MIGS vs TWOW 025 – Christina Von Eerie & Scotty Mac

Thursday, September 28th

This week Migs chats with Christina Von Eerie and Scotty Mac!  They chat about recently getting married in the ring at a ECCW show in Vancouver  (for real), their dislike of getting the “streamer treatment”, wrestling in Paraguay, and Christina’s connection to 321 Battle fave, Otis The Gimp!   This is a fun chat with CVE and Scotty Mac!  Big thanks to Steve West for setting up this chat!

 Catch Christina at Defy Wrestling tomorrow (9/29) night, as she is in a triple threat against Taya and Nicole Matthews.  Get tickets at DefyWrestling.com.  

Also Christina is wrestling Saturday night for 321 Battle’s first ever Seattle’s Women’s Tournament – get info HERE.  You won’t want to miss either of these shows!

Follow Christina on Twiiter:  @CVEvil_138

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It's now time for work. Maids vs them. World. What's up welcome to another edition of migs vs the world wrestling in this is one that I'm very excited about because not only are we getting. Christina money eerie but were also getting her husband. Scott you MacKey seemed a Mehdi CCW wrestling up in the Vancouver area you see him at the fire wrestling and you're gonna see them this weekend not just on Friday night. Tomorrow night. But also on Saturday night Christina body Erie is all about Seattle. As on tomorrow night to fight any. She's going to be taken on tie yeah Nicole Matthews in a triple threat match you get tickets at defy wrestling dot com and then on Saturday. 321 battle is welcoming. Christina money eerie into the ring into the battle palace. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this because it is rebel girls. The very first Seattle women's wrestling tournament Christina body areas apart at that. It is going to beat in scene at the battle palace and if you want information about that. To go to 321 battles FaceBook page. You really find where you can doc get all the information tickets are not that good stuff so this weekend two opportunities to secrecy nobody there Russell and you know that Scottie Mac is gonna be by her side. And you know when I talked to Christina by an eerie Scottie Mac is also going to be by her side so let's just jump right into it might chat with teams Miree. Though I have undergone. Three power you know I'm very excited that it seems like just the weekend about Christina my theory here in the northwest are you taken over Seattle had to leave us Scottie Mac did there as well. That's right we're we're gonna come in the Seattle and god. And we all these bad. I thought Greg had the security got the Tacoma copy one out of the fire a little while back in now. Hey you're here for the fire on Friday night and then not do you you're here also on Saturday night with three to a battle for the first ever rob women's tournament there are so. Are you can lead to Tacoma champ and the Seattle San by the time the weekend's over. That's the play. And I am I'm really looking for a says to the weekend and spending time in Seattle. Yeah I'd like to be holding both. Both titles. To comment. Entry to a battle. One it's always a fun day I like to ask you guys and I talked to tell anyone who outweighs involved in the world of Russell because I think do you guys stories and an Indy adventures that you guys go on is it completely insane and fascinating to me. I mean nobody to ask I would always say hey what do we do see this ever happen in the ring. But I got to imagine getting married in the ring and then I mean I've seen people get into fights at weddings I've never seen so get thrown through a table like you did Scotty in the middle of your own wedding. Yeah we will you know liable Evelyn kept saying that something was gonna go downhill away quick on. All peaceful man romantically really ended in oh. And then yes locks are both showed up and down. He he had feelings. For Christina hallowed Seattle steal ms. Elizabeth. I. It from eighty and thankfully we were able to tie the knot before he chokes me through eight. Through a table from the ring to it a horror. And then the lovely Christine Roy Neary here went on to challenge moan moments later Nicole Matthews BCC that we. Oh and this is what happens when people hate you everyone wants to have the spotlight is our day. We're supposed to meet a stunner of attention and we were supposed to be the spotlight Adams is the art. And they wanted to be involved. You know if that happens a lot of weddings that everybody wants it to be about the I don't got an arsenal got didn't show pro when he could remove that learned their kids be a ring guarantee grand no got thrown into a table and I'm like you know it's our wedding. Even our even the guy that did it go this service he bullets sup and Steve. Didn't answer she knew I'd rather opt out and the delegate Canadian customs addressed them by men when you're doing a lot now but I did. And does not eat meat we knew we see CW was. I did is I serve hope everybody I think you were British Colombia that is. And it so he knew we were in need suggest that they sent me a picture. Himself from an old school out of must Batman costume on 9 as I am and I Ana and bill has agreed fix everything I. See you would be better. It is. Who's I'm Rick Ellis who's our warm up. Cook whose idea was it to dive in to get married in the wrestling very mean talk about you have your pat does I mean obviously you guys are both great wrestlers and and you're engaged in men so who. Decided you know what let's let's get married is ranked. I should