MIGS vs TWOW 023 – Shane Taylor

Wednesday, September 20th

On this episode Migs has an awesome chat with Ring Of Honor wrestler, Shane Taylor.  Ring Of Honor has their big PPV this Friday, "Death Before Dishonor" -- get info at ROHWrestling.com . Steve and Shane chat about the first time Steve saw him wrestle (in the middle of the night in Dallas), plus Shane shares an incredible first hand account of the time that Jake The Snake Roberts had that infamous meltdown prior to cleaning up his life.  They also leave the world of wrestling and have a great conversation about what's going on in the world (outside of wrestling).  Shane is an awesome dude, be sure to check him out on Twitter/Instagram:  @shane216taylor , and buy his merch: prowrestlingtees.com/shanetaylor

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It's now time for work. Amazed vs them. World. What's on the welcome to another addition of makes vs the world wrestling and I bring a Bonner. Big event happening this Friday so actually this week you're getting into for today job one interview and either tomorrow or Friday I have another one as well what a couple of ring of honor stars. I today it's all about seeing Taylor sheen's big dude that just tearing it up. In the world a ring of honor I just love his agility I love that guy can go I mean how we talk we're pretty king last time about just big guys that are adds island chain is definitely in that world. Are so ring of honor this Friday night 6 PM debt before dishonored their big paper view get more information to watch it at our Ol H wrestling dot com. And during this interview. We completely abandon the world of press like there's an incredible story. I I promise you about the time the deepest lake Roberts was completely out of his mime wasted and I mean you if your wrestling fan you've seen that video footage from many many many years ago before it Jake is able to clean up his life. Sheen was right there in the middle of it all in his account. It was a is a phenomenal story Nam we just kind of ditched the world of wrestling just talk about. Cultural stuff in life stuff in. I really enjoyed this chat so let's just jump right into it the notorious Gene Taylor a mix vs the world of wrestling. Yeah we're gonna I gonna fight and go back in time to about two years ago wrestle mania weekend in Dallas and I went and I got to cover for radio row and interview bunch that we do you guys know my buddies like hey man. There's this. Wrestling match at an event being put on at the end that I VIP wrestling it's gonna be like two and more are at midnight until whenever it and solve wanna go Mike. Why not I got a Yo-Yo we just sat through about 89 hours the wrestling and man I was so glad I went because Pressly was incredible the pomp and circumstance. But I had just been much fun for different reasons at that small show over and that I like a Columbus hall. In Dallas and you were one of the wrestlers that I got this just the first I got to see you live man in houses they knew it and Keith Lee taking on I think the killer Elite Squad and it was just off. Who or what I mean I mean just so many great wrestler is wrestling at 1 in the morning was out of surreal experience for you. Are there that it would absolutely not I know a lot of us realized. We knew do you blueboard go we have no idea what would you energy would be like the green light at he said. You're sitting there mania what you're therefore really liked more than likely if you're there for me you've been here all week well you know I mean like bright doing everything so what we're like OK these people have literally get a bigger clearly gonna strip through life. Three full days a world of wrestling like time wise the more remember on their way out. It made me do three morals like Ferraro and I kind of how I act like it's going to be tough but. I think everybody's. Involved who would like. Mike and eight include rule and I we're committed to this like it would show up wearing your I laughed. The data energy made big man like. That mattress so cool where killer Elite Squad haven't. You know a good. GAC you know tag titles do different and are on American vote for the first arms like art history in our match and and and being in Meriden where it's wooded with guys like you know lanes and hairy legs. Guy that is such as worldwide names salute was really cool all the guys that are on that show works. It's incredible what we wouldn't even cooler with a guy who were there. There ornament on this show lie extra. It's like coming and Lugar yes. And he can assist you in the back in you know Indy was. Given its critics dubbed. And to the nationally here. So to give separates him. What news was really cool you know he's doing great things now. I might even see you essentially duties again I realize that we're gonna do it this article on Le one the other. All right you know I bet there was little hesitation you set a guy I guess it's gonna be the right crowd and but banner out yes you are. But our. I don't know our opinion here because you know the stuff that he was dorm so I imagine you know career why the big slowdown coming out and get a chance being on the show Fergie I mean no curb. A multitude of reasons you don't and but actually