MIGS vs TWOW 038 – Mick Foley

Wednesday, April 25th

Check out Migs chat with WWE Hall Of Fame Superstar, Mick Foley!  Mick is going to be at Crypticon next weekend, May 5th & 6th.  In fact, Migs will be hosting a Q & A with Mick on May 6th!  Get tickets and info at: www.crypticonseattle.com

Also…there are a couple more ways to see Mick in the PNW!  Mick is bringing his “20 Years of Hell” tour (20th anniversary of the legendary Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker) to Spokane and Tacoma next week:  Tuesday 5/1 at the Spokane Comedy Club, and Wednesday 5/2 at the Tacoma Comedy Club.  Get tix and more info at www.realMickFoley.com

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It's now time for work. Days vs them. World. What's up and welcome to another addition of migs vs the world of wrestling and I am excited to just jump right into this interview it's a man that's going to be here. All next week basically if you look at SE Mick Foley you have multiple opportunities if you live in Spokane on Tuesday of next week may first he's gonna get the Spokane comedy club. On Wednesday may second if you wanna see him in Tacoma he's at the Tacoma comedy club. It's on the weekend on May fifth Emmy six you wanna see him in Seattle he is at cryptic cot in fact I'm gonna be there a cryptic con with him. You get information that cryptic kind Seattle dot com he's gonna be appearing on May fifth and may sixty immediately he get pictures. You can take part in now what's going to be an interview segment that I'm gonna be doing with him on Sunday at cryptic kind. Robbie chat with him I'm sure we will be taking questions he's taking questions at this comedy shows as well there's so much going on in the world of Mick Foley a true legend a hall of Famer. You can get all that information all the details just by going to real Mick Foley dot com so let's just jump right into it. My chat with Mick Foley. I'm migs vs the world of wrestling. Mick it's it's always a pleasure again in the chat with you the last coming at the Jerry dude during a lot a summer slam our radio over a weekend where you showed up rights examiner says Sykes. It was so surreal just like first got to walks in there's Mick Foley and it was awesome. I am I was close at 6 AM with a price itself five at the break your boy we did do is awesome. Analysts say yeah I broke my decided to secure morning I know. How mail truck turner must act it's the world's. World's best slash worst parent that you racked up. Yeah I have I. Do you call the hotel is pure so actually my wakeup call in or so on nights are responsible for the wars tomorrow where milder. 'cause the tour been going man I know you're you're you're gonna spend some time in Washington next week may first to you're in Spokane at the Spokane comedy club may second. You're at Tacoma economy clubs both for the twenty years of Allen then over the weekend on the fifth and sixth Syria or. TrueCrypt to conduct all that information that real Mick Foley dot com. But man how's the tour for the twenty years and held toward a go for you so far. Don't care what grade they're made it would've and I actually domestic total loss settled in between those two Washington. No I saw that I like are banned there really enjoyed just being in the northwest. Let it's you know I really enjoy doing in the mum. You know another company called me but it's not exactly standup comedy you know it's me and you know it's storytelling that. Does the comedy but I really get into tell these stories that bluntly about try to put as much into them as they did. In my in my wrestling days without physical. Connection fees. Than the physical feats. Com but I pull allotted to them them we're five shows evidence score really well you know people who see other shows reduces the best the best one I've done it and you know there was very you'd figure beat some hesitation about. Going god is color back to Seattle after being at Tacoma. But the strange thing is it's like to different audiences you know the people who go to the conventions yet they love go to conventions. You couldn't. Try them into one of my shows and the ones that go to the shows about people go to conventions so. I've found out what I was doing. The convention literally a mile away of course you're a shell now one person goes to show it to the convention if so how one person with the direction. It is show blows just supermarkets. No you don't Miller meditation group also that's. What's so convention now vibe like for you in the sense of I I was love when I'm gonna wrestle mania is or even my wrestling now what Donna convention where wrestlers are there you get to see some people doing the costly stuff and I still think one of my favorites are seeing a trio of girls. All attractive ladies all in caused play versions of view whether we do love. Mankind and cactus Jack Leggett and I'd like why am I so attracted to Mick Foley right now hello. It seems. While my guitar itself wasn't are entitled to do with the women portraying you usually do do do what's cool is probably like me. That I listen to a lot of its its offline it's really flattering to people dressed up. As me. Or any other of the move to wrestle urged pop culture people and it just seems to make total sense like I'm lucky that in the world wrestling like hey you know we saw just about everything so. It seems perfectly natural for people to do walker. Out shirts. Straight through to a halt and put the release. Wherever the case may be I really like it is it's fought using what I used to do love books signings. You know obviously not a book particular this last year and still well above the new release in all drugs in the first couple loved around the world there restores it wouldn't take it. He wouldn't take leave because they thought the fans are gonna be so rowdy