they do it it's like. Oh cool that was awesome OK what's my next goal are you that same way where is Agassi needs you pick whatever was that goal you appreciate it for a minute. And then you're on to an excellent if that's the case what's the next goal for for you. They're not good at our. I jokingly he Dutch arm would get elected get to completely and other people I was that I try my hardest church that. Unrealistic goals Yelp what my shell a short period of chops and bit it makes me just work and jobs harder you know I don't want our. A huge goal that people don't shrink. It even possible. And want to argue accomplished you know mark Weil why I just catch argued it's something that a lot of people. I haven't accomplished we'll continue years ignore ignore or whatever I was taught them so much trainer the other day. And you say dad I can give. Twenty years. Within three years test and I've done so much. Was dead in the combat I've been in a professional wrestler that a lot of people. I've been going you know Jim push here than they haven't even. Big coast circular goal. So. Parted com. Initial push myself. Beyond my expectations and it ain't workshop my favorite pop comfort footwear. You know the beauty of that too is that you and I mean it's I think a lot more often than not you're accomplishing these these huge goals but even if you don't accomplish some. You're probably. A lot further along in your past then you would have been if you set a smaller goals so even though you didn't accomplish the goal that you set out to. You're still way leaps and bounds ahead of where you wanted to be anyway so I think it's important always have like these huge goals. Because even if you don't accomplish some you probably purchase of a lot further than you ever would have if you data set and it obtainable goal yeah they are current. For me I love talking you guys because recently decided you know what I'm not getting any younger and it's not for any hopes of it becoming a career of a more just. Hey I wanted to six criticism Big Ten arrests imitating wrestling classes and I've been. Going through the training a few times a week in fact last night I was out up until. Midnight at the gym going to wrestling classes and an and then get up but the only 2 in the morning for my job is instant ML I think some not to my friends think it's weird. But it for me it's been it's important for me to do it because it fumbles me in a way I've never experienced before because there are some days. Where I feel like I've on top of the world I figured out how to do this move very did this morning and in my coats looked at me in a way that he had looked at me before because. I proved I can go further and then the week before and then there are nights like last night where I just couldn't I couldn't accomplish what I wanted to and it was completely off humbling. You know A gets in your head and an in your room. I like talking you guys about it because a it's a selfish reason because I'm I'm I'm getting the learned by talking you guys about the whole experience of learning how to become a wrestler. But also. I like hearing your stories of when you first decided to become a pressing my granny you started William and meet and are welcomed as more and I ever could dream about. But let's go back to when you first started wrestling him what was that experience like what was there ever a time when you die you know what maybe I shouldn't be doing this. Yeah it does take me back to when you first started walking through those doors have a jammed to learn how to become a professional wrestler. My march 1 couple Lohse. Mops even colleges I was saying mare the first year woods. Probably the hardest here and why not even just. Out and our exports are professional aspect or whatever just just get MR 22 years of living not to like that was my partners. Year of my life because at that time armed you know how are just gradually our school our I'd just had my shot so. Com YouTube wanted to comment I'll I wanna choke. Pursue a career professional Russian language and I also top job growth for our college. Years well. Or professional rushed orange so. It was Barack. One at again what I want to be the best. It just the best and you know calm. I want to achieve and exceed our one it. Adapt and learn thank you so quickly at short amount on each and the only way to do that worst she's just completely shut off my life. I devote all of much on the Russia Russia and our member. Two. I remember waking up in the morning. And having to enjoy act two hours. Two towards southern Maryland. Just human growth she. Are our. Our last clamoring there shall learn something because there are professional or just pulled out one actual fan wasn't open at the time but I knew that they would be. Armed and a couple of weeks now and so. And that's comedy chops. Gerard in two hours up two hours back almost every day I just be an orange you get the feel of the world so are whatever the case may be. And that you know every day out getting more just that from a Shanle arm thousands of people in my life that I chaired a lot about. Owls broke. How are going to shows. Scrape in for changed a paper tolls are art Jack Welch. While I again how while having a newborn. So