MIGS vs TWOW 029 -- Ted DiBiase

Thursday, October 26th

This episode Migs chats with The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase!  Ted has a movie coming out about him called “The Price Of Fame”.  The movie will be in theaters on Tuesday November 7th.  You can buy tix and  find out where you can watch it HERE.

The first half of the movie, Migs chats with ted about his movie, and how he bares it all when it comes to how his marriage almost ended due to an affair.  In the second half of our chat we revisit his years in wrestling…as we chat about being one of the biggest heels in pro wrestling, women’s wrestling (his mom was a pro wrestler), advice that he gave Shawn Michaels, what current wrestler he is a fan of, the infamous moment with the kid with the basketball, and what it was like being the Million Dollar Man!


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It's now time for work. Days vs them. World. What's up and welcome to another edition of migs vs the world wrestling you know I've been wrestling fan my entire life there's many wrestlers I would love the opportunity to speak to. One of them being the million dollar man Ted DB Osce. As we'll talk in the interview I column over Ted DB -- because he had a sweet spirit and cool air I know I am a kid you define your reasons to become fans of Pressler I love Magnum TA for the similar he did an awesome stash. How is legit of the Kit Bond. When he became a million dollar man because he was a bad guy and I don't want Ted DB Osce finally in the WW left a chance to watch him on a frequent basis he's a bad guy. What the hell he's doing mean things to kids by kick in basketball to make him people kiss his feet and all this crazy stuff but. Put him back on as an adult now I mean you have to respect. Do legacy at the million dollar Maingear is one that truly the greatest bad guys that ever step foot in the squared circle and these days. His life has definitely changed from the days of being the million dollar man he it it as a man it speaks in front of churches is Al inspired many people. Will be going through some tough times and Ted has had an interesting life as well from things that he's done me because of success and he's turned his life around. And he's the subject of a documentary about his life it's called the price of fame. A story of hope faith and wrestling and it really gives you some great insight behind his career and also his faith. And if you want any information about his movie it is coming to Seattle on Tuesday November 7. It's gonna be a Pacific place is gonna be at Lincoln square rebellious could be at or complacent north Seattle and you get more information that. Price of fame dot com. Here's my chat wit the million dollar man. Ted DB Osce. Ted yeah stepped awesome awesome thank you again now for taking some time out to chat with him and actually Revere our spirit I got to see the movie ahead of time I feel very special and lucky and man what a powerful powerful film as a fan of yours since I was a little kid there's just so many had B and and and just. I don't know I didn't really fully describe it other than encouraging people to check it out when it comes out on November 7 because I mean. They almost a guy who goes to church all the time so I did love that side of it all but I truly believe even if you don't go to church and maybe don't have faith. I think just the relationship between him a man and his kids and his wife I think people who walk away with a lot of great stuff from this movie. Yeah I am I believe so too much diminished much benchmark for brother preacher who reached out losing your idea that the put together this movie and somebody says man. Would you wanted to move guys over neighborhoods that you would know it's you since I was approached a much structure for years ago. The guy who actually directs this spew his regular job as he does our wedding there would be photography and video you know when you do. Or tiger convivial full wedding just like you're doomed kind of what got short documentary duck duck you're ready to where he so well but. Apparently you disaster as a favor to a friend. Q do you live interview with me. Because is true and couldn't do it bishop because we usually series there are really don't wanna do it so this will cause you to interview in other words it's not. Just wrestling blah blah it's stretched protest and you real questions real life yeah. We start asking me questions about our real our problems are talking about Jesus. An impeached over words you sit at the time Muriel my of my father's a minister error in the city government got you beacon applaud your enemy you know those species barrier used to reduce our. Store has got a lower rate it is show that the bill. A bit of they have developed our relationship and friendship committee used to procure visual easily emerge sure story are just like that I'd like to put it optional. Socialist let what you do emotional for the Obama my son Joseph junior gave belong here or should there should. But we put a twist tarnish your story your mom's story peace is militia. Still don't like through May be too much. You get your social mile ovals because it's it it's the relationship between the spot for others turns the relationship. Between America is why experience it is all boost thanks so I hope that the people at bitchy it is you know a more it would open. I imagine something you know what I sit down and watched a watched a video the blue you have marsh Tory a bit with Pete the added. You know be interviewed true my contemporaries that were there and I've ever saw any of those. Or her in until they weren't there I mean I'm you know I'm watching my little story Italy and an outcry. Yeah I