say is started out as as job on CN joke but it was idle. Well we got married at karma. Even though is that I knew if we do in the radio wouldn't give decency at ease they show break yet made it started out. Is some sort of I wouldn't be crazy after a man I think it only took a boat thirty seconds before. Ruling won't know of course we're gonna get married in there and the commodore. I'll either died at you and your family say what the hell you guys doing because I mean I had people upset reading get me and have our our. Our actual wedding muted though the disservice done in the church we tested all one venue at a winery and and some people like him like Foxconn why are you doing at a church and it's like. Maybe you guys are gone next level getting married in the middle over wrestling match and at the commodore was there any kickback from people in your family or they just like gap we expect that from you guys. Yeah absolutely no kickback they definitely expected us to do something extreme an -- and -- element they had they knew they knew that we use like getting married in their drink everybody loved it everybody was therefore. It. Bush knew less like. I am you know that there wasn't a lot of questions he was it was more assertive acquaintances. That would say whoa okay song wins the real wedding. Right and because that's is really. Craig does that they like I think a lot of people think because of wrestling every dig deeper story yards they got a 100%. Legit but thank yet there's this is a story arc within EC CW but this legit wedding. You guys are being confused three years as though what story and what my real life. Well how I you have one mother they had but that was awesome about the wedding is that when you came out out Christina and then there's the double Drexel and at and I'm just like. Man just on my brother's wedding couldn't get any weirder then there's Drexel. Oh yeah. At Drexel has been one of my best friends he's been like my brother for so many years it's ridiculous. So he had to be. My best man of course young man these are very. I could cripple or not. I made by men Drexel. I'll probably. Thanks. Hopes to post somewhere around fifteen years ago at Portland wrestling. I am using DJ that come on in and and my apartment drop kick my time who's this TJ here. Bright with. Near wrestler in and end fifteen years later reasons in my reading what one in my job of best friends in one of my top talents born Drexel and I got close was it and was impaired way. Where Christina and I met and we were sleek and three feet away from each other for five months your roommates. So in my good brother to meet you in and then now yeah and then and then he he's the one that's responsible for Christina coming out. For the last five weeks of bleach found on her way and I I was inseparable with with Drexel. But we Kristina de Derrick thanks spent a little bit more time with their. Yeah I can understand why did you address those cool and all but. What was that experience like for free for you guys suited to be apparently was woozy did the culture like it was a rustling like free. I don't care where was absolutely incredible. We got to bring pro wrestling or Quayle actually teach people there. How to restful just from scratch and so I was really awesome. Guardian I got says it got to know each other we that we spent so much time together just going to all be amazing restaurants and and seen all there really cool things spent a lot of time at the mall in the tanning. You're you're you're Erica a lot I'm getting a court Todd shows the pair in Americana niece down. Hundred that's an album very intrigued I'd edit some thoughts. Yep very rarely super colon and there that basically the only wrestling menu was was what they. Or watched on TV so millionaire version wrestling was really eats you know almost glorified backyard. And Tom and so we brought the North American style. And I am and it was best this is numb elected to go there just when everything they came out of it. If it was all about wrestling only were there we got to train ends and worker shows. Pretty much 24/7 there was wrestling involved in every day so all we have to really worry about what is. Looking really good at an. And it's being a really get wrestler and and training going to our shows and hanging out so it was that time over our lives that's for sure. What's like the one thing that you love that they were especially in that kind of a situation where your pride teaching people right from the from from the get go from you know I mean that's their first experience of learning how to wrestle what's like the biggest thing that you like did to share with them as far as advice. Just when they first get their foot in the door of learning how to be a wrestler. Well everybody's different so everyone's. Things that they need to work on in any more. Met we don't we just we we try to be really positive what all the training in and just start people off hunger rate but teach them the rate habits. And done teach them how to be super positive. Because being positive in wrestling is something that not many people do it how could I really really important. Permeates it Satan. When I can tell live bait and Whitney Janet. Enola Quinn went upstairs to sink in them their and their minds it's a work. Boom. The late EU. If you know at a moment when they start to just. Get in figured out and and and nick am I understand how it all works and and that's exciting to see that sold the label boss. Was that didn't necessary do you guys and it's been and it I'm about