MIGS vs TWOW 024 – Silas Young

Thursday, September 21st

On this episode Migs chats with “The Last Real Man” Silas Young.  Silas is wrestling Jay Lethal in a last man standing match, as Ring Of Honor has their big PPV,"Death Before Dishonor", this Friday!  Get info at ROHWrestling.com . Migs and Silas talk about the evolution of his character, who inspired it, and Silas shares a great story about some great words of “encouragement” that he received from his brother when he first started wrestling.

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It's now time for work. Amazed vs them. World. What's up to welcome to another additional mig vs the world of wrestling I told you. Now we listened to that I Jane Taylor interview and I said there's Jimmy a couple of episodes this week because ring of honor. Huge paper view that's happening on Friday night and you get more information ROH wrestling dot com I think the match it's going to steal the show. Feel pretty content about a two of the better wrestler is Emery a modern history lethal and stylish young Danielle last man standing match and you know that's going to be. Pretty damn awesome. What may leave on the which stylish young and before we jump into the view is a couple of years ago him. And Dalton castle the program that those two had to get there if he didn't have a chance to see I'm sure there's weighed on the Internet the figure it out and find some the Promos and the matches that they had. I think did wonders for both of them and their characters at dawn castle I mean and attach a rocket ship tonight guy I think. That guy in a few years will be. His charisma and just his in ring work I mean the sky's the limit in my opinion for Dalton castle one of my favorite wrestler and Silas young. Really fell into that character the last man standing that. And apologetic jerk. And he worked so great together and I look forward to chat with him about that chat with him about his early days of wrestling. And also chatting about his match against Jay lethal which if you saw the most recent promo with so as young you know is going to be up pretty damn awesome match. Which mr. golden boy hey mister media. Rio Bonner is favorite son. Jay lethal. You know I gotta be honest with you when I first started this thing with you I thought it was going to be a couple of weeks before you touch your tail when you ran home. But the fact is you kept coming back you kept hidden in my face and every time I had no problem punch you right in its. Jay lethal the fact of the matter is you'd like to talk about you're the greatest. Wrestler in the world are you the greatest first generation wrestler. But Julie the what happened I beat you in singles matches. I've beaten you and tag matches Howell an Edinburgh Scotland it was a street fight in the brand did. That it ended the night we were both flat plane in that ring we both needed help to the back but it was my arm that was raised. And come just before dishonor. It's not gonna be any different because it's not a wrestling match. It's a last man standing you're gonna find out exactly. Why they called me the last real man. Let's give credit direct my jet with stylish young. The last real man. The senate. Got a tough maybe now. Paris to predict a I don't man I am here which I was young the last real man silence I am so excited to talk you of course you've got a big match against. Against Jay lethal which is last man standing match is gonna I I look I mean maybe I'm biased but I feel like that's gonna be that match and everyone's going to be talking about when when the interview was over on Friday night and you can go to our OH wrestling dot com. To get more information out of purchase it I don't watch it. C'mon man how much fun are you having just being an. Absolute jerk in the world to ring of honor wrestling. It's actually very enjoyable. I. We live and a band aid where everybody wants to please everybody and why I enjoy the fact that I'd be backstop below. I think it's fun also identified the UN social media and I and I always. I personally I enjoy when a guy's pick the extension of who we use in the ring and on television what we watched. Follows its way on to social media and and you pull no punches and and you call people out. That's got to be fun as well because in the world of how everybody's butt hurt about anything and everything on social media it's you that you just don't give enough. Damn I really don't you know I've even had our. I met guys who are involved actually before like you're ADM anybody in the rate of runner up at barber yell at you were. You yard drivable emotional people on social media. And I you know surprisingly they'd you know they don't. You know I know. It's not a place where they put handcuffs on you you're out you're allowed to be yourself. Speak your mind let's just you know a great thing about working there. Aren't a great little addition to what I. And I heard it up what what inspired you to embrace his last real man character was it your points from you or your angriest and also your pop's not semi I would imagine. At that that's got to beef on wages the pay honesty about your your pops by by incorporating image you're