MIGS vs TWOW 027 -- Matt Riddle and Shane Strickland

Thursday, October 12th

What happens when Migs chats with the King Of Swerve...and the King Of Bros?  This episode of MVTWOW is what happens.  Matt and Shane wrestled each other at DEFY 8...and before their match Migs grabbed some food with Shane Strickland at Nates Wings and Waffles to chat about his success on the indie scene and on Lucha Underground (he is Killshot on LU).  After their match, Migs went outside of the Washington Hall to talk to Matt Riddle about an interesting tattoo that he has, the funniest match he was a part of, and more!

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It's now time for war. Days vs them. World. What's up welcome to another edition of migs vs the world of wrestling and if you don't know I'm sure you do if you listen to podcasts I am the host the ring announcer a defy wrestling an incredible Indy wrestling promotion here in the Pacific northwest. Put non shows that a featured guys like Cody Rhodes Sheen Strickland Jeff cop John Morrison. Kyle O'Reilly Bobby fish. Mean the list just goes on and on it is incredible and surreal for me realistic and in the ring and introduced those guys during those matches I've also look guilty to talk to these guys. And that defy eight we just recently happened I had a chance to talk to two men are in the main event that Sheen Strickland are defied champion he is thinking of swerved and he took on the king of bros Matt riddle match is killing an Indy Indy wrestling world he was an MMA guy who refuse a part of the USC fermented as well. And just. A guy that truly lives up to the nicknamed the king Ambrose. And I wanted to Cheri do you two conversations I had watched the fight with both of these guys will start off with Matt riddle to because I haven't talked to him before. And if you want to start with him. I chatted with him after their match maybe about thirty or forty minutes after their match we decided to just post op outside Washington hall in these weird outdoor gives Tebow see and hear people thrown away garbage you're gonna hear random people talking our buddy sonic ghost hanging out with us as well. It was just a fun chat because he's just such a chill dude and the two of them put on a great match control be up on defy undermanned in the very near future. And then add to that would give them my chat. We've seen Strickland now before defy it started seeing and I headed on over to may its wings waffles we get a quick interview an impromptu interview in front of the finds a bunch of people there hanging out as well and so we've would got the Mike from the microphone. This is going to be a very weird and I don't know what the hell's going on supremacy in my coffee. But regardless I had to punch out we've seen Strickland as well so we'll do that to you he's fresh government insane matchup Altima Lucia I mean he recorded to have. I Dick over a year ago against air fox bridges recently showed an and the wrestling world have been talking about it. Because of how violent how bloody how insane the match was. The first let's chat with the king a bros marital are migs vs the world of wrestling mat now we just finished I defy a. My only eat yeah it is only eight man I was still I was part of the single did yes all row away. Mulder and I ordered forefathers of this wrestling senior at Seattle closure was like for you man. Did Hosea as Indo total people and I don't throw this though random wave even but there's only a couple of places that compared to the stands in the environment that defy. And a since they PW yearly progress really. It does fans were electric you know it's not even a huge venues now it is thousands of people there's hundreds of people. What they sound like now's news is happening in there and knows the main event I was then and they were still going out who's up over the opening match and then we. It was very happy and give you anything that is amazing music. Because there's room for human night connect you with anything which saying it was already a crowd like these guys said they were there were ready for whenever you and it you know the crowd. I really like the more adult crowd in regular make progress in the needed EG. Now that I'm against kids three kids my own marital aids children how do you not specific Donald Marron at least children sucks yeah. And heartache from renal high blood let us the husband James I'm that it will. No not at all. You don't crowd I elected dog crowd goes there they're smarter they understand what they're watching they've realized what they're watching is just wrestling it's are in now. And I think they can appreciate when they see some really mean changes that physical with each other is just now have any bruises or cuts or bleeding. And we really knew each other but yeah. We did it in a manner relate we could do it again tomorrow and the next day in the next and not too many view concede that. Well I've noticed it was fun to see Alex in adapted to your stout and the beginning especially and and then as it went along it was like you both were kind of complementing each other's style that mutton I mean. I don't know how often you have those opportunities to wrestles someone like Shane and but I got to imagine those of those moments he just I've gone where you had those chances to his kind of go