MIGS vs TWOW 031 -- Rory Karpf and Charlotte Flair

Thursday, November 9th

On this episode of MVTWOW, it’s all about Ric Flair. Migs chats with Rory Karpf, the man that made the ESPN 30 For 30, “The Nature Boy”, which premiered earlier this week.  Rory talks about his very first meeting with Ric (when he was a kid), what it was like to interview The Undertaker for this documentary, and more!  Also on this episode, a throwback interview with Charlotte Flair that Migs did at Wrestlemania this past year.  Joining Migs on that interview is AJ Francis of the Washington Redskins, be sure to check out AJ’s wrestling podcast “Jobbing Out”.

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It's now time for work. Days vs the world. What's up and welcome to another addition of makes vs the world of wrestling and if you're wrestling fan I'm sure just like me you were glued to your television this past Tuesday. As ESPN had a thirty for thirty. About one of our own Rick flair it's called the nature boy and all mind you haven't seen I'm sure ESPN's gonna show it from time to time. Track it down even if you're out of seeing your your marginal wrestling fan to someone who's listening tour wrestling podcast but do you have friends that are marginal wrestling fans I recommend them take out your wrestling fan you're really missing out if you haven't seen this it's an incredible story of the nature boy Rick flair. From how he got his start wrestling and then just a roller coaster. That is professional wrestling for Ric Flair from stuff in the ring outside of the ring obviously tragedy with him losing his son. And I bring all this up because that a chance to chat with worry carp worries director of the guy who put this all together a couple of years ago he became friends or Ric Flair while working on the eye he Christian late in America. Thirty for thirty and add Rick. As a talking head in that documentary may headed off him. It's thankfully use it to convince the when myself and my friend AJ Francis who's currently playing with the Washington Redskins he's. What a former C opted to great dude and also a huge wrestling fan we had a chance to chat with. Charlotte flare so I figured why not you know we got worried talking about Ric Flair there yes Charlotte flare and we did talk about return to turn that interview as well. So some credit to my chat with Rory cart. Murray say Aimee Mann meg thank you to take argument is that doing great amount pumped to talk to you man this is. You're you're documentary it's incredible first off comic view wrestling fan I'm a fan of Rick flair. The fact that yeah you're able to put this together. I don't imagine you thought a lot of pressure as a fellow wrestling thank you Joseph wrestling fans could be critical in this is a huge spotlight for wrestling. It must feel good to know that the feedback he's been awesome so far. Are you a man they can get much better than the alternative. It veterinary Abacha wrestling fans outside and house are on the Internet complaining about Iraqi. That people that. Yeah and that scared the ESPN 3230 it's a major boy. And I you can recently of over the course of the last couple years since doing the documentary came Frederick Rick flair but. Your runner with Marie Claire started when you were a kid and I'd love for you share that story. Yes or share it actually I I grew up and al-Qaeda Philadelphia born in 1980 I went to look at how this could make it better for my very first grappling match. And eighty years old and the main event Israel Blair Britain's Ricky Moore. Trying to put it showed they're a little shout out to be I helped. She Brit coming out of he came out in the world and I held out my forefinger and lose like right admit they. Any little right anatomy and he says I'll never forget being there don't you look you little brat. And and get on the get go walking. And everybody was like oh man McLaughlin. So. But Barack Everett and then I'd like man ordered jerks by the EEN and dedication to retired general Don match. And little kid or not he would not going to be nineteen going to be good. I would point in your relationship with him did you bring about stories. Are never welcome very actually I think I'm. I mentioned it at the premiere I waited until the movie was wrapped her bra but my hairdresser and they have an end. And I thought it was faith. But not that we've been we we where. We have a pretty early ignite it I need I go oh yeah our. The documentaries like I mean you really capture so much and an hour and a half or so it which blew my mind because when you covered so many parts of his career. I had have been tough to be able to pull out because I mean their moment semi to laughter moment semi meet thank. There's obviously moments are gonna make anyone cry I don't even care if you're wrestling fan there's some really heartbreaking stuff. But it's it's but it it's such an incredible journey and the fact he revenue work in my view is viewed staying his feud which steamboat Escude dusty roads. Made the wrestling fan in me happy but somewhat semi I don't envy