and disrespectful. At that I would have to fulfill our business while I know what he's ever exactly it this is recollect. They're wrestling fans are right. I'd social prejudice here you know. The arrest in terms of great people will look at the dimensions. I really respectful you know it's they're saying they love we have merits the other part of this though you know that part of what makes it fun and you guys I really enjoyed your mobile might do or do the show. The showed that that would I go to the other conventions. You know because of the kind of relaxed pace. You know little more time to spend in each person you know I'm pretty good at spotting what some would be into extra time I can almost spot to lead person was so relieved. After they saw dug up. Hey do you how do you. If a a so it it's it's a lot of fun. I I've got a browser how is that wrestle mania in New Orleans and I was there isn't. At least a handful of times righteous especially in the rather than the dude dude did it and the arena our new stadium. Walrus and he was going all right just looked around and solve the cost played solid people dress up in this all the chanting and I just. Everyone's does that take a step back though cash meant I just love wrestling fans I just loved being a wrestling and there's just. There's such a cool. It's unlike any other form of media of a pop culture where there's really no set. Ruled do like you know like there's no demographic that's only wrestling fans is no race religion gender whatever it may be it's everybody everyone this. And I just really love that part about being a wrestling fan that there's really no similar walk of life like you you have all types of people being wrestling fans. Yeah I had crossed all the demographics. Politically. I think. Do you know they've engaged in gender it's either of the guys think about certain foreign reserve of the French or are female. You know red states Blue States do you you name it we've got fans everywhere you know whether it's it's a lot of fun you can't. A few more typecast wrestling fans but that's a bottle slowly literally from all walks of life and still elusive thing I could think you'll like bad loans were averaged UA chancellor Cuba. Particularly in the proper nutrients it's. You know it's like before our election grow anywhere this is like soccer. Well don't you go to the other countries have actually will not play baseball you know the Christian countries is flaky yeah guided tights. You know if indeed he says he worked for you Lou I assume that you know like. Live a couple of years of love visiting in mainland China you know they've never even see in the stuff humility deep seated down problems. But I I was there is a volunteer in late 2003 Miller knew that it was. Then now it's it's really flourishing over there so it seems to work anywhere you it's given the chance to grow. And so I could do cryptic conscious coming up I'm gonna have the fortunate opportunity to be a part of the queuing Mahan and and help moderate that we do you which is going to be a very funny and surreal experience for me. You've had a great opportunity over the course of detours and dead the cons and in the comedy shows to do the Q and aides has there been one question. I Dennis stood out whether it's an odd question a powerful question do you what might that just you always think back of my man that was that was memorable. Our homeland he can cash you have this. You know the question was what was the strangest thing you've seen in your career what is it Lunar New Year and Germany are thought about it a certain. You know outside of the strangest thing actually in Germany. Ever read their views and add direct who I picked question turn to a story which are used to if he's you know. Sure. About a year of what shows here OK my favorite story of the show so. Our beaver you gotta you gotta accept these turtles we've heard some of them already you know a lot of little favorite character play the you know whichever match so it was a pretty easy that people ask intelligent questions of that makes a lot of fun and then hey look I've watched about. American to talk you know political talk shows to see those guys like actually not answer the question they were given a disputed. India rancher of credibility around so terribly boring golf inhibit them to give a good story about something creative activity about. We mentioned character that I would ask this question today if you're booking a match and it's Mick Foley verses of mankind missed vs dude love vs cactus Jack who would you have won that match. Well and do good to see yards into the ring let's go to two particular partner and they claimed easy victory so I think he says he's good he's a Specter about a sticker it's like Apollo creed there's just today. With twenty years of hell I I'd imagine that did have the thought of doing some doing this I mean I I myself included many people list that is one of their all time favorite matches. And the idea being able to share and all the stories behind it had you buses to Michael like ball like I should do a full tour of. This yeah I would say you know what it was sort of so Bruce Springsteen doing the river tour but still people would all because one of the true and one of the. Arnold says don't get over there was no one ever knowing what to show is about. And a lot of people they don't they still literally been called a twenty years of hell like I'll call evolved through radio show regardless earlier comedy tour. The Pentagon. I thought I was trying to dig myself a lot of little I did start out doing comedy you know that I realized after a couple years later this thing and I've got stories about my day job you know like. That's what you know one can't like Brendan virtual stroke play great you have to be have the greatest state double