to attack. Definitely you know the thing is that because they change. It's a contrast is thousands I've Morga and then they issue fighting style professional wrestling even those emotional Leslie. Kind of like you know I compared to additional bombers and that. And have wrestling guys like that we have great match chemistry there but it's a different match to shoot fight wrestling match you know it's late. It still believable it's almost real well tonight it's believable. Its peers it's serious it's real. But there's still that moment chain brings into your word you get the high line you get some fluke Steve Gibson's been do you get some. Cutters and flat lying music and how the Gaza planet planet by the hardest city mean they hit me all night I there's a cruel world out there and I heard a personal letter to hook one of those saying. LA yeah all NB AV. The kit. Not who I my sternum hit for those that. And they get a seldom smooth. But I don't worry steroids out Merv really gave you the Kevin K says stop the the shared destroyer. No it's her boot yeah. I didn't do good and typical typical Friday night and independent. Russell Iraqis I thought I was there one of the weirder ones you've been a part of the now to tell you one that we like I can't believe I'm even a part of this match I. It judges say the Wii it is loan book by the mostly. New Zune that we it is but they do it blew my mind a filly goes on another planet we had to be the ten man at PWG. I urge you July year Tommy and myself. Sammy Callahan Mossad shop for chuck Taylor is Lou with Jeff. Let's throw guys but it was also comedy match. And we all did Gomes then but then of slow motion. And I still remember when we did the slow motion spot. Because I knew we had to go in slow motion right but the crowd kind of accredited by the credit Peter EG is so high and so in two with the everything. That when we went slow motion the crowd runs slow motion that commentators weigh in slow motion. Live T Boone you can't plan that ahead of time people were literally don't. Notes. Moon. You're. Old. Thank fans are still JD what they're chanting but everything was in slow Mo we were in slow mode they were in some other air it. It blew my mind they had literally no way. I was on another flag house on a different in a different world where you didn't seem real B loves that. Intends that everybody in it demo also credible but that was read the weirdest experience yeah. Going into it as they are already wrestling match. And then label we did the slow almost on the atmosphere change noses like this is more than discount they this is late. You have to be year to experience news you know surreal. Yeah endurance mergers like this is why are you an idea this is why I love professional wrestler and he hears it makes me feel like this major trauma a professional wrestling in the first place. Well the growing up late in life you read you watch any sports really presume we want baseball football and they and one day my dad. To you know turn the channel. And pro wrestler was yes I second that came on I was hooked ever since says. You know we know yet how it goes tea in VA says S and around have you on Saturdays. You know all all the shows. Do you remember which wrestler was won a major like first follow wrestling. As we have a guy shouldn't dragging a trash can weigh in tennis you know this is not a some group. Her brother in. It is even right spot even with the pro wrestling. I looked up to it I would say even looked up I looked at a lot of people Marino is they inspiration. But I don't really look up to anybody I never saw one person good all while I got news. There's always late. This is what I wanna do our war I don't wanna be like an extra day I don't wanna be the next would have grown really I want to be that route yeah the next Andrew that's what's in this artists shows yes and I think really that's a big thing that just believing it for visualizing and everything else it all comes. After the matches we were just hang out just BSE by the bathrooms as us again Matt and I do we hang out talk of the bathrooms are and we had a nice little conversation about your tattoo and I think dead anyone listening to is my guess would just love to hear the story behind. Guys guys you're in the rail watching them like he's got that zoom trying to zone in on the Mike. Marital got a mushroom tattooed on his ribs wanted to face on it and. It was and really create. Yeah. So torrid few years old. Just won my second play in the USC of riding that high you know I'm at a party at my friend's house and was day is. And of course I hang out with a really classy group of guys we are one of our guys are tattooed and other guys on the couch. And they are permitted to add two and I'm like Borough now by having got going yet nag any yet or mad. As a party goes on the keypad and I keep saying no no now. Well long story short by the end of the Bard added with this hand free he didn't traces hands parade almighty not a my real outcome doesn't resign or you do get a close look at them only give you a close look medicinal. Looks solid ground from a business is basic colors are there but he did have closed you don't know if it's a mushroom a jelly fish or otherwise. Didn't Nat. Now my proudest thing my proudest moment. Ministers I had a man. It behavior no regrets you've