MIGS vs TWOW 021 - Jim Perry from Defy Wrestling

Friday, September 8th

This episode features Migs chatting with Jim Perry, the man behind one of the hottest indie wrestling companies in the country... DEFY Wrestling.  Jim and Steve chat about the past year of DEFY, its quick success...the incredible fan base...the relationship with the wrestlers...and how Steve almost ruined his shot at being a part of it (as Ring Announcer) because he nearly missed their initial meeting.  Jim is an awesome dude that is passionate about the Seattle wrestling scene... get info on DEFY at DefyWrestling.com.


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It's now time for work. Amazed vs them. World. Hello welcome to yet another addition of makes vs the world of wrestling in this week it's all about defy wrestling actually missed all stemmed from a lunch that we just had. I'm here at my good buddy Jim Carey the man the myth the legend the brains. Oh this year to kind makes these laws lying in the back back back back at. The man who has put together the hottest in the wrestling promotion that a in the northwest and people are talking about him. And all across the country it's it's insane we were just talking with the Ted Smith from the Mandarin modcast W. I knew zest for how long is being gone for and imagine guys miles and throwing their two. And we draws upon a way that this has been less than a year I mean I crazy well like November. Last year so she tells me M uptight out. A year and a month or so that's when you first brought seen Strickland to Seattle you have to do some media in my immediate come on my podcasts. I committees that is but I'm actually end up being a great friend of meters or wrestling as well but. That all started in November of last year and now here we are about a year later. And it feels like we've been doing mystifying thing for quite some time you know it just feels like we've been doing this forever. Seemingly so those will be fun to have you on to just talk about annoy first had a I chatted with you via podcast form we barely knew each other we just mad we had a coffee we talked about the ideas and and the first of five match hadn't even started bringing you this is crazy I mean I was. Co heroes vs Shane Strickland in January. Earlier this year since then now you've been doing it for a year what's the experience been like for you. Being promoter because before that you wouldn't not a promoter wrestling you know were a fan of wrestling needs him. And I got to had a vision and in the NN and it's it's being noticed by so many people that's got to be crazy your vision is being noticed a respected and talked about. I feel so incredibly lucky. Rate come. This experience has been one that has been in the the most difficult in my life. A lot of different ways ourself but willow. You know there's no there's not really books about. Starting over promotion. And there's a lot of extra effort do you really have to put into. Not just becoming. My new business small business on merit but. So there's all that you know that's like they GPU that's the whole thing. But you're such you're trying to create a promotion that. Works. Create. Financially. It's a real business ER make sure that it's it's working right I'm. It's it's the balance of those things it's it's how do you balance creative. With financials with being a small business. Where it's looking at the short term in the long term. All of this at the same time trying to decode. This side. Fervor as much of like Smart fans who think they know about the business armed they pro going no lake like the kid. Breaking news late they only know like a fraction of it really. There's so much more to it. So to dive into something like this. I feel very fortunate to just have surround myself. With people that are a like either just super passionate about this new project and and and wanna be part of that wanna see grow to include yourself names yet on the having partners like that. And I haven't partners like that with Matt farmer yeah ask who's a twenty years that new industry. Who know exactly. It is so I mean like. Moakley. People are recognizing how. Brilliant that men yes you know I mean I guess cool to see that defies fans defiance. On Twitter at the fire NW. You'll see people tweeting that you guys after a a great card and it's it's got to feel good a they're aware of who you are and they're also aware of who Matty is an and the importance of the two of you you both hold very different roles. But also work very well together for the same vision and it's cool to see fans noticing that because again it's how often do you see that I mean I don't necessarily in many other cents a mean. You know I knew who I was about music whatever may be a mobile. You don't typically. C fans thanking the management can donate it to god I get a producer that I think in the lighting guy there. They're they're only thinking that quote unquote talent of which is obviously deserved I mean the wrestler is deserve all the credit they dated they're ones doing the show went. But it's it's it's I noticed that I'm like wow I don't necessarily always see. A fan base going better way to thank the man yeah you know these I think there. Terrific and yet so terrific I mean from day one and Matt and I had made the decision that they listened. Like we think he. On screen. Or on and it played during events authority figure was still is it's pretty played out right. Unarmed and have not played out it's just like sort of a new home a trove. Is that belongs and probably other other organizations other promotions. And it's something that we never wanted to do but what we did why do you is really display our involvement in the company earnestly. And do it as if you're aware this late word Boris