it was it was around. They're probably hearing a lot of people tiny what are you doing you gotta be a dad you can do they are Greek. How calm. But crazy enough. I was really bored sir sir you know be harder to Mossad and be there and expect and eat eight or mom. If it was a rough are luckily. What it Obama so. I was what my catching partner. And my first year worked with my little patch Clarke who got shark says the W that's key right now I'll somehow hacked baby Yair Yair had to. I popularity him along the way to you know condoms. You know just kind of beat Marat you know support system about a mile back ball drop this culture this whole process. And it was really brand. It was a beauty like. I legit give. Much choked up when I heard the younger guys come the media and say hey look and I do armed. In my first year it's you know gives them level that you did and there are. We completely out of the I don't know what to tell them because I want to tell them hey art. You got that basically not quite at all you have to earth. You have to learn you know almost lose everybody that she's loving care route through in order to do you like I wanna choke him back arched. Aren't all the doctors so much within their first year are to get to where. Well aware I am right now. And our it was a rush through through those completely Russia. But may I got through it which I mean it's a where I am now and are. Yes and ash street what you love it my first year. Wow dude and you write like how can you tell somebody else that because you don't know if they have the same drive as you so I mean yeah I did it act where you could say hey this is what I did and they can do all the things on paper that you did. And Al and I mean like we all I did everything you said the site will you didn't have the passion that I have you didn't. You didn't do everything that I K I get oh there's something inside of view and then you could tell with the way that you work in the ring into it it feels like. When I watch you wrestle. It's almost like someone told you this is your last match and make it a good one and it and it feels that way every time that you're not bring an end like we mentioned earlier I I truly do. Encouraging and then seeing the match against chain or the match against Davey Richards. Or any match even apart on him selflessly throwing in the defy once but obviously it has there's a member from the CDW days evolve it means a ring of honor. There's so many different ways it to check you out that there's never a bad match and I think there's that. I am speaking for your eye and I feel like I can feel confident in speaking of previous all we're talking about that a lot of that to do with. All he did the struggles you went through the you're not going to take this for granted. Exactly and all of those struggle out what through specialist this is exactly why ya. I've been actively show and ours are aware are you not speak to people I have no problems became view but I don't like really don't want seminars. Mom because our. Gone to her so much personal. Wife stuff. That. Obstructed. The way that our. Work and try and out chopper ran into my mentality in general are only. Do you exchanged their work for me. And I don't know how she didn't tell somebody hey do this or do that because again I don't know. I don't know what that person I don't know how that person thank I don't know what that person's sport worked after kiss or if they're Gerard work. You know or what date what they can be physically like I only know what works special need because it's. My personal life situations. Had projected the way I work professionally that expects. A hundred some excited Sammy and I think anyone that I mean if he can walk away from something you don't this doesn't even applied or just wrestling and it's good idea anyone's life. The work whatever it may be when it comes like a creative job or creative passion. If you can apply whatever it is that's iPad that darkness inside of you and a sense. And an end to help it propel you to something that's amazing I mean there's nothing more beautiful than that in my opinion yeah. And does that have something to do with the inspiration behind I mean casino you have Leo Russia comes out of wrestle like when you wrestled vs Shane Strickland. The next time you came out to men it was it was freaking cool to be in the ring has a ring announcer. When you first came out against Stevie Richards anyways it was the black card version of Leo rush with. Which I didn't even know at the time that CR ever covered paint it black The Rolling Stones song and ever since. Hearing that version I've been obsessed with it to depart or Mike how do we convince the army she's married Russell Wilson who's a Seahawks. How to we got a job to define sing the Dem version of the song we're gonna talk about how dope without me but there's such a darkness to that that version of Leah rush is that wreck comes from. Yeah yeah. Are actually showed that and don't want ot W one and have one other interview an upstart I'm back that. That chair there. Definitely changed our mom personalized. A situation that I was going throughout the charming if it was all inspired by that. It I do I believe that you doubled sixteen