saw I mean he was just like. I actually didn't like. My new. They're right or favorite parts about all those which we leave the parking lot in Dallas treated me finish we overestimate stayed to the end and getting the car and of course is just a giant cluster have to get out of that parking area I don't and I'm stressing out I'm thinking. Dude it's gonna suck we're gonna miss like probably half of this card because of traffic we get there maybe like a deal to sort of midnight I think we got there like on 1240 never walk in upward frantically trying to get America's like you know you wanna see everybody do their thing. And the guy ticket or tickets is like yeah how we don't waiting we heard there was some traffic so you'll find we haven't even started yet and like hell yes or run to the bathroom. Going to get number one look over to decide I mean there's Jake the snake Roberts right next to be sharing the same like trot. And I'm just like whoa whoa MI in as a wrestling fan like this is. One of the weird reasons why I love wrestling is just so many random moments as a fan I can't even imagine for you as a wrestler. All I mean I would have could have been easily up all wasserman by a crappy night but it turned out to be an incredible night I'd imagine. That's got to be a fun part about being a wrestler and do in the indie scene that you never know what you're walking in on. Of course and I guess that's. That's what makes so much so good job. So interesting and so fun because it doesn't get boring yeah I mean because how how how how in the world re boring. Where and stuff like that happened and how best to all of us so frequently. That you're dislike. Alumnus this magnitude of rationing of ever in a world like while they ghost written or cubicle the case you know for thirty years and I didn't do very enlightened go until people story they're probably only. A handful of people are gonna notice actually be true but only they know it simply won't there's someone out there knowing I'm not making it up late than never I don't know the story very good or do I mean so late rally and went in the morning and of our random Knights of Columbus are exactly exactly. Exactly in the crowd going absolutely blocker you know you're absolutely insane. Like man you know crowded room prepared to bring ever. I am Muslim ultimately all of you not neglect it was crazy broad outline a great remember like yet. Mean I look at my blood in my book if they're out another match I would stick out my in any rush to leave this place and having too much fun. I absolutely do but it warns. Luckily once we're done we're good we're all sitting there like you know that worked. Out like a but we're so glad it didn't go a long line man. We you mentioned him in such a bit diluted. You mentioned that I that's the fun part of doing it's not your nine to five job is all these crazy stories I share this story a lot when I get the chat with you guys I always love having a chance is because I've I've that a million times that I'm wrestlers. Anyone involved in the world oppressive weather here announcer whether your wrestler whether you're dead doing lumbering crew whatever may be. The back story behind why you do it what what. It is so fascinating everyone is so interesting at once so unique. And when my favorite story though I remember having Matt cross in studio and we were hanging out talking and he shared an incredible story of wrestling at a prison. And I might Joba sitting on your Mike I don't believe this but then you know he shares Esther and I believe him and I know he's not lying to me Godiva might wrestler buddies from around town. Thank all yeah I've done that once in Mexico and I've done that here. Went up for you you said that you got stories that sometimes people don't believe what's up that once during that people just never believe but it's a 100% true. On movement that's a couture and which even that's the first time I've ever been asked that question and so that's a that's good he didn't let me rational here's chain a professional hey you know you are you aware of our military that I did what I like I want yeah. And before I answer that I will say who. Performing in a prison here is one thing performing in the prison in Nashville and one thing. My guess that's got to be a great experience itself yeah as being an environment so. Yeah now he wants land and I do that. As he said that he had the more he'll he got in the match the better reaction he got his and he realized oh my god I'm wrestling in front of people who work. It went to be a heap of norm a marginal criminals but they found that these guys are no convicted of murder. And then once he realizes that oh my god what am I doing and then he realized the double demeanor I got the more they love me this is weird. Yet comedic and every and the day like there'd there'd still be a human being albeit. They turn creepy things like you know. They'd they'd be still dismal wannabe. Entertain and I guessed he'd like dirt going to pick the best behaved over the worst if the election it's. It turned around to do something like an epidemic we feel any better about the Bulgarian like. This could well I acknowledge there they're gravity guy and really exist that an inmate right