MIGS vs TWOW 032 -- Elias

Tuesday, February 20th

HEADS UP!  The WWE Everett Show is now at 1pm this Saturday...not 7:30pm (there was a time change)!

Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling is Back...and we are Walking With Elias!  WWE Superstar Elias joins Steve Migs to chat about music, his love for Alice In Chains, his experience meeting Slash...oh and some wrasslin' chatting as well!  Catch Elias at the Angel Of The Winds Arena in Everett this Saturday, and the Elimination Chamber this Sunday on the WWE Network


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It's now time for war. Days vs the world. Hello and welcome to another edition of makes vs the world of wrestling and yes it has been a while I'm very sorry I just you know honestly double overwhelmed. With a lot of things and I knew this kind of put things on pause. It just take a break him breathe for a minute. Long story short it just was a series of cancellations no shows and things along those lines it's got a little bit. That's done two in Kenya I I I gotta be honest with you guys are pretty transparent due to end it just got to the point where I was having a difficult time. Getting people to confirm and commit and on top of that as you guys know listen to meet our store wrestling I've I've been in the middle of a journey of learning. How to wrestle and go do wrestling training classes and having an incredible time doing that but right around the time that I'd put things on pause is also right on the tarmac I. Hurt my knee pretty bad to put where I was able to do anything for two months and just. Barely could bandit and die just news take a break from talking about. Wrestling learning about wrestling and things along those lines because it was just. Just got to bond me out because I wanted to be in the ring wanted to be learning and it wasn't able to I would show up in just watched but died that obviously is not the same so. I guess that's a long story behind why I was not able to do a major vs the world wrestling but I'm back and I'm hoping that this will be every week or every other week or as much as possible there every time from not to be able to put out an episode and it's just because well. Timing wasn't right now may be that week was a little too overwhelming for me youngster and a balance work life personal life this week though I'm very excited because this Saturday it's the road to wrestle mania the big live show at the Angel of the wins arena an average that sealed Comcast arena so. Don't get confusing go to the actual Angel the winds casino Odyssey arena and Brad Everett. On Saturday night to Debbie did you he is in town six at 730 he's got a lot Angel of the winds arena dot com. And joining me what are great way to get things going again. The drifter himself a lie yes you bet your SO wanna walk with a lie is so let's just jumped right into it might chat with alliance from the WW week. No legs G oh Akaka. All of whom and how you doing brother. Obama lines. Up at bat I know that's usually my feeling is healthy. We what does he do a sort of disarming. Allies who mourn Steve nicks aren't watchers are mix you're Arafat's true. Talk. With what. A satellite and her spirits. Are liars tell you know my brother. Alters the silks they're doing great I have to say I've I've I'm enjoying everything you're doing in the David idiot that you could tell that the other fans as well or really enjoying April when I I would imagine has to be mind blowing for you is. A listen to your interview club with edging Christian your interview with stone cold Steve Austin and amount of brazen love that those guys had few I would imagine. Doing what you do you to have three legends just rave about Jews gotta be. I via at a fan love obviously must mean a lot but to have legends had that kind of love to use got to just be mind blowing. Yeah I mean that's really great way to put it in you know the guys that I watched and you know I agree or less true here in the wrestling and ever changing gears there's as a child teenager ball all that stuff. You'd. Saying that I'm you know they see something new they'd they'd released mutual whatever term or all of the substantially. Humbling and flattering and also bolts and I'd you know. As got to feel good knowing I mean I know from the interviews he did anyone has no chance check out there those interviews that you deal with them because there are just phenomenal but then I mean. Viewers I mean the epitome of someone who just never took no for an answer and then take here you are now having that kind of praise god like look I knew I believed in myself and I'm glad that. You know I got you I kept going didn't give up on this. Yet etc. and I you know I've ever expect to wander get better as the locals are still there. Christian and I told the commercial. I'll leave muscles still believe my social and I still do not like to know it's so. Just things are discussed under. In me and I won't put up with either total. I'm longer arms. And which have with the Liasson you're gonna be over and Everett I'll be there I can't wait this Saturday it's at 730 yet