MIGS vs TWOW 030 -- Randy Myers

Thursday, November 2nd

This week, Migs chats with The Weirdo Hero, "Ravenous" Randy Myers!  Randy was recently in town for a couple Defy shows, and will be taking on Sami Callahan on Friday 11/10 for Defy 9.  Get tickets at DefyWrestling.com.  Migs and Randy chat about his time training at Stu Hart's Dungeon...how breaking his leg was the best thing for his career...and how improv is a big part of what Randy does both in and out of the ring!  This is an absolute fun chat with the "King Of Confusion"!

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It's now time for work. Amazed vs them. World. What's up and welcome to another edition of pigs vs the world wrestling and I'm really still to be able to share this episode with you because. It's with a guy. That I just recently became a huge fan of if you wrapped up by eight you were introduced to. Revenues Randy Myers the weirdo hero and if you're like me you in some skies five he's just a great character and is entering work is just phenomenal. He just came back to town where it was for defying now when he took on Sammy go VAR which was a great match as well he's coming back again. I love it. It's it's awesome that he's now part of the fire wrestling family for the 59 on November 10 it's your defy grabs go to the fire wrestling dot com to get information get tickets and all that. What a great cards you guys seen Strickland our champion taken on. Rudy Ching who was great the last time he was in town it's the hottest free agent. Is ravenous Randy Myers and he's taking on. The living death machine Sammy Callahan Seve Callahan is going to be here take our many buyers that match I am positive gimme a mass of people going to be leaving Washington law and talking about. Don't foresee I had no idea at the time when I talked to Randy that he's going to be taken on Sammy Callahan so we don't talk about that the man do we talk about a lot of cool stuff hidden being the weirdo hero he gives great life advice not just for breast surgeons for anything growing up in Calgary did training at the heart dungeon. Breaking his leg and he said that breaking his leg was the best thing that happened to his creative curious why what you got a listen to the interview so let's just jump right into it might chat with a ravenous Randy Myers. Check check check. Know they've just a joke that no we're older but that's the way to start doesn't actually going to be on the and everything perfect as it should be I have Lanier Randy Myers Randy. Wolf first Austin we will do we're recording this interview right after your match of Sammy you're. It's all class. God tonight. Well the last and I saw you was not defy a where you took time Doug was it easy days and instantly won over the entire crowd it had a have been. For you surreal feeling to go out there book relatively. Unknown to the Seattle audience and just completely win them over for the matches even over I was watching and I'm just like holy cow who is this guy. I seen stuff online but to witness what you do live was just magical and easily won me over as a fan and no one over the entire defy audience. I shocked stuff. I it's true don't always surreal walking out there are. I didn't exactly know what to expect it never wrestled for the five never wrestled in Washington State before so shirt how they would take to me but got the oil. So and these fans are great they're allowed got hey Jeff how they did seriously do we we always say it's our Montrose we get loud and it's a monster because. Well they dictate exactly that it's got to feel good for you walk into a place where you know you don't know how it's gonna go over and next thing you know the place is loud they're screaming. That's going to be wanted to more re why you do what you do a 100% hundreds and the fans are so much part of the show just like the rest as a part of the show going out there in front of a dead audience that isn't. Doesn't wanna be there wolf half book. The fire audience clearly wants to be here they clearly love what they're watching and one supported his best they can't look closer in your head when you're walking out Casone at the minute you walk out your tickling people's beards here. You're engaging with the car you making eye contact with everybody and I would have matched and that that. During her know how they're gonna react to that it's true it's true I had surprisingly enough they didn't Derry. All over all the places have been wrestling making these creepy goo goo eyes at people through this you don't like to I don't know maybe they haven't. You know never didn't see something like I don't war I don't know much as they're they're receptive to it you I love it yet so I don't know what I'm thinking about it tell you the honest truth I'm probably thinking boy it's hot out here I like that guys be aired a wonder if you'll let me touch it. Eight and any other little touch if you want to be the fall the last time I felt like you gain power from him I did I definitely didn't. It was a beautiful beer it was a gorgeous Judas like Sampson Sampson has the hair that is has the power and it the power of the beard I think is programs getting jealous by night the fourth time also definitely watch for sharks signal that's a high ticket this year. I'm going home with