never lived you know Sammy Sylvester is an exact. And I've never done this cover you said red outside the bathroom yeah I know it's like we're racing deja Vu all her all right Rita were reenacting our chat for the podcast listeners as and another another pro or talked about covering it up when you said your guy. Told you actually get at least remove purchases insane lady. Third and name to covered up I never got around like Breaux of our many Gil under our Elaine easier. I'm just getting completely Lazard why would I lasers begin in now they're pad is there. They don't get that path at my tattoo artists he's insane now loving guy Tony Mitchell. He had his arm leaves are removed all the tattoos who could start over again the the that is way and you know orally for my own bed. Yeah yeah absolutely gorgeous the glut and proponent dry it is they ask him whoever. Is dead but I heard that is build up your immune system. And river that to any cure whatever problem yet ready I've talked to write another article or to maybe outpaced both. I don't know everything up Facebook's true that everything they've missed a mean it means it's real happy enough. And means 2% is they're just like TV it's a 100% real everything Israel I believe everything actually bring a totally happy. It's always on what's up next for you Matt what do we have as far as like the next few months any goals plans. We know goals plans are. Basically reached you know big goal would be to get is they Japan. Ever needs me right you know. Right now. I'm going to the UK and go to Europe or. So late that sell a billion saw them go and international staying busy yep you know lake and what are the most. In demand in the guys we're down now so are shocked we got you there is the is there say. That I had the rest of the weekend off of those shots. I've been washed much. Disperse. Off so I'm enjoying it any plans for the rest of the weekend or a law I'm leaving tomorrow I'll come on what is but it could trip good. Go there usually in and now my dad and pretty cool day. I'm used to it in over Washington to cool to I hope we'll play you back here to line I believe the entire defy crowd was such anti please come back so I named the crowd definitely it is up to the crowd I'd be back next month bright. But suddenly he got a call some of which are wrapped things up a marital I'm Amanda and I do appreciate it in a few minutes out to chat with us and this is Lipitor to see you back your men utility knife. Thanks and nowhere is any talent here or more years. Alley that writing my guys look at that us like we we are romance we can just hang have rightist talk rationally enough brings tears as news in my sure that's. They'll be cool. We all were. Awesome did thank you so they give. I am here with this five champion in Iran makes a noise for same Strickland. Okay. OK okay. Stay wherever you go doesn't matter needs wings and while pulls your fan base is falling you. I mean I'm very appreciative of it but and you know you come here at Seattle's like a sort city itself the course there's been posted at the Solomon here it's. A good pregame meal before you come out in some wins in some waffles ideally any have they would say no you. Maybe how this how okay with didn't wreck I love it you know like me swings and wobbles amended and offers Sunday years and has like. I'm I have to have this cut and them were like. Type of big match them up in the night nicely argue me absolutely apps but did things and just got completely. Just keep going up and up enough for humanity united. I don't know man number of them happened in your life where you do you do hit like the good luck charm but now I'm really happy to see the success you've been having. Huge underground and leaders are fresh off that can see Max said. It was recorded I don't know like thirty years ago if I had this play like a distant memory because like watching them. Back I was like man forget all the stuff that happened there and I met tonight right on I don't. For did indeed the atmosphere that the crowd than the level they just went on to it after a certain point of the match. But men like is almost like. And it's really cool like witnessing it from the first Thomas me singing like god knows how long ya buddy. And I'd get like really targets like luck is just. Hard work and perseverance and everything man. For sure there are even grinding I mean are obviously it's been really for us the five. Defiance bad days it's fun to watch this success has been going on this cashier was from one of your favorite memories this past year. As far as this. You do your your rise success becoming the fight champion becoming a CDW champion wrestle circuits as well I mean I don't even know Idaho you get to an airport. These days because you've got so much gold in your bag. Do like even like I would say even before I got started they get on the championship rains before that like me Cody seven in the ring with Cody for the first time was also. Russell circus debut was incredible. And then of course going over to London on main event New York called and Trevor Crowe gets the Bobby young bucks in Kenya mango was really awesome. It's so much sad and one years is like. The song like. And I did on it then download Laker. Why did September about the B October now ten months band is like really incredible but I