loss quickly why is that why you chasing people away for refusing to talk about this stuff people on here. As so once I realized that. That's something that separated me you know may meet different. I eat and really work much better within those confines so that I can rewrite the stories were the stage here and and I just thought you know loved Springsteen and if you try to reduce it massive low bar and they inevitably people are gonna walk out there who are when he placed during the night. So what happens in the river tour like you people know what they're getting married your work is well off presumably don't twist on things. But I wanted to let people elusive twenty that were true of this cell you know historic match this is what we're talking about. At first they sought out and actually input dealer gets fifty minutes show basis led. Plus we do you know we'll 3540 minute Q and as a follow committed put together. It's still without legs through the problem I've had it going too long so. You know once it started writing it was like one model composition taboo just full global level the match but all the things that surround the man actually. Build up the aftermath it was surreal. Nature of that night and and so people machine that they know. This report shows and this one's a little about stepmother Conley gets you guys will be like each show's in the it's going to be really I really enjoy it and used to launch follow up on stage. They guide you and then possibly even not the undertaker after that match realize how. Did the gravity of that match did you do you get a feeling that oh while this is going to be a match that we will forever be associated with. No road to the point where. The election I need to the show started it was not mentioned in what was that would go to the cold open right you know it was a story what was going forward so it wasn't mentioned Cole opened they want to mention that at all short Michael on the gas that they have this show he went out talked about it we came back and told me since they have those guys are gonna mention that I figure I would. They don't really fortunate that there wasn't social media at the time. These pro which trended three days and have been forgotten. And instead it. English given a chance had to grow organically almost like you would legends of you work. And and English about. 67 weeks into the process all the sudden crowd started coming around people started talking about it. Who really. Eight grew with the way that none of us expected but no no we didn't know we knew we'd you know given at all but neither enormous success suspected. That twenty years later I'd still be able to walk product sweatpants. It's not a dead ever thought about the whole idea of social media like it could've. Maybe let everybody know rather quickly that it's an incredible match or like you said he could have led to it being one of those injury gets talked about a forgotten right away. Yes and the you know when YouTube came around. I introduced you to a whole new generation manned up. Little part of the show is talking about and I hear the belly aching. You know from from. Do you know dating distributed video of this cabinet met destroyed my my legacy Brody was the only thing people aboard a dog a close look at the Bill Murray and relevant and stay you of fifteen years later every day is in the same stadium deal would board that would follow and it really came to embraces discussion what I see that you know about 3040% of people actually about rewarding them for what it took place so. Apparently it you know it had quite an effect of people. Would you consider that to be the most meaningful match you ever had and if not what match would you consider to be the most meaningful match. Yeah you have had to be I mean I wouldn't call my favorite Massey who should be like calling the you know the Titanic you know the best. I. Couldn't remember the best bird control. I certainly don't look at the greatest idea or a it was a disaster reference sources who spoke. You know. I guess arbitrator and I am I imagine you know are you still have to read Jack is no way to rewrote list. So it's that close for deal life you know it's. Somebody needs a Photoshop that as soon as possible spat it out on a video Internet access act app that team up to warm embrace and take Erica thanks guys that's the I just because social media man I gotta say I I elements bum bum commit my forties early forties they grow up a Boy Meets World and I see a picture of of Daniel's itself ought to tango. And you posted it up there as well rocky a mankind shirt. I have have been pretty damn surreal to see it aria. I don't know I'd I would just think that's got to be like a cool not to have somebody didn't like her have that on our shirt. Yeah that is especially around me I guess is that ten years ago I was on the show is against our twenty years ago or 91 of the major trotting out. The source social media can be really helpful leaders see someone like you know. Tagging me and then asking. You know who's saying that he would seem to execute a little religious young ladies from the show. Was there and get started really enjoy it worker went but I see them both say he had real Mick Foley has so you're I was like why aren't saying should I hadn't seen billion Danielle ten years I didn't know I'd Majorly any impression of all honor. And so we we kept its options for a long time and she invited me to this says girl meets world. And you know could not have been nicer to girl lunch hour talking to me and the and dimensional Wilford well enough to commit to a few months ago and so it's really neat you know this is a young ladies who like well almost half of America. Crushing on a one time. And she's an off subversive movements it's it's really it's really goalie you know you to do so