responsible for like running this this ship prayed. But we're not mentally beat you over the head with fit in terms of like. Hey you know like give us a pop. You know right I'm if I would defy five was the first time that we. We had engaged with the audience and during my show in that capacity on which we can talk about it so yeah we should talk we actually says yeah old. Still yeah that was that was intense but I'm it was very important for us to you. Engage in build a community with a defiance you know and that I mean I'm seemed to find sets a name like. Like our friends this this fan base need these people that he like did they do it if they've given themselves they've given us so calm which is. I always hate when companies in my company's guilty of it and I'm sure everyone at some point has been in a meeting about hated when you think things happen organically at such. It's such a played word there it's it's and I hate that catch phrase but if if they only wanted to see a true example something's growing organically. They have five business model truly is that from just how everything from our relationship to how it's worked out in. But more importantly the fan base salary we. Moved I know I've right up on here before and I know and I talked to other wrestlers and of wrestler defiant on this podcast to what the streamer club and a chance states it's a group of Cuba sort of 04 people dead has grown ha ha that is as T shirts now by international manhunt right did I but I believe they might have been the ones that coined the term defiance as I remember crack at maybe I'm wrong but I've been there apologies to whoever did an and I I regularly like. You you you could have ridden out of pop up plan of how to we want defy as a promotion ago but once I'm a fan base to be throwing streamers we want. Fan base to create a name for the fan base and and and it wouldn't of worked out that way if you drive to scripted it wouldn't of noticed felt forced. Everything. I think everything about define what makes so cool is that when you show up to defy a vanity having you know we'll tell you about a couple upcoming ones are going to be massive. It truly. It's if it is. The fans are just as important as the wrestler and then and people who have been to understand what we're saying obviously the wrestlers are. The ones doing the entertainment and it but. The wrestler is react to the energy of the crowd the crowd reacts to the energy of the wrestlers and it's this weird which comes first but it at defy shows. They're both coming out a 100% from the minute the first match happened. Yeah yet. Defy is is is getting a reputation for her a place where you you I mean you you you do you coined some them I mean like we did loud right. And then that is absolutely what the defiance is about. And so it's attracted. A fan base from from people flying out all of the world now. Didn't want to be a part of that they want to experience that hum a lot of flu like a lot of folks. Even compare it to promotions in the past. The things they like about some promotions in the past as to where. Hey this is this is a part of the five. It's not defy without this really mom who and would we talked about figuring out. Different ways to do you like sort of burned the edge of like between the peek behind occurred nearby lake. You know what what if we did a show media weekend you know what if we did this or that. It is is sort of something where we can't return was like well. Lake who how would it be like how would we capture. What we've created here. In a very make honest way I mean in a situation like that or do we lose kind of what makes defy special. You know is I think environments. I own is just step as big a part of the character. Of the event as as the perfect as as as the wrestler Chris Armas the card itself you know so. You see that with when I talked to some of the guys and gals I'm Alito and engine love and Mac cross and and they both brought up. This reminds them of watching ECW has a beer younger this reminds them. Of of the pro wrestling guerrilla and as such a great compliment and it's funny you say that because I'd I think about yet what if you took. The good the five brand and and brought it to Florida or wherever it may be for our wrestle mania weekend. And when she said that I instantly die won't I won't I'll I'll keep as the biggest possible cause I definitely don't want to like take any shots at promotions outside of Washington. Because it's I was doing their tank obviously but I I watch two guys who have. Braving killing it in defy recently wrestle against each other and I watched the match and it was an incredible match. But it felt stale no because the crowd was just sitting and they were reacting to his son and this is again this is no disrespect and a promotion because I don't want even. Allude to Wear or what but. There's unfortunate day if if that promotion had our fan base that match would have been insane to think it would have been a match so probably get shared all around. The Internet wrestling fans but. But when you look at you no shame taken on Leo or a video taken on DVR. Or even what like Mac cross and Darby did in a tag team together and and move what I meant to oh my god student and it's Ike. It's insane but part of what made it insane is is the crowd just not really given them an opportunity to let up. And Matt right up in pass interview here I eat. Sometimes when he's in his late thirties you know and sometimes a good offense and he's probably like why don't wanna hurt myself and risk my body in my wellbeing of for crowd that doesn't seem to give a crap yeah whereas when he comes here he's like I'm woman go not something I broke my leg and I kept wrestling. Because this crowd is so forgive nuts and it's. Odds are