MIGS vs TWOW 022 – Brody King

Friday, September 15th

This week on MVTWOW, Migs chats with Brody King!  Brody is wrestling at Defy 8 on 9/29 at Washington Hall.  Get tickets at DefyWrestling.com.  Brody is also the front man for a great hardcore band, God’s Hate (check out their new record, “Mass Murder”), so they chat about that…as well as their mutual love for pop music and Molly Moon’s Ice Cream! 

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It's now time for work. Amazed vs them. World. What's up you're welcome to another addition of migs vs the world of wrestling and as you might know maybe you don't but if you don't. That means you're missing out on the awesome local wrestling I am the announcer and host. Of defy wrestling you go to the fire wrestling dot com to get all the information of the upcoming shows there's a couple big ones coming up before the year is over. Including kings amongst men to 58. So many great matches from. John Morrison moon go impact cougar Mellencamp. Jeff Cobb is going to be there seems Strickland and Ellis goes. On and on and there's a guy that's coming to town. Then I am beyond excited when I saw that the flyer went up on defies us social media accounts which are at the fight NW. I legit night. Mean it a little girl squeak out of it. This is awesome and that man's name is birdie came Brody is killing it in the California area he's got a strain in the San Keno Brothers wrestling academy. The U hardcore wrestling fans I'm sure like myself. You watch a lot of their videos he always put on some fun wrestling matches in the place for those guys trained. It's got a great punk rock vibe so Brody is coming to town he's taking on big Jack. Perry love birdie came a because he's name is a nod to the greatest united bruiser Brody but also Brody is the front man for God's hate if you haven't heard or you're fed a hardcore music. Do yourself a favor and check them out Brody is the front man he's a singer and their new album mass murder is on heavy rotation in my world so. Got a few reasons why wanna talk to Brody and he's also an an apologetic and a pop music so much so that he has a tattoo of Lady Gaga on his like you know we're gonna talk about that is wealth so let's just jump right into it might check. We Brody can't. I'm doing great man I'm really excited to see you signed here in the northwest the Breslin yeah it is sure to be your first time wrestling in Seattle nestled in Seattle they're here. Awesome now you've been obviously you've been here with your man oh yeah we're clear their two sons Amanda was in wrestle mania in Orlando myself and Jim Perry went down and we ran into view over at pancakes empower drivers show what was the wrestle mania experience like for you. There was also Marino's look first time being around that environment. As far as that the wrestle mania weekend element to the under the evolve similar. Thing with fruit whitworth William regal that was really also in the eye opening and just being around. Everyone there and seeing its own people that you know and you know everyone is. There together as good also. What was that like to did spend some time William regal wolf what was some of the more rob a powerful things you want to waves but I just being in the same room with him. He is unlike any Orioles illiterates are too closely either it's been in the business forever you. Credit themselves on the last actual car reasons for being a New York carnival wrestler. Slow it hit you have knowledge from literally generations upon generations wrestlers in his stall. Thing is you know just yourself and believe what you're doing here and it'll get you or anyone agree. And to do that can be applied to anything too which is pretty cool to hear those kind of words of advice that he had to be first on his wrestling could be anything. Oh absolutely and I think that there's you know a lot of people get stuck into thinking that. There's only one way to do things are there's a popular way to do things but it stay on the right. And you're doing something they're using is they're so there one else than nor can they figure you're wrong. Very true did a black man I guess so many things on a chat with you but I feel like there's like a million things that I a first of all gods hate. I'm a huge I grew up in New York fell on love with the we did the New York hardcore scene in just listening to what you guys are doing just brings me back to that kind of revive and that kind of a spirit and I'm actually just obsessed with your record on mass murder I did I think you guys have put out an incredible record. Well thank you rarely appreciate it I mean you know having New York are correlate the East Coast so the general is pretty much aware. Going for the the Brooklyn castle heights don't like irony. There have been that none you don't live look broader and deeper so quite. I grew up from Brooklyn so that's my whole war I've bio hazard tattoo on my leg I mean I dug a hole lead the Brooklyn hardcore scene was what kept me sane when I was a kid. I mean that's a mature brands from their yeah and so so what does friends not only been clicking nine match tracked in the fourth hurt your personal are. I'm detectors I mean I heard about it for the stuff that you have when she