yesterday you know every night we know you're Intel penalized but you can really cool the last couple weeks no incidents you can come to an arrest you can scenario you're more like you aren't you tired protest here you character no claim you can come around very likely not making any wind down a toilet you're dead. But I Iraqi Army and like our you have an attack in regards every I'm really. We still like your turn to nearly pure likely. My arm around the previous. Decree huge story that opted in this unemployment figure some right now and I'm like. I'm still remember through my head in light blue ball the mud and say look I don't you point to his etc. Dawn light all. Cancel island. Or do you want a column in America are these so they may send you made. You do get a hole like value. Man I can all eyes as I mean I need to like go post about a restaurant with you and and no microphones I wanna hear the stories you can't. Are that he had no roots no story will be yes I'll and that's. I sort of won the one that I can bingo all the problem might. What the one that was covered by TNT and all that would you expect Robert oh yeah. Yeah now again I don't know it like. Legally what they've done or what have you but like I I know I I can only tell you my perspective on what happened that night or I would love to hear your post so yeah. Yes so are our arms still. Fairly new in the wrestling you know trained by didn't. Bradley political firestorm broke I was in Cleveland. Ohio our own. Under the name of the venue it escapes me right now but. It is truly a viewpoint. So. All I know Jacob in here and they're going director for a them. The dual well what were usually you do appear ready for his match right. I know they're slightly gray with a bald American Samoa Joseph will involve two unlike some other people like. And at one point were out there are sort of mask. And eating just walked out. And has the microphone. Just randomly oh boy and start walking toward the ring and you can tell he's not in his right mind. Put you just go and I'll I'll I'll turn to apply. And potentially use interject himself into the match. Like just because it's. And it. I took time I'm looking at him and I'm you know doing like my bodyguard thing on the outside so it's I'm the only one at that point. Between like bill promoter myself in the ring will put all the guys and I realize that you're right and it. Oh yeah. Oh yeah I'm so. She's. Walking toward the ring he's on the mine and I stop and I'd look at them my computer you are serious or play. You know recruitment during her rapid but I look over my shoulder. And I locked I would great hero who told we word for word I will never forget this. If you tried to get in the ring. Not cannot solve the my gosh. And I'm like. Okay who clearly given what other choice. Do I have veto I mean like. I knew you would only say hey man hey stop stop stop. And and really you know angry at. You have a a boxing background so if anyone could not give me I mean I may be at that point mr. irons into and out of there but you could seriously lay him out. Yeah I'm I'm 31 year old I literally have been boxing since 05 years old right everybody in my family my mine my dead at all army Barkley in my humble girl golden gloves like. You draw grown up in Cleveland then. How how I'd do things now like the nickname my hand was one unchained good I just. What you people I'd cook he would sleep like gets this wet that's what happened right. A bad rap and get any. Children listening that it's not the way to go in my own to be answered most of the time but. When you grow up in a situation like I did some ground you have to do what you aren't what you have to do absolutely. North but going back to this story. So great and do that all the great you know I don't want anybody thinking that you know. Brady is the uttered disrespecting. A Latin why gay. And I'd go to told it to stop viewed on the locker from my Monday we have a bunch of bored bored out of everybody there. He says on the microphone. What are you gonna do about it and word almighty you mean bush. Wow and when my can't kind of changed yeah and I looked at ray and look there ray and he looked at me cruise you know. For all of our competitor who you know. For all of our tunnel competition against each other ray is. Literally like my Big Brother blood could make it any closer right and so him hearing merit that mean hearing that. Saying grandson Mark Sanford of our crowd me looking at him. And you're gonna give me that like and I got eight lower what you gotta do I think that's exactly right. Here slightly before we know wait wait wait could you kind of like oh. Well I mean what 100 valued aren't. So. So I turn I came to our trademark stare I'd get my hands ready. And I look at Jay and are you now look like dude. I'm going to amnesty right now if you don't come your sense you know bright and luckily you like. You know people got to go to the back didn't we didn't have to do anything and you know you can look in the report and see what happens later on and the not I didn't. Whose version of what happened but. Like knowing that now I'm pled actually do is dump it like actually reduced. Like you know I mean it like bella to save so much. So so many problems