long ago at least till we got Olivia I guessed by so yes so that photo that I and posters saying there. Told her I was coming around to. 00 LA area B should be out of town. Odds has it been as a celebrity that has surprised you when you thought that they were Sam. I mean I don't wanna sort of mindless Tim Russert you know late trade commentator Tim Russert yeah. I walked out of news The Today Show when he was like. Almost slowly. That you know me is Kim is Ian read president saluted world leaders and because of course the most some lots of every. Every Monday night there's only a lot of people over the years I was surprised me you know special actually people of that magnitude to who have lives filled with your own. Appreciate it tension in importance that they they hear a lot to wrestle just pursuing their kids to kind of low bond didn't. You know kind of touched check out the real world for a few hours every Monday. Of a bit of some denied this there's weird how I deprive Salina sensing one of my coworkers as they have you seen this mean to you as the big wrestling fan is a picture of you with dobbs who it's Kevin Smith back in the younger days. And I was like whoa this is weird because I'm talking a mic today. I do not even realize that that you guys went to school anymore and wrestling. Class and JJ Kevin James. If you have an idea at all club went to his just podcast too lightly noting girl lives but yet Kevin James and I did. We go to sit middle school went to semi school than the same college as well. That's crazy. Factor did the look at where you guys are now that's awesome. As you see him go to the photos of the school wrestling team right yes. You know one of us says. Adult towards the triceps of the other ones as much. And it's not a wrestler. Hot topic at the who would win and wrestling match really back in those days. Well back in those days you know I was I was -- about lacrosse player. Fred about some legal route to the so we weren't winner -- -- like gay literature accountability exists that you probably the slowest service school this is even before like these surgeries in the dome Jews who equipment from week put. He just warning level wrestling medal game better shape than track. And it looked at one person stop me the walked two flights of stairs due to the wrestling room in my high school one person is stopped me is that like you know Kevin games in February I would I don't track you know Chris. Jealousy and I used to use Millen actually use it doesn't stop until the school. And in fact I went down there right now would have every day every day in new starter no question but. I had here there is it was incredible public confidence is really wants. I could not donate this other stuff like is what I've doubted myself you know they always figure it together I would get the game so. It neither one of this is great you know we're both first your little wrestlers. Little bowls spectacularly mediocre but we. We both worked really hard as the mount Soledad I can't understate how Porter was due without merit and every day and tangled up with somebody who is. You know was much stronger in troubled little. And I love the referral Germans are also have people now on Krypton Seattle dot com is ready to get information you'd be out there may fifth and sixth for a chance it's get autographs pictures. IQ and they will be happening as well plus great opportunities to see you doing your twenty years of hell tore through listening in Spokane Tuesday may have first and let me. Or somewhere out there the people there has just. VIP ticket since so I must look at our home. An actual Jeremy in Tacoma are sold out wow but GA is in the they've sold out two weeks ago Suu Kyi has genes are available 25 dollars a piece one that these ranchers and tribal because they're the issue shows you know good it has admitted that Shiite Seattle could. Good because he's definitely get a chance to talk. On the guys that dealers who aren't compatible axis of I know about Robin good people favorability guy try to give them experience you I really do and I left I like to both equally about hope few people out there will say. I like guys were received twice. Hell yeah man then and that's commerce Suzanne Bob May second which is next Wednesday which are great opportunities CU. How would the twenty years of hell tour and all the information is that real make fully dot com you've got full list to counter event since ways to get the tickets and all that a great stuff in and before Alessio make god just this last Friday I. Started training in the world wrestling about nine months gone and my very first match last Friday at the so boxer in Seattle and it was an experience. I. I mean I broke down afterwards when I got to spend time on my trainer just appreciate how much trust he had me dad Dan opportunity. I'll never forget it do you remember your first match him and what was that like for you. Are actually gives curt Coffman. In. June of 86 I broke him a year earlier that the Clarksburg, West Virginia. All armory. As you know we don't win the LeapFrog mirrored. Two parts of do the LeapFrog one may have leaked sealed when ducks yes and so if you don't know what you're doing and you have a LeapFrog you know as for your match. You have both guys stuck and it's. Good situation for the election. Well rams during the meetings sessions. But her trying to establish dominance dropped actual rating. These are much. Done if we both could have had a burst. Yakhouba. Where it was like. We'd try to at least try drought here in Charlotte mayor may be bad red just twice in a row boom like it was it was awful match really was. But it was only really long way to go from mayor that was up. But I tell people you know look not to be a great. Slots where they've put. You're not let anyone else decides that would