does. It from out. Oh I will for sure after we're done talking I'm gonna pull those guys up for circuit cited I've yeah I grew up I would like mad ball in that hole there are the guys are I'm absolutely yeah those those ridges and and I mean obviously I feel that energy and what you guys are doing is well off so it's like I got a whole conversation with you about god take. And then it's all encouraging thing is while at outlaw saw a kid when I was a kid what may be form of wrestling were. Three individuals whose biztalk and animal the road warriors largely a life monsters and and then the other one was bruiser Brody ever advocated subscribing to all pro wrestling illustrated I didn't even see him wrestle. I saw pictures of this guy who scared me and that's it may be fall mobile what was a large alike person. What was the bombers are ready for you that made you want to. Give him that nod and a news where he named for your for your character. I mean you look like you like you said you as large life and he was like nobody anybody's seen before on top of that you're like the on Crocker little you know. Eighties. Wrestling he did you dig his way he didn't think it is from anybody in the is that you do that what you want it. I know Islam just I would with the economy intelligent monster tonight the more you learn about him you realize that there's never been a better way to describe that guy. Oh absolutely like you everything is chaotic but at the same time I was completely you. Calculated. None of the guys so much and I deserted you got to play drums and we are I was gone back and forth with a million different things nice and you know let's just call are so bruiser Brody is why not like. This so there are about and it's so loud rock band and M were we just started things opera were called bruiser Brody I I've never been more proud to have a band called bruiser Brody just. Let's talk a little bit about dug up by eight I you're gonna be coming to town night you said this the first time your wrestling in Seattle Washington hall. It's on September 29 so it's a few weeks away and you're taken on big Jackie big project an incredible wrestler around here I feel like stylistically. You guys have some similarities in the sense that you book big dudes and you both can just work that ring as far as just athletically you you you have speed you have. You do things that you don't typically see a big guy doing does that excite you to wrestle so when that might have a similar vibe or. Do you like wrestling so on that might be a smaller guy like what's what's your rules just for you it is it's gonna be ideal match up. I mean for me personally this is very ideal situation called cure that I feel it from both. You're a lot more than what were the more we're used to out of you know smaller opponent not who says we couldn't go to our agreement with the smaller opponent also. But yeah when what I see another guy that did you know it's. There is no the same send me your bigger. It just opens the gates or what I can do with them and that's really exciting. Do you do you actually like correspond with the dude they have got some ideas there is a just completed loyalists as when I show off what will go from there. Yeah who played royal rare lunch on those are excellent Jack or watch matches sort of studying so spoke that he does. Trying to come up with some sort of we can do together in in deserve. Obama a great show together but as far as. I haven't talked to him yet but hopefully it's. Java before. We do out there. So and Yuban now wrestling we like for a few years and trained for about a year before you started having matches if our defense if I'm correct right. Yeah a third training in. Sports 2014 and twenty junior wrestling and here we are 27 team. And people are talking about you is it surreal to see like I mean I don't I I know it's not it's not overnight at several years but to have a buzz about yourself that quickly has got to be kind of took a trip freeh had. It's crazy managed you can never expected anything like that it's like there's guys that have been doing this for ten years and they're finally getting the break in the finally get the odds are I'll. It's like for me to get that in there in two years this is really crave this so it's exciting it's kind of nerve wracking because there's got to go forward. What would you tribute to as far as what do you think has made it sort of people have been recognizing him talking about you as quickly as they have. I just attributed to the hard work in the people that oh train number. Guys like you're chaos in those shortages in answer to your little regenerate. And not on the ground you don't know who Russell Long huge number of slowing those guys those guys have been with me since. You know I think as huge influence nominee and yet even in this part of never stop learning and there are still trying to train. This. This month last year went to the Harley race are wrestling camp so I got to learn under. Few Korean OK in Duluth it and then you know and rocky and earlier is the most amazing it is a well ethnic. So does the sense you know Brothers wrestling academy I love watching the videos and seeing what the matches that you had bear and it just the overall vibe it's very punk