going forward but. And in a weird way it would apply to see his face as well because I mean again that it probably wouldn't it progressively got worse as as I remember watching that video or just thinking oh my gosh. Exactly am I got a bit of leg and until they start thinking like. More would have been career wise and I got that some I don't know what it did you undergo only go one of Chu weighs. Either I'm sky rocketed a superstar remember hate on spokesman media and the guy got knocked out Jake. Word I'm black balled from wrestling but I Arabs are never oh and you are significantly. Ever get in my life like show and you got all that happening. You have to make that decision and secondly there's like this is the life is the only outlet or your choice I would like I am literally a split second away. Chrome. Breaking the whole Kramer's job like you mean running like what art villain like. What is what is at what point do I feel like I would be. It mr. moment in my life you know every able you never expect that nothing we salute those stories don't play. You know that that people know while. It argued here from a different vantage point in dealing OO while. No you know. That I I'm I'm a slave I was sitting on a charge be sitting at the edge of my seat right now look at that story is insane to see hear your perspective and come with that Carter I don't know what you see in the music right now here in Seattle is a big story about Baghdad it was a way I cannot see sleeve and you say awful things and some guy just walked up. And our our eyes watered a stronger and there are people who don't like wow I don't know I mean whatever happened to free speech in my book free speech also comes the consequences of some guy's gonna be an idiot and say be heard. I don't feel bad that grown lazy man. Now. Bro you you are preaching and took all quieter. Where when it comes to that would get a lot a lot of a lot of people in our society and someone put it to me so Herbert read they said the problem is. That the problem is not that people aren't. Educated. The issue is there executed just enough to believe what they grand old yeah but not educated enough to question what they've been told. And my thing with a lot of will put a lot of our rights and alarmed. What we believed to be true what we would like to be true. Is that people take back. And romanticize enough to be their reality even and the issue is the freedom of speech only protects you from being jailed for what you heat factor. That it. It doesn't absolve you. Of any of any firing you know by your company it doesn't absolve you from getting your app called on the street political right which you said. Like. None of that is covered so yes you have the freedom of speech you have. The freedom to say whatever you want that does not mean you have freedom of consequence. This is my point got a real name and from that and I think Bobby's audio there's. They don't show you the entirety of that situation you only get clips of your luck to determine. 88 judgment based on our second you don't know him believe before you don't know the doctor you know I mean you you just have to look at that. And nobody went and you do what take about five minutes edited data may be read a couple of course actually counter right exactly yeah I mean because then why people like what happens if you go on news they all this stuff. And you know that you were wrong it really when you're over right there you know what. I learned through my bad I shouldn't jump tube was no no don't that nobody wants I don't quite. Exactly I get in the conversation all the time. On FaceBook or war or what what ever people talking you know Pol Pot politics and and great to bring that lie lie lie back and I'm Warren. A good reason to to just shy away from those things because of the platform that I have but my thing is. If I do that. Then. To immediately and you know I mean because there aren't a lot codes. People there are a lot of there are enough intelligent people. Where's Reuben with respect and manners and decorum yet talking about restating expand. Respectfully and peace police. Finding common ground with other people there are a number but most people having these conversations because we. Are just trying to hope one day that the world gets better. The problem is it's not getting better you know I mean and so. We as you know while we may not agree on the same thing we may not see I am different point. You know. It I guess sit down where the where if you. And understand your viewpoint and I you see things yeah Mingo OK I respect that I see where your common problem. This is my perspective now I see things. It doesn't mean them to change your mind and in the mean an amateur in your heart or even how you feel about big issues. All it does it is O may be hopefully open here are details that you didn't see what. Well I don't I don't know that someone's coming into than open mics that is not the time ride think I know what I'm talking about not have a conversation like you're talking about and someone says have you ever thought of it from this perspective and I I. I think I'm I'm I'm I'm completely you know. A at pizza being wrong all the time of course we all get that little bit like you know we are