the Angel of the winds arena and if people want information go to WB dot com or Angel the wings arena dot com to get tickets plus elimination chamber is on Sunday got a busy weekend man. That's right now I'm big big event coming up we got Evan Washington. That's going to be slowly might be actually up the Roman rings big dog that night. Enough course. Midnight Sunday elimination chamber match first ever seven people lyrics aren't should beast should be we'll wrap its. I that's I mean it's so rude talk about that though the day we wrote to wrestle mania shows the live shows I'd did you feel that those shows up. This is a weird question but did they give you the confidence in what you're doing or did they give the company the confidence to let you do what you do because nowadays on rock. I mean it seems that his hand over the Mike can you could just do whatever you want and it's it's super entertaining but I don't think a lot of guys have that kind of freedom. But what do you attribute that. You know I can't speak for the other wrestlers or other. Their freedom they have both actually. You know when I'm out there I'm Abdul what I'd like to do it and saying what that's like a year. Adams owner and. You know it's actually pose a threat comes across whether or if you will salute will also serve whatever the chance than just his orders. You have anything implant or have you been thinking about Everett I mean it's a no it's not Seattle but is pretty damn close the Seattle and I know you have a lot of love for Seattle music so I was wondering do you. Ending in store for. Or you know or don't you are a lot of my favorites to Seattle Seattle scene. I know. I do have something in store it would give anything away actually a short store. I'll put the final touches on when I get into town and get a taste of what you know it's more and more so the old and an eastern I got a tree and it. The when you did and it it took me a second likely is he really doing a version of not shall Kennedy was brings us. Few months back when that happened and admit I had a smile from ear to hear and I mean I didn't realize until that moment then when I heard your interviews would stone cold is somehow much blood that you have browse and change who do. I mean obviously there's a lot of great fans at a Seattle but dobbs. You know everyone knows the big for the sound garden Pearl Jam Nirvana now since changing your analysis James as a number one. Just actually a little code put the McLaren Seattle's seen. Just welcome love the sun don't guess it didn't look over a nutshell armor. Money that are all a few months back Jessica is about you this but I actually I mean any time I try to incorporate these guys that. You know inspired me musically you're religions we have some order or try to. And that's awesome idea I think god that's outages are my favorite so I heard he did as they are they are very while she was alive it's been mounting a more somewhat compulsive or sort of I didn't know if it did and I know you look music so much summit huge music geek as well have you ripped. This may be a silly like it's brand them just whatever question but at what rock star do you think would make a great WW DC. What rocks are. That rhetoric well she's. If you look at all the all the super Seattle seemed isn't really that kind of delete them watch a YouTube and you shouldn't be India. A wrestler that's got. Eight David Lee Roth are suddenly out here are great wrestler right most experts now. I can see that Chris Jericho a little bit right and I. You know I don't know yeah I thought somebody relates here illegally Rafa slash was always cool we Holmes. Who lets up to remember you got. I'd do one the first pop and in my mind is that while he just looks like he could just build your connector plug your brother and yeah you're absolutely great to see. He's got the bid got the size he's got a beard it's like. What what the wide family whenever the blood they're Brothers these kids ago. Luke a quarter acre seniors that you mentioned slice is every bit a timer even star struck by one and I mean knows that I love talking music stuff people's army dot I just have you ever been stars took minorities that you Matt. Well not that's actually it's it's extinguish that out there but I actually got through. One of my a ritual to always do and actually show we did you out of them like accessible. Out no little Kentucky. Right they can't slash was out there in which. Engine on broad slash was out there are you spoke slowly and I silent one of my tours ask wounds still have a home right now I stopped it was it was a little Dicey place for an XT is well polished up dirt edible melts it's and to erase all. Always cool very cool shirt. Yeah I wouldn't smashed it over the back of John seen anytime in the near third set. I don't go to run insecticides wanted to ask you a couple of Bob May thirty wrestling questions about mom obviously of them pay as you could tell that the extent of rustling and I love hearing back stories of when people first started do you do you remember the first day you ever trained as a professional wrestler and