rock in the shows in the sense of how just can yoga is good like how how how it's presented tonight I love that. Yeah I mean are we we that we definitely you know we have our DIY a little Ochoa and yeah pilgrims California every. We turn up we do we give certain like about 45 people in there and then you know people's beloved low outside it's really do a crowd of around other people. It's just raw energy and we I don't know if this is something special in that building. No it you could tell just from the I mean I don't like men bucket list next time I mean anywhere in that area wanna go to got to show that because I just love that might still at a garage doors open and there's a bunch of shares and you guys is all that it's awesome. And didn't. In the area I like to say that you know. It feels produces some of those the ghost towns we got guys like media and in other brave men and Douglas James Manuel I require. Only do all the guys that are are starting to get a buzz around their name and so it was really good you know we say is it's it's hard to get out to California because it's kind of an island on the West Coast as far as wrestling both. It's if certain book to book so. Hopefully everyone starts you know recognizing. That a lot of great talent on the West Coast. I feel about unnoticed and at two in the last year by means do you talk about it in California when you said that it makes me think about here in Seattle that we're finally. There's a really cool independent wrestling scene that's happening here would defy and also won one nor I I do some without 321 battle which is another great news show around here and it. It seems that mirrors similar to what you guys are doing this since her brother was hard on proper atmosphere and dodge the overall. Hodges and yelled at one where you train is also worth of shows are happening until it's nice to have that West Coast contingent in the sense. They are cool here and you know it is. Places like to fly in late in the lawsuit also Pacific coast mostly iron there and those of the people that are giving us. You know local Irish charts. Presented on a bigger fish to residential and a lot of people didn't really get our name out there because. Also Marie news sometimes users have the right cards on them. Yeah yeah I and then move now would we would social media with weak side but the digital world our end that can spread a lot quicker than how do you I couldn't even imagine for guys that were grinding twenty years ago. They get all noticed on another side of the country is almost the end of it pretty much isn't possible. And gates are open and that the decision that the tape over and didn't record their favorite you know Saturday night's main event or whatever those good dimension Douglas James I really love. Pat if anyone had the chance is going YouTube you can watch a lot of these matches that I've reference. Check out Brody king on and on and on this and you know Brothers on YouTube page in that match was great and he's coming as well. Are you looking you tell us about Douglass change for all of us that are are coming to defy. Eight over at over the Washington on the 29. Here's one of the most natural athlete there's ever been around their reviews. Everything he does need to he goes to post actually and you all of them in May when he was younger so you do that. And so your level that you so he needed to get away from in the needed to just true anyone look at the world tournament Long Beach that. Under Bravo and the Nikkei into wrestling in the lake. There was like I know I started plunged six months before Doug there or pretty much the same levels cars early experience but like. He was like it and you're neither of six months that I had he just. You don't care about what you're out there around there and like. Only trying to keep over the hill go geez so we really pushed each other like throughout her and nurturing euros. It was really good to have you chose to bounce ideas about pro then and really motivate each other tune to where we are now. Funny he says I was laughing because I just I'm from about three year or so months into odd go into wrestling training hearing in talent and dot. It's been an incredible experience but there are times you get tagged if they've got to comes in some guidance wrestled the high school wrestled immediately wrestled for the military. And he wants a day one doing things better and I've I'm still like. Gaga I'm still taking an hour walk through what he just accomplishments has gotten into it pisses me off but I get as they were all different but I like god dammit I think you're you've got to learn one day how did months three and I still haven't figured it out. I I showed up and I and I didn't like I wrestled in high school children not thought of her. Dog is asleep smoke and you look a year ago. Could interconnect or hate you but I love you I hate you don't it's like that. Oh look it's a. You live on the foot taller than you so it's okay. That's led to get behind step up up up up up up is it fun thrown around the smaller guys that I was a little video than just that way you pick up some beards and it really that gonzo bond that I saw online abs like. I'll be you'll be able to pull an awful big Jack maybe you are you