three or four months now into going a few times a week to turn learn. How to wrestle and go do training and it's funny here you guys say that because that it's been one of the hardest things I've ever try to do in my life and M when those moments happened where I can actually do something somewhat properly. There's not a bad it's and there's not a better hide it's it's it's yeah it's it's just something like wow OK I could not even come close to doing that right two months ago and now I'm. Helping the new guy do it because I'll be able to do it properly and it's it's there's something really. I don't know how to put into words but like whenever my wife she last because like usual pretty quiet when I talked to you and yelled pretty introverted guys able once I start talking about your training experience you just light up when you wanna share everything that you're learning because its. It's it's it's an incredible experience. Yeah I'd say it's it's super cool and is it's it's very rewarding helping someone. Achieves. Them. Something that's so. She you do it and and when you have that shared passion and and some not and you help someone else start to get it it's it's a really cool tune. I let's talk a little about the five because subsite I'm I'm just so glad that you guys are yet to be able to meet you guys at define Christine is to see you do what you do in the ring you suspend. Really find we ought to be a ring announcer during those matches and just to be able. Absorb that energy of that crowd for a few seconds and then watch him aside. What is it been like three for you guys just. Experienced that Seattle crowd I mean it. I'm really dig in the fact that there's a reputation now that Seattle is a very loud and it's very it sounds very similar to what's going on in Vancouver. From the video they get to watch and I look forward to one day being able to check out a show and cannot their because. It's it's it's it there's just such an energy of of like we are gonna give you everything that we've got because we know you guys are giving everything that you've got have you enjoyed Seattle experience so far. Totally. That defy crowds are just. Cool like it's just so cool to be out there and everyone everyone's Heinz Europe if you're if you're healed and he Ichiro to hack your guide to things they love you and done in a real clean it really acts to work fire will Wear wool workers forming in its greatness cancers so. Just just welcoming and inviting and people are telling you after after your match is like that was great you did a great job thank you for coming outlets like no thank you for having us here thank you hurt for loving what we QB kids. Because we love that because of you guys you know we love we love making the fans. Happy and excited independents and stimulated. No sympathy streamers I'm gonna figure out what I happen to me shirt. That not one of those than. I know what the yadier I truly hit me right. What they mean when they're when they're by next June amount to a bunch or roles of white ones for when Steve comes out I will not. Have hurt stream dot. Stream dot. Weekends through. This gusting besides that they're great fans except they're going to. A good guys and they're Herbert Osgood got ahead blister issue with the streamers club man they seem to want to show love and all you wanna do as told to leave you alone. That's drama and make sure they're not she's not it was once it was a throw things yeah that's straight in my mind he can throw money. You can you can you can strategy you can hit a bunch of dollar bills together and say no matter where otherwise secret streamers yourself. What about streamers and are printed to look like money you are that's not good not good enough now not he can get five things are you better be legal tender. I Canadian money only you. So you can still get bit colorful aspect of the streamers that's a good point leading money. That's true it's not boring like our American currency he yes also not worth as much and fortunately it's a solid points they got up the streamers duo like maybe one and a half streamers. Bottom line Don Clark told our post your club to get working on that right now is you know they got to hurry up because this tomorrow night defy a mess up. I just go to defy wrestling dot com and it's a stacked cards so many great dressers are going to be there and you're going to be take. I'm sorry. It it always is meant to flies do and held a job I will meet in mob scene. I had no idea they were gonna make the impact that they did right up the bat. All the sudden we go from EG GWB and a top company in the Pacific northwest and a deal weigh on our heels and all of a sudden. Here's defy Kevin and Erin wherever and it defied vs DC COB showed a cure us markets. It's it's been crazy and really shouldn't be. And you were just mentioning the hardest stacks like that talents but at the spy has coming out is incredible array. More you access to C area obviously going to be busy but if you could just sneak away during the Cardwell match would you wanna CME of course got Cobb and and John Morrison moon no impact cougar Mellencamp had again. Taking on each other yeah. I do swerve has gone against Matt riddle enemy and as the American guns and neither the Morris Brothers I where what match if outside of your own would you wanna watch. Each honestly. They're all so what Jay is totally awesome Mike there's hit all of them I just don't quote I I've never Venus words. Verses riddle about coming up I really I I agree to early really really interest is being. I'm