don't imagine. And of course you have that you have been even more at Charles Stewart will argue that their players were our current contestant but large as you know cheaper surely changed cheers are being a brings me to tears because are real live that's the hardest job. I want what I want people come away who would I would hope but I do understand it no matter what your door through. Social order but he could not going broke but you know Photoshop relationships are my relationship with more abortions are actually appealing about why she was so who. Figured she should issue. She's so I don't want anybody become more you. Particularly don't like I kind of big hero or shall collect as she goes because it was difficult can be worked its first post after attrition since you feel you're much better condition which usually serve like she each. And perhaps. But what she came to that place were she sure is to be you know Kazaa radar reported out he dollars in two years there have been in her shoes I'm nor the do we have the right. I can forgive you. It is it actually can she should invest and everything you're beaches you know. You're gonna want to. Pressure got to restrictions on abortion. Cheerios and despite what you going to be your grade debt choose an orchestra are there she goes shoot Jolie's board strolled up to understand that they don't know. I got him that was such a powerful moment when you did have dug down and I don't spoil a lot of the filmmaker I'll be I think telling us. Just does is it as well I think it's witnessing an Indian team being able to see the dynamic genuine Brett especially. Competition right and you are you youngest. Was a very powerful and I think that moment and the moment of of your wife explaining why she didn't leave you would too with a moment rose's like this is heavy and it the it I can only imagine you for you guys now have you must have been and I'm just announced candidates a fan and it was like wall yeah. But you know about it at the end result those collector who would militia which should she would try of course frankly I was shocked program almost like order my why should she would. She would truck. It was like OK give me this shot and you watch what I do a good. When a mob moments in the movie guy I thought was must've been like it when you're watching I would imagine Doug this is pretty cool Chris knew that there's a moment where Shawn Michaels he went to you for as a resource tentative become a better person. And then it seemed like your son went to him in a way for advice and for counsel. That'd be kind of cool almost like you know Dick Shawn was paying it forward to your son because of all that and not just because but. If you're you helped him and then in turn he helped her son. She is sorry that you bring up Charlie you reduce your values keep from Tampa to read Sean is still a bet there will be a good group. Do you development also there's Orlando yep you know he's not in Orlando. Are you exclude terror probe match on we're talking about Arabic news you know we're short push started. I was there you know I was one of those guys you know period when he would choose career would have turned his career was such you know it was about to take off and he was very impatient and everything and I certainly go a toll but should look you know what. The wanting businesses can get the garage to Iowa and Russia this award business where each if you got it eventually decree was always gonna rush betar. Derived via the job for people to get placed did they don't really deserve to be there Arabic and long Brooke you know worked. In this business you have to put behind agency each but it could would have had to have more you can do that the more they're going to be here and you have written pages are district urged him to be patient care about it and so he took my advice should you know ambassador you're gonna restore it of course and I'm hoping everybody realized that the use. It appeared orbit biggest stars we regret that. BP did it. And then I told us toll much as Charlotte search for a little Archie Marshall are gathering with you I have proposed several players that actually had a coastal now have a boy here ago either your ears she hears you know here's show our. You know pray it forward. Unbelievable. And I've heard those one another that I saw the price of famous name of the movie there will be showing here in Seattle on Tuesday November 70 particularly Seattle at the Pacific place and Bellevue at Lincoln square up in north Seattle adore you place put a price of fame dot com to get more information about three Ted dvi sister of hope speech in wrestling. The wrestling part like as I grew up being such a big fan of viewers remember being a kid. Reading my pro wrestling illustrated reading all values before the Debbie W be days or did you have days. And you know kids you find him reared its reasons a form of wrestler is a music he's got a great purity cool air I love this guy I went back and I know you're in WW avenue the million dollar man. And in the end I was recently talking to a great Indy wrestler us I was young it was a ring a moderate I excuse and easy Lisa a great career as a bad guy and Mike. Who's one of the biggest recent fears a bag guy and he brought up the million dollar man and I mean without a doubt one of the greatest bad guy's been in the world wrestling what. Was that experience like for you because in those days when you're a bad guy people like legit. Think fans sometimes than they did in an article on the reality and they truly hated Joseph. Well that's out of pure you know look you know affordable affordable and Libya will be heard Debbie Debbie. Before. You know it just won't regional wrestling belts would