very adds Al but he's that's got to be fun to be able to throw dudes around the way that you can. Yeah it's it's certainly do outskirts. It picked up. I've bought and it did god I wanted to go to weird road with you if you don't mind good side I saw an interview with you and you talked about your most of pop music which I would love because I'm a fan of occult. Starts out I'm a fan of heavy metal and I'm a fan of hardcore and I'm a fan of pong the but I'm also a sucker for a good pop song and it seems so you and I are are on the same wave like when it comes to bask. Rather low low low five music. I don't even say it's a guilty pleasure anymore I'm old and unemployed my wife's he turned thirty inches like all I wanna do for my birthday is go to Vegas and see Britney Spears and Mike. But Google is right now do we go this summer if you went two days in a row that's what it's like Iran like this it's incredible it's a good pop song to go along way in my world. The or absolutely and I think like that your shares of both of music in general to a you know when I was growing up the lesson through Mozilla actually boys and producers and others like close. Rep yeah political plate you know guerrilla more articulate the wants all and are put into your prayer music should channel all music. Then there's you know undeniably. Catchy hits India and Arlen. Agreement cleared up or is hands down as Lady Gaga. You have a tattoo of her on your leg right. There's an area that's hard core I don't even have an add on any tattoos and Bob Taylor Swift yet but yeah is the emphasis on and it's Brussels. Dude we need my wife and I went to see guns emerges that the gorges a beautiful venue in town it's a few hours away and you come we're driving a laughing like I think we might be the only people listening to tellers with essentials on are apple music. On the way to the gonna hurt the show but adds that those new those Tucson I've heard of cricket in love. The only. They're great not instead of her country so well at night or partner is undeniable. And I love dog I'd one of thought is that your way because in the integrated a regular job Dodd to release a warrant in your interview with her on heavy Russell was a lot of fun to watch. And you guys go down the conspiracy theory roads and I've got. A conspiracy theory that merges with pop music and I wanna see what you think about this. Is it in the Katy Perry in the so Lou well concerns are noble. Okay hold on I'm going to be able my contributor and it's OK okay. It's what. I guess the whole thing is that. John earlier and you look like a hole looks. Like. He period as the grown so literal as well. They're very. It's really weren't. Chris Phillips it's not true but I didn't. Hey don't let the truth about the matter and it's a good story. Heard different the mine is Bob I'm convinced. That her and Kanye West have been in cahoots since day one make before all the VMA I'm middle you finished controversy. Did the did drama between mr. and serve and maybe because I am a wrestling thing you need to antagonist and protagonist to be diverse the bad guy you know that kind of thing. It's worked perfectly for both of them throughout their entire career dates this drama between the two of them. I think our news or greater fuel all time. I can hear you. Everything doesn't like of course you should only digital money off their worn only by the upload your music a little bulletin is pretty damn good so it's like. Yeah I mean it her neighbor they can maestro should live bloodshed that Amelio and saw them once they each torsos and. It SA bid put her on the map and Elvis and she became the sympathetic babyface. That's is both a dom may not nearly as awesome as Katy Perry being Jonbenet Ramsey I'll. And then this is Kurds are filled with third this whole. We all know everything alike in god and it didn't do big move of professional wrestling. Everything is crucial Oshima clearly there's there's Brunswick from the middle of the real life problems of the Muslim listen broom closets as well it is. Get a few smaller margin got to go to generic enough to click. Click one of apple also are sorry. Put a little trailer. I talked to Lance storm one dollar a few weeks back and using good thing he goes to the circuits and he's like trying to find one when the when the Chinese gonna happen if and when they heat and. Oh my god what he took. Yeah it is true it's also. Could. The regular phone you can control our you know when we're there we're makes you lose and then when her comeback is a list. He told Laura Flynn. Does the bigger wrestling and I'd like to mention I've been going do the early stages I'd like to go back to 2014 for you what was that. I know you've been a lifelong wrestling fan so I mean I understand why you wanna become a press are wrestler but so we are still. And when I tell people that I go through it they look at me like I'm crazy. I'd imagine that happened to you when your first started but what wasn't there originally that made you wanna step foot man Jim end and take a wrestling class and what was that like that first night when you did it. I mean one of my friends. Meant a wrestler was like hey do you wanna try and do you know. You couple lessons are sort of saw actually him doing you