definitely want him. Give a great shout out to fitted to the people who listen to this podcast which I've I've met a lot of people at the fight shows that listening that so. Awesome I mean how many new friends have remained meg off. I don't know 300 your friends on FaceBook this year and I blame it all Russell. I feel and the wrestlers themselves it's putts that I haven't got a text thread with likely your rush right and hum and hum. And Matt I don't have a great this dudes in the WW we now without going on and Jay Strickland Norah. Yeah whoever it may be it's the newsman I mean I go back to their first conversation we had. We knew we were sitting up on Capitol Hill and I would hourly we were being in waiting and waiting for duke it out but I was out. And a meeting here and at no way to reads gym and on that note I'm sweating oh my god dang this guy once and have me work with him. And I'm like all eager and excited about it and I get done with the meeting I check my email and Obama is saying you wanna say hey man you still coming on a. She sure looks. Only this was an hourly for art and hurts me that could have meant the end of this ownership I don't know but another guy who does he does I type that message with a knife would you Urban Meyer is just. You are like go back to that and that wasn't actually. That long I mean you know you and I have had the benefit. Of our relationship. Spies and building our relationship between on and getting to know which other. And feeling comfortable each other and like being creative and like taking risks and all of that. And then like that the that there's a growing pains mom all of that we've gotten we've got to experience with each other very like personal level yes. Com in ways is dead. For a new business owner. Two. Sort of opened themselves up to this is processed and integrate people into it as early. To allow them to go on that rocky road with them. And for some yourself to be like yeah I'm I'm still in play let's stay and are still rolling kids just like mail lake. If anything what I took away over this last year looking back is just. The importance of community. And Tom and how. Injure goal and that is to the development of something. That is. Very honest and something that people can connect with. I think that's what we're always striving for with this project what I'm always striving for this project is that. We're already. Producing. Arms. Half reality. What is the process of putting that together. Is so human. You know is so motive. Is that it's like a process that has mica said like for all some ball movement like super hard. But I think coming together and and and taking something mom my best. And in four and fighting thank our the fan base into that you as as as as builders of it. It's all led ended this is all lead into where we are now so. I'm so happy you didn't. Shell out for death I finally managed loses says there's been such I think incredible ride it means just look. Among wrestling fan again and I'm doing a damn wrestling podcast to talk him. Most of my friends are wrestling fans as well we pay money to watch these things we subscribe to networks and to be you know rain. I know on the pope's. Yeah this I'm you're you're a thirty year run the ropes now that's how passionate you are now I'm learning her come out to do you can't see him bomb some learning how to do moves with no expectation of ever wrestling. And I'm a mom realist at the end of the day I understand where my agent or high skill set is an all that but. To me it's been important to do that because I want to understand more. About what these guys are going there and it's been it's helped a lot with the interviews and it has some some amount of guys have opened up more because they realize wow this guy. No news. I hate this he knows more than your average thanks I don't know more I don't know a lot when it comes like certain things but. I do know now how much it hurts to run a ropes I do know now how much. I told takes nearby needs to come CL a good idea and it now on the same level as those guys but I think that they do appreciate that I'm coming from a place of of way I respect what you guys are doing. Well when I've been really just enjoy about that though the process would defy is also just been. How much of a community you know his ability fan base the last of the wrestlers I mean this has been. The Seattle wrestling scene I feel like it is is experiencing the best year not justify. But we're seeing you know obviously 321 battle that seems that they're having an incredible run right now and some incredible stuff we'll talk about it coming to that they don't even need to fly people have because people are going to those shows for that punk rock atmosphere. The wrestler is they have here locally. Our superstars. When when my big cat comes out near the place goes nuts you know probably fumble comes out the placement and leaving glam. And what I think is really neat about would defy is done there was almost a disconnect between all these. Actions of yeah I do 321 crew you right Europe yet the buddy Wayne crew are yet. The mutually breakthrough and then all of a sudden this this promotion defy is like hey. You guys all want to place a shining. Let's all work together and it's been fun to see. What but maybe I'm over thinking this and I've been accused of that country political. And that's a piece by my wife of the people look at. I have possibly my wrestling coach of the pack up and I'll be able to go out. I have been over a thinker but I I try and go deeper inside of whatever is happening to discount him. I finance a fascinating I do feel like defiant way has. Rot this wrestling community together and may be I guess I'm I could be over thinking it and maybe wrestlers analysts are now rolling