review that was where we go to Europe the gentle the bag ready to we have we understood that you know he'll have people understood the wrestling would show business but it was kind of like magic you don't you don't. You don't you wouldn't trade secrets. You know and you let them believe they wanna believe they had a restricted to some guys get that. Yet I haven't we all have a couple bullets like that or you know or the I've had a huge resort to go to sort of but by the Bible are drug targets attributed the you don't have beat Vinci may be about usual of course tortured favorite so we're good pair of they're readers well I was like why go to electric car McConnell Aurora Barbara Sharif today. Had people come up you go now to your poker like the Russia other people grow bitter larger goal whatever the coach of Richard CBS police W betrayed if you do get you betrayed that they are featured got an extra trip to Alaska and I don't think you assumed they can't get to your local Serb bets that means I would do my job. You know those all play Kaka but I'm. There ever a time where were they a little too extreme where you're like oh boy men c'mon man dubbed him to each pump grown. Arrow. There was you know it's your era. What are you a look good really good going to be you don't want to get an almost catches up we did you oyster that's brook to the basketball yeah. Go orchard the basketball they could actually do that I should it was it was staged. They got the money. You know I should go we'd do all we do we rehearsed did little or where do we go live to the head of the hardcourt my voice is deeply cherished its security every tissue to secure procure it right Eragon and we're rated running whose mother crocodile tears because the better be better much armor into the back Camaro I had -- girl that was so good wrestler blender all they're glad you're all happy don't find it armored vehicle to give via the built. Up does is give people were really bit. The big kid and his family know I had it's not a big big day after the fact there like here here's some money. Or would it be. For although we do we know they were they were bigger part of predictably were told were were you know were were given years were you or your body but here's here's what we're doing it right Purdue administrative Tutu make people think that the it is great to you know. Chilled the poor little guy out of money. Do you keep up with the current product do you watch much wrestling these days. You know I really don't I really don't have a lot of time a beautiful people rush you know a huge huge but what are my thoughts you know maybe it's just because I was so close to. It is dead that is they're protecting partner but do prewar to. Is character just does such a huge. I'd like people opportunity just comes to got you very up particular search yeah this is really good job growth albeit a bit character show the likable. I've been like didn't interview a few times today and I just I mean it it obviously it's a character that it never you can see some of that realism and Hammond and now ought that you set authenticated is. A great way to describe him he's such a fun guy to watch in the ring into a super nice guy tipped. Obviously a it's their favorite memory from looking back in the days of of your wrestling days they a story that you do absolutely love sharing where there be a weird event weird match or just. Is there something from your days where you're like you know when you're sitting around with some of the fellas and an ever when she swapping stories trying to one up each other what's the one that you love to share. Well gosh may have below it material he records its order that's you know sort of it's hard it's hard to be sure to pick a match and it's all one match do we should have made him a match there's a good bit of highlight reel kind of like to meet the first major made of in my life or Russell Harley race you received a BA world champion at the Q auditorium so loose sellout crowd are they had that was select. I would you on the peninsula despite dvd dreary before. There that mention output via the map like OK it is usual places you know bureau what you give so why that's a you know my first social media. Deal the first time an immediate Randy savage ever had to match their church or we're retouched wrestled maybe four. Or at the you know around you know another world respect for repeat your computer but I you know those fortunate pensions. How. It at all artillery base at the you know you guys are local kogan Richie eatery could be the backward which you're a that it that it just. Well she came a moment in the movie where you went back to you did did that the duke did some blog are the the trump arena right tell ya gotta and I regret your crazy. Yep Libya parents so yeah that was that was a special moment ago a bit. You know you're the biggest grabbed him. Summer slim if England and we we wrestled and we restating of that 80000 people a little girl's. I was a pair for the navy you know eliminate 3000. People would have doomed to Detroit. Partially patriarchy. I came just should ever be quick they are started like. Just after that there are a chilly because of people are so large trailer Brussels for a that was pretty thick true we were reroute so broad popular and poor Irish. Comment so yeah what that has just be overwhelming doubt that many people in one arena watching all of you got we do what you do in the ground that yeah I can only imagine a are my wanted to develop also in the film when they were talking and he was Terry funk dad even brought up the fact that that the character of the million Darman was. Obviously based on Vince McMahon himself in the sense that they're like hey this guy is making a character that you would be if he was a wrestler you'd be crazy not to take that opportunity. And Terry you have had a great history in the sense that he helped train you is it crazy to see that he's still mixes it up in the ring. Well you know I don't think he's done and I think he's pretty much retired military search jury returned about eighty terror acts a couple of contract that. But I think he really has retired now. But you you know we're one of the most bureau each more like a brother villager that a friend of our ability to mobilize such. Destroy other my father were the bench friends here at they've middle of but he the other. Ever Barbara Bush and you're right they're rushing with three draft. 