you need your wrestling fans to truly appreciate. That's the story of Rick flair. Well thank you so much is saying that it is well we tried didn't see it as you do mention we try to have a represent. Different part of Rick. And you know it is an illness just like chronological. Telling her experience perhaps its we wanted to do that so independent economy and Louis and and hopefully represent war torn a notch districts where public what it is our work and the statute and I'm cheer. But it sort of burst being mainstream puma grappling in 1980 you know and demanded there lol I don't put estate broker especially at our academic or rappel. Forty years cut a long time. I mean the most athlete. And don't have that kind of wonder it didn't go well it's pretty incredible or I drop in the editing an iron. Why not just watching his footage for hours getting knocking out to double. To as congress struggled. I love W and the people you got to chat with the news and as a wrestling fan here these guys talk about wrestling moves to say you know I mean I I I I nerd out about that having hearing Hoke Hogan just outright admitting that Ric Flair. Was about harasser was pretty powerful the seat and then on top of it. Dreaded you're dot undertaker in there and in any wrestling fan knows it's very rare that you see the undertaker in any event. How did he may get there undertaken take part in this and I had have been pretty surreal to be in a room with taker as he's talking about Ric Flair. It really was off some. Would it get along that setup undertaker entity called the model for many when he shared his contact him at all shared it under. So I thought I was I was incredibly nervous like Ali because I didn't know I know which term. And it bit wrestle it especially old Russell at all. And so I want you rejection and battered real me I take it that are taking umbrage a little bit so. How many weeks I called my I I don't I thought he'd acted upon like. It'll boom Louisville and laugh at something I Brittany and and intimidating. And I didn't. Yeah he edited at Bonnie live like ELO. And I can they. That dictate your lit blue or illegal late Paul O'Neill will love let me. Super friendly good knowledge they're nice they're all look like went out of their way to being nice I don't wanna destroy it gimmick here a guy. I mean he had he had that coffee and pastry for the crew and split it could incredibly warm and friendly and and overall very happy I got to I did little people like a general. And out of his children and whatnot so who really really got me back a one point. He could not go continues it is our area and how the janitor at a lot of memorabilia and it and I had to like myself like Peter amateur title. The bell better or anybody Gary really you know lord be permitted into Aaron here are being out Hulk Hogan regrets unlike O if you walk you're you're cool. It's an illegal loses 00 you guys it's not clear how much I don't really. You YouTube rattled you know one point that they just. Cool do you think you're gonna I did it I had been. Yeah and I don't like something out of our end. By Arab China simply the guy out there spray added I mean I never believed that aspect of eagle fans and well. What we're here rattling it like it is actually like look out of iron and got circled there you are there and and work for a new value of our right by the I don't. Heard between appreciating what someone does and showing them respect and ideally you're enjoying. Do I would make he's got a problem about my memory. With the kid and how much. Like I just value what they did and they like it apple. Opened up. You're there aren't always good fun and actually know about what he is didn't speak not a total weirdo. So. I can't you know how they're that regard but a lot of people that work around going I reporter IT guy he look like crap when it seemed like. It really related to become a job. Positioning in what should I got into revealing. Aren't and you know I tell people she still wanna get into it I do you know as far as or fractured. Trying to treat it like a job to be pretty good job legal work period we don't think you're there it's really just try to beat you should be getting into the new Joyce. Second I feel like that's a lot of wrestling fans act sometimes at the call my own friends I symmetry are only due to dummy you're the product of just stop watching I don't go to the same restaurant and complain about a mile everytime I go. It's particularly a little. Hello hello is especially if I didn't always culture that you don't like up big huge change like. Okay meaning like get compared I mean you know don't want to be against all people somebody Minneapolis Blake. You know could they found it utterly and there are not yet you're dealing track like I'm going OK aren't well. Cool don't watch. And he nobody is forcing you to get a live television news. You know and it's it's one of those things where. I'm hoping our film will appeal to rattling and not recant the lights are and they are saying hated you're gonna hate actually I'm I did. And I hate Christian