I'm looking forward that's been so much fun so watch swerve just grow within the company and outside of the company is while I mean went from a lot of people knowing the skill shot from religion at that and he's killing in the Mac world. Especially that last message as happened with they are fox but it's cool to see him as seeing Strickland just blown up as well. Yeah I he's he's been killing it and I met him years ago. Back east working for CCW when he is cool guy that he's cold and now aluminum. Let's play your matches you're taking on not somebody who you're no stranger to occur in the coal Mathewson and also tie and it's a triple threat match jobs are our. Do you enjoy doing the triple threat or is it is it is it dot I mean is is a different mindset obviously then doing a regular one on one match. Well you can't look hit the match is Blake do I enjoy doing this as a go and there we're gonna ever are living crap out of each other anyway as a and it doesn't matter if there's one if there's youth there's three where we're still gonna go in there indeed violent and brutal. Me so I'm really looking forward to it got to eat regularly insult our trophy yet out of wash your hands free and frankly I would hope that you bring your two coma cop with here. Always get a lead we only little slow yes tardy takes it everywhere you read popcorn Adam and I saw that. That's true let's leave everything out of there cereal I should. Call Chicago west des you know Chicago less popcorn animate the moments they were shrieks and the food truck will be there as well again some contorted in their food and I wasn't there a why would I wasn't Melissa do you wrestle with the. Any requests yet anyone he wants to bringing it Chicago next popcorn put in the cup. It's good luck. You know what I'd have been extremely close to become the popcorn club to make sure they interviewed for that that's good all on my site popcorn by malice against strip club. Yeah see you have to hire that's a sleeper club clean up that ring and this one dude right who. They should do it like Christmas time they can run string a that in stringer or older and throw like a streamer and then they can do this if you're at their aim is ghetto land in the cup. You're you're an idea guy aren't you. I'm I'm a professional that's all I whatever it is I'm a professional ladder but obviously clearly other let's I was Saturday night as well because. The cities Seattle Boston and I'm looking forward to it as a guy I'm not. Commissioner 321 battle and I'm proud to be a part of that crew. And every to a battles presenting rebel girls and it's a women's wrestling tournament you're gonna be wrestling as well as he called Matthews doing double duty as well and Cat Power. I've been Debbie hall Brittany wonder if a bunch of other great the lady wrestlers that's going to be an insane time have you had a chance to. Ever go to a three to a battle show or rest let it through to a battle show. This will be our first three joined got all of that we've attended we we were watching some we're watching ads on its wrestle axis oh we're watching a bunch itself I'm gonna be there with. My red baseball cap on. It in honor of him oh boy. And so we're new we're gonna make sure that BA even during an air a girls' tournament that the people are thinking about. And who they are so fortunate to have making reaching one battle great. And gone this. But that's our focus help me in the old. It really is all about eating adults. Ed Ed free you Christiane you've come from a punk rock background and in 321 has such a punk rock atmosphere I mean there are people that I think go to 32 embattled shoes that typically are wrestling fans but they go because of that atmosphere. I think you're gonna just thrive and have a blast tonight in that ring because the battle palace is gonna go nuts. Throughout that entire night. I completely agree I expect to. I expect is planning mosh pit during ran insurance and if I don't get and I'm not could be very happy. You turn around and leave at that point is yes I well I don't think I'm joking and I hope. I guess we can evolve music. I've recently chatted with Alberta king who's also going to be at the defies show he's taken on big Jack. And we were just talking about how even noble there was love you know hard core are mad all opt pong. But we're still suckers for pop music and him loving lady god got me being a Taylor Swift fan. What about for you guys I mean I'm obviously familiar punk fan and in the world punk rock music but. What are some of your other. Taste as far as outside a casino I think is the older we get the less I care about just staying to one's honor music. Mel anymore you know it's funny that you say that because I think about I opted. Yeah I'm Melanie Martinez is one we like a whole bunch of stuff I've I've I've recently started liking that they Amy Winehouse on how are you now. I'm not who we are we really you we've really love all all kinds I mean they are. Last for one. But we really like are we really laying in my class who. To eye candy man by Yahoo! this weekend you should come out especially that 321 showed. And that I think that I would go Great Lakes and lends still my sunshine all my god. That's the greatest summertime song ever. Yes going to be yet totally. Ultimately did anything else other than that song Madonna around the time when my crazy town and a butterfly song and that's yeah yeah it's good to write anything you want to write a bike is that guy singing reading the bike in the sunshine with the sunglasses on its that's actually