their eyes and saw my dad tried. I noticed it and I think that these guys are all. Mid now found a place to work together I don't know if you noticed that I. I certainly have noticed that and I think that a part of it I mean a part of that rate was. A new super intentional on our part due in terms of we have wanted to make injured a situation that we wouldn't cause drama. I'm also like a fan and and friends of one of the guys have stuff already established here yet. Mean IE inflict a seventh ring ropes and stuff human helping out 321 to to make some friends you know to and saying to myself and a community and to aid to show myself business links sort of not being an opposition. But. I think once defy I was launched. China myself as someone that. Could help create opportunity and mom and so I think it. That's. That's certainly what I think I think everybody that's motivated is in search of is opportunity. And so. I feel like prefer to fire as long as we're able to provide that. You know it adds extra incentive for. Folks a common link. Part of experience and bring positive 82 at the new. And collaborate with others yet they've may have not before. An and and be stoked about it. In building something and everybody wins this sort of situation. And so for the comparison questions I guess barber walked a crisis I would tell us your time we don't crack. And you guys had a very easily sold my target of an almighty like my crutches or so that even that aren't trying to create drama there's always enjoy kind of did I love it yeah I like that I finance have been harassing and I think it's something like you obviously I'm appealing to a wrestling fan base I'll have to worry about like saying hey you know this also could apply in this blog of concern that it doesn't it's it's just human behavior behind and I've. I just I love our rest wrestling is such an. Incredible study of human behavior from how to work together you're in a business for yourself each and every wrestler it's it's a very weird world when it. When you break it down as an outsider and these are all independent. People in business for themselves yet have to work well with others in order for a bear brand to grow. And succeed. Yet still have to have that confidence and ego to be able to put themselves out there and at times. What most people would turn around tail between their legs and an end run away because it's it's such a grind yet. They need to stay so full of themselves and a good way to be able to succeed is such that it. Fascinating yeah I'd be really is and again to know that the wrestler is in town. And how good of people they are now about an arrest in their life stories aren't in the fact that there will only do this for at times little to no pay. But to bring joy to someone that sitting in that gym more in that hall are in that. Jim knew wherever it outside in the middle of history adult town rail. Wherever it may he be just for that thrill that that that rush of of of bringing entertainment to Sony's is something that. I find very inspiring as a radio person you know I mean because by the end of the day I I truly do think that. The wrestler is the ultimate in prop actor you do it and not. Not only on a microphone but enough physical sense. You constantly have to make adjustments you can map out anything you want but. It's not going to work the way that you plan and try and Drake. Not yes ending in that situation to run a ghost yeah exactly it's like you've got up and the trust yet having someone. That's also an in a way in a round of a wave in it for themselves as well so wrong it's it's insane I think that's why I I do like getting deep about this stuff because it's a it's it's a fascinating world to me and I use are fascinating a lot bid but that's the best way to describe what wrestling is. For you now you've been in it for your expert and it's interesting. To see like sometimes make. Just. You know what goes on behind the scenes so. In the world of like of all the guys you've been dealing with the wrestlers that is. Who's been the most hopeful TU. Mean obviously Matt farmer. I think that would be a no brainer throughout the bumped about guys that are wrestling for defy in the rain. Who's been like that guy and it's just really made this whole year a lot easier for you. Who. It's like asking someone who'd like their favorite I know that I can think of a couple on the other my dad let our best I can you only have if you have a couple. No yet done. Generated I think probably. It's pretty apparent. Arm and how will help pushing Strickland has been. To defy and myself. I'm I think. We can we were able to. Really have the ability to launch this thing in a very specific way. Erie lake we wanted to launch this we wanted to watch this project. With narratives in mind. With the story and mine and we wanted to see if we could take that from day one of like announcing who we are what we're doing. Up until the until later events you know several. With with Shane. We really were able to publish this vision of. Because when I think outsider it may be oldham less of an outsider but as a person who is gonna know both the guys very well. Jane before defy a lot of people who knew him as kill shot. Yes and I feel like now. And grand historical cities do we see ZW in wrestle circuits are not on the Internet but again. It feels like defy kind of gave him the ball. And gave him a chance to show what he's capable of and give them confidence probably. To be able to continue to and maybe it's would have all hat and they're probably would have happened without but wouldn't happen as quickly I don't think so. Yeah you know I mean Nam what do they say about luck too in preparation meets opportunity yet and so. He was prepared you know I saw it and Moses like