know it's. This is what I have to do in the UB information. It blows into your brother shows that the guard Jordan there was like this is incredible like you know just a few Ewing that you care. Watching it up in in this small intimate environment. All the guy need to be part of this in the next I signed up. And our first day residents during a little little mistake. Plus I got pop pop pop pop up and he's doing I replaced. You know I went into it knowing that it was going to be hard blow there was way harder than I ever thought it would be. I agree it is like Yoko exempt from hardcore punk music. Yielded a lot of does that tell you there so that therefore never bothered me but there was like causing conditioning and all period. It just is is repetitive and it's you do Michael yo and little stop. This ends the the coordination part I think it's been like one of those things where it is like wow I'm using my brain off more and I thought I was gonna. Oh absolutely and then there's four we're I think your belt where I was then to where I am now because you don't. I've done. Lucci training for about two years now. And thinking about like worst start or was it like the stuff that I was able then moderate nor can you know Detroit's. I didn't even know that nobody was able. Give an example for for those that are listening like what something that you learned through Bluetooth training that is made you better wrestler. I mean just full work in balance and knowing your body is what she is all well it's it's you know it's not always a plus should lose split. You know. For instance when. We first started Lucic turning I couldn't do it in me like rope trick or rope or satellite. I don't know if you see an equivalent units during the backbone on the rope and popped out during a merger or go to U. You did it and then I thought equipment will the public yeah. Dogged it then he and then there all the way you're six short and that's what the heck I don't cop out there. The new nurturing militant yeah I'll have a totally total it's like Bristol you roll up into power all opposition and and over until sunset flip. And don't usually. Can and then there really closely it's weird because the military goes well verdict endured the road dirt. Odd all of the political capital. Tiger bigger they need you to get like I don't want to six point six big guy doing this to me right now. Go ahead and it would include Hewlett thanks now we are hurt. They're all celebrating whenever there's like all he's going on tour all man we're gonna miss your practice. They look good. Then the incredible spirit of Bob before we let amateur I'm sorry for not monopolizing your time as Reza it's been really cool good to talk few. It was every time in the ring where it was a struggle. To not. Crack up and I thought all right buddy you're sharing a fun story of him being in the ring and they did something happen where he's he's you know he's the bad guy but. It took everything in his Boston not laughing I had there been a time of what what happened to meet you struggled and not crack up in the middle there and. Oh minute there's been a few there's been a few other those all really got me. Other if you're familiar with Jirga Scott and overall. Now do you. Is the world's sweetest man okay then you look those Fuzzy billion dollars we'll talk ever brought I thought it. Also pulls his big monster the right sort of give me a hug and it's. You know being in the ring with there were being in there with the looks and bode well it is do these things village. Can't help but laugh this story you know you throw your turn your head down in my open always watching your word you're like dying side. Perhaps this episode to get mad dogs or whatever it yes. The Euro figure well you know what you hate them and that's why the books. Whose withdrawn include. I though one last thing job back and I look at your Bob votes from your music and your wrestling sites strangers showed you ever been a part of. Oh boy is that. Stream to show other little part of wrestling. Denzel was. Brian Kendrick puts on the show called wrestling caress her. And it's all we your gimmick and we're and I was just fizzle other data that you. My Turkey border was they. Giant baby. That's a eight billion ringer giving birth that that vote at all over the boat okay. Over the baby groups in his diaper and threw at all. There was. There was usually a period. I'm just getting an hour in bed into the cruiser weight division of them WW week. Oh when they call in the what does the wizard of hog that is that is not a gimmick that is iron in shells and then just you it's. A musical was. Wrote think you're on your. There hasn't really been a mile or year and it shows I would say right. Mean every time wherein we play Seattle ago remember. Or near their's is a guy like stage diving that you didn't bring her murder blatantly put a well I guess that's the thing that happens a cure for. That's the ultimate sign of respect and yet I love you heard but that's that's the hard court more you have to make it did divert you made it and. Yeah you know there's that. They're always are things that happened nor your clinching the ukulele. You know playing in the basement room or are saying and so weird plays in the middle of