1966 Europe breezy. Yet Jerry was a guy always went to repeal would work toward more mature at the by the security bureau beaches you know he's so you know. Cabinda they've got to explain that to a bit. And it was kind of like bureau. If you were going to be secure traditional no show decision bits would be. You know you're in the can actually Nigeria after I left as he evolved itself for the show we kind of gave their care. Does kind of crazy to think they go and he's always some sort of wrestling himself and how he loses recently in a match Erin and in the ring with Kevin Owens and took ahead but. And you just think him out of the guys in the seventies and he still doing it. You have stay. These big guy I was on the cover muscle that is legacy nearly sixty that's unbelievable I'm the guy I bigger disrespect for mr. McMahon I mean the guy work so every day either duty it's probably four hours' sleep good day. And nobody works harder Rebecca putting the brits but because you know nobody can complain because nobody works sort of the ball they're not you know. But I'm used to there you are we were you look I wouldn't have this conversation but I would have been able to do it's there's this story that I did appear that spot. I think it's sort of both you know home. Group do protect and I was so scared suitably dark bear dip that that platform as upbeat. Story gospel message only frustration or oral so I have eternally. Grateful to restrict rather the deputy. Us very cool I know unless you know you mentioned your pops obviously you're born and wrestling fan via pop Tressel and and and for some that might not know your mom was a wrestler as well. Is it cool to see how big women's wrestling has been growing recently with the women's tournament and lot of female wrestlers are now have an opportunity to main event pay per views and and I don't him idea that she would looked out and it and be smiling premiered here knowing that women's wrestling is is not elevated level these days. Yeah I would I would say so because you know make it you don't grow I give back from Ramallah aggression and it was like you know they were they would go or have a dislike we divot so actually it's you know there for awhile it got to that -- the it was kind of both you know but now they've gotten more you know what you're used to it's you Tressel it's it's a contest bit of via a -- you have very happy to shoot it. I couldn't be happier either Dave put on some mid I don't know what I obviously see you're so busy but if you ever did have a sense of what some of that women's tournament that happened just recently it's. Some of the most entertaining matches I seen and allow it to those ladies bring it every time that they. You're not you're not the first person telling this sort we'll have to you know I've got to that worked real I go back and look at all of that yeah and then some of those ladies. And immune from your crew knew we were in the ranks at some of their their father's from here Tully Blanchard took up precious foreign. That a lot of the ladies that are wrestling these days are are coming from wrestling family as well but umpire Ted dated. Thank you so much to take you sometime out I think you're an awesome individual and I truly appreciate the movie that you put out it's called the price of fame. And if anyone wants to go see it again you can take you had a Pacific place in Seattle Lincoln square Bellevue important place in north Seattle on Tuesday November 7 and if outside of Seattle you're listening to this. I just put a price of fame dot com and I'll give you a whole listing of where showing on Tuesday November 7. And then I would imagine after that like you said there's a dvd that's going to be coming out as well so. I wish you nothing but the best of lock in and thank you for opening up who you are in your whole family as well thank them as well for about let's get a peek into your world and I know a lot of people are gonna find great inspiration behind this movie. I think you very much and I do remember were very important that everybody I screwed it already had had a upload a W look through our group at your limits of that rule your world wrestling career what do you remember or I thought I. Yeah easier much has Jimmy goosebumps from that moment my man I didn't accept America think you have taken right by. I would have never even thought of asking him to do that line but the fact that he just threw it out there. Me my day big thanks for the million Darman Ted dvi I see again just go to price of fame dot com if you want more information about his movie. You can find me online for social media Twitter into the ground at times you millions. And you know I always ask you this and I truly mean and I appreciate it whenever you guys can share. This podcast with your fellow wrestling fans if you know someone that loves wrestling that it just can't get enough from wrestling. Let them know about me vs the world of wrestling. Until next time as always thank you. We're listening.