he's ready for something like this. And starting at the my keys ready and so many different ways you know upon the Carol good years with like media but nobody is a marine. Where he stands with his fans. With these with his attention to detail. In terms of his have his character has narratives he's involved and and then terms of person like listen I tricked him marvell. IA. You know I I I pay in you do there's this this is great performer. And member of our crew name community you know these street I don't even know officially named her but she's she was she was a part of our of our scene right. And you know I I had those guys meet each other yeah and then it was just impossible for shame not to not to devalue come. Come back out here that prayer happens so funny I found. I don't want to testify rattling on demand there are they saw him in the middle dance off bit him in his early blues. Alive you know here in in Carolina. An and its fighters in the arrest and I had conversations about that on when I had him on but it's funny that I guess he instantly became. A Washingtonian I guess he's the guy that connected to the watch a 100%. And never saw that he genuinely loves now she's living in. I don't know what's crazy and it's GAAP and that vacation I gotta say like if it might be official for their wedding exactly it's not like when they're not Lake Powell festive like sort of took off this year in terms of court like in movies like is it like personally. I'm responsible for his happiness right now yes so I'll say I'll give my sofa big Mitch coral it's right now. Round and then just let up until late at all honesty. I I saw like in chain they usually prepared for big stuff and I trusted him and put my Charleston and he hasn't let me hasn't let me down and he's out there reopened the defy championship everywhere now. Common you know with with title defenses all over the place and soon you'll probably like all over the world so. If Anne and deceive those situations where Sheen enters. As that a fight champion defending that don't have to fight championship and you hear. Like the defy a change chance yet you know and and it instantly connects. Like sort of their fan base to bars and these are the people that are watching armour stuff on the mend you know I mean so I think like it's been fascinating to go. Into this process wish came in now way and and and and you don't he's a guy that I can talk to. And a deep level are wrestling men and about total retard elect hone a lot you know we talk about. The energy if things like how oh how works in and rarest thing between fans a word that images that you. Put put across sort of like branding or whatever it is like. We have very deep like the very quickly. And really appreciate that about whom about him but you listen Mike. That's it there's Sony does justly even did you know locally from that have been so important. And it's really hard to like kind of go over a lot of on the right are gone down I'm you know certain. You know stories and stuff like that release relating to to things that people don't run from. From from an event glam like cook I mess up with but it ropes last moment yeah you know to. Aaron Hill so it is so. They live there's so many people did hands. Responsibility for this story up to this point. End. I think can look at defy and and we're at now winning the success we have. And say like yeah I was like a part of building Matt yes but like I was essential to that process. Who even sees certain people like me get a point aware that the fight shirt act. Events outside Washington wouldn't be ample or break you know it's big wrestling events and any game down then yeah yeah that's cool I mean how I mean must have been in Jeremy. Are you had dealt yet didn't get to be I got hot and credit this encrypt. How cool is it to see mousse. An impact wrestling very global force wrestling or whatever they're calling it these days he's when news of India yeah fantastic just shows up in the ring wearing a defy her. Just so I mean mountains like my mind was blown up in need and just haven't really miss miss yet I don't and I just like that if I shirt. Translate gag could like you know those and intended things where he you know he shared with me that before before it was opera's Saipan. It's stuff like that didn't mean chief. Will wake sort of appreciate. Being in this fight with a bunch of guys what's been the hardest part for you. The business part yet in any because. Because. Although I feel like him I'm like a decent business men are so leave with my heart don't watch them and it's been challenging. Lake figuring out the economics behind the stuff yes armed. Where to focus. Money's right. But in the end the day you know lake we've had the benefit is. I'm doing well in some regards and and not the ways that we expected to. But and and not the times we expected either. So hole in its current war is finally riding a wave a little bit and dumb. And you have to oh alternately become. The biggest cheerleader. You know I feel much more akin to lake. Dana White and investment and sometimes how can I guess they feel like it because I feel like I'm up there lake. In the shoot cents a minute. Late talking about defy a as a company has a promotion and in as a content producer. On. In a way that's like K Lee the you don't like look look at these dressers we have Michael look at these illuminated. Like look at people who fall masses. I don't feel like him I don't feel like I'm approaching like. Vince McMahon and style OK in terms of being characters while the gas rate Iranian might gum unless. And I must trying to manipulate things then. Trying to like honestly kind of like be the two of the of the brain of the company's biggest cheerleader but there's still able to keep continued