wrestling character. Yeah absolutely you know my. They'll all my older Brothers and my friend a couple of bad they'll get a kick out of they can grown up. My my family and my friend Leo record the ball my father big Jim because you're a big Jim didn't take no crap from anybody. You're a favorite memory bank as far as I always yours or my dad in a similar way britney's temper when it was it's. OK you know you're joining these toys on the ground you argue it's a break a little cries some whatever it may be. But I always love sharing history now because you know now he's. These that your in his seventies and he gets a kick out of hearing Leo how he once was do you have a favorite story that's like that helped also mold who you are as far as a wrestler. Yeah I'll I'll home and you know it's funny they like my dad you know Arabs are older Brothers so. My father results on the seventies and he's totally. Mellowed out. You know mellowed out knees he united much of our hot heavily logged a lot of Latino but from from from my my older Brothers told me I you know all. What I was really young before remembered that I won a what are my older brother's buddies when they're like well 1718. Will not only smile and optimize data my dad took them through right through that door down on the debates and also all she shot I hit. It hard though the a pretty good story you know yeah I eat even they didn't know the neighborhood grown up there were they were scared of my dad can look at. Little bit afraid. Tell markups sort of speech. And and the world of ring of honor for you obviously you've traveled a lot you've been involved in the NBA really a lot of different independent organization you've been apart. In the world with the WW week what is it about right now could I feel like the world of wrestling is that its high point I mean you don't need to be the Debbie that we need to make a career out of wrestling you don't need. You can do the independent thing if you grinding you work hard enough you can that bad that you heard livelihood. What is it about now that you feel. Makes the wrestling the Indy wrestling scene as successful as it is. You know I don't know that that's hard now it's hard to you know. Put a finger on you know back in the well late ninety's. We had this huge explosion and wrestling where you know like we had and W only had guys like stone cold Steve Austin green where. Or come and how it's easier to put your finger on and at that time but look it's hard to say now you know arm wrestling had. Along Donald kinda my thought it but you're right I mean the last couple years that you would give Julie picked up B I don't also. I don't I'd like the young bucks you know they they have the merchandise controlling and he'll likely get hot topic now it's. You know one of those plays that the mall our you know our I just think Gibbs. I have always said rustling like one of those things that every everybody likes but there are some people are embarrassed to admit it all off. So it could target pinpointing exactly what it I think. No one part of it might be just the fact that you know are all the all the talent that's older voters all mighty good you guys better. Our data that are roughly right now and and are working for a major companies. Are you know that are like butter out. Out on the independent side grinding away you know do in due in tourism bureau burger. Japan and then wow you know there there's been really good opportunity to make it. Make more money are you know working for places like ring alarm or Mujica armed. Along with the independents as well where you can make more money than it's been trained guys who are. You know Larry the market or W Debian your travel on our whole lot more I group probably a little. I'm 42 summer around yeah I know you're over younger but I grew up in the same Arab just be old school style wrestling growing up watching a DA WAs in the WC CW and I feel what I decide what makes me. Beat such a fan of what you're doing is. You incorporate a lot of the old style old school style wrestling while also incorporating a modern twist to it. Is that something that you intentionally wanted to do because maybe there's a lot of high fliers feel like okay well the bet that there's so many of those I'd. And a weird way doing the old school style seems very fresh now that. Yeah you know what kind of first when I first got started. Well golf ball bat that that I'd climbed I already and I think again on the moves toward. You know more the old school type feel to kinda happened naturally. You know I would for a lot Obama deal. Oh I don't know why that long hair and beard but we go to Iraq or by god one had sort of would bring a martyr. I want to use something different and that would make me and a little bit and that's why what was the old school L looks on the medal and also really do. And it's been let me -- I would imagine you Philbin you gotta feel great to see the success that has happened because of the reaction of the crowd I mean that it's a weird world I would imagine for you guys that. You've probably feel most successful when people hate you the most so yep absolutely and any other job. You wanna be liked by everyone