him tonight. You'll see exactly. What inspired the weirdo bureau. Moniker and system the immune I would imagine when you first started and decided up him to be into the world of wrestling room you I would imagine that that doesn't happen overnight that that character evolves over time and where did you get inspiration from it well so originally they had been as a percent. Juniors and right it was like a slow burn I was always over the taught been very ridiculous going out of the ring but the we're a hero thing. Basically came from the idea of one to be an anti hero wanting to be something to Trudy who why am. And my true belief is he can be as weird as you want to be and still make it as far as you wanna make it in this world once people think that you need to be a certain cookie cutter. Wearing a suit and tie all the time at a statue John that's awesome wearing that suit and tie rocked the hallowed Matsuzaka but that's not my jump. I like to be myself and I've seen people the more you yourself the more authentic Q more the more weird you are the more appeared you take till the more people you get to smile. And that's exactly what I'm looking for instead of simply had the right type of crowd I imagine Portland as well Portland is as well Vancouver Canada is really great for weirdos out yet at at at a but should your resume from Kalamazoo yacht watching you that's like oh that's a straight don't lie I believe everything eyesore you believe everything you say yeah. I'm the ring announcer I'm saying I believe it out from Calgary actually originally born and raised in Calgary Alberta Canada yeah yeah. But if you're one. 213193. From Calgary to doesn't have the same ring now that Kalamazoo is suddenly a cool place that a cartoon character or remain accountable Elmo. Elmo. They're gonna miss a day. I was a look at for some ridiculous billing yourself. I don't know how many years old many middle ultimately I wrestled in Calgary for so many years I don't want that nineteenth guy on the show from Calgary made and so I wanted to have something that studio was slightly different I would did you look Dellums who's a real place when I first chose it and then the first ring announcer said Kalamazoo Michigan with all that exists on its mission that's a real place and we gave you there to wrestle you have to -- have a homecoming that's true it's very true yeah one year anniversary I'd love to do about three years for sure yeah let's make that happen called pick up high school just down the street from whatever then you were out. How. Photoshop myself for doing your book or two over crests are twenty year reunion exactly got. And since high school I just started wrestling guy exactly that's what we do in the I can't remember that guy. Who's the weird when with eyeliner in the pocket class he's tickled my peers when I first went through puberty. I could have been through jokes. I loved that you've never been where you mail for a guy no never not know what it's almost feels like you should never got exactly do the right yeah. I don't need to prove they're retired there one day or yeah. Or never visited all the last match you ever have. Have you rat Kalamazoo book got the homecoming to all kids should sit and we have where huge it's. Gonna go over Harry perfectly I don't know what we don't let anyone down now that they've got a note and oh yeah I'll still be your hometown hero don't worry so noted that the weirdo and here I gotta ask then what's the weirdest and seventeen years in wrestling up. Are wrong. Weirdest place you've wrestled weirdest. Type of wrestling event. Whatever it is when you think of weird and wrestling what is the first thing that happened comes to mind for you how she's got such a great push OK I had a birthday party death match. Now what how old was the personnel geez I don't want to say it was Levy. Well who's a ladies so it under section one no called Matthews yes. And we had a birthday party doesn't match and then that led to more like two in 99 red balloons match. Does that match involved hot truly 99 red balloons and the match was over to they were all plot. Your putting a lot of faith in in India unknown I know flops French the French. Dangerous how long that take from those who owns the pop. It was about fifty minute match by the end we were just popping up yeah just brought it about friends and I had a gem we're looking at a opponents popping balloons. I'll tell you got to wrestle us image of our top reserve. And we do you guys Muqtada preparation goes into him because he's not from here is obviously not a gotta you've been wrestling I don't know if you've ever even met him until I had never met them before night how exciting going touring which when you've never met only knowing that he's I mean I saw you going what's on that has never been an a ring before oh he's great yeah. I've been watching late as soon as I got that got told that I was going to be working a minority to watching his stuff. So then I just went about consider re watching a stop watching highlights watching specific moves that we could maybe figure a way to get into the match. I'm just excited so yeah like. We hit it off right off the bat too soon as we locked eyes just like a lock eyes with the members of the crowd I just knew I could see that twinkle in