when I first started on that. Doing that Tom dart here there and I was going to jump in the religious. We really horrible in my life and I think I had no clue how to deal with this arm. I was going to be dark place and yeah I'll remember. That. I'll start in the kind of make it he'll turn the change CDW. And I didn't really know what direction that I want to goats she wore. You know what church when it sir to current views are Connor. So how lot shell and real Irish and on our display Nat Moore and point camera. And that's where that black car. We are Russian gear change army dog chocolate are kind of organic we were going to be anything but not bought. Army. And it didn't arms and nowhere for you were outlawed critic Tom I just like I literally just. Looked in my closet and a she saw what I had an air. So when I felt emotionally. And just threw it all out on a table and now. Yeah a lot of people could relate to enrich RB Google com and Oreo or something and are different there are a lot of people. You know it is cheap so arm. Yeah it worked out my favor. I mean I know for me being such a music freak I mean I'm most of my favorite music and artists are coming from a dark place but find it in a weird way find taxi ways to deliver that darkness and that's kind of in a roundabout way what you're doing with that character it's dark but then when you're in that ring managed. Pure energy you know. There. Of how do you decide on the song to use for that character are flat and firm for that version of Leah rush. Our member I'm I'm not really from Baltimore Maryland yes and I remember. Baltimore Ravens at chain out so that song. That Arnold but it was. Original version market yet and I like the song armed ally operated did you know lyrics. And I just looked up what you choose saw there was a mile version of that ball. And phone marking the pop up and its so Erie. I always go like that song the lyrics never matched. The the temple of this off. Well I just wanna eat keeping our there was are covered in gold that matched we need to feel left hand there are likely account balance. Yeah I mean I never paid attention to music CR before and when I heard that as I got to find blood where what does that version I just as soon newbie some kind of obscure weird in need. Our economy now my best tiara. Our car that is set her like she needs to go down that dark road more often that was on there if I. What I would love won a couple quick questions before I know I don't let your rumba they I love the fact that got obviously something that probably inspires in the sense that people we see two smaller this. I love in wrestling they did David vs Goliath type. Story where you know where you have like the big guy taken on a smaller guy. Is there a big guy you you haven't wrestled yet that like you would love the ultimate David vs Goliath kind of a match up would be back alliance for you. Our big character. Or yeah ORS a lot of big dudes. Yeah I got. I man wrestler did want. He. Or beer. During the actual area are to be a more I don't envy you know no we anyone anywhere. They update tardy. Our lurid. How do you I have got a little out of the art what I'm charmed think a big guys that can. That can move well there are no doubt what gonna say undertaker but he might not be able to boot up. Yeah I've just I would like undertaker and her crime would be joke I mean I can you earlier our first got a gun because both of you out that amateur wrestling background and in an intent I mean if you first Brock Lesnar would be pretty incredible. Are yeah yeah Brock could. Rocco media. Out on one yet you have doubt you might not block. Like. God only and it Lombardi reflects keep delete just caught carjacked punish Marcin has all the those are I've been pretty sharp but everything Brock questionable beat. Are good or. I had to grab the best of both the every so what's the where you're from. I was love asking Mike just roundabout. Random stuff B a MUN I got okay you have your dream match and could be whoever I am not that I. Ice is lots of TV to pick from but who would be your dream announcers for that magic who would you want to paint the picture for us for people that are watching at home. I admire. Churning announcers looked pretty Egypt about progress or marriage or forget assays Brock Lesnar like who would you want doing the play by play or the big commentary. When you guys are gonna matching up against each other. Our I love you they are yeah absolutely love JR I would I would I would like our Jim Roth did you need to concentrate on top. Let me add he's the gold standard and the off all of us grew up listening to Jim Ross. Yeah you know actually I. When older one out of a lot younger are aren't you way in the senate are blacked out the math. Yeah he's he definitely made he definitely made situation things. So much bigger than what they've what they actually are and every child rockets that came up and say well here comes up are much. Our district are every child so I would love JJR contract to be content. Telkom and I'm about a kid that brought a man aboard from Brooklyn and so if fellow Brooklyn guy always DL and the deep deep kid wrestling Spaniard out of Brooklyn accent. Yeah energy and he's a bad as a my god this