nowhere. In the New York City we're going to scream awards offer Terry you're okay well but a little less than. Any order from howling votes. I'd imagine being in a punk rock branded Iraq a metal band I mean just doing that kind of seen it prepares you for being an independent wrestler more than you probably ever realized. Oh absolutely yeah. In the go they go hand in hand like the Nolan understands their bishop and same thing and you know. Everything except for we can upload them most of her boat you know refers. Perform in their underwear and looked owns. Character through. And sometimes it Bryant edited by the Kabila could GG Alan tell you just never enough. Yeah I know that's sodomy involving super it. Deny what I also love is that those. I've got but that's kind of cool for you as well as that one can lead somebody who's a fan of you for whatever which one. Excited for you to come from Washington on the 29 would defy age without kingdom unmanned amongst men. But I'm also I'm looking forward through time that you bring guys take back the town. You have. You always really enjoy Oakland Seattle urging you have to learn it's mostly Kirk. The people that we get to see an emotional there at the U Seattle darker and 00 is Highlander virtually. What's your what's your if you'd please tell me sought to turn on the whether they were mapped and vicinity of. Though that Donny lavender is like ultimately. Really. I do I don't try anything I go there at I do my wife and I are such Molly moon's in my white beat him but she will break her begin rule to enjoy there. Just look at the media nice game but to get a waffle cones even though she knows it's not him and thank. That's where all eyes you won't break her beat him rule for anything other Molly Wood is a big is hilarious. Why it. I go there and I had the thought the caramel and I admit I everytime I go Mike why don't wanna miss some of assaulting carols I don't try anything else. I mean if you like lavender flavor or. Send or whatever on W that shot. Did a tough tough to make maybe after I defy all go hit a bomb on moods together I didn't loan totals cherica ought to be great. And I global mood the other places you the Seattle dog yeah I never when I first moved here in zones today you gotta try this hot dog McCree and you don't you (%expletive) crazy. And what they try to I'd realize wow I've have been living in so I moved to Seattle. They really do know there are dog anymore there exists no. And and every every Tulsa they look at you like you're crazy until you've experienced that. We can all decided tonight not be that stupid. But they gross yeah. My mom Amanda this is our. Until the scare the little different things that dead that is very true hit a hit it's funny how hot it do you go to eye opening moment for that. Yeah to equip. Our Barbara what. Did I appreciate taken a few minutes I'm looking toward a good note to watch you do your thing here in an I don't know if you've heard I just what the vibe is with divide in the fan base but you're walking into off. Are rabid fan base that's going to I mean I've I've already seen a bunch reference freaking out that you're coming it's just be prepared for a great energy. Loud fan become have you heard from anybody that's wrestles testify yet but it's it's an incredible experience. Ever ever lose it's a lot of fun a lot of high energy so awfully you know I didn't brings a blow through cable and there are more actually happened and Obama are really excited to be up there. A jump onto when I saw that you're when I'm refers to your coming out like Kelly and then when I heard that you really messed up without big Jack. The excitement even went more through the roof is that guy always puts on a great match in town so I can only imagine what you guys are gonna do together is just gonna be pretty epic. There are in charge Airways. And then I'm Molly moon's ready because Olympia there's there's. Do you scoops I got you covered. And northern Maine that's. Awesome man so okay so we're we're gonna do off. Molly moon's while listening to Lady Gaga it's going to be incredible. Then he still loves eating some improvement and I'm on a list. This is perfect you heard it described might possibly be the greatest night in my life let's look at our Ryan I'll talk to you soon. Overload your that was awesome and I isn't of that we. This it. A ridiculous amount of time Dickie how about pop music and talking about Molly moon's ice cream. I don't know if that happens on any other wrestling podcast and he does that mean nowhere could I wanna listen to that one as well how big. Thanks to birdied ten again catch him at the phi eight games amongst men will be taken on big jacket that's Washington hall. In Seattle on September 29. Just go to the five wrestling dot com to get tickets and information I'll be ring announcing it's going to be a great time in years thanks to Jim Perry met former for helping set that interview off. That was awesome in the top of birdie came I. Look forward to eating ice cream from you know where we're going to be afterwards it's not that far. Molly moves. This episode brought to its. Way. All right until next immunity to follow me on Twitter Earnest Graham at times he may. Thank you as always. We're listening.