his eyes and you use some special that we could mix and. Is there a moment when you know I mean this maybe isn't super wrestling nerdy question about recently been going through that did the steps training to rest a rally and it does this mean yell at 42 years old also better times Arnaud definitely wanna be the GDP of Indy wrestling I think that's a great idea I still I still wanna do some graffiti. And I'm 35 years old so the fact that I petty crimes in my future. You get it into wrestling have fortitude not said. I cannot. We can all out not out possibly gonna break something on my body that's expected I don't go to jail for that out yep put my rule of thumb is you never hurt yourself doing something cool it's always something ridiculously stupid they hurt yourself doing so all we do cool stuff. And you'll be fine yeah I've pulled my back sneezing exactly my blood back getting eggs from the bottom of the fridge or your worst injury I've ever had yet they're really not 100% I had delayed public kitchen floor for an hour and a half until my roommate got home she yeah. I heard you you you broke about a bone. Rehearsing a move before a match and are seeing an interview yeah. Well what did you do agree sir I'm bad and I'm not joking when I saw you do what you did at the last of five. I mean and I know I speak for many it blew me away it just the character the B and bring out I mean you could rest on the morals and district in ring ability. And obviously I mean. You have the skills that but the fact that your. Going analog feel like you we just a great talk about the fact that you're embracing. Being weird and in being unique just. Took it to the next level I'm like I'm absolutely adore what this guy's doing in the right thank you so I watched what some interviews I've I've watched the year is the weirdo in Europe dot com and you yes he's super everywhere are. I'm pregnant and are now with you about in processed in a minute we'll call today I acting. Breast wrestling at its best is the best improvisation all hundred of comedy action whenever it is so well rounded yeah there's nothing like it so I mean I saw that you. Broke a body part. Practicing a move before. It's true I was so was. Before a big show my point and hadn't shown up yet so they decided just to throw me in there with whoever they had hanging around to WP. I Davey boy Smith junior right so they're like OK practice your first top rope drop kick on I don't know Davey boy Smith junior. And I'm there I'm standing on that top rope and I'm looking at him. And he was abouts fought and a 1718. Years old oh geez yeah and while huge still cute she's always been bigger than me and at a news fourteen and he was a good forty pounds heavier than me. So look at Adam and a McCain I'm master saw just gonna kill me. Sold or used it my best is up he's gonna hurt me so I messed it up in her myself instead. The shot I came off the top rope no impact just touched him barely landed on my side instantly felt my like Rick instantly. Coach says get up don't worry don't worry I get our public know it feels like I got shot with an arrow through my leg signal it's fine it's fine. Obviously wasn't fine tigers trying to get used to wrestle as to what you are so that match did you nor didn't actually I got taken right away to the do a walk in clinic by Alitalia and she stayed with before. It would have three hours like the sweetheart that's years. And yeah and that she made she took care of me and our bond just continued to grow from there. I had to guess at that moment up each other on never forget the exotic yet executes and hostile to you and her looks like practicing exactly all man that's a dagger and I'm total legit price fell like a dagger. To tell you honest truth I don't think you could have done it I think it was a good time I was young. Oh what those kids who just you know when you getting into wrestling news when you move move move move move you know we're books psychology you know worried about anything making sense you just wanna look. Freaky cool right and what it looked cool and I couldn't do when he moved. But I just what it looked cool so then I broke my leg the next day went to practice. Sat there and had to watch. In a cast for the next six weeks and that was when I learn technology. I really I can't learn moves right now but he can still watch I can still lives were like the sponge that I am in. Whose rates would actually help me out after Wright took after I got out of the cast my leg was all better I was far better wrestler than I was before. Wow that's pretty cool got to find. Something good out of some think that could have potentially just been a devastating in Australia and put you down and maybe into a spiral to depression whatever it for Sharia like in and you found. Away and it's so a life lesson in how we suffer like life lessons with a good wrestling provides a lot of life lesson definitely got us don't even apply to wrestling for applied to things like my job my relationships and could not agree more than your battered times that I've. Maybe. Metaphors that involve wrestling and that yeah but it is immutable wrestling anymore this is just about life but we were joking and the other day and and and training wanted to guys that'd is our coach and we're just laughing at the fact