to an end and in the world of wrestling it's that blurred line of okay well and you I don't know if there's a gust science to it in your world in your head but. You don't know lot of guys who are tied to quote a bad guys are. Trying to beat these cool bad guys but you're just like you have a mural that's given mentality when you step up put out that curtain. Yeah as you know he's got a perfectly there. Lot of guys out there who are supposedly the bad guy but they don't. They don't really blame the bad guy you know I always say they wanna be like they wanna be like stone cold Steve lost in the laundry list. They like they wanna be that bad ass but they wanna be one because of the same time so that and exactly light of the exact opposite of that and I want to be a different spirit though. These arrests and you look back on that you feel. Think encapsulated that type of wrestler as far as a growing up whether BS the kid watching wrestling or were even some and maybe even right now that you're seeing as you're like wow yet that guy's got that same spirit that I have. Yeah I mean I think that would really influenced by more of these old school guys guys I grew up in white guy. A million dollar man dead the you don't who is all about being eight in order. Jed the lake Roberts you know you always look oh great talker and a great agreeing technician in web. When he was playing the role of the U or the bad guy would always. Did a great job of being either never never would blocking below. It's funny bring up tickets the other day I just talked to watching teller from ring of honor as well and I do not know Indonesia this during. Experience is for you. Should you be doing the wrestling thing any shared the story that time and before Jake had neighborhood clean up his life. He was bare feet away from Jake being in it in the rain when all that that insanity happen in new system. He would give us your side of that story that never heard before but out. I love asking those questions do you guys because you guys have traveled the world and done so many insane things for you what's been one of the weirder moments since you've been doing. The wrestling bang as far as when you share the story some people don't even believe that a happened. I'm bottom. Well you know I I don't know if you're familiar well it off. Would like I CPR. And RC. Juggle those are absolutely they have are. They have I think every year called the gathering of the job blows up. Which is like. A huge late 24 or five days. Camp out music questionable thing and they do a bunch of wrestling there as well. I get one of those a few years back and I mean that hole. That whole weekend was crazy at lake they would like you called this thing can't towards stock bit that this generation what happened. Are they you know they didn't they abruptly shoulder at Florida or in the morning your. You don't get off the old and they're crazy they're growing the dog console Ted Lorraine your mobile batteries. They they took they took him dead fish out of the car you are that was arm the ground that we're on the lyrics or dead issue in the rain. So I mean that's pretty crazy I was also I don't know why I another one of those shows where they have got good vicious booked on the show all and it. I don't think (%expletive) loads club privy to what got home what good I'm actually the cleanup planned there when he came back from the match. Do you is there a need kicked over the big cooler full water. Big crap spilled all over the good electrical equipment. Well darker the pretty crazy. Area and they pull you aside and say hey man just to let you know when you come here and there there's a good chance on gonna throw a dead fish I you do so my journey and I'm confident are your way. They do they warn your audio or or or the other wrestlers like hey man I know you're going to gathering of journalists are gonna have a great time. But also be prepared he's got to get weird. Yeah yeah you read more about Spain that's you know the boy do the other wrestlers. Trying to create an armed men might be better not knowing we're going into that as opposed to knowing. He yet you know I don't think god I don't know probably do it anyway you can you can really mentally or physically prepare her for those types of shows that you know I've always. About to enjoy the crazy how weird crap that might solar is right up my L. Take that opportunity. I saw us talk a little bit about our depth before dishonor because you have a big matchup against a lethal and it's the last standing amassed a last man standing match. Mentally is a different do you prepare differently for a match like that because it's not your conventional. Hey you guys you know you eat you up in fall type to a match it's it's it's it's it's it's less emphasis probably arm wrestling and more on a brawling style. Yeah apnea are absolutely. It's it's different in the sense that. You know what you said you Bob regular match either make somewhat out of bed and where you can insert their shoulders the bat for three seconds but it the last man standing match. Not yet to keep a guy out it's eat for ten seconds you thought didn't. You know three or four titles along easy but