still like a lot of stuff that I still wanna do so as I always keep me. He's we go home when the do more than I never it never feels like it's enough. That's I think at some overtures successful person does that make you that next goal. They realize there's other goals like your rehab. And I don't always like put it to my leg the predecessor of the people have brought me up the people that mentor me like they do so much in wrestling on a daily basis and so like. I'm now working as hard as them more reach up to their roles like in on college and never felt like I've done everything. That's good enough for them or for myself. First person pops your mind when you say something like that who exact data keeps pushing you make you wanna succeed over Sammy Galley and without out as an ally and night. I games coming embrace the got ours next to try to show in November you'll see San Miguel and no. Do what worldwide desperadoes so yeah. Oh what a guy who truly bent on himself in and god and and one that that there's no way. More and harder and M in the industry news like single handedly changing it. Has handed everywhere like major part of the wrestling industry Megan on the independent level and pretty soon most likely I believe will be the next level we'll have a sand and everything up there as well so senate gallery and I couldn't I when would be like. Internationals were without him without his words without his tutelage without like him. I'm betting on me as well putting me in positions to like. Main event these places to I get that hit the ball and carry and run within you know flow of what the same gal and I wouldn't have the years that I that's Cooley here and I never think about that when someone has that kind of seeping you don't wanna lay down dip all the Philly has us because I see him doing I don't wanna do it just is good maybe even. And if I could possibly do better. Our leases do different ground though by like he says he says the standard and so like me I'm trying to I always reach the bar reads that standard. That's him he's a character that's for sure are both within and outside of the ring you know I love your stories of guys they are talking general who was there were told me a story. About a time that they really took everything in their power to not cracked up in the ring because of this that their opponent did commute the human experience where you're just like. All right got to keep the game day some of men Y value do an estimate. Odd thing about someone like I was a six man tag was like he ricochet. And Mac cross against who into euros on did you killed Khalid why that is like a love. This is last year. Com and who would do is being movie and they're okay the pick and Matt Carlson just like so confusing so distraught he didn't know what to do so like we all just. Literally jumped off the roll off the ring apron is a slap on the floor. Everybody grimace left Mac cross is like on the ground there I missed the memo is like what that's going on what's going on on guys tell me and we. Like we're nowhere to help with the idea for the stories all I know is all you men here tag been figured out that's awesome Suffolk. You can towards the future drivers obviously everybody's got their goals what's your gold in the next job that Holland the next like ten months I know next five months whatever maybe if I mean obviously. Great success here at the 50 what what what else are you thinking about these days. Definitely needed to happen in Japan that's like really they have alas that's like one of the last two things I wanna I wanna do there's always something new that it can always pop up especially in wrestling that changes every day you have every week another promotion a pop up next month and not to be the start of a whole new generation there aren't a whole new regime right there. But for me for now like Japan is like the next thing I wanna do awesome and they're trying to do as good a society anybody on your our wish list when you do go to Japan com. I want Mike Bailey again we've only wrestled once and sees W now's like 2014. And the like he's Killen in Japan in DDT promotion right now and holiday I would love to come out to DDT in dislike. Do like a long like drawn out. Like I'll rivalry with the Mike Bailey yeah. As we have three years ago yeah you guys a lot of change and oh yeah oh yeah we play both grown since then him like he's gotten so much better he's like one of the best like. One of the best pure strikers in the game right now and and he's just run in Japan right now was DDT and I would love to join them in that mix right there and play the deadly. Bring backs some of that magic we had before they'd like see you how we can elevated. And so where we are now. And I'm sure dude I appreciate it I think it's becoming have a law that defines thank you for waving that at five flags are getting the word out outside of Seattle seemed to a lot of people outside of western Washington. We're talking about our little promotion and I attribute a lot of that human I think you like wherever. Go morris' carry those three and flags necessary jobs are called flags they're gonna not like oh these are flags ran on these like. That is the hotter for me yep and it's not like me like gloating about successful or like having championships and no one is none knows about like. Me