they're like I'm so glad I have wrestling in my life because I think. Normal life is just for him boring so old boring I chose listening to. Radio interview on the way here in the guy was talking about how much you loved big brother and talking about how much he loved reality television news big on the bachelor and as a time not a big. Bachelor found myself on soar if that's upsetting anybody else there are breaking any hearts. But we've lost all of our podcasts lets you resume desk this professionally saying that he'd assumed it was looking for any sort of like anything out of reality and he said he got off watching about Sunni fell love with pro wrestling and about momentum like you know what I'm OK with this guy you want to overdo it's it's so true there's no place like rests in the can take you away from the real life. Take whenever I've I've had like you know obvious to anyone by the end of the weaker parked out hire hundreds tight end and tonight I was like I'm I'm excited to go. But this kind of dragon has since Thursday it sent a long week I would till 4:30 this morning I was the new tax they've generated out now and have substance that likewise exactly got up at three. Took an hour naps yup yup refreshed but the minute I mean that. In that room with every fan and and the energy of all the wrestlers to. There's there's nothing like it if anyone's never been to a live wrestling event in home WW we are talking about. These indie shows when Little League I mean a year and like with the five and his other great ones as well assist. It's it's next level you you feel like this camaraderie and you realize. I was recently interviewed about wrestling and some estimate what would I love about resting on my bullets we've all probably been moved on from loving wrestling at some point in life we've all been alone lonely sad and wrestling kind of jurors thought and now I'm in a room with other people that know what that's why exactly it's like this is on like you said I'd never met Sammy before today but we both obviously about while caressing and you can see it in each other's eyes right would you walk company like. Now it's another brother that I haven't met yet that's pretty cool yeah I totally whose conservative favorite people that you met. In in in your career wrestling whether it be people that we might know or people that maybe we should now. Good duck well liked a lot that you guys that I was gave up with the last time the borrows twins I thought I absolutely adore them. Story that was I was working out of the gym and I saw one of them walking and I was like I just hear that it factor you know what I mean just that it's on your body image just you know looks like a boy event. And then he got his brother walked in and I just caught up off the bench I don't even remember like physically getting up hides all the so I was talking to them does is walking over he had the first thing thousands like. Did you guys know vote out there at twin had her angle. I didn't even know Tim likes wrestling and then they're like yeah that really open Wheeler at the gym right now to train so we can become professional wrestlers and what. Nowhere to come under my wing right Dan reintroduced in the EC CW. Then and now there where they are announced that goes into my favorite people with a huge future is look like I give Nelson had children a 100% and it became recipe exactly why can't my dad are. There either one of a kind it will look kind of suppose but yeah. I love them I would say those two I can't say enough good things about the heart and we obviously had trained in the heart only dungeon. What was that like amazing it was announcing I got my ass handed to me every single day it was so great like. Yeah I guidance germs one I'd. Did you ever feel like I need it's got to quit it can't do this oh every day every adult wolf pretty damn close out the amount of hours in the day would you be in there will we would do we reduce real practices that we. At the dungeon and then that was also part of a thing called not practices and underage wrestling promotions about ran two practices a week as well so is probably a total of twenty plus hours of rest and we won. But guy I would almost. You know good to take maybe a quarter of the time to get third of the time I was getting driven all my my mother was a Nazi at the last I'm never going back again. Next morning tabulate ballots. All of us on some switch again got insists yeah. And was making me I needed it I don't know where I was off to before that they like. It was like a troubled blue troubled kid you troubled youth I was I don't know who's going down that path until I found rusting that was the thing that could get my aggression. Yeah I was hyperactive. And it was an artsy kids was never into sports or any of that stuff so it was really hard for me to get that pent up energy out in any like positive way. That was like art is obviously great I love it still to this day but it's not burning calories is not getting that and Jia different you know he. And until I found wrestling like I said I was on the bad path. And has combination of the two yes exactly creativity and then you also have I'm going to be gassed by the time exactly I would do as wild as humanly possible and gives me a place to do that. If I act out wild