right next to liberty in it no matter what. And I you can either did accept it or you can only eat our our. And I get enough for those I wanna check it out of course ESPN's continuous thirty for thirty it's got the nature boy it's all about Ric Flair one of the things I absolutely loved about the documentary at an aids that went. You were talking about some in the past and obviously prices have footage for whether it be the stuff on the plane which when not to give you did at the footage but you animated it. And what I those schools who is that there are parts that you were talking about in a more current that you clearly could have footage for but you chose to an enemy that is one of the that was. I found out to be really cool as and that an out. Like oh wow that's interesting that you know mid it is Arabs at him more consistency to the animation that they pay even know there are there is footage of this stuff I'm going to animate this is well. Yeah out into the model are we animated. Score even think I had to kind of keep a little bit confused and three. We did that then you know that tropical animation belief creepy. Story in the film. I'm done period I'm very funny back. But what can visual representation that I didn't see pictures could do the job right like Ken Burns Kyra I'll. You can do re creations and actors would Arafat would be weird kind of having her play Ric Flair. Happening until another angle though it was just yeah what about me. And I CNET crumbled or I never done it. I'd like wow no reptilian kind of cartoonish and eighty were really well. Tire company out of Los Angeles and then here phenomenal. All us incredible aren't. Thank you so much as a wrestling fan I really do appreciate what you gave us with. The nature boy's newest thirty for thirty and ESP and I hope everybody checks it out it's a must watch and I look forward to watching for a second time and it it's it's phenomenal piece and I hope we do more documentaries another wrestler and I'd be pretty bad ass. Yeah yeah appreciate and support and thank you so much once again check out ESPN define future air dates for the nature boy to thirty for thirty on McLaren like I mentioned. I feared refined to share interview which Charlotte's Larry this was recorded on radio row. Which is a couple days before wrestle mania this past year they just bring a bunch of Debbie do you we superstars into odd access room and a bunch of us radio and TV and print people have a chance to chat with them for a few minutes and we had a few minutes with Charlotte flair and it was a blast chatting with our. We have to clean with us that's right Charlie's let's ask ourselves what may see range. I. We need to stir things up this much and AJ plays with the Washington Redskins and is now with me all morning you know I I've now taken over his house so I'm stay I unless I was impressed by the Sox these rank position and WO sock somebody out yeah this is. I'm pretty decent voice sucks and logos are so cruel. I have easy in the team wins though there aren't gonna ask about you out of. Added Jeff. That's our men Margaret I saw the bulls stares at the dash out. And I in Vegas. And kind of getting these ones because I had to do was look like they're bred car loans are bought all OK your buddy but these ones are ya know those are also yeah they. Just give me some improvements. School iron lungs when you're not just in one's I got a pair grandma always learning like is that where the glaring issues. She is awkward though it's actually way more aussies in the eighties but the break color so yes I'm. I would Wear shoes in my own face on a side of these weird and not get. I mean I think it's I think it's more sweeter then I went out of guys try to send as much room there are more in his father's face on my socks not a sell idol to me that's like in this situation when you're across the table to me that's we're here for you do learn which your dad yeah. If you it was Larkin who used. He has yet to turn those who aren't they make a must ours are supposed signs you're shooting know. You know it's not a matter. Especially vacant and maybe or cut a hole and couldn't handle storm just how much those thousand units well so sick yeah. Include Jews column on the actual announcement that can make like yeah earth that would also work it just slide must put and it's paying off the back hornets are glad. Exactly how upset you firm estimate last year you guys stole the show. Ask how old now what's gonna happen we don't know but I would imagine that it's going to be another epic match for you had to wrestle mania. I I think the pressure though no I had to I didn't I'm nervous because. Last year went so well. I was amazed com. So ads so like how we could top last year and that's regulating that's going through my mind to nine. We're excited and I'm happy it's you know not happy in terms of going to be harder on my title back but the dynamics of a four way. Really cool. I'm so excited to see where you come because every big match always come over with them salt and I'm I'm excited to see. Where's the