is my guy hasn't. Is in the mail about your current awesome commentary team right there. Alia morality go I died I do and it's until one last thing because you are correct the talk of wrestling the Internet exploded we all learned. Then you. Archer tying his favorite wrestler how to back. To better and better and better golf program a prayer that. Man I was when I first spotted her it was in the middle up my back solidly middle of my match. And I remember how do knobs are off the ground you don't blow mock up on the ropes. And how to clip a crowd at and there you are sorry not like they're actually no way to start running in front. Our leaky. When and emission chain man out so much shirt. And she walked up and she walked up to me out like oh my gosh the food the pregnant she action or a a teacher cannot say hey I'm. So sorry. But I only have one T shirt lap in the medium aged they're well I'm a medium trucks I'm definitely get their energy ball lacked certain most astronauts. I love that she bought it didn't time poll I don't know why I'm tying up. You know yeah yeah that's respectable against your dad's dad that's the lifeline for you guys is dead. I mean Casilla was up Obama that was set up her wrestling girlish all right. Yep it beat every insurer and and and also credit because outlook he. I was the only partnership art teacher future drums well there are work are. That was pretty cool is that a bus a real experience at those shows because it seems like there's always certain. It's the random celebrities that are going because it's obviously such a hard ticket to get. That that adds the appeal to you got these celebrities like her or Sofia mayor got or by I've heard other people sort of as well is that. Tribute to have people that are like these huge people your fan of sitting in the audience watching you do what you love to do. Yeah brand new you never know I swear like. You'd never know who I shop at feet or be eaten up court to bring good change Franco showed up I I was like what how. I'd James Franco what my favorite actors. He yanks are gonna come Williams and so how do I beat somebody's got to achieve a political. All I'd bet that they had it all you wrestling like oh I better step it up or he's gonna stay focused state of course there are cal state focus. You know it'd make me it does make me are Connor. Don't panic don't I have to make you fell harder like so either it make you wanna be more believable he and bearing because you know actors are there so I wanna I wanna. Make them believe what I'm doing even even more so it is pretty cool. A man but did I appreciate taken a few minutes out and again Leah rush you're gonna be wrestling scene Strickland the rematch. Men out hunting bouncer up on this match Jimmie had a CDW title you got the defied championship. Janus is walking around it a lot of gold and you're going to be taken Amani and that is happening at to Comas temple theatre on Thursday August 3. People we get tickets that defy wrestling dot com. I highly suggest you guys checking out. A great chance to see you guys quite possibly. Who knows when you get brought it to wrestle again so this is going to be a magical night over in Tacoma. Definitely going to be a group formed an inferred those that want to go to pro wrestling tees Leo rush. I should buy some shares those who knows maybe one day they won't be there to buy so I mean you might wanna get a B yeah you might wanna get them as soon as humanly possible. To. The meal did thank you so much take it sometime comment this has been a great time talking yeah. No no actually going to keep management industry Charlie man thank you once again to two Leo Reich I keep saying this every time I talked to a restaurant was my favorite interview and it it's it's selfish thing that I did this podcast I I'm a big fan of wrestling. I'm an opportunity thanks to my job thanks to what I do would defy wrestling thanks so what I'm doing with three to one battle that I've had these opportunities to speak to guys that I'm a fan of and to have them be as awesome as they are and be able to pick their brain. It's it's it's it's it's it's a fun journey beyond and I hope you guys are enjoying it and and and and and I appreciate a lot of people have reached out to me. Via Twitter via. NN and told me that they'd genuinely enjoy this podcast. And it's always lighthearted it's always trying to get inside the mind of some of our favorite wrestler is because like I said millions of times. Wrestlers in my opinion are some of the most fascinating individuals and Leo Reich definitely no exception to that so go see him. The five presents the crash we told you break Thursday August 3 over at the temple theatre now league and I've Sheen Strickland taking time. Mr. Leo rush but also Jack Evans is gonna be there have cordoned Jeff Kopp the sexy Mac sees the Cunningham is more to be announced and you can find out more information defy wrestling dot com. Also should Leo I tweet. How much you liked him on nominees vs the world to read. Slowing the fat kids who know rush the next 050 rush follow me on Twitter and didn't see Graham had. I'm Steve made sport now the show made the world of wrestling at gmail.com. Thanks again as. As always for listening.