EOs but. I love the fact that someone will correct me and then make me see something in a different way whatever whether it be cultural whether bi racial whether it be. I sex wall at it I think I think that's what we should be doable that we live in a world now. And it does mean not spelled social media where you just spout off and then you just log off your computer you just let that hates it there and and you're not willing here the other side because you just. I don't know man I think people like arguing the Internet and it said why no they do christening just look at the common are there any news story that involves. Anything arc but mental I think our people I love having these conversations with you my man because I think that open or need to walk into any conversation. We just an open here and maybe you wanna groups but maybe well I mean I remember one time doing avenue radio forever and you know as we've grown older and done radio longer mean. Certain style of humor has changed and me I'm number one time only like ten years ago saying a transsexual Joker wasn't anything. Like grand data hate it was a stupid joke and a transsexual woman message me by email or by attacks on our Tex signing to say hey I'm hurt by what you said and explain why and all robot was a book I'm an idiot I didn't realize. The gravity of what I said I think it was a dumb joke. Never thought of ever taking a never thought about the human element on the other end end. Honestly grow as it did changed me today's day I mean I've never I've never once thought of Tate doing another joke like that I'd never. I don't know and I'll be the first to tell somebody nominating cool and it's because it's because our. I as a human being I think we should listen more and then we don't. Of course and and and had an had that person not ain't eating that I'm to explain tumbling the way they did right ban. You're reaction would be completely different way they are main command my aggressively. Just today deter me and it got absolutely and I wrote a little ring and I wrote the Backus I'm sorry like I was the first day said and everything I'm gonna say after this is not justify what I said that's when you know I am sorry. There's no excuse for it and I'm gonna try to be a better person. And I pretty and I wrote this long letter to saying hey I'm sorry web what I did and her response wasn't I didn't not expect that from you I'm glad that I broke view because my opinion now is. Even higher of you as a human being that it was before in other wow. Miss more of us did that W a pity about a play solid man to beat a better place to live. That's a blessing and curse about social media because. Let's just April board wreck like there are millions of people out there that twenty years ago. You would have just told shut up like yeah I thought I'd I don't care what you have to say your opinion is to work with like eight I it doesn't matter to me when I shut out. You know I mean. But go to Marines people with the technology that that we have now. You know congregate and have a voice and here to our knowledge. To the point would advertising and air everything else that they can actually changed they go to the scary place beat Ryan like. And it didn't it. And it's in a way cute that it's such an error anonymity being behind you or. Computer screen and being behind you your Twitter and saying whatever you want with no consequence you know I mean like. I was growing out you had to be held accountable for the things that you said. Like I W they are hit produced talking too much you wanna pick right Mary told. The so I mean this so for me. If someone is insulting and mean. And it you know this this is introduced credit anybody's. Cyber whatever but I. When I was growing up. I couldn't imagine telling my dad hey they're picking on me over any electronic. Device because he would have looked at me like I had a longer anonymous I think. He's right he would've turned it off. He returned it off. And it says do you know who they are yes. You know what you see them as cool yes sir. Okay. Go into court tomorrow. I'll go with you. We will collect your. Stuff for the week. And Ali you and you'll find they can take your business then and then when they called all can be achieved by. Everybody had an all mapped out the oh yeah like I mean like mark mark dead and twenty here Burke Greg Rose Garden. In the army like he'd he'd not he's number guy you are apparently you know I mean so right. Alone. So for us. For a grownup we have very specific rules especially link in the leg ruled engagement you know one of whom when it comes to fight and things like that you know first time you just can't stop. No doubt that was the first warning the second time you would go to a teacher that didn't work third on you go to the next higher up person right right. And could still protested. You have four in a walk there this. Life and then when he came to that goal. And they told more that this appeal will be we can't stop yeah what did he told computer yet didn't didn't tell you yeah. And did you decide to do your job. So he he took care of so why is he in trouble for you all for you failing to do your job. You know I mean right. And then. They go to derby stopped after a short