east lake and if you're a filmmaker whatever it is they ordered it bands. You know a lot of times you need our guys it's like hey hey listen and know it's like knots right now but like this is what we got coming up hearing and Mike. And then ending committing to that you know and then. And then you have to deliver too so. You constantly setting up expectations for yourself. And then you then you aligned that with the company and set up to expectations with company for causing you need to make. Or promises you need to keep. Or. People who you wanna help out you know people you wanna keep keep satisfied with being of being a part of it right. So there's a there's there's that and I think that. Through my career to my personal career everything else. You don't arm what was big client sort of girls did a like today expectations I set myself we're way different than what they are here you know cause. That's super important but the exit declare where bill that is very important but there's certain. There's a certain infrastructure that exists there. This sort of preordained in any of those situations. Her expectations per connection to pursue work sector for this it's like no matter how old impersonal you wanna make it. It's highly personal you know it's it's it's you're wearing your harmlessly the entire time with it right and you're trying to support and build a community and you're trying to like. Have everyone else. Continue to share that vision with you may have put in did you know that did this the same amount of sweat equity your effort whoever else. And so. To me like there's the victories with the fire exit comes. On the personal side and Wayne it's as opportunities and you seem like. On the and they like Stanley might break it down the rain yeah or whatever and it is like being in and out you know it's like. It's situations like that where you know blow work with them work with this is this cat hero here yeah. We are now I got that we don't worry about it right thank okay. The (%expletive) didn't yard scramble like angle Jeff Skilling deteriorate get really taking those those extra steps to see this thing through. So it yeah that doesn't mean knowing where and where I started this a conversation. With him that this one no fun. I don't know I got you don't I carried away here the before we wrap things up I do wanna. Who's on your wish list as far as oval first all let's let people know that there there are two big defiance and second half before 2018 approaches as an aside and beat. Its way into September or so later on this month. I Washington hall and that side defy a eight yes yes and the big match is John Morrison. Penny an impact you know it. Because there's so many Maha cougar Mellencamp yes I think taking odds. I he's going to TI just call yep and that's for the PC derby champion that's right which is cool that there's all this. Cross cross pollination of a championship from CDW to PCW yeah vice Versa and don't Aqua stuff. Off who else is on that part so Ty Dockery will be back for that nice summary have Christina Hariri back is well. As well as Nicole Matthews says some us like some of the best like when the wrestler is there on the planet earth for sure. I'm not brutal movie making is defined debut nice side Schenscher going to be there he'll be defending his championship and you know someone off. A couple other defied debuts. I'll have my match against interest rates are now and again I didn't want to like I was I have a great job barrel and drop on the I myself Strickland and come to Korea. There wasn't my own without it you know I know are you ready. He's he's like in a single that right now yes so I thought it was like an incredible a push up season's ready for it took me now already doomed if the think gender over here since that's a vascular com. Yes so. Couple other to fight about Brody king maker as the site debut nice for those they're our age did her into the hardcore community. Hardcore music means he's you you probably know all. That's worthless that come to you some you know he's he's killing on the West Coast trainer we saw him at wrestle mania paramedics and how trash yes of Karl there is working there so that's awesome yes he'll be coming up awesome Douglas James. The PCW light heavyweight champion. Will become defiant as well and he's debut on September 29 and defending. His PCW light heavyweight championship nice cellar right now we're through title matches. For September 29 testify wrestling got a iris and I'm tickets attendance next one is November. We just announced its semi Callahan will be making his decide to be you that doesn't sock. Yeah kinda hot holy smokes. You know we're still working on the card and like what's gonna go along with that we do know that Shane will be back that one as well. And most likely defending that if I championship. And now we've got all sorts of like one of stuff in March for that card and and a lot of it ghost start to see. I think a lot of us. What the card will be any answers to what I know it's gonna transpire will be answered on the 29. Action so word super excited he's kind of like just kill these last two shows and of our first year you know. Death and then on not seen in. Who is on your wish list like whoo somebody you would love to. If you're making your own Cody Rhodes version of a wish list who would be on that list. Who lets it could that's a good question. You know it makes some when you sit in the or some of these questions. I have to do as a as a young promoter who have to go over promoter at a K yes this very just keep you know. So I have to think about it a politically as well. That's a good time and about that yet but. You know diehard drum majors the Roman wrestling and doubling my seat. You want me dad dad took a step back