every Sunday strokes yes except minus the bicycle ends and two it's the two seater. Yeah damage you've got to do a much better in my wife and I got to step that I. If you didn't. I didn't think marriage in my. Ash tag like scary style. Christmas that's what's the biggest. Word of advice for a married couple on how to improve their marriage. You know I calm enough down I have. Yeah it did it do. What we needed insurance. This is marriage advice in the front and on the baggage is as calm the down slightly change you know you did what it right here are your are going to be filing. I think that's a great point and let the lifeless no they don't have pointed to his marriage. Yeah they let you know I heard you unarmed. On Coca bandits podcast a while back and I a member of the I can't wait if I read the chat a casino I gotta bring it up. It's Otis the gimmick is a big a fixture in the world at three to a battle I didn't know what you're most. I don't know your ties go back to the days of work you will notice. IA I am so excited to see more and you have no idea he celebrate on the street from me I'm not told us he's a great reverend Otis again. Not my very very very first mark arts. Ever in the history of Christina vine area I was. Minnie Driver noticed again I'm on my guys since all of us and I don't wore them at all. With some purple plaid shorts and I was Lu to Dora the wolf back. Panel and entered and Peter Boulware trillion yen based on and on and only Ramsey spun Denny. Very first match I won my very first follow roiled by. Giving a reverend Otis began my partner my quite large I guess she would say. Her to run out by the outside during our I want I want about a world. Reverend Otis began has been wanna might very good friends and road. Ideas we've done. For many shows yet we've had so many conversations. You've unlocked the mile the bad is definitely not of the legal age to be driving have a tough sell I mean he's. He's been a these huge huge part of my AA admire wrestling adolescents at Q well what my greatest threat themselves freaking excited to see him holy yes. Edward Kennedy got gonna bring orders now which you. Home manner and we do and I'm totally down if anyone comes out with that with the inflatable sheep and a giant forever till well it's on my team. As a rubber dueled with magical powers as well there's a guy I don't remember her awhile and he was he lost his powers at 321 battle until he finally he just recently got it back. Oh yeah. I I'm a big I'm a big called fiction and so if I get the just say bring out the Jim are we happy. It's funny when he comes out my favorite things becomes 321 battle and not as soon become that it occurred in the entire crowd is. And the mining that they have Robert till those are both of their hands in just kind of a little short there so the whole cry out of a couple Leo 500 people. Pretending to be holding build those and putting Eminem outfits it's. Yeah it's good family fun. Totally totally and hey if he ever wanted to talk to someone about music site knows oh yes certain music. You're gonna wanna talk so artists. The interview with me to a lot of really awesome awesome the metal. Like electric. Hung in just. Amazing. Like he hit a heck yeah I've tried him I've had a Bernice. Now he's an encyclopedia of of cool music for sure totally. Well I'm I'm really pumped about this weekend tomorrow night off Friday night defy a you got you taken on tie it in the coal Matthews and that's if anyone wants tickets they're very close selling out so hurry up we get it take its defy wrestling dot com. I checked that out and then Saturday night three to a battle presents rebel girls it's an all women's wrestling tournament. Populace is coated deep three to one battles FaceBook page and come on down it's going to be a packed room. To be great energy I'm really looking forward to this weekend it's going to be it's going to be an awesome weekend for Seattle wrestling. Yet the consumer more blessed is and we really need it clear that yeah. We you know were forced to be reckoned with than the wrestling world so to speak work really really excited to be part of defy. And increased one battle. Then the fans they're hard. Our work it out there in them. Paul bring all your guard is we will be. Awesome what thank you guys take some time on I'll see you guys tomorrow thanks so much Umar Al. I am so excited for this week secrecy of an eerie and Scotty MacKey to follow both of them on Twitter Christina at CB's evil underscore 138. That's the beach evil. Underscore 138. And Scottie Mac it's as smack wrestling as an AC wrestling so be sure to follow them on Twitter. We got them that you enjoyed listening to mommy's vs the world of wrestling. That's always on the net means a lot to me and do whatever you can to go see these guys this weekend again tomorrow night to 58 that's Friday night. Triple threat match retire and the call Matthews and Christina Von Erie and then on Saturday night. 321 battle presents. Rebel girl's a women's wrestling tournament is Seattle's first all women's wrestling tournament. And could be taken place at the battle palaces go to 321 battles FaceBook page to get more information. I think that Kristi is the perfect fit for the battle palace all if you go one of the five. Migs vs the world to run. Sleeve T shirts will be available there when you buy them. Members of the world wrestling teachers would love to see you guys rock and blue shirt showed some support for this podcast done and needs a lot to me. It's so much time. Thank you federal. From listening.