flight music via outlook Mike you can't fight are in that logic at all yeah they can actually you can't like now if we didn't follow that we're in trouble this week we didn't you know we made him look like he more than bad parent you know I mean you'd like that. So. But yeah like there's there's so many things now that can be created beat it to the way we eat the way. We aren't society and I understand so many parents. Don't want bad things to happen to their child I want that thing to happen Michael you know she's too. I'd I don't want it any anything bad you haven't heard like the problem that a lot of people haven't the the perspective that they lose when when they say and do things like that is. They just credit. What goes bad things they need to make you who you are. In the and the nation as a society. The very good point there are more there are more bad things and actually mean the man that I am. Think good things because I've learned from those bad things I've grown from those bad things. And it made me and forced me to look at myself hard and the mayor and asked how what what can I change about mean to change this. Yeah you know I mean not a lot of the bad things are what motivated me to be a better person and and and six candidate really had done in life. Absolutely. Now when you look at today's society and you have a situation where people are. Not letting their kids. Handle these things are just simply trying to remove it from their act like it never even happened lie lie it never a big fish. I understand. One thing to do ghost thanks. But what you're doing is crippling your kids. From birth like you who you are taking away. Their ability to. Defend themselves find their niche and and put them. Build self reliance build self confidence built so that ain't because when I was growing up like. If you had a bully and bolt and bolt and bullying in my opinion is completely different and a lot of people. What I'm talking about bullying where you were followed home you'll be no like you put blocker like physically like. Assault that not that people saying bring that you don't like. Like. Critically like being tormented her I know you have like torn to make like you would you respond to kid. Because at the end of the day of the bullies are just gonna go for the week target would you show that. You can stand up put yourself in they're gonna have a tough time yup and you really need either tend to leave you alone or quickly become your friend. Because it's true me air Berlin like yo dude. We'll fight and get suspended them come back a multi people who got suspended and we can do it all year where you can get get recruited through your head and I'm not going to light up every. Are my daddy to say that look you might now you probably won't win. If not all the in my mind and any of those fights but I'll tell you what that bullies not gonna wanna keep fighting somebody that is coming back at them every time because even if they win that I always. There's still. It did it's still weren Jeremy lamb why would you rather that you know I mean it's it's it's it's crazy. Absolutely absolutely my dad and to expand upon that my dad home either be even a good I am walking not scrappy dog look. You're not good bet you're not a bad dude in the world it always going to be someone bigger structure stronger what ever. He's like I don't care wouldn't apply it or lose it. I just want them to know and you make sure that even if they won they never ever won by two again like exactly. Relevant all right cool that I can do you know sort of you're so you do either learn to fly. And took everything away or you found your niche eater you with a funny kids. No one what is it like it that rightly or you would it's marketed that he Peter get homework or. Made friends with other kids that could play even they would fight for you can they wanted to you could help them with their stuff. Or yeah the kid that was the friends with all the girls because no wonder quite cute beautiful little girl I mean like the jaguar I didn't sleep yeah that's what you like what they're not gonna go against their own self interest you I mean like. So you can you learned. You learn to find your niche and you know win when you can do that on your own it builds confidence that builds things that your parents can't teach you don't mean that comes from my experience you know and when your. Talking about you know so many people jumping on the band while cool cool light and I'm like you know. You got a let kids. Treat cure all for themselves. How to be. How to beat them. Mean you and then angry and there are of course our example where things go blue go go to our. And children are in open spaces mentally that no child should. Ever being an I I did that we're not talking about the extreme case in the where we're talking about. You know the average every day. Case you cannot. So for me it's slightly. Weird when you look at how you guard today. You know and does skills that we had growing up berg sued the skills that they have grown up. And how we go thing you know they go we're going to grad type personalities crazy now because we're well it can escape but it'd hagel would unplug it. During. Leave it alone like. I mean. I I I I personally like it it