anywhere else in real life. In real life. I will be arrested. They don't let your touch people's spirits walking on the streets I I hate to keep my partner in the dungeon for Rex find it so that we had to tally on recently in chief charitable some stores also just training in that and I just. Recently was fortunate to get to watch. The thirty for thirty for Ric Flair which is going to be cool yeah coming out a couple weeks November 7 I think and he is the end and have a chance to chat with a director so what's the screener wanted to prestigious and maybe it's that they've recently gotten into the world of training. Was they shared the story of him training under opera Gagne chaos and Greg Gagne being a part of it and and I guess that your first day. They were walking up these fire escapes steps. Up and down up and down it. However many flights and then all of us and out of fireman's carry. People up and down these gas and then I'll wheelbarrow and its loan and I'm just you know to see if they can break that person a little different. I don't think that. Is how things are anymore out think you can get away with that in order. We know that's one thing that I think in this day and age it's really changes the coaching styles of coaching styles to be rude all I've heard some crazy stories of people. Pretty no cattle thoughts that guys were doing stuff properly in the dungeon they get how prod why can't do that stuff anymore. Some of those things it was yelled at me from coaches there's no way that you get a guy in today's day. We you know what I needed it and I'm not saying that you should have bike. Say mean things to any one or whatever everybody's different but I needed got fire lit under my ass and I mean I remember. Broussard was telling me that my punches looked terrible he just raid dummy every day Scully we all sorts of names until one day in my opponent's face. Altered into Bruce's face. Then all of a sudden my punches were really dead. Interesting and then since then and by pledges of one my favorite things do you think that was part of what you're hoping I think so yeah I don't know I had to do that before and people and I'm not. That kinda coach at all undoubtedly the coach it's gonna like try and go to plug the dvd trying to build you up a break you down right but there's been times where it needed people the ball hard on the and you know from learning dead rest you need to ball hard yes the harder you hit that about. The more for the more forgiving the moves gonna. You're only once I realized that and it took them for months and yeah and it was Odyssey maybe two weeks ago and went all of a sudden. I attacked that map and I took a body doesn't make sense otherwise later in life. And the reaction from my coach the reaction even last night I went I was there until like 11 o'clock and I always knew I get up at 3 in the morning just mad my wife thinks I'm nuts now I know you are. Never been happier exactly I don't know I didn't she thinks that's even more now how how. Okay you're coming home or bruises it got well she got totally yeah did turn you're neck as well as he used to duck but you're happier and you're a better husband and Mike. Can't explain that. Highlights that until now I would have done it sooner but I'll the government ready for it until now it's like one of those moments yeah no you definitely don't beat yourself up about getting into when you do. We've all by different things like yeah I had to have no intention of it going anywhere other than meat milk they get to do. I get to the commissioner for three to a battle which rally and maybe one day they'll need to beat the crap out of the commissioners ads now I can take upon closer and to me don't be a success but again they're billing comradery with some amazing people and where. And you know it's it's a few of them talking to someone who's done it forever know totally like an idiot saying no no hey you know back camaraderie with Russell yeah I think when you mess feeling. When you put Lisa when would dozen miles of life in your hands and that's unlike anything else I trust level is so high that intimacy is soul live like we're putting our lives. It each other's hats and put my life in the hands of guys have never even met before you know and admitted meet you what. Forty minutes today without Brady outside and you have to trust him not to pre Internet exactly. So I mean that. And having your head between each other's legs and stuff like sweating on each other and that helps to. But that brings you the exact sharing each other's way exactly that. I didn't wanna talk a little bit about not to be the impressed how could they do what I watched him your videos wolf I watched you in the ring and it's all in prop east yet totally us did you learn improper or did this just come naturally did you go to in front classy guy knows what happened when I was getting into wrestling. I got kicked added drama class a long story short because I didn't want to do the prop calls him teaching has had a fault I was always a drama geek growing up they're just used to prop calls of such a big wrestling that was so stoked about the you to just had a pop the -- to just have to bump. And then they taught us these wimpy you man DP ham beef balls. Understandably so you're not gonna teach fifty