cubs broke this Sunday I don't know and you've probably got some big story it is good to be crazy it always is. I am so excited to see which you do with that because you only bring him down on the big matches in every time you do it just adds to pun intended to flair of the match. I am aids it's just speed separates. How you perform. More like you always save the queen of paper view you really are like when you go out and you put these matches are com interview saying you may end up being. I mean how many matches with SARS last year you think could have been match of the year following us or you quit now or yeah I mean all top that was. Soledad. Yeah I was I was on the continued to only out objectionable to imagine mania I mean you have you have a sludge is like you're like me I hate to say who's just like your father you have a history of making great matchup degree bachelor degree rescue that's. What separates you from a lot of other wooden in the division and it makes you stand out even though all of there's a large oh no they are. But I think dead to me personally I think that you're in a class above everyone else my personal opinion. Lot you're only as good as your opponent that is true Tom. So. A lot of that credit goes to mind so I senator and every red yeah. But Don for me is just a matter of I never. One never had so what get complacent like I still ahead. Have to get better every time I'm on TVQ and a that's like. I know what we're TV every reproducing like what I needed you know this can be better this can be better is just a constant obsession for perfection PS and downs. That is my age. Thank you I don't know I just I never think that I reached it's just got to keep getting better. Do you think it. By god said this car he's Belmont park Castro forum and a mother guys and I hear but I suitable for for my money for the past year you've been the best viewing them Adobe. Male or female and turn out and I won't say that to anyone else do you see that light you can take on their role in your going to be the most hated person. In still building how do you given that its base perhaps because you're not that person right now. And Israeli hard actually came from. Yeah a lot of fresh nation it was more her. I had debuted. And I was like this is not what I'm supposed to fear could I was a young and Eckstein and you know they. They started to like me because you know they grew to date in next he saw me grow from net my first match to my nationality. So bombed. Being able to. Stick to a character like I wanted to stick to being the bag I needed to come out and wanted people to Amy and that's a matter of just staying consistent you know and it's separating the good you just plain character just because they keep others. Yelling certain things are going it's not you it's being able to shut that off and realize you know. The more you can get them to EU this battered whispered it. And in most people are new here historic Reverend Wright is absolutely you when your opponent and I mean it's so. Obviously my a lot of times when you're the most hated person in the building nobody wins mourn your opponent like the stroke and everyone wants them to beaches yeah every once and it just works for whom. Well we got to let you ram because obviously as a million things going sir how one last quick question I had listened to your pops on I Jim Ross is I guess he mentioned something about you at dot was pretty funny I was hoping I'd run into a year. On loan you said that he's like my daughter is financially responsible unlike her pops. Was there ever a moment where you were like dad what are you spending money on like where you're like wow what why did you spend. Protestant he would on the kids I know. And yeah I'm very conservative. Revolt. That's Smart and this McGwire elves economic Donnie B investment that yeah. And so there you some engineers and made way more news moves Reno and then and then we can. My dad lives every day like it's his last yeah and you can't say that. You need and many people like that and I that's I admire about him Catholic I am always like this little stressed all my dad's like. No work now. Politically it's so armed I wish I could be like no way we'll be preceded a few minutes thanks guys. All right it's all about the Ric Flair amid vs the world of wrestling I hope we do you check out that ESPN's thirty for thirty Dennis called the nature boy I'm sure it's going to be shown up by times. Not a bad you can find it online as well. And don't forget this Friday night if you're listening to this before Friday night. The fire wrestling I'm gonna be there because via a big vs the world of wrestling teacher it's going to be great night of wrestling she'd Strickland has taken number he came. I Sammy Callahan showing up he's going to be taken on Randy Myers. The American guns are going to be there so many great wrestler is going to be got Washington all get more information that to five wrestling dot com. To to finance social media ad I'm Steve Biggs on Twitter it's a grand and I've always. I thank you. From listening.