I doubt it you know let let me clear scoreboards and of ought to punish. Yes it did show that also means your score more times the punishment you're also gonna receive yourself that goes. You know Poulter must. Have some personal gripes with each other third doubling it definitely a match. Well there's not going to be any punch is old you're going to be allowed a lot of hard hitting it the last man standing that's also mean it is really no rule. So all I know I know for a fact that when I get the opportunity I get by and a chair. Or helped or anything that I can beat a blip I'm good enough. Talking about that before dishonor I'm looking at the car to an Emmy it is just so many great matches I heard an interview with you the united Lego many months ago but you talked about. How it's important to know the flow of a card not just the flow of a match but you know certain matches are gonna have certain things are gonna get like the crowd going nuts and other matches got to tone it down. And it made me think I'm a big music fan and it made me think of the great records are sequence properly in the sense of OK this song is perfect to follow after this song. If that's something that you keep in mind when you're you were you know OK we've got this card from what are the match is happening before us were matches after us is there's somebody and I'd be resume rent a nerdy wrestling question but I kinda stuff kinda interesting as far as. I mean are you thinking in the back you might OK well maybe we need to tone down your step it up here because of the matches that are happening before and after us. You know what I did typically I I would say that we can you know I would have bet viewpoints. You know cousins. You're right you want it didn't much have gotten. Much since yeah dole or more pretty short everything. Are you you don't wanna step on other people's souls are you. Martha suck and you're doing to beat to be the best you can make it beat you want. Also want to make the whole the whole pocket hole to be awesome but I think guys in this type setting in this type of match. You know it's just ball well you know right there are just so glad Lucy go go under miles per hour that's. That's exactly what the fans expect we'll let slip that I'd imagine signed forward. I do you enjoy working I I my my spirits Bob moments who was with the UN Dalton castle adult what you guys are doing together was just some of the most fun programming and arming of honors always must watch stuff. We've got to think it was not a fun experience for you it is or anyone else that you'd like to have that similar opportunity have a program with where where you get to really kind of explore each other's characters because you guys are so different but it works so well together. Yeah I you know I really really really do enjoy that stuff bought. No we when I when I first started rustling you know adult ball. I got you know the head of the U cool move you're. You know doing a slippers something like that but over the years you know I learned that. It's the backstage stuff into interviewed the vignettes that really. Spokespeople and because there's such as. The budget people enjoyed the good rustling you're really data makes it better is when you have a good story to go along way said may I very much enjoy that stuff you know not the regular don't mean you people still come up to me. And talk to me about that number 22 and a half years ago now. How do you know all the political stuff with little boy is there are that we did were trying to make a Mandela's office. Are you. We already had a little group about this Dalton bounced ideas off of each other. So I had absolutely enjoy that aspect of bread sorry. You may decidedly so much I mean I think men maybe I'm wrong they didn't feel they give a lot of creative got Maria mater where you guys can flesh out these kind of this danger is not so much someone saying I gave you are you doing this this mess and make it happen that you have that opportunity to. Sit backstage and and fly something out which has got to be I mean agency to be creative dot MFLEX those muscles it's got to be. Are warning there definitely is you know it. That's something maybe some people don't realize that there's you know wrestling is definitely ain't. A creative art form and when you get back but he worked for a place but believes we knew it and you know kind. Did you do we'll let you skiers dealership the way you guys think you need to be steered. Did it it makes it a great place to work or do you know they believe did not involve. Known that not everything within the in wrestling like after a lot of companies do a lot of places you've worked you'll get a script you hold what you gonna say what you can do in the ring of honor it's more like. Well you know you have a job here because we believe annual weekly to your health irritability so all. All they're doing your thing. Before we have a couple of message for free they'll let you go I was wondering I love going back in time to when someone starts first wrestling because. I mean I would imagine. There it did look back now on your career and and and be able to give advice to the younger version of view