being like the flag bearer for the Easter promotions and Mike joining feast or promotions together so I like on the view the fans get. Understand like Allman he's not just like. Exact launch being. A glory hole or anything no one's I'm full on I want as a prod both things are right we don't read. Where you feel like you found that bad and it's it's a bit and that's hard to do it's a fine of a moment of being humble while also being very confident you're broken right. You've you've you've found that and I think that they chose when when your rock industry about that is it's hard work. Yes we they've gone and Hague and also in a roundabout way you're giving up to those organizations. That people would check out the five. Which checkout Nestle shares that would check out season W exactly and see how leave this is how little wrestling business this is a very promotions they can work. Weld together are being IBM definitely like just communion with one another now this out of the business is changing. As I was like all you can't Wear this you can't work here you can't work I don't know that we really are rivals there orders where where does your family we're all together that's not so there's been like. And they still leave. When the man that's made that possible for us this Sammy gallon. So. That's really cool man I can't wait to see him here in Washington oh you guys are virtually eye and I think he's in for a treat him like he's going to exclude. I think that's critical things I've got that you got recently talked with such Intel are coming up the great guys are dear to him and I had a great time talking and you came up it's like I wanna make it down there for the five guys I've been talking my Dick Cheney says good things about you guys in the hood up let's Cooley here that I did I hope one day soon we'll see seeing tower video I was praying you know I play until. Like 2018. You will seem like a lot of new faces not just them there's so many there's so many more guys out there. That we haven't even touched on that and ally and like 28 teams should bring out all those guys are finally opened there. In the summer only a year into this thing man that's in and is still fresh now as selfless. We'll write on. A funny thing happened. After I talk to seeing strict and I was also talking to a bunch of fans members the defiance about what they'd love about the five wrestling as talk of a one viewed. And he was specifically mentioning change Strickland as Shane was walking away so wanted to share that moment with the guys. What's been on your favorite match so far as when and a virus like probably Leo rushed scene Strickland. The last match in Tacoma yeah that show is insane bill while he's idex and really click man. I've been talking everybody here and I need some wings waffles and I ask every single and it's been to a defy show what's your favorite Max and everybody saying you personally don't. We have flavors Leo for sure yeah yeah. I thought unofficial poll greatest match ever. Oh don't tell me but I agree I definitely look my favorites right now. In my whole career diplomat added few guys there's like so natural. It was like Sony nationally just blow. I'll think I helped bring him up a little bit rest and that's all right we are and it's no different than our chemistry. Strange thing thank you guys go yeah religion. Our big things are seen Strickland and Matt riddle and if you're a fan of the virus leave or you never experienced a fire wrestling man we've got a couple of great ones that are coming up including the next week October 26 a Thursday night. I Washington hall in the lodge going to be downstairs from where we usually do them a more intimate setting and it's gonna be a lot of fun it's called the fire now. Right fight of course I'll be there. And if you bring extra couple blocks maybe go buy yourself a migs vs the world of wrestling T shirt we now have those available at our shows. As gonna featured the defy debut of Sammy Guevara an easy we take our Randy Myers who I instantly became a fan out at the last defy show at the weirdo hero back guy is awesome American guns Baghdad against Cain jade and. And nick Bradford. Drexel is back digging on our board the rhinestone Wolverine Eddie van glam sonic gone bad boy you're gonna be wrestling team cash are Clark Connors and rebel cal a rematch from the last of five they're gonna be wrestling. Carl Cunningham and Cody John lots of great matches you get information that defy wrestling dot com and testify now fright night. Thursday October 26 and then in November November 10. You know defy crap. You notify Grassley had back upstairs at the Washington hall and you're gonna see guys they change Strickland you're gonna see guys like this. If Sammy Callahan. How awesome is that that is going insane who returned a Brodie king so many great guys get your rest like Tom Lawler helping Tom Lawler he's going to be there. And I'm so upset about this the hottest free agent it's only come pomp and caffeine I'm sorry I'm just excited. You can page will be out Watson and all wrestling for you defiance get your tickets at the fire wrestling dot com you can follow the fire wrestling on social media. Supply and W have also give me a follow on social media as well it's a grand Twitter at. I'm Steve makes thank you guys as always. For listening.