it it it. It flabbergasted me Kabila takes. Okay this is good device this is deal there and know all of this is coming from ought to continue to be plugged into it. David Letterman don't dreamer golf a lot of times I mean they could ruin my day sometimes where you know you do what we do we have make work FaceBook pages and sometimes feel people are are obviously trolls and I got the part where I think if I know that I'm walking into the fire of a troll I listen you know I don't need to go to the page I don't need to check the comments there's no one forcing me to do those things. So yeah right let him spew whatever stupidity got that personal dispute if I don't hear it. They lose. It it doesn't bother you exactly they they gave no reaction. No 101 another one of the great great lines and I was told words. When the move will node Whitman never dog howls at the moon no one notices no one thinks twice. When the moon how back now to story. You can you can pick out there and right now like the wire like people are important actually going to take their naps we're going to run them out like. No one thinks twice about their best second idol I didn't change who I am. And what I do. Now I've given it a whole different life now I've given it a whole different meaning you know bat that person now built some sort of solves. Are troublesome because they got a neat yeah you know I mean that's all they and I refused to let that happen you know I mean why. I will gladly sit down and talk to anybody about any topic that I know well knowing it in. Even one but I don't know about it you're willing to give me a true full education on the subject not to your agenda on it but like. I will sit down and gladly talk with you about anything. But if your only goal is to just saving more outlandish thing that you can think everything you're gonna get certain reaction from your weight your time yeah and mind. You are green because it's not gonna happen. You know not you know when we talk about. Stuff like a lot lighter on the form. Believer and you know. People should know how to defend themselves people should know how to do these things not net revenue and I'm advocating I think. Not at all you know what I'm saying like sometimes. You just happened stand up for yourself. And sometimes. The only way people learn. In the you know. Kerry hadn't entered Karadzic and drab light and that's. The sometimes it's the only way that people really like that they realized hey I crossed a line right you know I mean because. Yeah we're continually building a pacified society. That. And endure aggressive person and you know no one's going to stop you know what I want to do anything about it what's why would you stop. And that's what we sell it back our that our men I mean he was aggressive Lanny brewer taunting and being a jerk to a lot of people until one guy said you know once. This is stopping right now and it's dude. I mean and what happened it would owner and under no no matter how pollen and you can only guess I don't. I don't advocates you know punching anybody for no reason but I'm doing right. Grim but when you go outside and you choose to put a slump Africa arm bands on your jacket. And go get out of public launch and talk trash to whoever it is. You are making choices all along that way my friend you bet you are making. Choice to Detroit and Detroit. So when you get to the and and what would your desired. What would your game it it'll ask people like that like what do you expect. To happen that day. Like did you respect. That you're gonna Wear that all around town hall president of go home and I want liquid what you were going to get an up and play the do you think Jimmy John's gonna walk out of their storm guy here man here's LA is a bootleg or club and we what you're doing right now it is God's work. Thank god we ought to feel like what you might be you know my my friend are the real MVP like you know I think I. Yeah what do you think we're gonna have been like you know large. Like for example if I or who went to some world. Moral ground and wherever USA. You know open whereas you know. A black white matter assured and compromise their slogan I'm I'm going where assuming you're going to get one or reactions. No I mean but if you're doing it based. Solely off getting. A certain response from people. Why would you be surprised you get that's when you get that response. Mike got. Kind of what you were aiming for you know I mean. I think there's a lot of times people who are doing generate are absolutely insane and I honestly think that that's what it absolutely yes absolutely and and that's. And that's what I I cannot and I was talking about what I can only be screened. Are having these conversations you know remain entombed the that's why it's so polarizing. Because I'm not quite key we were able to you also are one way or so far. On the other wind the truth is we're all 99% of us are. In the middle somewhere inserted into our day in and and not hurt anyone and apparently felt they didn't exactly why don't we all want the same things we do wanna go to our day. Work our job maker cast take care our kids freedom probity the world. That's all we want that's all we want. You know and granted there are things and Spain