and how many has cut a victim to let them know they're good guys take all of my head and I don't. You know I like. If there's there's a lot of British guys that I think could be really interesting. I think there's a lot of Japanese guys that could be really interest income and if so I think that broadening. Harder. Level of international home. How went right I think it could be really own. Kind next step sort of stuff. And next you'll be doing a World Cup sort of tournament again in XTP international cup sort of thing. Have announced sitting anywhere that's breaking news right now it's right but that that would integrate any gig ever chain in the neck yes exactly and then. This. And then judge yeah and a so so we are gonna make efforts to arm. Sort of do that I will tell you one guy that loved to have in the thigh. And I guess like his contract this may be up next year. In 20180. I say I think you might. Yeah I know who says that as a place to stay if he ever did decide to end here so if I'm just gonna likes it like I if I think we really wanna try to make that happen. While you know you change when he teamed be massive yet massive debt paid I recently listened to him on a certain uptight gets rid. Anti Christian yet and talking about. These. His stuff and it's back it's a fascinating lesson because you know he really breaks down. Why certain doctors say certain things and why other doctors say other things but now he's an and we predicament because. There's there's a lot of money in a big business that can't take you know that. And you know weird unfortunately can't go back on their word and a sense when I guess it's a PR nightmare. Yeah wow that's very cool to be amazing. So that that would you know that that's. Is so be number one on the list now makes about that B gap then damn engines and her sights right because. Under sites hi Melissa like Johnnie did airplane that would be credible it kicked it if it didn't come. So I really get dirt after after a year you know like look where we. Look where we find ourselves you know make some of the best professional wrestles the world of all now wrestle in Seattle. From right that's really cool. Early so then we've had chances to see guys that. Before this would have never had a chance to see and that's and for wrestlers they had a chance to wrestle on a city that they never had a chance to wrestle and because of just whatever move the logistics were that were making an impossible for them to come here. Yeah yeah I mean like Coca band uses. He would say like get this like the black hole wrestling Braden but the northwest. Lake so that's a case like him as hard as black hole would keep expanding or he's gonna keep you can stop. Yeah with some thrown him we're gonna suck at this figure if it but it a really cool deadly catch up in familiar you've followed defy wrestling on social media and also media conference type act. Defy NW answer and Twitter. I defy wrestling on FaceBook biggest find in the guy's always incredible stuff on there and then not to mystify and demand. Winters are more content will be coming up very soon Dan 54 or five dropped the berries and bright and and trust me when those get up will make shirts did to promote the good word about how things unfolded between Davey Richards and change Strickland that led to. You coming out Matt farmer coming out. Mean walking around the ring like a chicken just got its head cut off I got going and what the hell was I mean there's. There are legal. But trust me when I say. I was legit confused. There is amazing it was incredible. I can't wait for that to be up there for people to check out because it was it was a very surreal night to crown our first defied champions and even the back story of the defied championship from what I heard didn't arrive in the mail until earlier that day off. You know when it does enrich every two days short of the day you're gonna give the championship to do. For a guy who like to run towards harassing her while she's in her Condo area says flow slow up a little slap a sticker on the elegant yet I've got a couple stickers and animated out and bright. You know if anything like we we you know we we adapt we pitted grade doesn't always. Routed Italy out leaders announced northwest trophy is a perfect. If it's. A very clearly whatever I don't care they're playing tennis right but it's edited a lot of details weren't yet. But Jeff as always not been an honor and to to go on this journey with you in this past year I'm glad that we had some time to a grab lunch and MB do just podcast and anyone. Want to go check out defy wrestling goes defy wrestling Docomo the information is there. You'll see me there doing the ring announcing. You see Jim marriages from running around like crazy and Matt Favre returns and then of course incredible talent that's inside the ring and also either be a part of what is truly become a very special fan base. Every time I go it's it's really cool to watch the friendships that are building because of defiance and just the in Iraq wrestlers at south. It it it's how wrestling should be done especially indie level where you know you've. Guys have been a standout and I'm really happy to see them apart from being that why we stand out is because defend its. And because of the great in ring action which is truly do believe as. A lot of it happened because they wanna put on a great show for these stands and giving them all of their energy all there lung capacity. If I'm not even you know what I mean yeah. If I would've gotten that sometimes thank you so much thank you Steve. It's hard to go this thing until supplied beyond social media or you gotta do is just off I mean it's never Twitter at I'm Steve makes until next time I've always. Thank you so much for listening.