can we go back to that moment and what did it feel like for you. Yeah it looked very first time in I remember I spent each probably. An hour and a half. Maybe even longer than that setting up a ring had a dual degree assault. Some self massage three other guys who had to totally to bring in that I wasn't allowed to get in the ring. The first day I had to two student. Who lost it out on the outside the ring or do that for a couple hours and then to bring that out of the structures that. I it was one of those things where you had tour. I guess earned being even being in the ring to start training and social. And what about your first you remember your first match. My first match my biggest echoing my first match is well. Carty you know his goal is so important. Because she is she's glad I can remember just breather so apparently trying to catch my wind. After that actually took an ability to execute and herbs excitement. Any of that stuff that I was like OK I undo that damage the lungs. And now one last thing I'd just jump back to an easy thing all time favorite Allison chain saw. Nutshell nutshell yourself so you your more about that there are you more about jar flies an exact guy. Yeah that's absolutely how good I think once it moved out I the only one that does that more than jar of flies. Atlanta's somebody's got to finish this guy at at at a sorry that you are well look at. Florida C over an everyday knot up the awesome though watching and government range makes it up and again inside that WB's road to wrestle mania which is this Saturday at the Angel of the what Angel the winds arena in Everett it's all starts at 730 get information into the winds arena dot com. Or Demi WE dot com that's we get tickets not that good stuff in them plus elimination chamber this Sunday. Our man I I don't even know how you mentally prepare for something like that I had down the do you talk to other guys that have been in it because. Everything I've heard is that it doesn't sad Jimmer does not give. Yeah well I've you know I've been ascendant as flooded out and. Chad Russell is I've seen all the chamber matches actually you know she heard Tony Stewart is louder and not you know I'm just trying to wait to let day. Really you. You focus on the reality of when I got to do list. Iowa that's this Sunday any to watch ended WEB America lives thank you so much taken some time unsound and us enough a look at toward a senior on Saturday night. All right I think you'll look forward to Greg's out. So your your your roller seeded Amanda TNR tolerance or does it against. Big thanks so Elias and my buddy Joseph for send that out and hopefully I will see you over at the Angel of the wings arena and every again get your tickets at Angel of the winds arena dot com if you see me they're pleased by all means say hi it's always great to run into fellow wrestling fans. And odd when you run into fellow wrestling fans at wrestling event site. Don't know why I said that of course your wrestling fan you're gonna be at a WW relied show Bob I'm really excited about second night out and and knowing that allies particular moment rains. That's going to be pretty damn awesome and then of course you got the elimination chamber on Sunday and that is available through the WWE network so my weekend is all about wrestling. I'm OK with that and of course if you're listening to his before Friday Friday night 321 battle on the commissioner. Come check it out we're on our own road to battle mania which is going to be yet they show box on April 20. I'm sure in the near future and every tablet some of those of the great wrestlers and 321 battle. Just to get the word out because that is. Why do endeavor and it's going to be awesome and if you haven't got your tickets yet. Please do so just go to show boxed presents dot com really get those tickets I'm very much looking forward to that's a lot of stuff going on this weekend if your wrestling fan. Retool a battle Friday night WW we wrote to wrestle mania on Saturday night. And then elimination chamber of brother on Sunday night. You can find me on Twitter at I'm Steve migs that's also where Matt on instant Graham and snatch that as well. And I always ask of this and if you can do it Douby awesome if you enjoyed this interview or any of the interviews I've done a mix vs the world of wrestling of course are all available on iTunes. And other places as well please subscribe sat way he didn't find out what we have new episodes up. But if you would just. And a quick tweeted the wrestler that I chatted with the mama yet a good time listening to it that helps a goes a long way. I I'd appreciate that and I think they'd appreciate knowing that somebody's listening to these interviews as well so you could follow. Ally is on Twitter at pie and a lie is WWB. I until next time I believe next time out we chat with Max Sydell. Reborn Mac side now formally known as Evan Bourne from the deadly we days. Killing it in TNA impact wrestling he's also been here for defy wrestling self doubt be a fun chat match Sydell on the next meets vs the world wrestling. The next time. Thank you as always.