would probably be some some pretty awesome advice to share but. When you first start of what made you follow what wrestling what made you wanna become a professional wrestler. You know what I grew up I grew up watching me and I guess I have Bible that Brothers they're all wrestling fans. You know I think it's just something that it always you know banner. Are a big job big strides in my life you know I I I never really strayed away permit. All. I don't know there are displayed dole and what. What really made me wanna do it I think maybe a little bit of pillows I didn't know what I was doing with my life at that point. And I had to edit print out high school is wrestling I wasn't sovereign credit it to me like and the shall do it. As toss and what was that like when you first step foot into our brain and at first started learning was that overwhelming was it something that you picked up quickly. I you know what I picked it up pretty quickly actually I want a little surprised though you know people think like oh you don't directly bring it got. Got a spring in their back and hurt that much remember after the presented train that I was you know I was a wage. Is CE and credibility sickens up then. But never mind my brother I could give me up then the other me. They don't micron I don't know it's pretty upbeat about there about I could do that is it gonna could be an up close he'd do it. He works hard to get the cars suck it up and do is gonna go to the actually really good piece of advice from a. That's awesome that they're you're Konerko would have happened to be not deserted in the most one way possible. Exactly I've recently I thought my head I screwed up my neck and eight I'd I've always never thought going to a chiropractor. It would be a good thing to do and I've finally bought dobbins did and it's the greatest ever date night I heard an interview awhile back debut. The receiving a chiropractor or you still seeing one in and M was it weird at first you could have really weird for me didn't do did you experience that sensation. I yeah I know what I I I don't see him regularly. I kind of like he used that is something like I'm pretty beat up or I feel like god like my body's just it's something that I just takes quite. Do working notre stretching that are you a chiropractor. But even he even delivered bad I I don't mind all the other stuff but legal for the Mac and all big hero makes me real nervous and kind of depends a little bit. Yeah same here reminder that pop I just I know it's fine but I just feel like you broke my neck until I start moving on a car feels great but at what he's doing it it's so vicious sounding. Yeah it's you almost see a certain airway there could be you know. To be paralyzed so no it's exactly like what are you doing a rematch you're hurt you if you're like oh wow I could turn my head again this is pretty awesome. I'll silence merit back I appreciate you taking a few minutes out and again for anybody. That good armor are always wrestling dot com and has all the information about death before dishonor which is this Friday. 6 PM Internet paper view people Beers while just dodges you can get all the information that ROH wrestling dot com. Also I know Europe Europe Twitter as well if you want if you might give people I your Twitter handle and also pro wrestling tease people need to go I might assert. That's right confine me I'm pro wrestling cheese dot com backlash I would young. Or you can't follow me on Twitter last real math and low wage. But just be prepared at if you see something stupid dear dead heat you're gonna call that person out on it but I absolutely well the second command thank you so much and I look forward to Friday night and hopefully you guys at some point need to figure out a way to come to Seattle and you're showing Seattle because it would be a huge hit here we'll I would definitely like that never got the Seattle sort before so we'll be sure to check that out thank you again tickets and I'm not talking to us I think dominant big guy since I was young again catch. Bring a miner's death before dishonor this Friday night 6 PM on on the West Coast if you're listening on the East Coast back to you. That's pretty damn awesome and that means three hours ahead. So be at 9 PM. I don't need to really spun that out I don't think but anyways are always wrestling dot com that's how you can watch it again. Friday night death before dishonor sound as young the last real man. Example house while the from the fear receivers there and taken on these people are don't forget to go to check me out on Twitter and insecure and that's at. I'm Steve migs I really do appreciate you guys spreading the word about the podcast. When your friends know that a wrestling fans. Tweeting at the wrestlers that we've chatted with that means a lot to me. I'm not I'm I hate about you people left in the race subscribe review and all that I know it helps the podcasts and I'll I'll always the worst of Baghdad the stuff. I find more satisfaction knowing that you guys enjoyed the interview so much that you don't let the wrestler that I chatted with. No and that means so much. Phil until next time thank you as always. For listening.