are built certain ways that you know. Our problem all problematic. For others and it's a okay cool that we could fix those things. And and that and that's with some degree people get lost on what I talked them Deutsche wilders bigger issue to go yes. There are bigger issues and what I'm saying it's okay let's speak. Let's figure this one we never have a war have not had Kawhi you're focused on those figures she's ya know I mean. You take care of the small first. Then all that small club can't be used so that tool to keep grossed. Thinking and doing the things that we're doing lately they can no longer. I used. To divide us why and we saw them and we made amends for that you know I mean I don't. Moment when you you can't get your definition won't without taking notes that I'd love that we may be taught him a wrestling for ten minutes and then everything else who's been I don't know I know I accommodated not I don't like god I wish I either I wish that I've got a ring of honor was coming in Seattle sometime let's go get dinner and just keep talking about the stomach spinoff. Man I Lama comic conversations because like I said it's just. It's issued the real side of who you are seeing an NN and and it's good that I get to do a lot of I've got a lot of opportunities to speak to a lot of wrestlers and man this one isn't there is a very memorable one because of this is it's it's fun the year what makes you tick outside of what's going on inside the ring. Overture treasure and thank you and NW between Obama ever a doubt that way. Deep sigh wrestling by the way yes Clinton I hopped out a way. Dump fuel Glasser right now change my on the ring announcer for the fire and on the ring announcer I don't speak. Speaks see how you see how you see how this works just I think we got a plan by accident. Not a black and I'm good I'm the governor and the reverend. Do change when another mile and my favorite people I've gotten to meet since doings are we are wrestling he and it's fun to watch him do shined here in the northwest. And truly become. Bureau. When it comes the Indy wrestling world beat everyone in the Seattle area has nothing but love for that guy he's an incredible ambassador. Eddie hocus Seattle for a long as I'm there really have. A huge national level in DC like guys weren't flying in to wrestle here and the fire has helped make that happen. And shame really took the company and and help it skyrocket to places where myself and Jim Perry who runs it Matt farmer who's a Booker. None of us thought it would be this successful this quickly and and I I I don't meet personally feels that I feel that chain has so much to do with that in and it's been an. DR Laura do we got a fair way to get you out here is while Douby awesome. Word network and now I know you don't I don't play called by the way ring of honor big paper due this Friday. Yes it definitely looked all around good who led him to tell you ought to do we actual poker room here interview would you delegates are being either attitudes. This Friday obviously 6 PM here on the West Coast there won't want to check on dad before dishonor it's looking like a link to go to our ROH wrestling dot com. Also you're on Twitter action it's Twitter and into Graham actually into 16 Taylor. Of course you got per wrestling that he and I tell all of our anyone listens and assess the livelihood for you guys that helps. You know helps not to care about you owe him a meal maybe urinary advice by T shirts himself supporter I so an espresso and I mean when you assert. The pro pro wrestling he's dot com slash chain Taylor are yet being anybody to live look at this right now to you know go my shirt. Every every when you buy goes such a long way you know you have got blamed. The Omar cooler we're going to be you know and untapped before dishonor. Job they make. An incredible living you know not just restaurant are also merchandising and marketing and yeah and pro rat it is is a big way that they do that's so I just another avenue for your favorite wrestlers to go out and and an arm and an additional income to continue to do the things in the ring that you that you love to see him do. I'm computer's been absolute street get a talk to you and I look forward to the day that you are wrestling at Washington mall in Seattle. Same to help with how the Caribbean how public competitors so we go in there. Beecher they're up and then you know go go east improved probably go man do what you know now with each other but I can't think in general you know. I don't. Like. I have looked under a bed amendments that I could that I got dude saying they can't get it there thank you man I really appreciate it it's a timeout chat. An incredible dude James Taylor again can find him on Twitter and let them know you enjoyed this interview. James 216 Taylor that's on Twitter instant brand falsify his stuff but mention pro wrestling T dot com slash Jane Taylor and don't get the white ring of honor wrestling. Check out the big paper due this Friday 6 PM. Let's go to our full H wrestling dot com art until next time which will be maybe tomorrow or the next day. As always thank you for listening and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and it's a grand act I'm Steve makes far talkies in.