year old had a bomb. But I refused to do it I just bought this horse they could every time until they kick me out of class I think it's funny that most people might have quit doing acting because they those. Pratt falls for her I don't know do you like he did hurt or not not enough furthest place now wanna be next call me. So what then I got ticketed drama class my mom's like that's all you've ever been about would you do with yourself now right. Some like well there's two options could either go arrest in school who improved school. So went in brought school everyone was my age now 35 to forty went to wrestling school at who was 1560. I was seventeen so they were younger than me there are so like I got to wrestle first. And Dan I do the improbable beat you can't get in that it's a hard like you're saying he's hard to get into professional sport of any sort. At a later age so I thought what do we improve later on the so I was always kind of the plan and then. I was lucky enough to be booked as like good guests. This guest ZU level celebrity I'd and impromptu show and I realized they do a full hour. I wasn't sweating not bad I didn't hurt who's a fans seemed entertainment. And I didn't have to hurt myself. And I went for an hour work pulling out there I'm addicted. Full surround to that I just kept doing kind of just what's your narrow and then I started feeling really guilty that I wasn't trained to I was doing all the shows with these guys that were trained in what I want wilderness so I sort of going to training myself. And then yeah that was no one half three years ago nominee and he brought troop who Gifford and brought troops out. Did you sketch writing class do some stand up stuff is in. And all right I always feel like hey DeMaurice you do things that a humble yourself. And no matter what age you are officially it's always keeps on your toes it makes you respect life exact and that's part of what I night so that when you're I you're terribly proud of how I feel about. Wrestling fans that. I like knowing that I'm not good at it it it's forcing me to want to get better at it and yeah I at I think at. I wanna be six years old and still trying to find something that's gonna make me wanna be you know and I mean totally another site was the when the living exactly yeah no. Do you have mud bucket list just keeps going I have actually gotten what have been sold for a been really fortunate life I've adding stuff at this point yet you're mimic those things are what you do was a kid a local and I'm doing these things on my guess are gonna add. That one too and I wanted to allow about one did all right so. Dude it's been really really cool image damage your causing you to do it's more definite maybe we just do random pod now mentally gimmick that random blood tests with the route and has won many motorists. I wanted to send you got to do when you come for defied you have to do your own stage he'd only introduction well yeah we'll see how proud keg of I don't regret that it I don't graduates are no good at it. A little bit of insanity to create a calamity the duke of delusion and nor do you confusion on the Hong Kong getting your leader. Lol yeah year old slumber revenues our revenues from my reserves. I need to quit bring announce how no no no doubt. Thank you for let me Wear your Mickey Mouse had to of course I'm a bit and I do name actually and that's that I got that at Disneyland with the. Randy Mike Huckabee you'll find if you could find me on its to ground you can find me on FaceBook and I don't do Twitter because I don't all the way to orange trees people talk. Ha ha ha screw it up. They just type in Randy Myers the data ready rappers ready might do you find you for sure I mean Saddam I'm weirdo hero OK perfect perfect man's man man thank you and please like everyone sent out there please come back you got to Nixon yeah awesome. I shocks meant. For love Randy I think because it's an awesome dude now he's a great wrestler but he's just a great person and you could hear that in an interview and it's really fun similar to my chat with Mac cross it was fun to be able to chat with Randy after his match after feeling that. Adrenaline rush and still be able to be in sight of his head while he's experiencing that adds it is something special about that I really enjoyed chatted with Randy I look forward to having. Future episodes with Randy Myers as well and you imagine the tally up. Any mention the hard dungeon if you haven't checked out past episodes of migs vs the world wrestling you're missing a chat would Italian you missing is that when Lance storm you may see is that we're Chris Jericho all people from that Calgary. Area also you're missing great conversation with guys exceed strict and Adam Brody king who's going to be the main event. The 59 who defied wraps. I had a chat would edge in the past that was awesome. Cold cup and it Joey Ronnie and they're all available just go check out my archive episodes. Whether BA KI SW dot com and I to do wherever it is that you listen to this podcast. And don't forget to check out the 59. Could defy wrestling dot com you know I'm going to be there on the ring announcer on the host I don't forget balmy and it's a grim follow me on Twitter is just at. I'm Steve migs and as always thank you. We're listening.