be successors. That that would have been my only match yet and you've I would consider less of a complete and unqualified success. And I look at that leg every legacy grainy black to play photo enlarge to eight by ten Arthur and my whole house will be trying to that matches per conflicts. So I was glad I got out of the way Hitler and Fiat I'll never forget that first. I like every takes of course a MySpace but right now and I thought I get just the minute I walk up the current some tonight is a success to me and it's funny you bring up the leap frog thing because the night before sort of stressing today and it international spot in the beginning and if I'll say what if I trip how my gonna recover this and I did not sleep the entire night at all because of the LeapFrog does afraid that I would not get over this guy. Well now people call everything you do it's up perfect apply check our Terry funk used to bots whose purpose is served aboard put it there. He was the best it's ever done and so you know watch my kids like other Abacha deflation. That he would. Lead you to upload pictures of part of your pairs skating in the Olympics did you miss step Islamabad to. Well is that when you're you're you are not edging Christians podcast did the anatomy of a match and talked about something that people bright viewed as a mistake but it was intentional and I thought that was such a fascinating conversation. Are you there was some years went by a mirror Russell Joyce you're our major will learn how to do resist are you just have to charred. We restructure elaborately why looked. Oh we should but then he made the fish you're an official document she can lotion because here we sold the more religious so you know today's modern fan might go early box did it was awful and there was only tree falls finishes plus our. Sit there that's that's above one knocked on the current product is that every great match. You know as a reserve board so otherwise and so America. You know there's never sensed that they he'll listen to that can be vicious fighting for his life he's fighting for its recount. And the charges sword so to reduce the waste you will have great matches and some of them didn't involve you know like steamboat and as savages 21 false finishes that's amazing you know but the minor blemish on had a Libby to mistreat them. I think it's still hold about twenty years 22 years after that I'll have to bring up the good lord. Oh after wave listening to that interview would have loved I went back to re watch setting us but in nearly a 100% holds up in and that moment I recycle my gosh I guides a newfound appreciation for that match after hearing that story. You know it's did you Syrian area it would rather have somebody from the fact the world the different head do the studies. It try to create memories you know four or refer for clients and chose children or fairways. And find out that. The human brain really only hopes can only allowed to so many memories that you tend to remember that you know really well. Everything goes really bad. Maybe in the middle like you need if you ask me about another match that was somewhat at some point. I'd ever hazy recollection of being out there about that match charm you know both of us remembered every single thing that happened to them. I think that's a testament to how highly we you know if you hold it up there and that I do as well. I do so great dad god thank you for taking time to sit chat about that and everything man this has been real blast in the salad tea and I'm looking forward to seeing you over a crypt economy over about the common comedy club as well and and stuff like I said those in Spokane that are listening be sure to check out in Spokane itself. Awesome little place and have a chance of some great barbecue places over there that are placed on the Red Line which has the most awesome chicken wings if you have time that's a good place to go we. How else could say they should actually email related. Pretty good under the circumstances now console okay all right let's everybody is very cement but it. And he says have a nice day that knob man's. Based made this is incredible big thanks to Mick Foley again you can check him out lots of ways here in the northwest Tuesday of next week may first at the Spokane comedy club. Wednesday may second at the Tacoma comedy club and is part of his twenty years of hell torque and includes a Q&A session with a mix of you're going to those. Have a question ready is all about that legendary helmets on match against undertaker which I'd. Imagine you're listening to this you know that match and if you don't know that match but he said going YouTube to watch it it's. The combination of both him and take her every now happens in that match and and Jim ross' on commentary it's just a perfect storm it's one of my all time favorite matches. And if you haven't seen it come and be prepared to have a new all time favorite match and cannot stress how excited I am a cryptic content. Cryptic con Seattle dot com Mick Foley will be there may fifth may sixth a Saturday and Sunday Sunday is gonna be the Q&A made the interview part which I'm gonna be. Posting with Mick Foley which is. It's it's it's it's awesome I'm I'm really excited about that plus. I you have options to get pictures and autographs and things along those lines if you want all that information just go to real make fully dot com you can also follow my social media. Mick Foley's and that's always ask if you can enjoy hearing in Monday's interview. Or you've created that Photoshop of him taker on the Titanic who can should let him know that you love hearing a monarch on the step into the mix for the world wrestling again that's. Real maple leaf on social media to find me a social media. I'm Steve migs. And as always I thank you. We're listening.